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May 18, 2018



When do we blame common core or whatever bs curriculum is used to rain wash and damage our nation's boys?


Brain wash.


I posted this on the last thread but it seems appropriate. Like a Hillsdale Academy K-12 https://www.fpeusa.org/


Not even one semi-automatic?

matt - deplorable me

A sawed off shotgun and .38 revolver. There is a good article in NRO this afternoon regarding the acceleration the occurrence of these shootings.

Was a sad commentary on our society when kids are massacring each other.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

My daughter and I think on line gaming with excessive violence and communication with co-players has a lot to do with it.

Jim Eagle

No. There is something going on with our kids and I just can't put my finger one it. It is esteem or maybe acclimation. Something is bugging them. Of course, not all of them by a mile but some of these kids are missing love, discipline, correction, and attention.

I know that may feel trite to some but it fits.


Economist Trolls School By Getting Them To Investigate If Clubs With "Girl" Violate Title IX

Campus clubs such as the “Girls in Engineering, Math and Sciences Camp,” “Girls in Science and Engineering Camp” and “Girls Code Camp” favor the female gender over all others, Perry pointed out in an email to Pamela Heatlie, UM associate vice-provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs and senior director for Institutional Equity and Title IX coordinator.


“If, like the Boy Scouts, UM is really committed to offering programs that are truly welcoming to students of all genders after ending its previous gender apartheid practices, then perhaps those programs would respectfully consider name changes that would communicate publicly our institution’s commitment to full gender equity, fairness and justice,” Perry wrote to Heatlie.

“I am doubtful that most boys will ever really feel welcome in a program that was historically girls-only and exists today with a name that reflects that history of gender apartheid and gender discrimination against them,” Perry noted.

UM spends more than $11 million annually on the salaries and benefits of employees hired to ensure campus diversity, equity and inclusion.


You are correct.
I would not worry about college for Frederick

You have raised him right.
He will be able to withstand whatever liberal ideas are thrown his way.
He should attend the university that will best instruct him in his major field of study.


pin--I am not a fan of freedom project academy, which is actually an offshoot of the john birch society. If parents understand what a concept-centered curriculum actually means then that's their decision. It is actually not a traditional curriculum and pesta is a no-nothing once he gets off-script.

The latter is from parents who have driven him around.


know-nothing. Homonyms can be so tricky.


Oh no.

Iranian President Rouhani: Muslim World Hates U.S. More Than Ever

(Click to enlarge.)


Jack, re Yale--I think the rot is pretty deep, but that's true of almost everywhere. If he's doing STEM he's a whit protected, at least in the classroom. Woe betide him in the humanities or social sciences--unreason sits in the throne. And his peers are probably the true problem--they bring many of them the worst of unproven and dangerous assumptions with them--I bet most Yale freshmen believe in the concept of white privilege, for instance, and, worse, they act on it. All this would be true at any Ivy or top school, with a place like Brown being most pernicious.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I will talk about something that I have hesitated to bring up. My older granddaughter is a genius. Seriously, I am not exaggerating.

When she got into adolescence, I noticed she was becoming more tomboyish. I thought perhaps she was a lesbian although no one said anything.

Now she has decided she is transgender. AND, she has pledged Sigma Nu fraternity!! The FRATERNITY pledged her. I discovered this over the last couple of days. I should get points for not screaming when she told me.

I have a suspicion they did this to both get their house's grade point average up and also to use her as their party cook, because she told me she had been named the grillmaster (she is an excellent cook).

Still, things are very weird out there. Nothing I can do about it but hope she graduates without incident and gets a job somewhere she likes.

I have a lovely picture of her when she was 5, in a fancy dress and a velvet beret, smiling like an angel. What a world.

Jim Eagle


It is not always as it seems. My first girl friend in University was deemed to be weird and out of her skin because she was brilliant and beyond everyone else's idea of the world. Of course, she was a nerd, like me at the time. We didn't like rock but preferred bluegass and jazz of all things. She even acceptted my ROTC role but that did her hin eventually with the liberal crowd.

Sooner or later they realize they have they have been duped.


Grand Ole Pedophile boomers... so greedy and selfish... continue to not care about kids getting masacared in school

Truly the worst generation

Oliver North, the president of NRA called parkland kids terrorists. The same NRA that is funded by Russia.

Boomers are the absoltue worst generation in american history. All you old geezers

Rouhani slammed the United States for relocating its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and said America is hated more than ever by the Muslim world.

"The U.S. is more inferior than ever in the Muslim world," Rouhani said, adding that Iran will continue to back Palestinian protestors and rioters in their efforts to destroy Israel.

"The relocation of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to al-Quds is illegal and contrary to international laws and regulations," Rouhani said, blaming the United States for violent protests along Israel's border led by the Hamas terror group, an ally of Iran's. "This move has undoubtedly provoked the anger and protests across Muslim world."

Rouhani said Muslim nations participating in the summit will issue a "strongly worded resolution" condemning the United States' embassy relocation.


lol Extraneous --- the entire world opinion of america has dropped -- except for russia and other fascist countries.

can look at any european country, south america, africa, austrialia, etc...

you guys truly are the greediest, selfish, and stupidest generation ever.

destroying the country when you were handed everything on a silver platter. Truly the absolute worst people



That's interesting. OTOH current schools are Dewey and Wilson and a bunch of other garbage. But I think the online home school concept's time has come.

What was the JBS may not be today. Are the ADL and SPLC?

Mission To bring about less government, more responsibility, and — with God's help — a better world by providing leadership, education, and organized volunteer action in accordance with moral and Constitutional principles.

Preserving Individual Rights & National Independence
"These United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States … We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."
— Declaration of Independence, 1776

The Declaration of Independence established the independence of both the original 13 American colonies and the United States of America that they together formed a decade later.

The Declaration proclaimed that our personal rights come from God, not from government.

The John Birch Society endorses the timeless principles of the Declaration of Independence. The Society also labors to warn against and expose the forces that seek to abolish U.S. independence, build a world government, or otherwise undermine our personal liberties and national independence.

I can't disagree with that.



Also GOP so greedy and stubborn cant even pass a farm bill. UNGOVERNABLE GREEDY ASSHOLES.

Masacaring kids. Trying to elect pedophiles.
Promoting a president that only 14% of the country thinks is trustworthy.

Truly the worst generation.


yout ruly are the dumbest boomer ever --- trying to pretend gaming is responsible. Truly boomers don't understand facts at all. just dumb boomer opinion.


Rand [Paul]: Shooters Aren’t Shooting Up the Sheriff’s Office – They Go ‘Where There Is No Self-Defense’

During an interview with the Fox News Channel on Friday, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) argued that schools can’t be defenseless and disturbed shooters “aren’t so disturbed that they’re going to shoot up the sheriff’s office. They’re showing up where there is no self-defense.”

Rand said, “I think the first thing we should do is, there needs to be an announcement by every school district that we’re going to defend our children, and that we’re not going to have a sign outside that [says], ‘We’re defenseless.’ And I think that’s the problem, is that we do have these homicidal or crazy or mentally disturbed kids, but they still aren’t so disturbed that they’re going to shoot up the sheriff’s office. They’re showing up where there is no self-defense.”

He added, “I think we get distracted. We start talking about something that Republicans and Democrats disagree with on gun control. … Look, every Hollywood actor that hates guns has armed bodyguards defending them. So, they hate guns unless the guns are defending them. Let’s announce tomorrow and let’s encourage everybody who protects our kids, superintendents, principals, school boards, announce tomorrow we’re not going to leave our kids defenseless. We are going to defend our schools from crazy people with guns.”

Jim Eagle

Can someone come in and relief my killfile digi? It is getting workout tonitght.


when rouhani was planning the amia hit, did he think himself a terrorist, rhetorical,

so the atty for concord, is an 8 year veteran of the sdny and three years in the corresponding district in florida,


Just a heads up pin.

Frequently though the classical schools are using dewey's ideas with a different name. I was quite surprised recently when greenfield, in pushing the horowitz center's code of ethics, started pushing dewey. I even printed off the post, but it's friday night and we are chilling.

My job is to translate what the schools are really saying so that parents and school boards realize what they are really getting. In many ways it is like speaking a foreign language with a different set of symbols for sounds.


lol Grand Ole Pedophile Speaker Ryan is having kids arrested for protesting school shootings outside his office today.


you guys are the best people

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is the order of worship fofr the ceremony tomorrow.

In the middle of it the choir is singing "Stand by Me." I didn't know that was an Anglican hymn. (Eyeroll.)


what I was referring to:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

America is blessed with extraordinary energy abundance, including more than 250 years worth of beautiful clean coal. We have ended the war on coal, and will continue to work to promote American energy dominance!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 18, 2018

hey it was the song the year of my graduation, snorfle,


Oliver North... who literally sold weapons to terrorists.... calling kids who don't want ot get killed by weapons terrorists.

now in charge of the NRA.

you guys are the best and brightest....


Clarice, thank you for the nice e-mail.
I had panko crusted chicken cutlets from Bunzels meat market. Back in the day, they were are 60th where Appleton crosses near Burleigh, later just west of 84th and Burleigh, now at 90th and Burleigh.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I was reading through all of the prootcol stuff like "The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall arrive and are geeted by the Dean." etc.

Anyway, I got to that and I just had to laugh.

I am turning into an old fossil, I think. HA!


What a pathetic asshole. Dude, we read your stupid handles before your even dumber comments.

Imagine the smell of this guy.


The wicked school shooter in Texas had various important pins on his trenchcoat, which he explained on Facebook (the Iron Cross, etc.). But I am most troubled by his having a Cthulhu pin (to stand, by his demented reckoning, for "Power"). I have read more of these Lovecraft stories than really anyone should, because they are deeply disturbing, and the idea of Cthulhu is the most disturbing idea of all. Someone here probably knows more about Lovecraft than I do (though I know well the world's foremost Lovecraft scholar--a lovely God-fearing old-style kind of Episcopalian whose major work was a study of Defoe and the demonic.) I asked him once how he could be so interested in such horrid things and he said, with equanimity of the blessed, "I just find it interesting."


I guess it's suitable:



Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on Friday suggested the existence of “too many entrances and too many exits” in schools may lead to such shootings. “We have to look at the design of our schools moving forward and retrofitting schools that are already built... there are too many entrances and too many exits to our over 8,000 campuses in Texas,”.....



lovecraft didn't seem to like people, as a general principle, isn't that accurate?


Catsmeat!!! Clarice had venison for dinner tonight!!! She claims it was good.


Ext, the troll is circling the drain. The panic is setting in.



What does venison, taste like Gus?


lol GUS -- this week in the GOP

1.) Paul Ryan arrests kids today that protest school shootings outside his office

2.) Lt Gov of Texas calls for "Door Control"

3.) Oliver North, president of NRA, calls victims of school shootings terrorists

4.) 14% of americans think trump is trustworthy

its true the panic is setting in somewehre. and somethign sure does smell pretty bad.... I guess it ain't the party that supports the pedophiles though --- did you guys forget about your love for pedo moore?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I ran across Lovecraft when I was in my late teens and early 20's. I read quite a bit of it but came to the conclusion it was deeply negative.

Remembering what I read about the Old Ones and such, I now think it was demonic.

I also have noticed Cthulhu cropping up quite a bit on the internet. I am not happy to see it, needless to say.

Kevlar Kid

Brought over from the dying last thread:

...I WANT him to breath it all in....."

JiB--- a worthy desire indeed. When i read this line it reminded me of my Paw. He's 86 now.

The man grew up dirt poor. He was born in a tar paper shack in Powell WYO.

Paw's life after age two until age 19 was lived out in the worst barrio in Old Sacramento.

Dirt poor despite working every day of his life from the age of 5 in those fields which "did not swallow him."

Thanks to the US Navy and his eidetic memory, he broke the cycle of poverty in one generation.

I share this not to compare him or us to anybody else.

We all have our family paths.

Sharing this as background to what happened the day he left to head back to the family in Califas after seeing me off at Notre Dame.

We had no insights into "going to college."

I'd applied as a double dare by my buddies that our Dean of Men took seriously, goading me into applying.

It was the only college i applied to-- was going to join a trades outfit and learn how to weld, then become a "master" machinist.

We didn't do a campus visit. No nada. Got in? Yer goin' boy.

At any rate, Paw had invested $250 in a set of The Great Books of the Western World when I was 7. And those are what we decided would be the best major for me at ND when we saw the GP Program in the University catalogue. We were right.

As he turned to leave to get his cab to the South Bend airport that sultry afternoon on ND's north quad, he said:

"You're here. Soak up as much as you can--- you don't know who's going to follow you now that you're 'out on point.'"

Paw laid a foundation and never had a lick of college.

But somehow he understood legacy, much like you do; how the forerunners have to do their part to guide and direct in the only ways each knows how.

Your stories about Frederick give me hope for the Republic. It is your FAITH (hope with a track record!) that inspires.

Godspeed to Frederick!


Another Bob

North sells weapons to Iran to kill Iraqis. Evil.

Holder gives weapons to drug cartels killing Americans. (Crickets)

Jim Eagle

Lamb burgers on brioche rolls with red onion slice and tomato slide. Lots of mayo and mustard. Yummy.

Now it is off to bed and reading the latest Jack Reacher who is in Wyoming. Hey wasn't that a current topic of convesation?


lol MAGA morons --- this is great --- truly moron walking with a gun into a school shooting



Venison tastes a lot like beef. It's natural and very healthy, low in fat, high in iron and flavor.
Most deer don't live longer than 5 years on average, so they never get very tough. The best venison, is when the deer is dropped where he stands. Thus the name Frazier. DOWN GOES FRAZIER.
He dropped IMMMMMEDIATELY. No adrenaline or other enzymes to reduce the quality of the meat. Most hunted deer, run as fast and far as they are able due to instinct. Not this boy.

Kevlar Kid

Re the kids slaughtering each other in these school shootings---

would be interested in seeing the data correlating ritalin (and its more modern variations) and psychotropics prescribed to elementary and middle aged boys.

boys in public schools are pretty much "handled" as if they are just "defective girls."

NO physical activity during the day.

Lame-assed neutered males peppered throughout their campuses in "teaching" and "administrative roles."

Constant virtue signaling, SJW preaching from "conscious" female staff with authority---- how much of this collides with boys and what they've learned from their fathers?

The schools seem to be ramming more and more explosives down the barrel of a mortar and then looking for something to blame when the damned thing goes off maiming more than a few, in more ways than one.

A school shooting scars kids. And the underlying message: "We cannot PROTECT you." To hell with "safety".... protect them. Or they will turn on you, sure as shit.


It's almost like they know what's coming.


Yes, MM, I think Lovecraft understood there was something demonic about his work and Cthulhu especially. He was not a happy man, evidently, but one rather consumed by a very dark vision. I only re-read those stories when I have to (say, for my 2017 grad seminar on the Gothic of the long 19th c.--all British and all in time until we swerved to Lovecraft, because I had my friend the Lovecraftian scholar to hand, and he was willing to come to the seminar.) I was also worried, come to think of it, by some of my grad students' cheerful interest in the very worst kinds of things, like the human centipede (look it up if you are willing to stomach what you find). Degraded sensibilities, I'd say, but then the craze for the Gothic comes in cycles.

Oh, and Gus, I have loads of rosemary for a venison/rosemary/cherries recipe I saw a bit ago.

Captain Hate

"I write because I hate" - William H. Gass

Kevlar Kid

Speaking of King Coal:

Mayor Shafted by recent court decision...what is a sanctuary city to do when it's fantasyland proclamations go against the public interest?


The sign printers are gearing up for a protest "in the thousands" (not).


Yum Rosemary and cherries. Yum.


I noticed he uses a lot of historical references particularly late 17th and early 18th century. Of course Al hazred has Arabian connotations to the empty quarter and Yemen, he ripped of another writer.


“Words are how we chew people up for food.” - William H. Gass

Kevlar Kid

Re: venison

Had my first bowl of venison stew in 4th grade. my best buddy in grade school was raised to hunt. back then it was the wilds east of San Lorenzo. Bollinger Canyon to be exact.

What was even better, Roy had an apothecary jar the size of a volkswagen beetle (it was big) loaded with jerky made each year after they filled their freezers with the best cuts.

Roy can still hunt in that canyon but the encroaching San Ramon city limits are visible. Just a matter of time before the NO GUNS crowd weighs in.

Roy makes his own rifles. Must have a couple hundred now. Said to me the other day: "I don't know if I want to live in the World that seems hell-bent on getting here."

I see his point. 4th generation Californian. We grew up in a very different California.

Comanche voter

Somehow I just can't get excited about what any of these mullahs says or thinks.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

New excuse headline on WaPo:

"If FBI used an informant on Trump, it wasn't to spy on him. It was to protect him."

Yeah, right. Here's this bridge in Brooklyn for sale - wanna buy?

Kevlar Kid

The Hug Seen Around the World:

Kevlar Kid

'...whom the gods wish to destroy they first drive insane':

(Pic Courtesy of Dinesh DSouza)

Hoo Boy

Melania wont hold his leprosied hand...


Comanche, it's opportunity. Lying sleaze ball Mullahs run their mouths, FULL COMMIES cheer.

America sees this over and over.

Obama and Kerry in WAY OVER THEIR HEADS, cut a deal that does NOTHING for US, helps Iran continue, we send PALLETS OF CASH etc etc etc.

America sees what they are about. Over an over.

There is NO BLUE WAVE coming. NONE.

Captain Hate

The Duranty Times downplayed the Holocaust so it's consistent to be the mouthpiece of Hamas.


We sold them a few tow missiles in a storage shed, that probably were used up in a few hours.

Of course timmerman painted the big picture in fanning the fkanes re both parties.


GUS, here's the venison recipe:


Would that pass muster?


Now the evil dead, which is where Campbell (Sam axe) got his start as did the fellow behind the first iteration of Spiderman, wee derivative of lovecroft, notably the necronomicon.


narciso, have you read these stories? What's your verdict?

Kevlar Kid

Why the vaunted "Blue Wave" will more likely turn out to be a fart in the plastic kiddie pool:

"It would appear that the "emerging Democratic majority" requires anti-white identity politics as its midwife."

A lib editorialist tries to explain to the delusional minions of the American Left the folly of their "you go girl!", hands-on-the-hip, "troof to powah" horse shit.



I think you are going to tell ME the answer to that next weekend Catsmeat. Sounds delicious.

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting ther

It's not a matter if you raise them right. You can be the best parent in the world and if your child suffers from clinical depression you are screwed.

Kevlar Kid

"I hate writing"-
-every Notre Dame sophomore who had to endure Joseph Cronin's "Poetry" class.


So true Jane, most of the gun mass murderers end up suicides or suicide by cop. Obviously their is mental illness involved in many/most of these horrific crimes. good point.


Some of them not all, lovecraft like most horror writers had some issues, the shooter was a nihilist like the last one


Kev, I know a DR JOE CRONIN, here in Milwaukee.

Notre Dame undergrad. Very very nice dude.

Kevlar Kid

And the less parents of depressive kids understand the links between anger imploding inside their child, the more they will watch their kid grow up crunching anti-depressants.

A psychiatrist buddy of mine has a hand made button that reads: "No. Not me."

Keeps it facing him while in consultation with parents re their kids.

He looks at it when parents turn into human pretzels denying any involvement in the complexes affecting their depressive kids.

Kids are pretty good at keeping secrets until they can't.


Kids know nothing. Then you teach them something. You teach them EVERYTHING. They see all of your behaviors from a viewpoint of NOTHING. Until they are in school, YOU ARE WHAT THEY BECOME.

Kevlar Kid

heya GUS!

When you have an opportunity, see if his Dad's name was "Kevin." He was Dr. Cronin's son, and my freshman year spanish instructor. Small mundo, Baby. That family rocks!


Will do Kev.


Kev, did Kev live on 157 RIVERSIDE AVE??

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I didn't realize the top two vote-getters, regardless of party, are who get to compete against each other in the California primary.

Smart move by the president, IMHO.

Kevlar Kid

speakin of college: Baby Boy just finished his second year up at Macalester in St. Paul--- tuff semester: Computer Science (coding in Python); Financial Accounting 2.0, Advanced Macroeconomics, and Sadistics (statistics).

Here's a head shot of our boy during his whistle stop tour of California last week. Looks rather relaxed, no?

20 years young!


Congrats kev


Good looking young man Kev. His Mother must be beautiful.


So what has he been writing in the last two years



He's beautiful, Kev--don't let him near Hollywood.


I read that only 20% of the farm bill money was going to farmers. 40% was going to welfare projects.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

M.Joseph Sheppard
16h16 hours ago

Only the willfully blind can't see this confirmation again and again,

Gravis Poll Indiana Trump Favorability African Americans 29.2%
Hispanics 48.6%;

For tablets:


Kevlar Kid

GUS! Correction----> the prof was Edward Cronin....he used to feign impatience with our wooden headed ways by lamenting "Jesus! Mary and Joseph!" I guess it stuck.

An East Haney Street addie in South Bend comes up first from 51-73. That was for Cronin senior. No sign of his son Kevin's details.

But, ya never know!

Captain Hate

Handsome young man, KK. Btw it's looking like I'll be in Santa Cruz in mid August.


I think Kevin is still RIDING THE STORM OUT.

Kevlar Kid

GUS---> Baby Boy's Mama is a beauty. When those two dress up they look like they are headed to the Red Carpet. Me? I look like their bodyguard (and think that way too!)

Catsmeat! How are ya? Baby Boy gets approached when he is at resorty type places when we go on holidays--- for autographs. "You look like somebody famous. Can I have your autograph?"

Baby Boy is chill: "Not at the moment but i will be."

Kevlar Kid


Miss Marple the Deplorable


High Flight, 1950's TV suuugn-off

Kevlar Kid


In case you missed the Steyer ad: "This Mother's Day talk to your child about the Republican Party."

Goebbels would be proud.

Are we going to be wearing yellow stars if the mid-terms go against us?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


And now here is John Denver signing "High Flight."

First part is some joking with Bob Hope.

This was a program in tribute to NASA.

Kevlar Kid


Kevlar Kid

CH: I'll be in Berkeley all of August. Hope we connect! -Kev

Kevlar Kid

Thanks, CH!


Kev, I think the FULL COMMIE'S have so over played everything in the last year and a half, that people like Steyer are seen as meglomaniacal goofs.
Clinton, Obama, and Rodham have all turned out to be COMPLETELY CORRUPT. Billy the Rapist served 2 full terms and by all appearances, REALLY DID THE JOB. Obama is the biggest FARCE in History. He is in the same league with TRUDEAU jr, and Macron. Difference is, Obama, like Rodham, has never EVER had a drop of INTEGRITY. The history of the lives and careers, has been one manipulation, one lie, one deception after another. Obama has fooled people all along the way, because the LIBTARDS wanted to propagate this NICE YOUNG KENYAN. I do not believe a WORD that Obama says. I am not in Threadkillers league by a long shot, but, I do not believe Obama got into even OCCIDENTAL, without Affirmative Action, or by claiming Kenyan status.
But I am CERTAIN, he did not get into COLUMBIA nor HARVARD without CHEATING. Regardless, Obama is/was a MARXIST, and he tried to hide his evil nature, by using willing "FELLOW TRAVELERS" to do the dirty work. And LOTS of it.

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