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May 10, 2018



Hubby probably did pop a rib,ouch. He's out mowing now. He said he's going to keep moving so it won't hurt as much. I guess two lower ribs are floaters,they can dislocate. News you can use. :)


(Click to enlarge.)



I didn't like timing lights either. Particularly when I saw one get jerked out of a guys hands when the cord got caught in the fan.


Always had a summer job from the time I was 13 years old.


Former Obama Aide Rips Steyer for Inflammatory Anti-GOP Ad: ‘You’re Wasting Money’

Former Barack Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett tweeted his frustration Friday with Tom Steyer over his super PAC's new inflammatory anti-Republican ad, calling it a waste of money and "counterproductive and annoying."

The left-wing billionaire's NextGen America released an ad called "Mothers Day," depicting a woman talking about her troubled son's actions growing up, such as stealing from poorer kids and screaming anti-abortion messages at women. At the end of the ad, she reveals her son's "college buddies" are the tiki-torch wielding white supremacists at last August's rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

"Only a mother can catch the signs early," the mother says. "This Mother's Day, talk to your child about the GOP. I wish I had."

The on-screen graphic then calls on the viewer to "vote them out."

Lovett linked to Daily Beast reporter Lachlan Markay's tweet of the ad and wrote, "WHAT ARE THESE TOM STEYER ADS AND WHO DO THEY HELP."

He then followed up, "Hey, @TomSteyer. The ads are counterproductive and annoying, you're not helping anyone but yourself (maybe), and you're wasting money that could really help when we're in the fight for our political lives."


A car and hawt chick thread? My Explosive "Got To Be Explosive" Disorder forces me to drop an Afterbirther eyeball poking even though I don't want to wreck this type of thread. Damn disorder..

Hey, remember when the Afterbirthers said that if Obama wasn't legitimate, honorable John McCain would have exposed him because a) McCain had the most interest in knocking Obama off the 2008 ballot and b)McCain was a stand up for the country type of guy?


Ever set the timing by listening for the pinging?

I would have a buddy of mine powerbrake* the car to the point just before the wheels broke loose while I would twist the distributor until I heard the 1st sign of pinging, then back it off a smidgen.

Race ready!

*automatic transmission in gear, left foot mashing brake pedal, right foot mashing gas pedal.


It has nothing to do he was born in Panama, Kerry was born in Colorado totally useless. Howard dean was the son of a pan am exec, same.


TK, yes. Have done that.


Maryrose,at age 12 I started babysitting for my aunt and uncle. Three kids under the age of three! I only had to call my mother to come out to their house to help me one time. The kids had been blueberry picking earlier in the day and had eaten more blueberries than they picked. One of them was so sick that evening that I called my mother and said,help! We spent the evening washing sheets and soothing a sick kid.


Speaking of useless, Chris Buckley ruining restoration history with his take on pepys

Contrary to previous reporting, representative Peter King (R-NY) reveals that yesterday Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy were not allowed to see the originating documents during their visit with the DOJ and FBI officials. Representative Trey Gowdy (U-DC) reluctantly admitted moments ago, the statement by Peter King was true.

The DOJ refused to allow Nunes & Gowdy access to the “EC” (electronic communication) document that initiated the FBI counterintelligence operation. Instead, Nunes and Gowdy were given an opaque description of the EC process; and told to come back next week if they wanted to talk more.

My guess at the "opaque description" is as follows:

"We put an agent in every presidential campaign since Watergate. Whether it is a winning campaign or a losing campaign we gather intelligence to create a blackmail file.

The file is dribbled out at the beginning of every new President's term and they come to quickly learn that The Deep State calls the shots.

Normally no one fights back."


So Herr inspector Mueller is down to interrogating companies that never signed on with cohen?


👊 henry!

Captain Hate

Yes, the afterbirthers put much more credence in McPlanecrash than was prudent under any circumstance.

My worst gas station mechanic story was when a car fell off a lift. The guy who did it was kind of a goof, although surprisingly smart about some obscure things, so he would've headed the list of likely suspects. I didn't see it but finding out about it was like hearing about Kennedy being shot in terms of jaw dropping impact. I was always careful about the lift pads hitting the frame no matter how fucking hot it was under the car, but after that was 100% obsessively cautious about it and never felt comfortable until the tires were back on the ground. Surprisingly the owner of the station, Floyd Lilly (is that a perfect occupational name?), didn't can him for it.


Probably the most common repair shop f-up is forgetting to pump the brake pedal after installing new pads. Until you press the pedal several times the linings won't make contact with the disc. If you forget this procedure once you put the car in gear you are rolling with no brakes.

Some guys(usually VW Bug owners) have lighting quick reaction time and get the car out of gear or pump the brakes rapidly enough. Others drive into toolboxes, walls, other cars, lifts, other techs, etc.

Miss Marple

I am holding my temper even though i had to endure a lecture on how wonderful the government is compared to businesses.


Cool robot videos.


Hi, all--thanks to so many great links--Ry Cooder, those police dogs, that brilliant Saki story (what a farce). Narciso, I love Bury's The Idea of Progress--read it many years ago and it shaped much of my understanding about historical presumptions. Also learned that it's pronounced "Berry," for reasons opaque but British.

I started at 12 with babysitting and then at 14 in an ice-cream shop, then McDonalds, the St. Pete Times (selling classified ads), and a insurance business--was a Florida Senate page too. Glad I did it all, partly to learn that I wanted to make sure my work for life avoided tedium of the sort that dominated, say, the ad-selling.




There are no words of advice you can give your children, no motivational pep talks about getting an education and a good job that compare to the impact of a long hot summer at a demanding minimum wage job.

Note: I have been known, when child complains about workload or sparse paycheck to mention that is what life is like for those who don't study hard and get a better job. Worked like a charm!

Texas Liberty Gal

Hope this turns out to be a blockbuster!

22h22 hours ago
DEVELOPING: A major new front is opening in the political espionage scandal. In summer 2016, Brennan with his FBI liaison Strzok, along with help from Kerry @ State, were trying to set Russian espionage traps for minor players in the Trump campaign through cultivated intel assets


I wouldn't trust her now:

Cameron was another credentialed twit,

The Infamous Ignatz

I once set a Maserati's timing by ear since I had no specs on where it was supposed to be anyway.
Ran like a top.
And I invariably forget to pump the brakes.
Just changed rotors and pads on the ol F150 day before yesterday and almost rolled through the hydrangeas.

Miss Marple

Sold my BIL ' to a woman whose husband was injured in Iraq and wants to get back in shape. He is coming to pick it up now.

Miss Marple

His Bowflex. Told you I hate posting on phone.

James D.


You sold your brother in law, MM? I assume you're sharing the proceeds with your sister?

The Infamous Ignatz

Was wondering what the going rate on BIL's was in Indiana.



Ralph L

Also learned that it's pronounced "Berry," for reasons opaque but British.
Did Raymond Luxury Yacht go Home to see the Derby?
Many Connecticutters pronounce their many -burys as -berrys. But they could be the escapees from New Yuk.

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