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May 10, 2018



Nard to see an easy option for Trump as to his future relationship to Cohen. Probably a disavowal of any past or future discussions w/Cohen as to any of his clients


s/b Hard


TM -- this was always baked in the cake. You are sounding a little Captain Renault here...




How is this relevant to anything? This subject is high school gossip, nothing more.


Well the thread choices for the day either this or “Traditional Thursday Open Thread”. I guess someone was feeling high energy today.

Miss Marple

How many guys who know him are doing this? Probably a lot. Are they actually getting access? No.

Its BS.


Are they actually getting access? No.

That is the key to it all. Grifters are gonna grift. Look at the Podestas, or Manafot, or Rove. All paved the path for Cohen.


Well Novartis and ATT may want a refund....Justice Dept sued to block ATT merger and is mow rolling out proposals to lower drug prices. No wonder Mueller passed this “case” off.


RIP Senate Blue Slip for judges.



Beyond ridiculous. How did Wee Georgie Snufffffaluffffagus get his job and MILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLIONS.
This shit is absurd.
How did the CLINTON RICO CARNIVAL get $145,000,000 from a PRINCIPLE in the URANIUM ONE farce (FRANK GIUSTRA), who then became a board member.
Look up Tony Rodham and HAITI.

This shit is absurd, it's MFM FULL COMMIE all the way down.


good. no spending for you.

Jonathan Chait
‏Verified account @jonathanchait

The White House admitted it's walking away from a major promise, to pass a huge infrastructure bill. Odd how little attention that's gotten.

matt - deplorable me

Collateral damage to this is that Stormy Daniels lawyer is now in the frying pan and the sources of his disclosure will be examined.

That he was also very sloppy will make this an even greater black eye.

Everyone knows that Cohen was a fixer. What, if anything, did he fix? Sounds like the same old DC pay for play game that has been legal for many years. With Manafort and Podesta out of business this will only make the graft more difficult to trace.

Seth Rich is laughing wherever he is.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

So Carlos Slim is more concerned about ISIS having access to an attorney than the President?


If I'd wanted grifters and hustlers around the President I'd have backed Ms. Foundation.

The grifters and hustlers around Ms. Foundation do it with her express permission and encouragement. That is the name of the game.

You think Trump signed off on this?

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter


From the prior link. An important ad, IMO.

Old Lurker

Jane "Can I be in the wedding? I'd love a thermonix thingy."

Girl, you have to keep up. It started out as suggested gifts for the Bridal Party but Clarice slipped into her Binder the idea that every guest would have one in the Goody Bag. She then thought that might be awkward, so she has offered to have Brewoods (DC people know) engrave little cards she will put in the bags so that she can FedEx them to the guests after they get home.

Old Lurker

Hey! Speaking of guest houses, I knew that the guy we call the Nantucket Shark Guy (I posted a link last summer), who lives during the summer in my neighbor's guest house, spends his winter in FL looking for sharks he tagged the previous summer in Nantucket...but here is is in the National news (yes girls, he really is that ripped and so is his girlfriend):



yes, you recall why vince Flynn wrote term limits a little over 20 years ago,



Perfect OL. What time do I arrive? Where bouts in Nantucket?

Captain Hate

Again I'll ask the lawyers here: why aren't the rest of the ambulance chasers livid with Avenatti for urging a washed up whore to violate an NDA? Didn't he just make their lives more difficult and potentially less lucrative?

Old Lurker

That would require thinking ahead, Cap'n.

Until then just consider it a Professional Courtesy.


morsi amnestied him in 2012



Didn't he just make their lives more difficult and potentially less lucrative?

There all in for the cause. Aren't lawyers 90% Democrats? The ABA is like the MPAA.


is this what gave will agita:


Old Lurker

Narc "vince Flynn wrote term limits a little over 20 years ago,"

Wow, times does fly. That seems like yesterday.


this was Sullivan's cramerica intern:



Nice shark wrangler!

Captain Hate

I don't know; if I made my living writing contracts and some sleazeball just made them of problematic legitimacy, I'd be out for major revenge.

Old Lurker

Jane, those critters are bigger by the time they get to FL than they are when he tags time in front of our house.

Old Lurker

them, not time

Old Lurker

Lost in all the other news this week was the new regulation in CA that will require all new houses to be built with solar cells on the roof.

Think about that.


the new regulation in CA that will require all new houses to be built with solar cells on the roof.

Saw that OL. The People's Republic of CA continues to commit mass suicide. They should merge with Venezuela.


Cohen reminding anybody else of Better Call Saul????

Gee, life is just one big TV show...
Think maybe POTUS figured that out about five years ago????


good take on the solar panels:

Theodore @RefDemo

While insisting a cross in San Diego be removed from where it has stood for 75 years honoring war dead, liberals are now requiring symbols of their own religion be installed on every rooftop in California.


porch FTW this morning, for this.
The tweet on its own is great; she iced the cake:

Steve Robinson @BigSteve207
Pruitt hasn't done a damn thing to stop that volcano.

Duh, he engineered it on purpose to destroy a deep blue state.


New thread.


TM is spinning threads like mad!


Thanks, anonamom. :)

JM Hanes

Good golly! I can't believe that guy single-handedly pulled a 12' shark in on a rod, planted in the sand on a beach!


if you recall, the plot centered around a number of congressman being killed off, one was like a leaky leahy, another like ted kennedy type, there is a deep state tie to the matter


Whoa! We were on the Captiva/Sanibel beach just last week!

Gambit fail


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