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May 05, 2018


That's for the little people.

You couldn't take the rule of law.



matt - deplorable me

There is a psychiatric condition called anosognosia. It is a condition in which an individual refuses to or is unable to recognize their illness.

I believe it is widespread in the Democratic/Marxist Party.

Captain Hate

I really wonder if the NPR/NY Times/NBC News audience, which presumably consider themselves to be well-informed

All the news that fits in the bubble.


Describes exactly how the Dems operate under their current psychiatric condition.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

From RG;

What the hell is systematic theology ???

That's not a prog or lib theology term.
Just refers to a comprehensive theological framework addressing the nature of God, the nature of man and the nature of the relationship between the two.
Wayne Grudem wrote an excellent one that I use fairly often.


Ask Tricky Dick about how cover ups work out..

Eye Doctor

FBI whistleblower William Campbell is the key player that could bring the whole Mueller house of cards down. Hear anyone talking about him?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--But I found this CBS commentary while wondering why our friends on the left are so unruffled by Hillary's history. I'm sure in some cases it is pure partisan posturing. But it might be simple ignorance...-

And I thought I was naive and gullible.
Tom, Tom, Tom; it is neither. The large majority like it. They like her ideology and they like the perks over their fellow citizens that ideology promises. Yeah she's a dirty rotten crook, but she's their dirty rotten crook and they love her for it, because they're dirty rotten crooks too.
That is the essence of progressivism. They progress through life by hiring government thugs to plunder their neighbors. Period.
Witness our evil prog troll tapewaorms here.


Here's my quick take on just watching Trump's aide Caputo on with Neil Cavuto, who has been so angry recently with Congress for not stopping the Witchhunt---the guy who said "Damn them to Hell."

Caputo says that he is now happy to go on TV and speak more aggressively about the Mueller Team's bogus investigation, and the reason is because he has just recently received so much financial support via his "Go Fund Me Account" that he is now not being killed monetarily. He has enough funds now to say what the heck he feels like since they can't make him go broke like they were trying to do in order to get him to turn into some sort of squealer against Trump. He says the questioners are not fun guys and they are very intimidating, but he says they have got nothing on any Russian Collusion at all in his opinion. He says that they admit they watch his every word on TV and grill him on his comments, but he's fed up with it. He says that when they were asking him questions they were not trying to get any info from him all. They knew the answers already and were trying to trip him up so they could hammer him for lying. He said they had the answers to their questions right their on the desk, so he knew they were not asking for info but instead were asking just to entrap him. He says they will stoop to anything to get him and Manaforte and Flynn and Cohen and whomever on anything. He reiterates that in his opinion they really have nothing. He says there is no collusion and they have all the info on that already. Caputo ends by saying after the way they went after him, he would recommend that Trump not sit for testifying. He says its rigged against him and Team Trump so since he says it is a rigged game he would advise Trump don't so it. And he also says to contribute to others going through the same unjust grilling he is being forced to go thru.

Then Neil Cavoto followed by bringing on some Dem Congressman who says we need to let Mueller's investigation go on a heck of a lot longer since he's only had a year so far and that's not near long enough to do a thorough investigation.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


What I really hate about it is that they do the plundering while posing as "caring" and "sharing" and other BS.

I always liked Torricelli because he was just a plain crook, no posing as high-minded.

The dems are like the Mafia dressed up in Salvation Army uniforms.


You are correct.
I believe his testimony will be part of the IG report.
Gowdy will hold the hearing and I G testimony with updated information will reveal the unlawful perpetrators.

Eye Doctor

Gowdy is not to be trusted.


Very informative post.
Mueller and team are runaway prosecutors perverting the rule of law.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thanks for that great update on Caputo!

I hope more people start complaining and Congress shuts the entire thing down.

Or Judge Ellis.

What a crock this is!


They would rather be princes in hell than a peon in heaven and yet they still firmly believe they are doing God's work.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics! https://www.facebook.com/DonaldTrump/posts/10157008375200725:0


Donald Trump Jr.
‏Verified account @DonaldJTrumpJr
10m10 minutes ago

Perhaps the greatest tweet of all time. He’s right though, it’s really good. 😂😂😂

Buford Gooch

Errata. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Eye Doctor

Keep in mind the Clinton Foundation is not a solely owned laundromat

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Ineffective AND subject to abuse of American's civil liberties.


The left built a panopticon with the help of the tech unicorns. Comey et al simply used it. My impression on Sesions / Rosenstein is they are fine with the panopticon, but think it is somehow better if they control it themselves.


pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

From daddy: "since he's only had a year so far and that's not near long enough to do a thorough investigation. "

IMO, 5 minutes was too long. There was nothing to investigate, IMO.


only a year

Sounds like the 4D chess is on both sides.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

IMO, there are thousands of Democrats that need investigation.


What I love about the TacoBowl campaign tweet is the picture of Marla Maples on his desk. IIRC that sent the media into a fit.

JM Hanes


You should migrate (don't tell Ignatz I did that) your North Korea post from the last thread over to this one, lest we succumb to irrational exuberance over the peace prospects there.

Disco Duck

Oh my goodness how could impeachment not be the best danged thing they could do.

Fumigate the WH of black mold and toadstools.

JM Hanes

The Daily Caller gets this headline right:

John Kerry Colludes With Iran To Undermine American Foreign Policy


Ig [from the previous thread]: I related the story of my psychotic family

You told her all about JOM?

Eye Doctor

The black mold and toadstools have migrated to Netflix and CNN

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am of the opinion that the FBI should be completely disbanded. Aside from this witch hunt, look what we have learned:

1. They do not record interviews but write up "recollections" of the interview afterwards. Some of these records have been falsified (the 302's).

2. The electronic surveillance is not only ineffective but can be and has been abused.

3. Documents requested by Congress have been redacted not for national security reasons, but to protect the reputation of the BI and various creeps who were in upper management.

4. AT least one agent took laundered money through campaign donations to his wife, which can be kept after an election if it isn't all spent (Virginia law). No FBI ethics official raised any objection whatsoever.

This should alarm ALL Americans. This agency can make up evidence and interviews with no way to effectively challenge them. They have been running roughshod over Americans' rights for years.

Meanwhile, they have repeatedly ignored complaints about dangerous people who turn out to be mass murderers.

Michael (fpa P4F) ... Stop the Witch Hunt - Stop the Coup !

"Have I missed a WW2 Era TV series in the States where we were reminded of who the good guys were and who the bad guys, and of the bravery and patriotism of our grandparent's generation?"

Not caught up, so I can't vouch that it *hasn't* been mentioned, but how about this one:

"12 O'Clock High", starring Robert Lansing/Paul Burke. Based on the movie about the Army Air Force's WWII bombing campaign against Germany, starring Gregory Peck, iirc.

Full of great scenes of pilots and gun crews . . .

Flying in B-17 bombers like this

fighting off waves of attacking German fighter planes, featuring the ME-109 and the lesser-known

Focke-Wulf FW-190

which looks somewhat similar to the Japanese 'Zero' fighter,

the Mitsubishi A6M.

I thought it was the most realistic of all of the WWII TV shows. It was a gritty depiction of the stress, danger and deaths involved in the bombing campaign.

The good guys always won in the end, and you got a good sense of the amazing courage and dedication of those who flew the bombers in that campaign.


In a large tech company I used to work at, we were shown that movie in corporate middle manager training. Great examples of good and bad management, mainly by Peck's character and that of his predecessor.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Old Lurker

Eye Doctor sees Trey Gowdy 20/20.


(I usually object to such willowing, JM.)

Old Lurker

Henry "My impression on Sessions / Rosenstein is they are fine with the panopticon, but think it is somehow better if they control it themselves."

Civil Asset Forfeiture??? I LOVE that program.

Captain Hate

Carrying forward the Laura Ingraham matter, I'm shocked that she seems to believe that with the volume of documents Nunes's committee has requested, that he should read every one of them. I'm not surprised if he divides them up among the other Republican members to report on, whether by a written summary or highlighted portions. I'd further not be surprised to find out that the members have their aides do the grunt work of at least an initial reading to point out important material and things to be ignored.

Regarding Gowdy, if Nunes doesn't feel comfortable with what that goofy showboat comes up with, he can always have one of his aides scrutinize the underlying docs.

Eye Doctor

Chicago Is Trying to Pay Down Its Debt by Impounding Innocent People’s Cars

Old Lurker

JMH "John Kerry Colludes With Iran To Undermine American Foreign Policy"

The Police Departments' "Broken Window" strategy suggests that if Kerry had been sent to jail in 1970 for doing the same thing with the N. Vietnamese in Paris, perhaps we might never have suffered his presence again.

When Mitch Rapp solves a problem, it stays solved.


Here's the link, though:



.@BretBaier asked Comey if he told lawmakers that FBI agents didn't believe Michael Flynn was lying intentionally to investigators. Comey's answer to Baier last week contradicts what he actually told lawmakers.
Now a comment from Rex (Vachel Lindsay):
‏ @_VachelLindsay_
6m6 minutes ago

This is very clever - they've waited to release unredacted docs until after Comey's lamentable media over the last few weeks, exposing him as a liar. More please! 👇

Whenever I see information like that the first thing that pops into my mind is more confirmation of 4D Chess, OODA loop, or whatever term you want to use to describe an intricate, strategic plan to destroy the Deep State/Drain the Swamp.

How many people here are absolutely certain Rosenstein is corrupt and part of the Deep State cabal trying to destroy Trump? I recall several people criticizing Rosenstein for refusing to cooperate with Congress and turn over unredacted documents. Trump has made numerous tweets attacking the DOJ as well. In hindsight Trump’s tweets appear to be strategic as well with the primary intention to bring it to everyone’s attention and make sure everyone knows that the DOJ is hiding something.

For reasons we don’t know and likely never will, Trump, Rosenstein and anyone else involved in the plan decided that yesterday was the right time to release more unredacted documents that provide even more damning evidence of the criminal corruption within the Obama administration.

I would not be surprised if Rosenstein’s speech this week where he thumbed his nose at Congress on the topic of oversight over the DOJ and the resultant “outrage” from multiple GOP Congressmen was nothing more than staged kabuki theater to build up the controversy and set the stage for all the major news that dropped on Friday.

My suggestion is for everyone to sit back and enjoy the piece by piece revelations of all the machinations of a Very Stable Genius.

Old Lurker

In our country where 67% of eighth graders cannot read or do math, could this be far behind?

Fox "UK schools replace analog clocks with digital because students reportedly can't tell time".

Wasn't it just yesterday that we stopped forcing "the children" to memorize their times tables?

Eye Doctor

Tom, that square peg of yours is not going to fit the round hole.

Old Lurker

"My suggestion is for everyone to sit back and enjoy the piece by piece revelations of all the machinations of a Very Stable Genius."

Because it is all just a movie and once it is over, real life will begin again. No real problem if that story turns out wrong. Maybe the next movie will be different.


MM's 12:21 has me seething mad. To the point that I will go scrape paint for the rest of the day to avoid the internet.


Amazing back and forth

Techno Fog
I got my hands on the May 4 transcript from the USA v. Manafort hearing in front of Judge Ellis. (Thanks to a close friend.)

Here we go...


daddy on iPad

Speaking of banging Neanderthal's (or vice versa), worth noting that 10 years ago none of us had had sex with Neanderthals, then 5 years ago our great great great granddads were suddenly discovered pulling 1 night stands from Gilbralter to the Denisovan caves of Sibera, then 3 months ago we discover it wasn't us boys, it was instead great great great Grandma "sharing her favors."

I can't wait to find out from Science who I had sex with next.

Jack is Back!!

Incredible 12:55.

Pulling into Port Jeff on the ferry.

Canterbury was impressive. More later.

daddy on iPad

Meant to mention that the author says that even by those 23&Me Genetic test kits you can find out what percent of your DNA is Neanderthal. I have never taken one of those tests, but for you guys who did, is it broken down in some way that indicates the percent Neanderthal, or is it instead just mentions of ancestors from different regions of the Globe?

clarice feldman

Tom, I was willing to believe that until this week--I'm not so sure now. I doubt Rosenstein is a great actor.


good times, good times ...

The taco bowl that saved the world

matt - deplorable me

Are digital clocks halal, OL? That may be the real issue. That and the fact that they have stopped teaching cursive in many schools.

This really is a concerted effort to dumb down the citizenry; Twitter, fake news, the politicization of everything. We are two steps away from Idiocracy far in advance of what the historical document said (yes, narciso, I just crossed the streams).

No knock raids and arresting lawyers really are beyond the pale and when you throw in illegal warrants, obstruction of justice, an half a dozen other various and sundry civil rights violations I think that a RICO case can be made.

Perhaps if nothing else this whole mess will restore some balance to the civil rights of the people and the power of the state.



It could also be move, counter move.

Is Brett Baier in on the 4D plan to know to ask the question? If not how did they know the question would be asked?

What if Comey did not lie, does that become part of the plan?

Why dose it have to be black or white hats?
The simplest answer is that Rosenstein is acting in his own best interest.

Finally it has been my experience that the best plans follow the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Plans with multiple moving parts all dependent on each other for success are almost always doomed to failure. ( for example the Steele Dossier.)


Maybe they just went back in time like fry did to 1947.

Question why didn't thanos just use the time stone on titan to restore his world, instead of wiping out half the universe.

Neal Stevenson voluminous time trying to explain time travel and witchcraft reminded me.


Daddy, the Ancestry.com DNA test did not report percent Neanderthal. I think there is a way to download the results and run them through some other service for more info, but seems more trouble than it's worth.

Tom R

Because it is all just a movie and once it is over, real life will begin again. No real problem if that story turns out wrong. Maybe the next movie will be different.


Did you ever read this oped from Scott Adams?


In order for our two-movie situation to merge back into a single movie, one of us needs to see our expectations violated in ways that even cognitive dissonance can’t explain away.

I guess you could say I'm trying to violate your expectations.

Old Lurker

Matt "Perhaps if nothing else this whole mess will restore some balance to the civil rights of the people and the power of the state."

Matt, you worded that like that result would be the low hanging fruit. I think that outcome is the highest fruit on the tree and the most valuable.

Sometimes I think we should RICO the whole damn DoJ but then I feel like the guy who said he could move the world with a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to rest it.

Old Lurker

Yes, daddy, I know that was Archimedes.


Old Lurker

Tom R "I guess you could say I'm trying to violate your expectations."

:-) Tom. Sometimes I think you wake up thinking of new ways to violate me.


But, they're disturbing my pastoral view, so I may have to crank up the Soundgarden to 11 and run them off... ;)

Beasts, considering what you are up against, Chopin might be more effective:)

daddy on iPad

Another concerning aspect to the story are the parallels to the actions of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who was accused of violating the Logan Act by talking to foreign officials prior to Trump taking office. Kerry is possibly even more out of bounds because he is a private citizen as opposed to a member of the transition team for an incoming president.



Chopin might be more effective:)

I'd suggest Wagner, such as Tannhauser.


Marty@ 11:20, you may be right.


So previously on agents of shield they are trying to reconcile the apocalypse in infinity war, so there are references to the battle of New York, then thanos is referred to by an alien race that Glen Talbot who was hulk pursuer med Talbot has become another omnipotent being who loses control. So I guess the series will end in two weeks. Because this version of the rapture is too big for the show to get around.


On the 4D topic my take is more Pinball Wizard than Kwisatz Haderach. Also Rosenstein acting in his own best interest could be part of either strategery.


They hide the evidenve and print the rumor:



talking about dumbing down, i worked on a unesco/rock f document released less than 10 days ago that calls for students to have "discursive shared sense-making".

If you climb back through two levels of documents as I am prone to do, to who was at bellagio in 2013 for the original convening, the ties to federal law and all the state 'learning standards' showed up as a participant.

I think I was not supposed to see that.


It's an alpha strike of mind arson, even O'Brien would think that's too much.


Meanwhile In the hague...

daddy on iPad

Thanks, Michael.

Last month i read "A Higher Call", marvelous story of the German ME-109 ace who decided not to shoot down the severly wounded B-17 Crew, and flew in such tight formation with the damaged plane over the German gun lines out to north sea safety, that the anti-Aircraft batteries couldn't blow it out of the sky, and then 55 years later the 2 crews meet. Marvelous tale. Well worth a read if you haven't got to it.

Your question now prompts me to wonder if the the 3 Axis powers, Italy, but primarily Germany and Japan, have WW2 era TV Series of any sort? Off the top I'd say no since they would be so eager to forget.

In Japan I know they have tons of Historical Dramas, but I can only recall shows involving Samurai times. As for Germany I haven't laid over there now in a number of years. Anyone know if Germany is still in 'forget the past' mode?


Why hasn't kerry been arrested? What exactly is the govt's excuse for that?


AppArently from what the German (European) channel puts out.

Anyways keying off the lAst thread goldsmith, the proprietor of lawfare then at the olc in 2004,
Comey then no 2, Mueller then director along with baker and Wray in reserve were all threatening to resign if stellar wind was not shutdown, now certainly gellmans screed on cheney and even Gonzalez own memoir leaves the elephant in the room out in the cold,,The Madrid train bombing.

James D.

"My impression on Sessions / Rosenstein is they are fine with the panopticon, but think it is somehow better if they control it themselves."

I think that describes pretty much everyone in DC, which is why the swamp needs to be not just drained but firebombed. And then nuked. And the.n Maybe nuked again, just to make sure.

Old Lurker

Jane "Why hasn't kerry been arrested? What exactly is the govt's excuse for that?"

NOBODY disturbs the AG during nap time.


Its a minefield ringed with barbed wire, not a swamp. And those pop mines are the worst bouncing bettors they called them.

clarice feldman

I don't think anyone has been convicted of the Logan Act which is poorly drafted in any event. Still, that doesn't keep the selectively blind DOJ and SC from using it to attack a Republican even if he's acting in a perfectly legit way during a transition..


People who spew such gobbledygook as "discursive shared sense-making" should not be allowed near a keyboard, much less a young mind.

The mind reels: one cannot even call that nonsense "pseudo-intellectual".

And, even more astounding, they all seem to actually understand each other.

We pass here from language and thought into mummery.

daddy on iPad

In our country where 67% of eighth graders cannot read or do math, could this be far behind?

Fox "UK schools replace analog clocks with digital because students reportedly can't tell time".


I'm stunned we havent yet got rid of AM and PM. "Ante Meridiem?" what the hell is that?

It ought'a be BL and AL. "Before Lunch."

Tom R

Tom, I was willing to believe that until this week--I'm not so sure now. I doubt Rosenstein is a great actor.

What happened this week to change your mind? Are you talking about Sundance’s bombshell that Mueller was spying on Trump that turned out to be a major screwup on his part?


People who spew such gobbledygook as "discursive shared sense-making" should not be allowed near a keyboard, much less a young mind.

Over the weekend I'm reviewing a bunch of NSF graduate education proposals. None use language as bad as the above, but some come pretty close. The writing in them is pretty awful, with only a couple of exceptions.

I will continue my tradition of being the panel curmudgeon. They do keep inviting me back, so maybe I do some good.


I know descarte screams in the ether, erasmus even in a higher pitch. Cogito ergo sum, how old fashioned.


Still chortling over this one from a prev thread, Iggy "In fact she kind of initiated things a couple of weeks ago."

We be guys, and are always the last to know LOL


Daddy, perhaps the movies "Das Boot" and "Stalingrad" capture the German mood. Both very dark films, hopeless, and nobody lives through them.

Old Lurker

True story (for Clarice's binder).

I saw my one serious flame before my wife at the funeral for serious flame's father. In the festivities afterwards, serious flame asked me (after 42 years) why I had married Mrs. OL and not her?

My dead serious response was "because she told me to and you didn't".


"Cogito ergo sum? I feel math is part of the patriarchy you hater"

/ millenial


Dr J-I was at a a presentation at emory law a few weeks ago and the students would throw out these terms they thought made them sound erudite interspersed with "you know". I think they are being lead to believe that parroting 'conceptual lenses' is what constitutes thinking these days.

SQ-the full sentence is even worse.

"The results of this project also support the conclusion that the design of collective intelligence creation processes,discursive shared sense-making as action research, is a critical factor for any effort to integrate complexity into perceptions and actions."

The Rock F, by the way, has a new slogan "innovation for the next 100 years." Unfortunately, we are to be the subject of their definition of innovation when properly understood.

The document is from September 2014 and can be pulled up as "Networking to Improve Global/Local Anticipatory Capacities" by Riel Miller. The documents also show the places all over the world where LSEs-Local Scoping Exercises--were held. The US one was in chicago with lots of futurists from u of houston.

Captain Hate

Comey then no 2, Mueller then director along with baker and Wray in reserve were all threatening to resign if stellar wind was not shutdown,

Opportunity squandered.


Off topic but noteworthy: 57 years ago today, May 5, 1961, Alan Shepard was successfully launched from Florida’s Cape Canaveral to become America’s first astronaut in space, riding a Redstone rocket on a 15 minute sub-orbital flight and piloting his Mercury spacecraft, named Freedom 7, to a safe Atlantic splashdown. Incredibly, just three weeks later, President Kennedy would commit the United States to sending men to the moon by the end of the decade and returning them safely to earth.

"That other America; they did things differently there." – Dan Rather, CBS News, July, 1989


Rosenstein’s refusal to cooperate with Congress disturbs me.


students would throw out these terms they thought made them sound erudite

I see/hear this sort of thing all the time. I am mentoring a young pup at the local Research University -- no one there is doing so -- and like many he tries to puff up his language. It makes much of what he writes unintelligible, and I tell him so.

I've been working hard to remove jargon from my writing, and to use clear declarative sentences with as few subordinating conjunctions as I can. It has helped others understand what the heck it is that I'm proposing.

Reading the proposals of others, though, I find that my approach is not as common as you might think.


In light of the fact that Stormy Daniels asked Larry Flynt to run her campaign against David Vitter's senate seat in 2009 and then in 2017 Flynt offer's a $10 million reward for info leading to President Trump's impeachment, can we consider the possibility that Clinton in cahoots with Flynt are behind this smear campaign?


I've heard rumors Avenatti is connected to Chicago but I have to research that further.


http://netzwerk-zukunftsforschung.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Keynote_Miller_JT2017.pdf is a presentation from that author that uses the phrase on page 13 of the presentation in a graphic.

This is also why Marxism is so often misportrayed these days as about Soviet or Chinese totalitarianism. It leaves the Marxist Humanist dream still alive and well to be implemented in the name of changing the future.


Please don't grade my writing, I was an offensive lineman!


No you are correct Rocco, a number of sources have pointed to his connections to Emmanuel, he had even more oblique ties to the firm behind crowdstrike and fusion. Even tied to Jonathan turley.

Old Lurker

DrJ I can help you out here. Try:

"If you give me the money, I will do X by Date Y

Your friend, DrJ"


Why hasn't kerry been arrested?

Sally Yates was the only fan of the Logan Act at DoJ, and she's no longer with them.

Rosenstein’s refusal to cooperate with Congress disturbs me.

I could see a 4D motivation for the refusal, but his "The Department of Justice is not going to be extorted" comment strongly argues against this motivation and will probably go down in history as his 2nd most memorable quote, right behind "not guilty."

Tom R

Rosenstein’s refusal to cooperate with Congress disturbs me.

He just gave them some unredacted documents that contain pretty damning evidence against the Obama administration and pretty much guarantees LTG Flynn gets the charges against him dismissed. It wasn't that he refused to cooperate with Congress. Trump just wasn't ready for the information to be made public yet.

Eye Doctor

Remember that Flynt helped clear the way for Dennis Hastert to be inserted as Speaker of the house



If you give me the money, I will do X by Date Y

That's all that a proposal is! But somehow that simple thought always expands to about 80 pages.

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