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May 30, 2018



Beasts, I sent email to the same one you have on your LinkedIn page.


Beats - In a sane world, Ace's commenters would have their own comedy show. for example:

"Lets dump them all on an island. Promise the last one standing gets a pardon. And then shoot the survivor."





Exd, as long as we can treat red headed step children like.... (Oops, I'm a red of sorts). I remember my mom telling me the news of Brown vs Board of Education confused everyone in her class in high school at Punahou. Her class mates were a mix of native Hawaiian, various Asians, African Americans, and a few mainlanders. As it is my nieces can trace ancestors to the Scot highlands as well as Korea or Southern Cal Native tribes. This racialist crap truly sucks.


Cool pic, LS. Looks like he’s ready the throw his hands at the ball.

Come have a seat with me on the dock. Water is nice. Great views.


Kind of like the running man (whitman, price, haddad) when you read the Stephen king novella, you realize why he inclauded dark comedy in the novelization.


Buckeye, that was incredible!


there's help, Henry ;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_DVHUEjnuU#action=share

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thomas Wictor has a few words about the virtue signaling by the makers of Ambien:


Account Deleted

Caption: "Opining my ass!"

Account Deleted

All right G-jim. I'll hit the dock by the bay...can go out about a 1/2 mile. Have a good one.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Tomorroww's New York Post front page:

For tablet and phone:



Beasts, would you send me an email to sonatabioinfo at gmail dot com please?

Tom R

It seems like McCabe thought Rosenstein was providing cover to Trump in the Comey firing and then the Mueller investigation, narciso. These CYA memos aren't doing them any favors...

This has to be Fake News. How could this be true if Rosenstein is a member of the Deep State trying to destroy Trump? McCabe would know up front that he and Rosenstein were on the same team.

Account Deleted

Ambien--- in Berkeley "they" eat that stuff like Skittles. Even the cheeeeldrin.


Priceless Miss M!

Account Deleted


VDH is on the case.

Captain Hate

I really hate this trash software.

In response to JiB on the last thread, Iguodala being out will certainly help the Cavs since he's their primary LeBron stopper, although except for a couple games he's been in the beast mode consistently. The Warriors are still the overwhelming favorites but that's why they play the games. The Warriors were very fortunate to have an injured CP3 for the last two games, an odd series of attrition caused in part by the asshole commissioner not allowing for enough time for travel.

Except for people like KK, I absolutely despise all SF fanbases, particularly the Warriors. If the Cavs should somehow gut out a championship, I will have a championship tee shirt for every day of my Santa Cruz trip in August.

Captain Hate

The NY Post is the best!


I'd forgotten Dr No was Chicom investment in the Caribbean.

Captain Hate

Go to India if you want to be confused about race.

Tom R

The latest from Sundance...


In his congressional testimony John Brennan was smartly (and intentionally) positioning himself out of the picture from the perspective of the illegal acts within the entire process. ODNI James Clapper while rubbing his face and scratching his head had taken the same route earlier. That approach would leave James Comey, Andrew McCabe and the small group within the DOJ-NSD and FBI.

The CIA and DNI wanted all traceable fingerprints to be from DOJ and FBI. And that’s exactly what happened…. so far.

I imagine Comey and McCabe have come to the realization they are getting thrown under the bus by Brennan and Clapper. I wonder if that will make them more willing to make a deal with Huber/Mueller in exchange for testimony against some bigger fish?

Beasts of England

Done, DrJ!


True, but he was doing it for spectre which wouldnt formally named till thunderball, in the films, as the story goes blofeld was always evil, his first position was as a junior bureaucrat in the polish got where he sold secrets to the Nazis before the war.

Beasts of England

Kim Thong Un - Dayum!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

I love that NYP front page so much I can't tell you.

1. It shows Trump knows how to command the news cycle.
2. As I said, it will enrage people like George Will.
3. Ben Shapiro ha already been triggered.
4. Karsashian has a HUGE following on Twitter and Facebook and they will be seeing this and thinking maybe Trump isn't a bad guy.
5. Not only George Will and Shapiro, but Kristol, Boot, Sykkes, etc. Tomorrow will be glorious!


Narcissi, I'm too distracted by the Asian babes in Jamaica to worry about Blofeld. Must have been his plan.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Also, "Another big ass summit!"


The only thing I don't understand is why Kim Karsashian always has to look like Wednesday from The Addams Family.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Mark Knoller
‏Verified account @markknoller
21m21 minutes ago

Pres travels to Texas on Thursday for political events in Houston and Dallas. WH announced he will also visit Santa Fe High School, to confer with the families of shooting victims in the May 18 shooting attack that claimed the lives of 8 students and 2 teachers.

Beasts of England

Or Elvira, Miss Marple!! :)

And I agree - she has a huge following (pun perhaps intended...) and at least some of them may come away thinking: 'Maybe he's not really Hitler if Kim is meeting with him.'

jim nj

I think two military planes just made a low pass over Hackensack possibly landing at Teterboro.

I'm directly under the landing glidepath and I've never heard anything that loud before.


I love that NYP front page so much I can't tell you.

The look on Trump's face is priceless!

"Triggering those a-holes bigly"


Yes Ursula, blow that conch...


I've made that approach to Teterboro before jim nj. That airspace is as busy as any I have experienced.

Well, maybe Oshkosh has it beat:)


I don't recall that when I lived in union city, but that was a long time ago, in Miami we were quite close to the Miami international glide path

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is how I am beginning to think the Left is thinking about Trump. It's an old Saturday Night Live skit about Ronald Reagan.

Warning: It won't run unless you disable your ad blocker.


mad jack

good luck getting any ,free booze out of boatbuilder:-)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

We have a 6-fppt s[[ace between our fence line and the fence line behind it. We didn't know until recently that even though it is the electric company's easment, WE are resonsible for cutting it. Of course, by the time we discovered it the area was pretty tall with weeds and seedling trees.

My neighbor, who has been in Arizona, came back to find that her kids had NOT maintained her back yard. So she hired a guy to clear her easement with a bushhog, and came over and asked us if we wanted to hire him, too!


He did a great job and now we can keep it trimmed. And he also will spread mulch for me. This is a big deal as my hipa and knees can't do the heeavy yard work any more.

He told me he was grateful for the work, and I am grateful to have found him. Win-win!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

That should read "6-foot space"


Nice deal Miss M! Govt easements suck cesspools

mad jack

mm: can you send him to cape cod? i did the mulch over the weekend but I've got some bushes that need to be gone yesterday!

James D.

It's a good sports night so far - Capitals are leading and the Yankees defeated Houston, again.

Captain Hate

Tomorrow will be glorious!

Like using a laser pointer with kittens.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Acosta gets dragged over the coals on Twitchy:


Miss Marple the Deplorable


I don't care what anyone says. I think President Trump is a good-hearted guy.

Janet 🚬 -  I wish my family had a poncho

On FB - AnnCoulter tweets the funniest line of the day: Trump should name Roseanne ambassador to Mexico.


Hell, Jack, if it was free booze for you I'd have to sell my car or something. :-)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


An astute thread by Mary in the Heartland (@Rushgirl) about what is happening to the investigative accounts on Twitter.

Janet 🚬 -  I wish my family had a poncho

Another -

REPORT: Media Softens Tone On Roseanne After Controversial Star Announces She Has Joined MS-13.

mad jack

true. but in my defense the last car i saw you driving was a cheap piece of crap.


[Last thread] Kev: I've nearly taken lives over actual physical and psychic brutalities perpetrated by one human being over another.

Bingo! Individual stupidity. Racism is a bogus epithet. All stupidity is individual.

I ignore any accusation of racism.

clarice feldman


jim nj


I been under the glide-path 4-5 years now. Never have heard anything that loud before. Went out on my balcony after the first one went over. Next one over, the same thing, just as loud, but smaller than most planes I see. It didn't look like any of the small jets I am used to seeing. Didn't look like a cargo jet either.

So from small size and noise way beyond usual I assume they were fighters.

Teterboro has noise and size limitations. This would have violated the noise standard as I understand it.

Really weird, usually the noisiest planes are the prop-pushers with that high pitched scream.


I'm not buying anything 'Mikey'schmidt is selling

clarice feldman


Captain Hate

Levin skewered George Will's latest column. The GOP establishment is more progressive in philosophy than DJT is populist.


RG, my friend (and, i mean that) - Wictor is calling for a national Racism Day where all of us are encouraged to hurl racist insults at each other.

And to 'put his money where his mouth is', he has invited the twitterverse to hurl racist insults at him.

see here:


no doubt he's as simplistic about this issue as i am but, fwiw, i really do feel strongly that there's a huge emperor's new clothes aspect to all of this guff: if instead we could just get back to seeing the basic stupidity of racial thinking (remember Flip Wilson's hilarious sketch about hating midgets?) maybe then we could get past it.

Posted by: exdemocrat | May 30, 2018 at 08:32 PM

Of course we're friends, exdemocrat, and more than that -- brothers who have traveled a somewhat similar path. I hope my usage of "simplistic" didn't wound you, it certainly wasn't intended to do so. I speak my mind. Sharply, and with some rough elbows. And I expect sharp responses in return, because most everything here -- including the battles -- are in good fun.

On the National Racism Day idea: Wictor's idea is . . . wait for it . . . far, far too simplistic. Ha !!!

But I understand where he's coming from. I've long played with an idea in my mind revolving around certain folks (White people) adopting the word "nigger" and the phrase "my Nig" as an experiment. How long do you think it would take for the race hustlers to object?

I mentioned the minefield of racial identity earlier today; do y'all remember how much I love this routine from Dave Chappelle ???


We have to maintain the ability to laugh at ourselves, people, we absolutely have to maintain our ability to laugh at ourselves . . . and, at times, our history too.

Y'all may remember I played this one time for my Georgia Peach. Mama was not happy with my black azz. But the shiznit was, and remains, funny as hell to me.


MM - @9:53 - I love the schooling Acosta is getting about "celebrities" in the White House. What a jerk!

Miller did a great job of recounting Obama's encounters but really should have mentioned the bathtub cereal girl.


Ah yes glozelle, I thought it was a figment of someone's deranged imagination but then I saw her book on a remainder stack.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


OMG! I had forgotten about bathtub cereal girl!!

Thanks for the reminder - I think!

matt - deplorable me

You do realize that Trump just secured the Kardashian fan club vote, dontcha? Maxine must be going white with rage about now.

between Calypso Louie and the lowest unemployment rate in the African American community ever, as well as the push for more carter schools in inner cities the Republicans, if they were smart, would push their achievements and really gum up the Left's works. Imagine Nancy Narcolepsy having to spend millions she doesn't have on trying to keep one of her special interest groups in the fold.

Conservatives need to go on the offensive and simply point out th sheer corruption and evil of the Democratic Party. 60 years of rule in the cities and 60 years of failure.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Kim Kardashian West
‏Verified account @KimKardashian
39m39 minutes ago

I would like to thank President Trump for his time this afternoon. It is our hope that the President will grant clemency to Ms. Alice Marie Johnson who is serving a life sentence for a first-time, non-violent drug offense.

Look at that. Kim Kardashian writes a dignified thank you.

I agree with matt. Kim's fan club will follow her lead.

The dems have never had to deal with this type of strategy. It's fascinating to watch.


The Federal Commission on School Safety will have its first "field" hearing—and second meeting—at a school that has embraced Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. Advocates are already questioning whether Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will come away with something new to share with the K-12 field.

That was in an ed week blurb late today. Making pbis the solution to school shootings is nitro. Accurately understood PBIS and the PROMISE Program in parkland are functionally the same. We are so caught up in the behavioral science manipulation that every tragedy becomes an excuse for it. Forget that littleton, co was one of the original pilots.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

NEW: @StateDept releases photos of @SecPompeo meeting with North Korean Vice-Chairman Kim Yong Chol in New York City Wednesday evening. https://t.co/qUDvYrBfPX pic.twitter.com/XQa6Hof9ZL

— Fox News (@FoxNews) May 31, 2018

Photos at the link. Pompeo is impressively big.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Calling BS on @TGowdySC @marcorubio & Clapper - The FBI was absolutely investigating the Trump Campaign when it spied - my @NRO column: https://t.co/k6aaYJGziJ

— Andrew C. McCarthy (@AndrewCMcCarthy) May 31, 2018
mad jack

RG: Chappelle and Eddie Murphy are two big name comedians who weren't afraid to "go there" when it came to pointing out the absurdities in racial perceptions. Bill Burr is the only currently active comedian that i am aware of who is close to being as transgressive as those two were, but i don't pay as close attention to comedy now as i once did.


Yes that's what it sounds like, Orwell would have a field day or more likely find a tall cliff of jura island.


I cannot believe the save that Holtby made. Wow!!!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Time for me to head to bed.



Are you saying that these programs where they fail to punish bad actors leads to worse acts? Shocking...

Time for bed. Great hockey game.


RG-I made a comment at the end of the last thread that you might want to look at about my experience that prosperous expanding areas of the south had come to grips and moved on in ways other parts of the country had not.

I think that was one of the reasons I was so shocked when I was at the rollout of the Metro Atlanta Equity Atlas and there were distinguished professionals discussing all the prejudice they had encountered and what must be done and assuming every existing white audience member had to have had slave owners in their past. Made me heartsick.

Posted by: rse | May 30, 2018 at 05:09 PM

I went back and checked it out, rse. Agree with you and Stephanie. There's a conclusory lie that builds off of a good white people / bad white people narrative that allows for so much of this, IMHO. I tried to address this, in part, in this column at American Greatness:


Just did a quick brief of the column for the first time since it was written; that's some damn good writing, man! With the apology hypnosis broken, this current freakout simply has to be endured. Along those lines, I hope y'all read Julie Kelly's brilliant piece posted today:


I can't begin to tell y'all how much I love that column. She just *eviscerated* them!

What a crazy day; I wrote so many responses to comments here and most of them weren't posted. Exdemocrat, your comment about the response of your former friends in the U.K. won't leave me alone. I don't think they are lost, though. Someone has to break their apology hypnosis.

Later, Gators.

jim nj


9 minute video of Wildwood, NJ, police body camera on that beach arrest.

You won't believe her behavior. She hit the cop a couple of times.


Is the sad/angry blonde creep behind the ferret Jon Favreau?

Posted by: daddy | May 30, 2018 at 06:08 PM

Do leftists have to be told to smile for a picture?

jim nj


I don't know how accurate this report is but it's the only one I can find.

I heard two jets not three. I'm reassured that i wasn't the only one who noticed.


Posted by: Extraneus | May 30, 2018 at 06:25 PM

There's a conservative talk show host in Nashville named Phil Valentine. (He's also syndicated, you might be able to get him in AL, IN, MI and OR).

Today he was talking about Trump's rally. First off Jim Acosta and some bimbo eruption from CNN were talking about being heckled. The disinfo babe had some teenager calling her "Fake News" and pussy Jim Acosta had someone calling him a scumbag for 20 solid minutes. Hilarious.

I think it was CNN who said there were only a thousand people in attendance. The venue holds about ten thousand and they were about half full. But they are fair arbiters. Yes sir. I wish people would start throwing tomatoes at White House Correspondents.


Wow, RG - Ya'll don't miss Julie's AG column he posted at 11:07. Standing ovation!

Roses are Red
I'm going to bed.


Beautifully written, brother RG :-)


A rather complete backstory



The finale of The Americans was excellent.
No spoilers but the song None But The Lonely Heart was featured.
A real tear jerker.

Captain Hate

That Julie Kelly piece was outstanding and is why I've taken off the gloves against the NeverTrump Repukes and pseudo conservatives. They've had over a year to get over their tantrums but they get more immature by the day with Patterico being exhibit A.

clarice feldman

Great column, RG. Mow to read Julie's before shut eye.

jim nj


College for only a dollar day. Walmart hooking up with on-line schools that offer management or supply chain degrees.

Dave (in MA)

They were working with the Macedonians the whole time, maryrose.

jim nj


The Chinese are making very slow progress trying to reign in their 10 trillion shadow banking sector.


Australia's central banker commented on the problemm too.


Did you know if you get tired of boiling water every time you make pasta, to save time, you can boil up a few quarts at the start of the week and keep it in the freezer?

Amazing Brick Domino https://youtu.be/tvVk8zt0u-A

Watch it all

jim nj


The J-20 isn't stealthy from all aspects. It's stealthiest from the front.

One problem the Chinese may be spoofing the Indians with attached radar reflectors, if so, they may be more stealthy than the Indians think they are.


Every once in a while I catch Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

I suppose it's a bit hokey but believe it or don't.

He's citing a Barna Survey Team: 21% of American Jewish Millennials believe in the deity of Jesus.

Interesting if true.


Heh dave:



When Water Flows Uphill: The Leidenfrost Effect https://youtu.be/zzKgnNGqxMw

jim nj


China's stock market took a hit from the re-imposition of tariffs.


No names mentioned. I figure Germany is at the top of their list though.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Did you know if you get tired of boiling water every time you make pasta, to save time, you can boil up a few quarts at the start of the week and keep it in the freezer?--

That's petty funny.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Er, um, "pretty" funny.


"Ms. Alice Marie Johnson who is serving a life sentence for a first-time, non-violent drug offense."

Is non-violent drug offense the result of a plea bargain?


If you thought I was joking (I stole the joke shamelessly Iggy) https://youtu.be/y4BGV7-1lhs

Strawman Cometh

Steve Bannon has been working with Euro populists, does a great job handling this Brit twit interviewer

Man Tran


Funny you should mention Teterboro. I buzzed in there just a year ago and yesterday got a credit and collection call from the port saying I dodged a $20 parking fee. Heh. That usually gets added to the FBO tab, but somebody missed it. Prolly cost em a couple hunnert to track me down.


Turning aluminum foil into a knife: https://youtu.be/KkdGY4r3A0g

jim nj


I liked this, particularly the end. I hadn't read McKays piece on Stephen Miller as troll, but Mckay fails at the end of the interview.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I've occasionally wondered what might have prompted someone to harass Rose McGowan.
Now, I understand what a woman wears doesn't excuse molestation of any sort, but does that apply if she's out in public and not really wearing anything at all?

The real question I suppose is how anyone could voluntarily let that Manson freak touch any part of them.
Nuke LA.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


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