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June 30, 2018


mike in houston





Standard socialism. Hamstring the winners so we all suck together.

Captain Hate

Having top schools become less selective is going full Costanza.


The hoops coastal types have to jump through to make sure their kids get a good education is something I am glad I didn't have to suffer.


And Messi to start the half.

Billy Bob

Trumps base needs fortifying with home-schooled dolts.

Get out teh voat!


Who was favored in this match?


Standard socialism. Hamstring the winners so we all suck together.

I spend a lot of time figuring out ways to "opt out":)


Magnificent equalizer by France. 2-2


Ralph - I had to look up "How bats sleep" then I laughed. I'm starting to think this is from some anti-bug thing I put on my hibiscus yesterday (without gloves, like a bloody fool). The print is so small I can't read the instructions. I need a 12 year old around.

Captain Hate

For all the open borders propaganda in the public extended day care union shops, let them get wind of someone from outside the district attending classes and they'll make ICE look like the Welcome Wagon.

Beasts of England

You really have to admire the left. They got schlonged in 2016 on immigration and now their new plank is to abolish ICE!! lol


And France again! 3-2


Yesterday I got a flyer in the mail from United States Postal Service.

They want us to know that there is an app now available that allows you to get information on what will be delivered in the mail on a daily basis.

Images of the shipping label of every item that will be delivered.

Am I being cynical to think that this means the info associated with every piece of mail is now a Big Data entry?

Better to track the peons preferences, associations, connections?

Will NRA members (I probably get a mailing every other week) be the first to have their firearms confiscated when the Dems are again in power, etc.?


France again! 4-2


From the Week In Pictures comments.


Reposting. jim_nj commented but it was late so I'm hoping a lawyer or two will comment. Seems noteworthy
H/T BJG blog:

"(From Justice) Thomas’s travel ban opinion, he seems eager to have someone bring a case before him challenging ‘universal injunctions’ by lower district court judges."


I suspect Thomas wants judges to stop making lAWS, but I didn't read it.


>>>Am I being cynical to think that this means the info associated with every piece of mail is now a Big Data entry?

Better to track the peons preferences, associations, connections?

Will NRA members (I probably get a mailing every other week) be the first to have their firearms confiscated when the Dems are again in power, etc.?

Posted by: Buckeye | June 30, 2018 at 11:22 AM<<<

this is something they have been doing for a while


they had some pilot programs prior to this (the late 90s and early oughts when meth was being delivered through the USPS) ..


Argentina in extra time! 4-3 France.


France advances. Fun game.

Hello Newman

"Images of the shipping label of every item that will be delivered."

It's called "Informed Delivery" and the USPS has been scanning and recording mail for years. Currently it is only letter sized mail; oversized envelops and packages aren't included (yet). It may be limited to certain cities and it is not done for PO Boxes but they are working on it (it would actually be nice for po boxes if you trust the Feds not to pry or store it for years).

The scanning is done whether you sign up for the service or not. They will email you the scans each morning (assuming you have mail that day). And I believe the checks on identity are a little weak when you sign up so others may already be looking at your scans. And I believe if you move you need to request to discontinue the service (unless you want to look at the new owner's mail).


James D.

CH @ 11:18

There are big ads on DC metro buses advertising the tip line to report “student residency fraud”




I confess I was unaware that the rial has dropped 40% in value. Odd that this hasn’t been more widely reported:
The rial has lost 40 per cent of its value since last month, when President Donald Trump pulled out of Iran’s 2015 nuclear accord and announced draconian sanctions on Tehran.

These include an attempt to shut down the international sale of Iranian oil, Tehran’s main source of revenue, a threat that has cast a chill over the economy.
The full impact of Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal and Washington’s move to stop foreign countries from doing business with Iran, may not be clear for months.

Isn't it?


Dana Milbank has a panic attack in the WaPo

>>>Now Republicans will seize their solid fifth vote on the court without pause or compunction. But how long do they think they can sustain this? What happens when Roe is overturned?

The backlash is coming. It is the deserved consequence of minority-rule government protecting the rich over everybody else, corporations over workers, whites over nonwhites and despots over democracies. It will explode , God willing, at the ballot box and not in the streets.

You can only ignore the will of the people for so long and get away with it.<<<

if one wants to read it drop the title of the article into google and it should be the first link to pop up

An explosion is coming — Eight years ago, when Congress …

Michael (fpa P4F) ... Stop the Witch Hunt - Stop the Coup !

henry - Any idea why Argentina didn't play Sergio Aguero more up front with Messi for the majority of their matches?
Aguero is dynamite in the box, and Messi seemed wasted playing back so close to mid-field, rather than up front to set up Aguero and others.
[from my limited perspective, of course]

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Also, all First Class packages and Priority Mail packages have tracking numbers which show where the package originated, progress through sorting facilities, and where and when it was delivered.

If you are an eBay or Etsy business, those web sties ALSO store that information.


James D.

"There are big ads on DC metro buses advertising the tip line to report “student residency fraud”

Let our children in. No discrimination.

Janet 🚬

((There are big ads on DC metro buses advertising the tip line to report “student residency fraud”))

That HAS to be a problem here in Arlington too. I personally knew 2 kids that did it. They listed their Uncle's residence in Arlington as their home.

One family member in the city & the whole clan goes to school here.
Explain to me how some clerk in Arlington knows who is who. Are they even allowed to question?... or is it self-certification?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Newt Gingrich speaks to 100,000 Iranian Freedom Protesters in Paris- Rips Obama

God, be with the people of #Iran rising up against a brutal regime. #SaturdayMorning https://t.co/ayZ1I3T6qJ

— Arch Kennedy (@ArchKennedy) June 30, 2018

Short clip at link.


Federal judge decree - total US wide ban on local and state residency requirements for attending school. Its for children. [Pun, but someone will do this]


Michael, no idea.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



JimNorCal, In the initial article, AP did not report Justice Thomas’ concurring opinion.

Scanning the PDF of the decision, that was the first thing that jumped out at me so I added it near the top of our article.


https://www.aera.net/Newsroom/Statement-by-AERA-Executive-Director-Felice-J-Levine-on-the-Trump-Administrations-Detainment-of-Immigrant-Children from the org that thought bill ayers made a qualified executive. Not sure they should be lecturing us using the word 'reprehensible.'

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Savannah Police Department recruits, who recently graduated from the police academy, rescue a missing 2-year-old girl in the woods near Savannah, Georgia.

The little girl was “hot and had a few scrapes,” but is otherwise okay! https://t.co/GHVpDqF7zl pic.twitter.com/TxbWQgPSS9

— ABC News (@ABC) June 30, 2018

Video of them locating the little girl at the link. Well done, police recruits!

Jim Eagle


While you were covering the match here I was doing the same on the old thread which I didn't know was passé until I kept refreshing and only my last comment kept coming up:)

Let see if I have this right:This is the 2018 Mid Term Democrat Platform.

1. Open Borders
2. Shit Can ICE
3. Create Special Restaurant and Water Fountain accommodations for Republicans only.
4. Gun Control or Total Elimination
5. No Heterosexual Bakeries.

Looks like a winning platform to me.


I saw your comments JiB. Who wins Portugal vs Uruguay?

clarice feldman

well, the "for the children" campaign just hit a giant speed bump:
Another pro immigration group got an order that seems to abrogate flores.

Eye Doctor

Sara Carter Blasts Rosenstein, Wray, “Nothing More Disgusting…”

Jim Eagle


If only both could lose. I am going with Uruguay. Here comes Luis Sanchez with his custome Maté cup.

Eye Doctor

Rosenstein Testifies He Doesn’t Need to Read FISA Applications He Signs

Eye Doctor



Apparently Sarah Carter doesn't know about 4-d.

Eye Doctor


Is Mueller a dirty cop?

'Even a blind person' can see Mueller using Manafort to 'target' Trump: judge

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Hunting rights granted under treaty and seemingly ignored by US government.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

In an exclusive interview with @MariaBartiromo for @SundayFutures, @POTUS says "we're doing a Phase 2" of tax cuts that will be "even more aimed at the middle class."

Tune in Sunday at 10a ET on Fox News Channel! pic.twitter.com/eHx0eSUmMc

— Fox News (@FoxNews) June 30, 2018

Another clip from tomorrow's interview at the link.

Eye Doctor

Why is it so difficult for some here to say Mueller is a dirty cop?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Eye Doctor

Beware of those who defend Robert Mueller!


Oh boy, now the left has added "pack the Supreme Court" to their platform.


Sounds like a winner there Henry.

Now all they need is 2 chickens in every pot and they're in!!!


Some details re the burnt asset in al queda,
re his previous statements and excerpts from the memoir:

https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-31700894 unlike morten storm, the former Danish biker hooligan, and more like the mystery asset compromised in 2012, he came from comfortable surroundings, he didn’t have particularly devout family, his father worked for Aramco, his grandfather had been police chief in Iraq in the 20s, he seems to have little trouble going to bosnia, in the mid 90s, for reasons spelled out here http://narcisoscorner.blogspot.com/2016/05/jabberwocky-injiddah-2-so-why-was-there.html?view=sidebar, it was a project of the current king, but formerly prince salman, who follows a different drummer, than say his father. Somewhat like Alexander 2nd was from his father Nicholas the 1st, another is the high value target, of this raid, which was considered controversial at thetime :https://narcisoscorner.blogspot.com/2017/02/reckoning-in-yemen-raid-on yemeni.html?view=sidebar, he met in brighton in the uk,, and he had an undisclosed Bosnian connection. Which further evidence suggests he provided the tip from his contacts back in the emirates,

Dave (in MA)
Roosevelt announces “court-packing” plan - Feb 05, 1937 - HISTORY.com History Channel › this-day-in-history › ...
On February 5, 1937, President Franklin Roosevelt announces a controversial plan to expand the Supreme Court to as many as 15 judges, allegedly to make it more efficient

Trump boils Maine Lobstermen and belches


that we can discern from this:

https://ie.linkedin.com/in/aimen-dean-667170a5 at least one of his former employers are located there, now this follows on from this character:


Trumpkins are fudge-packing SCOTUS for a foulbowel

Jim Eagle

Before the game starts, it reminds me that if it wasn't for Andrew Jennings of BBC, and our FBI, Sepp Blatter would still be there accepting bribes from 3rd world shit-holes to bring the Cup there. No way, would we be getting it in 2026.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Harvard Law, guys!

Ian Samuel
‏Verified account @isamuel
Jun 28

If the Democratic Party wins the 2020 election, it will have won the most votes in 7 out of the 8 previous national elections. Adding six members to create a fifteen-member Court, which would still have 5 GOP-appointed members, is actually incredibly generous to the Republicans.

Jim Eagle


If anything the Left is relentless, like the Eveready Bunnie. That is why Trump keeps them busy on trivial stuff, so they don't have time to do real damage.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Very astute observation. My only fear is that Trump will burn himself out.


Uruguay! Very nice. 1-0

Jim Eagle

What a goal. Sanchez to Cavani. Left Ronaldo breathless.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Never underestimate the help the left gets fro cultural institutions they control. This tweet could have shown up at Easter, or on President's Day. How fortuitious, when Supreme Court packing a la Roosevelt raises its head once again, this video clip is publicized today. Clip at link:

The never-before-seen footage captures FDR walking during the 1935 White House Easter Egg Roll https://t.co/uf7tv12rhS

— Smithsonian Magazine (@SmithsonianMag) June 30, 2018
Miss Marple the Deplorable

This dog throws a temper tantrum every time he has to leave the park 😂 pic.twitter.com/KJhfh1mbem

— The Dodo (@dodo) June 30, 2018

Funny video at link. Be sure to turn the sound on. I never heard a clearer "nooooo" from a dog. LOL!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Earlier this week I had a meeting with Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak, which brought together the two largest (#1 USA and #2 Russia) gas producing countries in the world. #WGC2018 pic.twitter.com/CxrUwfXu0L

— Rick Perry (@SecretaryPerry) June 30, 2018

Photo at link.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Dan Bongino has a similar list:

Dan Bongino
‏Verified account @dbongino
2h2 hours ago

Liberals aren’t hiding anymore. They’re openly embracing:
1) political spying
2) weaponized government
3) dangerous public harassment of opponents
4) mob tactics
5) speech suppression
6) open borders
The truth is finally coming out.


Looks like a diving competition has broken out.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Complete list plus some interesting speculation in the comments.

Jim Eagle

Next to Brazil, the two best in the world, henry.


Love the Nooo from the husky, MM--so funny. Loved Sad Cat of last thread too. And RalphL's bat comment for Jane also made me bark with laughter. You guys are great. All total, not as funny as the Horde, but then they go brutal pretty quickly--we are (generally) more genteel (a CH intervention is always worth sitting up for, however).

Man Tran

Catching up:

Cap’n: we probably can’t get down to SC much before 8/16. If we can entice Elliott, JNC, and exdem to join KK, that would be an awesome S. Bay rendezvous. We could reciprocate with the mountain folk by stopping in Auburn on our way back north, if DrJ and Iggy aren’t up for the much longer trek.

Chiggers: the key, as Nene recommends, is the clear nail polish. BUT it is to suffocate the little buggers. They live in the bite and migrate! I had a Chinese colleague at Ginormous Research who worked a project with me in the Deep South of southern Ahia. He picked up a batch of them that lasted over a year in spite of boiling clothes, bedding etc.

Miss Marple


I got BANNED from Ace's site! That is the God's honest truth!

I came here because a friend who was a lurker thought this might be a site I liked.

I knew Captain Hate from Ace's place. I still read some of the threads over there, but as far as I know I am blocked from posting. Ha!


Man Tran,

I'd love to see you up here! Sadly, for a lot of reasons, I'm not travelling at the moment, even to the Bay Area.

Miss Marple

Man Tran,

I got this info from my BIL this morning, who got it from my grandpa when he used to take the high school Sportsmen's Club hunting back in the 1950's.

Chiggers are located in an area sweeping from the Deep South to Ohio. There are no chiggers in Illinois, which is why you can hunt pheasant there.

Pheasant will not live in areas with chiggers.

Kevlar Kid

reposting what landed late on the dying thread--- following up on a comment from MM. not blaming you for anything, MM, but people are reading the exchanges from yesterday way after the fact and prescribing such and such for moving forward.

Here is what I posted.

"I am NOT trying to bring up yesterday's dispute again. There IS some interesting info in this article." (MM)

i will. because the dispute isn't about Rosita Rosenstein.

for me, yesterday's dispute centered not around white sombrero/black sombrero.

jim-nj nailed it in his post from the night shift: i repost this now in order to bring some daylight disinfectant to the reactivity from yesterday by people who were "tired" of the arguing etc.

it's a worthy read. it's a fair "adjudication" of things without all the allegations of grown men being valley girls, waving our genitals, acting like Thelma and Louise blah blah blah, gun metaphors etc, and storming off to pout.

i will leave this here.
here goes: (from jim-nj)

"Kevlar Kid and Gus, you know we're brothers, please give Tom R the benefit of the doubt. Tom R., I am interested in your links and thoughts, I even understand your idea of putting forth your ideas and seeing if you need to revise them based on feedback.

But modify your mode of engagement, it's not productive, Gus and Kevlar are esteemed members of JOM. I respect Kevlar Kid and Gus immensely. I respect you too.

Also understand that most of us here have the Firefox Killfile extension and we can can block comments like Eye Doctor's, or for that matter anyone else's.

Rule of thumb, we only block trolls, like Eye Doctor, and the sh-t wad who keeps changing his logon.

Tom R get killfile installed, ignore Eye Doctor, never compare him to anyone else here, it's an insult. Block the other trolls too, if you don't, you miss the essence of the thread.

So, Tom R, I appreciate you wanting to validate your ideas, or have them refuted for further consideration, but badgering people who don't agree is not useful.

You get one chance only to make your point. Secondary or tertiary arguments should be in your original arguments, not as ripostes.

My two cents worth. We have other adversaries more worthy of our scrutiny."

Thank you for this, jim-nj.


Posted by: Kevlar Kid | June 30, 2018 at 02:27 PM


I left you a response on the last thread, Kev. No need to clog this one.

Unless you want to.

Kevlar Kid

Protest/rally today in downtown Berkeley city park... "Keeping Families Together."

Mrs Kid just texted that she's going to check it ou to "see what they're saying."

Acknowledged. Then cautioned her to keep her head on a swivel for false flag violence in order to blame Trumpists.

Her reaction to my caution was abject SHOCK. "Would they really do that?"

I told her what UC indoctrination chief, Robbie Reich, said after the Antifa riot up there turned violent "It was Breitbart. Breitbart was here."

More shock.

Millions of people have been played for the last 20 years or more.

"When will they ever learn?"

Jim Eagle

In Florida, its the 'noseeums' that drive you nuts, especially on the golf course. Thick as smoke, get into your eyes,hair and ears. Don't bite, so much as a nusance. Also, Florida may be the only state where Mosquito Control Commissioner is a highly, competitive political office in all elections:)

You screw that job up and you'll never serve in another office.

Jim Eagle

Pepe! (darn it).

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Not a surprise, but I am glad to see it in print.

Another reason why I no longer am willing to let him and Hillary walk away.

Kevlar Kid

posted in the wee hours last night about a movement that's gaining traction:


Can't vouch for any of it. But it's holding my interest since learning about it yesterday on tothepointnews.com

I Had to Walk Away

Walk Away

Kevlar Kid

I left you a response on the last thread, Kev. No need to clog this one.

Unless you want to."

Oh. You're back. (factual observation)


A friend of mine is in NYC this weekend, and he told me that everywhere he goes, to the theater, a restaurant, walking down the street, no one in the entire city can stop talking about how much they hate Trump.

Poor Jimmy.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Kevlar Kid,

I have been watching that as well. They have a hash tag on Twitter #walkaway.

Lots of interesting stories.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
12m12 minutes ago

A friend of mine and a man who has truly seen politics and life as few others ever will, Sean Spicer, has written a great new book, “The Briefing: Politics, the Press and the President.” It is a story told with both heart and knowledge. Really good, go get it!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
3m3 minutes ago

I never pushed the Republicans in the House to vote for the Immigration Bill, either GOODLATTE 1 or 2, because it could never have gotten enough Democrats as long as there is the 60 vote threshold. I released many prior to the vote knowing we need more Republicans to win in Nov.

Jim Eagle

Cavani with a strike that would have made Ronaldo proud. Unfortunately, it was against Portugal. Now Uruguay 2-1 over Portugal.

Captain Hate

I can print continual NBA scoring updates in the fall, speaking of sports that no one else cares about.

Kevlar Kid

"The backlash is coming. It is the deserved consequence of minority-rule government protecting the rich over everybody else, corporations over workers, whites over nonwhites and despots over democracies. It will explode , God willing, at the ballot box and not in the streets."

Milbank is correct, but not in the way he believes.

#WalkAway: the Left will be losing their "youth vote" en masse.

that's my prediction.

why? "it was harder for me to come out as a conservative to my friends than it was to come out as a gay man" (former Obama voter).

"i saw that the Left is not for equal opportunity, is fighting for equal outcomes. my family came from a socialist country and *that* is the big con--- it's why my entire family has to #WalkAway."

not representative of all the changeover, but it speaks to one of the more deeply held shibboleths of the Left: "You owe us your vote because we stood up for you."

the Republic is in crisis. but there is a sea-change in allegiances that resembles an offshore tsunami headed against the Left.

What fruit will this bear for the "Progressive Lockdown" currently in effect by SackATomatoes?

Captain Hate


I'm sure I have your phone # somewhere so we'll talk next month or so.


Dana Ward got a scrip for fentanyl patches. He told his doctor he sprained his neck bobbing for apples.

Kevlar Kid


you garden so i know you'll appreciate this metaphor:

#WalkAway will change the political ph and cause the Left's noxious weeds to wither.



Beasts of England

News from my other hometown. Did our dog lovers not hear about the story of Toffee the deaf puppy who was reduced from the 60' crevice?

The Daily Mail picked up the story:


Gird Thy Loins

But they had a connection, one Mr. Trump was quick to note in the moments after his first address to Congress in February 2017. As he made his way out of the chamber, Mr. Trump paused to chat with the justice.

“Say hello to your boy,” Mr. Trump said. “Special guy.”

Mr. Trump was apparently referring to Justice Kennedy’s son, Justin. The younger Mr. Kennedy spent more than a decade at Deutsche Bank, eventually rising to become the bank’s global head of real estate capital markets, and he worked closely with Mr. Trump when he was a real estate developer, according to two people with knowledge of his role.

One cannot expect Kennedy’s perorations about dignity and respect to trump crony capitalism. #sarcasm.

We’re really on our own now.

Kevlar Kid

I can print continual NBA scoring updates in the fall, speaking of sports that no one else cares about.

LOL careful careful.... a lot more work than updating the blistering scores from "eurokickyball" (h/t iowahawk).

Kevlar Kid

"“The Briefing: Politics, the Press and the President.” It is a story told with both heart and knowledge. Really good, go get it!"

Sean Spicer's going to have a platinum best-seller now. ;)

Kevlar Kid

Something i believe in and back wholeheartedly:

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I saw a short blurb on The Dodo but there wassn't any detail, just a short video clip when they lifted her up.

Had no idea it was Huntsville, and I see in that article it got live TV coverage!

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