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June 02, 2018




Buford Gooch

Where is everyone?


Hell, I’m three threads back!


Mueller can declare himself king if he wishes. As with a subpoena of Trump, the question is: Will anyone else go along with his move?

Let's set aside the MSM, the Steyer funded Dems, the Billy Kristol's garbage scow crew, and the rump uniparty types like McTurtle and Gowdy. They don't matter. What will the Supremes say? They'll call it a political question and start clucking like the chickens they truly are.

Let's lick a finger and stick a poll in the wind. Last I checked Mueller trying a subpoena is how you get four more years of Trump. It's not even close.


Haven’t read the article yet but “a threat to national security” could, as easily as a threat to the country, ...

... be a threat to the institutions charged with defending national security that are busily undermining national security.






I saw your link to the video illustrating how big the universe is, but it left me empty ;-)

I think this is more relatable, even though it only goes out to the nearest stars -- and I think that it conveys (to me) that anything bigger is unfathomable:



Your Group Grope of his privates will determine how far He'll push a crisis.


Top Comey Aide Predicts IG Report Will ‘Slam FBI for Violating Policies, Procedures in Clinton Email Investigation’

Then he bickers with Ari Fleischer for quoting him.

This is the same twerp who resigned with great fanfare in order to defend the institution.

Special Agent Josh Campbell will be missed at the FBI, but his voice is an important addition to the national conversation. @joshscampbell https://t.co/TETeRrou8C

— James Comey (@Comey) February 3, 2018
Kevlar Kid

Thanks-- PNP! Hadn't heard of that bit o Twain lore.

Re the SUB-PO-(hy)EENA....

Once POTUS plays his hand to formally delegitimize Mule Toolz "investigation", the subpoena rumblings would disappear. POTUS, in my hunchy opinion, is letting the pot simmer and is stirring it for good measure.

It's hell on us, but given the necessity of "not appearing to be hiding something"? It's spot on.

Kevlar Kid

Breaking news: "Mrs Kid declares Kev needs a day awf."

Shazaaam! It's only editing. I'm game. I'll check in later. She deserves a raw vegan blueberry cheesecake.

Kevlar Kid


Have a devil of a time trusting anybody named "Josh" (no offense if y'all have buddies or bros named Josh--- too many cowboy movies'You joshin' me?')... and even harder time trusting anybody with the word "Special" in their occupational title.

"Special" this, Cabrones.

Kevlar Kid

MM: had a good friend who used the expression "the known Universe."

"Well, young man, that is how it is in the Known Universe at this time."

It's how he'd puncture snowflake hot air balloons in his world history classes.

Kevlar Kid

Point of frustration:

After all these bombshell revelations, the IG report is being booted farther down the road despite all the fanfare and anticipatory speculations.


Why is the Deep State being given time to "respond"?

Like with this latest flatulence from Rizzoto Trey and Snapper McConnell?

Or the Brennan and Clapper canoodling?

Watching them fret and swet, hide and connive huge paydays while the gettin is good----

what would be the harm of a mass declassification nuke right in their collective mugs?

Such as declassifying a few tons of Iran deal toilet paper? Or a list of deals brokered by the Secretary of State as an enhancement to Uranium One?

Cloward-Pivens works both ways.

Frag these assholes, Mr. President.


Shrump is only emboldened by your substance enabling


There's an X Files episode on called Drive. Direct TV gives no billing to Bryan Cranston or James Pickens Jr but they give second guest star to Junior Brown. He's cool but come on.

My Wife Thinks You're Dead https://youtu.be/DaEzT5MusFs

Frau Edith Steingehirn

Wittes! arghhhhhhhhh! Where's my safe place?


The drug company mocking Roseanne for her mental illness while they drug a generation is a new low! @SanofiUS https://t.co/KBLYeg2kDi https://t.co/70m5vNliAi https://t.co/K4jsCTvxKf

— MATT DRUDGE (@DRUDGE) May 30, 2018

Some of those links are to scary stuff about Ambien

Frau Edith Steingehirn

I won't link to the interview with Hanoi Jane. She still thinks she's on top of the world.

At the weekends, she leaves Los Angeles to go knocking on the door of Trump voters. “When you’re talking to them you can’t criticise Trump. You can’t criticise Fox News. All you can do is listen to what they care about and what they’re afraid of, and then maybe tell them something that they don’t know. Because we’re all in our bubbles, including me.” Do people recognise her? “I was in Bakersfield last Saturday and knocked on 30 doors. Only one person saw me coming and said: ‘Grace and Frankie!’ It was a kick! Nobody else knew who I was. I just say: ‘I’m Jane.’ They don’t need to know.”

I'm sure we needed to know she had her breasts implants removed. Gag me with a ladle.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

Why is it that the Wall Street Journal, though well meaning, never mentions the unfairness of the Tariffs routinely charged against the U.S. by other countries, or the many Billions of Dollars that the Tariffs we are now charging are, and will be, pouring into U.S. coffers?

This is the first time I have disagreed with President Trump.

I do not consider the Wall Street Journal "well-meaning."


My chore today is to continue taking stuff to the the Anchorage Dump (tho' it has a much spiffier title than that---something like The South Anchorage Solid Waste and Energy Efficient and Innovative Environmentally Friendly Green Reclamation Compost Facility)

We (Momma) is refurbishing the entire upstairs with new wood flooring, new master Bath, new Closets, new in Ceiling lights, new humongous bed, new this, new that, so yesterday I hauled down all the mountains of bubble wrap and empty boxes on my first visit to the Environmentally Friendly Green Energy Innovatively Efficient Facility. What fun. Read all the posted Warnings about the Illegal stuff I couldn't dump that might not be Environmentally friendly nor Innovative, swore to the Dump Attendent under penalty of perjury that what I was claiming as garbage was truly garbage, then paid my 6 bucks and drove on into the dumping location and backed up the SUV into an open space next to another 9 SUV's dumping stuff onto the Eco-Friendly concrete floor 10 feet below street level.

Immediately next to me on the driver's side of her car with the window rolled down was a silver haired very pretty and well dressed elder lady with a cute little puppy dog in her lap and the instant I got out of the car she was chatting at me through her window as if I was her son or best buddy and let me tell you I was scruffy and dirty and nothing you'd want a pretty lady like that to be chatting with, but for some reason she wanted to chat so I chatted. Immediately I noticed she was nutty as a fruitcake but really enjoyed chatting since she was so friendly and smiling and her dog was wonderful and let me pet his head, so I'd listen to her ramble on about how much she loved coming to the dump in between bouts of me momentarily tearing myself away from her marvelous running commentary for a moment to yank armloads of crap out of my open tailgate and tossing it onto the dump floor, then hustling back to catch what I missed quick. Her hubby was an old guy next to me but moving awful slow so I never chatted with him and he didn't know she and I were having a secret tete-a tete on my side of his car:)

Anyhow, when I was finished she was looking at our gorgeous blue sky and was telling me what animals she was seeing in the clouds. I absolutely loved that and we then chatted about how much fun it was to use our imaginations to see crocodiles and elephants, and that absolutely delighted her as I petted her sweet, sweet pup and laughed along with her. What a bright sunny personality she was. Then I exited and turned Left instead of Right and tried to exit out the Entrance, but all the other SUV's were old pro's not rookies at the Dump like me, so they hit their brakes and waited for me to do a 180 and head out the way normal folks go, but I did get to wave at my sweetie again on the way out.

Anyhow, I doubt I'll ever again have such a fine time at a Dump as I had yesterday, but today I have to go back with another load, as Momma is ordering me to empty a huge cupboard in the garage where we've got shelves and shelves of old food in cans and boxes that all have expiration dates saying "Consume Before June 12th, 2009" etc. I keep telling momma we should keep it for Emergency use if we have an earthquake but no, she wants it gone, and the cupboard is to be used for purposes of moving my hundreds of books into as a consequence of her remodeling and I can't quibble with that. I suggested taking the outdated chow to the "Feed The Homeless Shelter" downtown but she is mortified at the thought of me giving them decades old cans of "Big John's Sloppy Joe Fixin's" and 10 year old Taco Shells, so I does what I'm told and shortly I'll be back at the Environmentally Eco-Friendly Rejuvinative Green Energy Salubrious Waste Facility, and I hope I get to see my girlfriend and her puppy all over again, and that we both see Unicorns and Polar Bears in the puffy white overhead cumulus's.

Please tell us about your favorite trip to the Dump. We're all ears!

Captain Hate

Levin has stated that DOJ guidelines, released in the 70s and confirmed in 2000, say a sitting President cannot be indicted and hence can't be subpoenaed. Mueller must adhere to DOJ guidelines.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Retweeted by the President:

The media had it's worst week ever! @charliekirk11 and @JoeConchaTV break it down on @WattersWorld pic.twitter.com/uMEblnh6MN

— Jesse Watters (@JesseBWatters) June 2, 2018

Video at link.


Diagnosis, please?

It is an Explosive Disorder, daddy.

Captain Hate

How does Barbarella know which houses belong to Trump voters? Do they have to have gold stars of David on the siding?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Another retweet by President Trump:

223,000 jobs added in May, even the NYT runs out of words to describe how good the numbers are! pic.twitter.com/K1GB8G0zsf

— FOX & friends (@foxandfriends) June 2, 2018

Video at the link.


Threadkiller! This is for you!

Thank you, MM. Sadly whatever Trump finds he won't reveal. He will use it a leverage.


CH, the Trump voters are the non govt workers who aren't on the unemployment rolls. Easy as it gets.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Another retweet by the President:

Corey R. Lewandowski
‏Verified account @CLewandowski_
36m36 minutes ago

Looking forward to being on @foxandfriends tomorrow around 7:45 AM on @FoxNews. Hope you watch.


CH, is this the same DOJ that wiretapped Trump and ignores fistfuls of regulations

Frau Müllkippe

daddy, I've done many a trip to the "dump" outside Redmond, WA. It's usually raining by the time we reach the location. All the cardboard has to be cut and flat. Stuff has to be sorted before it is is loaded on a train car headed for....Oregon!

Frau Müllkippe

CH - I wondered why "The Woman Who Insulted Georgia and the US" stopped after 30 doors?That's a long drive from L.A. to Bakersfield to interact with the deplorables.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


When I was a kid we had a cabin in Wisconsin we would go to every year, in a town about 90 miles northwest of Green Bay called Townsend.

The cabin had no electricity, so in the evenings my folks would either take us to get a root beer in the next town over, Wabeno, or we would go to the dump to look for bears. We were always instructed to stay in the car and not make any noise.

One year we were at the dump and this car pulled up in front of our parked station wagon with Illinois plates. City slicker types probably from Chicago.

Anyway, without any trpidation at all they got out and dumped their stuff, yakking and milling around like it was just some city park. On the other side of the dump a very large black bear raised up on her hind legs and gave a loud grouwl, while we saw 2 cubs high-tail it into the woods. Boy, can bears move fast.

Those people barely made it back to their car, and then they peeled out with dirt flying! My dad was laughing like crazy, as Illinois people had annoyed him by taking all of his favorite fishing places.

So that's my favorite dump story. And the dump wasn't environmentally organized, it was just a dump.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
3m3 minutes ago

When you’re almost 800 Billion Dollars a year down on Trade, you can’t lose a Trade War! The U.S. has been ripped off by other countries for years on Trade, time to get smart!


Miss M, just shows we need a wall on our southern border. We've needed it for a long time. Trump won WI by promising that wall. (What, a wall on the Mexico border? That's a bit far south to solve our problem).

Captain Hate

Corey R. Lewandowski
‏Verified account @CLewandowski_
36m36 minutes ago

Looking forward to being on @foxandfriends tomorrow around 7:45 AM on @FoxNews. Hope you watch.

Michelle Field will be shopping for a prosthetic arm.



What is Mueller going to tell the Supreme Court he is investigating? What's the crime that only Trump, the President of the United States, can answer questions about? Is he accusing President Trump of committing a crime? If not, then who? Who committed the crime? What was the crime? Collusion? It's not a crime. Muller isn't investigating any crime. If he wants to question the President, he's going to have to lay out exactly why President Trump needs to be questioned. That would be fascinating to see.


daddy in answer to your question on the last thread==botanophobia is the fear of gardening.


I haven't seen much here about the hand-delivered memo to Mueller that somehow got leaked, but it apparently included bullet points indicating what Mueller wants Trump to testify about.

  1. Former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn — information regarding his contacts with Ambassador Kislyak about sanctions during the transition process;

  2. Lt. Gen. Flynn’s communications with Vice President Michael Pence regarding those contacts;

  3. Lt. Gen. Flynn’s interview with the FBI regarding the same;

  4. Then-Acting Attorney General Sally Yates coming to the White House to discuss same;

  5. The President’s meeting on February 14, 2017, with then-Director James Comey;

  6. Any other relevant information regarding former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn;

  7. The President’s awareness of and reaction to investigations by the FBI, the House and the Senate into possible collusion;

  8. The President’s reaction to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal from the Russia investigation;

  9. The President’s reaction to Former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony on March 20, 2017, before the House Intelligence Committee;

  10. Information related to conversations with intelligence officials generally regarding ongoing investigations;

  11. Information regarding who the President had had conversations with concerning Mr. Comey’s performance;

  12. Whether or not Mr. Comey’s May 3, 2017, testimony lead to his termination;

  13. Information regarding communications with Ambassador Kislyak, Minister Lavrov, and Lester Holt;

  14. The President’s reaction to the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel;

  15. The President’s interaction with Attorney General Sessions as it relates to the appointment of Special Counsel; and,

  16. The statement of July 8, 2017, concerning Donald Trump, Jr.’s meeting in Trump Tower.

None of these strike me as any of Mueller's business. Trump should tell him to offer any evidence he has about illegal actions related to Russia and the election or get the f lost.


Here's a link that includes that list.



jimmy k, re: Wash U--everybody I know whose kids went there (n=3) had them come back hair-on-fire Marxists.
Not kidding. As in passing out Gatorade to the illegals crossing in Texas; pulling down the Confederate flag in SC. They have broken their parents' hearts, and are still pretty useless human beings, over a decade out for the one.

Plus a good friend my age who went there said she really regretted not being at a school with athletics--it does serve to build comradarie and spirt. (Maybe why they become SJWs--they should be going to football and and basketball games instead.)

And I'll second rse's rec to apply to lots of schools---as my husband says "perfect SATs--dime a dozen."
My oldest--white MALE, so he did have that going agains him--was the wait list king--nine schools. Admitted to four. Two rejections, IIRC.

Captain Hate

Rosenstein needs to order Mueller to locate the leakers and prosecute them.


Ext, what does any of that have to do with anything? Gee Mr President, when did you figure out we were running a coup and who did you tell? Why am I asking? I have my own oversized posterior to cover here, and lots of evidence to erase collect.

Another Bob

Exactly Ext.

Give Mueller a take-it-or-leave it offer of one round of written questions, to which a Trump answers “FU. Executive privilege.”

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Wired Sources
‏ @WiredSources
Jun 1

BREAKING: @Discover pulls advertisers from Samantha Bee's show following her vulgar comments towards Ivanka Trump.


That makes 3: State Farm, Autotrade, and now Discover.

Beasts of England

A legal question that syncs to gospace's excellent comment: doesn't a subpoena have to be supported by a specific underlying accusation? Wouldn't a subpoena outline the broader limits of the inquiry?

Captain Hate

Weren't Bee's ratings in the toilet already?


Toilets on occasion are helped by vigorous use of a plunger. Bee may require the professionals at RotoRooter.


Trump should order Mueller to come to his office and answer some questions he has about the Special Counsel investigation.


henry, true.


a'mom-the foremost vygotsky scholar writing in english over the past 40 years has been jim wertsch, a prof there so your observation has some validity. I quoted from some of his books in my book.

The shrinking economy there has not helped either. The dynamic where these schools are taking 5-15% of applicants these days with a skew towards a certain type of student that is not the majority of applicants makes it all very tricky. These schools are turning down tens of thousands of talented students.

If you have ever read a college confidential thread on the day admissions are announced (most are by email these days or checking a portal except for G'town and usc iirc) it is stunning who is getting turned down. I believe johns hopkins has a great music program as well.


Why aren't any of Mueller's questions along the lines of:

Did you conspire with Russia to:

a) hack unsecured DNC servers;

b) hack Clinton's unsecured server;

c) hack Podesta's unsecured gmail account;

d) buy Facebook ads;

e) convince Hillary not to campaign in Michigan or Wisconsin;


None of his questions are about the non-crime of "collusion." All just process bullshit.


The yearning for relevancy.

Michael Moore: Roseanne’s Bigotry ‘Succeeded in Electing Our Current President’

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is a restored 7-minute video from the Museum of Modern art.

Titled "1911 - A Trip Through new York City."

Filmed by a Swedish company, the resotration has slowed the speed to normal and has added sound effects like horses' hooves clopping along, trolley bells, water, etc.

Really neat! There are some landmarks I recognized, probably more for New Yorkers.

It's really like a window into another world.


Anybody know what jimmyk's daughter plans to major in?

Am I correct in thinking the music is a secondary interest?


One day, Trump will tweet about Mueller's self-destruction.

"He had a great career, went out as a respected lawman. But he wasn't satisfied with retirement, so he accepted a position as lead assassin in a coup plot and has made a complete fool of himself ever since. He'll go down in history as a pathetic clown."

Is that too many words for twitter?

daddy on iPhone

Currently in a 2 lane traffic Jam at the Dump. I’m not afraid of gardening—-I simply hate it. Isn’t hating something different than being afraid of it?


I had to stop going to the dump because I was inclined to bring stuff back.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Twitter never fails:


lol RULE of LAW hypocrites.
when all is said and done, you guys are going to be an utter disgrace to the country

Truly pathetic losers.


Just this week Trump out-did Katrina -- doubling the death toll in Peurto Rico

Allies are running away from us

Trump is getting bribes from the country responsible for 9/11 (Saudi Arabia)

you guys are treasonous hicks.


Marla is that suppose to be Roy Moore gawking at a 13 year old?
Or trump making lewd remarks about his daugther.

lol Truly PEDO_MARLA for the win.


or is that greitjens about to rape a woman?
Seems like he was forced about not by attacking women (not that PedoMarla cares about that) --- but apparently for a financial scandal.
republicans are all criminals.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

These families thought they'd never see their lost dogs again — until now ❤️ pic.twitter.com/y8U6VUDY03

— The Dodo (@dodo) June 2, 2018

Heart-warming video at the link.

Tears Of A Lib

Winning every day may not get old, but losing sure does. Please make the tears stop. Please.


buckeye-that is my understanding from when I met with jimmy and jmh after the blizzard when I was in nyc with the diva. The idea of getting academics and access to conservatory level instruction is awfully alluring for a certain kind of kid.

We looked at BoCo and there is virtually no academic instruction in those programs. Little to fall back on no matter how talented you are. I especially worry, as did the diva's voice coach, about the kids who go to performing arts high schools which are also light on academics. The diva did a program in the summer at CMU and never looked at pure conservatory programs again.


The thing that stands out for me on dumps: they all reject microwave ovens. The town does a twice a year "used electronics" collection. Great for old TVs and computer monitors, but no microwaves? Maybe I should put an "IBM" label on a microwave to text them. The cub scouts helping were amazed at the TV with dials for VHF / UHF that I dropped off, they had never seen such a gizmo.

Anyone know why the great fear of microwave ovens is among electronics recyclers? It has a couple gigahertz oscillator in it, so what?


lol Tears of a lib -- you guys are too dumb to realize that redneck states are the ones that are gonna get screwed cause their full of redneck trash.
Liberal states are encating laws to protect themselves from Trumps tyranny. \

Good luck dryign tears from all the dead kids in your schools you f'n moron.


Gee, I wonder where the food is? Red county or blue county? QED

Of course the guns are in the same place. Coinky Dink?

Captain Hate

j0r's new talking points smell like Soros's ass.



Microwave output stage is high voltage DC. Big capacitor, kill you dead if you grab on to one with a charge.


We give $500 Million a year to Planned Parenthood and Neil Cavuto has spent two hours bitching about us paying for North Korea’s Hotel rooms in Singapore because that’s what they expect.

I don't think we should pay for Kim's $6,000 suite. If he can afford to build nukes he can pay his own way.


Buckeye, thanks. That makes sense. But wouldn't recyclers have a way to deal with that?


Constitutional crisis. Unless Mueller or anybody produces some real evidence of anything but a plot by the Deep State to fabricate a bogus "collusion" claim to justify an out-of control politically motivated endless investigation, Trump or any other president has the constitutional right and duty to say:
"I am the Executive and I have powers vested in me under the Constitution. The Courts and Congress can invent whatever rules they think they can apply but unless the people agree or it is actually written down it will not stand."

I do not think Trump or any other president is above the law but without evidence this is simply political gamesplaying.

And I won't accept it and I suspect that none of the other citizens who elected this president will accept it either.


There is probably a much lower percentage of "precious metals" and truly recyclable parts, like aluminum, in a microwave, than a good old TV.

A charged CRT was supposed to blow your tits clean off if mishandled. I don't think safety is the issue.

Thomas Collins

I guess NFL players should stick to their own sport and avoid the really dangerous sport of softball!



I'd gladly pay for the room in any serious negotiation. But who would accept it? You start right out with the person owing you something.

Oh, you want to be bribed to give up nukes? Hey, we might be able to come up with something agreeable. You want an expense-free room in any of the world's 5-star hotels for the rest of your life?

You got it, dude. Inspectors will be on your site tomorrow. Where do I sign?


All the cardboard has to be cut and flat. Stuff has to be sorted before it is is loaded on a train car headed for....Oregon!


That does not sound like a fun Dump trip at all. That sound's like a dump in Germany in about 1939! Yikes!

Miss M's Dump adventure sounds like a heck of a lot more fun.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Senator Bob Corker
‏Verified account @SenBobCorker

I am working with like-minded Republican senators on ways to push back on the president using authorities in ways never intended and that are damaging to our country and our allies. Will Democrats join us?

Of course they will. What a slimeball!


Corker going down in flames, too? Gee. That's surprising.

Janet 🚬 -  I wish my family had a poncho

The Kingsville dump, when I was a kid, was also a shooting range. We'd go there to shoot in the evening. There were targets that kids had built & shooting tables. Always a good supply of bottles & cans.

The road signs had more bullet holes in them the closer you got to the dump.

Kingsville has a new dump now. A weighing station & rules. We used it when we cleaned out my parents house.


Did you see this from Trump's Tennessee rally, Ext and MM?


Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting ther

That's the point Ex. You don't want to start there. They shouldn't want to start there either, if they are serious.


TK, if the govt numbnuts make it too much trouble to recycle, a microwave fits nicely in the govt issued curbside garbage can. I think if I cushion it with raccoon poop from the barn, they will never know.

Beasts of England

Did Corker push a similar bill when Pen + Phone was in office?


Beasts, Corker pushed the lack of Senate confirmation on the Iran deal.



Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nanaphobia: Fear of minions singing Beach Boys songs.

Beasts of England

Maybe the hotel doesn't accept counterfeit US currency as payment...

Miss Marple the Deplorable


You're a man after my own heart. Around here I would just put in a plastic trash bag, cinch it shut, and cover it with a couple of regular trash bags with kitchen trash.

We have those trucks that drive along, extend an arm and grab the can, and then automatically dump it. The driver (one guy by himself) never sees what goes into the truck behind him.

I bet certain areas of the city are disposing of dead bodies the same way.

Beasts of England

I remember that, henry. And I'm sure he got nothing of monetary value in return. ;)


Here are Corker's most famous quotes.



Miss M, shhhhh on the body disposal. Yes, a backhoe is good, but a government garbage route is cleaner. I'll never tell how I know what fits in those automated collection containers.

As an aside, I cleaned out my files a while back. Do you think the recycling boys blinked at three containers worth of files / PowerPoint printouts on engineering data specs for the F22, Joint Strike Fighter, SDI, TACOM, B2, etc? Haven't heard anything yet. But I did shred anything with my name (or CWRU) on it. Um, some raccoon poop might have snuck in there too.


The shit is really going to hit the fan if 28 FBI agents with knowledge of the Clinton server want to testify, and this list of FBI agents will likely continue to grow in the coming days. We might even hear about FBI agents possibly being killed or showing up in reports about FBI agents committing suicide.


Have a blast tonight. Go CAPS!!!!

Frau Müllkippe

Time was when a high school diploma set a person up for life. Now The Atlantic tells me college is a must and there are poverty colleges.

Colleges Are No Match for American Poverty
Amarillo College, in Texas, is working hard to accommodate low-income students—but it can only do so much.


Of course, Curb Dive had a plan to fix this.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I still want to know about that reporter Michael Hastings who was killed in the exploding car. He was covering Benghazi.

Frau Müllkippe

Corker going down in flames, too?

Photos/video, please.


The series killer Katherine beigl had a Hastings like incident on nbcs promotion for Michelle Obama?played by alfre woodard.


Time was when a high school diploma set a person up for life. Now The Atlantic tells me college is a must and there are poverty colleges.

Real shortage of tradesmen, may or may not even require a high school diploma.

Does require a functioning brain however.

And no, knowing how to steal copper wire or copper pipe doesn't make you an electrician or plumber.


It also had a very subversive subtext, the fellow who is the leader of the Islamic state like outfit ar rassalah was a for detainee who was trusted enough to become an asset which is how he built up his network.

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