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June 02, 2018


Captain Hate

Nuke Seattle.

Man Tran

Yeah, we’re all for nuking Seattle as long as the prevailing wind is in the right direction. The 70% of our commie county would suddenly be the odd ones out.


Enhanced radiation weapon, then leaves little fallout, it was the instrument in that James Warrington tale.


Barrington, well you know what I mean.

Dave (in MA)

Is Redmond within the blast radius?


I’m looking to get a new headset now. Any recommendations? Some can get mighty expensive with ANR. My old Telex ear foam has disintegrated.

Posted by: Sbwaters | June 03, 2018 at 08:57 PM

Turtle Beach makes some sick Xbox live headsets but that's all I got.


Bend the knee NeverTrump dogs


JM Hanes


"If you believe women are physically stronger and faster then men, then we are no longer arguing but bending the dimensions of reality."

Seems to me you've arguing against a position that noone here has taken. I certainly don't believe in lowering standards that are there for a damn good reason just to be "inclusive." I was simply curious about how often those who've served have, in fact, had to haul a comrade to safety over a considerable distance. Has anyone here ever had to do so?

If anything, I'd put myself in the Kev camp, when he says, "Suggestion: why not create a tradition within western militaries where elite all-female fighting units are developed?" Just as men have the muscularity to do certain sorts of jobs, women are better at others, surviving cold for example, I believe. They may not have the 3D spatial acuity that men do, but they are better on the linguistic front. They can perform very well where endurance is required, and a 120 lb. woman can go a lot of places that a 220 lb. man cannot.

That doesn't mean I think they should be serving on all the same teams. There are a lot of women who would like to fight on the ground for their country or beliefs, and where Ranger training takes advantage of male skill sets, I think it's a shame that that's the only avenue available. I can certainly imagine certain types of special ops which could take advantage of some uniquely female skillsets too. Could women could haul other women to safety? I don't know. but I can also imagine women being more ruthless than men in certain situations.

Frau Atomkraft

Dave (in MA) - Yep! It would also affect Microsoft and Amazon bigly.


Yes that would cost a revaluation of their stock price.

Man Tran

Just a comment on all the amplifier/cable arm waving discussed recently, I’ve played with a lot of high end stuff for about 50 yrs. Had a buddy (ex-Ginormous Research) that opened his own high end shop down the street from our shop, so I got to play with a lot of fun toys. In signal analysis there is a thing called transfer function analysis. There was a guy about 30 yrs ago who actually used TFA to create any sound you wanted. Can’t remember his name, but he made a splash for awhile. It generally is compromised by the inductance in speaker coils and output transformers, if there are any. Many ‘ears’ get conditioned to expect the distortion caused by inductors. If you ever break free of that colored image, you can never go back. I also remember there were some guys in WV who were duplicating guitar amps with TFA circuits, but I never heard any, so I don’t know whether they succeeded.

Another Bob

What CH says.

Don’t know about SD.

How about SF after some migration? Lefties should have no problem being migrants, right?


I was referring to this:


Beasts of England

'...but I can also imagine women being more ruthless than men in certain situations.'

But enough about how my ex found about forty tabs of ecstasy in my bathrobe and took them to her divorce attorney, who then threatened to have me arrested.


Well that would be problematic. Yikes.


Bet it was closer to 80...😎


Nice to hear Andy McCarthy on the Levin show make the obvious point that Rosenstein has a bigger conflict of interest in the case of SC Mueller than Sessions ever did:

McCarthy: What I find odd about the situation with Rosenstein is if the removal of Comey is part of the Investigation, he is in the middle of it as a witness. If the FISA Warrants are of any consideration in the Investigation, he signed off on the last one. It seems to me that he's got a bigger conflict here than Sessions had and Session's conflict is what gave us Mueller in the first place.


BOE - I must say, you make our lives seem rather boring...but in a good way ;)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Spending a bazillion bucks on audio equip is right up there with hanging a 5 figure watch on my wrist as things I'll never quite get.
Now 5 figure shotguns...everyone knows they make perfect sense. :/


I thought cumberbatch was merely arrogant:



Only caught the last half of Levin's Show with guests David Limbaugh and Andy McCarthy, but at the closing both Andy and David said they thought the Mueller investigation would not lead to indictment nor impeachment, that Trump would in effect be cleared of any criminal action, but that the FBI/DOJ would receive pats on the back for doing the good investigative job that they had to do under these circumstances of Russian Election meddling.

Levin disagreed but did not elaborate, simply stating that he thinks we will hear the term "Obstruction" of Justice appearing in Mueller's report. I tend to agree with Levin, especially with what Levin did not say. I do not trust that snake Mueller at all.

All 3 agreed it has never been a criminal matter but instead has been a political witch hunt from Day 1, solely devoted to figuring out how to get this President impeached. I concur.


And we think we are still masters of this realm:



Maybe they are just merely mad over there:


Beasts of England

Well, thank you, lyle!! It was less than fifty because I had done quite a few before I forgot where I hid them. And I had no real chance of denying it because when she told me where she found them, I kinda went 'Oh, yeah...' lol


Figures never lie, but liars never figure:



lol ICE preventing a US senator from seeing kids ripped away from their parents



Ralph L

Cutting to the chase:
OPEN THREAD: Rejoice in each other’s company.


Narcisco: lol one day you'll understand what statistics are and what peer-review is. Until then please don't get any of your kids vaccinated for anything. Hopefully they can catch the measeles and die to help humanity.

btw the official estimate went way up quietly yesterday to over 1400. Which puts it on par with katrina's death toll. Good job dumb assess

jim nj

Ooops. Missed one.



That not reassuring, well past the zero barrier, so harry stampers crew were the best case scenario?


Mind that's a relatively small one, the size of a Volkswagen.


Melrose, a man who makes De quincey seem like a sober fellow for that matter sid vicious, is the latest debauchery that showtime has inflicted on its audience, its the semi auto biographical grand guignol tale of St. Aubyns.


Three hundred years of evidence from Jenner and pasteurize on, vs a self reported survey, snorfle.



Steven Tyler and his lawyer are pushing something called the Music Modernization Act to hopefully keep artists from being exploited in this new age of publishing as it were.


Steven Tyler's publicist or assistant worked for Melania for seven years.

jim nj


Judge Alsup is having some fun with this court case. Now he wants to hear about the benefits of oil.


Narcisco: here is real critcism of the New England Journal study (with responses form study statistician). They actually released all data and analysis so its completely transparent.


A ton of people died in peurto rico -- its 1400 by recent government estimates: https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/02/us/puerto-rico-deaths-hurricane-maria/index.html

Don't worry Geezer Gestapo -- we hate brown people, so we are happy when they die and we like to take away their infants from their mothers. Heil Trump!


The problem is Jim, this case doesn't belong in court, except in the tort that Michael Mann and co have concocted.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Entertaining to have a dumbshit socialist getting on his high hobby horse when a bunch of other dumbshit socialists eff places up so bad a storm which should have been an inconvenience turns into a disaster because of well...what else, dumbshit socialism.
Single payer hurricane prep. Score!


And systemic disenvestment not to say embezzlement in the lead safeguard system, usually carried out by the col. Renault chorus.


I've noted no way out on various,occasions not entirely related to sean young, in some ways it precludes absolute power, gene Hickman plays a similar role.
Shows the video of Washington in Hollywood circa 1985 (it was probably filmed before Iran contra came to light)

Man Tran


I’ve always tried to optimize bang/buck on my toys. Either tweaked the crap out of cheaper stuff, or bought the minimum really good stuff that, as often as not, didn’t necessarily have name dropping clout. Never could understand something like a Rolex when a Citizen kept better time.

jim nj



Different strokes for different folks I guess,

Now the protagonist is hunted by this clique of ex special forces detailed to the secretary of defense, he's the one opposed by Sen Duvall who has the symbiotic relation with Marshall that Schumer has with comey.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Man Tran; always sensible.
Glad you have far too much sense to cut corners on that thing that needs to stay airborne. : )


Anyways this naval Intel officer is able to rather readily dispatch his mufti clad pursuers and it doesn't dawn on them why he is being chased.

jim nj

The problem is Jim, this case doesn't belong in court, except in the tort that Michael Mann and co have concocted.

Posted by: narciso79 | June 04, 2018 at 12:59 AM
True that, but it was going to find it's place in court somewhere. They would have kept shopping for a venue somewhere.

Anyway the plaintiffs are taking their best shots and falling short. If they lose, as I expect, it will set the bar even higher for another attempt.


Tells the fictional story of a team of lawyers and experts pulled together to bring forward a climate-change lawsuit. Long story short, they realize they can't possibly win.


Yes I remember that one, Crichton named one of his characters after Michael Crowley a hack then at Newsweek now,politico.

jim nj

Ig and Man Tran,

Concur. You do your research. You spend as much as you have to to meet your needs.

Pay too little and you have to buy a replacement when it doesn't meet your full needs. That first purchase was wasted money. Pay too much for something that has more bells and whistles than you'll ever use and the extra expense is wasted money.

Case in point, I started photography with a 35mm SLR that was given to me.

When it was time to upgrade I knew I wanted a NIKON. I knew it was the best that I could afford. I went to a reputable NYC photography shop. 2nd floor (they paid lower rent that way) Stools at the counters. Customers like to haggle at these shops. I was hoping to get a Nikon F body and maybe some more lenses. We're not getting anywhere. He asks me if I would consider a used camera. Let me take a look at it. It was absolutely mint and from the serial number I knew it was only a year old. The discount buying price for used made the deal. Written 90 day warrantee and an agreement between us that when I came back for more purchases I'd only deal with him.

A year or so later I bought a Vivitar 135mm lens thinking I could save some money instead of buying the Nikon version. I did save money and it was an excellent lens, but it focused in the opposite direction of Nikon lenses. The longer I used it, the more I came to hate it.

Buy the quality you need.

Kevlar Kid

Writing words on a computer screen can make this seem like we’re pole vaulting over rat shit.

But let’s get clear here, just like we would if we were all sitting out on my deck watching the sun set on the Bay this evening.

I would say to you in a quick rebut of your overgeneralization ”everyone here” that it is unfounded.

It only takes one exception to it to be unfounded.

My exception isn’t some error in judgement by thinking “it fits when it doesn’t.”

Now all of this would have taken 45 seconds at most for me to say “LIVE” and perhaps a quick 15 seconds for you to own that you misspoke and that you didn’t really mean to say "everyone" at all.

Now that’s how “easy” relates here, not as some kind of caution to “ease up--- you’ve got it all wrong.”

No need for that.

And I am assuming my reply verifies that I am correctly standing my ground here.

That is all.

Again- Peace.

Hope you’re having a good sleep.

Kevlar "The Non-Nuanced" Kid ;)

Kevlar Kid

"Single payer hurricane prep. Score!"

Need to take this show on the road, Ig. Hi-larious!

Kevlar Kid

Oh, ya, almost forgot: Go Warriors!

The only downside to Curry setting a record tonite is that his performance on the court results in his Fake Assed Diva Wife Oprah Wannabe's bunzolas grow another set of cheeks while her skull cavity continues to inflate.

Her mug is plastered all over local tv and ad boards. Such shameless self-pimping. Kinda like Moochie did. Yer good at what exactly?

She's got nuttin toodoowiddit. No Steph, no career. Got it?

Kevlar Kid

Okay back to Bosch. NYTOL!

jim nj


Remember that map of Colorado shipping pot to other states?

The map high-lighted Wyoming not Colorado.

Who needs editors and fact checkers?

jim nj


Further to the above.


EVH did not claim he invented two hand tapping. Neither did this guy but he's got great technique https://youtu.be/u7M8L1rAUsI


Australian Schoolboy plays George Benson note for note and then some. It's like Hamilton some might say: https://youtu.be/qVDzbGsAXHw


That Eyetalian feller was pretty damn good. The schoolboy was not too bad either.


Do you want to see Billy Idol Jump? https://youtu.be/1V3NOdLc3xo


Steve Stevens looks a lot like Ronnie Wood except for the black nail polish.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good morning!

This is a short thread, unformatted, but if you go to it you will see the guy has a Packard Bell stereo console from the late 50's, complete with atomic design knobs. I love it!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Oops! Forgot the link!


jim nj


Re-posting the huge thread that MM posted.

Thank you so much for that MM. Took hours to read, paying attention to the cited sources.

It does make me think that if all these citizen journalists collaborated on a book it would be devastating. Hell if they only wrote own books, the compilations would be devastating.

It reads like a novel gone wrong. There is no hero, just a vast bungling conspiracy that goes further off-track the longer it exists.

We're not going to find out if any of these anti-heroes find redemption until the OIG reports start coming out.

If I was a redeemed anti-hero, I would already be writing my book. People will read those books to help figure out what was going on. I'd want to know where their fingers were pointing. Even without enough evidence or indictments, those people would be ruined in the eyes of the public.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Yes Margaret?
‏ @MargaretsBelly

Say hello to the most elite Canadian negotiating team ever assembled for NAFTA. Your move Mr. Trump.

Notorious Augusto P
‏ @GenAugustoP
7h7 hours ago

My God...Trump's going to end up owning Canada, isn't he?

jim nj


No idea if this is true, or what the purpose might be.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

jim nj,

I think there are several heroes: General Flynn, Devin Nunes, Admiral Rogers, and of course President Trump.

One of the things that fascinates me about President Trump is his ability to attract people to enlist in the fight. I am not talking cabinet members or White House staff. I am talking about everyday people who put together web sites (like the Reddit guys), all of the investigative people I follow on Twitter, Diamond and Silk, etc.

One of the people I follow is a woman from NEW ZEALAND who is so inspired by the Trump presidency that she wants to emigrate and get citizenship! And you cannot tell me that the Italian election wasn't inspired by President Trump as well.

It's more than charisma or celebrity. I still haven't figured it out, but it is really amazing to watch.

And you are right - it would be a great novel.


Miss Marple,

Finally got through your AppThread Link with 249 tweets from early this morning. Took forever, but very interesting seeing all the characters involved. I'll never remember it all but worth a read to see the voluminous connections of all those evil conspirators.

Here's a link for those who haven't yet found the time to scroll though it:
Thread by @The_War_Economy: "(1) "SPYFALL"

jim nj


It's only an accident of history that Canada an the US aren't already one country. It's not like we haven't tried before.

And after reading that long link you posted to, it seems the MSM is complicit too, in the reveal and the coverup.


Ha! Jim nj. Great minds:)

jim nj


Buried in the text is that only 4 of Germany's 128 military aircraft are airworthy.

4? South American countries routinely have more than that.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I am sorry this took me so long, but I had to wade through Widtor's Twitter page to find it, and he was very busy last night!

This explains his thinking on Assad's visit to North Korea.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I admire Richard Grenell so much. He was an early supporter of President Trump and stuck it out through all of the attacks during the campaign, including personal attacks on him because he is gay (from the tolerant left, of course).

Now the Never Trump gang has started mocking him, but people like Kurt Schlichter are standing up for him, which I am glad about.
Schilchter gives no quarter and will tell them off in his own inimitable style. If I remember correctly, Schlichter is the one who coinedthe term "Fredocons" for the people like Jeff Fllake and Bill Kristol.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I have learned from Wictor to look at actions and to think about what those actions mean.

Going back to the early days of the admiinistration, do you guys remember that a trip to the U was cancelled? Some excuse was given and it was said it would be rescheduled.
The anit-Trump people of course considered that it was a snub by the British government and also that Trump would be met by embarrassing protests, etc.

I don't think that was it at all. I think that President Trump discovered exactly how involved UK intelligence was with this entire Russian hoax. I think he has known for a long time.

May did come over here a few months ago, but it was a "business meeting" with little fanfare and few photos. I wonder if that was when he laid the evidence out before her.


Headset-wise, I have the Bose A20 and Clarity Aloft. I have a David Clark I bought when I started training in '83, and two variants of Lightspeed. I still have them all somewhere. The Bose and Clarity Aloft are in the plane because I like them the best.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Benjamin Netanyahu
‏Verified account @netanyahu
15m15 minutes ago

I am leaving now for an important diplomatic visit to Europe. The focus of my meetings: applying international pressure against Iran.

Prayers for his success. It's a formidable task dealing with those morons in the EU.

jim nj

Ha! Jim nj. Great minds:)

Posted by: daddy | June 04, 2018 at 04:21 AM
Exactly. It took a long time to read, but it was well worth the effort. And all the citations. Monster effort.


The media are the megaphone, but these citizen journalists will bring down the media if they are right.

We kid each other about the ledge and the veranda. And we argue about the strategy and whether we want it now or in the bye and bye with ice cream on top.

Whether it's 4D chess, checkers or Mahjong. Or no strategy, but these people are discovering things that the media are just missing.

Are they fantasists? I don't think so. So much of what they find makes sense to me. Are they conspiratorial, hysterical people?
I don't think so.

Are they finding only what fits into their side of things? I don't think so.

So am I in the RG camp, or the OL camp?

I'm still in the RG camp, but I thank OL for keeping us grounded in the possibility that people are trying so hard to defeat us, that they still might.


Another exonerating bit of evidence for General Flynn:

Trump lawyers reveal previously unknown evidence in Michael Flynn case

New released E0mails show that there was evidence for Team Trump to conclude at the time that Flynn had not lied and was not still under Investigation, even as that weasel Comey and that shit Sally Yates refused to straight out say so.

Now, with the Trump lawyers' memo leaked to the New York Times, it seems clear that all the key players in the Flynn affair, including the president himself, were aware of the FBI's assessment in real time. And the president's knowledge — that the agents did not think Flynn lied, plus strong hints that the investigation was actually over — underlay Trump's Feb. 14, 2017, statement to Comey that, "I hope you can see your way to letting this go, to letting Flynn go."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Fisclaimer: This was retweeted by a guy I follow. I have no idea of the source but wanted to give you a heads up.

Enzo Moavero Milanesi
‏ @MoaveroMilanesi
55m55 minutes ago

URGENT. Diplomatic sources in Beirut announces me now the death of Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), President of the Palestinian Authority.

jim nj


The UK thing. I think I agree. We're certainly not giving them the usual deference in the "great Alliance."

Assad and North Korea.
I think one of the things Trump wants in an agreement is access to North Korea intelligence on all the other bad guys who dealt with the NoKos.

I think the talks between Trump and Kim will not be detail oriented. I think they will be conceptual, or visionary. If the the two of them get along and reach a mind-meld, so to speak, that NoKo intelligence would be invaluable to us.

If Trump and Kim feel good about each other, we've got a deal. Don't worry about how long the details will need to be worked out. The trust process will give us enormous amounts of information in the meantime.

I think Kim does want a deal and one of the ways to show us that he does is to give up other countries.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

jim nj,

I think you are right. The guy who visited the White House is the head of their intelligence, which would fit with what you are saying.

jim nj


Nothing on Google News yet to confirm abass's death.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

jim nj,

I can't find anything yet, either.

Could be a language problem causing misunderstanding.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Baba97 liked
Department of State
‏Verified account @StateDept
11h11 hours ago

.@SecPompeo: We remember the tragic loss of innocent lives in Tiananmen Square. The protection of human rights is a fundamental duty of all countries & we join w/ int'l community in urging #China to make a full public accounting of the events 29 years ago.

jim nj


I wasn't specifically thinking about the intelligence chief, but, yeah, they are thinking about how much to trust us. Who better than their intelligence chief to figure that out.

And then we hear that the top 3 guys in the NoKo army have been replaced.

I believe, and continue to believe, that Trump is looking for a "Grand bargain" not just getting rid of the armaments.

North Korea in our orbit would be huge. We'd learn all sorts of shite that we'd only been guessing about.

jim nj

Tiananmen Square, trade, North Korea, the South China Sea man-made islands.

Short of military forces, we're at war with China.

How many balls can they juggle at one time?


The media are the megaphone, but these citizen journalists will bring down the media if they are right.

Jim, I sure hope so.

When I read the Byron York piece at 04:48 about the newly released contemporaneous memo's from Trump's Legal Team written just before the time Trump asked Comey to go easy on General Flynn, it reinforces to me that Comey and Yates were engaging in the exact same thing that Halper and all the rest were doing---planting ideas in Team Trump's head that General Flynn was in the clear and not any longer under Investigation, so when Trump later comments on General Flynn to Comey, Comey can them scribble into his diary "Ah ha, Gotch'a! You bought hook, line and sinker what we wanted you to believe about Flynn. Now I'll portray your behavior, which was legitimately based upon what we led you to believe, as instead an example of you intentionally obstructing Justice by asking for special treatment for General Flynn since we're framing the both of you as Russian Colluding cronies."

That's exactly the sense I get out Comey, and it fits in with him having testified to Grassley and Gowdy that the Agents interviewing Flynn concluded Flynn was innocent, but now Comey hitting the TV Talk Show circuit with his book saying people were mistaken if that's what they thought they heard me say about General Flynn. What a dirty cop!

It's eye opening and beneficial to see how dirty these guys are, how they are all incestuously connected, and how they accomplish their dirty work.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Meanwhile, a bunch of blue check marks journalists are spinning a theory that Melania is either a victim of domestic abuse (possibly dead) and the White House is coering it up OR she has turned against Trump and has gone to Mueller.

Brian Stetler of CNN even has a graphic posted saying she hasn't been seen since May 10 (even though a CNBC reporter saw her in the White House a couple of days ago ).

Her appearance at the Gold Star Family Reception tonight? Fake and doesn't count because no press.

I am not exaggerating. These people are insane.

jim nj


That's my take on these things. They don't take you out with a direct attack, because that would require direct, correct evidence.

So they destroy you by poisoning people against you. Innuendo, gossip, etc. leaked to the the media, who can spin stories without further facts, except gossip, innuendo, etc.

And the media quiz officials who don't know what's going on. And the press accuse them of covering up

If someone could boil also this down to a board game, like Risk or Clue, we'd all be wise to this by now.

Captain Hate

My wife, who watches those ABC dipshits, said something about Melania from out of nowhere yesterday, so I figured that pack of gossipy vermin is pushing a line of shit just like j0r's obsession with Puerto Rico having more deaths than the Black Book of Communism.


Her mug is plastered all over local tv and ad boards. Such shameless self-pimping. Kinda like Moochie did. Yer good at what exactly?

KK, the gal learned that you can take a bunch different things called ingredients and make meals out of them!!!
And take pictures, and write about it, and if you are pretty and cheerful and keep the kitchen uncluttered up---viola!

Frankly, her ride on Steph's coattails is infinitely more likely to make the world a far better place than HRC's on Bill's did.
I am not going to begrudge the young lady's reinforcing of God, family and eating real food as the foundation to a successful and fulfilling life.

But then, I don't have to see her face plastered all over town. ;-)

You all remember my kids went to school with the Curry's, right? My claim to NBA fame! Oldest son played basketball with Steph every lunch hour. And once--DELL!

I wish Steph would cool the virtue signaling, but they are good, good people. Sonja founded a Christian Montessori school at the lake north of here. Incredible work ethic. Dell would come home from practice and shoot another 1000 baskets in his driveway. Got Sixth Man Award for years because of that.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am in Tokyo, and am utterly in love. The architecture is astonishing, the food is wonderful; and there are buildings filled with vending machines dedicated to selling headwear for cats. pic.twitter.com/Rv2y97nxjr

— Katherine Rundell (@kdbrundell) June 1, 2018

Picture at link.

"The world is so full of such wonderful things,
I am certain we all should be happy as kings."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Geraldo (!!) makes a good point:

#CNN commentator forgives @JoyAnnReid her offensive blogposts because they were written “years ago.” The year was 2005, the same @realDonaldTrump uttered his infamous #AccessHollywood remarks. Why is one forgiven by some imaginary statute of limitations, but the other fair game?

— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) June 3, 2018
Miss Marple the Deplorable

‏ @C_3C_3
Jun 2

John Brennan: NBC
John Podesta: WaPo
James Clapper: CNN
Ben Rhodes: MSNBC & NBC
David Rhodes (Bens Brother): CBS
Ian Cameron (Rices Husband): ABC
Laura Jarrett (Valeries Daughter): CNN
Josh Campbell (Comeys Assistant): CNN

But Trump is crazy for calling the Media the ENEMY?
138 replies 2,682 retweets 3,539 likes

James D.

I also have wondered if she has gotten death threats from people who are serious about carrying it out

I don’t wonder about that at all. And I definitely don’t envy the Secret Service these days.

James D.


I still like “Tonya Harding Republicans”


A'mom-red and I met steph when just after he turned pro and the davidson alumni group bought tickets to their game with the hawks. After the game he came to the reserved area and spoke with and shook everyone's hand. Very gracious behavior.

Captain Hate

Both of the Splash Brothers are offspring of NBA players. Dell Curry was with the Cavs for a while; I think it's impossible to find somebody who had anything bad to say about him. Klay Thompson's dad, Mychal, was probably more highly regarded but I thought was hugely overrated and was fortunate enough to be a role player on Magic Johnson's teams.

It's probably curtains for the Cavs but they looked dead on the roadside after the first two Celtics games so we'll see. It would be nice if JR Smith decided to show up.


rse--all three are most definitely "well raised children."

(My oldest son's favorite form of high praise. ;-)
I am so grateful my children had the benefit of being raised south of the Mason Dixon line. )

Captain Hate

Out of curiosity, what are the pseudo conservatives complaining about Grenell?


a'mom-I bet you consider "being tacky" as the ultimate form of criticism as well.

Raising children well interferes with being their friend, which so many parents seem to cherish. I have noticed though the stable adults it cultivates are quite friendly because of the respect created.

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