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June 05, 2018



The Bron and Stephanie can go to hell.

Yay!! NBA!!


not OUR Stephanie.


Eagles learning how to fly.



Tennessean Bad! https://imgur.com/sn4Tm8v


Louie Gohmert wants to defund Mueller probe.
He asks “ What is Mueller’s job?”
Also states some knuckleheads in the Senate want to let him do his job.


LeBron can’t go to hell until he delivers our 2nd NBA Championship.
Don’t begrudge us our championship team.


Sky News Good!

Police have named the man they are hunting after a 32-year-old woman and an 11-month-old boy were stabbed in west London.

Officers want to speak to Rehan Khan, 25, who is known to frequent the Hounslow and Isleworth areas and has links to Newham, Slough, Hammersmith and Fulham.

He is wanted on suspicion of attempted murder and officers have warned members of the public not to approach him.


I was West London, born and raised

In the madrassa is where I'd spend

Most of my days...

Jim Eagle

Rush's theory is that this is Trump sending NorK and our other adversaries a message, like Reagan did when he fired PATCO. I am prepared to say goodbye, good riddance and do it on our own.

He may be right. Rush said he Russkies and ChiComs saw Reagan as a "no shit" negotiator. No more mister nice guy. Same with this Trump result.

I happen to agree. Pissing on a bunch of NFL and NBA crybabies is easy. They think they are more important to our success and security than the POTUS. That is how f**king dumn they are and gives rse another feather in her "education is a wreck" bonnet.

Captain Hate

Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., invited the Eagles to visit Capitol Hill instead.

'I'm proud of what the @Eagles accomplished this year. I'm skipping this political stunt at the White House and just invited the Eagles to Congress. @Eagles How about a tour of the Capitol?' he wrote.

Fuck off, Bob, with your own half assed political stunt.


Why doesn’t Greece have executions with guns anymore?
Because bullets cost money.


Dennis Rodman Will Be in Singapore for Trump-Kim Meetings – May Play Role in Negotiations

Jim Eagle


You are London, no shiite? Since when?


Colin Kaepernick Comedy Series in the Works from ‘Selma’ Director Ava DuVernay

Should be a hoot!

Jim Eagle

You know, I think Trump should use the Worm. What we need in our current culture and history is a revamp. We need to get off the idea that only guys and gals from Ivies or Oxbridge are smart enough to save the world. In fact, its the opposite so far.

Maybe a Joe the Plumber, a guy like Trump and a tatted, pincushion ex-symbolic idiot like Robman can save the world. Even Stan Lee would never come up with this concept.


Wouldn't hurt with black voters, either.


Congrats, pagar!

clarice feldman

Happy anniversary, Pagar!

Captain Hate



Good move on Dennis going to Singapore. I still stand by my suggestion that Trump should show up with a hair cut that slightly mimics Un's.

Man Tran

P&P, from last thread, McLame was an A-4 wreaker. My A-6 buddy (100 missions off the Enterprise) hates him and the A-4s. The latter because he lost several buds on the same mission due to flying slow so the A-4s could keep up.


we're gonna need a bigger ledge...


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Did you happen to catch that video interview with Rodman, his manager, and some professor named Terwilliger? I posted it the other day and Rodman (who I always sort of thought of as creepy because of the piercings) was actually sort of commonsensical.

I am certain Bill Kristol is about to aneurysm territory with this news. That makes it sort of enjoyable for me.

In a way, it really does make sense because Rodman knows both Kim and Trump. Seems to me like he would be able to smooth over any misunderstandings.

I hope Rodman gets to ride on Air Force One. LOL!


Spanish Study proves: Today's music ain't got the same soul

Here’s how the study worked. The analysts ran 464,411 recordings from all genres of popular music from the period of 1955-2010 (called the “Million Song Dataset”) through a complex set of algorithms to analyze three metrics: harmonic complexity, timbral diversity, and loudness. The results indicated that, on the whole, popular music over the past half-century has become blander and louder than it used to be.

To understand these findings, it’s worth briefly delving into the terms in question. Most people are familiar with the idea that popular songs are constructed chiefly of a melody (usually the lead vocal line or tune) and supporting harmonies called chords (rhythm is the other chief component, but more on that later). The study found that, since the ‘50s, there has been a decrease not only in the diversity of chords in a given song, but also in the number of novel transitions, or musical pathways, between them. In other words, while it’s true that pop songs have always been far more limited in their harmonic vocabularies than, say, a classical symphony (see this very funny exploration of the ubiquitous four-chord sequence “I-V-vi-IV” for an example), past decades saw more inventive ways of linking their harmonies together than we hear now. It’s the difference between Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” (2012), which contains four simple chords presented one after another almost as blocks, and Alex North’s “Unchained Melody” (1955), which, though also relatively harmonically simple (it employs about six or seven chords, depending on the version), transitions smoothly from chord to chord due to more subtle orchestration.


Jim Eagle


Not fair at all. In the service we do not belittle our brethtern. Your friend is a a jerk regardless of how many times he flew. I did 27 over NNAM in a slower piece of shit than an A-4. My friends in our muster are A-4 and A-6 off numberous carriers. They would be insulted by that guys comment.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Priestap has been testifying for over 6 hours.


Priestap has been testifying for over 6 hours.

About what?


Sessions isn't recused from the IG investigation or any prosecutions arising from it, and he or Trump could step in on the slow-walking and redactions if they want to. I assume that both have already seen the unredacted report.

I'm not crawling to the edge just yet.

Comanche Voter

This (the disinviting) is middle school stuff. My younger daughter had more "boyfriends" than I could keep with using an Excel spreadsheet. But the pattern of the breakup was always the same. She decided she would "dump him" before he dumped her.

Apparently in her set of eighth grade girls, it was important to get that preemptive strike in. The Eagles were going to send less than half their squad--so Trump disinvites them.

Lebron counters saying that "none of the Cavs or the Warriors want to go to the White House anyway".

Well Lebron there's a big house in the Kalorama section of Washington D.C. where you and your team mates might want to go to have Mooch and Obama lick your wounds---but it'll have to wait until Steph Curry and the boys finish kicking you to the curb.

Man Tran

You may be overreacting on that. The Black Friday mission was a cockup by forcing the slower and lower pace. The couldn’t dodge the SAMs.

Re McLame, he deserves no respect. Sorry. I’ve also sat with Bud and Leo and they would nearly spit when his name came up.

Old Lurker

Exdem, there is no Ledge big enough if Sara Carter is right in your 5:24.

President Trump, with his recent tweets and now this, he must take an executive action to stop the perception of being rolled if nothing else.

What the Trump we elected would do now is summon his AG, his DAG, his FBI Director AND the DoJIG to the Oval Office at noon tomorrow. He should direct that they bring with them a complete and unredacted copy of the entire report as it stood before people started tinkering with it. Trump should say that copy will remain with him while the wheels of their departments grind through their process. He should inform them that whatever they decide to release, he will reserve his right as the boss of all of them to release anything he likes if he is unsatisfied with their white washed version or the timing of it.

Then he should promise the public that he has done this on behalf of We the People and come hell or high water, a report acceptable to Trump will be released on or before Date X.

Less than this is offensive to the Trump Brand and to the voters who elected him.


Chad Pergram

Verified account

Follow Follow @ChadPergram
Colleague Catherine Herridge rpts a mbrs familiar w/Hse closed-door i-view w/FBI espionage chief Bill Priestap has been cooperative. But says FBI Agent Strzok played an more central role than previously known in Clinton email/Russia investigations beyond Strzok/Page text messages


Aw hail nah

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston police say there is no evidence to support the claims made by a teenager that white supremacists abducted him, injured him and threatened him.

We first brought you this story last month when 13-year-old Zavion Parker claimed he was grabbed by an adult and four young men after stepping off his school bus.

Zavion alleges he was robbed and beaten, all because of his race. He also said he was held at a property at gunpoint until he was able to escape.

Michelle Lee, the teen's mother, told Eyewitness News her son managed to escape the gun-wielding kidnappers.


Jim Eagle

Sorry, MT. Not overreacting. You do not publically criticize your fellow warriors no matter how their aircraft or strategy performs. Criticize the planners, the generals, etc. but when you criticize the airframe, you are also criticizing the driver who has no veto. Big difference.

If he mean't to criticize the strategy I will give him his break.

Old Lurker

Ext "I assume that both have already seen the unredacted report."

Why would you assume that, Ext?

I don't have any reason to assume either of them has read it. I don't yet have any reason to think Sessions is even on Trump's side. Hope I am wrong, but there is no evidence to the contrary yet.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Chad Pergram
‏Verified account @ChadPergram
8m8 minutes ago

Colleague Catherine Herridge rpts a mbrs familiar w/Hse closed-door i-view w/FBI espionage chief Bill Priestap has been cooperative. But says FBI Agent Strzok played an more central role than previously known in Clinton email/Russia investigations beyond Strzok/Page text messages

Kevlar Kid

2nd NBA Champinchip for Cleverland?

In what universe?


Jane Fonda should take a picture on top of John McCain's brain tumor. It's an enemy emplacement.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

‏ @TheLastRefuge2
21m21 minutes ago

7+ Hours..... and still going.



You can criticize JFK Jr. He shoulda known better than to go flying when Hillary was looking for a senate seat.

JM Hanes

The fledglings were fun, Extraneus! I ended up watching a bunch of video's from the side bar too, of course, including 10 FACTS You Didn't Know About Bald Eagles, several of which I did not, in fact, know. #1 has to be the coolest bird thing ever! Maybe even better than the dive cam strapped to a peregrine falcon's head.


Rodman was on the Apprentice and is friends with President Trump.


Strzok is going down.
He is up to his eyeballs in this disaster.
Cleveland can win the Championship.
Just ask the Celtics.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I went and watched that video and there were about 5 things I absolutely did not know. Very cool, and I agree, #1 was amazing!

Kevlar Kid

I thought Rodman was a decent kinda crazy mon until Madonna started pumping his head fullashit. Everyone she touches dies at what they were once good at.


Priestap is testifying about where all the bodies are buried.


MM, was that $15 billion?

Kevlar Kid

"Cleveland can win the Championship.
Just ask the Celtics.


But, we'll certainly have to wait and see.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Rodman went to some podunk school when he was older and didn't get surrounded by the same sycophants as ballplayers do at larger schools. It probably made him an easy mark.

He seems ok now that Madonna is out of the picture.

Jim Eagle


We have as many as 4 or 5 at one time in our place in Florida. They are spectaular birds. We have one here in Southampton near the National Golf Links and he and the resident Osprey are in cahoots to steal all the fish in Peconic Bay.

Kevlar Kid

Working hard in the ramp up to the big naygo-shee-ay-shunz.

"Need mo cheeze food."

"How you like my fillipino barber shirt?"


JFKJr would have won that Senate had he not died in a plane crash.
He at least wasn’t a carpetbagger.


I don’t assume that President Trump or Sessions has read the I G report.
I do believe it is being slow walked as people try to figure out how they can get out from under it.
Ron DeSantis and Jim Jordan seem like 2 guys that will relentlessly pursue the truth and aren’t guilty of any wrongdoing.

Kevlar Kid

How many bloated enflamed bungholes are on Tank Sweat's Committee?

Figure that out of 7 hours, FleaStop has had roughly 18 minutes of air time.


Anything interesting to look for in today's primaries?


OL, I'm 100% with you @ 5:46, but how could the report have been "released" to FBI & DOJ (almost 3 weeks ago now) without Sessions getting a copy?

Surely Huber got one, and Huber reports to Sessions and no one else on this. Didn't Jefferson Beauregard say that, and that he gets frequent updates?

And how could anyone withhold that copy from Trump? It has nothing to do with Russians or anything that anyone is under investigation or recused about.

Jim Eagle


The jungle primary in California could be revealing or not.

Janet 🚬

Inviting sports teams to the WH is a ridiculous thing anyway. Like so many DC events...

The White House Correspondent's Dinner
Sports team visits
Turkey pardoning
I'd even put the Easter egg roll in there

I'm sure there are others I'm not remembering too.

We don't elect a King to be adored. The Presidency should be all business...more like electing a CEO for 4 yrs..

I'm a curmudgeon & don't even like the attention a President's spouse gets.
I tend to stick up for Melania Trump because she is treated so ugly by the MFM.
The unfairness gets me.

JM Hanes


I suspect that the time spent bloviating drops sharply when the cameras aren't rolling. I actually think we can thank CSpan for the demise of anything remotely resembling productive debate or substantive info gathering in Congressional colloquy and hearings.

Kevlar Kid

What? No gloves?


Kevlar Kid


Of course. Without question.

However, the verbal laxative that is TV coverage accounts for but a paltry third of what these preening cabrones are genetically programmed to do.

---> re Eagles: once heard it said, "eagles are the bears of the skies." ;)

Carpe Man~ana!


JM Hanes


Via Instapundit, Tyler O'Neil has a long piece on 5 Things to Watch For in tonight's primaries. I didn't have the patience to read the whole thing myself, but I wouldn't mind an executive summary from anyone who does.

Kevlar Kid

How many Pat Tillmans or Kilroys are on that Eagle "squad?"

Does LeBrawn James or Stephen Curry have a shred of that kind of dignity, class, or selflessness in their souls?


JM Hanes:
California is key
Issa’s old seat 49th I think and the 39th.
Royce’s seat is up also.
Dana Rohrabacher has a repub challenger and tons of Dems running for his seat.
Here is the catch:
Mostly mail in ballots which can come in by Friday.
Noem of South Dakota is running for Republican Governor.
Could be possible run off in Alabama for s House seat.

Kevlar Kid

Dear All But 10 of You Eagles:

We've decided after much deliberation that a high school band will be holding your victory celebration in the same place as your noses--- in Obama's Butt.

Special guests: L. James and S. Curry.

Have a great time.


Pat Tillmans Ghost

You have the temerity to invoke my name Bonespur McChickenhawk?

JM Hanes

Thanks, maryrose. I really hate mail-in ballots!


OL, sorry I gave you a hard time in earlier thread.

My punishment is that I came home from work to only one beer in the house and it isn't very cold but I already popped it, so am drinking it anyway.

I would certainly like to see your 5:46 come true.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma


Awan info..

Kevlar Kid

California's "Head of a Pin" sweepstakes... the DNC will be crowing Blue Wave over this fucked-up primary process.

Is it anywhere near representative of what's happening around the rest of the Country? To what degree?

Bannon did make a point however--- if the GOP comes out all "Paul Ryan Wonky" about tax cuts, the baby-killer brigades will pulverize them with the same old Big Bent Tent issues.

Got to go national priorities in this one---> violators of federal law, escalation of domestic hostilities as precursors to civil war, cartels-cash-cheap labor-mule trains-sex trafficking vs. "pro immigration" palliatives.

How much are GOP candidates informing swing voters on what the true issues are in this dress rehearsal for November? Not just naming the issues---> explaining cause and effects.

Not confident based on what I've seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears thus far.

As for the Demz running for state assembly? Almost every single one of those chowder bags has a brochure featuring their mugs grinning the same way as The Bath House Rat standing next to them.

"Change you can believe in!"

Ya. Si se puede this you rotten.....


Thanks for the cool link, JM. Not so rare to see bald eagles where I live.


On Brett's Panel some Brit sounding guy, Tom Rogan, writer for the Washington Examiner is saying the following about some new guy Phillip Felix Sater:

Brit Talking Head: ...Something to look for though I think in the coming weeks is the name Philip Felix Sater. I think he will be coming out quite prominently in relation to Mueller and the Mueller people think that will strengthen their case to continue to the conclusion. I think this is coming to a head.

Anybody know who this Felix-Sater character is, or is this another "whack a mole" the Muellerist's are trotting out since Halper, Downer, etc have fallen flat?


Shithole alert:


David Hoggs family "Swatted"



The Presidency should be all business...more like electing a CEO for 4 yrs..

With you on that, Janet.


Anybody know who this Felix-Sater character is,

Tom R does.

Jim Eagle


Sater is ex-Russian ( as if you could'nt be) who lives in -peter's town. Full of shit more than intelligence;


Stephanie, plea hearing July 3? Something just got swept under the rug.


At this point because they have nothing,
Mueller and company are starting to make things up like the current Manafort garbage.
They are smarting from no President Trump interview.
It reminds me of the Plame case when they couldn’t get Cheney to testify.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Tom R does.

Good point.

Kevlar Kid

From TheCrosstab.com: (a little long but a good summary of what time it is in California's primaries)

"Disaster for Democrats in the Golden State?
Democrats are facing potential disaster scenarios in California’s thirty-ninth, forty-eighth, and forty-ninth congressional districts — and if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past month, you likely know why: California primary elections operate under a top-two primary (or party-blind two-round election, if you’re from a more electorally literate part of the world), in which any candidates, regardless of party, will advance to the November general election. So two Republican candidates with, say, 28% and 17% of the vote would advance to the second round in November if 4 or 5 Democratic candidates split the remaining 55% of the vote in the district.

This is precisely the situation Democrats are facing in the 48th congressional district, held by Republican incumbent Dana Rohrabacher. A Change Research Poll from May 8 found Rohrabacher polling in first place at 27%, Democrat Hans Keirstead polling at 19%, Rohrabacher’s old protege Scott Baugh a close third at 17%, and Democrat Harley Rouda polling at 11%. Of course, these data are not perfect, and things have likely changed since the poll was in the field. However, even if the numbers were the same, the possibility of a Democratic lockout here would be very real, even if not explicitly likely.

In the 49th district, things may look even more grim for Democrats. According to a SurveyUSA poll released June 2 (again, House polling can be fairly inaccurate, especially in primary elections, so be careful not to over-interpret), Republican candidate Diane Harkey lead the field with 24% of the vote, with three Democratic candidates closely behind at 11, 11, and 10% of the vote. Four Republican candidates split the remaining 27% of the vote — polling at 8, 8, 6, and 5% respectively — preserving the possibility that one may be able to grab support from the others and surge above Democrat Doug Applegate or Sara Jacobs (the two candidates at 11% of the vote). Given the media attention in these seats over the past week, it would be hard for me to believe that these numbers have not changed, with the trailing Democrats and Republicans positioning to support one who can come out ahead.

Finally, in the 39th House district primary to fill retiring Rep. Ed Royce’s seat, seventeen candidates (6 D, 7 R) are running — putting both political parties at risk of being locked out of the general election. The most recent internal campaign polling found that Democratic candidate Gil Cisneros in the lead at 19% of the vote, followed by three Republican candidates at 13, 12, and 11 percent of the vote.

The impact of a lockout in any one seat could be mildly significant for either party. Because these seats are all forecast to be so crucial pickup opportunities for Democrats in the November midterm elections, if any of them become lockouts for either party their probability of winning the majority of seats in the House decreases about 1%. And that’s in the model run today; in November, if the race looks closer than it does today, that impact could grow quite a bit. Of course, the effect is even higher if a party gets locked out of 1, 2, or even 3 seats.

To be sure, even if there is not a lockout, the results of tonight’s primary elections across the state will be good indicators of what to expect in the November general elections."

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Yep, Henry! I'm not only moving out to the ledge, I have a seat on the wall leaning backwards. I just hope it's at least 3 stories...


You are London, no shiite? Since when?

Posted by: Jack is Back! | June 05, 2018 at 05:06 PM

Nah M8, 's parody. The new Fresh Princes of Londonistan.



I was trying to run down something attributed to Thomas Carlyle when I came across this:

Carlyle's name for a man who prides himself on, and pays all respect to, respectability. It is derived from a definition once given in a court of justice by a witness who, having described a person as respectable, was asked by the judge in the case what he meant by the word; "one that keeps a gig," was the answer. Carlyle also refers to "gigmanity" at large.


some interesting speculation regarding Spygate here:


Eye Doctor

What is Tom R selling now?


Bald headed eagle catches salmon


McCabe seeking immunity for Congressional testimony:



Pin, use preview and if your name is ok you're ok.

Eye Doctor

No more immunity for these assholes!


Fox piece elaborating on the tweeted info earlier from Catherine Herridge



Why would anyone grant immunity to McCabe?

Things are starting to come to a head.


LeBrons leading gift is he's much more selfish than Jordan, impossible as it seems


Seems that way, Ext.


it appears the deep staters were trying to draw in Stephen miller as well, to one of the flypaper events,



Priestap was interviewed Tuesday as part of an ongoing joint investigation by the House Judiciary and Oversight committees. Priestap was Strzok's supervisor and oversaw both the Russia and Clinton investigations.

The lawmaker described Strzok as a very cooperative witness, but added that unanswered questions remained about Priestap's overseas travel. One line of questioning Tuesday concerned a trip to London by Priestap in May 2016 and whether it was connected to the Russia case.

Who wrote that? Strzok was the witness?


Love to see the Dumpsters Enemies List


Jeff Bezos has a rocket that can reach into sub orbital space. Do I smell LORAL II?


Ellison's bid for Minnesota AG suggests he doesn't think the House will flip. Especially since he has to know, as DNC deputy, how bad the situation really is.

I don't think he can win statewide. 2016 woke up a lot of dormant MN voters to the possibility of Republicans actually having a fighting chance in the state. Trump came within 55K.

Kevlar Kid

Re: SFO as ShitzBurg---

It's a valid map. We are 3 miles as the crow flies from that part of the City. SFO is no longer a "walking city."

Berkeley's downtown is pretty much in the same "smeared" condition. We don't go there if we don't have to (there isn't a single thing we need from there that we can't get in nearby Albany). Certainly not food-related.

What's even worse than the human feces in SFO is the underreported, (even murderous) violent crimes by the sidewalk crapping legions. Thank you Kamala Harris.

The open-toed shoe-wearing command staffs of SFO-PD, OAK-PD, RICH-PD, BKLY-PD et alia "believe" that we must have "compassion" (ProgSpeak code for "eat shit") for anybody who flops in our cities (even though they didn't go homeless here, but elsewhere).

This is nothing that a good cholera outbreak can't cure. Of course, these Sanc-City animals would be crying bloody murder that the FEDS have to do something to help them clean up their 1st world shitholes.

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