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June 05, 2018



Nytol--know it's early but tomorrow I have to teach a bunch of Grimm's fairy tales, Andersen's fairy tales, Freud's "The Uncanny," Hoffman's ghastly story "The Sandman," and critical commentary on fairy tales by Bruno Bettelheim. Need to re-prepare. They seem a tough crew (my students!)!


Fired FBI Director Andrew McCabe Requests Criminal Immunity in exchange for Congressional Testimony…

Has Trey Gowdy told him to quit acting guilty yet?


Beasts, Harrison, was an awesome SOLO/LEAD guitar player too. Harrison was merely playing in the shadow of McCartney and Lennon back then. He was great on his own too.

Kaiser Derden

funny if I was a team OWNER and one of my employees decided to make negative public statements about what MY team might or might not do without clearing it with me first I'm pretty sure they would be watching the finals at home :) and traded to some Italian team ...


The Secret Service arrested a contractor outside the White House on Tuesday for an outstanding warrant that includes an attempted murder charge, CBS News Washington correspondent Paula Reid reports.

I bet if he'd succeeded in sneaking inside and bumping off Melania CBS News and David Frum would have blamed the murder on Trump.

Kevlar Kid

Yes, Keith X wants the Blew Sub-Ripple to be 100% owned by the Potty Mouthed Dominican.

CH: narcisoan style looks good on ya. ;) -Kev

matt - deplorable me

I voted reluctantly for Dana because Baugh is an a-hole. He was chair of the OC Republican Party for years and did nothing except piss off a lot of people.

Dana is pretty much senile these days, more interested in legalized marijuana than a man his age ought to be. But he's usually a reliable vote for most things, but strange. Hasn't done much for 30 years except his weird patent obsession.

Issa told me himself that he had the goods on F&F, which turned out to be BS, so no great loss there. I hope Mimi Walters keeps her seat. I expect she will.

I am more concerned that we don't go full bolshie in our statewide elections. Those people are nuts.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

I don't think I saw any grinning goof of a pol promise more and deliver less than Issa.


Andy.... McCabe.....of "Andy's office" fame, made claims of his INNOCENCE as to EVERYTHING.
Andy had a GOFUNDME account. Half a million DUCKS.
Andy is a dirty dirty dirty bird. Andy and the MFM were so very very very verklempt at ANDY, being SHITCANNED......just before he could COLLECT from YOU. Andy is 50 years old.
Andy McCabe is now seeking IMMUNITY. Andy needs to be tried, convicted and he needs to be IMPRISONED or EXECUTED, as the LAW PRESCRIBES.
Of course, he needs to be read his RIGHTS too.
THEN. THEN...He may have some NEGOTIATING Position.


yes, back in the day, Rohrabacher was full of vinegar, if you get my meaning, right off the Reagan speechwriting staff, now it's mostly spinal tap, of course the notion this consummate cold warrior is a tool of Moscow is ludicrous, but such is the narrative,


Gowdy doody produced ZERO RESULTS, and then Gowdy told of his RESIGNATION, and THEN, went on board with CBS this GOWDY MORNING etc etc etc...

ME ME ME ME. Bad haircut and even less character.

Who does #2 work for??

Kevlar Kid

Another Bob: ShitzBurg ryhmes with Pittsburgh but I purposely left off the "h" at the end cuz I LOVE PITTSBURGH! My best man and college pal hails from there. Spent 3 Thanksgivings there. So.... just sayin. (If that's why you mentioned the reference)



McCabe is a filthy prick. He needs to be held accountable for his crimes. His WIFE was given THREE QUARTERS of a MILLION dollars, for a STATE TE campaign. She had NO Political experience, yet RODHAM/Billy the RAPISTS' BAG MAN, gives the INVESTIGATOR INTO RODHAM'S FEDERAL CRIMES and E-MAIL DELETION despite being SUBPOENAD a PASS.

clarice feldman

How did he EVER get a security clearance?https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/white-house-worker-is-held-on-attempted-murder-charge-8d235r2n6


I'm all for giving McCabe immunity if it means the rest go to jail.

But, I have no faith that anyone is going to jail whether immunity is granted or not.

If he doesn't get immunity, he just pleads the 5th


Well to be in accordance, adjust for the thalosian, Perez has a odd shaped cranium which yields peculiar brain thoughts he was the zampolit running roughshod over many major metropolitan police departments, from his perch in the civil rights division.


Great find Clarice, but I'm sorry. The AWAN BROTHERS and POCK-EE-STAWN....etc etc is far more pertinant to this FILTH than anything else.
THE CORRUPTION and the FILTH is so DEEP, it's scary.

Kevlar Kid

What would "America" do if an unredacted, pre-review/comment version of the Horowitz IG report just happened to make it to some sticky black site and blasted out over cyberspace.

With all this tiptoeing on egg shells and postponed release dates, it would deservedly land on all of their hats--- black or white--- for jacking us around.

There isn't one single bit of classified horseshit in that entire report given the level of lying, deceit and treasonous nonsense these traitors have foisted upon We, The People.

Someone, somewhere needs to suck it up and blow this entire shit show to smithereens. Jail the lot of them and the hang the ringleaders on national television. And if the alphabet networks won't do it, set it up as a pay-per-view extravaganza.

Can that slimy cockbag McCabe really get immunity from the nadless Senate committee even while he's been found out and fired for his role in this crime against the state?

If it happens, I'd be the first to say "It's over." They'll be lining up in droves to say much about nothing. That is McCabe's only trick if he wants to stay alive.

Not in the mood.



Listening to Levin hammering the Philadelphia EGO's.


Mockmook, we'd like to work with you, but we cannot RELEASE the TRUTH to YOU, nor the AMERICAN PEOPLE.
We need to redact, your name, errrrrr, I mean, something something. It's all for National Security. John al quds Brennan, and Jimbo CLAP CLAP CLAP, the CLAPPER, NEED TO KEEP THEIR PEEPS, mysterious and YOU CANNOT know the LIES.


I don't think I saw any grinning goof of a pol promise more and deliver less than Issa.

Keep your eye's wide open and watch Gowdy.


KEV, my brother. McCabe, is a criminal. McCabe has no leverage. If Andy wanted to avoid being a FEDERAL PRISONER, and a INDICTED CONSPIRATOR and a FEDERAL FUTURE ARRESTED piece of this obvious puzzle. "Andy" has very little to negotiate.


Extraneus, just started this thread and saw your post about eagles. The George Miksch Sutton Avian Research Center is just outside our small city. They've raised and released Bald Eagles there and are now working on research and efforts to save several endangered birds. They give educational programs in schools all over the region.

Thought you might be interested. There are several links explaining the programs they engage in -- one page tells how they raised and reintroduced eagles into the wild:



Oh hapy anniversary pagar.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--putting both political parties at risk of being locked out of the general election--

Why am I suddenly thinking of Gordon McRae ridin his horsey through the corn and singing?


New Black Panthers, Same as the first

A little bit louder and a little bit worse


Pin, what makes you think I didn't play that at the RECEPTION????

Posted by: GUS | June 05, 2018 at 09:47 PM

Who's Cryin' Now?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I solved the mystery of my malfunctioning internet. It did it again at around 10P< and I happened to hear my son's girlfriends voice, even though she is in Vincennes.

So I stuck my head out in the hall and asked if they were doing anything on the internet. Sure enough, they have a video chat program they use. As soon as they disconnected this evening, I was able to get back on.


Jennifer Flowers on with Laura Ingraham discussing the Bill Clinton meltdown. Laura introduces her, then plays a clip of Bill Clinton last night saying he's already apologized to Monica when he apologized to the country in a room full of Ministers and TV cameras 20 years ago.

Jennifer says her first impression was that he is not near as good a liar as he used to be. She also thinks he has some serious health problems, and he's also nervous she thinks because he see's Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby in legal trouble and he worries he might now be open to legal jeopardy as well. She thinks he ought to be prosecuted for the rape of Juanita Broderick and she also thinks Hillary the enabler should be arrested as a co-conspirator of the rapist Bill Clinton.

Now Laura played more of Bill Clinton saying last night he is a big supporter of the #MeToo movement. Jennifer laughs out loud:)

She then says the #MeToo movement should step up and recognize her and Jaunita Broderick and Paula Jones and tons of others similarly abused by Slick. She says she and her abused pals are the #MeNot Movement. She says the Clinton's are Bullet Proof and this lack of recognition from the #MeToo Movement is another instance of the Left protecting the Clinton's all over again. Says it's all politicized.

A decent segment. She came across quite well. Keep it up, Jennifer.


But, I have no faith that anyone is going to jail whether immunity is granted or not.

You mean all those convictions and prison sentences that the other immunity pleas resulted in don't convince you? Oh, wait.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Virginia State Police are pursuing a stolen tank.pic.twitter.com/rRlvFI4fz8

— Ryan Saavedra 🇺🇸 (@RealSaavedra) June 6, 2018

Actually, it's an armored personnel carrier, but a really great video is at the link, taken by someone on the street.


Great article

Grounded Ambition: How Jeff Sessions’ Dream Job Became A Nightmare – Wick Media Productions


Sessions’ tenure as Attorney General was largely doomed at the start. There is little doubt that the Obama administration took a keen interest in setting up strategic roadblocks before the confirmation hearings even began. One of those now infamous meetings with Russian ambassador Kysliak that Sessions failed to recall, was actually set up by the Obama State Department; it had nothing to do with Trump or any part of the transition. It was a set up, and the now disgraced Al Franken sprung the trap during the hearings. Sessions also endured unprecedented opposition from his democratic colleagues. Senator Corey Booker, a known provocateur, took the pains to testify as a witness against Sessions. The re-litigation of the old charges of racism were lobbed back into the court of public opinion. Sessions needed help to make it through. He needed his old friend from Alabama, Charles J. Cooper. Chuck, as it turns out, was more than happy to help.
Cooper is an omnipresent figure in DC. He graduated from the same Alabama School of Law as Sessions, but the two only became friends during work together in Reagan’s Justice Department in the 80s. Cooper flew at a different altitude than Sessions. He graduated first in his class and quickly found work as a clerk to the late, great William Rehnquist. This was a transformative time for Cooper, who would go on to become Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Office of Legal Counsel; a launching pad position previously held by his old boss Rehnquist during the Nixon administration. At age 34, he was already a widely respected conservative voice in a Justice Department that was embroiled in a touchy Iran-Contra investigation. Cooper was one of only a handful of people who were tasked with hunting down political liabilities to Reagan. In his zeal to protect the Justice Department, and theoretically Reagan himself, Cooper came down on Lt Colonel Oliver North like a hammer. Many at the time felt that his mission was to find a fall guy and throw him under the bus. Cooper went to the extraordinary lengths to testify before Congress prior to North and claim he believed that North would not be truthful. Without delving deeper into the matter, suffices to say Cooper possessed a readily apparent sense of moral superiority that unsettled some of his Justice colleagues. A relevant character trait in these turbulent days.

Now having one of the most successful boutique law firms in the country, Cooper put aside his open disdain for Donald Trump to help his old friend prep for the confirmation process. Something few were more qualified to do than Chuck Cooper. And wouldn’t you know it, he was also magnanimous enough to offer to oversee the hiring of all the top positions at Justice Main. With an “aw shucks” grin, and a legendary status in the Federalist Society, Cooper set about putting all the functional pieces around Sessions to ensure loyalty to the Attorney General, not the president. About the only person who was not connected to Cooper’s law firm was Rod Rosenstein; who, of course, never has worked for a non-government entity in his career. But fear not, Cooper personally interviewed Rosenstein along with Sessions, and gave him a thumbs up and the unparalleled Cooper seal of approval. Then, as Caesar said, the die was cast.


She thinks he ought to be prosecuted for the rape of Juanita Broderick

I would imagine the statute of limitations on that passed about 20 years ago. Or even if there isn't one, it would be impossible to convict now. But they got Cosby, so who knows.


Peter Strzok=Shitbird singing in the dead of night


I hear Harrison liked his chords like he liked his wimmin: Flat and 13.


Pil, I think Clapton liked the same.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am heading to bed.



Pin, Harrison, didn't go by AGE, he went by WEIGHT.


Rupert Murdoch liked his anchors like he likes his chords: Sharp and augmented.


I don’t want to see the IG’s report yet.
Next week Trump meets with Kim. That will go well or it won’t. If it doesn’t the media will have lots of “See, Trump is a clown” stories teed up and ready to go.
Wouldn’t that be a better time to release the IG’s report?

Another Bob

Kevlar Kid | June 05, 2018 at 10:12 PM

Been gone a long time but yeah I’m from that neck o’ the woods. You might have picked up from your bud that you may leave Pittsburgh but Pittsburgh never fully leaves you.

Believe it or not, we may retire there.


Mozart liked his liquor like he liked his Gregorian Chants: In fifths.


I love you LurkerSusie.
Sessions, did not fail to remember meeting with KISLYAK. TWICE. Sessions, as any honest man or any politician who is not a FULL COMMIE... Knew that he had met with KISLYAK, and so did ALL OF AMERICA. This was not a nefarious meeting with RUSSIANS. Jeff Sessions met with KISLYAK in front of CAMERA'S and only as a member of the SENATE FOREIGN RELATIONS COMMITTEE. Only a blubbering lying fucking fool, would see it otherwise.


When the topic of troll farms came up, Putin said that Moscow "has nothing to do" with them, adding that claims by Western media that a single Russian businessman, Yevgeny Prigozhin, was able to influence the US election.

Prigozhin and Putin are associates, however Putin said he has no knowledge of his online activities. The Russian president then brought up George Soros as an example of the double standards being applied to those accused of meddling in foreign affairs.

"There are rumors circulating now that Mr. Soros is planning to make the Euro highly volatile," Putin said quoted by RT. "Experts are already discussing this. Ask the [US] State Department why he is doing this. The State Department will say that it has nothing to do with them - rather it is Mr. Soros' private affair. With us, it is Mr. Prigozhin's private affair. This is my answer. Are you satisfied with it?"

Another Bob

“Virginia State Police are pursuing a stolen tank”

So McCabe was refused immunity?

(Stolen from twitter)


Jon, Trumps mission to Singapore, will reap benefits. THE FUCKTARD FULL COMMIE LEFT, do not want AMERICA to win.
There is NO DOUBT, that POTUS DJT will win. Kim has moved off of the COMMIE SCHNEID. Trump/America HAS NOT.

Thank you for playing!


I was noting they are running force 10 from navarone one if the last of the unapologetic world war 2. With a young Harrison ford just after he had done star wars other players like Robert Shaw, as I recall there was even a toy mockup of the axis fortress they were targeting

Captain Hate

You might have picked up from your bud that you may leave Pittsburgh but Pittsburgh never fully leaves you.

Once a Yinzer...

Levin played clips of various Senators being asked, after a preamble of why Ol' Yeller and Professor Calabrese have argued for it, if Mueller's performance is arguably unconstitutional. Rand Paul gave a thoughtful answer but idiot Flake just said "no".

Pretty smart of Laura to have Gennifer Flowers on. Idiot Coal Bare will feature Slick and James Patterson to entertain the clapping seals with softball lobs.


It is Leonard pinth garnell bad, like tapper some weeks ago it puts marginally better copy righted material in an agonizing booth, but the source material is the American president independence day and Olympus is falling.


Capn' the FUKTARD LEFT, is melting. All of the lies and bullshit, are NOT WORKING.


In modern times I can't think of many films shot in Singapore, the tail end of hitman 47 is an exception, which the characters cone to conclude through a series of linguistic fauna and flora clues.


Jeff Flake is beyond loser-ville. Where this fukwit comes from is anyone's guess.


The LEFT is beret of logic and facts. The FULL COMMIE LEFT is hell bent on lying and playing games.

Some of these clowns, do not even realize how FUCKED in the HEAD that they are.


On catch-up finally got to this Stealth Jeff App link (posted by Miss M, natch') and it makes so much common sense I'm re-posting it. Can't imagine why the light bulb didn't go off the first dozen times I read about OConus Lures:

CONUS LURES: Fed. law prevents LEO/IC agencies from spying on Americans or attempting to entrap US citizens inside the CONtinental United States.

This is why attempts were made to get low level Trump campaign staff to meet with CIA/IC assets on FOREIGN SOIL.

But of course! How come that didn't click for me? Geebus:(

you can *bypass* the entire FISA Court surveillance warrant hassle *if* you can coax the targets into leaving the continental US and meeting up with your intelligence operatives on FOREIGN SOIL.

This is *exactly* why Stefan Halper wined and dined and schmoozed George Papadopoulos into agreeing to an all-expenses-paid trip to the UK so he could PAY him $3,000 to write a paper on energy development in the Eastern Mediterranean area.

I feel stupid.


Much like Olga kurylenko was a draw for the first film, so was Hannah ware.


Gavin McInnes At the Movies https://youtu.be/ca4lnPwnX3E


Stefan Halper, met with and chatted with Geo Papadapolous...for what PURPOSE???

Who was PAYING Stefan Halper???

This shit is easy.

COMEY should be hanged, after McCabe..
Brennan should be beaten to death by ME.
Clapper, should have his balls cut off.....


good evening everyone.

hopelessly behind on catch up ... should just open the other thread in a new window ...


Daddy, the FBI paid for HALPER and the FBI arranged for GEO PAPADOPOLOUS to be ......arranged....


Yes but they look great pains not only to hide the players, but the mechanism by which they operate, the tearful fiancé was an employee of mifsud long before she was introduced to papadop, not quite a fembot but certainly a future world model, then miss turk and her employer helper come into the picture, this must have caused a little kerfluffle, like that insurance commercial about biding contacted at all hours of the day.


Narciso, Papadopous chick friend is irrelevant.
She can cry a river. What does she add to the equation??

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Anyone heard of any results in the primaries tonight?

Looks like it might be Newsome v Cox in CA if current results hold up... other than that I got zilch.


He was being paid from a secret fund ostensibly to develop sources and manage personnel for the defense department je dyer noted the various enterprises that had been set up to make it look like mifsud was a Russian agent instead of an mi 6 one.


She's a plant Guys, they arranged her in place to suggest certain ideas to papafob.


...you can *bypass* the entire FISA Court surveillance warrant hassle *if* you can coax the targets into leaving the continental US and meeting up with your intelligence operatives on FOREIGN SOIL.

This is *exactly* why Stefan Halper wined and dined and schmoozed George Papadopoulos into agreeing to an all-expenses-paid trip to the UK...

So in light of that, this from another link on the last page makes sense:

Carter Page was not the only Trump campaign adviser invited to a July 2016 event at the University of Cambridge, the storied British institution where “Spygate” is believed to have originated.

The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned that an invitation to attend the campaign-themed event was extended to Stephen Miller, another Trump campaign adviser who currently serves in the White House. Miller did not attend the event,...

My lightbulbs are going off all over again!



It's CLOWNISH. And.... A WAR.... IS ...COMING.


Not that shes a full Connie@ Gus, but she is an agent of influence,



Narciso, we can pretend that our ENEMIES are NOT Full commie bastards. Or we can IDENTIFY THEM AS SUCH, and be ready to BEAT THEM DOWN.

Narciso, I think you understand me.


No newsom coming in first spell doom, or what was that German cognate, now the otherway of looking at it, is you done have the same party
Retread as a challenger.


Newsome was coming in 1st no matter what. It isn't a bellwether.


results from tonight(oops last night)


(did i really carry on the way i did last night ... good grief)


Good luck California ... great beaches, great skiing, great mountains

the absolutely dumbest political culture in the US.


This is from the FiveThirtyEight website:
Here are the CA districts where Democrats are still in danger of a top-two lockout:

The 50th District: Hunter (R) is at 48 percent, with Campa-Najjar (D) at 15 percent, Butner (D) at 14 percent, and Wells (R) at 12 percent. (14 percent of the polls have reported)
The 48th District: Rohrabacher (R) is at 30 percent, with one Democrat (Keirstead) and one Republican (Baugh) tied around 18 percent. (Partially in Los Angeles County)
The 10th District: Denham (R) at 38 percent, with a Democrat (Harder) at 15 percent and a Republican (Howze) at 14 percent. (38 percent have reported.)
And Senate District 32: Heavy Democratic lean, but eight Democrats are splitting the vote. (Partially in Los Angeles County)
But with so many mail-in votes still to be counted, a lot could change.


Walk you were ticked at the phone fiver, some days I'm an apocalyps mood my self, this is not one of those days.

Now one scenario for a 4, is about alt universes which explains how many departed characters have appeared on set, even before the snap.


so the Awan Bros story is making a boomlet, Gowdy Doody doing his level best to cover up the FBI Coup against Trump, and still we wait for the IG report ... but at least McTurtle is keeping congress in session so Trump can't make recess appointments.

think I've got the broad outline at least of what was going on ...


I'm watching Shannon Bream's live continuing Election Coverage of the State Primaries, but like Miss M, she keeps having on that toad Chris Stirewalt to snakily leer at her with his predictions and I have to mute the screen as he just so enormously repulsive to me.


Yes that's the gist, there was an old airwolf episode where stringfellow has to escort a federal witness to capitol hill, but Gordon liddy in his best snidely whiplash phase keeps putting up near fatal obstacles of course they are flying airwolf, they get to Washington and its turns out Gordon liddy is the head of the oversight committee.

In that light, more evidence that Mueller is a slimy bugger, re Bowie Carr.


Primary results tonight confirm that Republican John Cox will be on the Gubernatorial Ballot against Dem Gavin Newsom in the California Election. Good news for the Repubs. Having a guy on the Statewide Ballot backed by Trump should motivate the troops and make the Dem's job tougher and more expensive.


That's what I think, these wet blanc manges like kashkari and Whitman had little support.

Dave (in MA)

Watch out for the fargin' midges, CH:



Posted by: narciso | June 06, 2018 at 12:44 AM

i'm getting lost regarding the story ... it's own enormity and incomprehensibility is its best defense.

little good that does those caught up in Mueller's various traps.


The shirt answer is the hitman died 40 years ago, but so did two of the four suspects as in the departed when they made it this one guy pampas Matt Damon had framed for.

The story has no organic connection to Russia, one deep state player fed rumors to credulous aide who fed it to another. There was never anything tangible.


so, so telling that back in October 2016 the 'he won't accept the election results' boomlet went prime time ... even Clinton go into the act.

such a telling question-should have know then and there that a coup was ongoing.


El comunista entero:



Yes, but they really thought it was going to be Florida redux, a very closer call.


Now the irony is mccabes atty, bronwhich once fried to nail colonel north's hide but he was too clever by half, just like clarices client a decade earlier.


Who was subject to a sniveling little Harvard weasel probably a student of Archibald cox


Some times its just good fortune:


Was there a national Blue Wave?


>>>Was there a national Blue Wave?

Posted by: JimNorCal | June 06, 2018 at 01:16 AM<<<

during primary elections?



it is like drinking from a fire hose ... i'm thinking i'll get it eventually, but here we are ... 576 days post election and we are still litigating the 2016 election.

just because Zero and Hillary! couldn't accept the election results.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Only if you include the leaks from portapotties...

It has been called for Cox in 2nd place. Should be some excellent tweets from Trump in the morning.


and JimNorCal ... have you been away from the threads for a while? for some reason I want to say welcome back because I haven't seen you in a week or so.

Kevlar Kid

Califas Primary Roundup as of 1101pm PST:



Was there a national Blue Wave?

Before he migrated to Seattle Ichiro used to play for the Orix Blue Wave in Japan:

They are defunct now, having merged into the Orix Buffaloes in 2006, but Wiki says they formed way back in 1936 and interestingly they started importing players from American Negro League's in the 50's to improve their talent:

In the early 1950s the franchise made a dedicated effort to attract foreign talent, particularly African-American veterans of Negro League baseball,[1] including infielders John Britton and Larry Raines, and pitchers Jimmy Newberry and Rufus Gaines. These players were the first Americans other than Wally Yonamine to play Nippon Professional Baseball after World War II.



Who the hell is Gary H Baker and why did he/is he doing a book signing at a Love's truck stop?


In Rookie Truck Driver, it doesn't take long for the action to get moving. Here are the cover notes: Pearl Harbor, J.F.K.'s assassination, the Oklahoma City bombing...In everyone's life there are days, moments, occasions that change your life forever. September 11, 2001 was that day for Toby Etheridge. The sight of the Twin Towers coming down, the Pentagon in flames, and the fourth jet liner scattered over a Pennsylvania field released something equally forbidding and explosive in Toby. To fulfill his mission for retaliation and deal with his guilt from Vietnam, he will have to learn a lot of hard lessons about life on the road as a rookie truck driver. You may read excerpts, comment on, and order at www.garyhbaker.com. Also, the author encourages truck drivers to email or snail mail their best stories of life on the road. Gary plans to use as many as possible in future books.


Now I have heard everything.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
3h3 hours ago

Mitch McConnell announced he will cancel the Senate’s August Recess. Great, maybe the Democrats will finally get something done other than their acceptance of High Crime and High Taxes. We need Border Security!
Late night tweet!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

‏Verified account @ScottPresler
1h1 hour ago

ALABAMA RESULTS: With 99% reporting,

Democrats: 283,105
Republicans: 579,579

Alabama is staying red & we're taking back Doug Jones' seat in 2020.

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