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June 28, 2018



Of course she wants Medicare expansion 'sensible gun control' taxing bullets at 9 cents per, that constitutes sensible among their cohort.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 28, 2018

This has the video of the President's speech at Foxconn yesterday, if you missed it live.

Captain Hate

Yes, Jordan was too amped up yesterday although, as I understand it, he only had five minutes total and all the donks who kept interjecting to let Rosenstein respond were out of order for infringing on his time. But imo Jordan came off as badgering Rosenstein.

While I'm on the topic of Rosenstein, iirc a day or so ago it was mentioned that he excused signing off on the DJT FISA application by saying he signed it without reading it. Depending on the volume he might receive daily, that might be a plausible excuse EXCEPT he surely has underlings reporting to him whose jobs are to make him aware of something like "in this stack is something you should pay attention to". To give him the benefit of the doubt on that, maybe he knows who neglected to do that and will drop the hammer subsequently, but this needs to be scrutinized further.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

.@USTreasury Steven Mnuchin: We're seeing the impact of tax cuts, regulatory relief https://t.co/nZ4bzoGnYm @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness

— Maria Bartiromo (@MariaBartiromo) June 29, 2018

4-minute video at the link with Mnuchin and Kudlow.


Desantis was good, that's why Putnam Pac has been pummeling him so was gaetz who's father was a veteran pol.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

I agree with your opinion 100% om that statement about him signing it without reading it.

It sort of smacked of "the dog ate my homework", didn't it?


Don't know why avatar turned yellow.

clarice feldman

Still, MM, it's palusible. He had just taken this stuff on, had lots of knew responsibilities, and had no reason to know all that had preceded this application.

Captain Hate

Miss Marple,

I keep thinking back to old MASH episodes where Radar would give Henry Blake or Sherman Potter stacks that needed his signature and would alert him on certain things. As someone who worked in large organizations in the less enjoyable parts of my work history, I know how those things work.


Yes I'm not going to buy It, considering this was a continuing investigation of trump connected persons.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

A 468-page report on human trafficking was released yesterday. This poster has a thread with some high points and says he has the whole report at his web site:


Captain Hate

Oh for God's sake, Clarice; signing off on a FISA warrant for surveiling a Presidential candidate is a huge deal. Unless it isn't and then we have an even bigger problem,

James D.

Once again, praying for early onset rigor mortis.

What I am praying for right now, re: Obama et all, is Old Testament/style divine retribution. I want him punished in a way that is unmistakable, that shows to even the most blind or ignorant that he and his have defied the laws of God and man and that they are deserving of the horrific punishment visited upon them, and that they are to be cast out and not even looked upon on pain of suffering as they suffer.

I want the plagues of Egypt brought upon them. I want an example made of them that will be remembered with dread for a thousand years.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


One would think that as someone who had been given more responsibility, he would have been MORE careful. He doesn't strike me as a guy who would just wing it.

In my opinion, that was a really strange statement and one which would open him up to charges of professional malfeasance and incompetence.


his constant interruptions of Rosenstein confirmed to me his allotted time was nothing more than kabuki theater. It will play well on camera and help him get re-elected in the fall.

Whole thing is kabuki theater, and if that what it takes to get him re-elected, so be it.

Jordan didn't offend me nearly as much as Swalwell did.

James D.

I would love to disconnect from politics for awhile, but I just can't stay silent while the uber hatred of President Trump & his voters goes on.

It’s more than this. It’s almost impossible to disconnect from politics because the left has made EVERYTHING political. Both in cultural terms, and by expanding the power and reach of the government so that there is no aspect of life, no matter how private or how small and meaningless, that is not part of some bureaucrat’s job to oversee and regulate.

James D.

Still, MM, it's palusible. He had just taken this stuff on, had lots of knew responsibilities, and had no reason to know all that had preceded this application.

Would an FBI investigator or a federal prosecutor accept that defense from a CEO who had signed off on something illegal or fraudulent or otherwise awful?

If not, then Rosenstein shouldn’t get that benefit of the doubt, either.

James D.

Update on our neighbor. Mary passed away last night. Her nephews got in so hopefully they will have a plan to help her sister.

Oh, clarice, thank you! I am familiar with that office from my mom

Old Lurker

"he excused signing off on the DJT FISA application by saying he signed it without reading it."

THAT right there should scare the sh*t out of our side. A key selling point on the monstrous powers granted to that top secret star chamber was that "Don't Worry, Be Happy no invisible warrant can ever be issued unless the AG personally agrees it is justified and necessary..."


Old Lurker

Clarice "...responsibilities, and had no reason to know all that had preceded this application..."

He had to know that the FISA warrant process was one of the most powerful and constitutionally dangerous powers held by the DoJ and "just signing at the paperclip" to me was criminally reckless.

M never gave James Bond his 007 status and license to kill with being sure the man was reliable enough to be careful using it.

Off with their heads, all of them.

Jim Eagle

Obama, at Beverly Hills fundraiser, says GOP 'mad even when they win'

You mean mad, like in shooting a Congressman at baseball practice?

Or, do you mean, mad like in refusing service in a restaurant to the Press Secretary to the POTUS and then stalking her family when they tried another restaurant?

Or, do you mean mad, like in screaming at the Homeland Security secretary while she is having a meal in a Mexican restaurant?

Or, do you mean mad, like Maxine Water's urging other mad, crazy people to create havoc and chaos wherever Administration people gather?

Or, do you mean mad, like in threatening to kidnap a 12 year old boy because his father is the duly elected POTUS?

Or, do you mean mad, like in praying for the economy to collapse, ruining the lives of millions because you hate that the POTUS is successful?

Funny how mad we are.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


clarice feldman

I wonder how many FISA warrants crossed his desk in that period? How specific was the request for an extension? Have we ever seen the warrant applications? I don't think so. He was surrounded by fifth column Obama plants .

Jim Eagle


She is in a better place. Prayers for Mary's successful arrival and comfort to her soul.


Good points on Jordan but I excuse him because I believe RR is a dirty cop, or either an ass-kissing, holier than thou, Deepstate functionary, like the Eunuchs in ancient Egypt.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thanks to @POTUS & @SpeakerRyan for joining me at yesterday’s historic groundbreaking. Foxconn’s $10 billion investment is the largest economic development project in WI history & the largest corporate attraction project in US history as measured by jobs. https://t.co/XUFFB6lq69

— Governor Walker (@GovWalker) June 29, 2018

This also links to a Milwaukee Business Journal article about the groundbreaking.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I have given up trying to figure out if Rosenstein is on our side or not.

The whole thing gives me a headache.


IIRC, he didn't say he didn't read it. He just didn't say he did.


Off with their heads, all of them.

Can I help?:)

clarice feldman

I do not see him willfully and with full knowledge authorizing the extension of a FISA warrant directed at his new boss.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I am trying to reconcile this with what I know is a fact: full employment, increased wages, and increased GDP, as well as foreign investment in the US.

Captain Hate

Excellent laundry list @ 9:42, JiB. Clarice can c&p for Sunday as a pre July 4 break.


I can see the old spyware cartoon:

Rosenstein with the FISA request in front of him surrounded by the buzzards from counter intelligence - Sign it. You can trust us.

Jim Eagle

In re Foxconn.

From my work experience, Taiwanese engineering techs are by far the most superior of the Asian countries. In our large refinery project in Indonesia, the Japanese company supplying all the instrumentation and control were out of their comfort zone in doing the bench calibrations and startup processes. We had to bring in a Taiwanese engineering outfit to ramp up their schedule delays.

The Japanese had 200 techs who were worthless. The Taiwanese had 20 techs that did over 3K instrument calibrations and startup. Next best Asian engineering techs were the Singaporeans and Malaysians. The Indonesian were being trained and were new to all this digital measuring.

The Taiwanese guys even knew how to quickly restore systems using the old pneumatic analog instrumentation. Those jobs in Wisconsin are going to get superb world-class technical training.


Imagine having 175,000 people reporting to you, and yet you're holed up in your office until midnight poring over the details of FISA warrant applications? I know I'd be delegating that task.

I thought he seemed willing to accept responsibility if Horowitz says he screwed up. He just wasn't accepting that accusation from Gomert.

Captain Hate

The OIG has an ongoing investigation of FISA, no? I suspect there will be some serious hammer dropping, particularly on judges who get "misled" and then don't get skulls in retribution.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This has an explanation of the weird symbol Ramos had on his twitter photo and other places.


Just saw this. :)

"Headline: FBI Chief Christopher Wray: ‘I’ve Never Completely Understood the Term Deep State’
"I wonder if he partially understood it?
"Posted by: daddy"

clarice feldman

James D, while the nephews are here, pls suggest strongly they get their aged aunt to sign before a notary a Power of atty as they will need it to handle her financial and medical affairs. Her bank can do this and forms are usually available online.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This quotes a Washington Post article extensively and links to it. Since I don't subscribe to the post I can't read the article, which is why I linked this.

Old Lurker

"He was surrounded by fifth column Obama plants."

The open question to me is whether or not he himself is one. The is as yet no indication that he is not one of them.

Old Lurker

"IIRC, he didn't say he didn't read it. He just didn't say he did."

Damned either way, seems to me, Ext.

Eye Doctor

Rosenstein is a lying sos!

Old Lurker

Clarice "I do not see him willfully and with full knowledge authorizing the extension of a FISA warrant directed at his new boss."

That won't sell, Clarice. He cannot hide from the fact that the AG signoff on FISA warrants is the last defense citizens were promised when those powers were granted. It was precisely so that third and fourth level grunts could not misdirect the immense intel powers taxpayers had bought for them.

Old Lurker

Ext "Imagine having 175,000 people reporting to you, and yet you're holed up in your office until midnight poring over the details of FISA warrant applications? I know I'd be delegating that task."

Bullshit, Ext. If Congress had wanted it approvable by low level staff, they would have written the law that way and it never would have passed once We the People got wind of it.

Why is this simple concept so hard for some here to get?

Captain Hate

I hope the huge MAGA turnout in Duluth means Keith X's bid to be state attorney general is DOA. Does anyone doubt that it's part of the Soros/Stedman plot to sow insurrection through controlling the states's legal apparatus?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

No, I don't doubt it a bit.

I want these people arrested. I am tired of their criminal conduct, their subverting of the Constitution, their attacks on a duly and fairly elected president, and their nasty comments.

Jim Eagle


First they (Soros) tried the Secretary of State Project and that failed. Now, a State AG Project? Who needs the Russians meddling in our elections when we have Uncle George?

Eye Doctor

FISA application to spy on a presidential candidate and he didn't read it.

Really Clarice?

Captain Hate

Hanoi Jane's idiot brother Peter his latest movie Boundries has Bombed in the Box Office perhaps in he kept his big mouth shut but as well all know by now Liberals are all mouth and no mind
Posted by: Spurwing Plover

The fact that he advocated rape, berutalization of women and child abduction while appearing in a movie called "Boundaries" makes for a diet rich in irony.
Posted by: Caiphas at June 29, 2018 09:46 AM (rDwsX)

Captain Hate


The Pakistanis were smart enough to kick that pile of shit and his underlings out of their country. Too bad they didn't slice him up on the way out.

Tom R

New thread

Eye Doctor

Awan gave the Paki's all they needed to know about Soros.

Old Lurker


"Imagine having 175,000 people reporting to you, and yet you're holed up in your office until midnight poring over the details of FISA warrant applications? I know I'd be delegating that task."

Imagine having 160,000 allied soldiers soldiers cocked and loaded ready to storm the Normandy Beaches and here Ike is holed up in his office at midnight deciding to go or not to go.

Launching a FISA warrant aimed at your own boss, the President of the United States is closer to THAT than processing routine office supply requests.


Reconstruction will hurt more this time

Lol. Teh Megalomaniac just had a brainstorm.



Wray was part of the mutineers, in March 2004, on aurveillance along with comey baker goldsmith caproni probably Dillon and McCabe he oversaw amdrew weissmam on the enron task force,


First they (Soros) tried the Secretary of State Project and that failed. Now, a State AG Project? Who needs the Russians meddling in our elections when we have Uncle George?

Jack - He also is meddling in local D.A. elections. (And it worked - the Dem. was elected)


jimmyk on iPhone

“Imagine having 175,000 people reporting to you, and yet you're holed up in your office until midnight poring over the details of FISA warrant applications? I know I'd be delegating that task.”

I’m any case, he doesn’t have 175,000 reporting to him. I don’t know the org chart, but that’s obviously absurd. Presumably he has a dozen or two reporting to him directly, and they’re responsibly for those lower down in the usual pyramid. I also don’t know how many FISA apps they get, but if delegated, anyone who doesn’t realize that snooping on someone in the President’s campaign (and therefore on Trump himself at the time) requires special attention should not be in that position.


It seems a FISA application (or extension of one) involving the President should not be placed in a big stack of paperwork.

Shouldn't it should be something treated with much scrutiny and hand-delivered to him with additional information?


I'm with you OL.

Kevlar Kid

Rosenstein is using the same nonsensical pattern of stating that he wasn't really in the loop. "i didn't read it."

So the unexamined smoking gun, the "footnote", wasn't read by the alleged White Sombrero Trump appointee, and the FISA warrant/app was passed on without any scrutiny by the "innocent and virtuous" DOJ insider.

In February 2018 during the memo fallout against Nunes when Demz were outraged that Nunes would leave out the vague footnote in his memo, the footnote that said something to the effect that the dossier "might be political", Trey Gowdy spoke plainly about the footnote in question:

"Nunes' comments follow a similar acknowledgment on Sunday by Gowdy, who also said the footnote revealed a possible political bias behind the dossier but called it convoluted.

"I read the footnote. I know exactly what the footnote says," Gowdy said on CBS' "Face the Nation." "It took longer to explain it the way they did, than if they just come right out and said, 'Hillary Clinton for America and DNC paid for it.' But they didn't do that."

But They Didn't Do That

Rosenstein and the FISA judge's heads belong on a large platter.

That a pit viper prosecutor such as Rosita Rosenstein is a passive recipient of "crap in a stack" goes against ALL believability. His meticulous preparation to argue the Nation's case (not his) before the Supreme court recently betrays his "i didn't read it" excuse.

He's lying.

My theory is that he's been caught in his own web, he's cut a deal, and it's why Mueller's investigation has stalled. Cutting a deal and cooperating doesn't win him his coveted White Sombrero.

Speaking of lying, one minor point: what are called "Trump" cufflinks, to me anyway, appear to be cufflinks with the presidential seal on them.

i didn't detect any "Trump branding" on the cufflinks. the press misleads (lies) because it is concerned with personality of the Office rather than the Office itself.

The Office of the President thru the AG elected to argue a sentencing case of a border jumping Mexxykin national who now faces deportation, using senior Justice Department prosecutors rather than the usual legal team.

It's an administration's perogative. It was a win for the Trump Presidency--- not Rosita.

oh! we haven't been told the exact nature of that win--- a major precedent-setting win.

had the SCOTUS decision gone against Rosita, a border jumping felon would have recieved sentencing considerations after orginal sentencing had been meted. how precedent setting would that have been?

citizenship rights to appeal for a border jumping felon?

which Obama judges passed that stink all the way to SCOTUS?

Oh, one more thing: Rosita requested to argue a case in front of the SCOTUS and was granted the case--- which wasn't reported with any fanfare in the MFM. This wasn't part of Rosita's job description: it was his choice to keep his hands in the "lawyering" sphere as he is quoted as saying.

Why this case? A prove your loyalty moment? I doubt it. More of a "turn this cannon around and fire into the flank of the enemy" moment. Sow confusion in the ranks of the Deep State.

surprise, surprise, surprise. all we get are stories about the Valiant Rosita Rosenstein and his *FIRST* Supreme Court victory--- as if he just showed up there on his own.

Rosenstein's image was IMPROVED by that victory--- but he wasn't there representing the virtuous heart of the DOJ. But that is how the Deep State media has used the incidence to favor that deceitful rotting tail fin.

Read all about the evolution of that appearance:

(sorry, it's behind the paywall--- wasn't the first time i read it!)

Rosita's Supreme Court Case Was Really the Office of the President's Acting Thru the AG


I believe there are more and more people seeing the truth, ignoring the media, and supporting the President.


and this:


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