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June 25, 2018





Want a real eye-opener: read the Gramm/Ekelund piece from today’s WSJ about the effects of the Democrats’ income equality efforts (virtually leveling the income of those who don’t work much and those who work very hard in the working and middle classes). They guess that this had a big part in the switch of millions of voters from Obama to Trump, as those voters realized that the classic American formula of working hard to get ahead was being ended by progressive policies that stalled growth and encouraged idleness. The numbers are startling.

"How Income Equality Helped Trump
Working Americans sense that taxes and transfers now leave them little better off than those who work less.

By Phil Gramm and Robert B. Ekelund Jr. June 24, 2018 1:47 p.m. ET

Frenzied rhetoric about income inequality was a larger theme in Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign than in any previous American election. When the ballots were counted, however, not only did income inequality fail to move voters, but a massive shift in voting preference among lower-middle and middle-income Americans led to the election of the wealthiest president since George Washington. Now, startling new data on government spending and taxes suggests a novel explanation for this voter shift: It was a backlash against rising income equality among the bottom 60% of American household earners.

The new analysis was published in April by the Cato Institute’s John F. Early, a former assistant commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and it provides the most comprehensive accounting to date of how taxes and government payments affect income distribution in the U.S. His study includes the roughly $1 trillion of annual government spending not currently counted in the U.S. Census Bureau’s income-distribution tables. That includes Medicaid, food stamps, the earned-income tax credit, and 85 other federal payments and services, along with similar state and local income supplements. The study also subtracts federal, state and local taxes from individuals’ measured income, an adjustment not contained in the census data.

The most surprising finding is the astonishing degree of equality among the bottom 60% of American earners, generated in part by the explosion of social-welfare spending and the economic and wage stagnation during the Obama era. Hardworking middle-income and lower-middle-income families must have recognized that their efforts left them little better off than the growing number of recipients of government transfers. The perceived injustice of this equality helped drive the political shift among blue-collar workers, many of whom supported the pro-growth candidacy of Donald Trump in 2016 despite having voted for Mr. Obama in the two previous presidential elections.

The bottom quintile earned 2.2% of all earned income in 2013, but after adjusting for taxes and transfer payments, its share of spendable income rose to 12.9%—six times its proportion of earnings. The second quintile’s share more than doubled, rising from 7% of earned income to 13.9% of spendable income. For the third quintile, middle-income Americans, the increase was much smaller, from 12.6% to 15.4%.

Not surprisingly, high earners lost a considerable share of their earnings after taxes and transfers are taken into account. The fourth quintile’s share fell from 20.5% to 18.6%, while the top quintile dropped from 57.7% of earnings to 39.3% of consumable income. In other words, the top quintile’s share of earnings was 26 times that of the bottom quintile, but after taxes and transfer payments its share of spendable income was only three times as much.

Even more startling is the near equality among the bottom three quintiles. The bottom quintile, which earned only 2.2% of all earned income, had virtually the same share of spendable income as the second quintile, lower-middle-income Americans. This equality is despite the fact that lower-middle-income workers earned more than three times the share of income and worked 21/2 times as much, measured by comparing each group’s number of full-time workers relative to its working-age population. Middle-income workers earned almost six times the share of income and worked almost four times as much compared with the bottom quintile, but they enjoyed only about 20% more spendable income.

And even these numbers understate the huge difference in work effort. Compared with the bottom quintile, the lower-middle-income quintile had almost four times as many working-age families whose members worked two or more jobs, and the middle-income quintile had more than seven times as many families with members working two or more jobs.

The politics of envy based on income inequality has always been a hard sell in the U.S. Few Americans resent Bill Gates, whose innovations made him megarich but also made the rest of us better off. Who resents Warren Buffett, who became one of the richest men in the world by raising the return on Americans’ savings and retirement accounts? George Mitchell, the Texas oilman who invented fracking, made oil and gas cheaper for the whole world—and he received only a tiny share of the wealth he created in so doing.

Americans tend to believe that people become rich because they are smart and work hard, but it is easy to see how a middle-income husband and wife who both work could resent that people who don’t work are about as well off as they are. It might be fair that Bill Gates is rich, but it seems unjust that 60% of Americans have virtually the same standard of living despite dramatic differences in the effort they exert and the income they generate.

The harder people worked without getting ahead, the more reason they had to feel disrespected and alienated in November 2016. President Obama and Hillary Clinton mocked their values. The tax and regulatory policies of the Obama era caused economic growth and middle-income wages to stagnate. But what must have added insult to these injuries was the increasingly obvious fact that the boom in government benefits and the decline of economic growth had all but eliminated the rewards that middle-income Americans traditionally received for working hard. The explosion of social spending, and the dependency it generated, no doubt benefited the Obama campaign in 2012. But that same spending helped create the wagon-puller backlash that defeated Mrs. Clinton in the next election."

Mr. Gramm is a former chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. Mr. Ekelund is a professor emeritus in economics at Auburn University. This article is adapted from a forthcoming book, “Freedom and Inequality.” Mike Solon and John Early contributed to this article.

Dave (in MA)

When I remarked on my hometown's Opinions page on Facebook that if it's not OK to not bake a gay wedding cake, then it's not OK to not serve someone based on their political affiliation.

A user with a rainbow flag icon chimed in with "she is not a protected class", so I pointed out that I didn't think I was old enough to remember when restaurants could choose to serve only members of a protected class, but I guess I was wrong.


Where is the PROTECTED CLASS clause in the CONSTITUTION?


I think the RED HEN'S owners ought to be followed home. On a regular basis.

Beasts of England

The left is out of ideas, so their only tack is physical violence. It's gonna be a hot summer. Very hot. But they'll ultimately lose in November, in spectacular fashion.


Dammit! I just posted this:


This morning I revised my opinion that new rules were needed for our institutions to correct the people who had corrupted them.

I now believe the problem to be not the institutions, but the people who are the problem.

People hide behind institutions, whether it is the FBI/DOJ, the UN, or our schools. How dare we attack our institutions, they claim.

Instead, lets challenge the people who have overtaken the FBI/DOJ, UN, and our schools.

People who do injustice to our institutions should more easily be able to be removed.

matt - deplore me if you must

"protected class"? Nomenklatura? Good Party members? Douches?

SoLopez Obrador, the mad man of Mexican politics who tried to hijack the last election and is leading in the polls is inciting mass border crossings.

Any questions about that wall? How about barbed wire like they had in th The Great Escape?


Bringing this over from the end of the previous thread--

boris--I think the insidious idea is that people and groups pf people, be they a city or a workplace or a school are systems that can be controlled via the political process dictating what they can know, what will be habits of mind, and what the legal process will mandate they will do. That is a Bipartisan project and it encompasses all levels of government. It is also the reason most think tanks, however they bill themselves, were created.

Anyone viewed as in the way of such plans for steering, like a tea party affiliated group, gets targeted for harrasssment. We have a rebellion because plenty of people are invested in this government steered society.

One of the things I have experienced in person but not really written about is the peculiar looks politicians will get from time to time when they realize I don't have a talking points understanding of what is really being sought via education. It becomes very clear just how many people who claim to be conservative are quite aware of the steering function at a neural level of learning standards and how it makes being a politician these days both more lucrative and powerful than ever before.

The look is usually a combo of panic and anger.


Sounds like the weather finally shaped up for the races. I hope you have fat stacks of cash to count.

I mentioned the “protected class” thing on Saturday.


Anyone know why a vehicle I used to see rarely--rolls royce and bentleys, is now appearing about once a week as I drive around town.

I don't know if it's because so many movies get filmed in atl now or show-off, but I swear I have seen 6 to 8 in just the last month. All relatively new and different cars. Some coupes and others sedans.


Open borders except for manufacturing investment. The left is nuts.

Operation: Shake the Ground!, a coalition press release states, is expected to bring together 40 liberal organizations, including Sousaphones Against Hate, a big brass-playing ensemble of lefties marching against oppression with the motto “Resist and Protest.”


matt - deplore me if you must

Tooting their own horns, huh?


Mueller obtains Trump ally Erik Prince's phones, computer: ABC


I loved the dramatic reading of the texts. But, was it made before the revealing of “We’ll stop it.” Or did I miss it? Very clever and well done.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Back home from my morning gardening for my sister. Really not hard, mostly deadheading and watering, with an occasional weed.

She now has a little scooter thing she can kneel on with her broken-ankle leg and push with her good leg. She says it is MUCH better than trying to use crutches. She also said it was much cheaper to buy it on line than to rent it at CVS.

I am home for a bit and then will head out again.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
1h1 hour ago

Will be heading to one of my favorite places, South Carolina, to fight for one of my original “fighters,” Governor Henry McMaster. Speaking at 7:00 P.M.


Flogging their own minnows.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

By the way, on the way home local talk radio was talking about that communist Mexican presidential candidate and how he wants to send people up here to settle.

Word is getting out.

The sister I was helping is the democrat one. I mentioned it and you know what she said?

"Well, you can understand why they want to come here because things are so bad down there."


So, I asked her how they could tell who were good people and who were drug smugglers and MS-13. I also told her we needed DNA to make sure that the children weren't being trafficked.

Then I went back to dead-heading petunias.

Thomas Collins

I'll bet they are not as stylish as the one Amos Burke rode in, rse!


Captain Hate

New Rollses aren't so hot. I saw one a while back when I was walking Teddy at a park; I knew it was a classy car but it looked like an upscale Chrysler. That wasn't the case with the old models.

ConFraud the US

Payback for 8 years of Jugears and Moochelle!


The week just passed has changed the calculations. The images from the border, and the White House’s fatheaded trolling of the situation, seems to have shaken up everyone in Washington to the point at which alliances are more fluid than they have been since January of 2017. There seems little doubt that the Republicans in the House of Representatives are riven with ideological chaos, struck numb by the basic conundrum of modern conservatism: When your whole political identity is defined by the proposition that government is not the solution, but, rather, the problem, you don’t know how to operate it when fortune and gerrymandering hand you the wheel.


No they are not tc, and they are not quite ubiquitous yet, but neither is seeing one suddenly unusual.

ConFraud the US

. The entire separation of children from their families appears to be genocide under The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide which the U.S. has signed (1948) and ratified (1988):

Article 2
In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed
with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious
group, as such:
(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about
its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

We have not yet seen evidence of child deaths, but section (b) is likely and (e) of Article 2 is definite — the children are now in custody of the United States government and disbursed to others’ care..

matt - deplore me if you must

Even the WaPo headline I a fraud

"Red Hen Owner explains why she asked Sanders to Leave"

They threw her and her party out. Plain and simple. Didn't matter about anyone around that table. The owner there them all out.


Captain Hate

Lib head explosions imminent:


Thomas Collins

At this point it is not a civil war. It's a guerilla war lite that is supported by certain Dem public officials.


If it is not stopped, it will become unlite.


Senator Joe Manchin cracked Senator Claire McCaskill's rib while giving her the Heimlich maneuver after she almost choked to death last week

Charlie Dint Surf

For profit Dention centers make billions at 700 bucks per day per abused baby

What's Donald's cut?


>>>James Gordon Meek / ABC News:
Special counsel obtains Trump ally Erik Prince's phones, computer<<<


>>>If it is not stopped, it will become unlite.

Posted by: Thomas Collins | June 25, 2018 at 12:27 PM<<<

seems to be where we are heading. saw James Woods tweet flagged up on the other thread ...

Another Bob


SBW, your freshly-minted revision is why I’ve not been shy about the word Sedition.

We may not be able to find any other specific conventional crime with whch to charge these people, but Sedition covers it nicely. Particularly as the nonsense and attempts at coverup persist to this very day.

I’m convinced there was a reason HRC used the phrase “swing from nooses”.



Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan on Monday announced legislation to abolish the federal agency. “Unfortunately, President Trump and his team of white nationalists, including Stephen Miller, have so misused ICE that the agency can no longer accomplish its goals effectively,” Pocan claimed.

(He did not mention that a majority of U.S. Border Patrol agents are Hispanic.)

More wisdom from our leaders at the link.



Because he might have misspoken about attempts to establish a "back channel" with Russia, even though that's not illegal and if there were collusion they obviously wouldn't have needed one.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Kevlar Kid

Didn't slave laws establish a protected class in the Old South?

Kevlar Kid

"Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan on Monday announced legislation to abolish the federal agency."

"I have a wonderful idea: on the count of 3 let's cut off our dicks. Trump misused his, right? Who's with me?"


I like that idea of abolishing the name ICE and replacing it with FBI. Joking aside, I really don't see how the FBI can recover from this. Their credibility is shot and how the hell anyone can trust them after this is beyond me.


Geez...did Claire thank Comrade Manchin for saving her life? Breaking rib(s) is easy to do. Fire & Rescue personnel have done that on many an occasion. She may hurt but I sure hope she's grateful.

Kevlar Kid

The VagHatters of the Red Hen have made their bed.

They lit their own match standing in a room flooded by the gasoline of their own grand ideas.

Cause meets effect. Buh bye.


Posted by: Extraneus | June 25, 2018 at 12:56 PM

or how is it that the USG has the contents of his conversations of some meetings he had in the Seychelles-well after the election-and at that point I don't think Prince had an official role in the transition, and aside from fundraising, didn't have much of a role in the campaign.


Pocan took Tammy Baldwins seat. Both gay, both nuts.

clarice feldman

A must read:https://amgreatness.com/2018/06/25/why-this-immigration-psychodrama-will-also-pass/


Noted by BJG blog

Norks cancel annual anti-us parade.


The only way conservatives will get progressives' attention is if there is a steep financial cost to the lefts bad behavior.

The lawsuits against the SPLC is a great start.

Kevlar Kid

More Mueller slow-drip strategy.

Kevlar Kid

Senator Murray is useful to whom exactly?

matt - deplore me if you must

Not that many people are noticing, but the economic protests in Iran are growing. Real people get hurt when governments mismanage economies, even the ones supporting the mullahs.

Maybe one day we will hear Up with USA chants in Teheran.


Captain Hate

Village idiots everywhere cheered Patty Murray's budget "victory" over Eddie Munster.

Kevlar Kid

Rush was over the target this morning in hour 1.

Nails together all of the fake news of the past week with its culmination at the Red Hen: "it's not working and they're filled with rage. they had 8 years to create a one party state and its being unwound. Trump is unwiding it before their very eyes."

sounds about right.

Rush is fearful someone is going to be killed at the current rate of escalation.

of course, when it happens it will be a "lone wolf" profiled as a nut case nobody knows.

there are plenty of those types mouth-breathing their way through life here in Zerkley.

Old Lurker

Kev, I saw the story about Mueller struggling with how much to tell the public.

Clarice has said often that he is only allowed to report to the (D)AG and not to the public or anyone else.

Leaks aside, of course.


When we start fighting back, I know a sure fire way to avoid getting blames as VIOLENT.

We need to dress like ANTIFA as we riot assault and burn "restaurants". THE MFM would not reoprt that.

Kevlar Kid

clarice--- the VDH link is outstanding. those same points were covered in Rush's hour 1. i tuned in 10 minutes into the piece. more than likely Rush credited VDH's piece. Almost carbon. thanks! -Kev


Same agents over and over

Chuck Ross
NEW: FBI Lawyer Who Allegedly Sent Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Text Message Interviewed George Papadopoulos


Congresswoman Maxine Waters, an extraordinarily low IQ person, has become, together with Nancy Pelosi, the Face of the Democrat Party. She has just called for harm to supporters, of which there are many, of the Make America Great Again movement. Be careful what you wish for Max!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 25, 2018
Old Lurker

At what point does what Maxine Waters told supporters to do to cabinet officials become illegal?

Serious question.


KK-murray was the Dem lead sponsor on 3 pieces of seminal legislation that essentially restructured the way governance works in the US that are widely touted as Bipartisan--2014 wioa--workforce innovation and opportunity act that restructured dramatically economic development in all the states with required coc input at the state and regional levels with Republican Johhny Isakson of Ga as the cosponsor.

The new federal ed legislation passed in December 2015 with implementation required starting this fall with Lamar Alexander of Tennessee.

Then the Evidence-Based Policymaking Commission with Paul Ryan. One Dem senator doesn't accidentally get to be the major sponsor of all those.

clarice feldman

I think at a minimum the House should censure her and the Secret Service should interview you her and warn her from repeating these calls to violence or face prosecution.

Captain Hate

More worrisome is this:

I have seen rumblings in the last two or three days that all food servers (who are presumed to be younger and thus reliably leftist) should merely kick out perceived conservatives from their restaurants, but instead should POISON them, with a smile. And if not out-and-out poison, they should put snot, spit, semen or other disgusting things in the food served to conservatives.

It started as conversation online between SJWs about whether booting out Sarah Huckabee Saunders was a wise thing to do, when a better better course of action would have been to simply poison her. She was foolishly putting her health and well-being in the hands of people who hated her, so why not take advantage of the moment?

But then the idea metastacized -- why not do the same thing to ALL obvious-looking non-SJWs? Since food servers have access to these people innards, and thus their health, why not make it standard policy at all SJW restaurants to poison/contaminate all conservative customers?

Much agreement that this was a great idea.

Now, this meme is floating around the Left today. And even if there won't ever be an "official announcement" to start the mass poisoning, I think a number of SJWs in the food service industry have already decided to do it on their own, having bee inspired.

So, basically, this is now the end of normal society in America. Having seen all these discussions, I now am VERY wary of ever eating in most Bay Area restaurants again.
Posted by: zombie at June 25, 2018 01:15 PM (c+2jX)

James D.

Rush is fearful someone is going to be killed at the current rate of escalation.

Again: the progs have already tried, and only failed because their guy was a crappy shot.

Kevlar Kid


your comments add a crucial aspect to my point:

Mueller's investigating a crime that wasn't committed but for one important reason--- keep the suggestion of wrongdoing by Trump alive until the House could be turned in November via slow drip (e.g. "he's moving in this direction; he got the records and phone of this Trump associate...blah blah blah.)

the protocol governing who Mueller reports to and why works in their favor. the feignt-and-screen play seems to be all that they have.... unless one believes that Sen. Mark "Loose Lips" Warner is not fulla caviar.

Janet 🚬

The Woods tweet -

James Woods
Now that a United States Congresswoman has called for harassment against Republicans and the inevitable violence that will come of it, I urge all of you to a) get armed, and b) vote. Your life literally depends on it.
2:15 AM · Jun 25, 2018

Janet 🚬

and this was from Scott Adams -

~ "The GOP “get-out-the-vote” slogan for 2018, he said, should be: “They’re coming for you next.” " ~


Kevlar Kid

"So, basically, this is now the end of normal society in America. Having seen all these discussions, I now am VERY wary of ever eating in most Bay Area restaurants again."

I don't consume restaurant food anywhere any more due to dietary changes.

Last year's near lethal bout with strep-in-the-spine has me doubling down on any public venue involving "food" preparation.

Few restaurant kitchens receive anything close to sterilization. Cleaning is the begrudged chore at the end of a grueling night in the kitchen. Been there. It's hellish work.

Owners can't afford to "close" a kitchen in order to sterilize surfaces, floors, waste "alleys", drains, and equipment.

However, when Mrs Kid wants to go out with me to a restaurant we frequent joints where a) we know the owners and their hygeine practices; and, b) they do not employ border fugutives in any capacity.

Doing anything other assures ingesting somebody's DNA or an anti-biotic resistant MRSA "gift" from around the world.

Captain Hate

The number of prosecutorial violations of people's rights by Mueller is ridiculous. Sessions and Rodentstein have to get off their dead asses and rein him in. Same with Congress for bankrolling this.

Kevlar Kid

James D: no argument from me that the Left has tried and fallen short. the people whom i hear mentioning the fear that somebody will die are people who are quite familiar with the less than lethal efforts. -Kev

Kevlar Kid

"“They’re coming for you next.”"

Here in Zerkely one sees around town random posters of the "first they came for the...." of Martin Niemoller.

Ironic that the Lefties who post those words now target their opponents and are exhorting the true believers to harm the families, especially the children, of their opponents.

That's right out of the narco playbook.


Pelosi To Waters: Back Off


That was Morrissey, btw, one of the most naiive of pundits.


Iranian Protestors Take It to the Streets Chanting ‘Death to Palestine.’


Pelosi tweet, emphasis added:

“In the crucial months ahead, we must strive to make America beautiful again. Trump’s daily lack of civility has provoked responses that are predictable but unacceptable. As we go forward, we must conduct elections in a way that achieves unity from sea to shining sea.”


WSJ James Taranto adds:

“The former and would-be House speaker thinks it's "predictable" that members of her caucus would urge mobs to harass executive-branch officials.”

My retweet:

“Predictable? Hell, it’s malicious and uncalled for. Oh, wait a minute. It’s also #Democrat. @NancyPelosi #MaxineWaters.”

Dave (in MA)
Steven Crowder@scrowder 
Who cares that Maxine Waters repeatedly called constituents 
to harassment?! It’s not like she implied Valerie Jarrett had a 
haircut similar to a fictional film character!

I photographed a local mexican restaurant and their kitchen made me shudder it was so..not clean..

Have photographed Patty Murray a few times. Wish I could go into better explanation for my reasoning on this but she is controlled by some liberal outfit. She is just not that smart (borrowing from MarkO) to figure out the legislation she puts out there. A reporter I was with was asking her Murray questions and the responses were robotic plus she is guarded by union thugs.

Thomas Collins

Make that guerilla warfare not so lite.



I haven't had the chance to follow up on my question about Chris Christie vetoing the child marraiage bill in NJ. I did ask people on Reddit why the new gov wanted to rip girls. away from their husbands.

Wray fray

ConspIracy to Defraud the US seems like the least of the RICO statutes but money laundering is the chief sin.

Shameless Hussies

To put a finer point on it: President Trump and his press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, have used official powers to whip up a harassment campaign against a restaurant in Lexington, VA after its owner, at the behest of her immigrant and LGBT employees, declined to serve Sanders. Amid the controversy, the establishment has largely taken the opportunity to lecture the owner about decorum.

Different people landed on this view for different reasons, some better than others, but all of them seemed to fundamentally misunderstand the stakes of the act, as if it were a symbol of a deterioration in discourse between liberals and conservatives, rather than an act of moral suasion that, if widely adopted, would impel Republican leaders to change the detestable ways they treat immigrants, asylum seekers, and other vulnerable people.

At the end of the Bush administration, a contingent of liberals advocated, similarly, that certain officials should essentially be shunned. These officials dragged the country into a war that cost hundreds of thousands of Iraqis their lives on false pretenses, and instituted an illegal torture regime at CIA black sites around the globe. If they were simply reabsorbed into elite life, the argument when, the next cadre of potential torturers would feel undeterred. Making them anathema wouldn’t merely serve retributive purposes, wouldn’t be uncivil behavior for incivility’s sake, but would create an important incentive for future unscrupulous leaders to avoid inhumane temptations..


Drink more Ovaltine.

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce: women are being targeted and these aren't random occurrences.


The Rajneesh cult tried to take over their town government by leaving salmonella in local salad bars and they got a lot of people sick.

clarice feldman



I'd be worried about catered affairs.

daddy on iPad

Good Morning! Just listened to the first 12 minutes if that video of the 2 Actors reading the texts of Page and Strzok. Boy was that effeective. And who had any idea that after listening for only 12 minutes I would come away hating her guts worse than I hate him? Man, is she repulsive or what. Boy do those 2 deserve each other. And their praise of Comey as a genius is a beautiful window into the the colossal ifnorance of the both of them.

BTW, Am at my fav cafe in Paris so if Maryrose is reading, come on over to the Cathedral. I've got an open chair next to me and I'm buying! Viva la France.

Kevlar Kid

Seems trollnutz have punched in for the week.


Seems like black have a pretty good case for genocide between Planned Parenthood and La Raza.


We don't want any more Rump croc tears for aborted babies.

It's out now that political leverage is all you find valuable about tender lives

daddy on iPad

What is the name of the convicted felon, married to some Chicago pol, who met in Obama's Office something like 48 times, and was caught by James O'Keefe on hidden video bragging about hiring thugs to go after Conservatives?

Second question, Why isnt he in Jail?


[Clown Cory] Booker on Waters’ Call to Harass Trump Officials: ‘There’s Nothing Wrong With Confronting’ But Do It With ‘Love’

Asked by Mitchell if he supported the comments by Waters, Booker replied he subscribed to an ideal of "radical love."

"Yes, you should protest. Yes, you should confront evil and injustice," he said. "But do it in the ways that Martin Luther King did … Recognizing the dignity of even those who you oppose, even those who are trying to destroy you."

Kevlar Kid

And then, the violence escalated so far out of hand Lil Timmy got himself double-tapped to the face, during a melee of "good trouble", while using his "voice" to say "Don't taze me, bro!"

Timothy Cole

Replying to @timelyrepairs @SteveScalise

Maxine, however, is not calling for violence.

She’s echoing the calls to cause ‘good trouble’ to remind those who choose to lead, that when their policies harm the least fortunate of us, we will use our greatest ‘weapon’- our voice.

5:54 PM - Jun 24, 2018

How easy is it going to be for the Lefty puppet masters at these "protests" to tag one of these pathetic, mouth-breathing, mario-nettes, setting off "a political firestorm against the Republicans."

And from Mr. Ryan we're getting what? (Mr. Almost almost got a pic with Seth Rogaine. Oh kewl, as they say in Zerkeley.)


Daddy, Robert Creamer married to Jan Schakowsky.


Right on cue, Fred Hiatt’s Washington Post editorial page, which has no compunction about publishing the words of torture-enthusiast Marc Thiessen, blurted out the most embarrassing single paragraph written about the events at the Red Hen. To wit:

We nonetheless would argue that Ms. Huckabee, and Ms. Nielsen and Mr. Miller, too, should be allowed to eat dinner in peace. Those who are insisting that we are in a special moment justifying incivility should think for a moment how many Americans might find their own special moment. How hard is it to imagine, for example, people who strongly believe that abortion is murder deciding that judges or other officials who protect abortion rights should not be able to live peaceably with their families?.

daddy on iPad

A lurker from chi-town provides an answer:

'Convicted Felon Bob Creamer, hirer Of Scott Foval who hired the thugs, is husband of IL-9th Congressional Rep, Jan Shakowsky, noted Evanston Commie.

You don’t prosecute spouses of Reps, as a rule.'

Sounds like a golden rule.

Kevlar Kid

Lisa Page and Peter Strozk will live in infamy beyond the end of their pathetic lives.

I won't be happy until they are both hung. However, i am gaining much joy from knowing those two are crap in the eyes of their enemies and their once "proud" colleagues.

Just like "andy" and "comey" were so revered by these two pukes--- what do they think of their little gerbil in heat and the deranged Korney Komey.

bet on a human being and ya might as well bet on that hag heading for the glue factory. clay feet sprout in DC at the beginning and end of each and every news cycle.

goodbye to two of the most corrupt federal officials *EVER*. has Pagina's hubby bubby deep-sixed her lyin ass yet?

the only flaw in the vid was a production issue: Lisa Pagina is a horse-faced hussy. the actress actually had some looks going for her. minor point. but Flicka is Flicka: whinny and snort. I'm out!


He directed the j 20 lively debates, the ones that ended with limo flambe on Connecticut ave.


That was shorthand, you see how quickly they turn to defend the one who planned and trained the crews for the deaths of 3,000 civilians


Good afternoon! Howie Carr's producer has called every member of the Massachusetts delegation to ask if they will denounce what Maxine said. So far... *crickets.*


Sanders is uniquely complicit in this. Her job requires providing cover for the president’s most egregious lies, undermining a vital part of public discourse — the very idea of fair and open public discourse about the truth. If refusing service to Sanders puts the spotlight on this feature, it might not harm America’s political civility; in fact, it might even improve it.

What “civility” in politics actually means
Incivility in the Trump era isn’t about rude tweets. It’s about lies.

To understand what Sanders’s defenders are getting wrong about the dinner incident, let’s get straight on the difference between “incivility” in politics and simple rudeness..

Kevlar Kid

So now the prized Negro is invoking the ghost of Martin Luther King Jr. to sanitize the barbaric escalations of the American Left.

Their continuing rationale for everything they do is "THIS IS JUST LIKE...."

the days of rage are just like Martin Luther King Jr. and non-violent protests in the South.

the right to sodomize underage boys is "just like" the civil rights movement in Selma.

the right to open borders for mexicans is just like opposing nazi death camps.

buhlaw buhlaw buhlaw

has Corny Booker even read anything that the Reverend wrote or studied King's tactics (amply documented).

to the dustbin, Corny. you won't even get "presidential candidate" in your bio; more like "presidential hopeful."

that's nice.

Ralph L

the convicted felon
Van Jones?

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