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June 06, 2018



Have you tried a cold or cool shower before bed Miss Marple? To lower your body temperature to fall asleep better.


I don’t consider it a stupid comment and I am surprised you would say that.Ryan is not a bootlicker or suck up.
He was chosen by his peers to be Speaker.
He is leaving so why the big fuss.
He has no power in Oz.
He can’t stop Mueller, that is Sessions job.
President Trump has his surrogates and appears to have Mueller back on his heels.
They are two different branches of government.
I defend him because not a single one of you will give him one ounce of credit.
I already feel sorry for the next Speaker.
If Pelosi trash her all you want.
But if a Republican I am sure the knives will be out to slice and dice.

Another Bob

MR, what I think people are trying to suggest is that you remove the GOPe-issued rose-colored scales from your eyes.

This is far and away the worst political scandal in our history. It was engineered by people who weaponized government against their opponents, many of them ordinary citizens like you and me. They were so emboldened by their success they thought they could rig a presidential election, and when they failed, they tried (and are still trying) to overthrow him. Actual sedition. Collectively, it’s represented the largest actual threat to our freedoms in my life if not in history.

One of the reasons they had success and felt so emboldened is the likes of Ryan, McConnell, Gowdy, and many others I could name were passive in fighting the corruption (or were quiet participants in it) and actively interfered with a president of their party who seems motivated to start fixing it.

I consider them accessories at this point, and very much want to see their perfidy dragged into the light too.

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting ther


I think you got it just right.


I would ask you honestly what overt action did McConnell or Ryan take against President Trump?
I agree it is a huge scandal and I want justice.
However I don’t see where the guilt comes in wrt Ryan, McConnell or Gowdy.I absolutely do not believe they were participants in the corruption.


I was accused of wearing rose colored glasses wrt to my belief that the Republican convention would be peaceful and highly successful.
I was correct on that occasion.
These leaders are not accessories to the crimes committed by the Democrats.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Do you honestly think a Speaker who did his job as Trump does his or simply chose to relentlessly fight the swamp would be sliced and diced by anyone here besides trolls?

Your repeated comments that the congressional lightweights are attacked because they're not bootlickers are perversely and profoundly insulting to the rest of us because they are utterly counterfactual.
None of us are saying that; hence my characterization of your comment as stupid, because it is flat wrong and is the definition of a straw man.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--McConnell or Gowdy.I absolutely do not believe they were participants in the corruption.--

Condoning spying on a candidate of your own party by an incontrovertibly corrupt cabal is what they stand accused of and they condemned themselves with their own words.
Why are you insisting on ignoring actual accusations in order to slay nonexistent dragons?


McConnell doesn't want to use the "nuclear option" to aid Trump in his appointments.

That is overt, IMO.


I'm glad you mentioned Johnny Horton Miss Marple. I have heard some real racist songs attributed to him but I just found out they were written and performed by Johnny Rebel AKA Clifford Trahan.

They honestly sound like a Chappelle Show parody. I know I should be outraged but it's more lol to me.

Johnny Rebel's songs have been covered by other singers such as Big Reb and the German band Landser.

A CD compilation of his works simply shows a hooded Klansman together with a depiction of the Confederate Battle Flag. The cover of the album It's the Attitude, Stupid! shows a hooded Klansman, holding what appears to be either a Walkman or an MP3 player with a confederate flag texture, and wearing headphones.

Personal life
Trahan and his wife, Ann, had been married for 56 years prior to his death. They had four children: Raye, Randal, Rhonda, and Rhett.

Trahan rarely allowed himself to be photographed, although he claimed there were genuine images of him on the Internet. He said he had no idea where those photos originated. In 2015, however, he appeared in the Canadian documentary Acadie black et blanc (released in English as Acadie Black and White), in which he defended his recordings and his views on race.

Trahan owned a driving school in Crowley, Louisiana which he handed over to his son in 2008.

He died on September 3, 2016, twenty-two days away from his 78th birthday.

Go check out his Discography for yourself https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clifford_Trahan


Mr Newt had a plan and he got a Republican congress elected on it. And he ran the 10 planks through. And he got Bill Clinton to the table and did some good deals.

Paul Ryan talked a good game sitting across from Obama but what did Mr Policy Wonk really get done other than building a fence or a wall around his DC house? Ollie North can say that.

Another Bob

Hell Ig, TK, if those bastards couldn’t get all-in with THIS fight, what the hell fight would they fight? They’re violating their oaths to defend the constitution fer chrissakes.


The Heart Is Not A Pump:

As Marinelli et al point out, the pressure-propulsion model of blood circulation rests on four major premises:

blood is naturally inert and must, therefore, be forced to circulate;
there is a random mix of formed particles in the blood;
blood cells are under pressure at all times;
blood is amorphous and is forced to fill its vessels and take on their form.
All of these premises can be shown to be faulty. For example, far from having a random mix of the blood components in vessels, the cellular elements arrange themselves in a highly organized flow pattern in which the heavier red blood cells flow nearest to the axis of the vessels while the lighter platelets are nearer to the periphery. All of the formed elements are surrounded by a sleeve of plasma which is in contact with the vessel wall. However, a major misconception about how blood circulates is the assumption that it flows in a laminar fashion, whereas in reality the main pattern appears to be a vortex. This leads to a whole new concept of circulatory dynamics–one which goes a long way towards explaining the close interaction between the heart and the blood– both of which are derived from the same embryonic material.

Clues to circulatory physiology are found in embryology. Two of the main embryological observations have been that the blood starts circulating before the heart has been fully formed and that it circulates in a spiraling fashion, as in the single-stage tube heart of the chick before the valves have developed.

Why are we concerned about the way in which the blood circulates and the `heart as a pump’ paradox? Do we not already know enough about circulation in conventional terms for all practical purposes? No. Is all this really relevant? Yes. Not only should truth be sought for its own sake, but therapy based upon faulty premises can only be bad therapy.



Btw the invocation after cain slew able w as blood songular. How did rhe horror classics class go catsmeat?

Another Bob

“Paul Ryan talked a good game sitting across from Obama”

I agree with your conclusion P&P but not with the above.

I remember that Obamacare session. Ryan, having no clue, thought he’d deal with Obama wonk-to-wonk. Obama just gave him the finger. Ryan did nothing about it.

From that point forward Obama knew Ryan was a mark, not a player.

Captain Hate

Paul Ryan talked a good game sitting across from Obama but what did Mr Policy Wonk really get done other than building a fence or a wall around his DC house?

He financed the last six years of the JEF's spending.

Another Bob

BTW, are we now getting the full import of that “we all hang from nooses” comment attributed to Hillary?

I think the worst hasn’t been disclosed yet.


Maybe Sessions is stepping up to the plate.

Senate Intelligence Committee Under Pending DOJ Investigation for “unauthorized disclosure of information”…. | The Last Refuge


I believe Ryan said some statements were accurate but there was more digging to be done
Not by Mueller but by Congress in their oversight capacity.
Let us see where this all goes.
We need more clarity.
I am not willing to throw them under the bus just yet.
Please realize I would fight just as hard for anyone of you if you were accused of something that I felt was unjust.

jim nj

To cut to the heart of the issue, Gowdy and Brooks didn't NEED to say anything about "spygate".

And they didn't NEED to refute Trump.

They could have taken a pass on the question by saying they needed more information before coming to a conclusion.

These guys are politicians. They spent years learning how to not answer or defer questions.

Got the hot-spot back this afternoon.

Another Bob

Believe it when you see Warner and Burr in cuffs, LS. No sooner.


>>>The simplest explanation is they have decided to paper over DOJ and FBI abuses with respect to Trump campaign monitoring on the ground that letting it all hang out would damage the country more. I happen to think they are wrong, but I agree with maryrose that it's not blackmail.

Posted by: Thomas Collins | June 06, 2018 at 02:39 PM<<<

The simplest? We heard over and over about how Ryan and Conservative Inc was going to take back some of the power Congress has ceded and "big things" ... He is the third most powerful man in DC and acts like a minority party backbencher and he's just gonna' go home and spend time with the fam ... bs.

and as Captain Hate said above he funded the last 6 years of the Obama agenda.

Another Bob

Oh, and Feinstein.


Not using nuclear option an overt example—
Sorry, weak tea. Really reaching for an example.


Posted by: jim nj | June 06, 2018 at 11:49 PM

welcome back.


Burr hasn’t done anything wrong except being the dupe of Warner.


Ryan is a normal person who loves his family and wants to be a part of his children’s growing up years.
Not bs just his world the way it really is.
How dare he aspire to leave the Swamp and not defend President Trump 24/7.


>>>These leaders are not accessories to the crimes committed by the Democrats.

Posted by: maryrose | June 06, 2018 at 11:12 PM<<<

they are, among other things.


We agree to disagree.


Please realize I would fight just as hard for anyone of you if you were accused of something that I felt was unjust.

i know you would, Maryrose and I sincerely love your for that.

Now if you could impart a bit of that fighting spunk of yours to Paul and Trey and Mitch I'd love you even more:)

Another Bob

”not defend President Trump 24/7”

There you go again MR with the bot response.

It. Isn’t. About. Trump.

Captain Hate

Btw I agree with boris about the civil wars in the two parties and think that the remnants of the Tea Party have a much stronger spot with DJT as their de facto leader. DJT was the natural outcome of the GOPe treating the Tea Party like trash and they have nobody to blame but themselves.

That Breitbart article linked earlier in the day about the GOP donors threatening to close the money spigots unless Amigo Grande is passed by some bit of legislative chicanery made me want to vomit. The chief rat prick, Fernandez, whom I'd never heard of previously but am not likely to forget now, and his ilk support policies that the base wants no part of and would be electoral suicide. I'm hoping that the mass defections make these clods' future influence nil and that's way overdue. The sooner the GOP sends them packing, the better.


maryrose, your support for people like Ryan, Gowdy, and, now Romney puzzles me. As Jane said, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone is not entitled to their own set of facts.

You consistently take a few positive things each one of those men has done, and then state flatly that they are stand-up guys or are doing a great job, etc. The "job", as far as I am concerned is to expose the vile behavior of the people in the FBI, Justice Department, the previous heads of the CIA, NSA, attorney general, Sally Yates, Samantha Powers, our former Secretary of State HRC, who was heavily involved in Benghazi, set up her own server, lied about it, destroyed evidence, and has maintained a campaign to destroy President Trump since she was defeated in the election.

It is my opinion that the number one job for patriotic Americans like Ryan, Gowdy, and Romney is to demand justice for our president. They don't belong to a gentleman's club. Ryan and Gowdy represent millions of people, a large and/or majority of them voted for the president. By anything called justice and fairness, they owe the American people the a debt to defeat this darkness that has fallen on our politics and government and the principles this country was founded upon. It is their duty to preserve our republic -- the system that the previous administration has almost destroyed. President Trump can't do it alone. Shame on all senators and representatives who have stood on the sidelines these past months.


Posted by: maryrose | June 06, 2018 at 11:56 PM

stop defending him-he is a failure. More than doubled the national debt and cannot bring any agency of the federal government to heel.

He has been in office since 1999 and is in one of the whitest districts in congress with a median income well above the national average.

he entered congress with a net worth less than 500k and leaves with a net worth around 8 million with millions more waiting for his lobbying days in post-retirement.

Another Bob

“remnants of the Tea Party have a much stronger spot with DJT as their de facto leader”

I think that relationship is complicated CH. Anecdotes <> data, but I’m acquainted with a guy fairly high up among the tea party organizers in Virginia. He is NO fan of Trump, I can assure you. His is a grudging acceptance of Trump as an obvious improvement over Hillary, that’s it.


Any thing new on the fiver rich?

How does this movement get started? The volume of blood entering the capillaries is X, and the volume exiting is the same, after gases are exchanged. Think of it like a semi-permeable membrane is dividing a chamber with salt and water. If the salt and water are the same concentration on each side, the level in the tank will stay the same.

But the purpose of exchanging gases is to exchange oxygen and food, and create carbon dioxide and water. That's what happens when you eat. The metabolism of food into fuel creates water. The water/extra blood has to go somewhere. Because there are valves keeping from going backwards, the water that's created has to go toward the veins, and thus up to the heart. It's as if you have a constant flow into one side, that raises the level of the water on that side. _The creation of water from food_: that's the pump. It's an unbelievably exquisite mechanism for correlating the water flow that's needed. If the muscles are working harder, they're metabolizing more food into water, and the blood will flow faster and faster. At rest, the water flow will be less, and circulation will slow down. Blood is needed to a degree that depends on how hard muscles are working.

There are a million pumps! Eating food, combining with oxygen--here are your pumps. Fat, protein, carbohydrates. The more water you generate per gram of food, the faster the pumps run, and the more robust the circulation will be. Dealing with one gram of protein nets you 2 grams of water; one gram of carbohydrates gives you 6 grams of water; and one gram of fat, depending on its saturation (hydrogen), gets you 14-18 grams of water.

Conclusion: the more your muscles are metabolizing fatty acids, the better off your circulation will be.

What does this change about the way we think about our hearts?

Imagine that you have a shower on the third floor, and a pump in the basement that's old and leaky, and you don't want to change your pump, but you think about changing your tubing. You could put more water in the tubes, but lots would leak out at the pump. Also, then the fluid is heavy, and harder to pump--or, you pee all the time. There's no need to put more water in the system, because it's harder on the old pump.

So what if you made the tubes bigger? Then it would definitely be harder to pump with your old pump, especially once you got the fluid all the way to the top.

If your body had any sense, it should make your tubes narrower and narrower. This is why the body causes atherosclerosis. Because you didn't fix your pump!

Narrowing your tubes even further is a necessity if you can't fix your pump, because you still need to get the water up there. You should fix your pump by eating fats, and doing movement with muscles, so your body doesn't need to narrow your tubes...

So: this changes everything about whether atherosclerosis is a disease, or a compensatory mechanism. You don't want to treat the compensatory mechanism!



Not using nuclear option an overt example—
Sorry, weak tea. Really reaching for an example.

You asked for an example and I gave you one that Trump regularly complains about. If you are able to explain how that doesn't match your request you can at least make an attempt to be courteous and insightful with your response.

As it stands now, your response is the equivalent of pounding a table.


Its an imperfect coalition like the GOP were whigs free soilers know nothings and others.

Captain Hate

joan, maryrose has met Ryan and likes him a lot which, in her position, I might too personally. I'm sure he's got an engaging personality one on one.

My criticism is strictly business. I've worked with some people whom I liked away from work but wanted them as far away from any projects I was involved with as possible. So it's nothing against Ryan as a man, husband and father when I call him a weak Speaker of the House. Leadership isn't for everybody and the GOP has a terrible tendency of rewarding the undeserving. That has to change.


AB: "It. Isn't. About. Trump."

In a way, it is -- he is the public face --- the target of the deep corruption amassed against him and our system of government. It is our country, our 'land of the free and the home of the brave' that has been attacked and fouled by these scheming, conniving liars.


Now do the Iran deal:


Another Bob

Disagree Joan. Whoever the republican candidate was, he would have been in line for this treatment. We’re starting to learn that other republicans were targeted by Obama’s mafia.

Captain Hate


If I made a Venn diagram there would be a lot of circles that barely intersect. Of course it's complicated; just like Kelly Ayotte no sooner got elected as Tea Party and then started sucking up to McRINO and Goober. I'm not surprised by your statement in Virginia but I'd have to think Dave Bratt is pleased with what DJT has done, for example.

NeverTrumps show up in the oddest places but I won't stop thinking that the treatment of the Tea Party predecessors by the GOP didn't pave the way for DJT.


PinandPuller: Your 12:15 is really interesting. Going back to read your earlier post and the 12:15 again.


>>>Any thing new on the fiver rich?

Posted by: narciso | June 07, 2018 at 12:14 AM<<<

took it in the other day. the officer who took my report, before I could mention it, said you got it at [shopping center]. said some others have brought in currency as well.

jim nj

A local take on Sen. Menendez in NJ.



New term: Crusties. Far Left panhandlers homeless by choice.

Captain Hate

Yes to that, AB; Cock Curious was determined that Tub Dive would be his third term of America hating treachery. The rocket surgeons were pleased as punch that the weak Drumpf was her opponent. But the mechanism to assure the FAB's coronation could've been applied to any other opponent.


Another Bob

I don’t disagree CH. He worked hard and heavy for Brat. I tried to talk him out of the Trump hate (he was particularly bent over Javanka for some reason) but couldn’t. But he’s not nevertrump, he is gritting his teeth hard though.


The camelbert with razorback with Patterson feeling like a third wheel, was as maudlun as you thought it would be.

Captain Hate

Ok time to listen to music and read. Nytol.

Btw Levin said Gowdy has always been a slick talking tool of Orange Drank and then Eddie.


>>>Amazing that the Republican Congresscritters have not marched on FBI headquarters to protest the abuses of power.

Posted by: matt - deplorable me | June 06, 2018 at 10:33 PM<<<

Pike and Church Committees ... just as a starter.

Hell I think it was back in the 90's when the FBI wanted to plus up their technology budget that some congressman got wind of what they could find out, using existing technology, and they pencil whipped them.

Dave (in MA)

Saw on Carlson an ad for a pending miniseries called "Deep State". It sounded intriguing, so I looked it up. Looks as though it's the usual Hollywood fare: a conspiracy by corporations to profit off Middle East chaos. Haven't they been selling this tale for close to 20 years now?


Posted by: Another Bob | June 07, 2018 at 12:33 AM

maybe have the guy focus his efforts in NoVA and start rebuilding the party ... they've given up Loudoun Cty and Reps won't win another statewide election without it. Trump barely campaigned here.


Don't know about that one, but AT&T audience has a remake of condor, the ur text from 1970s,


maybe the twist is that the villain is a black guy who is a mark and puppet for the real evil-Jewish bankers.


>>>Will we ever finger out what really happened?

Chuck Ross
NEW: Details of "suspicious" approaches of George Papadopoulos, including from Sergei Millian, the Steele dossier source.

Posted by: lurkersusie | June 06, 2018 at 10:21 PM<<<


the GOP would rather the coup plotters go free than expose what they did-it is betrayal and treason.

NEW YORK (AP) — He went from delivering pizza to being detained by immigration officers.

A guard at an Army garrison in Brooklyn called Immigration and Customs Enforcement on a pizza delivery man who made a delivery there on Friday. Now, Ecuadorean immigrant Pablo Villavicencio is in ICE custody pending removal from the country, agency spokeswoman Rachael Yong Yow said.
"Villavicencio-Calderon was detained by military police officers and turned over to ICE," Yong Yow said.

Villavicencio's wife, Sandra Chica, said he went to deliver pizza to Fort Hamilton last week and was asked for identification by the guard who received him at the gate.

Villavicencio, who worked at Nonna Delia's pizzeria, in Queens, produced a city identification card, but the official told him he wanted to see a state driver's license. When Villavicencio did not produce one, the guard called ICE, his wife said.

"This is unhuman," Chica said during a phone interview. "He was not committing any crime. He is a father who is working for his daughters. Every day our daughters ask me why their dad is not coming home."



Seems to be a glitzier version of the worricker series, with a varnish of rubicon, very fish and chips selection.


CH: Meeting someone charming and intelligent, and who is also powerful, yes, that makes an impression. But, when that someone has a responsibility, and I believe people who take the oath to serve our country have a huge responsibility, and they 'pass' on hugely important matters, then I don't respect them. I've complained about Lankford over and over again on here. No matter how principled he is, he isn't fighting in this particular and very important battle.

I tried not to be impolite to maryrose--I just don't understand some of her comments.


PinandPuller: Your 12:15 is really interesting. Going back to read your earlier post and the 12:15 again.

Posted by: joan | June 07, 2018 at 12:24 AM

I listened to a Podcast today with Ben Greenfield.

Meet Ben Greenfield. Raised in rural North Idaho, he was homeschooled K-12. He was a complete nerd. President of the chess club, played violin for 13 years, wrote fantasy fiction and spent most of his childhood years with his nose in a book. Ben graduated at 15. He began college at 16, playing singles and doubles for the men’s tennis team. For four years, Ben studied anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, pharmaceuticals, microbiology, biochemistry and nutrition, eventually rising to the top of his class, completing an internship at Duke University and the National Football League, then graduating in 2004 at 20 years old as the top senior in his class at University of Idaho – all while working as a bartender, personal trainer, lab assistant, nutritionist, spinning instructor, athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach. While attaining a 4.0 GPA in his advanced science courses, he competed as president of the triathlon club, middle for the men’s volleyball team, holeset for the water polo team and was a muscle-bound bodybuilder at 215 pounds and 3% body fat.


About 45 minutes in they really start getting into health and nutrition: https://youtu.be/ehfdd1eH4g4


Look at the neapolitan coalition in Italy, somewhat like tea party right and Bernie left, its like that film with ray midland and Rosie gorier occupying the same body.

Captain Hate

joan, couldn't agree more. They work for us, dammit, and if they can't do what we elect them to do then they've got to go.


good grief the article is worse


>>>Ryan allies say the speaker is one of the most honest Republicans in Congress and won’t subscribe to conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact. Rep. Tom Rooney, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, said “Paul’s right” and argued that the entire “spygate” narrative is silly.<<<

kinda like saying the cleanest whore in Las Vegas ... and what is the GOP's non-conspiracy theory for Halper?

yes it was all a coincidence ... never mind those texts about insurance policies and dirty tricks to set up the campaign.

they get away with this conduct now-without consequence-what is Ryan or Rooney going to say when they do it again-targeting them.

jim nj


I think everyone should read this. It's written by a young black man and you won't believe his insight.


Posted by: Captain Hate | June 07, 2018 at 01:09 AM

too bad we can't waterboard some of them ... make 'em talk.

jim nj


This is the link in the Powerline article to the full essay.

The man is a young Thomas Sowell.

jim nj


I think there's a Yiddish word to describe this appeal.


"The European Investment Bank on Wednesday said it could not ignore U.S. sanctions on Iran, rejecting the EU executive plan that it to do business there in an effort to save the 2015 nuclear deal."

Hmm. The EU can't even get it's Investment Bank to go along with this because they borrow money in the US. The Europeans can't fund their investment bank without our help?

Do we need Shakespeare to explain this to them?

jim nj






How come we haven't heard a peep about disgraced New York Atty General Eric Schneiderman, who resigned in early May after he was accused by those 4 women of being beaten and choked by the malicious role-playing Racist perv? I can understand him wanting to fall off the earth, but why has our incurious Media enabled him to fall off the earth?

Is he going to Jail? Is he going to Therapy? Is he going to Disneyland? Damned curious this incuriosity. I can't find any updates whatever since 8 May and surely you'd think the New York Tabloids could find something to pick that guy to pieces about if they wanted to. Maybe they're waiting for his book tour ala' Bill Clinton: "I'm the victim here!"

So how come the Free Pass? Aren't we supposed to be livid about this #MeToo sexism for a bit longer than a Geiko Commercial?

"He called me his Brown Slave. He would slap me until I would call him Master."

Judge Roy Moore sure could'a used some of that Media incuriosity.

jim nj

I don't understand why Trump's comments on the 1812 War are made to sound stupid.

The British and their colonial provinces, some of which became modern-day Canada, did attack our mainland and burned down the White House.

The colonies that became Canada were used as a base of operations against the US.

We unsuccessfully attacked into modern day Canada at the time, but were repulsed.

Many called it the "Second War of Independence."

And again, native Americans sided with the British in the Northwest territories.


Schneiderman went down to an auction in New Orleans.

Kevlar Kid

"And again, native Americans sided with the British in the Northwest territories."

The stakes were very high.

The specificity of the following article, summarizing a very complex stage of native history in North America, is worth the read.

A Native Nations Perspective on the War of 1812
By Donald Fixico

The War of 1812 was an important conflict with broad and lasting consequences, particularly for the native inhabitants of North America. During the pivotal years before the war, the United States wanted to expand its territories, a desire that fueled the invasion of native homelands throughout the interior of the continent. Tribal nations of the lower Great Lakes, including the Shawnee, Potawatomi, Ojibwa, and others saw their lands at risk. The same was true for the Muscogee Creek, Seminole, Choctaw, Cherokee and Chickasaw in the south.

The Native leaders who emerged in response to this expansion shared a single concern, that of protecting tribal lands. There were Indians who sided with the Americans -- Red Jacket and Farmer’s Brother led a Seneca faction to help the Americans at the Battles of Fort George and Chippewa. But most Indian nations sided with the British against the U.S, believing that a British victory might mean an end to expansion. In all, more than two dozen native nations participated in the war. In addition to the Lower Great Lakes Indians, led by Tecumseh, and Southern Indians, the Mohawks fought under Chief John Norton to hold onto their lands in southern Quebec and eastern Ontario.

The Indian Confederation under Tecumseh

The Shawnee war chief, Tecumseh, and his brother the Prophet, also known as Tenskatawa, played crucial roles in leading the Indians in the war. By 1811, Tecumseh had built a confederation of more than two dozen Indian nations, all of whom hoped to stop the American settler encroachment on their lands. One might ask why would they be concerned? The answer is clear. Tecumseh and his followers had observed eastern coast and upper Great Lakes Indians being removed from their lands by settler expansion, and they had seen a domino effect as one removed nation encroached on another’s land. The residential order of more than one hundred eastern Indian nations had been permanently disrupted. Furthermore, both the French and Indian War, called the Seven Year’s War in Canada (1756 to 1763) and the American Revolution (1775 to 1783) cost many native nations lives and land. The Indians in Tecumseh’s confederation had every reason to be concerned about the future.

It’s important to ask not only about the native leaders methods for dealing with the situation, but also to ask about their decisions, their influences and their vision for future relations with the United States and Britain. Tecumseh is a good case in point, since it was his decision, as a leader, to try to build a strong system of many alliances with other native nations. At the time, each native nation consisted of a few to several communities, each speaking a different language. Tecumseh realized that he had to depend on interpreters to translate his conversations and speeches to each Indian nation that he came into contact with. He also knew that he would have to raise a massive but focused army, drawing from these diverse Indian nations, a daunting task. Imagine trying to get all of Europe, with its different cultures and languages, to fight as a single army. Finally, Tecumseh’s decision to forge an alliance with the British shows him to be a leader wise in the ways of statecraft. The daily challenges of managing an Indian confederation and an alliance with the British would be daunting for any individual.

Tecumseh’s and the other Indians’ decision-making process went well beyond politics. He and his fellow leaders knew that the British and American linear minds moved from claiming the land, to colonization and exploitation of natural resources. They knew their own process was one of native logic and inclusiveness -- involving the flora and fauna and native communal values and relationships. Thus, the Indians were acting on a different system than either the U.S. or the British. Choosing the British as an ally was difficult at best, but the future of native North American hung in the balance.
Tecumseh preached his confederation and alliance point-of-view to various tribes, arguing that, in the big picture, an Indian confederation held the hope of stopping U.S. westward expansion. He gained respect in almost every case, and many followers, although the Choctaws stood firmly for neutrality. Pushmataha, the noted Choctaw leader, opposed Tecumseh’s grand alliance.

Tippecanoe and the Aftermath

In 1811, when Tecumseh was in the South, a group of natives led by Tenskwatawa, attacked U.S. army forces in the Battle of Tippecanoe. The battle was a draw, but the U.S. General William Henry Harrison declared victory and then had his troops sack and burn Prophetstown, Tecumseh’s home base in the Indiana territory. Following the Tippecanoe defeat, Tecumseh realized even more how important it was for a British alliance.
During the war, the Indian nations fought more than forty battles and skirmishes against the U.S. In southern Canada, pro-British and pro-U.S. Iroquois found themselves fighting each other, but in most engagements, the native forces fought alongside the British. They were key to the British success at both Detroit and Queenston; at the Battle of Beaver dams native warriors, with no help from their British counterparts, defeated the Americans, taking 500 prisoners of war. Although the Creek War of 1813-1814 is not normally viewed as a part of the War of 1812, Creek resistance to the U.S. Army in the south led to a series of battles that eventually crushed Indian military power in that region.

The Loss of a Leader

Perhaps the most significant battle took place in 1813 in Canada. Tecumseh and his warriors, deserted by the British forces, faced a pursuing army of Americans led by William Henry Harrison at the Battle of the Thames. As this confrontation became certain, Tecumseh promised his warriors that there would be no retreat. This battle, he felt, must be won in order to stop American westward expansion in all areas. But Tecumseh was mortally wounded, and his death and defeat marked the end of the native campaign to drive back white settlers. On a larger scale, the American victory cleared the way for the U.S. claim to the native interior of North America with more treaty negotiations following, resulting in numerous removals of most of the eastern woodland Indian communities to the west.

After the War of 1812, the U.S. negotiated over two hundred Indian treaties that involved the ceding of Indian lands and 99 of these agreements resulted in the creation of reservations west of the Mississippi River. Other native resistance movements sprang up, including the Black Hawk War of 1832 and the Second Seminole War (1835 to 1842), but neither affected so many different Indian nations as did the War of 1812.

Both the war and the treaty that ended it proved to be devastating to all of the eastern Indian nations. The Ghent agreement halted U.S. expansion into Iroquois land in Canada, and some native communities of the Great Lakes managed to remain in their original home areas, but their small numbers posed no threat to the existence or the expansion of the United States.

Donald Fixico is the Distinguished Foundation Professor of History at Arizona State University, and the author of Treaties with American Indians: An Encyclopedia of Rights, Conflicts and Sovereignty and Rethinking American Indian History.


This would be Jeff Sessions on Billions is telling Chuck Rhodes to plug leaks in his office. As if.

jim nj

War of 1812, odd, very odd. Northern states wanted the provinces brought into the US. Southern states, not so much, because they were free provinces and would have been free states.

Odd, in that Britain, at war with Napoleonic France, didn't want us to trade with France. We were a neutral country and had every right to do so.

Odd, that Britain thought they could impress American sailors into their war because they might have been born in Britain.

Odd, in that the war was settled in the Treaty of Ghent, and that the battle of New Orleans was waged after the treaty was signed.

Odd, in the modern-day sense, in that the EU seems to be ready to go into a war with us over Iran and tariffs.

And odd, in the sense that the EU countries seem to be at war with each other, and with us.

I think that the people who envisioned the EU thought of themselves as a European version of the US. A counter-balance, if you will, a chance to be as important as the US was.

And yet, the EU, as of now, is a collection of a couple of dozen Californias.


Mick Mulvaney cleans house at CFPB. Not linking WAPO.

Kevlar Kid

Mulvaney's gutting The Rat Legacy. Has driven a stake into the heart of the "advisory board"--- what a waste of air those government toadies are (and cash).

Kevlar Kid

"Odd, in the modern-day sense, in that the EU seems to be ready to go into a war with us over Iran and tariffs."

How would EU war making happen given NATO alliances with the USA?


jim nj: RE impressment of US citizens by Royal Navy. This post on Legal Insurrection seems pertinent:

"Milhouse | June 6, 2018 at 5:46 pm
They weren’t claiming US citizens. They were claiming UK citizens who had become US citizens. The UK, like many countries to this day, did not recognize renunciation of citizenship. UK sailors owed a duty in wartime to serve when and as needed, and as far as the UK was concerned they couldn’t unilaterally rid themselves of this duty just by moving to the US and becoming citizens there. Under the laws of war at the time, belligerents were entitled to stop neutral ships, search for contraband headed for the enemy, and remove any of their citizens they found aboard. The US however took the attitude that these were no longer UK citizens, and the UK had no business conscripting them. Nowadays the US advises dual citizens that they are indeed subject to being conscripted by their other country."


Reddit: What has Mick done? The middle class is finished!


Smooth Criminal EO Beat Missing https://youtu.be/jLvDnRU_ajk


Millhouse migrated away from the other place.

jim nj


Good read. No argument from me. It's accurate.

I don't want to argue against native Americans, as I've mentioned that I'm a Mohawk descendant.

But Native Americans had no previous exposure to European treachery.

The French-Indian war, native American tribes aligned with the French and attacked colonists and the British.

Revolutionary War, many tribes aligned with the British to attack colonists.

War of 1812, many tribes aligned with the British to attack US citizens.

While almost all of this was the Native Americans working in what they thought were their best interests. They chose poorly in their alliances.

Without this interference I don't know what Native Americans and Americans, colonists or citizens, might have achieved on their own with the westward expansion of the continent, but the French and British poisoned relations that might have turned out differently.

jim nj


Understood, but credentials weren't very good in those days.

Many of those impressed were Irish, who didn't consider themselves UK subjects. And American-born citizens were also impressed.

And since the the US was was a neutral country, those ships should not have been boarded in the first place.

The British used their sea power to enforce laws that the US viewed as an imposition on our young government.

Kevlar Kid

Not arguing either.

Going to head off to bed. But before I do, this jumped out of what you posted just now:

"But Native Americans had no previous exposure to European treachery."

Clarifying here, but hopefully without overemphasis on the obvious.

In addressing only what was to become the United States, I submit that the treachery preceding the founding was *ALL* European as practiced by colonists, merchants, company men, clerics, and agents who were either legally in service to the crowned heads, covertly representing those same crowns, or illegally subverting the proclamations and laws of said crowns.

All of the treachery was inspired by lust for land, title, trade, and the establishment of legitimated claims to wealth, privileges, and power with, without, or in spite of alliances with Indian people.

After the founding of the Republic, there was new management of the same basic formula but still greatly influenced by the European proclivities which preceded.

jim nj

"Odd, in the modern-day sense, in that the EU seems to be ready to go into a war with us over Iran and tariffs."

How would EU war making happen given NATO alliances with the USA?

Posted by: Kevlar Kid | June 07, 2018 at 04:28 AM
I was thinking of a political war, not a military one.

But OK, if American forces swarm from their bases and surround the Reichstag, who is going to intervene?

It's not like the German Air force can put any airplanes into the air to oppose us.

Who else is going to come to their defense?
Most EU nations would probably think it was a good idea.

jim nj


Yes there was a European mind-set that the Indians didn't understand.

I can't speak for other colonies, but the Dutch in present-day New York, reviewed all land deals between native American and the colonists.

If everything looked good, the government approved them.

What it meant in practice is that you might have the Indians camp on your site for a few days for a visit and you were expected to host them. You weren't particularly a land owner, but an ally and steward of their property.


PP, reading your 12:15, and I am thing ---who wrote that book I read about the heart not being a pump---

and there it is! Your link takes me to the author, Tom Cowan....


KK---don't miss that.

jim nj


I think Native Americans had no sense of the European idea of "total war."

It would have made no sense to them, Native Americans weren't into genocide, they were into counting coups. Prove yourself superior in stalking, or such, and nobody is going to mess with you.

Gentle reminders, more or less, no need to kill everyone, just to show that you could pierce their defenses when ever you wanted.

Maybe take a hostage, and negotiate for his return.

Colonists, the French, or the British, taught them the European doctrine of total war. The only defense against total war is total war.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good morning!

Quite a discussion you guys had last night!

My principal point about this attack on Trump is that if they can use these agencies to destroy a billionaire celebrity and sitting president, what protection does the average citizen have? The answer, of course, is none. We now have numerous examples of people wrongly imprisoned by overzealous prosecutors with evidence withheld during trial and with active participation in this activity by the FBI.

This is my point to anyone I talk to about this.

The left should realize that these people were not doing this treachery because they were true believers in leftism; they were doing it for jobs, power, and money.They were acting like hired mercenaries and there is every indication if someone like, say, the head of Exxon, paid them enough money they would have done THEIR bidding.

I think this cannot be overstated. Back when I was young the liberals had a fear of Hoover and the FBI. It turns out (given what we have seen with non-recording of interviews and 302's) that they were on to something.

Hillary and Obama decided to hire the mercenaries and use them against their enemies. If Trump had dangled pay-offs to those higher-ups and guaranteed them jobs, they would have infiltrated Hillary's campaign instead.

Remember, they really thought she would win, so all of their actions were based on receiving the spoils of war after she was in office. (I exempt Clapper, Brennan and Lynch from this theory because they were politically aligned with Obama.)

We cannot have a federal police agency that is for sale to the highest bidder. Period.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



A bit of what I transcribed from Lou Dobb's Show earlier: Rep. Matt Gaetz DROPS BOMB on Paul Ryan: Today Was the First Time I Heard Lawmakers Call for Removing Speaker Ryan (VIDEO)

Rep. Matt Gaetz: There is no defense today for Paul Ryan siding with the FBI and Department of Justice against those of us in the Congress who are working for transparency and accountability… We need the Speaker to be an institutionalist of the Congress and not to be a defender of the Deep State…


if someone like, say, the head of Exxon, paid them enough money they would have done THEIR bidding.

A link above had the "big donors" doing one last amnesty push. Then we have Soros / Steyer on the "other" team buying their policies.

Followed by Gowdy and Ryan covering the scam with a pillow as they exit into the donor cash flow (glue factory would be better).

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Further comments from the author of the article on suicide.

I think this a;so has ramifications for school shootings, which in many cases are elaborate suicides.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That is a good point and one which people are ignoring. What we have is essentially auctions to the highest bidders.

I know I am right about those FBI agents. They were operating on the premise that Hllary would reward them.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


INTERNATIONAL IMPRESSIONS: Lt Gen Jerry Boykin joins Shannon Bream to discuss Trump's first iftar dinner and reactions from the Muslim community. Do you agree with @GenBoykin?


— 🍯🐝🔥”GᖇIT”🔥🎗(◕ฺ‿◕ฺ✿ฺ)🍀🎗♋️🦀⚓️”My2Cents”🐉🦅 (@SusanStormXO) June 7, 2018

Good short interview between General Boykin and Shannon Bream at the link, concerning President Trump's Iftar dinner.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

A house set up for blackmail in New Orleans?

Odd thread I ran across this morning. The way things are going, who knows? The guy has drawn some attention to interesting coincidences.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


James D.

the GOP would rather the coup plotters go free than expose what they did-it is betrayal and treason.

Yes. Because most of them would like all the powers abused by the Dems to be available for their own use against their own enemies.

And because they’re too stupid to realize that it won’t ever work that way for them.

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