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June 29, 2018


Tom R

Bama #1

matt - deplore me if you will

Amazing that we don't hear the rhetoric about the violent assault of the media and how the precious flowers have not inundated us with billions of pixels of denunciation of the NRA.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thomas Wictor on why the press gets so much criticism:


A VERY satisfying read.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Jayne Miller
‏Verified account @jemillerwbal

"He's a f***** nut job" --woman who says she was stalked by suspect in fatal shooting of 5 people at Capital Gazette in Annapolis...says she warned former police official years ago.."he will be your next mass shooter"

Captain Hate

Laurel obviously went to hell after I moved away.

clarice feldman

Re comments on the previous thread. It seems obvious to me that the FISA promise when enacted has been broken countless times as what was said to be rare has become routine. Like the FBI 301 procedure--in time all the safeguards gets ignored.

clarice feldman

s/b 302 procedure.

Tom R

I do not see him willfully and with full knowledge authorizing the extension of a FISA warrant directed at his new boss.

A commenter on one of Sundance's threads made a good point yesterday on why Rosenstein would reauthorize the FISA warrant on Carter Page.

Keep in mind three points which we assume are facts: 1) The Obama administration illegally acquired a FISA warrant on Page to spy on Trump and his campaign; 2) The Obama administration planted spies (Halper, maybe Papadopolous) inside the Trump campaign to spy on him and help create the Russian collusion false narrative and 3) By the time the Page FISA warrant was extended Trump already knew Obama had been spying on him.

The commenter at CTH made the point that if Page ever communicated with Halper, Papadopolous, or anyone else who was an informant working for Obama, then thanks to the 2 hop rule the FISA warrant on Page allowed the FBI to monitor everyone who Page communicated with. By renewing the FISA warrant on Page, Horowitz/Huber or whoever else is involved in the investigation have full access to everything the Obama conspirators communicated. In other words, the FISA warrant on Page wasn't extended to continue spying on Trump, instead it was extended to monitor everything the Obama conspirators were communicating amongst themselves.

Old Lurker

Tru Dat, Clarice. Which is why the whole damn power should be removed from the State, Deep or otherwise.

Go 8 years without having to follow anything but one side's political rules, get rich and promoted along the way, and you could not have a better road to Hell than that. Don't make me go through my rant about the cost of slow walking a return to Law & Order, equal for all when the voters finally wake up and hire a new Sheriff. Eighteen months in and some of us cannot even be sure the AG or the DAG are on the side of Justice, except when staring down the Wishing Well?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

How downhearted the progs must be over this terrible shooting.
Not because some lunatic killed five people of course. But because he did so with a shotgun and because he wasn't a Storm Front-style collectivist they could falsely defame Trump and company with.
Sometimes even progs have to let a perfectly good crisis go to waste.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Tom R.,

That's a good point. And this is why the entire thing gives me a headache.

Reconstruction will hurt more this time

Lol. Megalomaniac has an idea how to win over more than Base


Old Lurker

"But because he did so with a shotgun"

Joe Biden most upset.

Eye Doctor


Don't forget cointel. It's been going on a lot longer than 8 years.

Jim Eagle


Didn't the FBI also have a forensic lab problem with either falsified or changed reports? I just don't see Wray (a career DC bureaucrat) as the hard-ass needed to reform and shape up the top Federal LE agency.

If they want to restore trust and faith in the FBI's mission, then they have to get rid of the 302 nonsense and instead mandate filmed and/or taped interviews.

Old Lurker

Wray cannot fix what his eyes will not see.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I want a law requiring the FBI (and other government investigatory agencies) to record their interviews.

I was totally unaware of 302's until this bogus investigation started.

They don't even have a stenographer present at interviews! They talk to someone and then write down their recollections and impressions!

How has this been allowed to go on for so long, long after technology for recording interviews was available?

Captain Hate

Don't know how I missed this last night:




Good advice.

Another Bob

From the last thread because it may become a “thing”...

The flailing Slimes once again cooperating with the deep state in opening a new front of resistance.

Some ICE agents think the focus on immigration is keeping them from their real jobs of “national security threats, child pornography and transnational crime”.

Funny, I thought that was FBI’s job. Maybe they shoukd transfer there. (Or what’s left of the FBI after the corruption is driven out.)


Eye Doctor

If you ever heard the crap that agents say in those interviews you would understand why they don't want recordings.

Captain Hate

How has this been allowed to go on for so long, long after technology for recording interviews was available?

If it's anything like the Fed's IT processing it would be done on parchment scrolls.

Tom R

This news seems to have been overshadowed by bigger stories.


Saw a video clip of Sessions saying the doctors arrested have written prescriptions over the years totaling 23 million painkiller pills.


Yes back in 93, a whistleblower named Whitehurst called attention to it.


When Zoe Lofgren was doing her questioning she noted that she, Goodlate, Gowdy, and Nadler have read the entire FISA application.

I don't know if that means anything but I don't remember hearing that the application was made available.

Duke of Earl

Brett Kavanaugh would be a rational choice for another president. He’s been on the DC Circuit for fifteen years. Before that, he shepherded Bush’s judicial appointments through the Senate confirmation process, was cook and bottle washer for Independent Counsel Ken Starr, and before that was with Starr at conservative DC powerhouse law firm Kirkland & Ellis.

Kavanaugh graduated from Yale College and Yale Law. He interned with the Solicitor General, he clerked for two circuit courts before clerking for retiring Justice Kennedy. He is polished, relatively young and another conservative Catholic. He has been groomed for this slot for decades. He would be hard for the Dems to oppose, harder for any Republicans to oppose, and could be confirmed within weeks.

That makes him too easy and conventional a pick for Trump. He will be drawn to a conservative firebrand a decade or more younger than the 53 year-old Kavanaugh. Such a choice could delay confirmation past the November election, which would make it also a referendum on Trump’s Court pick. But Trump is nothing if not self-destructive. He always goes for broke, especially when spending someone else’s money.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Any witness can record an FBI interview of himself.
If the G-Spot Men refuse to allow it then no one should do an FBI interview.
Of course I'm not sure why anyone would under any circumstances; the upside is nil and the downside bottomless.

Chubby Micrpphallus

Like Benito, he just wants to consolidate power in the face of undictments.


To the wire service:

Please pass on how many editors overlook that the choice of words shapes the mental battle space.

CNN’s Brian Stelter, for instance, is regularly willing to claim that Trump “attacked” the press. Nonsense. Trump criticizes misrepresentation in the news while the Annapolis shooter physically attacked journalists.

The MSM too often fails to distinguish — more than that — they contrive to elide the two. Out of misplaced self interest, I might add.

Beasts of England

How long will progtard tears last if refrigerated?

Frau Steingehirn

Iggy sez: "... he did so with a shotgun and because he wasn't a Storm Front-style collectivist they could falsely defame Trump and company with."

Wasn't the nutcase also a government employee?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Seems to me the people calling Trump self-destructive are not quite associated with reality.
He does take considerable risks but they seem pretty well calculated and he seems rather undestroyed by them.
When one considers his successes in the face of fanatical, histrionic opposition and the number of crybaby critics nursings wounds in his wake it seems particularly retarded.

Jim Eagle

And too salty to freeze, Beasts. "Prog Tears" would be a great name for a boutique Tonic Water:)


Frau, Federal IT employee, son of NSA employee per reports on Twitter.

Beasts of England

Bureau of Labor Statistics, I believe, Frau.

Beasts of England

lol, JiB!!

Nunes mills own goat


Good one Beasty boy


302's are the same as COMEY "the Weasel's" memos.
They say whatever the 7th floor wants them to say.


S Korea scores in stoppage.


Did you see the way his Magic Wand waved away all nukes from the Korean Peninsula?

Merlin could take lessons..


There will be myriad theories and hypotheses about why Kennedy all but gave up on his project of centrism, civility, norm preservation, and institutional self-preservation this year. I’ve never heard him speak so eloquently as when he was defending those values and celebrating the extraordinary role American courts and judges have played to foster such values in democracies around the world. One senses in his cri de coeur in NIFLA, Tuesday’s abortion-speech case, that he is viscerally bothered by progressive states like California attempting to be “forward thinking” (read: authoritarian) when it comes to truth in advertising around reproductive options. One senses in his vision of uncivil discourse in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case a growing frustration with what he sees as impolite discussions about religious liberty issues he wanted us to discuss civilly. One senses in his concurrence in the travel ban case a sort of stutter-step apology to “an anxious world” that watches the norms and institutions of constitutional democracy crumble..


Cavanagh is obviously too qualified.

Ignatz lost love

Keep burying your reservations for Benito.

The dream state wont last

Salad of Words

As for Kennedy, he demonstrates how shallow democratic ideals exist in conservatives that a scratch reveals their genuine politics.


Foxconn expanding to Green Bay, adding innovation center. UW Green Bay does the most Ed degrees, but this should help their STEM students.



Watch this stuttering fustercluck of a "man".
All he needs is the pink pussy hat and he's complete.

Tom R

An addendum to my 10:43.

IIRC the FISA renewals are quarterly. Sessions/Rosenstein could have flipped the full surveillance onto all of the Obama conspirators several weeks before Rosenstein extended the warrant.

That would explain a lot of the hysteria we have seen from people like Brennan and Clapper over the past few months. At some point they probably had an epiphany that Sessions/Rosenstein used the Page FISA warrant to flip the surveillance back on to them. Now they had to worry how long have they been under surveillance, who all did they speak to and what all did they say. If they talked to anyone like Hillary, Lynch, Holder, even Obama then they all know that its likely Trump has turned the tables against them.


Excellent piece by Nick Nolte about Never Trumpers

"These nihilistic peacocks all put their personal vanity above the fate of their own country, and all but a few have shown the integrity and humility to admit just how horribly wrong they are."



One of the added benefits of POTUS DJT, is how it makes the FULL COMMIES weep. Weeeeeeping like KIDDDDDDDDDDDDIES, who have been RIPPPPPPPPPED from their 2 Daddy's. Crying and gnashing their TOOTH, ....Wah waaaaaaaaah, you're NAZI'S, and we hate you.
Get used to it COMMIES, new Supreme court justice coming. I'm sprinkling PROG TEARS on my lunch, I'm not worried about running out.

Beasts of England

That Foxconn plant can't be real, henry - noted economist and Constitutional scholar BOzo said those jobs were never coming back!! ;)

Eye Doctor

Tom R thinks the Deep State is some kind of after school club.

You make me laugh Tom.

Rich man Poor man

Nick Nolte


Jim Eagle


That was a replay of the game yesterday. But it was still fun to watch little South Korea give mighty Germany more than they ever expected.


Yeah...Rosenstein as a Whitewater prosecutor cleared Hillary and then his wife Lisa Barsoomian represented Clinton in a civil case.

I don't trust him!

Fairness Rule

Barron should be caged, if not already, until children released from jail.


Jack, I didn't see any soccer yesterday, I was busy, and I got home from my pals house at 11.
We loaded up the last of his and his wifes belongings and furniture, as they are moving to St Pete. All night I kept hearing about BRAZIL winning, because my bf's wife is from Brazil!!!

Phun City



Oops I meant John in my 11:36

Jim Eagle


You mean John Nolte:)

Eye Doctor

Did you notice how many times Rosenstein reminded folks he was a Trump appointee?

Beasts of England

'horribly wrong' sells it short, lurkersusie. This was an election for the future of the Republic. Think about yesterday with Justice L. Lynch changing all those milestone decisions from 5-4 to 4-5. And it would have soon been 3-6. I'll never forget their monumental perfidy and I'll never forgive a single one of them.

Captain Hate

Patterico status update: Still full retard.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

All but a few?
I think he meant, only a few.


Beasts, look at the difference. Trump smiling, joking, speaking completely off the cuff, opening a multi multi multi BILLLLLLLION dollar manufacturing plant in the heartland of America-Wisconsin.
Then watch the PATHETIC LOSER BI-OBAMA stuttering and trying to talk like he has ANY CLUE.
The FULL COMMIE is crying because NORTH KOREA is being dismantled. THINK ABOUT THAT.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Rosenstein appears to me over his career to be above all a survivor.
Seems unlikely to me he would then sign a FISA renewal with the intent of spying on Trump knowing Trump would know he did. It's not like Trump hadn't already made it known he knew FISA had been used to do so.

Beasts of England

It's been updated to read 'only a few'. :)

Eye Doctor


Beasts of England

As I said last week, GUS, I choose to be a happy warrior - just like Trump!! 😎



Christian answer to Democratic Republic


Patterico is like a jilted lover, or a husband, whose wife dumped his ugly ass.
The only thing missing from POOOOTER boy, is putting the gun in his own mouth and pulling the trigger. Pooootie poo, picked the wrong side of the battle. He and his FAT FRIEND were going to the TOP OF POPS, THEY WERE GOING TO BE .....elite pundits!!! They were PUNDIT ROYALTY.
A lot of people would just take their medicine. Not egotistical WANNABEES.
Look at our troll. GROWN MAN. Zero ability to BE a MAN.

Melania wants to know

At what point does optimism become delusion?

Melania wants to know

Do you feel like Ignazis jilted lover, GUS!?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Kennedy has never been a moderate.
I suspect he is something of an inconsistent or sentimental libertarian.
He has been a stickler for the law and economic freedom and is sometimes one of the most vocal in those areas like the ACA decision.
Where he has been muddleheaded has been primarily in so called "morality" decisions where the law and freedom are suddenly trumped by maudlin sentiment and extra-legal ideas like "dignity".

Beasts of England

And speaking of being a Happy Warrior - not a cloud in the sky, low humidity, high of only 83°... The lake calls, my peeps. Peace, out. 🕶

Melania wants to know

He was blinded by ethics and empathy, Ignazi

Old Lurker

TomR "Sessions/Rosenstein could have flipped the full surveillance onto all of the Obama conspirators several weeks before Rosenstein extended the warrant."

Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

Again, the undying faith in the word "If".

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Democratic Republic.
Nice choice of words from a demented communist considering the states naming selves that, like the Congo and the old Warsaw pact.
Can't have that inconvenient constitution mucking up our people's democracy.

Eye Doctor

Rosenstein is a Clintonista.

Eye Doctor

Perhaps Tom R is a Clintonista?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It is unethical for a judge to ignore the law.
It is even more unethical for him to substitue his "empathy" for constitutional law.
Kennedy could have been a dog walker or a nanny if he wanted to practice empathy instead of the law.

They thinks Founders Fascist.😎

Ben Frsnklin hocks a green loogie on your 'analysis' Ignazi


>>>I would love to disconnect from politics for awhile, but I just can't stay silent while the uber hatred of President Trump & his voters goes on.

Posted by: Janet 🚬 | June 29, 2018 at 08:49 AM<<<

me three ... I'm probably the thirtieth or so to agree.

very sad news JamesD, my condolences.


CA Supreme Court upholds bullet stamping law even though it is not technically feasible to comply with it.



Yes yes more PROG TEARS.


Tom R

Ig @ 11:53.

Your logic is sound.

Lets pretend though that both you are I have it all completely wrong and that Eye Doctor et al have it right.

Not only did Trump exercise horribly bad judgment and appoint a Deep State Swamp creature like Rosenstein, after learning that Obama spied on him, he later learns Rosenstein backstabbed him and renewed the FISA warrant extension that allowed his own DOJ/FBI to continue spying on the sitting president.

How in the world would someone like Trump ever allow a backstabber like Rosenstein to stay on the job? The sheer stupidity on Trump's part allowing a traitor to his country like Rosenstein to remain Deputy AG boggles my mind.

Positive Thunker

Authoritarian Rubes aren't necessarily fascist.


Tom R, Trump went bankrupt a time or two as well. He's human, not perfect.

Tom R

OL @12:02

Do you completely deny the possibility that Sessions/Rosenstein flipped the Carter FISA warrant back onto the Obama conspirators and started surveilling them?

Old Lurker

Iggy "It is unethical for a judge to ignore the law."

Worse than "unethical". It violated the Oath of Office he swore when he took the job with all of its perks and ego gratification.

We are a "nation of laws", not a "nation of my version of ethics, today".

Positive Thunker

Beef Supremes of our beloved Idiocracy have finally ditched all pretense of objectivity and impartiality.

Just another Roy Bean Court.

Tom R


Of course Trump isn't perfect. I just assume Trump is at least as smart and as informed as Eye Doctor and knows that Rosenstein is a traitorous backstabber trying to destroy him.

Liberal Tears

I used to wesr sunglasses to keep jizz from getting in my eyes 😎

Now I wear them to hide my tears. 😎

Eye Doctor

Tom R

It is beyond stupid for anyone to ignore Rosensteins documented Deep State history because of a some fantasy that he is now going to bring it all down

Michael (fpa P4F) ... Stop the Witch Hunt - Stop the Coup !

I am good to go! Dr. still wants another scan in three months but he was very positive.Posted by: DeplorableAnn | June 28, 2018 at 08:02 PM

Ann - Still playing catch-up, but SO glad to hear the great news re the docs and your health!

I was thinking of you Tuesday morning, and wondering how you've been. Was tempted to post a question to see if anyone knew how you were doing.

Funny how the JOM 'second-sense' works to keep us all connected.

It's so good to see you back . . . Don't be a stranger, k ?


Beef Supreme is a character in the 2006 film Idiocracy, and the only character in the movie who qualifies as a villain. He is a famous demolition derby/executioner who uses monster trucks, flamethrowers, and grenade launchers to carry out public executions known as "rehabilitation" in 2505 America, which is overrun by idiots. When Joe (known by everyone else as "Not Sure") is sentenced to rehabilitation for ruining the economy, Beef Supreme drives a phallic-looking truck called the "Ass-Dozer", but it doesn't fit through the archway leading to the rehabilitation arena and is destroyed by crumbling cement. He emerges from the rubble with his flamethrower and grenade launcher and tries to blast Joe, but after seeing the successful results of Joe's economic suggestions, President Camacho pushes Beef Supreme aside and gives Joe a pardon..


Is that your "opinion" dimwit??

Eye Doctor

Tom R

Perhaps Sessions stabbed Trump in the back?

Tom R


Why would any Trump supporter threaten to kill Waters? She is doing a great job helping to increase Trump's approval ratings and the GOP's chances of winning the 2018 midterms.

Ann fan

Much gracious the news from Ann.

Tom R

Is that your "opinion" dimwit??


My feelings are hurt. Why didn't you use full caps for "dimwit"?

PS. How does it feel to always be on the same side as Eye Doctor? Personally that would embarrass the shit out of me.

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