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June 07, 2018



So as I understand it, the DoJ has something like 5 years of Ali Watkins' email and text data, but not the contents of the messages. From that data, they know who she was communicating with and when, so they'd probably be able to piece together other leaks based on timing - from Dan Jones, for example.

Other "reporters" and their leakers must be sweating right now.


@Tom_Maguire is TM's Twitter handle

Shit-eating grinners

Ghouliani is now..Baghdad Bob😎

Shit-eating grinners

Baghdad Bob or Comical Ali are two nicknames that were given to former Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf due to his colorful manner of speech and demeanor in his daily briefings during the Second Gulf War. The briefings were marked with propaganda or misinformation in order to boost the morale of Iraqi troops, which drew the attention of international media..

Thomas Collins

Where's JimNorCal? The Italian Stallion wins another top flight tourney.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thanks narciso!

I follow him but didn't realize I had done so! LOL!

Request sent.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

MM, can't believe ACE kicked you out--it's a Wild West show there and you are always polite.

ace has gotten a lot better but there's something about Gus's commenting style that I know chafed him in the past. There was a somewhat similar commenter, MrScribbler, who I knew had a limited shelf life. Like I said, he's gotten better and is more congenial when he wanders into the comments, but he used to pack a really bad attitude. Not sure how I managed to escape his wrath...

Miss Marple the Deplorable

TRUMP News 24/7
‏ @MichaelDelauzon
1m1 minute ago

POTUS on the move: motorcade en route to MARINE ONE.


So I gave the background on these snitches, Friedman and sager, as reputable as wolfram and hart, or their reAL life counterpart fusion gps


When you want to guess where his next thread will come from?


This could go pearshaped:

The thread about the kneeling:

Miss Marple the Deplorable

My friend Jan just texted me that Zinke was on with Cavuto and grinning broadly about the press conference and said trump is a businessman and knows how to get stuff done.

Apparently tat was too positive so now she texts me that they dragged out Bill Richardson on "how the President should deal with North Korea."

Okey, dokey. Let's listen to the advice of a guy who basically just visited North Korea.


Its all the matter of what did richardson when he got that passel of hostages out, he was Clinton's freelancer back in that era




Speaking of listening to advice, retired secret service agent's advice to Parkland, FL school admins after the deadly school shooting fell on deaf ears. Never been more grateful our 3 grands are homeschooled. Can't imagine 1000s of previously uninterested parents aren't preparing to join the ranks this fall.

Tom R

Ext @ 10:56.

If the DOJ has Watkins metadata from her emails and texts then I think they likely also have the contents of her messages. IMO that info was not acquired via the original search warrant due to potential 1st Amendment freedom of the press issues. Instead the Feds got the content of her messages from the recipient of her messages. Aside from her ethical problems of it now being known she will screw a source to get a scoop, I don’t think she or any other reporter will face any legal trouble for publishing theses Fake News leaks.


In his defense, he didn't know the layers of deflection they had constructed to avoid accountability.


I read it somewhere else, but here's a reference:

After (so says the Justice Department) availing itself of other means to try and establish the truth without obtaining the corresponding records of Wolfe's journalistic counterparty, they subpoenaed Watkins' personal cell and her Google account metadata. According to NBC News, matching the two sets of records showed that on the same day as Wolfe acknowledged receipt of a top secret document that contained details of a sensitive stream of intelligence about the investigation, he sent Watkins 82 messages. (The FBI did not obtain the content of those messages). Two weeks later, Watkins published a story that contained information that could only have come from that document.


can't keep up, under water at work, and too many posts here, too many long ones, too many oll-trays, love the regulars here, and some of the new posters, peace out my peeps.....will be outside doing gardening and making myself a cocktail when the Belmont race comes on.


That seems improbable, how did they know otherwise:

Buggy Whips are Back!

If Jesus could ride dinosaurs then Trump can resurrect the Industrial Age..


Instead the Feds got the content of her messages from the recipient of her messages.

Probably right re: Wolfe. Maybe not re: Jones or others.


This seems to be his last original tweet, the other is alink

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I highly suggest you make time to watch that statement and press conference.

Besides spotting the CNN reporter due to his question, you also get to see John Bolton chuckling as the President leaves the podium.

Tom R

I’m catching up on Sundance’s latest posts and just read this one.

If Huber indicts McCabe and it gets confirmed McCabe altered the 302 forms for LTG Flynn’s interview, the question then becomes how many other people over the years got indicted/convicted based on falsified 302 forms? Is it safe to assume we will see a lot of motions for a retrial by felons claiming they were wrongfully convicted due to falsified 302 forms?


That was a question, raised by Frederick whitehurst, a bureau whistleblower re the FBI lab in the early 90s.

So the scoop piece makes me winder how many other states couldnt log info the firearms data base?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Tom R,

I keep telling everyone I know that the FBI doesn't record interviews but then writes a report based on the agent's recollection after the fact. They don't even have a stenographer present.

People are dumbfounded when I tell them this.

I imagine there will be a LOT of requests for new trials, and cannot say I blame people for asking.

Those 302's seem to be sort of a secret police-type technique.


Does it seem every part of the system is crazy:

Miss Marple the Deplorable

TRUMP News 24/7
‏ @MichaelDelauzon
11m11 minutes ago

MARINE ONE is wheels up en route CFB Bagotville where POTUS will board AIR FORCE ONE for the historic trip to the TRUMP*KIM Summit.


Miss Marple

If you have time today, here is a link to a podcast about Typhoid Mary and Christa Worthington

I guess I've always been a True Crime fan. These ladies are decidedly left wing, which is fine. They pretty much hate Trump, which is fine too. I actually use their sidebars as a gauge on how Trump and America are doing.

What's funny as well is when even more left wing lefties write in and tell them they didn't use the right terminology like 'sex worker' or 'trans' or whatever. I also find it useful to think, "Do I sound like this when the other side is in power?"

There's another podcast I listen to called The Brazen Heads. They talk a lot about psychology, Victor Hugo, Star Trek, Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson and a lot more. It's on iTunes but this is all I could find on YouTube

Here's a group called The Brazen Heads Who's Your Paddy (grammatically correct)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Tucker Carllson
‏ @TuckerCarllson
56m56 minutes ago

Every story coming from the G-7 is about President Trump.

Another easy victory.


Guitar Porn

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thanks! I will save the link for later, after I have my laundry done.


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I thought Kaitlin Bennett was likely a cousin. She is the gal who made news by going to her graduation at Kent State with an AR-15 strapped to her back.

Well, Mrs. Buckeye has yet to research it, but she needn't bother.

Her picture in "The Week in Pictures" told me all I need to know.

She looks EXACTLY like my mom's sister. Separated by ~ 75 years or so:)

So much so, it is spooky.


Maybe words don't mean thing's


Who knew Brian Setzer could play the banjo


If Black Obama Jesus could bomb the Muslims into The Gilded Age anything is possible Mr Troll.


At the very least Black Obama Jesus tried to resurrect The Ottoman Empire. Damn near succeeded.



Harwood said on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” that he does not think the president is well and is “concerned about the president’s state of mind.”

“He did not look well to me in that press conference,” Harwood asserted. “He was not speaking logically or rationally, it sounded as if he was making stuff up…and there was something about his affect which was oddly kind of languid from him. I don’t know what it means but he did not look well to me.”


“Very little of what he was saying made a lot of sense,” Joy Reid confirmed.

“Well John has hit the nail on the head,” Malcom Nance said. “I think he came off like an idiot today. I was almost shocked at the way that he spoke.”

I don't know, he seemed pretty lucid to me, on a whole range of topics. Relaxed and confidant, too.

Jack is Back!

interesting to me that Chief Justice Robert's son Jack graduated 9th grade at Cardigan Mountain School. Where Frederick did his first 3 week residential camp summer of 2015. Near Darthmouth where we would stay at The Hanover Inn coming and going. Daddy knows it.

A number of the players are in the village now. T


Occupy Wall Street Doxxes EPA Chief Scott Pruitt on Twitter

(Click to enlarge.)


Re the New Thread you've been looking for:

New Thread.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I thought he looked well, alert, and spoke with knowledge about a lot of different topics.

They have created a cartoon character of Trump and thus they see what they want to see.

The most amazing thing to me about this is that many of these people, 5 years ago, thought Trump was a genus and they all wanted an interview or to hang out with him.

Jack is Back!

They all get brand new Lexus SUV's with US Open Courtesty of Lexus on the doors. At the Montessori school just east of the course are all the RV's a number of the players use for lodgings. Getting real busy in the Village.

Ray Floyd's home on Captain's Neck is for sale: $28million. It's called "Mulligan":).

Piece of trivia, in the 1986 Open that Floyd won at Shinnecock, the rain and wind on Thursday was so bad that the forecaddie on the right side of No.10 deserted his post and for the first time since 1959, Jack Nicklaus lost a ball in the knee fescue. Had walk back to the tee and start all over again.

clarice feldman

I'm with JMH on the absurd sniping.


Me too, Clarice.

Kevlar Kid

For JMH:

Thanks, first, for validating my point. Second, thanks for qualifying your views re the issues surrounding jibes, zingers etc and the impact on the JOM atmosphere.

At one point you commented directly to me that you appreciated the fearlessness with which I expressed opinions and views. I'm paraphrasing. It was one of the first things I noticed about you. It's admirable.

To everyone else with comments, if directed to me specifically, I will reply either here or via email if preferred. My addie is on file with The Email Oracle in the Badger State.

Have a great day!


Kevlar Kid

"Not sure how I managed to escape his wrath..."


Perhaps it's because you're just such a perpetual bluebird of happiness like me.

He says backing away slowly as CH searches for a tranq dart.


It's me. Kev. Yo.


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