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June 18, 2018


Kevlar Kid

In the article linked below, McCarthy makes the point: must proceed with a presumption of innocence.

The Mueller investigation has a scent, at the very least, of the opposite presumption.

Isn't the innocence presumption based on the null hypo: "There is no evidence to support the obstruction of justice allegation against President Trump."

It'a time for DOJ to answer a basic question:



He wants to make the title of his book, a self fulfilling prophecy?

Kevlar Kid

either way, babies and elderly will be "hardest hit" by Nazi America.


If Comey held a gun on me and made me choose Stormy Daniels or Coco I'd have to struggle with him for the gun at all costs.

Kevlar Kid

I'd back him into the curtains and make him be skeert.


It's just too convenient for all the corrupt nevertrump FBI bigots --covering up for Clinton, Obama--and setting up Donald J Trump...happened to be "adulterers" . It was a cover for their sedition.

On Horowitz, I'm for patience...we need him to be considered credible when the FISA-Russian GPS conspiracy is revealed ( please be true).

The insane lefties screaming about poor illegals, threatens our President in the halls of Congress-?-it will not be received well by the majority of Americans. It's just more evidence Trump is winning. I'm sick of their hate and ignorance of what open borders and illegal immigration begets :
The crushing of hope and safety for the middle class, on the backs of dilettante elite's !! ( Hello COC & Bush, inc.)

President Trump is the only leader putting American citizens first. 🙏

Back to conversation on estate planning...who doesn't have a Will of Trust to avoid probate?


The [Democrat] bill provides that "[a]n agent or officer of a designated agency shall be prohibited from removing a child from his or her parent or legal guardian at or near the port of entry or within 100 miles of the border of the United States" (with three exceptions to be discussed later).

So we cede the outer 100 miles ?
I bet it includes NYC, San Fran, LA and a host of other sanctuary cities.


Apropos of nothing


It,seemed more plausible than the isikoff book

jim nj


“Why do we have a 200 percent year over year increase in the number of people coming across? Why do we have the biggest month to month increase between February and March that we’ve seen since 2011?

“And the answer to that is the activity of the Mexican cartels, who use these migrants as essentially a distraction to clog systems so they are able to funnel drugs across the border.

“In the last week, we saw two more political candidates in Mexico murdered in broad daylight. One a mayor running for Congress right across the Rio Grande. Another mayor who, you know, has been a reformer, fighting against the cartels. That brings the total to 113 political candidates in Mexico who have been murdered by the cartels in less than a year."

Man Tran

For all gear heads, but especially JiB, here is the buffer we’ve parked in front of for several years at Paine Field. This shows it’s arrival at its final glorious resting place at the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field.



Im guessing it's from pineiros son in law



Well he probably gave pointers


Just retweeted Rep. Thorpe who said an intern had yelled the “F-- Trump”:

Clear #bias! @SpeakerRyan, follow the @FBI lead and require all representatives, staff, and interns attend special training. Yeah! That’s the ticket!


Great link MT!

Captain Hate

The Horde meets Dick Painter:



New thread


At State Dept., @SecPompeo and @nikkihaley announce US withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council, calling it "a protector of human right abusers and cesspool of political bias."

Levin had on John Bolton in Hour 1 "High-Fiving" President Trump and his Team for this great development.

Tom R

KK @9:18

For months here some people have made the claim that Rosenstein’s refusal to provide Congress with requested info was clear proof to them he was a Swamp creature, he was in cahoots with Mueller trying to destroy Trump, BLAH BLAH BLAH. RG or myself usually responded back that the most likely reason Rosenstein was not complying with Congress was because the info was likely being used as evidence in criminal proceedings. We pointed out if Rosenstein provided that info to Congress within minutes it would be leaked to the public. I recall being called DUMB a couple of times for pointing all this out.

Now we know for certain Huber has convened a grand jury so pretty much all of the assumptions RG and I made about Rosenstein’s refusal to comply with Congress turned out to be fully justified.

I suppose there is still a slight chance that Rosita is trying to destroy Trump, protect the Swamp, or whatever other nefarious and dastardly deeds some people here think he is guilty of but I’m willing to bet you a six pack of beer I’m correct about why he refused to turn over the requested documents to Congress.


Yes there's little evidence of that Tom r






He wants to make the title of his book, a self fulfilling prophecy?

Who is he?


Jonah goldberg he ripped off James Burnham cri De coer suicide of the west for his title


Washington Post Equates Trump’s border policy with Castro’s

Then since the WaPo loves Castro they ought to love Trump.


Thanks. Narciso.


"Clean the house first. But make the former residents live out in the Swamp. Fair enough?"

They get to stay in DC??

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