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June 18, 2018


Kevlar Kid


What is it about "jaws" that's unsuited for this family blog?



Happy Birthday RG! I don't know what is going on, but it sure does have the old "swamp camo" down perfectly. Nothing much stands out as non swamp so far.


It happened on the last hole and he actually wanted to finish the round. In his defense, he had hit a very fine drive...

That was the punchline to my pop's old golf joke he pulled on Momma after telling her Joe had a heart attack and died on the 15th.

Momma: My stars, Ralph! That's horrible. What did you do?

Pop: Yes Momma, it was horrible...it was Hit the ball and drag Joe, hit the ball and drag Joe.

Kevlar Kid

i hear ya, Pin.

this html bold/italics shizzle is fo shizzle.

hope i dont get shot for spressin it that way.

Kevlar Kid

The interview of some yeasty-lookin hag-o-the-Left following the Berkeley 5 decision was a site gag.

She was flanked by the black wearing KAINE-tifa thugs (no muscle tone) saying that it was "heartening" to know that "anti-fascists" were vindicated today and that it is "okay to be part of the Resistance Movement."

ya ya ya GFY.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Colleague Peter Doocy rpts mbrs of Congressional Hispanic Caucus scream in Trump’s face outside mtg with Hse GOPers on immigration. USCP tries to get between angry mbrs & Trump

— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) June 19, 2018

1. President Trump puts up with a heck of a lot of crap, and is a very brave man.

2. I hope there is video of this somewhere.

Kevlar Kid

Go all antebellum on their asses. Start carrying canes and just beat their bleating asses out in the open.


Comey: I don’t want to criticize her, but it shows me that even at this late date she doesn’t understand what the investigation in her case was about," Comey said. "It was not about her use of a personal email system, and she didn’t get that during the investigation."

Maybe Cornfield Jim, it's because you didn't have the balls to call it an "investigation. "

Miss Marple the Deplorable

He's still working, folks!

Mark Knoller
‏Verified account @markknoller
6m6 minutes ago

At Trump Hotel, @POTUS attending dinner for @AmericaFirstPAC, a Super Pac that supports candidates who embrace the Trump Agenda. Donors contributing up to $250,000 each. No press coverage. Former Press Secy @seanspicer now works for America First.


So 100% of the Dems co-signed this bill:

Every Senate Democrat is now a co-sponsor of the legislation which would prohibit children from being separated from their parents within 100 miles of the U.S. border except for instances of abuse, neglect or other specific circumstances.

There is one little problem with the language.


Every Senate Democrat has now signed on to cosponsor a bill written so carelessly that it does not distinguish between migrant children at the border and U.S. citizen children already within the United States. The bill further does not distinguish between federal officers handling the border crisis and federal law enforcement pursuing the ordinary course of their duties.

This is what happens when there is a fake crisis followed by a bill that will "fix it!"

Kevlar Kid

Sorry if this is a regurg:

Paul Sperry

House Judiciary member Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) unmasked the ID of anti-Trump, pro-Hillary FBI investigators referred for punishment by IG. One is SALLY MOYER who allegedly was having a romantic relationship with a male FBI attorney, mirroring Page & Strzok

2:21 PM - Jun 19, 2018

Kevlar Kid

And does this implicate Rosita Rosenstein in the ongoing lie to sandbag Nunes' Committee?

Paul Sperry

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) just outed 2 of the unidentified anti-Trump, pro-Hillary FBI investigators referred for punishment by IG & both work for the general counsel of FBI, not in "counterintelligence" as the FBI claimed as an excuse to w/hold their names

2:12 PM - Jun 19, 2018

Kevlar Kid

The comments re the star-crossed FBI humpers are kinda funny:


This one in puhtickler:

mickeyhamtramck says:
June 19, 2018 at 7:04 pm
“Remember, it’s only between us.” “ I know, just us”. “ Meet me on the 5th, floor in 7 minutes” “ I will, you can trust me.” “ I’ve never felt so intense.” “Me too.” “ We’re intense together in this.” “I know, me too.” “ I never felt like this before…I think ,..maybe I shoudn’t say this..I’m starting to have feelings for you…and maybe we…”

Beasts of England

Two addenda to my snake story, because it's my favorite...

As the two of us headed up to the club a buddy of ours called and said that the guy his practice was interviewing would like to join us for the round. A fresh from residency neurosurgeon only slightly more stuffy than Judge Smails. On about the fifteenth hole I told my buddy that he'd never take the job because we were such smart asses and we reflected poorly on the city. This was before the snake incident. (He took the job...)

The best part of the story is that my buddy knew too well my hatred of snakes. The damned thing was about twenty feet from where his drive landed, and we had been joking about snakes all day, doing the rattle sound in each other's backswings. A laff riot!!

It wasn't huge - two feet long - but we immediately saw it as we pulled up in the cart. Before he gets out, he looks over at me with a yuge grin... He hops out and goes right after it. His plan? To grab the thing and chase me with it. Did I mention that he's also my stock broker?

He reaches down to grab it behind its head and missed it by that >----< much. He lifts the thing off the ground and it is raising hell, and he says, dropping the damned thing, 'I think it got me.'

I had already taken my driver back out of the bag - mainly to hit him if he came at me with it - so I'm on whack-a-rattler duty. Ugh. He takes off his golf glove and there's a tiny speck of blood on his finger.

The prospective nuero is having an out-of-body experience and my buddy says it's no big deal, let's finish! The doc goes off on him and is dialing 911 immediately. The newspaper caught wind of the episode and wrote it up in the sports page. :)

Captain Hate

After criticizing Ted earlier, looks like he tooled Cuck Schoooooomer:



KK, and I've just read that Horowitz claimed the FBI would not reveal the names because they were counterintelligence. Both work in general council, not counterintelligence. Another FBI FIB!

Kevlar Kid

Dammit, Jim! We're focked!



Sharyl Attkisson

So amazing how our govt. agencies like FBI and IRS seem to continually have data glitches that lose damning text messages and email during key times.


I must refresh before I hit post!


I just saw 07:00 linked 2 minute clip posted of Mark Meadows saying to Horowitz that the FBI is lying to Horowitz if they told him Agent 1 and Agent 2 are in Counter Intel and that is the reason they cannot have their names revealed. Meadows then reveals their names and says it is a lie that they work in Counter Intel so if that is what the FBI is telling Horowitz the FBI is lying.

I wonder if that revelation will cause repercussions.

Kevlar Kid

Schumer snatched defeat on this one. RBI: CRUZ!

I thought this was foony:

"17 lols, though, what a wet sad fart ending to all this dnc alinsky outraging
Posted by: Krystal Slider Enthusiast at June 19, 2018 07:13 PM (FOPyv)"

Captain Hate

DJT is so fortunate to have opponents like Schumer and Pelosi Galore; they're borderline senile and creepy as hell.


Meadows says the 2 attorneys work for Trish Anderson. He says one of those 2 is Sally Moyer and the other is Kevin Kleinsmith.

Kevlar Kid

"So amazing how our govt. agencies like FBI and IRS seem to continually have data glitches that lose damning text messages and email during key times."

I envision a gum snapping Fran Drescher type collecting DNA evidence from Strozk's nails in a Vietnamese parlor asking:

"So, whoozya providuh? We can setchuz up witha plan with unlimited...."

(believe me. it was worse when my clock had "beer thirty" emblazoned on it)

Beasts of England

Are those real texts in your 7:24, Kev? It is, unfortunately, hard to tell truth from satire at the moment.


Lily Allen is Theon Greyjoy's sister https://vimeo.com/21088547

Kevlar Kid

"So amazing how our govt. agencies like FBI and IRS seem to continually have data glitches that lose damning text messages and email during key times."

they don't seem to realize that their rock's been overturned. that's what they get for wearing sunglasses in the dank confines of Cabal Central.

they still believe they can get away with anything.

i don't think that's true anymore.

that low rumbling? that's the sound of a major, grinding, ass pulverizing display featuring all y'all.

Kevlar Kid

" one of those 2 is Sally Moyer and the other is Kevin Kleinsmith."

Rumor has it they were playing bury the potato?

Kevlar Kid

falling out of his chair laffin Kev say to Pin:

"you....need .....fak!....professional help!"



After criticizing Ted earlier, looks like he tooled Cuck Schoooooomer:

There is something missing in that Ace post, I think.

He links to an article that reports that Chuckie rejected a bill that McConnell supports. From that link you find another link that reports that whatever McConnell was backing had more to do with the efforts of Cornyn and Hatch.

Ted Cruz was creating his own separate bill.

I will have to watch the video to see of Cruz is mentioned by Schumer or if this another example of Cruz trying to pull his opportunistic fat out of the immigration fire by pretending that he crafted another "poison pill" to throw everyone off the scent.



What is it about "jaws" that's unsuited for this family blog?


Posted by: Kevlar Kid | June 19, 2018 at 07:08 PM

Not so much Jaws as the Latin term of the day Vagina Dentata

Sorry, that maybe half Greek half Latin.


"Trisha Anderson, an adviser in the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, was previously an attorney at Attorney General Eric Holder's former firm, Covington & Burling, where she helped represent 13 Yemeni detainees."

Here's some links: The Last Refuge

Miss Marple the Deplorable

@PastorDScott⁩ the President always finds you! pic.twitter.com/bjKMmN4j8u

— Dr.B (@drbelindascott) June 19, 2018


President with Pastor Scott this evening. Photo at link.


Let me guess, Trisha Anderson and friends were hired into the civil service by Holder so they can't be fired? Burn it all down.


Hopefully the UK Daily Mail will have pictures of the outed Intel lovebirds since our US Press seems uninterested in digging up their pix.


I can't afford professional help thus...


Trisha Beth Anderson and Charles Lawrence Newman were married Saturday at the Clifton Inn in Charlottesville, Va. The Rev. Scott E. Davis, a United Methodist minister, officiated.

The bride, 35, who will keep her name, is a senior counsel to James M. Cole, the deputy attorney general, in Washington. Until July she was a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. She graduated from Yale and received a law degree from Harvard.
The bridegroom, 33, is a deputy legal adviser to the National Security Council, at the White House. He graduated from Duke and received a law degree from the University of Virginia.”


The only bad thing about Ace is having to read all the David French tweets he posts.

Kevlar Kid

It's difficult to fire federal employees but not impossible.

12,000 have been fired in the last 9 years for misconduct, poor perf or for being Republicans (ha!).



Anderson is, or was, married to White House deputy legal advisor to the NSA at the White House.
Trisha Anderson, Charles Newman
OCT. 8, 2011”

So the Obama White House.

What a coinky-dink!


Charles L NEWMAN would get on great with Macron.

Kevlar Kid

i vaguely recall "Marc Rich" coming up in the IG report.

perhaps some legal mapping is being done around Holder, Inc. proteges ratting around DOJ?

Fast and Furious.... is that before a grand jury finally?

Holder..... talk about a snake. Who's pullin his strings?


I can't catch-up with a single page of the thread much less the thread@#$%^

Miss Marple the Deplorable

JointheNRA NOW!
‏ @CarmineZozzora

Just watched @BretBaier‘s super genius guest @JonahNRO say the immigration crisis splits the GOP and gives the blue wave its momentum back as if this whole crisis wasn’t orchestrated by the seditious Left and their co-conspirators below the border.

#IdiotsOnTv #MAGA #Trump2020

This is why I no longer watch Baier's program. I accidentally got a small glimpse where he also had the odious Chris Stirewald (or however you spell it).

I am sick of this attitude that the opinion will shift because of this phoney narrative they are pushing. And i am disguusted by GOP Never Trumpers and cowards who won't stick up for the president!

Kevlar Kid

"The bride, 35, who will keep her name, is a senior counsel to James M. Cole, the deputy attorney general, in Washington. Until July she was a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan."

Well, bless her heart. Some really nice bona fides.

Clean the house first. But make the former residents live out in the Swamp. Fair enough?


Marc Rich is dead...GM is alive.

Kevlar Kid

Nothing sez "Justice" like goiter and a stream of lactic acid running out your schnoz.

Kevlar Kid

"the immigration crisis splits the GOP and gives the blue wave its momentum back""

Jonah wants to believe he has on the Ruby Slippers.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Students at a local school were assigned to read 2 books, 'Titanic' and 'My Life' by Bill Clinton
One student turned in the following book report, in which he felt that they were nearly identical stories!

Titanic: Cost - $29.99
Clinton : Cost - $29.99

Titanic: Over 3 hours to read
Clinton : Over 3 hours to read

Titanic: The story of Jack and Rose, their forbidden love, and subsequent catastrophe.
Clinton : The story of Bill and Monica, their forbidden love, and subsequent catastrophe.

Titanic: Jack is a starving artist.
Clinton : Bill is a bullshit artist.

Titanic: In one scene, Jack enjoys a good cigar.
Clinton : Ditto for Bill
Titanic: During the ordeal, Rose's dress gets ruined.
Clinton : Ditto for Monica.

Titanic: Jack teaches Rose to spit.
Clinton : Let's not go there.

Titanic: Rose gets to keep her jewelry.
Clinton : Monica is forced to return her gifts.

Titanic: Rose remembers Jack for the rest of her life.
Clinton : Clinton doesn't remember anything..

Titanic: Rose goes down with a vessel full of seamen.
Clinton : Monica.. Ooh, let's not go there, either.

Titanic: Jack surrenders to an icy death.
Clinton : Bill goes home to Hillary - basically the same thing


So which DEM will be the first to call for the prosecution of Mark Meadows for leaking the names of of Counter-Intel spies Sally and Kevin? Surely they aren't "Fair Game."

I'm guessing Adam "Schiff for brains."

Kevlar Kid

Beast, i don't know what's funnier "vagina dentata" or Google translate to english "Synovial dentata."

Hurl that as an invective substitute for the vernacular eh?

"Get me my synovial hat, Jen. I'm goin to march on DC!"

Kevlar Kid

Just when i had my eyes dry after Pin's cartoonish video, Steph brawdsides me with that book report joke.

i can't take it. ;)

Kevlar Kid

please indulge: who is GM again? (initials/acronyms... ugh)

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting ther

The Meadows news is Yuge. Both lead back to Obama. Gowdy should reconvene tomorrow.

Beasts of England

The new bride has been sending me pictures from their honeymoon in Antigua. She sent one a minute ago of this sprawling estate with about ten intersecting rooflines, and it had to be two hundred feet wide. Gorgeous structure, and situated on a waterside cliff. I told her that their resort was beautiful! She said, no, that it's Eric Clapton's house on the island. Seriously. I should have practiced more...


General Motors



As you may know, Clapton is married to a Columbus gal.

They have a place by the river that is sprawling with horse barns and a big pole barn for his hot rods.

I don't think they spend much time here. Blue ocean beats brown dingy water in the Scioto any day:)

Kevlar Kid

thanks, Pin.

Beast--- i've heard from travel agent cronies who sell "Antigua" exclusively that Slow Hand's digs are a must see.

IIRC Bob Marley owned a home in the Bahamas that was converted to a resort. Mrs. Kid sold a package for there last fall.

my current favorite is Michael Jordan's down in Baja (Cabo San Lukey). the dwelling alone is a quarter mile. the lot's yuge. MJ was badgering the officials down there to let him build an airstrip.


And I think Clapton said he wanted to keep Ohio white.


Aruba, Antigua

Gee it's good to meet ya

In Ohio, Columbus

It's not really humongous

Kevlar Kid

Pin--- then that giant mosque got built and blew the whole show to shite.

jim nj

OIG Report, Chapter 5, part 2 (long)

Despite the public perception that the Midyear investigation did not use a grand jury, and instead relied exclusively on consent, we found that agents and prosecutors did use grand jury subpoenas and other compulsory process to gain access to documentary and digital evidence. According to documents we reviewed, at least 56 grand jury subpoenas were issued, five court orders were obtained pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §2703(d) (2703(d) orders), and three search warrants were granted. The Midyear team also sent numerous preservation letters to
various entities...

The FBI served 2703(d) orders on commercial email service providers, such as Google (Gmail)and Yahoo!, for information maintained on their servers associated with the private email accounts used by Huma Abedin, Paul Combetta, Cheryl Mills, and two other individuals. Footnote 69 [worth reading it its entirety] indicates that a senior DOS employee held what was classified at the SECRET//NOFORN level. [and] According to the 2703(d) order for the second individual’s account, an email containing information that the FBI determined to be classified at the SECRET//NOFORN level was originated from his private email account and forwarded, after traversing two other private email accounts, to Mills’s private Gmail account. This individual was not a State Department employee and was not a witness in the FBI’s investigation. Rather, the 2703(d) order stated that the FBI believed this individual resided in Japan based on his phone number and address and that “[a] search of relevant databases reveal[ed] no U.S. Government security clearances” for him.


FBI witnesses told us that the purposes of obtaining the 2703(d) orders were to determine whether the known classified emails continued to reside in the unauthorized email accounts and whether they were forwarded to other unauthorized locations, thus posing risks to national security. (if so, a search warrant was used for further search)

Based on the 2703(d) results, the FBI was able to confirm that classified information continued to reside in just one of these five accounts—the account belonging to
Combetta. [details skipped] Based on the results of the 2703(d) order, the FBI determined that 820 of Clinton’s emails, dated between October 25, 2010, and December 31, 2010, remained in the dummy email account. The Midyear team obtained a search warrant to view the content of these emails and search for other emails relevant to the investigation.

Prosecutor 2 told us that the Midyear team sought compulsory process when evidence could not be obtained through consent or when “the terms of the consent were such that additional process needed to be sought.” For example, on August 28, 2015, the Midyear team obtained a search warrant for the Pagliano Server even though Clinton’s attorneys had voluntarily produced and provided consent for the FBI to search it.

[T]hree different domains were commingled in the server’s unallocated space and the FBI
could not segregate the accounts without “a complete forensic analysis of the Pagliano Server.

Based on the evidence we reviewed, although the Midyear team used compulsory process on multiple occasions as described above, the prosecutors sought to obtain digital and documentary evidence by consent whenever possible. Witnesses told us that this caused frustration within the FBI, which preferred obtaining evidence with search warrants or subpoenas. The witnesses generally agreed that this debate is common among prosecutors and agents and was not unique to Midyear. To the extent the disagreement about the use of criminal process was more pronounced in Midyear, witnesses stated that they believed this
was due to Midyear being a high-profile investigation. The Lead Analyst explained that “everyone [was] under intense pressure,” which enhanced the “magnitude” of this disagreement.

Numerous Department and FBI witnesses told us that the debate over how to obtain evidence was mostly about efficiency—the prosecutors believed they could obtain evidence faster through consent and the FBI believed that criminal process was more efficient. (with an assumption that nothing was being withheld or destroyed)

Comey told us that he believed the prosecutors were more hesitant to use criminal process in the Midyear investigation than normal because they wanted to keep “as low a profile as possible.” [this was preceded by a discussion of possible leaks arising from the use of warrants]

FBI team members told us that they believed they could have obtained evidence faster with process, especially after instances when, they believed, Clinton’s attorneys had not been forthcoming about the existence of potential sources of evidence,

Some witnesses told us that they were concerned about certain devices that the FBI was never able to locate.

[T]he FBI’s investigation identified a total of 13 mobile devices associated with Clinton’s two known telephone numbers “which potentially were used to send emails using Clinton’s clintonemail.com emailaddresses.” The Midyear team asked Clinton’s attorneys for these devices, but they stated they were “unable to locate” them.

Prosecutor 2 told us that the prosecutors believed that Clinton’s attorneys were dealing with them “in good faith” and had “no reason to think that they were lying” about their inability to find Clinton’s mobile devices. [this is a reccuring motif]

There were points in the investigation when the debate about the use of consent versus
compulsory process was particularly pronounced. Based on the evidence we reviewed, in or about March 2016, Page asked Strzok, on behalf of McCabe, to create a list of tasks that the Department had either refused to undertake or “asked to let them negotiate with counsel,” even if the FBI ultimately agreed with the outcome. Page told us that McCabe suggested the list after she told him that Strzok and FBI Attorney 1 were “increasingly growing concerned about...the little things that are being left on the cutting room floor and...the deference to” the line prosecutors on how best to obtain evidence. [list never finalized]

Discussion of limits of the consent agreements.
The SSA told us that the terms of the consent agreements were primarily created through negotiations between the two line NSD prosecutors, on one side, and the attorneys for Clinton and other witnesses, on the other. For the most part, the consent agreements were limited such that the FBI was able to search only for emails sent or received by Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State and for evidence of intrusion.

The consent agreements and search warrants also were limited such that the FBI could not search emails sent or received by other accountholders on Clinton’s servers—such as
Abedin and former President Clinton and his staff—unless Clinton was also a party to those emails. One analyst told us that he would have liked to be able to look at emails to which Clinton was not a party.

The consent agreements and search warrants incorporated provisions requiring the use of a filter team to ensure that the Midyear team did not review emails protected by privileges, including attorney-client, medical, and marital privileges.

There were at least two consent agreements that did not incorporate the use of a filter team, but instead allowed the attorney for the owner of the devices to delete personal information before voluntary production to the FBI.

Some FBI witnesses told us, consistent with text message exchanges between Strzok and Page, that the FBI was concerned that the line NSD prosecutors were intimidated by the high-powered attorneys representing Clinton and her senior aides and, as a result, did not negotiate aggressively with them.

In this section, we address the Midyear team’s efforts to obtain email content from the accounts of the three senior aides that had the most email communication with Clinton—Jake Sullivan, Cheryl Mills, and Huma Abedin.

...[O]nly 13 individuals had direct email contact with Clinton, and that Sullivan, Abedin, and Mills “accounted for 68 percent of the emails sent directly to Clinton.

Based on a review of these emails and other evidence, the investigators determined that, in addition to their official State email accounts, Sullivan and Mills used personal Gmail accounts and Abedin used a personal Yahoo! account and her clintonemail.com account to conduct government business. Sullivan, Mills, and Abedin told the FBI that they used their private email accounts for official business occasionally...

The investigators further determined that all three of these senior aides either sent or received classified information on their private email accounts and forwarded emails containing classified information to Clinton, although none of the emails the FBI discovered contained classification markings. [They gave explanations such that "three senior aides, “[had not] committed any criminal offenses.”

Nonetheless, the investigators considered [and did] obtain[ing] additional information from or about the private email accounts of all three senior aides.

Footnote 75: FBI analysts and Prosecutor 2 told us that former President Barack Obama was one of the 13 individuals with whom Clinton had direct contact using her clintonemail.com account. Obama, like other high level government officials, used a pseudonym for his username on his official government email account. The analysts told us that they questioned whether Obama’s email address (combined with salutations that revealed that the emails were being exchanged with Obama) or other information contained in the emails were classified and, thus, sent the emails to relevant USIC agencies for classification review. However, they stated that the USIC agencies determined that none of the emails contained classified information.

Abedin sent an e-mail with a Word attachment to her personal e-mail account. The next day with some minor revisions it appeared on a DOS classified system.

[T]he FBI discovered that Mills sent or received at least 911 work-related emails to or from her Gmail account during the time she was employed at the State Department. The application stated that the FBI identified seven emails containing confirmed classified information and an additional 208 emails containing suspected classified information that had not yet undergone formal classification review.

The search warrant further stated that the FBI had identified an additional 496 emails from Sullivan’s personal Gmail account that it suspected contained classified information, but had not yet submitted for formal classification review. One analyst told us that unlike the emails found on Clinton’s servers, which often were derived from the unallocated space, emails from Sullivan’s Gmail account were helpful because they clearly revealed important
metadata, such as senders, recipients, and dates.

Given the significant roles of Mills and Abedin, and the usefulness of the material from Sullivan’s personal account, we asked why the investigators did not seek search warrants for the private accounts of Mills or Abedin.

Some FBI witnesses told us that there were reasons to promptly seek a search warrant for Sullivan’s Gmail account, instead of beginning with a 2703(d) orderlike they did with the private email accounts belonging to Mills and Abedin.

Prosecutor 2 told us that Sullivan was treated differently from Mills and Abedin, because the information contained in the Top Secret email sent to Sullivan more clearly constituted classified information and NDI (“national defense information”)...

Another potential means to obtain emails to or from the private accounts of Clinton’s senior aides would be to obtain access to their personal devices, such as laptops or cellular telephones, on which copies of such emails might reside. Such access could possibly have been obtained by consent or via search warrant.
...the Midyear team obtained, through consent agreements with Beth Wilkinson, the laptops that Mills and Samuelson used to cull Clinton’s emails for production of her work-related emails to the State Department. However,the investigators did not seek access to the private devices used by Sullivan, Mills, or Abedin during Clinton’s tenure at State.
...Witnesses told us that the team’s focus was on Clinton.
[discussion contiues for a while, lots of back and forths]

Abedin was the only State Department employee, besides Clinton, with an account on the clintonemail.com domain on Clinton’s server. Witnesses told us and documents we reviewed showed that the Midyear team did not review all of Abedin’s clintonemail.com emails on the server; rather, they limited their searches to her email exchanges with Clinton. We questioned why this limitation was put in place, given that the purpose of the investigation was to generally assess any mishandling of classified information in relation to Clinton’s server.

As detailed in the classified appendix to this report, the OIG learned late in our review that the FBI considered seeking access to certain highly classified materials that may have included information potentially relevant to the Midyear investigation, but ultimately did not do so.
The FBI never finalized the May 2016 memorandum or received access to these classified materials for purposes of the Midyear investigation. FBI witnesses told us that this was for various reasons, including that they believed that the classified materials were unlikely to include information from the beginning of former Secretary Clinton’s tenure, and thus would not have a material impact on the investigation. However, other FBI witnesses including Strzok, the Lead Analyst, and the SSA told us that reviewing the materials would have been a logical investigative step.

According to documents we reviewed, the Midyear team conducted 72 witness interviews. The witnesses included individuals involved with setting up and administering Clinton’s private servers, State Department employees, and other individuals with suspected knowledge of Clinton’s email servers, the transmission of classified information on the servers, or her intent. Based on our review, we determined that all witnesses were interviewed voluntarily
or pursuant to immunity agreements and, consistent with the FBI’s normal procedures, none of the witnesses were placed under oath or recorded.

The Department entered into letter use or “Queen for a Day” immunity agreements with three witnesses in the Midyear investigation: Bryan Pagliano, Paul Combetta, and John Bentel.
The Department also entered into two act-of-production immunity agreements in relation to the personal laptops used by Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson to cull Clinton’s email.
[skipping Pagliano]
The SSA told us that he believed Combetta should have been charged with false statements for lying multiple times; however, the SSA also stated that he was ultimately satisfied that Combetta’s later immunized testimony was truthful and that he was “fine” with the immunity agreement.
Prosecutor2, Agent 2, and the Forensics Agent indicated that, while they believed that Combetta had not been forthcoming during the first two interviews, they were not certain that they had sufficient evidence to charge him with obstruction or false statements.
According to documents we reviewed, the forensic evidence showed that Clinton’s emails had been deleted and wiped from the server, but did not definitively link Combetta with those actions. In addition, members of the Midyear team told us, consistent with their contemporaneous emails, that they believed Combetta’s failure to be forthcoming during the first two interviews was largely due to a lack of sophistication and poor legal representation, rather than an intent to hide truth.
[this must be the guy the FBI guys felt sorry for, he hung himself and then came clean]

[skipping Bentel]

[skipping Mills and Samuelson -update, not completely]
After the March 19 attorney proffer,the FBI team took the position that it was still
essential to interview Mills and Samuelson regarding the culling process. On March 28, 2016, the Midyear team held a meeting to decide the best way forward. McCabe and Toscas were the highest level FBI and Department officials, respectively, at the meeting. Witnesses told the OIG and contemporaneous emails show that this meeting was contentious and that the FBI insisted that the team either interview Mills regarding the culling process during the scheduled interview on April 9, 2016, or inform Wilkinson before April 9 of its intent to do so at a future date.

Presecutor 4 then said, "I am stuck in the middle of pushing NSD along and trying to get FBI to be realistic. The investigation is degenerating into everyone trying to figure out what the congressional testimony looks like in the future. My job is to put criminals in jail, period."

FBI Surprise Statement at Outset of April 9 Mills Interview [I can't summarize this. They finally get Mills in to testify and the FBI agent has a preamble. Prosecutors suprised and annoyed. Inconsistent with rheir approach.]

Stopped summarizing at page 117

end part 2, maybe a part 3 later, hotspot goes back to library tomorrow

Beasts of England

Didn't know that, Buckeye - nice!

~ ~ ~

I see why, Kev. It must have been close enough to Cocobay that they could get there on a jet ski. I didn't see how they would get down to the water from the house, but maybe they have a secret escalator or Sherpas...

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Boy, this dumpster fire ad guy (who was Bush 43's ethics lawyer) sounds like a complete moron.

Switched to dem, too.

Top. Men.

Kevlar Kid

CollegeMan Kid's girlfriend is working for a congressional campaign... asked him to ask her about Dick Painter....one word reply: "Creep."

Beasts of England

lol, Pin!!

Kevlar Kid

"Prosecutor 2 told us that the prosecutors believed that Clinton’s attorneys were dealing with them “in good faith” and had “no reason to think that they were lying” about their inability to find Clinton’s mobile devices. [this is a reccuring motif]"

So, obvious question, WhyTF did they BELIEVE them?

The dog ate my homework isn't actually a good faith reason for anything. If it is, since when?


If I'm understanding the IG's use of the word bias, he's referring to physical evidence proving well, bias. So he claimed he has no hard, physical proof of political bias. Yet he has smoking gun proof in Strozk's text.

Tom R

KK @7:21

And does this implicate Rosita Rosenstein in the ongoing lie to sandbag Nunes' Committee?

It’s been pointed out multiple times and confirmed by Horowitz in his testimony that the DOJ “sandbagged” Nunes requests for info because that info was being used as evidence in grand jury proceedings.


It's hopeless, I will never catch up!

ENRDV, thank you for the Utah primary update. Glad to hear there's a chance Romney will not get the nod. Wouldn't that be a Trumpian finger in his eye? ;)

Beasts of England

Thanks again for posting those excerpts, jim nj!!


At State Dept., @SecPompeo and @nikkihaley announce US withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council, calling it "a protector of human right abusers and cesspool of political bias."

Hallelujah. Music to my ears. I never thought it could happen. Thanks Trump!!!!

Jim Eagle

Your know what is bullshit? Reading a long multi-page thread and then finding out that you have to sign in again and start over. I am a paid member of Typepad and I am going to cancel my subscription and let them know why. Total ridiculous nonsence.

In the meantime it is still us against them regardless of the IG testimony and the GOP rebuttals. The Dems are protecting the Swamp and their legacy. The only thing that will satisfy the results is an all out civil war. Nothing will change as a result of the IG report and future reports.

OL can rest assured his real estate will not take a hit. The Swamp will survive and even Trump can do nothing about it no matter how much he tries. If I was OL, I would raise the rents.


I kinda liked the dumpster fire ad. DC, at least the non-Trump DC, IS a dumpster fire.

Smug liberal Minnesotans may be in for a surprise or two.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I’m not buying that the Clinton email investigation was on the up and up.

And the reason I’m not buying it is because the two people intimately involved -- one the lead investigator-- clearly did not want to see Donald Trump become President of the United States. https://t.co/Rn3uMWOsaI

— Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC) June 20, 2018
Link goes to a Fox News tweet with video.
Miss Marple the Deplorable

In the presence of two undisputed champions this evening, @holyfield and @realDonaldTrump at @AmericaFirstPAC leadership summit #keepfighting #🥊🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/TdhjzHfwMz

— Sean Spicer (@seanspicer) June 20, 2018

Picture at link.


Thank you so much for these installments--I like many here thought there was no grand jury, though this comes with caveats--anyhow, you are doing such valuable work for us all.

Ext, "concerning" ought to mean "pointing to possible if not probable illegalities."

Dick Painter is a class-A weirdo. Stiff and twisted up with self-righteousness. And the name! A blasted soul, poor baby. He should stand down.

Another Bob

jim nj, I'm also struck with the technical detail there, most of which I think is chaff intended (?) to lose the forest in the trees.

Clinton and numerous cronies clearly and obviously used unsecured systems with classified data. There is no ambiguity about this.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
3m3 minutes ago

Homeland Security @SecNielsen did a fabulous job yesterday at the press conference explaining security at the border and for our country, while at the same time recommending changes to obsolete & nasty laws, which force family separation. We want “heart” and security in America!

By the way, Secretary Nielsen was forced to leave a Mexican restaurant in DC due to activists hounding her.

Beasts of England

Lindsey Graham said that? I'm more disturbed by that statement than comforted, for some reason.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Heather Childers
‏Verified account @HeatherChilders

Please say an extra prayer for my dad tonight. He begins radiation treatment tomorrow. I haven't shared anything about this until now. I love my dad more than anything in this world & owe him for everything I am today. He is my hero. I love you daddy.

Heather Childers is the 4AM anchor on Fox News.

clarice feldman

Jim, You're a saint to do this.

Kevlar Kid

"It’s been pointed out multiple times and confirmed by Horowitz in his testimony that the DOJ “sandbagged” Nunes requests for info because that info was being used as evidence in grand jury proceedings."

That's correct, Tom R.

My question was more to the point of whether or not Rosita Rosenstein used the "counterintelligence" affiliation of a specific individual as rationale for not releasing certain docs to Nunes' committee. Did he use that excuse at any time?

There is, to my knowledge, something to that effect published in the number of articles about the fracas between Rosita and Nunes et alia. There was also, to my limited knowledge, no specific statement by Rosita which said "Can't release the docs you want specifically because they're being used in GJ proceedings."

That's my limited take. I picked up on the exchanges, and therefore could be way off third base here, at the point that the "threat of subpoenas" of Committee emails and "i wont be extorted" flared up between those camps.

So, is that revelation possibly going to underscore a LIE that Rosenstein used to further sandbag the Nunes request for unredacted docs?


What you’d really like to see…

In what can only be described as a gesture of true corporate empathy, the American Dream was made a reality today by top media executives as several major mainstream media outlets hired four bilingual, illegal immigrants as cable television news readers to replace on air talent let go by network brass.

Frito Bandido will replace MSNBC’s Katy Tur; Juan ‘Taco’ Bell will replace CNN’s Jake Tapper; Chiquita Banana will take Laura Ingraham’s spot at Fox and Juan Valdez will replace CNN’s Don Lemon. The networks each released a statement noting the status of the new hires is ‘pending legal review.’ Among the terminated cable news personalities, only CNN’s Lemon was available for comment. “B-b-but, I’m black. And gay. How can they do this? Look how many boxes I check. I just don’t understand. Why should an undocumented immigrant take my job? I’m just a reporter. It’s so unfair,” said Lemon.


I note that miss Moyer was identified as merely a bureau attorney in accounts going back to December of last year


Steven Tyler said he bought Jerry Garcia's house on Maui with his Fuck American Idol Money.


Lindsey Graham said that? I'm more disturbed by that statement than comforted, for some reason.

With Lindsay, you know he'll make a 180 if the wind starts blowing from the other direction.

jim nj

jim nj, I'm also struck with the technical detail there, most of which I think is chaff intended (?) to lose the forest in the trees.

Posted by: Another Bob | June 19, 2018 at 09:08 PM
I'm leaving a LOT out of these summaries, so the report is even more granular. At times, it's dry history, other times it gets very compelling.

jim nj


I say go for it.


Do you guys have enough Ice-T pontificating about Slayer? https://youtu.be/LPHJLB1ZeAc


See if this works



Maybe this account:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Josh Caplan
‏ @joshdcaplan
15m15 minutes ago

DAILY CALLER: Family Research Council's Tony Perkins says AG Sessions talking to lawmakers about using DNA tests to verify parents of immigrant children

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma


Retweeted The Associated Press (@AP):

US military is preparing to receive remains of about 200 American or allied service members from North Korea. https://t.co/kQY2gIeNLy

Kevlar Kid

Ice-T just got paid for some soundtracking on the new hit comedy "Tag".

jim nj


Andy is en fuego

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting ther


I think Jonah got it right. If Trump doesn't change the narrative, the Dems will be rewarded. I've been complaining about that since it started.

Now my non-news junkee conservative bud here says she thinks the public is smarter than that. We'll see. I honestly hope she is right.

Kevlar Kid

Re: Sec Neilsen being hounded by smart asses at the DC mexxykin restaurant....

Someone over at AOS characterized the kids at the border fiasco as a "sad wet fart ending to almost two decades of faux Alinsky rage."

A bit crass but appeals to my standard of metaphorical license.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Hey, do y'all prefer putting babies in cages or pushing elderly people off cliffs?

Just trying to see which polls better for Schucky and Nan...

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I cannot escape the thought that Jonah is secretly rubbing his hands in glee at the thought that Trump won't be able to change the narrative, particularly with the pile-on of the Bush family.

We will see. I am doing my part on Twitter to push back.

And now I am heading to bed.


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