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June 15, 2018


clarice feldman

Some fun posted too late on the old thread:http://thepeoplescube.com/peoples-blog/barack-obama-to-play-donald-trump-in-new-netflix-series-t20162.html
JIB, send Elliott my best wishes. How lucky you get to enjoy his company.


The taller a person is the more their life expectancy curve dips down. Or he's going to be found in Ft Marcy Park with evidence he ran into a low doorway at 100 mph.

Eye Doctor


The IG came to conclusions that he could not come to nor can he explain them.


Other than Dershowitz are any democrats complaining about the IG report?

Jane, I think Doug Schoen and Mark Penn, but that's about it. "Democrats who are complaining about the IG Report" is a damn small segment of an "All Democrats" Venn Diagram.

Eye Doctor

Horowitz threw them a life preserver.


It seems the FULL COMMIE is hunkered down for the moment. A COHESIVE LIE is being created at PROG CENTRAL. Spinning this shit makes for a target rich environment. Shooting PROGS in a barrel.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


While I have been watching North Korea and the IG report, Baba has been reading the tea leaves in the House. Here is her take, and boy, howdy, would I like it if she is right!



Comey Claimed Ignorance of a Hillary-Weiner Connection on NBC, NPR

I wonder if he's figured out yet that Hillary is Married to Bill Clinton?

Kevlar Kid

In honor the entire half of this Great Republic are certain there was "no bias" reported yesterday.

(with lyrics) "Wall of Denial"


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Someone posted this this morning on the older thread. I want to make sure it is seen.

Things happen so fast in the Trump presidency you have to be alert all of the time!

In this, we see that Kim is keeping up his end of the bargain. A good sign.

Eye Doctor

Why would we expect the FBI Director to know that Wiener was married to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Kevlar Kid

This is so out of the blue I tell ya.

From MM's Baba Twitter thread:

"There will be no need for a vote because Ryan will come back possibly as soon as Monday and announce that he is resigning and vacating his seat in the House and as Speaker by the COB that day.

Here is why I am so confident:

Our President going out to
2) speak with Peter Doocy had multiple purposes this morning. One of which was to announce that he would NOT back Ryan’s Immigration (Amnesty) Bill.

From the article above:

Ryan claimed, falsely, to House Republican members recently in a conference meeting that the president
3) did support the Ryan amnesty bill–something the president confirmed on Fox and Friends on Friday morning was not true. The president opposes the bill and Ryan’s continued claims that Trump did back the bill are now proven to be false.

He lied to House Republicans and used our
4) President for his lie!


How is it possible, that a "man" who has 3 daughters and a wife, who have their tongues up RODHAMS ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, yet he doesn't know the Huma/Weiner relationship. Is it possible that the head of the FBI didn't know who WEINER was, even read about his conviction.

Total bullshit, and I'm not hungry.



Is that "Our Elliott" with you? If so how fun! And say hi!


Are they sending RADAR and HAWKEYES remains back?
Did they ever recover Henry Blakes body??

Asking for a PROG friend.

Kevlar Kid

Kamala Harris and the fugitive from justice, CA AG Bercerra (player in the Awan Family Land Loan Caper) are at the center of the Soros inspired crime wave.

Eye Doctor

Comey said. He is not sure that he new.

And Horowitz let him get away with that horseshit.

Kevlar Kid

Boo ya!

From the Baba Twitter thread:

You also had the following from that article:

This amnesty battle also presents a major conundrum for potential future leaders of the party. Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise, the two most likely to succeed Ryan as Speaker
5) and third-in-line to the presidency, face major pitfalls ahead. Scalise has been whipping for the Ryan bill, at least for now, pushing members to vote for it. McCarthy, meanwhile, through a spokesman has declined to say at this point whether he will stand with the president or
6) stand with the lame duck Ryan.

Steve Scalise and Kevin McCarthy just blew any chance of being selected for the Speaker position.

Notice who just decided to leave the White House sometime this summer; Mark Short (Mr. Amnesty and Ryan’s buddy)


The blond defense attorney who was just on Fox about 2:10PM CST reminded me of that Kramer quote: "She'd look great if she got a nose job."

Kevlar Kid

From the Wictor thread of this a.m. (h/t MM):

26. People who want Horowitz to be like some 'fire and brimstone' preacher, delivering justice, are missing the point.

He doesn't have the power. Nor is it his style.

But it's also GOOD that he's fact-finding and 'dull'. Why?

27. Horowitz has OTHER reports coming. Arguably FAR more explosive than this one, as well.

He needs to maintain total impartiality and independence.

America's deranged TDS libs will demand his removal at the drop of a hat, if they sniff any supposed partisanship.

28. Last thing - notice that amid all the noise, one person has been TOTALLY silent?

POTUS Donald J Trump.

29. And that's ALWAYS ominous.

After all, sometimes silence can be the most deafening sound of all.

Captain Hate

Did any major newspaper try something similar during Obama's presidency?

The Daily News has been embarrassing trash for a long time. Their star Clinton toady, Joe Conason, dresses like a homeless person when the gab shows let him on.

Kevlar Kid

Is that your nose or are you eating a potato?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Wouldn't that be amazing? I will keep an eye out this weekend for any signs of that really happening.

I do not think Jim Jordan will be speaker, though, unless the President sends a strong signal. Too many moderates still in House GOP hands.

It would be hilarious, though, if they decided "to heck with it" and brought back Newt!

Captain Hate

The Sea Cuck gets another cabana boy:


Eye Doctor

Nonsense. This is not about Horwitz style. It's about substance

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

These people never explain to me WHAT Trump has done that we must be saved from him. Trade imbalances righted? Is that so horrible? Lower taxes? Is that bad? Lessened regulatory burden?

Maybe they didn't want to defeat ISIS. Maybe they think we should still be ripped off by NATO on military spending.

Was it moving the embassy to Jerusalem that was terrible? Was it brokering a non-nuclear korea? What?

So far, all I can see is that they hate his plain speaking in a Queens accent and are upset at missing potential donations from the Chamber of Commerce.


Just got to the earlier linked CNBC Story saying in Paragraph 1:

The GDPR requires companies to send emails to people on their mailing list who have never bought anything, asking permission to keep emailing them.

Well you have to read 11 paragraphs in to find out what the hell the GPDR is: These emails are coming because of the General Data Protection Regulation -- better known as GDPR -- a set of European Union privacy regulations that went into effect on May 25.

I am sick to death of the proliferation of acronyms in our society and the damn inability of the Press to explain what the hell the acronym stands for right off the bat. Pet peeve, but my company is so into acronym jargon that I quit reading any communication from the company when I run into an acronym I can't decipher, and from talking to my fellow workers I ain't alone. Why is it so damn difficult to either spell the damn thing out in regular English or if you are going to use an Acronym do it right from the start this way:

the GPDR (General Data Protection Regulation)

is that so F***ing difficult@#$%^


Kevlar Kid

Speaking of Utopia, have you ever been to Arcosanti? https://arcosanti.org/

Captain Hate

By golly, that IG Report might be a bit more than Cuck Schoooooomer said:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, I am leaving for a bit. I am going out and buy a bottle of Beefeater's and have a celebratory martini or two tonight!

I realize gin is the official drink of The Ledge, but I am looking forward to eascaping a life of total penury, plus President Trump's impromptu press conference put me in a good mood after such a bad day yesterday.

I felt so much better after seeing him this morning that it changed my entire outlook!

Back later!


daddy, the write out the acronym first has been the default style guideline from as far back as I remember:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Then use the acronym. I suspect clarity is a victim of text messaging, and put out if it's misery by Twitter.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Before I go:


President Trump talks directly to Americans about the agreement with North Korea.
2 1/2 minute video.


Gus, just yesterday I was thinking about Sen Reid and his famous comment about having lied about Romney's tax returns or some-such. When asked by a reporter after the election about that below the belt tactic, he said something like "he lost, didn't he?"


It seems to me, following Wray's Whitewash speech, that the 37,000 "good FBI Agents" yesterday learned that lying, cheating, dissembling, colluding, and leaking works well and will not be punished, and furthermore, that the only consequences of such bad behavior will be taken out on decent agents by making them sit thru Bullshit cosmetic seminars. The Lesson from Wray yesterday was that Crime pays and pays well.

Captain Hate

Congrats on your increased income, Miss Marple.


Are they sending RADAR and HAWKEYES remains back?
Did they ever recover Henry Blakes body??

Asking for a PROG friend.

Posted by: GUS | June 15, 2018 at 03:10 PM

Since OJ is out of jail they could shoot a MASH/Capricorn One crossover.

Old Lurker

Don Surber:

IG report? I want indictments
Thursday's release of the Inspector's General report on the FBI's mishandling of Hillary's email case opened a few wide eyes wider.

Apparently she set up her private server not to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests but to dispense State secrets in her donations-for-secrets scheme in which she raked hundreds of millions of dollars in emoluments from foreigners and foreign governments, money that was laundered through her Fake Charity.

There is your Russian collusion

The 500-pages-plus report shows not only did the FBI cover up her crime but made up a scheme to spy on President Trump.

"The communications show favoritism towards Hillary in the agents' personal views, but also in how various aspects of the investigation should be conducted. They also reveal a rancid contempt towards Donald Trump as well as Americans who support him," J. Christian Adams wrote.

Among other things, they called 63 million Americans pieces of shit.

The FBI is run by people who think they are above the law.

They may be right.

Missing from this document are the indictments.

Jimmy the Weasel Comey should be arrested and charged with obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and sundry other crimes like the common criminal he is.

Arrogant Andrew McCabe, Peter the Politician Strzok, Lisa Page, and a whole slew of other agents need to be arrested, jailed, and charged with every crime possible.

This calls for a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization prosecution because these boys and girls turned a federal agency into their private protection racket.

We know this was going on for years because there is a casual, business-as-usual air to the way they conducted their crimes.

The record shows this.

They prosecuted Democratic Senator Robert Menendez -- a rap he beat -- because he publicly opposed the Iran deal.

They prosecuted Republican Senator Ted Stevens in order to taint him and get a 60th senator so Obama could pass Obamacare without a filibuster. His conviction came only because the Department of Justice broke the law and withheld evidence that would have cleared Stevens. By the time his name was cleared, Democrats had their 60th senator.


Ray Donovan.

The FBI is a rogue agency that has the power to thwart the democratic part of our republic.

As nice as the report is, it is meaningless unless someone goes on trial and is convicted and given enough prison time to put him away for life.

In fact, many, many people must be tried for their crimes and shown no mercy at sentencing so that the message is clear: the FBI is not above the law.

Do not count on this happening. Prosecution is in the hands of U.S. Attorney John Huber of Utah.

I have absolutely no faith in Huber's desire to clean out the stables of the FBI. He was appointed by Obama with the blessing of the longest serving senator, Orrin Hatch.

But we shall see. I would love to be wrong on this.

Kevlar Kid

Interesting take on a Never Trumper vet of the intelligence world (USA).

I say interesting b/c it's not classic TDS. One NatSec pro describing how tradecraft has betrayed some Americans.

Also as a side note what happened to Ralph Peters? Putin is controlling Trump!!???

"Ralph Peters is an expert on the intelligence methods employed by the former Soviet Union and Russia. This was the core of his career.

It appears that he fell into a difficult analytical trap – confirmation bias.

The Steele Dossier was written by a British spook equipped with an understanding of the training and thought processes used within the American intelligence community for the singular purpose of misleading American analysts into supporting HRC and the seditionists.

Peters thought that Putin was blackmailing Trump and stated this numerous times.

Why? Because blackmail is a common tactic used by the left against conservatives.

Military officers like Peters are well trained to avoid falling into a blackmail trap. Few civilians have such training and Peters certainly knew this leading Peters to believe that it was Trump being manipulated when in reality it was Peters himself.

Peters used abductive reasoning.
He saw the situation and went to a mental analogy instead of being rigorous.

He did not reason deductively by deconstructing the narrative.

Nor did he reason inductively by looking for data that would raise or lower the probability that the MSM narrative was false.

His analysis was sloppy, and he unwittingly contributed to the plot to hand the government to the seditionists.

Guilt is a heavy burden.

We all know Judas hanged himself after he realized what he had done for 30 pieces of silver.

Peters is trying to emotionally survive his failure.

Confession is good for the soul, and Peters is likely to remain a deeply troubled man unless he can come in from never-Trump land and admit that the Steele dossier snookered him via his own pre-loaded bias and prior training. "

-Anonymous, private newsletter

Janet 🚬

One thing about Comey using his own email address sometimes.

It isn't comparable to Clinton. She had her own server & did ALL her SoS work on her own private system. She didn't use the State Dept. system at all.

From what I can understand, Comey didn't do THAT.
He sometimes used his own email rather than the FBI one.

It might still be against FBI regs., but it isn't the same as Clinton's setup.

They tried to do this same thing with Powell & others. If an employee uses their own email sometimes (a coworker sends you a message at home), it is okay to respond, but they are supposed to include their work email so it is archived.

I'm not really sticking up for Comey (I don't know how much he did it), but I don't want Clinton to get away with 'Everyone Does It'.
It isn't the same AT ALL.

Captain Hate

Peters has completely lost it based on the number of times the Horde has ridiculed him.

Eye Doctor


You are not wrong. You are right on the money.

Captain Hate

Janet, I think it's another indication of Tub Dive's difficulty dealing with what people think of her that she thought that tweet was a smart thing to do.

Kevlar Kid

Pin: Arcosanti? Nerp. You?
What's their PURPOSE?


Old Lurker

You know I agree Daddy with your 3:36.

And that is just the start of the great constitutional unwinding that will (already is) follow.

That's why I cut and pasted the entire Don Surber since he too worries about expecting anything meaningful from Huber or, based on his own words, Sessions. Or, except for tweets and claimed anger, direct executive correction by Trump.

Yet, of course.


Here is her take, and boy, howdy, would I like it if she is right!

Me too, Miss M, but Ryan is not resigning tomorrow and sadly IMHO she is dead wrong. I was late to catch up yesterday but when I did read the earlier thread there were a number of references to some "in the know folks" telling us that when the IG Report is released it'll be so bad that Rod Rosenstein will resign within 24 hours.

I think this lady's take is about as accurate as that.

Already on FOX Business I caught Trump supporter Liz Campos Duffy an Hour ago saying Trump misunderstood what the Moderate Bill referred to in the question and answer session was, so I'd not count on any of these prognostications, no matter how much I'd like them to be true.

Kevlar Kid

"Among other things, they called 63 million Americans pieces of shit."

Think that might energize "the base?"

Kevlar Kid

"There! I'm still a stand-up fucking guy!"

Old Lurker

Janet, you are right about that. Hard to imagine anybody in or out of government not doing occasional "work" from his personal email account or device. The Feds do not even prohibit it except for classified material, so long as extemporaneous copies are emailed "to self.gov" so they get into the Official Records.

What Hillary did was orders of magnitude worse than that and all with full knowledge and evil intent.


Isn't John Ziegler David Brock's non sodomite spiritual brother? Maybe easy on the non.

Kevlar Kid

From the grain-of-salt network's bio on Sen~ora "Duffy".

"Campos-Duffy is currently the national spokesperson for The LIBRE Initiative, an organization which provides aid and promotes growth within the Latino community.

In addition, she is the author of "Stay Home, Stay Happy: 10 Secrets to Loving At-home Motherhood."

Prior to joining FNC, Campos-Duffy was a part of MTV's iconic reality television show, "The Real World."

She also was a recurring guest host for ABC's "The View" and NBC's "The Today Show."

Captain Hate

Even when Ziegler briefly said things I agreed with, he still came off like a sketchy pile of shit.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, daddy, you're probably right but look at this:

Wired Sources
‏ @WiredSources
3m3 minutes ago

BREAKING: House Majority Whip Steve Scalise joins President Trump in opposition to amnesty bill - Breitbart


Pin: Arcosanti? Nerp. You?
What's their PURPOSE?


Posted by: Kevlar Kid | June 15, 2018 at 03:54 PM

It's out near some Anasazi cliff dwellings and we went not knowing what to expect. It's funny that some eye-talians idea of solving urban sprawl is to put a hippie commune in BF Arizona.

Captain Hate

HOF zombie:

"Making Conservatives Cry" has been one of the only consistent goals of the leftist coalition for years, which makes it adorable when self-proclaimed TruCon experts at politics whine about Kurt Schlichter merely joking about Making Liberals Cry as an important goal.

Cry? Make them merely cry?

That's far too mild.

I want their souls crushed. I want them give up all hope, and curl into a fetal position in existential despair. I want them straightjacketed in a rubber room as they howl in suicidal agony. I want them to spend their days weeping uncontrollably. I want them to self-harm. I want them to give up.
Posted by: zombie at June 15, 2018 03:54 PM (c+2jX)


Wow OL!I'm in!

Kevlar Kid

Last time i checked using an off-the-books private server to store data, records, and email files is not anywhere close to using a "private email account".

Hildo coulda bought a domain name for 10 bucks and set up a non-governmental email account to chat with The Rat.

She comandeered a private SERVER to do set up her email account(s) and storage operation. Different kettle of fish. Colonic Powell and Ranger Rove didn't do THAT.


It's a shame Ziegler didn't get the John Stossel Wrestlemania treatment.

Kevlar Kid

Anyone seen hide or hair of Rosita Rosenstein?


Kevlar Kid

Have you ever been to Jerome, AZ? Me and my friend were intrigued by the red light on one of the houses on main street but we were with my parents.

Captain Hate

The Horde Leaderboard:

GOP promises kept since 1989 - two

Trump promises kept since 2016 - over 50
Posted by: Vashta Nerada at June 15, 2018 03:56 PM (7ZVPa)

Kevlar Kid

Let me run the camps, CH.

24 hours without agave nectar, free trade coffee, and their favorite lubes----> mission accomplished.

Oh ya...glutenized groat clusters every day with unsweetened pomegranate juice, for a touch of the scours. Keep em on their toes walking in tight little circles.

Captain Hate

Jerome, AZ

The old mining town with a haunted hotel? I was there in February a couple years ago when it's kind of dead. It's a big biker destination in the summer.

Kevlar Kid

Pin: Jerome AZ? Stopped there once just long enough to get more mezcal and drain the water off the puhtayduz. We saw two red lights. Arreeba!

It's nice to know that you have "boundaries" Pin. They raised ya right.

Had i been with my Paw's brothers at the time, Unc 1 and Unc2--- we would have prolly relocated there never to be heard from again.



Hard to imagine anybody in or out of government not doing occasional "work" from his personal email account or device.

I've never done it, ever. I wouldn't even want anyone I work with to know my personal email ID. Sometimes, people leave the organization and send out a note with their personal email ID and if I was close to the person, I've sent them an email from my personal ID, but that's it.

Unless there's no way to access your work email from home or phone, I don't see what possible excuse there would be to do it.


My son was reading me some stuff about Robert F Williams, speaking of FBI corruption. It sounds like J Edgar Hoover turned him into a commie, although it might have taken a light push:

When CORE dispatched "Freedom Riders" to Monroe to campaign in 1961 for integrated interstate bus travel, the local NAACP chapter served as their base. They were housed in Newtown, the black section of Monroe. Pickets marched daily at the courthouse, put under a variety of restraints by the Monroe police, such as having to stand 15 feet apart. During this campaign, Freedom Riders were beaten by violent crowds in Anniston, Alabama and Birmingham.

Around this time, a white couple from a nearby town drove into the black section of Monroe when other streets were closed by mobs because of protests at the county courthouse. They were stopped in the street by an angry crowd. For their safety, they were taken to Williams' home.

Williams initially told them that they were free to go, but he soon realized that the crowd would not grant safe passage. He kept the white couple in a house nearby until they were able to safely leave the neighborhood. North Carolina law enforcement accused Williams of having kidnapped the couple. He and his family fled the state with local law enforcement in pursuit.

The FBI's wanted poster alerted people to an armed kidnapper.
On August 28, 1961, the FBI issued a warrant in Charlotte, North Carolina, charging Williams with unlawful interstate flight to avoid prosecution for kidnapping. The FBI document lists Williams as a "freelance writer and janitor ... [Williams] ... has previously been diagnosed as a schizophrenic and has advocated and threatened violence... considered armed and extremely dangerous." After a Wanted poster, signed by the director J. Edgar Hoover, was distributed, Williams decided to leave the country.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

ChiTown alerts me to a Twitter account which says Hillary was using BILL'S computer to contact Obama.

The twitter guy says that is probably why they ignored it - Bill Clinton must not be arrested.


I suppose what I'd like to see is a second Special Prosecutor appointed, like Joe DeGeneva, to go tooth and nail after Mueller and his hired band of crooks, and as the noose slowly closes around their necks Mueller on his knees begging the Supreme's to toss out the charges by arguing that he can't be prosecuted because his appointment as SC and the directions Rosenstein gave him to investigate were Un-Constitutional, so he shouldn't have been appointed in the first place.

That's what I'd like to see.

Kevlar Kid

Methods of reinforcing political conformity among the majority white population by the FBI were field-tested on American Blacks, Indian Reservations (Pine Ridge South Dakota), Oakland CA, and Chicago, L.A. CA and else-where.

Always thought it curious that Bill Ayers skated after being at the heart of one of the most notorious terrorist groups in American history.

Informant for Hoover? Definitely a commie.

Somehow, for some reason the anti-communist folks in Washington DC and elsewhere weren't able to gain any traction.

The FBI has acted as a not so subtle "screen" against forces for Liberty and Independence, obstructing enough to establish norms of conformity under the threat of violence (which is enough for most people most of the time), and exerting it's above-the-law force when called to account.

There's only 37,000 of them? Did Wray give us an accurate number yesterday? I'm sure he knows how many skilled and properly scope rifle owners are out here.



Doocy asked Trump this morning whether Mueller should be investigated. I don't remember the exact response but he sidestepped it with a little grin.

Btw, I watched that whole 30-minute interview a little while ago and I have no idea what Chuck Todd was referring to. Trade deficit or GDP numbers?


I have been to Jerome ,Arizona and found it charming.


BREAKING: House Majority Whip Steve Scalise joins President Trump in opposition to amnesty bill - Breitbart

Good. Thanks, Miss M.


Black Sweater Girl out as Theranos CEO. I am amazed that fraud isn't in jail.


I think what daddy is saying is that Muslims have contributed to Scrabble from it's very founding.

Kevlar Kid

is Black Sweater Girl a FOO? Friend Of Obama.


I want to know which Master Mason named the Special Master?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Lighthizer interview with Maria Bartilomo at the link. 8:48 in length.


Hillary was using BILL'S computer to contact Obama.

The twitter guy says that is probably why they ignored it - Bill Clinton must not be arrested.

Prompts me to once again ask the all important question: Did Comey know Hillary was married to Bill Clinton?


Kevlar Kid

I'm not talking about traffic signals. We saw a red light lit above the front door of a house. We thought it was worth investigating but we had chaperones.


"Campos-Duffy is currently the national spokesperson for The LIBRE Initiative

Thanks, Kev.

I'm always glad to be educated:)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Let me correct. It was Bill's SERVER. ChiTown sent me a note letting me know I had botched that.

Why did BILL have a server? Hmmmm?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Close enough to 5PM. Going to make a martini!


Is "q" the most useless letter in our Alphabet or do you guys think another letter is even more useless?

Off the top I'm going with "q."


What I worry about is what counter intelligence was no being done while the local and overseas players were teams were tasked against Trump and Co.


I hate to link to the Daily News, so I'll just excerpt it here, but Giuliani is talking about investigating the investigators, too.

In one of his most forceful attacks on the special counsel yet, Rudy Giuliani on Friday claimed the Russia investigation could get “cleaned up” with pardons from President Trump in light of Paul Manafort being sent to jail.

“When the whole thing is over, things might get cleaned up with some presidential pardons,” the former New York mayor told the Daily News.

Giuliani’s stunning remark came hours after a Washington, D.C., judge revoked Manafort’s bail and ordered him to remain behind bars while awaiting his September trial on charges relating to his shady pro-Russian business dealings in Ukraine. The ruling came after Robert Mueller’s investigators alleged the ex-Trump campaign chairman had attempted to tamper with witnesses in the Russia probe.

Giuliani, who worked as a federal prosecutor for nearly a decade, claimed he had seen no evidence to warrant Manafort being sent to jail.

“I don’t understand the justification for putting him in jail,” Giuliani, 74, said. “You put a guy in jail if he’s trying to kill witnesses, not just talking to witnesses.”

Giuliani, who serves as Trump’s personal lawyer, doubled down on his previous call to end the Mueller investigation immediately.

“That kind of investigation should not go forward,” Giuliani said. “It’s time for Justice to investigate the investigators.”


X is my choice.


Lemme' ax you what, Maryrose?


After some b.s. including this howler,

Despite Giuliani’s claims, Horowitz stressed in his 500-page report that he found no evidence of political bias in the course of investigating whether the FBI mishandled its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email usage.

they wrap it up with this:

Legal experts said the purpose of Giuliani’s comment was clear.

“It’s going to be interpreted as a message to Manafort not to panic,” said Nicholas Gravante, a New York white collar criminal defense lawyer. “This can come off as Rudy telling Manafort, ‘if push comes to shove here, you’re going to get pardoned, so keep your mouth shut.’”

Manafort has pleaded not guilty to a laundry list of charges, including conspiracy against the U.S., money laundering, tax and wire fraud. The charges relate to lobbying work Manafort did on behalf of Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s pro-Kremlin ex-President.

Experts concluded Giuliani’s comment could come off as an attempt to impede Mueller’s investigation, but agreed it’s very unlikely to amount to obstruction of justice in a court of law.

“It’s certainly strange and problematic,” said Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor in Illinois specializing in financial crimes. “But it’s very hard to prove that (Giuliani) had intent to obstruct justice.”


Meant to say "Lemme' ax you why, Maryrose."

Comedy is hard:(


Why did BILL have a server? Hmmmm?

Not surprising that an ex-president would have his own domain and server and not be using a gov't system. It would have been no problem for Hillary to have her own server, either, as long as it wasn't being used for gov't business.


The Trump Curse strikes nerd culture. Nevertrump Chris Hardwick cut off at the knees. Can Wil Wheaton be far behind? Shut up, Wesley!

Let me add here: I’ll never forget the night this man slept in a cot at the foot of my hospital bed after my surgery. It made me believe that deep down inside of him maybe there was a man who loved me.

Then, after my recovery, he and my mother were greeted by the doctor.

“The surgery went well, she’ll be fine,” said my doctor.

“Thank god,” said my mother.

“That’s great. When do you think I can have sex with her again?” said my ex.

It was his first question. My mother never forgot.



What I worry about is what counter intelligence was no being done

Have we ever had an assessment of what Intel the Awan Bro's and Pakistani were privy to as a consequence of that scandal that Trey Gowdy never heard of?

For an FBI so intrigued with Foreign Spying one would think that'd have been a topic of interest, but apparently it ain't, and in the IG report of all these millions of text messages I haven't yet seen it mentioned once.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Asked about his 'We'll stop' Trump text, FBI's Peter Strzok said he did not 'specifically recall' sending it. But assured IG it didn't mean anything bad. https://t.co/3uek6v5OzC

— Byron York (@ByronYork) June 15, 2018

That's pretty lame. I think Strzok can be turned, if he hasn't already.




Cincinnati, OH Babysitter gets 14 month old stuck in her vagina https://worldnewsdailyreport.com/babysitter-transported-to-hospital-after-inserting-a-baby-in-her-vagina/


Hard to disagree with Ted Lieu, just this one time.

Dem Rep Rips Harvard: ‘Your Admissions Policies Against Asian-Americans Are Racist’

An analysis of more than 160,000 student records filed Friday in federal court in Boston shows Harvard consistently rated Asian applicants lower on "positive personality," likability, courage, kindness, and being "widely respected," the New York Times reported Friday.


Dear @Harvard: Your admissions policies against Asian-Americans are racist. Take your "personality trait" crap and shove it. How's that for "courage."

Also, you need to apologize. https://t.co/WQXWAlYQ6E

— Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) June 15, 2018


How do we know @Harvard is lying about its racist admissions policies against Asian-Americans? Because it won't release its own internal reviews from 2013 showing discrimination.

Release the information Harvard. What are you hiding?

Oh, and do you like my personality traits? https://t.co/LSgHBMl5Bh

— Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) June 15, 2018
Miss Marple the Deplorable

Janice Dean cracks me up. She's been posting about this all day, apparently having a bad case of Friday-itis. Picture at the link.

Update: #pizza #wine #ItsHappening #HappyFriday pic.twitter.com/G61PH30uSj

— Janice Dean (@JaniceDean) June 15, 2018
Kevlar Kid

Pin: Did you actually read my reply to your "red light" in Jerome AZ--- but you with your parents?


We saw two red lights each advertising a certain trade within the respective HOUSES.

"There's a red house over yonda...that's where mah bebeh stays...thass all right. still got my git-ar. whoa lookout now!"

'mon now. :D


Kevlar Kid

Cincinnati, OH Babysitter gets 14 month old stuck in her

A sequel to "Hancock"?


Asked about his 'We'll stop' Trump text, FBI's Peter Strzok said he did not 'specifically recall' sending it. But assured IG it didn't mean anything bad.

Who else contemporaneously lied to their diary?

John Kerry.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable


I posted that because it is the PERFECT demonstratino that Strzok is a prog, just like Kerry (another good example).

When caught, they make up a lame excuse and the media goes "Oh, ok, makes sense to us."


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