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June 15, 2018



Frightening mugshot on that babysitter.


President Donald Trump stunned his fellow world leaders at the G7 meeting when he said he would ship “25 million” Mexicans to Japan, which would result in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe losing his next election.

During the gathering in Quebec — which ended with Trump leaving early and refusing to sign the traditional joint communique — the president was talking about what he called Europe’s immigration problem when he turned his attention to the Japanese leader.

“Shinzo, you don’t have this problem, but I can send you 25 million Mexicans and you’ll be out of office very soon,” Trump said, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a senior EU official who was in the room.




The Dems are putting the Birth Cert back in the news?

Shit must be about to get real.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Michael J. Morrison
‏ @OfficeOfMike

BREAKING: Mitch McConnell calls on Mueller to wrap up his investigation into the Trump campaign, “If the IG is through, why can’t the Mueller investigation finally wrap up?” McConnell said - WaEx
Well, well. McConnell finally sees what we all see, as well as where the power lies.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This looks like we are going to have a VERY interesting weekend! Birth certificate + McConnell attacking Mueller + Scalise refusing to support that Ryan bill.



As my black former coworker once said,"JB don't go in no woods!"

It’s fitting that America’s most famous wilderness guide, Sacajawea of the Lemhi Shoshone tribe, was a woman of color. But it’s also tragic that throughout American history, ethnic minorities have so often been underrepresented or intentionally excluded from the outdoors. Today, research from industry groups like the Outdoor Foundation bears out the conclusion that minority groups simply don’t go outside. Consider this data point: in any given year, less than half of African American adolescents age 13 to 17 will participate in even one outdoor recreation activity. The issue isn’t that people of color in America don’t care about nature or environmental issues. In fact, surveys of racial minorities consistently show they are more concerned than whites about climate change and more supportive of policies to fix it. So what is keeping people of color from participating in outdoor recreation and enjoying its benefits? As activist and author Glenn Nelson writes, “Because the outdoors remains a largely white domain, it is up to white America to invite communities of color in, to enlist us as allies.” Here are a few proven strategies for outings leaders (and well-meaning white folks) who want to be part of the solution:


Dave (in MA)

worldnewsdaily is even faker than some of the 3 and 4 letter sites.


Gregg Jarrett: IG Report Shows James Comey Committed Criminal Act – Obstruction of Justice

Melissa Francis: Gregg is there anything in there that’s criminal?

Gregg Jarrett: Yes, it would be obstruction of justice. You can obstruct your own investigation. There’s a key phrase in the report describing Comey’s conduct. He made “ad hoc decisions based on his personal views.” In other words, he was manipulating the system contorting the law, twisting the facts to reach a pre-determined outcome that he desired. That is arguably a corrupt act under the obstruction of justice statutes.

Captain Hate

Anybody watching the Open?


New York Legislator Kneels to Protest Resolution Honoring Flag Day

Assemblyman Charles Barron, a former member of the Black Panther Party, lambasted efforts to honor the American flag without properly confronting the country's complicated history with race.

"I rise to speak on this resolution because many Americans were quick to point out the racism in the Confederate flag, but they fail to point the racism in the American flag," Barron said. "It has affected many of us."

"Americans don't want to point out the racism in the American flag," he repeated.

In his speech, Barron provided a historical overview of the country's founding as a means of explaining his views. He began by castigating the Revolutionary War, arguing it was fought on the premise of granting freedom to "white men" with little thought for how that "would apply" to women and people of color.

"This is how this country started," Barron said.

As the assemblyman spoke, jeers could be heard from within the chamber, leading Barron to request quiet and say that those who "didn't like" his remarks would have time to "get up and say something" when he finished.

Barron then moved to repudiate Betsy Ross and Francis Hopkinson, the designers of the first official American flag.

"While they were stitching the flag," he said, "we were catching stitches in slavery."

This schtick is getting pretty old.

clarice feldman


Andrew McCarthy says the IG report lacks common sense.

Kevlar Kid

"“Now, normally I would not comment on something like this, because obviously there’s a lot of stuff swirling in the press on at any given day and I’ve got other things to do,” Obama said.

But of course.

If he's found guilty of ANYTHING, can we sentence him to 3 hours in the same room with the surviving heroes of Benghazi?

He is a national embarassment. Still.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is from the Daily Mail White House reporter:

David Martosko
‏Verified account @dmartosko
8m8 minutes ago

The deeper I go into the IG report, the more I feel like I'm in an alternate reality where people with badges get to put their thumbs on the scales of justice and laugh it off later. It's really discouraging. My only surprise is that the DOJ didn't make it a Friday 5pm news dump.


Yep, Miss Marple.

How come in all those thousands of texts they never say "We'll stop Hillary," or "Trump should win by 100,000,000 to 0."

Surely if it meant nothing there'd be at last one mention of that sort by some of the FBI's 7th-story scum.

Kevlar Kid

Interesting number of Mezzkinz POTUS brings up with Abe. The media drum beat is always 11 million "immigrants."



Seems to me Democrats used to treat black people to an excess of outdoor activities.


Flag you say?

Liberal town surrenders in fight over a massive flag display

A Massachusetts flag display grew after the business was ordered to remove it by the town manager. The display grew from 200 flags to over 700.

A business in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, was cited and ordered to remove its display of hundreds of American flags earlier this month, but the town’s manager had a change of heart after an outpouring of support for the flags poured in from around the world.

“The intent wasn’t to be anti-patriotic or anti-American, but clearly there’s a tremendous love of this country as demonstrated with the American flag, and I think we’re all better for it in the end,” Town Manager Paul Cohen told WBZ-TV.

The code was intended “to prevent the use of the flag for advertising purposes,” he added.

After the massive show of support, Cohen decided the flags could stay.

(Click to enlarge.)


We need to move Dick's into urban riot deserts.

jimmyk on iPhone

“I've never done it, ever. I wouldn't even want anyone I work with to know my personal email ID.”

I guess it depends on the definition of “work.” I've certainly moved conversations to personal email when they start to approach “Our boss is an incompetent a**hole.”


worldnewsdaily is even faker than some of the 3 and 4 letter sites.

Posted by: Dave (in MA) | June 15, 2018 at 05:36 PM

Fake? Alas, yes. Unlikely? Not hardly.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


drawandstrike explains why he is tired of the doom-and-gloomers and why Huber isn't on TV all the time explaining.

Captain Hate

The wind died down at the Open and it's birdie mania.


McCarthy has finally come to his senses.

Kevlar Kid


re Campos at FNC....ain't no thang. whenever i see a latin surname involved with a so-called conservative media outlet i look em up.

lotsa cucarachas out there.

i gotchoo



“Our boss is an incompetent a**hole.”

I guess I've never had the pleasure of having that conversation in email.

I did help get the fat mf'er fired, though. :-)


Early KJOM tune for your listening pleasure.

If you've never heard JT Coldfire, this will be a treat.


"She's Crazy"

Sadly, he is no longer with us.


Drawandstrike has moved a goal post or two.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I have a great relationship with Angela Merkel of Germany, but the Fake News Media only shows the bad photos (implying anger) of negotiating an agreement - where I am asking for things that no other American President would ask for! pic.twitter.com/Ib97nN5HZt

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 15, 2018

Photos at the link.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


True. I attribute this to people thinking they know what is going on, when in reality NO ONE does.

We can only look at actions. All of the rest (including me) is simply trying to construct a scenario, much of which is wish-casting.


A McGill University music student who impersonated her clarinetist boyfriend on the internet to sabotage his career and prevent him from moving away from her apartment in Montreal has been ordered to pay him $375,000 in compensation.

A judge has found this “despicable interference” in the boyfriend’s musical career was a deep betrayal that robbed him of “a unique and prestigious educational opportunity, one that would have advanced his career as a professional clarinetist.”


Kevlar Kid

"And we learned that, after the initial 90-day FISA warrant was authorized in October 2016 (about three weeks before the election), it was reauthorized three times — well into the first year of the Trump administration. Meaning: The last FISA-warrant application was approved at the Justice Department by none other than Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein."

I think this is the reason Rosita Rosen in my bones I know he's dirty.

These DOJ and FBI insiders are all portrayed as the beacons of morality and ethics with their two decades plus experience with "justice" or "the bureau."

i'd say at this rate, anybody who's been farting in a chair for two decades plus in either hen house has a few questionable skeletons in their armoires, and would likely take a dive on the promise of becoming annointed a crowned prince or pricipessa.

Rosita is a complete fraud. He didn't think Strozker Ace and Gerby McCabe or Sweet Baby James were going to get caught even though his first line of cover (Hildo HamRod) would crash and burn.

Here's McCarthy's recount of this emerging dirty epic:



Chad Ochocinco goes to jail for slapping his own lawyer's butt https://youtu.be/s7fAH9aGroU


Mitch McConnell: ‘Why Can’t the Mueller Investigation Finally Wrap Up?’

“If the IG is through, why can’t the Mueller investigation finally wrap up?” the Kentucky lawmaker added.

I think this comment does more harm than good.

Does he not realize that the IG is far from through with the investigation into what the Mueller probe is related to? Is he playing dumb to give Mueller space?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

James Pethokoukis
‏Verified account @JimPethokoukis

"On the heels of this data we now estimate real GDP is expanding at a 4.0% annual rate in Q2, up from our prior estimate of 2.75% and almost twice the 2.2% growth rate experienced in Q1." - JPMorgan


That's a firm WOW!

Kevlar Kid

McSnapper asking the "tough questions" instead of kicking Senate ass to fill those appointments.


Good one, Pin. He'll win that on appeal and the judge will look like a fool.

"After they made a great play, I slapped my teammates in the butt hundreds of times ever since I was a little kid. Here are dozens of youtubes."

Kevlar Kid

" That's a firm WOW!"

And if i hear Gangsta Pelosi say "the economy is in danger of overheating" i'm headed to St Helena to her "vineyward" and burn some tires.

Thomas Collins

Re Chad Ochocinco:He should have followed Stephen Smith's example and simply admired butts.

Kevlar Kid

great tune, buckeye. like it.

oh that obsession with alabaster skin!


Interesting from the Trump interview today when he explained that 1 percent of GDP growth is worth something like $3 trillion and 10 million jobs. Were those the numbers? I can't find a transcript, but he was right to explain the big picture of what the GDP number means. I know I've never heard that.


FBI Agent Called Hillary "President" While Investigating Her, Texted "Screw You Trump" On Election Day

(Click to enlarge.)

Kevlar Kid

Of course Snopes says the claim is "mostly false."

A 1998 article is resurfacing now that Punchy DiNero has made himself a human target:



MM......double WOW WOW😃

If GDP OF 4% is being even whispered publicly by JPM...(probably is higher)..all the dominoes have fallen. Game. Set. Match. Trump will be on Mt Rushmore before leaving office in 2025 😂

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The Fake News Media said that I did not get along with other Leaders at the #G7Summit in Canada. They are once again, WRONG! pic.twitter.com/I6eEKEZV6z

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 15, 2018

Pictures at link.

Then, in a different text exchange with one of the other three Clinton email investigators (not Peter Strzok or Lisa Page), that same agent wrote "screw you trump" after the first agent admitted "You should know...that I'm...with her."

(Click to enlarge.)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Great discussions with European Union Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and EU Council President Donald Tusk at the #G7Summit in Canada last week. pic.twitter.com/kGxXe50459

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 15, 2018

Pictures at link.


Do these FBI people just email and text all day?
When do they do their work protecting us?

Kevlar Kid

And then there's this:


Kevlar Kid

ext---> no bias there; we can't know what they meant.


Good question, mr. I used to work at a place that used Lotus Notes and had this Lotus IM thing loaded all the time, so anyone could tell when you were online and could ping you at will. People would be IM'ing all day. You'd be up giving a presentation and incoming IM's would come up on the screen for all to see!

I was so happy to leave there for another place that had no such thing. We even ended up in an alliance with the Lotus Notes place and they tried to get me to load that goddamned app onto my laptop. I of course refused.



For all his assiduous attention to detail, IG Horowitz has weaved a no-common-sense report.

Kevlar Kid


petition POTUS to release an unredacted IG Report on the MYE investigation

Kevlar Kid



Ext, what is the Mueller probe focus? Isn't that something other than the public letter from Rosenstien and tied to later Rosenstein redacted memos?


I was right. 1% of GDP growth is worth $3 trillion and 10 million jobs, at least according to Trump.

23:25 here.

Is that a valid estimate, JimmyK?

James D.

I think this comment does more harm than good.

I think McTurtle understands that perfectly.

Kevlar Kid

Happy Fathers Day to all JOM Paws out there.

I'm heading out to Pt Reyes for the sunset. Oldest son, Noah, comes into town man~ana, for a film classics marathon. He's here for the day from LA on biz (Sunday).

Here's something I found inspiring from a private newsletter:

"We conclude this amazing week with this:

A Luta Continua! “The Struggle Continues!” The mantra of Anti-Communist freedom fighters of RENAMO in Mozambique needs to be ours today.

Think of the Christian freedom fighters of Spain who fought the invading Moslems seizing their country in 711 AD for over 500 years to free and reconquer Spain. Five centuries fighting for freedom.

The Liberal Fascists completed their seizure of America with the Obama Presidency. Our Reconquista began less than two years ago. We must keep fighting to win until we kick the enemy out of our country for they will never surrender until they are totally defeated.

We finish with this call to arms posted on the Forum by [ha ha ha Name REDACTED!]. It was in response to Piers Morgan labeling Punchy De Niro and his ilk treasonous. Take her words to heart:

“Mr. Morgan’s definition of sedition is in agreement with that of my Webster’s: ‘Any action or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state.’ And in fact, DOES fall within the exact definition of treason as well: …the act of attempting to overthrow one’s government ‘or do harm to its sovereign…’ Mr. DeNiro has done both.

Of course President Trump cannot and will not exercise his authority to charge these traitors as they ought, for he would be labeled an even greater dictator than they already purport him to be. But I am not bound by such constraints, and will not be cowed into using “politi-speech.”

None of us should be any longer! We have endured decades of being too polite, too civilized, and frankly too stupid to stand up and say loudly and emphatically, as once was in one of Hollywood’s own: “I AM MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!”

This isn’t some movie, newscast or TV show – this is my COUNTRY these traitors are wanting to take down. This is my duly elected Commander-in-Chief they are talking about strangling or beheading or poisoning, and they are NOT KIDDING around.

Do not tell me this isn’t sedition or treason and say I must continue to play nice with my words or my actions. This is the United States of America, and all that she stands for is on the line right here and right now.

We have just barely begun to fight to take her back from the precipice of leftist destruction by electing a man who is completely unafraid to be as politically incorrect as can be, as well as fight fearlessly to regain her values, her respect and her stature in the world. I will follow his lead and will NOT be told what to say, do or believe.

Our words, actions and principles have been redefined and distorted for nigh on sixty years with the gradual, sinister Democrat takeover of our schools, colleges, universities, virtually every branch of the media AND government. No more…because I AM mad as hell and am NOT going to take it anymore.

I pray you will stand tall and do the same. In fact, I challenge you. If you have learned anything from TTP, it is to discern right from wrong, good from evil. It is now time to DO as well – not just in the voting booth, though that in itself was a miraculous victory.

But this battle is only beginning – do not be chastised into accepting the watering down of the truth. These people ARE seditious traitors and the enemies of freedom. We cannot merely resist them but must dare to fearlessly fight alongside this man whom God has graciously seen fit to raise up ‘for just such a time as this.’ That time is right here and it is right now.”

Andale pues!

Captain Hate

what is the Mueller probe focus?

There is none. What Manafort is being bent over for has nothing to do with 2016 and why Sleepy Sessions hasn't wrested control back from Rodentstein is something the senile asshole's shills won't address.


I think McTurtle understands that perfectly.

So do I.


Mrs Greenspan steps on a rake:



1% of GDP growth is worth $3 trillion and 10 million jobs, at least according to Trump.

Not sure what he meant by that. Maybe 1% higher growth rate for 10 years, maybe?

Because those numbers are more like 10 percent of the economy.


They don’t really care about Manafort.
Maybe during the campaign he stepped on Sessions’ toes.
They seem content to let him rot in prison.


The party line:

to sum up: Justice Dept Inspector General concluded that bias did NOT affect Clinton email investigation, that FBI had PROPER reasons for declining to prosecute her, and that the only improper actions influencing 2016 election were actions that damaged Clinton, not Trump.

— John Harwood (@JohnJHarwood) June 14, 2018

Guess I should point out again that this is dishonest logic. Horowitz didn't conclude that bias was NOT a factor, he only said he had no evidence that it was. Over the years, many dishonest scumbags have played this same game, since their followers are kinda dumb.


Federal prosecutors have reconstructed about 16 pages of shredded documents as part of material seized in raids involving President Trump's longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen earlier this year.

A court filing submitted Friday to the judge in the Southern District of New York who is overseeing the files seized in the April raids states that the documents have been reconstructed and produced for the first time.

Prosecutors also announced that FBI agents had recovered more than 700 pages of encrypted messages between Cohen and other recipients from the encrypted messaging apps WhatsApp and Signal.

A second Blackberry cellphone used by Cohen is also under investigation but has not yet yielded its contents, according to the court filling.

"While the FBI cannot, therefore, estimate the volume of data on this latter device, the BlackBerry produced yesterday contains approximately 315 megabytes of data," prosecutors wrote.


Do these FBI people just email and text all day?

No, how dare you suggest such a thing.

They also watch porn.


After having her brought to a hotel room (paid for by the gov't of Arkansas?) by state troopers, there's no evidence that Bill Clinton asked Paula Jones, a person he didn't even know, to get on her knees.

According to Harwood's logic, he did NOT do that.

Beasts of England

That's a top flight leaderboard at the US Open!! It's gonna be a fantastic weekend of golf... :)


Re cointelpro, the bureau did have an asset in the weathermen, his description of ayers strategy has often been remarked on, however who managed the weather underground's mail and other surveillance none other than mark felt, just as with strzok and page he was running a double game.


How come Tiger Woods didn’t qualify?


I didn’t know that.


Lou Dobbs likes what McConnell said today.


I've mentioned it a few times since his passing, including the irony he helped torpedo his own bureau.


I thought it was the reverse.


Andrea Mitchell

Verified account

Follow Follow @mitchellreports
.@RuthMarcus: I think the notion of using biblical verses to justify this are morally wrong. Biblical verses don’t have a place in public policy. #AMR


IG Report Confirms Obama Lied About Hillary Email Server


Instead of Yes We Can, we can now substitute-
Yes He Did ( Lie about the Clinton server).

Beasts of England

Tiger shot 78 yesterday and 72 today and missed the cut by two strokes. Worst of all, he made a triple bogey on his first hole of the tournament, followed shortly be a double, so he was +5 almost immediately. The cut was +8.

My recollection is that the early Comey speech drafts included references to emails that Secretary Clinton had with President Obama and I think there was some conversation about, well do we want to be that specific? -Peter Strzok
Beasts of England

I may ask for some business advice in the next day or two. My chef wants to buy the business. I'm enjoying it - and making money - but it is more time consuming than optimal, especially with my 'real job' shifting into high gear.


Good luck with your decision.
There are many people here who can help you with this undertaking.

jim nj

Andy McCarthy's piece above is closest to my own thoughts.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

When you're on a White House tour and this happens. pic.twitter.com/MUiyTPS5Z9

— TRUMP News 24/7 (@MichaelDelauzon) June 16, 2018

Cool picture at the link.


It that the aerospace contractor or something else.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


VERY cool picture at link!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is a good sign.

Beasts of England

There certainly are, maryrose!! I've sold a few companies over the years, but never anything in the restaurant-bar department. We simply closed and locked the doors at my old nightclub... :)

The bar at the lake, narciso. Even though the food service is a concession - I only manage the bar operations - it's a lot of paperwork and inventory. Automated to a large degree, yet nothing replaces daily eyeballs on the bottles.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I know nothing to help you in the sale-no sale decision.

I do wish you well, though.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable



I imagine it is time consuming,

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Beasts, I was in the M&A advisory business. Let me know if I can help in some general way.

Beasts of England

It has two things people often like, narciso - cash and liquor. And based on previous experience, I trust very few people in that context - hence the detailed daily scrutiny. :)

It's not really pressing, but it's tempting to take a profit. Bird in the hand and all that jazz...



Beasts, if he has cash, take it.

If he wants you to hold a note, tell him you will revisit the deal when he has the green.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Tera Broaddrick
‏ @teraRSBN
2m2 minutes ago

More exciting news! We all know there’s a rally next week June 20th, in Duluth, Minnesota. ALSO, another rally the very next week June 27th, in Fargo, North Dakota!
Mark your calendars! @RSBNetwork


Wow! North Dakota! Those folks always feel left out. What a great idea!


Andrea Mitchell doesn't believe in The New Testament. And anything that discourages Fiat currency.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I have known Andrea Mitchell to be a liar since she was the White House corespondent in the 1980's.

I used to keep the TV on during the day while I did my chores and watched my daughter.

One day, there was a White House press conference and President Reagan answered a question by Mitchell. She asked why he didn't have more charitable contributions on his tax returns. He answered that he gave a lot of donations to private individuals which he didn't declare, and also, he considered that if you deducted it on your taxes you were getting a benefit and thus it wasn't real charity. (Since he came from Quaker background, this was a reasonable answer.)

So, I kept the TV on as I got supper ready, and then here came Tom Brokaw with the NBC Nightly news. And here was Andrea Mitchell, reporting on the press conference and her question. And you know what she said?

"When I questioned the president on why no charities appeared on his tax return, he had no answer."

Since then, I have considered her a liar in any report she files.


It's possible the McTurtle ploy is really:

"Mueller, we got your guys red handed but let them off. Your turn ... or the next report will hurt."



Sorry if I crossed against your red light. I looked both ways.


Beasts, think Trump but a whit kinder, since you know and trust the guy: ask for 10% more than you'd settle for and see what you get. The difference is about what I see is your level of ambivalence, to which attention should be paid.

Ig, GUS, derwill, sbw, narciso, there were things I meant to say but gosh, it's late, and moreover at some point wisdom turns to casuitry. I think the main point was that I agreed with with you--which will do!

Oh, oh, MM, I am delighted from my odd toes to my shortish pate by your glad news--and if you get the back payment from December, that's another 3K--gladness all round!

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