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June 11, 2018



Kagan likely flirted with the the right on one case just to set up false hope. She's a loyal commie.

Kevlar Kid

"Umm, you know this is not a country that we should just uhh kick 'em around without uhh making sure that we have a strategy for how we're going to deal with them and how we're going to move forward. I know we've been kicking them around but I'm not so sure we have a strategy for how we're ultimately going to be able to resolve our differences and that concerns me."

How i miss the erudite ways of The Office of The Bath House Rat.

When i hear "umm" coming from an adult i'm moved to the point of severing their head with bare hands.

What is Panetta a middle-school pre-pubescent child?

No chit, China is important to our economy. But has it occurred to this schmoe that without the US, China would pull an el-foldo quicker than you can say "panda scat"?

Fit him with a Shock Collar.

Dave (in MA)

The comparison with Cuba fails to account for the fact that the missiles were removed from Cuba way back when Obama's hero was in roughly the same age bracket that Little Rocket Man is now.

Kevlar Kid


Your hyperlinks game... top notch!


Kevlar "The Apprentice" Kid


Rush playing a montage of many News Media types in the past praising to the skies Obama's marvelous "diplomatic skills" in doing the wonderful Deal with Iran, and contrasts that now with the same crowd criticizing the carp out of Trump. Now he is reading some infantile bozo's latest screed in the Atlantic saying neanderthal Trump is pathetic compared to genius Obama and id incapable of forethought or preparation and operates only on the whims of his glands. It honestly sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit. Jeffrey Goldberg, is the author.
and he is desperately seeking a Trump Doctrine.

So Jeffrey Goldberg wants a Doctrine and Leon Panetta wants a Strategy.

James D.

Jeffrey Goldberg wants a Doctrine and Leon Panetta wants a Strategy

And I want to see Goldberg and Panetta hanging from lampposts. I guess none of us are going to get what we want.


Goldberg and Panetta are now have gone the way of the rotary phone. They don't realize it. I think a simple Nelson Munz laugh whenever they show up is appropriate.

Dave (in MA)
Kevlar "The Apprentice" Kid
You're not fired.

Rush says Kim Jung Un flew to Singapore and back on Air China, and the flight went through Shanghai, adding 4 hours to Kim's travel day. Rush said he has read that Kim was concerned he might get shot down. Interesting.

Dave (in MA)
daddy, sounds like no more leaks.
Yup, Anti-Biz and Panetta complaining about being in the dark is a good sign.
Kevlar Kid

Justice Sotomayor is a glutton.

ALL gluttons suffer from malfunctioning brains in the specific area of higher order reasoning.

It's a form of mental derangement. What Cabrona is doing with her megalomaniac impulses (delusions of grandeur) by hitting the college speaking circuit is feeding off the undergraduate students' unfinished brains.

Picture her inserting a razor pointed brain straw and emptying brain cavities. I'm sure narciso has a sci-fi villain he can cite on this.

She "believes" in her warped vision where telling young people what to think about their world, instead of demonstrating how to question the assumptions made about the so-called "future" the Fascist Left PRETENDS to KNOW, is ethical and necessary.

Gluttons mail in everything, a kind of passive participation with dimmed eyes, because the metabolic inertia created in their souls by having rotund posteriors, sluggish blood, diverticulosis, parasites, and chronic acid reflux cultivates the twin gargoyle known as Sloth.

Kagan is a new breed of "justice" on the SCOTUS:
an OstroSloth.

Shock collar her. Please.


Dirty Cop Rosenstein Won’t Allow Grassley to Interview Agent Pientka Who Knows DOJ Likely Altered Mike Flynn’s Testimony

Impeach, Rosenstein.


we're gonna need more shock collars.

Kevlar Kid

Dave in MA....

What's shakin?

How close are you to the "Happy Valley"?

Mrs. Kid and I were in a semi-long distance relationship before she pulled the pin and moved up to Burlington VT and launch this current road show of ours.

Northampton on alternating weekends. Besides being able to spend time with my One True Love, I haunted "Kitchen Sink Press" home to STEVEN (now out of print) comix. Sated my need for ZAP Comix fare which went the way of the Dodo.


Take care, mano!



Dave that's hysterical - and wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Kevlar Kid

Methinks Kim Jong Un may be the front man for the next 18 months or so.

My opinion includes this forecast: he'll receive a significant Golden Parachute and move to Chillicothe OH.

I kid.

But seriously--- my forecast is the "smiling" director of military intelligence, Kim's #2, will assume the primary role during this emergence phase.

POTUS' decision to place Michael Pompeo as chief over at Foggy Bottom is a shrewd move.

I wish Kim Jong Un a safe passage through these "straits". I do not trust the Chinese Communists or their pawns in NOKO.

Fare thee well, Mr. Kim.

Kevlar Kid

Cite Rosenstein for contempt of Congress. Then POTUS reassigns Rosie to the Nogales field office on the front lines in Arizona.

He'll get along fine with diamond backs down there.




Something else to look forward to in the upcoming days (June 15th)

So IG Report on the 14th. This on the 15th in the Manafort case, then Horowitz's testimony on the 18th.

When does Judge Sullivan get off his ass, and hopefully Impeachment will be going forward against Rod Rosenstein by then.

Dave (in MA)

Kev, I dunno. What's Happy Valley? Sounds like a hippie rest home.

Tom R

Perhaps Clarice or any other lawyer can answer this.

From a legal perspective of hoping to get a conviction in a future trial is it a good or bad idea for Rosenstein to allow FBI Agent Pientka, who is potentially a material witness against Comey and McCabe, to testify before Congress before the IG report is released, before indictments are issued and before the ensuring trial starts?

Captain Hate

The Saga:

The passengers and crew of the Sea Cuck run around screaming as the maelstrom Stormy Daniels seizes their craft. "I have a place where I can put you!" the creature bellows.
Fearing for their lives they abandon ship as the Sea Cuck is taken under the waves and now bob about on the life rafts.


"We're lost at sea! We're gonna die! We'll starve to death!" Jonah cries.
"Knock it off, pudgy, we have rations," Cap'n Bill says.
George looks at a package and reads the label. "Genuine American Bully-Beef - Remember the Maine! To Hell with Spain!" He chucks the package over the side and is smacked in the face as it is flung back into the raft. "Bill, this is Spanish-American War surplus!"
"I got a great deal on it."
"Not even the sharks want it!"
"I'll try," Jonah says and sits quietly, trying to nibble off a piece of the beef before giving up.
"Don't worry, we won't starve," Hillary says, looking at Egg McMuffin.
"Wh-why are you looking at me..."
Huma pinches him. "Feels a little fatty."
"You can't eat me! That's murder!"
"You're the one named after a breakfast sandwich," Clapper states.
"Maybe if we get to shore?" Egg suggests and starts paddling.
"Don't wear yourself out and get all stringy," Huma adds before licking him. "Mmmmm. Soon."

Egg ceases paddling when the raft is 150 feet up the beach and then gets out and runs.
"Alrighty, we're here. That is Mar-A-Lago estate, the lair of the Golden Scalp Weasel."
A spotlight turns on.
"What's that?" Jonah asks.
"A spotlight?"
Flashing blue lights appear in the distance.
"What's that?"
"The police."
Bullets plow up the sand.
"What was that!?!"
"Young Master Trump is telling you to back off," a secret service agent says, "and next time he's not asking."

To be continued.......
Posted by: Mikey NTH - The Outrage Outlet Proudly Sponsors The Last Voyage of the Sea Cuck! at June 12, 2018 01:49 PM (hLRSq)

Dave (in MA)

I don't know anything about the normal routes but NK to Singapore and back in a straight line would pretty much take you over Shanghai. Maybe Li'l Kim was nervous that he might be flying in and out of the Malaysian peninsula with a mohametan member of the flight crew.


How Did Kim Jong-un Get to Singapore? With Some Help From China.

During the flight to Singapore, which could be tracked online, Mr. Kim’s aircraft followed an unusual route through Chinese airspace that appeared to take it over Chinese Air Force bases. This indicated that his plane was most likely escorted by Chinese fighter jets, Mr. Gao said.

Here's the link for tracking flights online:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

Thanks for bringing us the installments of The Last Voyage of the Sea Cuck! Hilarious!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

You all are most welcome for my contributions this morning! The least I could do for you guys!

I conked out for about an hour or so after doing 2 loads of laundry. Am now drnking a Diet Coke to wake up.


Investors Scramble To Secure Property On The Korean Border

Welcome to the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, where real estate prices are reportedly skyrocketing as peace-profiteering makes an outsized bet that the unlikely trio of Donald Trump, Kim Jung-un and Dennis Rodman will end the nuclear threat and render the DMZ the place to be.

(Click to enlarge.)


Nancy Pelosi Trashes Trump over North Korea Summit; Called Iran Deal ‘Diplomatic Masterpiece’

Pelosi’s full statement, as reported by Alex Moe of NBC News, is as follows:

"Nuclear nonproliferation is a pillar of America’s national security. We respect any serious and real diplomatic efforts to achieve that goal on the Korean peninsula. Apparently, the President just handed Kim Jong-un concessions in exchange for vague promises that do not approach a clear and comprehensive pathway to denuclearization and non-proliferation.

In his haste to reach an agreement, President Trump elevated North Korea to the level of the United States while preserving the regime’s status quo. The millions of families currently living in fear of nuclear weapons in the region deserve strong and smart leadership built-in diplomacy and engagement with our regional partners and allies.

The president’s marginalization of the State Department and his habitual disparaging of our allies as demonstrated at the G7 Forum hinders a lasting, stable pathway to peace."

Pelosi did not stipulate which concessions Trump had made. The U.S. did not relax sanctions –as the Obama administration had with Iran merely to start negotiations — and U.S. allies in the region were generally encouraged by the historic talks.


(Click to enlarge.)


Kev, the LEFTISTS see things from our ENEMIES perspective. And they don't want our ENEMIES MAD at us, because, errrr, because......fuck, they are already mad at us.


Kevlar Kid


It's the sarcastic name for the Pioneer Valley in Central/Southern Mass.

It's home to Northampton, Smith College and Mount Holyoke College.

Supposedly the Valley regions per capita consumption of
anti-depressants and psycho-tropic drugs is the highest in New England.

Does that help?





President Trump just became the Nobel Peace Prize committee’s worst nightmare.

There were so many choice moments that it sometimes felt more like a comedy set by an experienced stand up than the President of the USA. Trump has the same skill set: quick-witted, funny, thinks on his feet, even better on the ad libs than he is on the pre-prepared material.

I loved his line when asked about North Korea’s possible political and economic future. After explaining that it was really Kim Jong Un’s decision, not his, he couldn’t resist adding a helpful suggestion.

“They have great beaches. (You see that when they’re firing off their cannon). Think of that from a real estate perspective.”

See what he did there?

I’ll explain because I don’t want to sound like some David L Brooks character from the Obama era, hailing every presidential fart like it was the heavenly ambrosia which precedes the Second Coming.

No, Trump is not just impressive, but demonstrably brilliant at what he does.

So in those sentences I just quoted, he manages in the space of less than 30 seconds to move from economic policy outline to humorous mockery to self-aggrandising self-reference to his skills as a big swinging dick real estate player. Apart from being varied, interesting – keeping his listeners on their toes because they just never know what he’s going to say next – it also very clearly delineates US foreign policy objectives for North Korea. “Sure, you could go back to being a comedy, no-hope war-zone hell hole waiting to explode, like you were before,” Trump is telling Kim Jong-Un. “But don’t you think it would make so much sense, for all of us, if you became the hot new tourist resort for the enormous South Korean and Chinese markets instead?”

The whole piece is good.

Dave (in MA)
I conked out for about an hour or so after doing 2 loads of laundry.
We just have to twist a knob and press a button on our machine; it must be a fancy one. It doesn't wear me out too much.
Tom R

When I was in the Army I was once stationed in Korea with the 2nd ID. I was a plans officer so one of my duties was participating in the overhaul of OPLAN 5027 (Defense of SK). After the OPLAN was updated we had the annual joint training exercise with SK forces to validate the new OPLAN and identify any problems with it. Since then the OPLAN has been revised multiple times to account for changes in the threat that NK posed as well as changes on our side in terms of force structure, new technology, etc. Every time the OPLAN got updated there was a joint training exercise to validate the new OPLAN.

While there is value from a coordination/communication perspective of continuing to have joint exercises between the US and SK forces, if there is no longer a threat of NK attacking SK then that means we no longer have to worry about updating OPLAN 5027 and validating the changes to it. That means we can safely end the joint exercises because one of the primary reasons for doing them doesn't exist anymore if peace with NK is achieved.


Kanye West Album ‘Ye’ Goes to #1 on Billboard Charts After Embracing Trump


Are these the concession Pelooser was referring too???
This old dishit has become a parody of herself.



Dave, from this Mao Bio
I recall a section of this excellent book commenting on how in early Mao days (late 1940's to mid 60-70's) that any Chinese official Mao ordered to fly somewhere on a Chinese made airplane was considered a Death Sentence, and for himself and his favorites they won the honor of flying on Soviet made planes---YIKES! I suppose I would have thought Kim would have some sort of Boeing or Airbus product but that he apparently didn't really shows the backwardness of the society technologically and I suppose that makes sense, especially since relying on North Korean maintenance and parts would have been further risks to one's life. Flying on a domestic bird in North Korea probably remains a death sentence.

Even in China we have problems. No longer do we deadhead on any China Southern planes, even tho they have very modern equipment, and the reason is that during some snow period our onboard deadheading crews noticed that there was no de-icing and anti-icing taking place. They took cellphone videos of snow and ice on the wings and the plane took off in that condition and that is illegal according to our FAA regs, so the company eliminated China Southern as a carrier for us. I am glad about that. The company saved tons of money running us around on those cheap flights so now they have to pay higher fares for Cathey or Air China or whoever they use nowadays.

I also recall taking a Chinese prop plane 20 years back from Shanghai into Tayojuan in Shanshi (sp) Province to bring back a plane that had delivered some satellite to the Chinese under the Clinton Admin, and that bucket of bolts was scary as hell, so we don't do that anymore either thank the gods..

So all that said makes me understand why Kim took Air China thru Shanghai.
Plus as Kramer says, "Duty Free!



The FBI arrested more than 70 people in the U.S. and Nigeria for engaging in a massive email scam that has taken millions of dollars from U.S. companies in 2018 alone.

The arrests came over a month after an email protection group, Agari, exposed the scammers behind the infamous “Nigerian Prince” email scams that have been appearing in American inboxes for years. The FBI announced Monday it had taken down more than 70 members of the west African crime ring in an action dubbed Operation Wire Wire, The Wall Street Journal reported. The organization had mostly targeted the finance departments of U.S. companies, posing as business partners seeking bill payments.

Kevlar Kid

Over on AT today, some specific Soros fodder:

A Glimpse Inside Soros Open Society Foundations

Kevlar Kid

"The millions of families currently living in fear of nuclear weapons in the region deserve strong and smart leadership built-in diplomacy and engagement with our regional partners and allies."

Translation: Unless we fascist ProgTardos have
a presidency airlifting assloads of cash to bribe the North Korean "government" this is nothing but weak and stupid grandstanding.

What does South Korea think, Gangsta Pelosi?


That word salad is from whole foods.


This is STRONG DIPLOMACY. I bet he uses BRECK.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Do read this. Delingpole is funny and also spot on!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Extraneous - GMTA!!

Kevlar Kid

Thanks, Tom R. That overview was tight.

I'm of the opinion that "today's journolistas" don't have to know squat about squat in order to gain employment by the propaganda mills.

Can't imagine some #GrossAli type intuiting her way to the question: "why does the US military engage in joint exercises with various nations around the world?"

btw, #GrossAli and #DickProblem fell off the news cycle pretty fast in comparison to the big stories of the last two days.


Do Peloooooser and her hubbie still own that TURA FACTORY????



TUNA good gracious nobody owns TURA factories any more.


Rush just played an excellent clip of Tim Russert 19 years ago asking Trump about how to deal with North Korea and Trump providing an excellent, far seeing answer, especially focusing on their intentions of developing Nuclear Weapons and how that has to be dealt with and the sooner the better.

Rush them mocks the Media saying something like, "But of course the Media thinks Trump never thinks ahead about any of this stuff."

On the plus side, since the Singapore Summit is such a 'nothing burger' I suppose the Media can now focus 100% on the IG Report.


There is a story going around that Obama tried to call Kim prior to the meeting.



All the flying I have done in China was luckily on nearly new 737s and the like.

Of course you never know if the guys maintaining them know which end of the wrench to grab.

I will say that the stewardesses were all 10s.

On second thought, a few were 11s:)

Kevlar Kid

A snapshot of the Pelosi fortune:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is from NINETEEN years ago!@realDonaldTrump has been working up to yesterday’s negotiation with North Korea since then:https://t.co/Qlge432Lct

— Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) June 12, 2018

Video of the 1999 Tim Russert interview that daddy just referenced at the link.


Tom R,

I take the caterwauling about the cancellation of the South Korean War games from the usual suspects as just that, caterwauling, and a particularly disingenuous variety of it. Hell, we practice that stuff constantly, have plans drawn up for a thousand contingencies, and Trump's been strengthening our Military, not intentionally weakening it per Obama, so I'd much prefer to hear what the General Keane's of the world have to say on that matter rather than the 'faux-concerned' Leon Panetta's and the Jake Tapper's, etc.

To the dogs.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is from NINETEEN years ago!@realDonaldTrump has been working up to yesterday’s negotiation with North Korea since then:https://t.co/Qlge432Lct

— Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) June 12, 2018

So, 3PM on Thursday. Probably means ANOTHER late night!

I better start taking Kev's supplement!

Kevlar Kid

Meanwhile, back at the HOR Ranch:


Kevlar Kid


in those immortal words of Telly Shave-All-Off
"who loves ya, Baby?"



Miss Marple,

When I click on that Sebastion Gorka link above and hit the YouTube Video I get a message saying this:

This video contains content from NBC Universal, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.


Are any of you lower 48's getting that same message, or is that only happening here in the country of Alaska?


I will say that the stewardesses were all 10s.

Well I wouldn't know about that, but on an 18.5 hour Singapore Air flight from Newark I dropped my watch into the depths of the totally amazing first-class seat-bed, and damn near fainted as three stewardesses spent ten or fifteen minutes on their hands and knees fishing it out.

(Click to enlarge.)


Maine is a country also daddy!


Just saw some Ad on FOX Business for college Grads to refinance with some company to make their payments less per month.

I hope Trump has people working very hard on ways to fix the Higher Education scam in tuition fees that they've been perpetrating on Americans for the last 30-40 years. Ream 'em Donald!


Maybe it's cause we both border Canada, Marlene. "Hey" to the other "Scout."


.As we all expected, Trump got played by Kim Jong Un in Singapore. Trump laid the flattery on thick and gave away the store while Kim gave nothing specific in return. According to The Guardian’s live blog, Trump already invited Kim to the White House. Here’s the statement they both signed:

President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America and Chairman Kim Jong Un of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) held a first, historic summit in Singapore on June 12, 2018.

President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un conducted a comprehensive, in-depth and sincere exchange of opinions on the issues related to the establishment of new US-DPRK relations and the building of a lasting and robust peace regime on the Korean Peninsula. President Trump committed to provide security guarantees to the DPRK, and Chairman Kim Jong Un reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Convinced that the establishment of new US-DPRK relations will contribute to the peace and prosperity of the Korean Peninsula and of the world, and recognizing that mutual confidence building can promote the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un state the following:

1. The United States and the DPRK commit to establish new US-DPRK relations in accordance with the desire of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity.

2. The United States and DPRK will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.

3. Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

4. The United States and the DPRK commit to recovering POW/MIA remains, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified.

Having acknowledged that the US-DPRK summit — the first in history — was an epochal event of great significance in overcoming decades of tensions and hostilities between the two countries and for the opening up of a new future, President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un commit to implement the stipulations in the joint statement fully and expeditiously. The United States and the DPRK commit to hold follow-on negotiations, led by the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and a relevant high-level DPRK official, at the earliest possible date, to implement the outcomes of the US-DPRK summit.

President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America and Chairman Kim Jong Un of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have committed to cooperate for the development of new US-DPRK relations and for the promotion of peace, prosperity, and the security of the Korean Peninsula and of the world.

President of the United States of America

Captain Hate

There is a story going around that Obama tried to call Kim prior to the meeting.

It's dumb enough for him and the Ferret to do it but what could he possibly say that would be of interest?

Shemp said that NK got everything and we got nothing.

Teddy Bullmoose

He's asking a penny per acre for Yellowstone.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Blocked for me, too. I believe I will go to Dr. Gorka's tweet and see what is being said.

Teddy Bullmoose

Asians see legal contracts in the manner women see theirs. A woman's prerogative to change her mind includes changing the rules of a relationship...flexible and carved in soap.


Calls for the Senate Intelligence Committee to interview Ivanka Trump, who has largely avoided scrutiny as part of the congressional and FBI investigations into Russian meddling in the last presidential election, follow an exclusive report from BuzzFeed News that found that in the midst of the presidential campaign, she was in contact with a Russian weightlifter who offered to connect her father to Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to facilitate building a Trump tower in Moscow.

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden, a Democrat on the panel, said he would like staff on the committee to interview Ivanka Trump about “two separate national security questions.” First, Wyden said investigators should ask about BuzzFeed News’ reporting that Ivanka Trump connected the weightlifter, Dmitry Klokov, with her father’s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who was working on the Trump tower project, “and what her role might have been in that.”

The second issue, he said, is China’s recent decision to grant Ivanka Trump trademarks around the same time her father promised to help Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer ZTE, despite the US government having fined the company just last year for breaking sanctions and citing it as a threat to national security.

“I would like to have the staff look at both of those issues,” Wyden said..

Dave (in MA)

Extraneus | June 12, 2018 at 03:17 PM How many times did you try that trick before they caught on?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Someone replying to Dr. Gorka said that you could still find it if you go to YouTube and type in "Donald Trump and Korea 1999"

ChiTown says the MFM are blocking everything about Korea they can find, so as to squelch discussion. Videos from NK, about NK, anything and everything, whenther they own the copyright or not. Says there were a bunch of dem lawyers working OT on this beginning yesterday.


I wish I was that smart!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

Why are you watching Shep? He's been on my permanent block button since Katrina.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Dr. Gorka is taking no prisoners:

Sebastian Gorka DrG
‏Verified account @SebGorka
45m45 minutes ago

Don’t re-elect Barbara Comstock to VA CD10.

She led the #NEVERTRUMPER effort 2 deny @realDonaldTrump the GOP nomination. She is rated ‘F’ by ALL major Conservative organizers. She is a RINO.

If you haven’t voted yet today, please go now and take another voter. Choose @shakhill.

Joe Gambino

Because, Miss Marple CH reads Sun-Tzu😎

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I did a search and a variety of possibilities came up. See if any of the videos on this page play for you:


Kevlar Kid

Shemp said that NK got everything and we got nothing.>

Gotta turd in yer pocket, ShempVaKlempt?

Joe Gambino

Turd in the tent suit..

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This one seems to work:


Captain Hate

Just reporting what others are saying, Miss Marple.


Howie Carr plays audio sound bites from the bat sh*t crazy people and today he is featuring Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt. Geez,they are bitter,nasty people. Ugh.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
Jun 9

Henry McMaster loves the people of South Carolina and was with me from the beginning. He is strong on Crime and Borders, great for our Military and our Vets. He is doing a fantastic job as your Governor, and has my full endorsement, a special guy. Vote on Tuesday!


Re-tweet by the President from a couple of days ago.


Obama smiled and shook hands with Chavez what, four years ago? Venezuela is still a shithole country. Give PDJT the same benefit of four years to see if Il and NK make any progress. How about that, Ben Shapiro Medecune Woman?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
20m20 minutes ago

I strongly endorse Adam Laxalt for Governor of Nevada. Adam is smart, works hard, and knows how to win. He will be a great Governor. Also, will fight hard to lower your taxes and is tough on crime!

Kevlar Kid

Sorry for the messed up tag.

The oversight was due to the stabbing thought of today being my go-to-jail date for attending traffic school.

Jumped online and tried to login.

RUH ROH. Term expired.


Got on the horn and spoke to the kind Sonoma County Queen of Traffic Land.

"Oh. Well it says here that your ticket doesn't carry points so you DONT have to go to traffic school. Plus, ya dint pay for the privilege and had elected to defer that payment til you actually were beginning traff school."


Skippin down the road now, baby.

Moochelles under  blackness

Imagine the Rumps if Smoresbama were fat and bald.

Delighted, they'd be..😎

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This guy seems to me to need firing, impeachment, or hospitalization.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Jacob Wohl Retweeted
Gregg Jarrett
‏Verified account @GreggJarrett
Feb 3

A 2nd source has now confirmed to me that, in a meeting on January 10, Deputy A-G Rosenstein used the power of his office to threaten to subpoena the calls & texts of the Intel Committee to get it to stop it’s investigation of DOJ and FBI. Likely an Abuse of Power & Obstruction.


News you can use...according to Page Six,Rudy Giuliani and his new girlfriend were seen at the Mountain View Resort in Whitefield,NH in March. WMUR TV in Manchester has video.

Kevlar Kid

I still cook despite the raw path.

I cook for Mrs. Kid who trains like a SEAL each day .

Today's fare is a Kev Kustom Kreation:

Chikken Likken


2 diced small Meyers lemon (from the tree)
1 diced jalapeno (leave in the vein and seeds)
1 diced small nectarine
1/4 cup balsamic glaze (in the vinegar section)
1 cup of frozen cranberries
1/2 cup olive oil
3 tbsps butter
3 fistfuls of spring greens

Bring olive oil and butter to medium sizzle in a shallow cast iron skillet for 3 minutes

Place two chikken breasts in the skillet (frozen works to avoid salmonella threat of room temp thaw)

Distribute glaze over the top of each breast (it will liquify and cover)

Place diced lemon (in the skin) on top of each breast. Can squeeze the juice out of each if you want.

Distribute diced Mexican firecrackers over the top.

Smother the breasts and toppings with the greens.

Nest the diced nectarine in the greens.

Cover for 20 minutes at medium heat.

Turn the breasts letting the greens and nectarine immerse in the braise.

five minutes later...turn it off and stuff yer hungree liddo face.

Great form of dawg house insurance.

Celebrating this win. Big Toym.

Kevlar Kid

Rudy coppin the Pootie. How novel and newsworthy.

clarice feldman

Tom R, I think it could well interfere with the trial (although I think thee will not be one.This information has to be made available to Flynn as exculpatory material.). I think DC is off on this one.


Destiny Pictures denies it had anything to do with the NoKo video.


Who else is doing well enough to take on government work?

National security adviser John Bolton reported making $2.2 million in income last year, including $569,000 from Fox News, where he was a paid contributor. Bolton also received a $240,000 salary from the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, and $155,000 from the Gatestone Institute — a group that has raised fears about Muslims in Europe, sometimes through claims that have been debunked. Bolton served as that group’s chairman…The largest speaking fees came from a foundation run by Ukrainian steel magnate Viktor Pinchuk, which paid Bolton $115,000 for speeches in September 2017 and February 2018. Pinchuk, who generally advocates for closer ties between Ukraine and the West, also donated $150,000 to President Trump’s charitable foundation in exchange for a short speech Trump made to one of Pinchuk’s conferences by video in 2015.
There are no conflicts of interest here because there are no interests in conflict. This is a crew of career profiteers whose only interest is in making themselves as wealthy as possible. The grift rots from the head down.

Kevlar Kid

So how many times will Rosita Rosenstein be allowed to step in mutt makinz before he feels the big Hook pulling him off the national stage.

How about assigning him to narco undercover in Juarez? He'd fit right in dontcha think? Great looks to enhance his tradecraft and skills set.

Buh bye, Touch Hole.

Kevlar Kid

Delingpole is en fuego with that "cannons" and real estate piece.

Kevlar Kid

"sometimes through claims that have been debunked. "



Low fat diets killing your mitochondria Diabetics...

Eat lotsa organic lard or increase your insulin to infinity

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Never fell for the LOW/NO FAT bulloney fed to US by people who can't see straight.

clarice feldman

Trump in 1999 on Korea

Fake, fake News

“They were trying to claim that I too had taken a trip to Moscow... I’ve never been to Moscow in my life, I’ve never traveled to Russia in my life.”

— Michael Avenatti

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Wictor thread analyzing body movement, Trump's treating Kim rather gently, etc. Very interesting analysis, which I appreciate because I only know one Japanese-American.

Supportive comments to his analysis from guys who are married to Korean women, etc. are on the original thread, which is here:


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