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June 11, 2018



This is one of these horrid events that happens all too near here:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Dennis Miller
‏Verified account @DennisDMZ
22m22 minutes ago

I think Trump should fire Sessions and say it was the only thing that Kim Jong Un requested other than ending the war games. #DennisMillerOption


LOL, Jim!

Where have you been?


Speaking of Obama:


Anyone surprised?


The LEFT were pissing their collective PANT about President Trump being SAID to drink 12 Diet Cokes a day. THAT IS BEEEEEEEG NEWS. How dare the PRESIDENT be accused by LIBTARDS of drinking all of these DIET COKES........


On Luara Ingraham's Show she plays this clip of Sessions responding earlier to Tucker Carlson, then asks Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows for comments:

Sessions replying to Tucker: I'm confident that deputy Rosenstein, 28 years in the Department of Justice, did not improperly threaten anyone on that occasion, but we do believe that we have tried to be cooperative with them and have made progress as the months have gone by, and in fact have had some good relationships with the Members of Congress.
Laura Ingraham; Jim, what do you think about what you just heard from the Attorney General (Jeff Sesions)?

Jim Jordan: I was flabbergasted. What is the Attorney General saying? Rod Rosenstein hasn't complied with Devin Nunes's Subpoena, hasn't complied with Chairman Goodlatte's Subpoena. We've caught them hiding information in the Strzok-Page text messages, redacting the fact that Peter Strzok was friends with Contreras, one of the FISA Court Judges. They tried to hide that from us, and today we learn in Katherine Herridge's report that in essence the head of the Justice Department, Rod Rosenstein, was threatening members of the House Intelligence Committee for doing their job, for trying to get answers for the American people. And the Attorney General says "That's OK, we're doing just fine." I didn't know he said that. You just played it. I'm like, "Are you kidding me?" This report of Herridge's is unbelievable. When you have the Head of the Justice Department, Rod Rosenstein saying he's going to go after Staff Members E-Mails and Communications---we're doing our Constitutional Duty. That's scary.

Laura Ingraham: Congressman Meadows, what I think he 's saying is that if you guys hold him Contempt, he's going to have to defend himself. And part of the defense will be he wants Discovery, he wants to know who you've been talking to, who Jim's been talking to, he wants to know your text messages. (jokes) Maybe they won't redact your documents like they did to Page and Strzok.

Mark Meadows: There's two problems with this Laura. One, is that we're a separate branch of Govt. They don't have the right to do that unless we're coming under some kind of Criminal Investigation. And for the Attorney General to say "he's confident that Rod Rosenstein did everything right," well I'm confident he doesn't know what he's talking about! I'm here to tell you we're fed up with it. We've been working on a resolution (holds it up) we've got a resolution here tonight that we're putting the finishing touches on. We plan to file that tomorrow.

Laura: (interrupting) What is it?

Meadows: It is all about compelling the DOJ to turn over documents so that we can do proper oversight. You know if they have nothing to hide turn over the documents. Jim is exactly right, this is inexcusable.

Laura: So what is the Resolution? Tell us what it is.

Jordan: We're putting together a Resolution we'd frankly like to bring to the Full House and have the House vote on it. It's one thing for us to say, it's one thing for Chairman Subpoena, it's another thing if the House of Representatives would actually go on record and say "Mr Rosenstein, we of the House, a majority of the House say you're not giving us the information we need, and frankly now that we have found out that you were threatening members of the Committee staff, a standing Committee in the House of Representatives...

Laura: ...He's going to defend himself against your threatening to hold him in contempt. How does he defend himself?

If he wants to defend himself, let let him come on tomorrow night with Jim and I and he can lay out his talking points. You know why he doesn't come on, they'd rather do 'Private Press Releases' to spin the narrative at Midnight and try to act like they are complying. We've had a document out since December 3rd of last year, we still don't have the documents...

Laura: ...Are we talking Impeachment?...

Meadows"That is on the table...I'm here to tell you we are going to have a vote in the House up or down, and we are going to have those documents...

Ran out of tape but it turned into comments that both men talked with Ryan and Gowdy very recently and Ryan and Gowdy are not on board with the Resolution---Big surprise.

Another Bob

Far be it for me to begrudge you your success KK, more power to you, man.

I’d probably be a bit more circumspect about looking down my nose at people though.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

When shitbird Dana starts sockpuppeting it's long past time for the psychotic creep to be disappeared.


TK, what surprises me, is how ignorant people have had to be, to be believers in OBAMA in any way.
I know you're strongly held beliefs, and you have been steadfast.
Regardless of THE MYTH of OBAMA....the DUDE is a complete and utter FUCK UP. His life's history is clear. He's an emotionally fucked up pussy, with SEVERE Mommy/Daddy issues. He is a worthless piece of shit, and history will bear that out.
His upbringing was fucked up, and he was a kid, who was spoon fed, MARXISM, and we know who his PATRON was. Frank Marshall Davis. Though it is difficult to PROVE that Opie Bi-Obama was born.....ELSEWHERE...... who he is, and HOW HE BECAME a MARXIST MUZZ LOVING FREAK.....is easily seen.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

KK, there are entire industries being regulated right out of existence in CA.
And there are many more people leaving and staying left than those who find they can't live without Jerry Brown and Maxine Waters.
There is a lot of money to be made in CA in many areas of endeavor but there is a lot of money to be made elsewhere also along with many fewer regs, much more freedom and far fewer Californians.
I'm still here as a fourth or fifth generation fornian but I don't begrudge anyone leaving for greener, or more accurately, less Green pastures.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Down goes Sanford! Down goes Sanford!

It appears never Trumpers are getting their asses kicked in primaries this year.


In an happens will get you a scone:



Primary Updates according to Shannon Bream---wins for candidates backed by trump

In Virginia a Repub named Corey Stewart wins GOP Senate Nomination.

In South Carolina Sanford is trailing Katie Arrington. Shannon mentions Trump's tweet saying "Sanford would be better off in Argentina", and then plays a clip moments ago of Sanford saying "It may have cost me this Election...I'm going to lose this race."

Now Chris Stirewalt is on so I'm changing the channel to Baseball. Life is too short to listen to Chris Stirewalt.


Ig, I agree. I am extremely opinionated, and I've seen the "WE LOVE YOU TOM MAGUIRE" stuff for a long time, and I've kept my mouth shut for the most part.
Tom Maguire has a business here. He will allow the SICK FUCKER to stay, so long as business does not suffer.
I'm just one guy. I am close to leaving this blog, regardless of how much I love most of the participants. Because MAGUIRE allows, what he allows.

clarice feldman

Nytol. Get sleep--it's going to be a busy week I think.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I have a live feed and Chris Stirewalt was on Shannon Bream's show and tried to make it that it was his personal life that brought down Sanford.

I thought that was an excuse to avoid how much influence President Trump really has on the party.


How on earth could SANFORD be a viable candidate, despite his ABJECT DISHONESTY, his dishonor to his own wife, and his FOUND OUT relationship, that he LIED about before?? How would SC make him a CONGRESSMAN, after what he did??? He's not a murderer, but for fux sake, is there not an honorable, honest man that could have been chosen?????



Tom has wiped the slate clean several times and then, when the sicko slips through, and gets engaged by the regulars, I have to imagine that Tom is dealing with mixed signals.

Why anyone acknowledges the scrod is beyond me.


Life imitates what passes for art:


Dave (in MA)



Now this tome is about the size of a small
Tom Clancy tale


Kevlar Kid

"I’d probably be a bit more circumspect about looking down my nose at people though."


Please show me where i was "looking down my nose at people..."

Being of assistance to people who want to be more prosperous financially is what i do for a living. i show them the proper way to fish, a way they can copycat and then make there own.

Our next venture is targeting 70,000 home-based aspiring entrepreneurs defeat their greatest enemies: themselves.

It's the great equalizer. And the moment we believe we don't have to get up in the morning and win that battle is the day profit becomes theft.

Final point, with that attitude in tow each and every day, it is near difficult looking down my nose at anybody. Those losing the battle of the balance sheet are a reflection of me at age 25, the age when i first read something that showed me in my present condition and how i was the reason for the threadbare season.

i never looked back and stopped looking down at anybody who reminded me of me in my quiet desperation.

Have a good night.



Tk. The freak isn't a paid Soro's Jessica TarDlov type of COMMIE LITE, that believes the true path to Nirvana, is this CRAP. The DUDE is a mentally ill believer in NONSENSE. In fact, the DUDE has a PENSION, and has NEVER been part of anything that CREATES wealth, growth or decency.
He's a COMMIE, who feels bullet proof. HE GOT HIS.

It CANNOT "sustain" itself. The GOOFS that blubber about SUSTAINABILITY are brain dead, to what Sustainability actually means. FRAUDS.


DAVE in MA. I do...s.o.b. That doesn't stop the attacks, the sickness, the disruption.
We can scroll on by forever.
I don't want to HAVE TO Scroll on by.
Inevitably someone, will engage the FUCKWAD. And he gets turgid.
But to the POINT. Do I want to be part of a BLOG, where I HAVE TO, scroll on by SO MANY SICK POSTS.

No, I don't. If things don't change. I'm leaving.

Kevlar Kid

"I don't begrudge anyone leaving for greener, or more accurately,"


Nor do i. In my business i listen to people talk, sometimes all day long about their "story" and their searches for "the magic financial bullet" after decades of following industries around the country.

The single common denominator in all of the thousands of stories that i hear is about the accumulation of debt. The whipsaw in those stories is based on leaving a state like California, and going to "where the gettin is good", while not resolving their debt issues.

One of our pre-screening qualifiers is for the candidate to develop a financial plan for paying off debt. No amount or caliber of opportunity where the individual is trading their time for money will safeguard their financial INDEPENDENCE if they are in consumer debt.

So far it's "looking down" the nose at people, and "begrudging" people their decisions to seek opps elsewhere.

I was pretty clear: there is something that sets people apart as citizens in this critical time of our history: indebtedness-- with the flip side being savings and investment, no matter what scale.

That was all.

Appreciate the point about California's regulating industries out of existence.

It's one of the reasons why i am intuiting a sea change for states that are choking on regs like California....this state is so dependent on DC that Trump is going to whip the table cloth right out from under the Democrat machine.

California needs to get back in the game.

Peace. And congrats on your new found love.




At the Hard Rock. Will get a shot of a Paul Stanley Flying V if I can. OMG the homeless are so bad down here. Much worse than when I worked downtown regularly

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Approaching midnight, so I am going to bed.. Hopefully my sleep schedule will get repaired tonight.


Kevlar Kid


Who is Ann Althouse?/Where is the Althouse Portal to Amazon?

Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.

Captain Hate

Down goes Sanford!

Not tired of winning.


Pin, I got a really sweet Flying V, at a pawn shop in WYOMING several years ago.
When I come to Nashville, you'll have to sedate me with beer or other niceties, before I go to Gruhns or Carters. Or other various geeetar shops.
And there needs to be food too!!!!!


SO. How did the PELOSI blue wave do today???


It was the post earlier in the day over Patterson's tree murder, where the idealized president attends a sports match disguised by false eyebrows. The sexy assassin is,ripped off a, much better series code name vianelle.

Kevlar Kid

They got Blue Balls. Sucks to be them.

Kevlar Kid

All right. I'm out. Watch a moobie. Relax.

Helluva good start to the week!


Pin,the term "homeless", is a PROG/FULL COMMIE term.
They are victims.
My 17 year old is out enjoying summer with his pals. He has a car, he has a job. The boys found a "homeless" camp. I asked my son,if these HOMELESS, looked like those on ANDY GRIFFITH? He said no, they are filthy, they are young, they have TATTOOS all over the place, and that he and his friends had found lots of "pipes". I pointed out that these are not HOMELESS, these are LOSERS who are VALUE-LESS, and are GAMING SOCIETY.

He understands.



Captain Hate

Sanford losing made me feel so good I even made a token comment on the ONT which is ordinarily a no go zone.

Winning conquers all. Nytol.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

SOB doesn't work as well when the dickhead starts sockpuppeting regulars.


Teenagers are technically homeless if you think about it.



Plenty of food and beer and jobs all around us if the music wasn't so bumping I'd quite cheeseburger in paradise.


Do you know this 'charming' person, catsmeat



I'd quote it even.


I only ask because of this:



Narciso. She is a PROFESSOR of blah blah blah, with special emphasis, in MOTION, deep THOUGHT and a PHD, in blah blah blah.
This is what has happened to our educational culture.
It's not about TEACHING or College/University classes....IT'S ALL ABOUT the COMMIES supporting THE COMMIES.
There is no emphasis on TEACHING FACTS. It's about SHOVELING LIBERAL IDEOLOGY down the YOUNG STUDENTS throats.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Didn't catch your emphasis on debt in your first comment, KK.
Concur with everything you said with that context.


I know this isn't a smart legal blog but if a guy persists in asking for money is it consider brandishing to ask if he has change for a Nine?


You might consider that cash ain't exactly kosher,

Man Tran

daddy, if you are still around, I’ve hopped into Taiyuan, Shanxi prov several times, but always in a modern plane. One time I was taken back to Beijing in one of those ubiquitous black Audi’s with a military driver and flashing lights inside the grill. When necessary, he would take an opposing lane to get around the frequent truck jam ups.

I think that was the same area where I snapped a pic of the JOM billboard and posted it here when I got a link to the free world. Must have been around 2010.


Mark Sanford, has been a FOOL from Day 1. He has been a liar FROM DAY 1. Mark Sanford, has betrayed his WIFE, his family, his children and SOUTH CAROLINA from DAY 1. Mark Sanford pitted himself against POTUS DJT. His bullshit got called today. What about Mark Sanford was something that would have YOU support HIM??? He seems to me, to be a LOSER and a DRUNK.

Have a nice life SANFORD.



The houseless shooting gallery is under the pedestrian bridge turns out. Sign says it closes at 11 PM but that's just for taxpayers.


The UK Daily Mail as usual is on the job:

Mark Sanford LOSES his primary after Trump alluded to his extramarital affair and endorsed his opponent hours before polls closed in the Republican congressman's district

He became a national name when his extra martial affair was revealed when he said he was hiking the Appalachian Trail but was actually in Argentina...

...Arrington has also referred to Sanford's affair.

'Bless his heart, but it's time for Mark Sanford to take a hike — for real this time,' Arrington said in one TV ad.



Wait what:

Another Bob

Ig, my issue was with the expressed attitude toward those who “subscribe to the dying economic model of exchanging time for money”.

Quite the number of them are not deadbeats with junk degrees running up debt buying iThings. They were raised that trading their labor for a living was the only thing available to them and did/do that honestly. America - and California - needs more of that too.


What do they need these for:




Just a heads up---For some reason your links are working way less well than normal. I don't know if it's some new software glitch but today you're only lucking out with about 1 working link in 5 tries.

jim nj

I'm a little surprised (probably shouldn't be) about how much negativity is being expressed in newspaper articles and editorial pieces on the summit.

Trump got played by the NoKos. All he brought back was a piece of paper. He met with the devil incarnate. Why didn't he do x, y, or z, as I would have done. What's up with the hokey 4 min. video? And on and on and on. Just pick one little thing and make a big deal out of it.

All of this, before Trump is even back in the States.

And the only concession from our side was a halt in military exercises and Mattis knew that was on the table if you look at the link below.


What were these people, who had continually asked Trump to seek peace, not war, expect of this meeting.

That he would hire Daddy's FedEx to bring home all of the NoKo's weapons immediately?

What's the point of this bitchery? Are they all so Mal-adjusted that they can't give him any props? That they need to undermine every thing he does, so as not to encourage the American public to see his greatness?

It is to my mind, disgusting, and the only ones who will believe this crap, have been lost to us, and will always be lost to us because they still believe the press is being honest. And we here know this.


TK. Are we talking white wash here?


Hi Manny,

I was there in I think 1995 or '96. I just looked at a bunch of Google pics of Taiyuan today and boy does it look different now with all the skyscrapers than it did back then. I recall it being extremely rustic and the 3 of us had a free day so we walked for miles site-seeing the town but we wound up being looked at way more than looking at stuff. The Captain was a Black guy and the 3rd guy had a big pipe and kept filling it and smoking as we walked along, and children seeing us stopped gape mouthed, staring in disbelief. We might as well have been martians:)

I suppose like so much of the rest of China it's gone through some super rapid building spurts with skyscrapers popping out like ice cubes from an ice maker. I'm glad I got to see it in its ancient fallen down undeveloped drabness. It makes a quaint memory.


Man it is frustrating how the Internet prevents linking to Prager U videos. Instapundit has linked to a new excellent Video for Prager U by Douglas Murray titled "The Suicide of Europe," but as usual it will not post for me. So instead here is a link to Instapundit's Home Page, and scroll down to 05:54 PM:

EUROPE IS COMMITTING SUICIDE. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Douglas Murray, author of The Strange Death of Europe, explains the two major causes of Europe’s impending downfall in a video at Prager U.

jim nj


Don't leave because of the trolls, please. That's what they want us to do, because we're dangerous.

And they know that, if you don't have killfile, please download it. And just killfile them.

Don't blame Tom. If the trolls have a static IP address, it's easy to ban them. If they have a dynamic IP address that changes with each logon, it's not so easy to ban them.

Consider it this way, we're over the target and that's why they want to demoralize us.

The Trump summit worries them. The IG report on Thursday will will drive them absolutely bat-shit crazy and they will be out in force.

Gus, don't abandon the fight, we all hate the trolls, show some fortitude and stay in the fight.

You know I love you man, just stay the course, and harden yourself against these useless trolls.

jim nj

You know, if Trump does something good, there are so many reporters and editorial columnists to tell us why that isn't so, that it encourages trolls to attack us with these false analogies.

Trolls are just an extension of the media. No original thought, just parrots of whomever they have read most recently.

No reason to engage to engage them in argument. It's like talking to a bot. There is mo grey matter to process an argument, just a mindless bot.


in case anybody missed this TK comment; my bolding:

Tom has wiped the slate clean several times and then, when the sicko slips through, and gets engaged by the regulars, I have to imagine that Tom is dealing with mixed signals.

Why anyone acknowledges the scrod is beyond me.

Posted by: Threadkiller


This bolded line in the 3rd paragraph of a Politico story on Sanford's defeat tonight startled me because I consider it so false:

In the end, it wasn’t the Appalachian Trail that brought down Mark Sanford. It was President Donald Trump.

The South Carolina congressman’s stunning defeat in Tuesday’s Republican primary effectively ended the turbulent two-decade career of a political icon who once harbored presidential aspirations.

From his time as a congressman in the 1990s, to his eight-year governorship, to his unexpected House comeback that followed, Sanford had long established himself as a figure who cut against the grain — the rare politician who loved to break with his own party. Yet in taking on Trump, his friends and political allies say, he took it a step too far.


Ever heard of John McCain? Of Lindsay Graham? Of Jeff Flake? Of Paul Ryan? Of Mitch McConnell? Of Rand Paul? Of Lisa Murkowski? Of Kelly Ayotte? Of Bob Corker? Of Susan Collins? Of Jim Jeffords? Of etc, etc, etc? Hell, 90 of the problem with the Republicans is that politicians who break with the party aren't rare any more, they're a dime a dozen.

The rare Democrat who loves to break with his Party is a statement much closer to fact since those scoundrels all read from the same page, but the idea that Republicans all march in lockstep except for the rare maverick is nonsense on stilts.



Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good morning! The President is due to touch down an Andrews any minute.

James D.

Are they all so Mal-adjusted that they can't give him any props? That they need to undermine every thing he does, so as not to encourage the American public to see his greatness?

Yes. Next question?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Gordon Chang was on Fox wringing his hands about cancelling the military games like we couldn't respond to an attack if we didn't have those exercises.

AD1 just touched down. Motorcade to White House due to weather.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Apparently there are a lot of people who think the CIA runs North Korea. Wictor has had it with this and explains how North Korea came into being.


jim nj


Agree with you and TK. Don't feed the trolls. It's a basic rule, PIN, pay attention, love you man, but don't engage the trolls.

Everybody download killfile. If you're not using Firefox, which allows that add-on, switch from your favorite browser to Firefox to view JOM and download the killfile app.

When you killfile the trolls, the thread is so much easier to read, because you can ignore all of the "Blocked by" comments.

Don't argue with the trolls, most of us can't see their comments, so we don't even know why you're arguing against them.

Killfile is your friend, use it liberally, the advantage is that threads are shorter and troll free.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
7m7 minutes ago

My political representatives didn’t want me to get involved in the Mark Sanford primary thinking that Sanford would easily win - but with a few hours left I felt that Katie was such a good candidate, and Sanford was so bad, I had to give it a shot. Congrats to Katie Arrington!
A nice welcome home present for President Trump.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The raccoon made it to the top of the skyscraper, and now they are going to try to trap him.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is one of the black pastors who supported President Trump, and is on his advisory board for the inner cities:

Dr.Darrell Scott
‏Verified account @PastorDScott
12h12 hours ago

The 5 living ex President's silence on the North Korea Summit speaks louder than their silence on North Korea during their administrations! #HorriblePresidents


He's not the only one who has noticed this. Not one gracious statement from any of them. Not even a "glad he tried, we will see what happens." Nothing. What a bunch of small-minded people.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
6m6 minutes ago

Congratulations to Corey Stewart for his great victory for Senator from Virginia. Now he runs against a total stiff, Tim Kaine, who is weak on crime and borders, and wants to raise your taxes through the roof. Don’t underestimate Corey, a major chance of winning!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
5m5 minutes ago

Just landed - a long trip, but everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office. There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea. Meeting with Kim Jong Un was an interesting and very positive experience. North Korea has great potential for the future!


I hate raccoons. Shoot the damn thing.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
1m1 minute ago

Before taking office people were assuming that we were going to War with North Korea. President Obama said that North Korea was our biggest and most dangerous problem. No longer - sleep well tonight!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

.@SenCoryGardner: “At the end of the Obama administration, as a result of strategic patience, we were at the brink of war… We’ve backed away from that precipice of war.” pic.twitter.com/U9ZdJvifyV

— Fox News (@FoxNews) June 13, 2018

Video clip at link. Senator Garner was really good in defending the criticisms about the agreement.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Jordan Schachtel
‏Verified account @JordanSchachtel
10h10 hours ago

Jordan Schachtel Retweeted Carrie Johnson

"McCabe said any lapses in his memory or mistakes in his interviews w/ the IG & others were mistakes derived from the chaos inside the FBI under siege from President Trump & his allies"

Yes, Andy McCabe lied 4 times under oath & he's blaming it on Trump.


This is a perfect example of how entitled those people thought they were.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Ace gives Rosenstein's threats a flaming skull:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good to be back in Seoul with my old friend & fellow @WestPoint_USMA alum Gen Brooks ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ @usforceskorea Looking forward to my Thursday meetings with ROK & Japan @USEmbassySeoul pic.twitter.com/h9yw820TPa

— Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) June 13, 2018

Photo at link. Pompeo sure gets around. Yesterday he was in China.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Charlie Spiering
‏Verified account @charliespiering
9m9 minutes ago

Wow @BretBaier Interviewed @realDonaldTrump on Air Force One

Interview airs tonight!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Steve Herman
‏Verified account @W7VOA
8m8 minutes ago

US-Canada-Mexico joint bid wins right to host #WorldCup2026.

Jack is Back!!

In 2026 the US Open comes back here to Shinnecock.


Good Morning! Shawn Moody (R) easily won the primary for governor. The Dems will have to wait six days for the ranked choice vote tabulations. ME-2 will probably be decided by ranked choice also. I honestly don't understand the process. Math is hard. :)

Jack is Back!!

Let’s see:

NoRK deal
World Cup 2026
Arrington beats Sandford

All in last 24 hours.

Moar Winning. MAGA!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
21m21 minutes ago

We save a fortune by not doing war games, as long as we are negotiating in good faith - which both sides are!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

RG has a pithy comment on Twitter about the NFL Players' Association:

J.B. White
‏ @RattlerGator
9m9 minutes ago

2022: Thousands of season ticket holders and millions of viewers walk away from the NFL, unable to sympathize with players in the only industry IN THE WORLD annually maintaining 1000+ Black millionaires, striking for better pay.

This is to the rumblings that there might be a strike in 2021.

They (NFLPA) better wake the hell up, T-Wigg.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

That last phrase about waking the hell up was RG's and should go above the dotted line with the rest of his comment. I goofed up the formatting. Need more coffee.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

.@SecPompeo arrived in Seoul today to give South Korean Pres Moon and other officials a briefing on @POTUS summit and agreement with Kim Jong-un. Met on arrival with US military and diplomatic officials including Gen. Vincent Brooks, Commander, US Forces Korea. pic.twitter.com/SlwAINBP6d

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) June 13, 2018

Picture at link.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

‏Verified account @MZHemingway

NeverTrumpism is a Twitter/old media phenomenon. It doesn't meaningfully exist in real world. So we should not be surprised that groupthink that gets you Twitter attaboys isn't the path to success in GOP primaries. This message is brought to you by the years 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
47s47 seconds ago

The U.S., together with Mexico and Canada, just got the World Cup. Congratulations - a great deal of hard work!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is an old article from February of 2017 which reminds me how creepy Sanford is and why I am so glad he got defeated.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

Oil prices are too high, OPEC is at it again. Not good!

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Mitt has a formidable R opponent to fill Hatch's seat. Sen. Mitt would be McCain on steroids with added self-centered sanctimony imo.


Oil prices are too high, OPEC is at it again. Not good!

And the Libtards were banking on this as an issue in November.

Anyone want to make book on prices then?

clarice feldman

Must read:https://donsurber.blogspot.com/2018/06/bigger-game-than-north-korean.html?spref=tw&m=1


Tom Maguire has a business here. He will allow the SICK FUCKER to stay, so long as business does not suffer.

This is quite unfair. TM has a large family and a busy life. It takes time and attention to police trolls. What little income he might derive from this blog has nothing to do with it.

I don't like the infestation either but to suggest it is happening because our host is greedy is ridiculous and totally unsupported.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This March, the beloved tale will take you to new heights. Watch the new trailer for Disney’s #Dumbo. pic.twitter.com/Y3Lft67e0t

— Dumbo (@Dumbo) June 13, 2018

Trailer at link.

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