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June 14, 2018



Kev, did you see my question about TUMERIC/CURCUMIN?? You are my go to. And Anonamom.
Btw. I had a dream that POTUS DJT took me to Scotland to golf one of his courses. I won't mention the DAVID CASSIDY part of the dream.



Lou Dobb's and Jim Jordan discussing Wray's comment that the IG Report found "No political Bias."

Lou: Your reaction?

Jordan:Director Wray is just not accurate because in the report itself it says "we do not have confidence that Strzok's decision was free from bias." What were they referring to? They were referring to Peter Strzok, at the end of the Clinton Investigation saying "lets focus on Russia and not looking at Weiner's laptop and stuff that relates to the Clinton Investigation." And why is that important? Because the one text message that was so explosive in this report is the one were Peter Strzok says "We'll stop Trump from being President. We'll stop him." That to me is the main thing. That's the context. Understand that. So for Director Wray to say that "This was free from bias" that is not accurate. Mr Horowitz himself said "We do not have confidence that Strzok's decision was free from bias." In other words that's like saying "This guy had an agenda, and it is obvious to anyone who looks at this in an objective way."

Eye Doctor


The IG reports are designed to whitewash. Do you recall one that made a difference? No, they all conclude with nothing more than "we want to ensure this doesn't happen again"

It's all by design.


Any idea who this person is?


An FBI attorney who worked on the special counsel’s Russia investigation until earlier this year sent anti-Trump text messages to a colleague, including one exclaiming: “Viva le Resistance.”

The attorney’s comments are revealed in a Justice Department inspector general’s report released on Thursday.

The lawyer is not identified, but he worked on the Hillary Clinton email investigation and was the FBI’s lead attorney on the investigation into Russian election interference. He was assigned to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation soon after it began in May 2017 and left in late February of this year after some of his private messages were shared with the special counsel.

Sounds like Strzok, but he would have probably been fingered by name if so.


Welcome to the party, seth:


Kevlar Kid

The revelation of the gifts etc to FBI agents....

i'd be surprised if Director Wray believes he's heard the last of these *MUTED* findings.

His stubborn insistence to speak broadly about 37,000 "employees" while the report spoke of a select few at the top signals, to me anyway, a misdirection: he's going to be expected to recommend to the top man at DOJ, who reports to POTUS, what to do with all of those a-holes and how.

If there are clowns remaining on the payroll who violated policy, Wray will be expected to deal with them and Sessions will be the final signatory.

Making this a personnel issue as much as it did, strengthens the Chief Executive's hand. And just because someone gets fired, as Andy "McGerbil" McCabe found out, doesn't mean they aren't caught in the wire for further examination.

In short, Director Wray's tukis are on the line as of today. Do your job, Ese.

Kevlar Kid

and a pink pussy hat Kev

for target practice.

extra nail mags are 50% off. Today only.

Eye Doctor

The Russians wish they could effect election like our DoJ and FBI.


Sessions can only hide behind MS-13 and Kiddy Porn indictments so long.

In my book he looks like a total pussy.


As far as credible in connection to Gowdy and his comments today, tomorrow, or day-before-yesterday, I felt optimistic about his words before and during the Benghazi hearings. And was rewarded with nothing. And he didn't know a thing about Debbie's Muslim boyfriend--hadn't heard a word about Imran Awan, no, not one word.

He might be a swordsman as a speaker (if he becomes AG), but he will deliver a prick ... not justice.


As for Wray's bland recitation of training to fix stuff, that is all horses**t. The lesson for doing bad stuff that all FBI Agents are already aware of is to fire all the top brass and prosecute the bad guys publicly and put them in jail. That is how you teach all the wonderful underlings whom Wray says he has been visiting, that you don't do bad stuff or you go to jail---period.

All Wray's proposed courses as fixes are flatulent cosmetic nonsense, and actually his mandated fixes are worse than that. It is the old saw of one guy poops his pants and the entire fleet is ordered to wear diapers. 10 guys on the 7th Floor pooped their pants and now 37,000 decent FBI agents have to wear diapers in Seminars for a year. They already know al that crap about what they are and are not supposed to do and no new refresher courses are going to do anything to change any of that---Hard time in Leavenworth will.

So all that said, in my opinion Wray is the absolute wrong guy to have as FBI Director and he ought to be first out the door since his damn fixes are idiotic and all he is really doing is ass-covering for the Institution.

Eye Doctor

The Russians wish they could effect elections like our DoJ and FBI.


Imagine Wray's situation. Almost none of those scumbags in Attachments G or H are political appointees, and therefore can't be summarily fired.



Narciso. Read the responses to Mandel. Some of these clowns believe that the 7th floor at the FBI is representative of the rank n file. They are not. And look who MUELLER hired. Stupid is very hard to fix. But it's wishful thinking. So long as THEIR SIDE wins.

Beasts of England

Have we heard from Trump this evening?


Gowdy is an accomplished bullshit artist.

He is also good at gauging which way the wind is blowing.

Eye Doctor

Sessions is a Forrest Gump swap creature.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter


"There are undoubtedly good men and women in the FBI and the DOJ; there just aren't any at the top of either organization."


Part of merkels feast of consequences:


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Last post was a Flag Day graphic about 6 hours ago.


Very good post.


Bravo Daddy, how do you fix DISHONESTY. I understand the FUCKING PROCESS. But if HOROWITZ is smarter than a TAMPON, he could not MISS, the CRIMINAL LEVELS of DISHONESTY by STRZOK, COMEY, LYNCH and ESPECIALLY RODHAM. Was he living in a MONASTERY, CONVENT or under a rock????
Why would ANYONE in this investigation be given any BENEFIT of the DOUBT. I can only conclude that the FIX is was, and always will be "In". How could the "INSURANCE POLICY" text not show STRZOKS bias toward RODHAM vs TRUMP.
It's absurd. My 17 year old cuts thru the bullshit, PROFESSIONALS in the SWAMP can't??
No, they are whitewashing and protecting.


So true!


I've had enough. I never even got close to catching up but the day is gorgeous so I'm heading out for a bike ride and hopefully I'll pick up an angry Mark Levin screaming bloody murder.


As usual the press coverage is abysmal.



Hillary Clinton Responds ‘But My Emails’ to Comey Using Private Email Account


I've always been a pretty good judge of character.
Mueller, Rosenstein Comey and the whole 7th floor at FBI don't seem honorable or honest to me.
Wray has seemed "weird" as well. These are not FBI AGENTS, they are lawyers who have lived in the same HERD for a long long time. A culture was obviously established that.....WE are the FBI.....and WE watch each others backs. The tone was set by Mueller, then Comey, that this group is/was only accountable to it's own HERD. It's like a high school CLIQUE with GREAT POWER and AUTHORITY. Weissman for example. And this PATHETIC FAGBOY COMEY TOUR du PUSSY 2018, where he paints himself as FATHER TERESA. Jesus Christ it's sickening. What did we EXPECT their friend HOROWITZ to do??? CULL HIS OWN HERD?????

Sessions perplexes me. He's nearly half way thru his term as AG, and he's a screaming embarrassment. Please don't tell me that today was sacrificing a 4D ROOK for a GAME CHANGER.


What's this about?

Mercedes Schlapp
Mercedes Schlapp
Maybe #DonaldTrump will change parties again so he can be on the Democrat debate stage


It's like truth is not truth; justice is not justice. I swore I wouldn't get upset, but I am. I knew not to hope, but I did. No one can tell me this investigation was too complicated to unravel all at once (how long has the IG been working on it...a year?), or that it's going to take years to sort it all out. People here have done it, and weren't looking at real, unredacted evidence like those investigators in the IG's office.


"No one can read the vicious, hateful, over-the-top partisan vitriol that FBI employees directed against Donald Trump–Strzok and Page are not the only ones quoted in the IG’s report–and give any credence to that claim. These high-ranking FBI agents were politicized to the core and were determined to do anything they could to secure their candidate’s election. Failing that, they plunged into the faux Russia election story in hopes of discrediting President Trump or even, as they explicitly discussed, bringing about his impeachment.

"The IG’s report exposes a corrupt and politicized FBI and Department of Justice. And so far, we are seeing only half of the story, at most. No one has yet looked into the Democrats’ “Russia” tale or any partisan corruption linked to Bob Mueller’s farcical “investigation.” Given DOJ’s bitter refusal to cooperate with the Congressional committees that have constitutional oversight responsibilities over that Department–has anyone tried to justify DOJ’s stonewalling? If so, I haven’t seen it–we can assume that the damning documents that have been produced so far are only the beginning. Most likely, they provide only an inkling of the information the Justice Department, apparently still dominated by Obama holdovers, is withholding from Congress, or perhaps has already destroyed.

"The unravelling of the effort to bring down President Trump has barely begun."


Steve Scalise made the first out of the Congressional game!
A year to the day after being near death, he's playing second base.

We are blessed by his healing.

Today I'm following RG's counsel --patience.
And praying.
Thanksgiving that POTUS is in the WH; that there are some good men and women in Congress; and that there are only four prog


I agree.

John Ratcliffe
As a former federal prosecutor, I am astonished and disappointed by the tremendous level of bias and animus revealed in the IG report. My preliminary review leads me to believe that President Trump deserved better than he got from the FBI and DOJ.


GUS, I take two tumeric when I have a muscle or joint ache, and it goes away.
Just like it does with Motrin.
My capsules have black pepper in them, which augments its action.

Some people take it every day for it's anti inflammatory effect. I don't have chronic issues, so I don't.

Kevlar Kid

Is Rosita Rosenstein under any pressure now because of the "personnel matters arising" with individuals involved with triggering the Special Counsel (Curtains Comey) and diddling the FISA court?

Janet 🚬

((I'm pretty much done with 'process' at this point.

If anyone has leads on good deals on pitchforks and/or torches I'd appreciate a heads up.

Where do we show up?))

AMEN to this from Bubarooni!!!


No it can't be strzok its another varmint:


Eye Doctor

RG is spewing nonsense.

Another Bob

Anonamom, GUS, I have inflammation issues. I’ve read that regular turmeric use can cause kidney and gall stones due to the high oxalate content.



Kimberley Strassel
1) Don't believe anyone who claims Horowitz didn't find bias. He very carefully says that he found no "documentary" evidence that bias produced "specific investigatory decisions." That's different #IGReport

2) It means he didn't catch anyone doing anything so dumb as writing down that they took a specific step to aid a candidate. You know, like: "Let's give out this Combetta immunity deal so nothing comes out that will derail Hillary for President."

3) But he in fact finds bias everywhere. The examples are shocking and concerning, and he devotes entire sections to them. And he very specifically says in the summary that they "cast a cloud" on the entire "investigation's credibility." That's pretty damning. #IGReport

4) Meanwhile this same cast of characters who the IG has now found to have made a hash of the Clinton investigation and who demonstrate such bias, seamlessly moved to the Trump investigation. And we're supposed to think they got that one right? #IGReport

5) Also don't believe anyone who says this is just about Comey and his instances of insubordination. (Though they are bad enough.) This is an indictment broadly of an FBI culture that believes itself above the rules it imposes on others. #IGReport

6) People failing to adhere to their recusals (Kadzik/McCabe). Lynch hanging with Bill. Staff helping Comey conceal details of presser from DOJ bosses. Use of personal email and laptops. Leaks. Accepting gifts from media. Agent affairs/relationships.

7)It also contains stunning examples of incompetence. Comey explains that he wasn't aware the Weiner laptop was big deal because he didn't know Weiner was married to Abedin? Then they sit on it a month, either cuz it fell through cracks (wow) or were more obsessed w/Trump

8) And I can still hear the echo of the howls from when Trump fired Comey. Still waiting to hear the apologies now that this report has backstopped the Rosenstein memo and the obvious grounds for dismissal.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thread on this by @drawandstrike.

His opinions is that there is stuff going on elsewhere. Not sure I agree, but putting this out for people to consider.


Both Rush and Hannity were off their games today. It was pretty obvious they both thought the report would have something substantive in it. Pretty surprising to me because the right will never get a Watergate equalizer from the so called establishment apparat. Never. So why keep looking? We all know what happened in 2016 and some of us suspect something happened in 2012 too. But looking for legitimacy from those who despise us is a losers game.

Eye Doctor

There is a real misunderstanding and underestimation of the depth and power of the Deep State.


How embarrassing for Wray to admit they need to "train" future agents to avoid these things happening?

My question is what kind of low-IQ incompetent people will they be hiring that even need to be told (much less "trained") that they should not plot against an elected President, that they should not ignore blatant corruption, that they should not accept gifts from the media, that they should not leak information to the media, and I could go on.

How can this attitude be allowed to be unchallenged?

Kevlar Kid


I use fresh veganic tumeric root ground in a Nutribullet in my salad dressing daily.

I use tumeric powder (organic) in the fresh green juices I prepare--- 1 tsp per pint of juice, along with 1 tsp cayenne pepper, 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice, 1/8 cup burdock root juice (for liver cleansing).

As anonamom said, chronic inflammation subsides with consistent use of tumeric.

99.9 per cent of my tumeric consumed is raw.

there is a way to put it in a "raw" soup. put a sauce pan on the stove and be ready to heat it quickly to a point just before it smokes. nothin in it.

i make a broth out of sea salt, tumeric, and cayenne pepper in a large mixing bowl, roughly 2 pints of water, seasoning to taste. too much of everything cept the salt is fine.

heat the pan. test it by putting 3-4 drops of water into the pan after about a minute heating it on high flame. when the drops fritter away the pan is ready to receive the broth and a handful of fresh salad greens.

as soon as you add the broth and greens cover the pan and turn off the heat. let it sit for 2 minutes. the greens will wilt but the rapidly declining heat won't cook them and any nutrient release will go into the broth.

perfect snack if you are hungry for something savory and chewy but not a digestive belly bomb like most snack food is.

good immune system booster and inflammation fighter. helps heal vital organ scarring.

God bless, Brother!


clarice feldman

WRAY CAN'T SUMMARILY FIRE THEM. OPR is tasked to investigate and recommend firings. Be patient. do you think Trump would be better off if he declared war on the FBI or if he lets this thing run its legal course in a way that it becomes patently obvious.

Captain Hate

Well, maybe you had to hold back at times back in the day about your thoughts on a certain utilities lawyer!

I never held back on AB; I liked him quite a bit in fact. I felt a bit bad for him for killing a gazillion brain cells a day because his expertise bored the hell out of him, but that's the Faustian bargain he made.

Levin thinks the IG report is a tip of the iceberg thing that points out the Stasi like relationship between certain FBI agents and the MFM. He completely demolished Wray's ignorant "fix by training everybody" nonsense and hopes that firings/prosecutions of the violators of existing laws by leaking happen.

Kevlar Kid

That's cool news about Scalise, anonamom. Time has flown despite the Creeping Creeps in DC.

I've calmed down a bit after getting some perspective on the matter from the first hour of Levin.

There's a long way to go.

We're fortunate that Trump's winning at home and overseas to the extent that he is.

Mealy mouth is not an option.

We will see.

Captain Hate

KK and I have demolished the meme that all Ol' Yeller does is stir the shit and light people's hair.


Pigboy Trump is urinal now for sure.

Eye Doctor

Clarice, it already is patently obvious to anyone with a brain stem!

Kevlar Kid


i think it is best that POTUS remain teflon coated for as long as possible.

even though these folks at OPR will take a while to get back to us, and it remains to be seen if we'll ever know what was done to whom, it's in their court.

meanwhile other slow-turning wheels will continue grinding on a wide range of issues. correct?

Levin kept saying: "This is the tip of the iceberg."


Kevlar Kid

Glad you heard Levin saying what i heard him say, CH.


I suppose, the bureau covered for bulger for 30 years, the company for lebed and stetsko for as least as long.

Captain Hate

Dustin Johnson hits a 422 yd drive???

DJ can smoke drives like no other.

Eye Doctor

OPR is a joke. And that is a fact!

Kevlar Kid

I've been tuning in for first hour with Rush, Savage, and Levin about 3 or 4 times each week.

they get a littl redundant and the callers are somewhat tedious.

But today that first hour with Levin was just what i needed to calm the fuck down.

i DO NOT trust bureaucracies to deliver the goods against themselves.



Maybe Wray can't summarily fire them, but he could name them and give them romper room duty until they are fired or retired.

And, Horowitz could have been straight forward and recommended quarantining the perps -- and unequivocally calling out the bias (none of this "if there was bias").

There is very little to celebrate here except it gives Trump cause to fire Wray and Sessions.

James D.

WRAY CAN'T SUMMARILY FIRE THEM. OPR is tasked to investigate and recommend firings. Be patient. do you think Trump would be better off if he declared war on the FBI

Yes. Because it's clear beyond any question now that the FBis at war not just with him but with US.

I am out of patience. I don't give a shit who Wray can legally fire, or what game Sessions might be playing. We waited eight years while Obama and his people threw the rule of law into the chipper-shredder, while the GOP sat on its collective hands the whole time.

It is time for the reckoning now. Not in a year or 18 month. NOW.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I have decided clarice is right, and patience is the order of the day.

Can't say I am not disappointed, but lawfare is a well-established tactic of the left, so the President must proceed cautiously.

I will wait and see what happens. (Nothing else I can do, anyway.)

Eye Doctor

The very first thing the FBI does to any agent that tries to do the right thing. They strip them of their security clearance

That's right mockmook. Romper room duty.

Eye Doctor

Clarice is wrong.


One of these Chicago PD cops said she swore to serve her city and state without favor, affection, malice or ill will. They expect me to suspend my disbelief that much?

Kevlar Kid

How embarrassing for Wray to admit they need to "train" future agents to avoid these things happening?

He might down an extra double tonite to wash the taste of puckey out of his mouth, but he did his job as expected by the FBI Brotherhood (the only ones who "know our work"--- who did he think he was kidding with that turd sammo).

His "job" is to atomize and diffuse the report findings. Hence, as daddy said, they're going to "diaper" the entire FBI work force. That takes the report findings and turns it into a fog that he can disperse out into the deep confines of the 37K workforce of the entire Bureau.

But the findings sandbag him in a way that OPR has to get involved--- and if they are anything like an Internal Affairs department, say like the one that rakes Oakland PD rank and filers and brass alike, a lot has been taken out of his hands. We'll see how OPR plays it.

So now that "misconduct" has been documented, how does this strengthen JB Sessions' hand to investigate "appearances of impropriety"? He's still Rosenstein's boss and he's definitely Wray's boss.

It might not have resulted in heads on pikes, but the hounds are loose and more lights are on shining into the woods than were on before.

Plus, a whole lot of Americanos are in that enviable position with the media who are now cornered into asking "Who you gonna believe: us or your lyin eyes?"


They were the Russian version of fitzhume and milbarge:


Eye Doctor

When it reaches a certain point it does not matter if you trust the "Stasi"

It's too late


Dear FBI,... when other folks get caught doing bad things they don’t have the opportunity for a commercial.

I say everyone of the leaders from Director down to Lieutenant should resign right now and never be allowed to work in government service again.

(Comment from a FB friend after Wray's press conference)
Does this jerk lick himself like a cat? He’s only concerned with certain people’s opinions,... how about the American people who now see you as partisan hacks. Arrogant jerk!


Anonamom, Another Bob, and my brutha Kev.
Thank you all for youUr input to my /CURCUMIN question. Inflammation is chronic in many people, and cannot be seen nor diagnosed easily. I'm trying to proactively take measures to increase the qualify of life. I'm starting TUMERIC/CURCUMIN and I'll give updates. Magnesium has helped me.


Just getting back to JOM after a couple of days. Have I missed anything?

Seriously, been trying to catch up, have had to skim. But I liked this from MM earlier in the day, I guess quoting the IG report:

In addition, we found instances in which FBI agents improperly received benefits from reporters, including tickets to sporting events, golfing outings, drinks and meals, and admittance to non-public social events.

Interesting. Didn't Ali Watkins also give Wolfe "admittance to non-public social events"?

Captain Hate

Forget the US Open; here's the Cuck Leaderboard:



I do have a sense that this IG report fiasco is a sort of "Emperor's New Clothes" moment. People like Wray and the MSM are all saying how there was no bias, just a few bad apples, we'll fix it with a little sensitivity training, and aren't those clothes the most beautiful you've ever seen? Meanwhile the public is saying "BS! He's naked! And the FBI is a corrupt institution politicized beyond hope."


And I saw CH's post about the loss of his son-in-law's father. My condolences.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Right you are about Wolfe and his getting into cocktail parties and such, courtesy of Ali.


Marty.... When you have 7th floor LAWYERS/INVESTIGATORS, who are in charge of a POLITICAL INVESTIGATION.....it is 10,000% imperative that those investigating are balanced, men and women of impeccable character, and are themselves monitored by honorable, decent LEADERSHIP. STRZOK and PAGE, clearly should not have been allowed anywhere near the RODHAM investigation. THEY WERE. They mention an INSURANCE POLICY and ANDY'S OFFICE. No one can excuse that. Andy is McCabe who was interim boss, and whose WIFE is tied to RODHAM and McAULIFFE and 3/4 MILLLLLLION DOLLARS.
Comey allowed McCABE and the LOVE BIRDS to act the way they did. And he wrote an exoneration of RODHAM before RODHAM was interviewed. He allowed immunity for RODHAMS staff of criminals......IN EXCHANGE FOR NOTHING. Comey was instructed by LYNCH to call the criminal investigation a MATTER. Why???? You know the story, I could go on......


Clarice and Kim Strassel hit on the one sentence that resonates with me. Rough quote:

Wray: This report did not find any evidence of Political Bias or improper considerations actually impacting the Investigation under review.
It is so narrowly crafted:
“improper considerations”
“actually impacting”
“the Investigation under review”

Lots was improper. Impact does not matter if something is improper. This scope was only Clinton email, not Trump.

There is lot yet to crumble and topple.

Hold the course. Persist.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma


Banana Republic.


So Russia beat the kingdom like a red headed stepchild.

Kevlar Kid

Not saying that firing and reassignment is punishment "enough". I want these bastardos hung from their necks until dead.

These high ranking "officials" were at, or near, the apex of their careers after years of dues paying, eating shit, screwing people over, covering their tracks or the tracks of people they loathed and despised "for the greater good", jumped through hoops on command, knelt on tables and barked like dogs if need be, went through the degradation of performance reviews conducted by people they believed they were superior to--- you know, all that shit.

And now, what? They have fallen victim to their own hubris after betting on a total shitbird (Clinton), believing they wouldn't get caught and also believed (and are partially correct) that it wouldn't be easy to smoke em out even if they were.

Still, they are out of the game. Their faux integrity has been compromised. They'll never be clear of this stink. Strozk and Page have wrecked their marriages. Comey's limp book tour gained him zero given what he's likely to pay for in the next couple years.

Out of the game after everything...law school, FBI training, court fights, closing cases, losing court battles, seeing fellows die. OUT.

By the time they get hit with delousing powder on admission day at the pen, they will have been crushed into meal.

They know the old adage well: if you are going to attack the king, you'd better not miss.

So far, that's all they've managed.

Sucks to be them. I think there is blood in the water.

Had we been living in ancient Rome, the Praetorians would have already had them in chains. Their torture made into a spectator sport.

It grinds a little more slowly in America. As dusk approaches here in late spring, I find myself more relaxed taking a longer view infused with a lot of what ifs.

What if the takedown of George Soros has indeed begun with the improbable election of The Colossus to the American Presidency? And first on the agenda is exposing the avarice, greed, perversion and sloth of the Clinton Machine in its most recent manifestation, with all of its supports (Obama and Jarrett), locking it down in accordance with the law.

That seems worth waiting for. And I'll take 80%.

Keep thinking about the "sudden fall" of the Soviet Union. But i learned from the architects of that fall themselves, all good Californians who got Reagan to run for president, who rammed the strategy home--- they began that process 20 years before it bore the fruit as intended. Exactly as intended.

That strategy was 10 years into the making when a young entrepreneur got his start in New York and branched out to Atlantic City.

The long game has been going on for some time with earth shaking results.

Are we on the verge of seeing another Goliath bite the dust, seemingly overnight?

The real doers don't say shit while they are doin. And even after it's done they won't speak much of it themselves because it only means they aren't paying attention to what must happen today.

My view is a work in progress.

Eye Doctor


What course? The course we are on. People being exonerated.

Captain Hate

I'm sure the unredacted and unedited report has the IDs of the agents playing pay for Intel with the MFM. Tick Tock.

Eye Doctor


Pardon me. Criminals being exonerated.

Dave (in MA)
MY TAKE ON THE OIG REPORT: It’s 500 pages long, it’s got 
some serious dirt in it, but overall it’s a modified 
limited hangout. There’s much worse stuff still waiting 
to be reported. Or not reported.
Posted at 8:29 pm by Glenn Reynolds
Captain Hate

Has Bill & Mary told Professor Queasy that his presence on campus might be problematic?


Make them play by their own rules:

Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown, who is up for re-election in 2018, was accused by his ex-wife of “assault.” Brown’s ex-wife claims that Brown threw her up against a wall and showed “physical violence and abusive nature.”

As I reported:

“Court documents show that Brown was accused of assaulting his ex-wife Larke Ummel Brown and acting cruelly toward her and the couple’s two small children



Hello friends. Dropped the husband and firstborn off at the airport at 3 am, bound for Greece. First time for both of them to be gone at the same time for such a long stretch. Hard to say goodbye. Worked a full day on three hours sleep while other children were home alone ignoring my calls (lol), shopped, cooked, and now I think the Tylenol and gin are finally kicking in.

So, the report IS damning. No question. It's just that no one is going to do anything about it. (Yet.)


True. I get the urge to preserve the institution of the FBI, as little as it is deserved right now. The same goes with the rest of DOJ and the other swamp agencies. Most of the bad actors can't be fired. They can simply say they won't do as told, and nothing can be done about it. That situation was inherited.

It's infuriating. But it is what it is. Realists must accept that. It's out there now, with more to come. Despite the retarded conclusions, the evidence was presented. It's more open war than ever before. Somehow that is comforting in a way.

Sessions is sailing the ship through the stuff of Aubrey's nightmares. The crew is stacked with mutineers. Nothing, literally nothing, will come easy. But it's still the Royal Navy, corrupt in parts as it may be.

Maybe it's the gin talking. :)

Eye Doctor

The Deep State always leave a little on the bone for you to pin your hopes on. You can forget all hope right now that Huber's "investigation" will produce any scalps.


I’m behind several hours, but was there anything gleaned from IG report that we haven’t been discussing for months? WTF is wrong with this country? I’ll take the first shift in one of the gun emplacements.


Kevlar Kid

"Because it's clear beyond any question now that the FBis at war not just with him but with US."

The tyranny of today's Federal Bureau of Investigation was field-tested against Blacks, Injuns, other "lesser" Americans.

As many of you have likely heard about COINTELPRO and other "rogue" operations of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the details of that tyrannical spike into the heart of Indian Country and Black communities in the 60s, 70s, and 80s (despite all the denials and the death of J. Edgar) are as outrageous and treacherous as their "coiffed" deeds of today.

It was outright spying, badjacketing, and murdering Americans. It's all in their files. Obama just repurposed it against "conservatives".

Just like i said yesterday about perpetrations against American families today, to weaken and destroy the fabric of our Republic--- that was all perpetrated first on Black and Red families, almost simultaneously using different "agencies" to get the ball in motion. Now even the middle class family structure is under siege.

The Radical Left may never awaken to the facts of how badly they've been played since the 60s in al l of this mess. But they are a part of this problem in how they man the universities and the media, the cultural machinery, and have access to a fair amount of wealth and legitimate access to capital.

"...but you an i we've been through that. and the hour's gettin' late."


I don't want President Trump to do anything politically risky, that's not what I'm complaining about -- but I do think people tasked with administering or overseeing justice, as in our inspector general, attorney general, or head of the FBI to recognize and strongly condemn political, underhanded scheming against any candidate running for the presidency.

There is no 'the wheels of the gods grind slow, but grind exceeding small' in our day and age. Events move too fast. We've had over two years of the press baying, and bad people getting away with evil intent. I want justice now. And, I wanted it from the people who made an oath to give it to us.


SBW, fantastic post, many of us JOMers' are logically dissecting this horse-shit. We are doing an AUTOPSEY on the Executive Branches JUSTICE DEPT. in real time. And as we are, the actual ATTORNEY GENERAL is sitting on the sidelines because he, met the foreign minister of RUSSIA in FUCKING PUBLIC on camera, while doing his job as a SENATE FOREIGN RELATIONS COMMITTEE member.
JEFF SESSIONS IS.....Comeys, Mueller, Rosensteins, Priestaps, Strzoks, McCabes, Pages, Ohrs and Wrays BOSS. Which of his EMPLOYEES acted in a UNBIASED MANNER? Which of them DID NOT SUPPORT RODHAM?? I am not NAIVE, but, is HOROWITZ a SWAMP BUREAUCRAT or is he INCREDIBLY STUPID???? Stupid is NOT, the answer.


FBI agent Peter Strzok emailed the draft copy of the Anthony Weiner search warrant to himself on his private email address days before the election, which allowed him to make changes to the warrant without being detected by FBI documentation. This revelation came out in the Michael Horowitz inspector general report.

If Strzok had printed out the draft warrant at his office, it would be subject to official FBI records. But instead he sent it to his private email on October 29, which allowed him to print it off at home. Insiders believe that Strzok showed the draft warrant to other people, despite the warrant being under seal by a federal judge.

The Anthony Weiner warrant ended up being limited in scope, leaving out some of the private email domains that Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin used to send each other classified information.

“Did you (Strzok) print it at the printer at your house? Did you let your friend, the federal judge, or a reporter, look at it while you made changes? Did you let someone in the Hillary Clinton campaign look at it?,” wonders Chuck Marler, a longtime former FBI Special Surveillance Group member, to Big League Politics.


Kevlar Kid

That ruckus over Pruitt over at EPA: it's smokescreen.

Bigwig enviro "non-profit" Natural Resources Defense Council has drawn the attention of Congress as it looks into Americans accepting cash to do China's PR here in the US re their abysmal record on polluting lands, air, and water. Russia's in on it too.

A letter from the Congressional committee of record is dated June 5th 2018.


Here is an excerpt from the newsletter subscription article:

"This past week (6/05), the Chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations wrote a six-page letter to the president of a major environmental group — the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) — asking for information regarding its relationship with the Chinese government.

The letter noted; “While national discourse about undue foreign influence in the United States has largely centered around Russia, recent media accounts also highlight China’s ‘vast influence machine.’”

The letter also pointed out that the CIA and FBI “report that China imposes stipulations on financial support to academic institutions, think tanks, and non-profits in the United States to ‘reward pro-China viewpoints’ and to discourage research or advocacy that would damage China’s global image or standing.”

There is concern “about the NRDC’s role in aiding China’s perception management efforts with respect to pollution control and its international standing of environmental issues in ways that may be detrimental to the United States.”

The letter notes, “NRDC press releases, blog posts, and reports consistently praise the Chinese government’s environmental initiatives and promote the image of China as a global environmental leader.”

The letter goes on to make several other key points, including:

“When engaging on environmental issues concerning China, the NRDC appears to practice self-censorship, issue selection bias, and generally refrains from criticizing Chinese officials. By contrast, the NRDC takes an adversarial approach to its advocacy practices in the United States.

The disconnect between the NRDC’s role as ‘thought leader and trusted adviser to our partners in China’ and its approach to environmental advocacy in the United States is disconcerting.”

Captain Hate

If the Restraining Order gets tossed there's no way he doesn't start tuning up his current mouthy fatassed wife from being around her all the time.


Funny thing about REDACTIONS and how they will make things seem more severe once uncovered..........



Eye Doctor

Tom R

Are you working on an explanation?


Cap'n, I was sorry to hear about your SIL's dad. Parents have a special bond with their children's spouses and their families.

Kevlar Kid

Pin: That's some heavy insight from Big Chuck. Yo. Sucks to be Strozk. He needs hard the hard pinch. Is it against policy to waterboard a worm like him? Asking for a fren. Kev

Eye Doctor

FBI training moving forward. Hey dumbass don't put it in a text!


Wray has been covering for 14 years, since right before Madrid bombing.


This revelation came out in the Michael Horowitz inspector general report.

The IG Report!

Look! It's moving. It's alive. It's alive... It's alive, it's moving, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive, IT'S ALIVE!

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma


The FBI has investigative tools to allow for a speedy download and keyword/form specific investigation of emails from a server. That basic step would perhaps have added a few days work to the investigation, but it may also have produced physical evidence to indicate prima facie criminal mishandling of classified material.

I suspect that many police officers around the world would be shocked by this failure. As will the intelligence services of China, Russia, France, and Israel who, based on their traditional espionage tradecraft and targeting, likely focused on Clinton's inner circle as a possible gold mine.

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