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June 14, 2018


Another Bob

Commenter st Surber’s blog suggests that without quick and decisive action, dissolution of the FBI will become a major issue for conservative candidates.

That seems a bit Quixotic to me.


jim_nj from early this morning:
Does that make sense? No provable criminal intent, but a vast effort to hide her actions with the collusion of others.

As Davod pointed out, there's no need to prove intent. But even if there were, the "vast effort to hide her actions" would be sufficient. It shows that she knew what she was doing was illegal.


"there's no need to prove intent"

I think "intent" has become a convenient excuse for prosecutorial discretion.

Because some individuals may have harmlessly unknowingly, accidentally, or inadvertently revealed classified info and avoided penalty, it is now used as a get off scot-free exemption for favored groups.

Obviously Scooter Libby was not entitled to said exemption.

clarice feldman


clarice feldman


clarice feldman


The answer.


Jumping ahead from catch up...

Gus...re Turmeric, etc:
1. I'm taking turmeric w/ curcumin for anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant properties

2. Long time gobbling anti-oxidants, started due to smoking history, 25 years ago

3. At current dosage turmeric I have reduced routine intake of Advil by 50% to relieve what I consider arthritic pains (all over), from bilateral rotator cuff syndrome to aching
joints, knees, lower back, elbows, etc (including some deep transient pains I suspect
in my layman's fashion to be similar to fibromyalgia). From 800mg+ down to 400mg Advil daily.

4. Unaware of the concerns [by AB?] cited recently here @ JOM re oxylate risk of Turmeric to kidney function. Recent blood work at 3-4 month intervals over last year or so has not indicated any kidney problems, but possibly that wasn't tested for.

5. I take the "Nature's Nutrition" brand 1950mg capsules [Turmeric/Curcumin/Black Pepper Extract] @ 1800/150/15 ratio, 2 daily in am. Amazon. Taking more, e.g. bedtime dosage, seems to upset stomach. I don't think you can od on Turmeric.

6. Will try to followup on Amom's advice re anti-inflammatory refs (6-15-18), starting with Undoctored.

All my physicians are adamant I must stop smoking so I guess that's next.


Yes. But is he LGTBQXYZ?

Posted by: Davod | June 15, 2018 at 07:27 AM

If you make him say that backwards it sends the imp back to his own realm.


Tucker Carlson is giving Jon Summers his full Tucker Face. It sounds like the


...like the Deep State Judge did to Manafort what Obama did to The Innocence of Muslims director.


Weissman is a punk ass bitch who should be stripped of all titles and rank and tossed in Federal Pound Me In The Ass Prison.


New thread, Pin!

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