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June 14, 2018


jim nj

Thanks, Daddy, I don't want to rely on second-hand accounts of what's in here. I don't want to rely on what is said, but also upon what isn't said but implied. See above for my take on the 2nd Chapter.

I'm still in the RG camp, but this isn't 4D, it's meant to be a factual account without speculation.

We can do the speculation on our own, but this, as far as I can see, trashes the FBI as an impartial investigative agency.

The people in the summary that are criticized are now without jobs or have been referred for investigation.

In a military sense this isn't "shock and awe," but it's comparable to getting your troops into the expected field of battle.

It's psy-ops. The enemy is already demoralized and subject to further action.


Gus, I just want to remind you about Plant Paradox, a dang good synopsis of anti-inflamation. My young partners choose it to read for their quarterly book club selection this summer.
Unoctored addresses it as well, as do Dr. Terry Wahl's Ted talks and her book.


porch, re: gn. We have an excess due to over purchasing and under consuming at recent festivity.
(The young folks are going for bourbon and tequila, OL.)

Have you had a Negroni? 1:1:1 gin:Compari: red vermouth.

I like even more 1:1: <1 gin:Compari:lime juice.

For watching the golf this weekend! Or reading through the IG's report.

Both can stand a lot of ice, which is good for my drinks in hot weather.

jim nj

I've read chapter 3, but want to re-read it before commenting on it.

It's getting late so my brain cells are getting sluggish.

But I did want to comment on those diagrams that were posted showing the links between FBI sources and reporters.

That's absolutely obscene. I can understand a reporter calling somebody once and maybe getting a "no comment" so I can, more or less, absolve them. However, multiple calls, going both ways, that's corrupt. And the idea that some FBI sources were rewarded with perks. That's a classic definition of bribery.

If you don't know it's wrong to accept gratuities, you shouldn't be working for the FBI. That's a black mark that's going to sting. If you can prove the charge, that agent should be fired immediately.

But it's battle prep, we now know that the FBI is corrupt.

Nothing-burger, I don't think so. 4D chess, no, not in this report, not so far, but it lays the foundation.

If you think of 4D chess, or whatever you want to call it. This isn't it, but it sets the stage for more revelations about an institution that we now know is corrupt.

The 4D may just be a steady chipping away of honored institutions. 4D isn't a claymore mine, it's a carefully prepared and disguised ambush. We're waiting for you, we know you're coming, you won't see us, until you step into our field of fire, and we know your sins. We won't kill them, but capture them, and waterboard them.

jim nj

I'm starting to like this guy.


jim nj

Rudy weighs in


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good morning!

Since I have no control over things and am merely an observer and speculator, I am going to go with this being only part of a long campaign of ridding the government of corruption. Two separate people, Imperator Rex and The Last Refuge (Sundance) both note the the introduction and summary don't jive with the body of the report.

This seems curious and with that clue I will await the next steps in the procedure and see what happens.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thomas Wictor has the step-by-step photos of the salute to the North Korean general with analysis. Wictor is good at looking at stuff like this, plus I love that he holds the media in contempt. LOL!


jim nj

China still troubled by debt issues.


China is trying to cut down on debt financing, but it's not hitting the biggest abusers - state owned companies - but smaller enterprises.

Entrepreneurs are getting hit, the most organic growth that China has.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Imperator Rex on the IG report and the significance of some of the findings. I felt a bit better after reading this.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

jim nj,

There is a trade meeting about China today. There is a rumor that they are going to slap a lot of products with tariffs, but I don't know if that is anywhere near the truth or just another fake news rumor.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Final day on the road in support of @POTUS's #SingaporeSummit. Traveled to #Seoul and #Beijing, met 2 presidents, held 4 bilateral meetings, 1 trilat, 2 press conferences, and the highlight -- getting to know my embassy teams. A great day for American diplomacy! pic.twitter.com/27dyH8ZuBT

— Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) June 15, 2018

Pictures at the link. Mike Pompeo is the only person in the administration who seems to have as much energy as the President.

jim nj


I plan to read the whole thing.

This is a fact report. The summary doesn't include the details. As I'm finding, this is a highly nuanced report. See some of my posts above.

Do you have a link to the NoKo documentary. I couldn't find it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I will go find it. Might take me a bit.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

jim nj,

Here is the video.


It's 42 minutes. I only watched about half because of the IG report coming out. It's really fascinating.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

John Fund
‏ @johnfund
14m14 minutes ago

Vatican Priorities: Argentina's lower house of Congress voted 129 to 125 on Thursday to legalize abortion until 14 weeks.

Pope Francis, who was born in Argentina, made no remarks leading up to or after the vote.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Josh Caplan
‏ @joshdcaplan
9h9 hours ago

BNN: House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) says if agreement is not reached for Peter Strzok to stand as witness, he will be subpoenaed

jim nj


Tariffs are part of the negotiations. Threats and counter-threats.

No trade war. A trade war would work like this - Trump goes on TV and says for the good of the Country, please don't buy anything made in China.


A trade war would work like this - Trump goes on TV and says for the good of the Country, please don't buy anything made in China.

Maybe Trudeau will go on TV and tell Canadians not to buy USA toilet paper:)


Trump has been awfully quiet since the IG report.

He is probably loading a MOAB on the plane right about now.


Does the IG report mean that Comey will keep his distinguished lecturer/professor jobs at at least two universities. I believe he is lecturing on ethics.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here we go, Buckeye!

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
32m32 minutes ago

FBI Agent Peter Strzok, who headed the Clinton & Russia investigations, texted to his lover Lisa Page, in the IG Report, that “we’ll stop” candidate Trump from becoming President. Doesn’t get any lower than that!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
13m13 minutes ago

The IG Report is a total disaster for Comey, his minions and sadly, the FBI. Comey will now officially go down as the worst leader, by far, in the history of the FBI. I did a great service to the people in firing him. Good Instincts. Christopher Wray will bring it proudly back!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
3m3 minutes ago

Thank you for all of the compliments on getting the World Cup to come to the U.S.A., Mexico and Canada. I worked hard on this, along with a Great Team of talented people. We never fail, and it will be a great World Cup! A special thanks to Bob Kraft for excellent advice.


Christopher Wray will bring it proudly back!

or else


"Did you guys know the UK home secretary is Muslim?"

Yes. But is he LGTBQXYZ?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Secretary Pompeo
‏Verified account @SecPompeo
3m3 minutes ago

U.S. welcomes #Canada’s decision to strongly condemn #Iran for ongoing sponsorship of terror & to add #IRGC to Canada’s list of terrorist entities. Iranians are standing up to the corrupt regime's abuses. We support them & call on other nations to hold Iran's leaders accountable.


From KK last night-

Keep thinking about the "sudden fall" of the Soviet Union. But i learned from the architects of that fall themselves, all good Californians who got Reagan to run for president, who rammed the strategy home--- they began that process 20 years before it bore the fruit as intended. Exactly as intended.

I know this is a true statement as it kept coming up when I was researching my book and even more since as I work on the sequel. Interesting though about what you saw as a Californian. You can use my blog email or elaborate further here. I find this relevant now to what some parts of Hoover have been pushing.

ch-that is so nice that you enjoyed the company of your in-laws like that. So rare and I bet just hearing you say that helps the pain of your son-in-law and your grandchildren on their loss.


Who do these people think feminists are?

From Instapundit.

HEH: Women Fighting ISIS to ‘All the Feminists’ in West: Come Join Us. “The Bethnahrin Protection Forces are a unit of Christian Assyrian women within the Syrian Democratic Forces still battling the terror group.”



CH - I just caught up and read about your loss - so very sorry.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

U.S.A. Jobs numbers are the BEST in 44 years. If my opponent (the Democrats) had won the election, they would have raised taxes substantially and increased regulations - the economy, and jobs, would have been a disaster!


I just switched to local Chanel 8 where they said everyone is talking about a new movie Jake something about a family struggling to come to grips with their four year old's thoughts on gender. WTF?????????



My dad passed at the age of 67. The kids were 6 and 3.

It wasn't until my FIL passed 20 years later that it dawned on me the role he played in my life.

Nothing overt, but he was always willing to listen and give the best advice he could.

He was always willing to lend a hand if I needed help with a project.

He always made time for his grandchildren.

Just be there for your SIL, he will appreciate it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
9m9 minutes ago

Wow, the highest rated (by far) morning show, @foxandfriends, is on the Front Lawn of the White House. Maybe I’ll have to take an unannounced trip down to see them?


"I saw the same article about California downgrading certain crimes. Even Gomer Pyle would have expected the resulting rise in the rates of increase for those crimes. Shazaam!"

These people are stupid.

In the UK crime went down when they did this - why? They stopped reporting these crimes.


"My Opinion here, it doen't mean that what Hillary did was copacetic, but they can't prove criminality..."

The law is designed to protect information and sources. It does not say you have to prove criminal intent.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The President has retweeted 6 tweets from Fox and Friends, all of which have video. They include an interview with Jason Chaffetz and go into detail on FBI bias.

Rather than posting them all here, I am giving you guys the link to President Trump's Twitter feed and you can see them there. The earliest one is at the bottom.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

“Donald Trump was 100% right to fire James Comey.” Mark Levin

Miss Marple the Deplorable

‏ @LiveSquawk

US Announces 25% Tariff on $50bln of Chinese Imports
- Includes goods on China’s 2025 plan
5:04 AM - 15 Jun 2018

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Dan Bongino
‏Verified account @dbongino
15h15 hours ago

The IG report is only a “nothing-burger” to people who know nothing about the case. It’s a devastating report which will damage Obama, Comey, Hillary, Page, Strzok, and more. Read it and you’ll clearly see the troubling pieces of it.


Miss M, what Bongino says is fine as far as it goes. The problem is maybe 2% of the population at most will read the report. The MSM spin will say it cleared the FBI of bias and cleared Hillary of any crimes. This is a political fight, not a legal investigation quibble. The good guys just got reamed politically.


Repost from BJG. Going for gimmicks instead of responsible governance.

Blue staters continue to look for ways to get around the cap on deducting for SALT, state and local taxes.
Instead of just paying.
Instead of reining in out of control state spending.


For example, Drudge leads with "Jail for Manafort" -- not "Burn corrupt FBI to the ground"

Miss Marple the Deplorable

President Trump walked out on the lawn and is talking to Fox and Friends. I will get the video later this morning and post it.

Kevlar Kid

From Wictor's thread: (Thanks, MM! This is going down nicely with my hot coffee this fine late spring morning.)

"11. #1 - FBI Director Comey was insubordinate & incompetent.

That's huge. Why?

Trump's decision to fire him is now fully vindicated.

Any potential 'muh obstruction of justice charge' is now null & void.

12. Also, Comey's credibility as a witness has been shredded.

A prosecutor could try and use him, of course. But a good defense attorney would tear him apart.

Remember, there's a mountain of incriminating evidence against him, outside this report."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I have an interview with Social Security at 9:00 AM. This is about getting divorced spouse benefits as my ex has started collecting SS. If I am improved, it will increase my monthly check, which I really could use. So I will be absent for about an hour or so.

Wish me luck!


luck & prayers Miss M


Have you had a Negroni? 1:1:1 gin:Compari: red vermouth.

I like even more 1:1: <1 gin:Compari:lime juice.

anonamom, I love Campari and gin together! My favorite is 1:1:1 gin:Campari:pink grapefruit juice with a lime wedge to squeeze. I agree, lots of ice in the summer. Don't mind if it melts.

Old Lurker

Henry "...not "Burn corrupt FBI to the ground""

Instead, Trump says this: "...Christopher Wray will bring it proudly back!" (to which Buckeye comments "or else", but that is wishful thinking.)

Go back and read the evening comments here and elsewhere. The two themes are "so much for waiting on the IG report to be a hammer in 4D". And "Did you see Wray speaking? What a joke it is to expect that swamp rat to fix anything..."

Finally, Henry, what are you smoking if you think 2% of Americans are going to read even the summary of that tome?

Kevlar Kid

i believe i fully understand the spin problem the MFM and the Lefty Machine pose to us in the wake of the IG "review".

but we, the faithful PATRIOTS, have a choice to make in this important moment: get in and stay inside the boat; or, position ourselves in the wake with the MFM and the Lefty Machine.

i'm choosing to trust the process, vent my frustrations with it when necessary (sainthood is not the objective--or to act British blueblood about it), and develop---like jim-nj mentioned this morning-- a first-hand understanding of the review and the limited scope of information provided at the source.


Headline found at Legal Insurrection:

"Elder of Ziyon -Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei says his plans for destroying Israel are "progressive"

This explains why Dems stick with the Mullahs.


Today is like the morning you wake up with someone after your "first date", and you both realize it was the pursuit, and not the "consummation" that mattered :-(

Old Lurker

And how did we come to redefine success as vindicating the firing of Comey?

This is and always has been about (revealing then preventing a repeat) a treasonous plot to overthrow a duly elected government using the agencies and tools of the (too) mighty government itself to implement the coup.


So sorry to hear about your SIL’s father.
I am certain having you as a father in law provides him much needed comfort at this time.
I feel better today because as stated the obstruction charge wrt firing Comey is really a bogus stunt now.
Modified expectations is my mantra for the future.
My fear is running out the clock, the House flips and everything stops.
This was stated by Nunes also and I know he will work tirelessly to stop that from happening.


OL, I might have misplaced the decimal point.

Kev, process and understanding are fine except for one little thing: the calendar. We the people don't have two (or twelve) more years to twiddle our thumbs while the "legal" system does it's endless dances of delay for the sake of "process."

Much like the civil service reform EO's, we need big changes now. Yet "process" will have those reforms delayed at least 8 years while they wind their way to the Supreme Court. Hell, WI's 2012 redistricting is still pending in the court.


Does Strzok have immunity or not?
Why is he still working there?
No one will answer these questions and Wray didn’t provide an answer.
Who do we get if Strzok skates?

Beasts of England

Appreciate the comment, GUS!! I only cried one time all weekend - and you'll appreciate why... The bride got me a bottle of Heitz Cellars for a 'wedding present' and the front label was customized - a picture of the two of us when she was about three years old. I'm playing an old Martin D-28 and she's sitting next to me 'playing' a gut string. I hadn't seen the photo in years... :)


They seem to steering into the ice berg:



Finally they clued on to this:


Old Lurker

Henry, Kev's 8:51 will position him nicely to become the next Gibbons to write about the decline and fall of the US Republic.

As to your misplaced decimal point in that 2%, we are all political junkies here and you won't find 2% of JOMers reading that thing. As somebody commented last night, aside from some granular detail, we've known and have talked about the broad strokes of this all for months and months, and why the IG and his staff of 425 required this long is a, well, mystery. Except to Swamp Critters.


All of the leakers in Attachments G and H are known to Horowitz, Wray, Huber and Sessions. Of the 27 leak investigations Sessions announced, at least 26 are still ongoing.

I don't think these people will avoid the lickin' stick.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

"I beat Clinton dynasty. I beat Bush dynasty, and now, I guess, hopefully I'm in the process of beating very dishonest intelligence."

WATCH: Steve Doocy's full interview with President @realDonaldTrump on Fox and Friends - Part 1. pic.twitter.com/wJwiVUNh8x

— Fox News (@FoxNews) June 15, 2018

I believe this has the full interview. I haven't watched the videoyet. I think we should have more confidence in this entire process, given President Trump's demeanor.

Also, it's got some hilarious moments in it!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Just caught that they divided it into two parts. Here's the second half:

"When I was talking to President Obama, he essentially was ready to go to war with North Korea."

WATCH: Steve Doocy's full interview with President @realDonaldTrump on Fox and Friends - Part 2. pic.twitter.com/amc302Ae4m

— Fox News (@FoxNews) June 15, 2018
Old Lurker

"All of the leakers" are simply foot soldiers in the coup. The action (in this chapter) was Obama et al & Clinton et al under the cover of the FBI top to bottom.


Agree OL. The message appears to be "foment all the coups you want, just don't leak while doing so."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I will be approved for an increase in benefits after I submit a certified copy of my marriage certificate as well as the divorce decree.

I will get back pay back to december.

Fo me, this means about $500 more per month, which may not seem like a lot but it doubles my income. I am so grateful for this!

Also, the gal on the phone was really nice.


Great news miss marple


Found at Betsy's page:

Iranians before the Mullahs:


clarice feldman


Janet 🚬

narciso's 9:08 about the Awan case is something. It's pretty much a negative article about....the Daily Caller.

Beasts of England

Great news, Miss Marple!! :)


I'm a bit late here & know I'll never catch up but I did download the report to read at the beach.... One question-is there going to be a hearing today where Strozk must appear?

CH, my condolences over your loss. It wasn't until after my divorce that my parents began travelling with my in laws. First short trips to Vegas, CA & Mexico. On to Hawaii, Italy, Ireland, France, Greece, or islands. 'How dare they hang out together!', said some. 'No way is this normal', chirped others. My ex was so outraged & I'd laugh over their silly complaints. They all grew up eventually. My parents & my fav in laws to this very day loved coming u to Cape Ann to visit. Ok, I cooked so they wouldn't have to, but we loved seeing them and spending time together. They travelled the world seeing so many places & definitely enjoyed each other's company. The stories they'd tell over lunch or dinner had us laughing out loud. I'm so very grateful these 4 became closer friends & were a huge part of our lives despite some major changes in my life. Godspeed to you & yours.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Hearing is the 18th, bela.


Miss M...what great news!
I was just about to respond to let you know you do qualify!

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

So happy for you, MM. Great news.


One question-is there going to be a hearing today where Strozk must appear?

No. Horowitz testifies Monday. Goodlatte said he'll subpoena Strzok if he can't get an agreement to have him testify.

Kevlar Kid

Much of what i post to JOM isn't written with an intent to seek out agreement from my fellows. If what i say here resonates, then i do take some comfort in that.

This post is one more effort to be part of a record which JOM provides re the life and times of a free Republic, as we attempt to keep it that way moving forward in perpetually troubled waters.

We, the People, have always been navigating troubled waters. And the criticism leveled by CULTURAL MARXISTS (h/t to Pin), that America must always have an enemy to demonize--- is a narcotic designed to disarm the populace against our perpetual enemies of INDEPENDENCE, LIBERTY, and JUSTICE.

Here goes:

Given all of my bluster and fury yesterday i was pleased late last nite to receive some relevant wisdom from my current binge delight on Amazon Prime: True Detective I.

There is a scene where Det. Martin Hart is recollecting during a "probe" about his failed marriage.

He refers to it as the "detective's curse."

It goes something like this: "I was paying attention to the wrong things. What I needed to see was right here (places his hand flat in front of his face at nose level) and I didn't see it.

I was looking at everything else, not what mattered most."

For me, personally, in this moment, for my family--nuclear and extended, in this important moment of our history as a Republic, i need to look at what matters most.

What i believe to be is the slow nattering death wail and gnashing of teeth, of an interrupted Deep State along with its media organs, isn't what matters most.

And, although his tweets are important, what matters most to me is what i'll call the "symbolic communications" of our duly elected President. These project the POWER of the Office, not the clay footed man himself. That's what matters most *TO ME*. It's why he was elected.

Recent case in point: the Merkel shot at G7. Symbolic communication.

The Rat did the same thing---"symbolic communication"--- but he used the POWER of the Office to project HIMSELF. Big difference. But at the time, all through his reign of deceit and treason, it was what mattered most to this Patriot--- eight years of learning about the evil spirit of our enemies within.

Cases in point: his Mussolini-like raised chin campaign posters and photo ops; his bird-finger propping against his temple; the Piper and his media wastrels etc etc

Now there is an anti-body being injected into our sick body politic. This moment is our moment, a "finest hour" if you will.

POTUS is the commander-in-chief at our Valley Forge--- on his horse, in the hostile environment, with his troops, We the People.

And no matter how many times i've been "had" by the putrid stench of government careerists and the MFM, we've received a "head transplant" that is far from the rotting husk that was Obama.

Believe me, i've been had in deep, destructive ways by the Deep State machine in my professional life. I experienced its FULLY OPERATIONAL power in Vermont during the 1990s.

i lost *EVERYTHING*. naively i took on what i knew was a "machine", a systemic cabal rooted in the "retired" national security state community residing in and around the Stowe Vermont region.

By naive, i mean that i saw the vestiges of that DS apparatus as a provincial entity. I presumed to understand their purpose and mission grew out of their concerns over preserving their little slice of paradise in one of the most beautiful natural sites in America.

I really had no idea that it was one node of some underground hydra of political control.

And their vengeance was TOTAL while being unprovable by a single individual with less than competent legal representation.

I lost EVERYTHING. That was in 1995.

But that was then--- 23 years ago. Today we face that enemy within ABOVE GROUND, more and more of it being revealed each day, all around us.

And we've critically wounded it. The election of Donald J. Trump is a shot that WE delivered against that enemy within.

Sure enemies and traitors abound.

All throughout some of our greatest crises during our hot wars, before and after even, we have been saturated by enemies and traitors. Yes, this crisis has its own unique markings.

But, the fight we are in has always been the fight.

We've been here before: it's the ryhme and echo of our greatest historical achievements in spiritual and political survival as the greatest experiment in self-government.

Our Founders understood supreme human virtue was found in the will to demonstrate, through action by individuals in common cause with HUMAN LIBERTY, as a Republic our higher selves--- where we live and grow on the spiritual/material plane our God-given "place" in Creation.

There cannot be INDEPENDENCE without prosperity--- and there cannot be prosperity without material abundance and the liberties required to produce it morally and ethically.

Everything else is theft. The Deep State, the CULTURAL MARXISTS-- thieves one and all.

Half of the colonists before and even during the Revolutionary War mocked our Commander-in-Chief and worked in concert with King George's Army of Thieves to destroy him-- and the fragile idea of an Independent Nation.

We will prevail should we stay focused on what is most important.

We have been prepared perfectly for this moment.

Kev out.

Kevlar Kid

Bully for you, MM!

May it double again!!!!



Very happy for you, MM!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I guess I had better feed the dogs. I was so nervous abuot that call I forgot! All 3 are giving me a baleful look.


Great news MM.

Now if there was a way to put a lien on his benefits......

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Apparently, after he was done with Fox at 9AM (while I was on the phone) he did another 30 minutes with the rest of the press!

Will find it after bit.

Kevlar Kid

"Kev, process and understanding are fine except for one little thing: the calendar. We the people don't have two (or twelve) more years to twiddle our thumbs while the "legal" system does it's endless dances of delay for the sake of "process.""

i get it, henry. point taken and taken well.

would never suggest thumb twiddling as a strategy.

nor would i suggest we have two or twelve more years to do what we must: ACT.

and the first act is to choose between locating ourselves inside the boat or flail in the wake in frustration while cleverly lampooning the idiocy of the media, virtue signalers, and cultural marxists.

that begins with me and me alone.

i'm reading the whole damned review because it is my responsibility to do so. that puts me in the boat--- whether it will go down or not, is a wait and see. but i will not choose the wake.

that's it.

how hot is it getting up there during the day?


November 9, 2016, the day after the presidential election. FBI Attorney 2 and another FBI employee who was not involved in the Midyear investigation exchanged the following instant messages

09:38:14, FBI Attorney 2: “I am numb.”

09:55:35, FBI Employee: “I can’t stop crying.”

10:00:13, FBI Attorney 2: “That makes me even more sad.”

10:43:20, FBI Employee: “Like, what happened?”

10:43:37, FBI Employee: “You promised me this wouldn’t happen. YOU PROMISED.”

10:43:43, FBI Employee: Okay, that might have been a lie…”

10:43:46, FBI Employee: “I’m very upset.”

10:43:47, FBI Employee: “haha”

10:51:48, FBI Attorney 2: “I am so stressed about what I could have done differently.”

10:54:29, FBI Employee: “Don’t stress. None of that mattered.”

10:54:31, FBI Employee: “The FBI’s influence.”

10:59:36, FBI Attorney 2: “I don’t know. We broke the momentum.”

11:00:03, FBI Employee: “That is not so.”

11:02:22, FBI Employee: “All the people who were initially voting for her would not, and were not, swayed by any decision the FBI put out. Trump’s supporters are all poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy POS that think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing. They probably didn’t watch the debates, aren’t fully educated on his policies, and are stupidly wrapped up in his unmerited enthusiasm.”

11:11:43, FBI Attorney 2: “I’m just devastated. I can’t wait until I can leave today and just shut off the world for the next four days.”

11:12:06, FBI Employee: “Why are you devastated?”

11:12:18, FBI Employee: “Yes, I’m not watching tv for four years.”

11:14:16, FBI Attorney 2: “I just can’t imagine the systematic disassembly of the progress we made over the last 8 years. ACA is gone. Who knows if the rhetoric about deporting people, walls, and crap is true. I honestly feel like there is going to be a lot more gun issues, too, the crazies won finally. This is the tea party on steroids. And the GOP is going to be lost, they have to deal with an incumbent in 4 years. We have to fight this again. Also Pence is stupid.”

Sundance concludes:

That’s the rank and file, reflecting how the rank and file feel about us.


Kevlar Kid

"Henry, Kev's 8:51 will position him nicely to become the next Gibbons to write about the decline and fall of the US Republic."

Ah, the Grey Goose flails in the wake. Must be hard doing that with one hand.


Kev, we will be upper 90s this weekend. And humid.

Must cut grass, chase dog (puppy guest at the farm this week). Might melt. ;)

Kevlar Kid

At least we know how underestimation can be lethal to our enemies. They don't know "who we are."

"Trump’s supporters are all poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy POS that think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing. They probably didn’t watch the debates, aren’t fully educated on his policies, and are stupidly wrapped up in his unmerited enthusiasm.”

Kevlar Kid

New band name entry courtesy of FBI agent 2:

"Unmerited Enthusiasm"

He'll have special eligibility to win a beach weekend in Myanmar.

art in newport

Kevlar Kid, your 9:57 says it for me.


Germany: Leftists Sabotage Moment of Silence for Raped and Murdered 14-Year-Old Jewish Girl

Kevlar Kid

We might hit the low 70s today. Fog has been hanging just outside the Golden Gate.

Love that NDN air conditioning!

Kevlar Kid

Thumbs up, art!


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Kev, it was 55 this morning. warm front moving in today (right now from the storm outside).

Kevlar Kid

"Trump’s supporters are all poor to middle class, "

Not much of a challenge disproving that shibboleth. Is that agent a HuffPo reader? Or maybe he got gifts from Kristol Meth.


Good news,MM! I'm going to give you all a laugh at my own expense. The dog cries constantly when he's outside because he wants to chase the bunnies. I finally decided to let him bunny chase (on leash). I grabbed the bungee type leash from the fence post,which snapped back and the metal clip hit me in the face. Yes,I gave myself a fat lip!


Thanks Stephanie!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here's the video of the comments he made to the press after he left Fox:


clarice feldman



Amazing the mindset of some of these officers of the law who swore to uphold & defend the Constitution of the United States of America when they were first hired....

Here's my fav....
Among the 40,000 plus texts reviewed include: “God trump is a loathsome human,” sent from Page, and “Just went to a southern Virginia Walmart. I could SMELL the Trump support….,” sent from Strzok’s device.

Unsure how to do the links yet (working on it) but man, she could smell the Trump support? I'd like to take that snot out to the woodshed and zap the hell of that condescending amoral witch....


Correction...that comment came from Strzok..
her/him...bitch/bastard...either way they both deserve each other & deserve to lose more than their pensions...or any immunity deals...

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