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June 26, 2018



Not sure if this has been linked.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor Unleashes 20 Minute Furious Rant Over SCOTUS Decision to Uphold Trump Travel Ban

Jim Eagle

The first one was Chapter Fourteen. Sorry for the confusion.


They really are doing this, folks. Inciting restaurants to poison and contaminate food.

Actor Ron Perlman: Hopefully Someone Will Pee In Trump’s KFC

Did I ever tell ya about when Harvey Weinstein told me to make sure I shook his hand at a charity event, so I stopped in the mens room and pissed all over my hand, then went straight up to him on the receiving line? I think about that every time lil donnie opens up his KFC.

— Ron Perlman (@perlmutations) June 25, 2018
Jim Eagle

Nigeria just got screwed by Turkey and the Argentines are happy.

clarice feldman

Heh, well, that is my hood, JIB.


Division, or as steinhauer calls it the tourism section, was originally founded by frank wiener but angleton saw his fragile state, and merged into the counter intelligence department in the mid 60s, although they would appropriate resources from technical services (mk ultra) and other components of the intelligence community.

Eye Doctor


"Stream of consciousness writing" remind me, who teaches that?

Tom R

A simple rhetorical question for anyone who believes Rosenstein is part of the Deep State trying to coverup the criminal corruption of the Obama administration.


If the following is correct...

“It is remarkable how this Justice Department is protecting the corruption of the Obama Justice Department,” notes Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, which is suing the DOJ for the material.

... then explain why Trump doesn't immediately declassify all the Top Secret info and order the DOJ to give it to Congress?

Jim Eagle

Tom R,

You don't release evidence in a criminal probe just to satisfy a Congressional curiosity.

Eye Doctor

Yeah Jack, and you don't tell the truth under oath just because congrees and the American public want to hear it.

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting ther


HE should but I suspect he's concerned about impeachment.


That's his ace in the hole, his trump card if you will. Perhaps Muellers riding out the clock in hopes of a blue wave midterms to save his sorry ass. Maybe he's waiting until there's real jeopardy. Right now his poll numbers are good.

Eye Doctor

That's politics, not justice.

Tom R


I don't get your point. How would declassifying Top Secret info that confirms the criminal corruption within the Obama administration increase Trump's chances of getting impeached?

Tom R

JiB @ 3:43

I know that (hence the rhetorical question), you know that, and I'm guessing a few other informed posters here know that, but its fairly obvious some people here don't know that and instead automatically assume the worst and that its a sign Rosenstein is Deep State and involved in the conspiracy to destroy Trump.

Eye Doctor

The corruption opens a bigger can of worms than just the Obama administration, Tom R

Eye Doctor

Rosenstein help cover up Uranium One, Tom R

How does that fit into your Rosenstein is a good guy theory?

Jim Eagle

Well, I just found out that I had completed a small chapter 17. This is where we left off.

Ernie Souchak woke in a cold sweat. He had been dreaming and falling in and out of sleep. How to get out of this place and why was he still there? From his small calendar on the desk in his room it appears he had even missed Christmas and New Years. If the calendar was right, he may have also missed Easter. That didn’t bother him as much as the forced internment and the steel door for his room with the heavy double lock that was inescapable.

Whenever, they would bring his meals, they were quiet. He would ask questions but there was deadly silence. In fact, deadly being an understatement. He had no idea where he was and who had put him in this room. At one time he thought he heard that some muffled talk outside but he wasn’t certain since he couldn’t even tell if there was an outside. The room’s window was a good 12 feet up on the wall about 3 feet below the very high ceiling.

What it sounded like, and he couldn’t even imagine if true, was that Trump had been elected President. That reality could be his salvation since Trump was the antithesis to the Podesta people and their candidate, Hillary Clinton. Hell, he had a young family, with a 10 year old son. He would be inclined to not discount the pedophile rumors, and could launch an investigation. Plus, if he remembered, Trump was a ‘Firster’, not a globalist.

If only he had some idea what was next but he didn’t, and lately there had been no further news or developments of Pizzagate as he was calling it in his fevered mind. Someone, if not him, had to find a way into the bowels of this callous and disturbing ring of pedophilia and child trafficking that wound its way all the way up to the White House. Hell maybe all the way to Bilderberg and Davos, he thought.

If that was the case, he needed to start thinking of how the hell he could get out, and do the job no one else wanted to do – go dark and deep into the monster. Time to find his way to Rehoboth and this time, actually get there. The latest news was just more of an incentive for him to get the evidence to bring to the authorities and have this cancer removed from society.

But it won’t be easy, and he recognized that ever since the acrimonious divorce from his wife due to his known spousal abuse, he had grown lonelier, more depressed and more paranoid. That coupled with his obsessive-compulsive disorder was a recipe for a personal disaster. He just had to shake the cobwebs that had been growing in his mind ever since his abduction. Without his medications, he had been fantasizing again about the Plamegate fiasco, Dick Armitage, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Patrick Fitzgerald and all the characters involved. They danced around in his psyche like ghosts and gremlins, scaring him, playing him and driving him to more delusion.

Maybe tomorrow will be different. He may hear other voices, more talk, maybe news, who knows. Tomorrow. It’s always tomorrow, never today, tomorrow, when all he can expect is another day.

Captain Hate

And ValJar was/is an appointed adviser and still lives with the Obamas, which is damned weird any way you slice it.

The JEF is one mentally ill individual: mommy issues, daddy issues, race issues, gender issues. Pretty easy for the Farsi Ferret to manipulate.

Jim Eagle


Thanks for your 4:02 since I am thinking about a new serial starring Ben, Duda and the trainwreck known as Russian Collusion, the SC, Jarrett in Kalorama and the FBI's down elevator to sedition. Ben, may be Ben Rhodes. But I am working on the characters and mixed plots now.

Stay tuned. Need a disturbed individual and I think Ben fits the bill.


This is why mk ultra and its overseas branch become involved even though the latter hasn't been officially active since 1975. They were subsumed into what was then plans, followed by
Operations most recently the national clandestine service, most recently the dustup regarding acting director, gina haspel. Concerned the rendition and interrogation program, that Dan Jones culled cables to create a misleading dossier.

Eye Doctor


Let's hear you say that Dennis Hastert was/is a pederast.


Likely either Dan Jones or possibly James Wolfe was the source of the misleading account of haspel tenure at the Bangkok station.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

As Eye Doctor slowly morphs back into TBT.
The therapy seemed to work for awhile.
Oh well.


That would be like the isle of Dr. Moreau.


Short stories that focus on trolls usually keep trolls away.


How can I surmise this, because someone with actual knowledge of the matter, would know that the official in charge of that facility had been retired, and haspel only subsequently oversaw the nashiri interrogation, now years back the knowledge of the rendition sites was revealed to Bryan Ross, I have some hunches about who talked to him.

Eye Doctor

Do people at JOM have a connection to Dennis Hastert that make it difficult to call him what he is? A pederast!


Good grief:


After kicking White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders out of her restaurant, Stephanie Wilkinson, has been forced to step down as Executive Director Main Street Lexington organization. Wilkinson is a co-owner of the Red Hen restaurant, and up until she kicked out Sanders, was well-respected in her community.

Her resignation came over email from the President of her local board who stated: “Considering the events of the past weekend, Stephanie felt it best that for the continued success of Main Street Lexington, she should step aside.



This is what prompts my order 6 musings:

Tom R

Words of wisdom...


Captain Hate

Good grief

The guy pointing out that this has been the standard since the 70s is deporting them from their happy place JUST LIKE KOREMATSU!!11!

Captain Hate

I hope the Wide Latina goes on a major cornmeal binge over her disappointment.

Eye Doctor

Tom R

Do you think the Awan case is being handled correctly?

Old Lurker

Jack, it is a long story but the building was owned by a DC blueblood who was also my boss right out of B School. His guy who ran the subsidiary that owned the building irritated the tenants and my boss got tired of the complaints from his peers at the club, mostly about the guy's personality. So he fired that guy and made me president of the company and gave me instructions to modernize all systems top to bottom but preserve the character and all finishes and avoid ALL complaints. I did that, then I, at his instruction, converted it to the Co-op it is today and I served as first president of the co-op until we were all done. To this day I can recall the floorplan of every apartment and who the tenant was in each, and how I got along with each of them.

You would love some of my stories about how I repaired the extensive gilded plaster ceilings etc but kept it looking "old gold" not crass new stuff, and how I did massive work but had the building looking clean and untouched by 5pm each day. I learned how to air condition an occupied apartment filled with millions (70's prices) in art and an 80 year old grandmother or wife of somebody really important.

Baptism by fire for a young buck I tell you.

As to JOM, I restored each of those gargoyles of the guards holding concrete balls over their heads to protect the ledge dwellers...even all those decades ago. I should have disappeared one of them to my own place then it would be on our Ledge now.

Eye Doctor

Tom R

Is it possible the truth would crash all of DC. And no one wants the public to know how far reaching this all is?


Ben's s a real big fan of country music festivals if you need some backstory.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Medal of Honor ceremony with video.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Kevlar Kid

"but its fairly obvious some people here don't know that and instead automatically assume the worst and that its a sign Rosenstein is Deep State and involved in the conspiracy to destroy Trump."

meal break:

so what, Tom R?

if you're so inclined, so i might understand you better, please lay out for me in detail WHY this has such meaning for you--- that some assume the the worst about Rosita Rosenstein.

NOT: why you think Rosenstein is wearing the White Sombrero. i understand your interpretations.

Explain please: why does it matter to you that "some people here" don't share your view?

i might not see your reply for another 7 hours.
you might elect not to reply at all. no big.

just don't get the "some people here" schtick.


The Feds could jam up Awan's wife for the same charge as Spitzer and Hastert, right? Structuring?


It occurred to me, this decision follows the contours of judge gortons appeals decision, which was abandoned for the robart adventure in category error.

Kevlar Kid

there is an "Eye" in Killfile.

bonnie nachos.


Looks like I'll be scrolling backwards from 5am tomorrow to see if anything worthwhile is posted.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



It's a different side of the same coin at any rate.

Eye Doctor

The Feds can do more than that to Awan's wife.


Rip her away from her kids?

Kevlar Kid


10:1 Justice Double Wide has a desk drawer fulla candy too.


Marty, we are all Hastert fans. Almost every JOMer that's been here for any length of time has attended the annual PEDERAST DAYS FESTIVAL. We have a theme each year. One year, BEASTS and I, dressed up like the VAUGHN Brothers and played a sold out gig. I tried to reach you because you live nearby, but you didn't answer your phone.
Next year, we're having PING PONG PIZZA flash freeze a hundred pizza's and DADDY is going to fly them in for PEDARAST FEST. Gentlejim provides security, and Henry does a corn roast straight out of his RACINE COUNTY farm. CHI-LURKER is always there, but he comes INCOGNITO. ALL of the LADIES OF JOM arrive in their finest threads, and we dance and sing all night.
I'd ask if you have any more questions, but that would be silly.


Go Mike, go!



If you really want a good laugh and if you'd like to piss off your lib friends and family members, I have the perfect GIFT IDEA. Perfect for Christmas/Hannakah/Ramadan/or even Kwanzaa!!
It's not REALLY ALUMINUM, it's space age MYLAR!!!

KEEP THE KIDDDDDDDDDDIES WARM for their 20 day stay in TEXAS!!!!


Well that's weird, I gave you people a bad link.
The KIDDIES don't need money from QATAR, that's being taken care of by RODHAM and her RAPIST husband.
Here is what your friends NEED for the upcoming FESTIVUS HOLIDAY....


‘Nazis Go Home!’ Police Arrest Dozens as Jeff Sessions Visits Los Angeles

Police arrested 25 demonstrators protesting the Trump administration’s immigration policies ahead of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ scheduled visit to Los Angeles on Tuesday. Tuesday’s protest outside the federal courthouse in downtown Los Angeles comes hours before Sessions is expected to address the conservative Criminal Justice Legal Foundation’s annual meeting. The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), and several other pro-open-border groups, led the protests through the city’s downtown core, before arriving at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel.

Scenes of various wackos at the link. Such as,

(Click to enlarge.)

Janet 🚬

Montage: Media Turning Trump Voters into Public Enemy No. 1


Immigrant rights advocates are demanding a judge order the release of immigrant parents separated from their children at the U.S. border and their reunification.

Attorneys on Monday asked the federal court in Los Angeles that is overseeing a longstanding settlement governing detention conditions for immigrant children to include their parents as plaintiffs.

The complaint filed by pro bono law firm Public Counsel on behalf of three Central American mothers whose children were taken from them by U.S. authorities in May argues that families need to heal from the trauma of forced separation together and outside the confines of detention.

Attorneys allege the mothers are fleeing persecution and seeking asylum in the U.S.

Of course they do.

Did you guys see the Border Patrol guy chasing the coyote who escaped on an inflatable raft? I forget where I saw it but it was earlier today.

Tom R

KK @ 4:57

please lay out for me in detail WHY this has such meaning for you--- that some assume the the worst about Rosita Rosenstein.

Overall Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch have helped advance the conservative cause but when he resorts to exaggeration and hyperbole and ends up misleading fellow conservatives into believing a false narrative then IMO pointing out the flaws of his logic is the right thing to do.

As both Thomas Wictor, JiB and myself pointed out, the DoJ should not release evidence in a criminal probe just to satisfy a Congressional curiosity. Save that evidence for the grand jury and trial.


Here it is. Link says "catches" but far from it. He could have been easily shot, though.


Tom R


It was a Border Patrol agent and an ABC News reporter with cameras rolling who encountered that smuggler/coyote during the act of escorting illegals across the border.

Eye Doctor

Tom R

When is the last time you saw an indictment and a trial in a situation like this?

Janet 🚬

All the illegals from other countries are wonderful people, but Americans are racists. We are awful.


Thanks for re-posting that, Janet. I saw the link earlier but skipped the video.

They're cruising for a serious bruising in November.

Tom R

I wonder if that Border Patrol agent would have gotten into serious trouble if he shot several holes into the inflatable raft that smuggler/coyote was in?


Kids eat for free at PF.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is a big deal. Go to the link and look at the graph.


Have you now or have you ever referred to Dennis Hastert as a pederast?

House Un-Pederast Activities Comittee transcript.

Captain Hate on the iPhone



Tom R

Remember a few weeks back when the Progtards got all incensed when a white teenage girl wore a Chinese dress to the prom?


Check out what Ginsburg is wearing in this picture. I wonder if the Progtards will attack her for wearing that?



OH-Gov: Cordray ‘regrets’ comparing Republican officials to Nazi allies after video surfaces

Cordray was speaking to the Allen County Democratic Party Women’s Club, and was criticizing Republicans in Ohio for not standing up to Gov. John Kasich against local government fund cuts in 2011.

“Somebody said to me last month that they’re ‘Vichy Republicans,’ which I didn’t fully understand,” Cordray said of the Republicans. “I guess that’s ‘Vichy France’ during World War II, the ones who went over and collaborated with the Nazis.”

Now that the video came out, he regretted it through a spokesman.

A spokesman for the Cordray campaign said Cordray regrets the situation, but did not issue an apology for the remarks.

“Rich believes Ohioans deserve elected representatives who will stand up for what’s right, even if that means speaking out against people of their own party,” spokesman Mike Gwin told Politics Extra. “He regrets repeating someone else’s inappropriate comparison in making that point.”


Jon Husted, running mate to GOP candidate and state Attorney General Mike DeWine, criticized Cordray for not speaking for himself and apologizing.

“@RichCordray you know better than this: Don’t hide behind your spokesperson,” Husted tweeted. “You said it, just apologize.”


Tom R

I understand they have handheld "lasers" of a power that might breach a Mexican raft.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Sell your property now!

Tom R

Sundance on the US/China trade war.


Captain Hate on the iPhone

Cordray's the type of cowardly weasel that hides behind Squaw Warren's buckskin skirts. He and the Restraining Order both need to have their political careers terminated.


"I don't get your point. How would declassifying Top Secret info that confirms the criminal corruption within the Obama administration increase Trump's chances of getting impeached?"

Seriously Tom?


Now a Virginia redistricting redo by a Fed District judge? One to many punts this term by Roberts et al.


Headline on Hotair:

"Last gasp: Centrists add E-Verify to House immigration bill in desperate hope of winning conservative votes"

I thought e-verify was the law of the land already.


“Leave My Husband Alone!” Mitch McConnell’s Wife Screams as Angry Protesters AMBUSH THEIR VEHICLE

Hispanic protesters [all appear to be males] approached the Republicans as they were walking out of a Georgetown event.

The protesters blasted Propublica’s audio of children separated from their families as they accused McConnell of ‘separating the children.’ McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao repeatedly told them to ‘leave her husband alone.’

Protesters continued to scream, “How does he sleep at night?!” as Senator McConnell and his wife got into the vehicle.

Where was security? Why were the protesters allowed to get so close to Senator McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao?

Senator McConnell was struck with Polio when he was 2 years old, leaving him handicapped. This is why he slowly and carefully walked down the steps while holding onto the railing as protesters approached him.

Video at the link.


I thought e-verify was the law of the land already.

Nope. An employer has to prove employee citizenship for his purposes, and keep the results in a file in case of audit. No E-Verify use is mandated.


Davod, e-verify is an option. Fed's charge for it, and make a hash out of automating searches from hiring / recruiting / payroll software. I recall some court decisions in Obama timeframe where use of e-verify for hiding is an EEO NONO with humongous fines. It is not used much.


New Thread.


Gonna be a hot summer, and after they lose in November they'll really be pissed.

Btw, anyone know of a good "How to Prosper in a Civil War" book?


Please post book recommendations in the NEW THREAD.



Janet 🚬

Maybe Dems could give us a list of Americans they don't hate.

an old post -

Vote Progressive:
We're for killing babies & selling their eyes.
We think Americans are racist, sexist, homophobic, bigots.
We hate white men.
We hate all college age men.
We do like men that think they are women though.
We hate men & women that don't support our agenda.
We hate the police.
We hate Americans that want a secure border.
We pick candidates based solely on physical characteristics.
We hate God.
We hate Bible believing Christians & Jews.
We respect followers of Islam.
We hate America.
We like citizens of other countries (except Israelis)
We hate Israel.
We hate the Constitution.
We're for taxes, Taxes, TAXES!
We hate cars & want everyone to walk, ride a bike, or use a streetcar.
We hate successful businesses.
We hate the banking industry, pharmaceutical companies, investment companies, Exxon, Halliburton, all fossil fuel related industries, farmers & ranchers, gun manufacturers, & Chick-fil-A.
We like businesses that need taxpayer subsidies to survive.

Kevlar Kid

"As both Thomas Wictor, JiB and myself pointed out, the DoJ should not release evidence in a criminal probe just to satisfy a Congressional curiosity. Save that evidence for the grand jury and trial."

Assuming it's the play here. I don't take what TF-JW are pushing for lightly, because the Rabbit Hole is afterall, the Rabbit Hole.


JMHanes and everybody--again, so many thanks! Not hard to grow old when people love you and you are doing good work--you guys are great. Hard to have a birthday amid such consequential stuff going on--apologies!


Biggest winners: Swedes, Norwegians, and Nestles White chocolate from Switzerland.

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