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June 09, 2018



thanks for the thread. Maybe he should go to the Warriors. Everyone else seems to do that.


Draymond is just being Draymond; I can accept that.

Curry, on the other hand, is calculated in his ass-hattery. I have no idea what he is like IRL, but his public presentation of self is distasteful, IMHO.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Link to President Trump's statement and press conference before leaving the G7:



Thanks TM

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thanks for the news thread, Mr. McGuire!

Jim Eagle


Michael Jordan is a Long Island boy:) Born in Brooklyn. Plus he is Catholic. Lot of people don't know that. I think his sons went to Loyola Academy in Illinois.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Back from FOP conference. I’m only 4 days behind here. Should be fun finding out what I missed. I hope you all behaved. Now to get caught up.


Thomas Collins

Greatest? Bill Russell is still playing? Who knew?

matt - deplorable me

Basketball? Someone is playing basketball?

They opened their yaps to spout out politics, whatever their stance, and lost half their audience one way or the other. Same with football. Most of us want to tune out from politics and the world and root for the home team and now they have poisoned the air.

It will take a few years, but I think the NBA and the NFL are done. Those huge contracts are going to bite the networks in the ass. You can play to an urban base, but the numbers don't favor anyone who alienates the base.

The leagues are losing the middle class and the only people who can afford tix are the wealthy and corporations. Best thing Trump could do is to eliminate the deductibility of sports tickets. Talk about pissing off the privileged class.


I agree. Bill Russell is an icon.

Thomas Collins

Jordan, James, Chamberlain et al can't touch this.


And if we are going to have a basketball greatest discussion, let's not forget The Big O.






MM, I’m going to blame Autocorrect for spelling McGuire instead of MaGuire.

Thomas Collins

I'm hoping against hope LeBron stays with the Cavs, maryrose. But I suspect he is off to LaLaLand.


June 8, 2018 Vote Notes on Legislation
H.R. 5895 – “Minibus” Spending Bill: No.

This is a combination of appropriations bills that funds the legislative branch, the Veteran’s Administration, energy, water and military construction. Like any large, omnibus bill it has good features, among them: it proceeds with the long overdue Yucca Mountain nuclear storage facility, repeals the Obama Administration’s WOTUS order (which was already struck down by the courts), shifts $1 billion of mandatory spending to discretionary and upgrades our nuclear arsenal.

But it is a fiscal train wreck. It continues the Congress’ profligate spending that threatens the nation with trillion-dollar annual deficits that place us in imminent danger of a debt spiral. As the administration pointed out, Congress is in the process of exceeding the President’s non-defense spending request for 2019 by $57 billion (about $450 per family).

The CBO recently reported that revenues in the first seven months of the fiscal year are up over the prior year. This means that the tax cuts approved last year are more than paying for themselves through additional economic growth. But the CBO also reported that, despite the increased revenues, the deficit also grew because of a complete lack of fiscal discipline by the Congress. This measure is a case in point.


Eye Doctor

Lynch Colluded with Clinton Campaign to Entrap, Wiretap Trump; Illegal Scheme Involved Entire U.S. Intel Community

Janet 🚬 -  a member of the reality based community

Good for Val Kilmer.


Good Morning!.

Woke up and decided to watch a little of the DrK Interview posted at Powerline, and this bit put a nice smile on my face and reminded me why we like Chuck even when we disagree with him:

Interviewer: You're some kind of Neo-Conservative, at least you once were...how did you escape that particular contamination?

Krauthammer: Willfully.


Section 8

It strikes me that, after disclosing the additional collection the FBI has on these two (though both have been fairly stupid in response to such disclosures in the past), the government has less incentive to let Manafort remain out on bail, because it will have a diminishing yield of information about the conspiracy. But the government also has a need to move things along without presenting everything they’ve got (including what they’ve asked Friedman about the developments post April 2 that led Kilimnik to try reaching out a second time). The new indictment provides a way to get to probable case without showing everything they’ve got, which in turns makes the chances that Manafort will finally be going to jail that much higher.

Section 8

"how did you escape that particular contamination?"

Colostomy bag?


LeBrons loyalty resembles Trump on democracy


I happened to off this view at a wedding in Virginia which included a number of Greensboro, North Carolina university people. Hmm. MJ went to UNC Chapel Hill, but still - not my most well thought through conversational gambit.

TM in his foolish adulation for LeBron also forgets that it was Michael Jordan who singlehandedly turned Dennis "The Worm" Rodman into the great man he became---our new Ambassador to the Peoples' Non-Nuclear Republic of North Korea! Plus MJ taught the NBA how to play golf.


and GAMBLE. Neither very well.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I didn't even see that? Thanks for the correction!

He's actually working..and on a Saturday😎



I was thinking the same thing this morning, but then thought, when you can hear a child's activity from another room you have some idea what they're up to, when there's long periods of silence is when you should really worry..


I met Bill Russell years ago when he played in a local golf charity fund raiser event. I came up to just past his waist and I'm not short. Nice guy..aloof, tho.

What got to me regarding the football kerfuffle was awhile back I saw a video of Pop Warner age kids taking a knee before playing.
These kids didn't have a clue what they were 'taking a knee' for!

The influence of pro football players on kids was obvious and PO'd a lot of people. Count me in that group.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The Godfather holds court as all the world's two-bit mobsters crowd in, hoping to kiss the ring & curry favor. pic.twitter.com/WcDPTAGlaD

— FluffyDogAttack 🇺🇸 (@FluffyDogAttack) June 9, 2018

Photo at link.


Liars Club

A Christie representative denied Giuliani's claim. "Gov. Christie has not been referred any clients from Mayor Giuliani," spokesman Pete Sheridan said in an email..

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I actually prefer this picture with the above caption:


Merkel needs to realize he isn't budging. LOL!

Trump synonymous with Treason

. I don’t need to “understand,” much less take seriously, anyone who still supports this president* and his administration* because, if you do, you’ve taken the idea of America and run battery acid through its veins.

Captain Hate

I met Bill Russell years ago when he played in a local golf charity fund raiser event. I came up to just past his waist and I'm not short. Nice guy..aloof, tho.

By aloof do you mean he can be a real prick at times? Because that is an accurate statement.


MM, I’m going to blame Autocorrect for spelling McGuire instead of MaGuire.

The Meaning Of The Name Maguire

MEANING: Son of odhar, Sallow

The name Maguire is ranked on the 62,743rd position of the most used names. It means that this name is rarely used.

We estimate that there are at least 1900 persons in the world having this name which is around 0.001% of the population.

The Meaning Of The Name Mcguire

We apologize, but we don't have a meaning for this name...

The name Mcguire is ranked on the 71,539th position of the most used names. It means that this name is rarely used.

We estimate that there are at least 1100 persons in the world having this name which is around 0.001% of the population.

WiKI: Maguire (/məˈɡwaɪər/ mə-GWIRE, also spelled Mac Guire or McGuire) is an Irish surname from the Gaelic Mag Uidhir, which is "son of Odhar" or "son of the dun or dark coloured one". According to legend, the eleventh in descent from Colla da Chrich,[1] great-grandson of Cormac mac Airt, monarch of Ireland about the middle of the third century.[2][3] From the 13th to the 17th centuries, the Maguires were kings of Fermanagh...

...Enniskillen Castle was the medieval seat of the McGuire

“Mag Uidhir” - a distinguished and truly Irish Gaelic clan that ruled over the county of Fermanagh in Ireland for about 400 years (from about 1202 to 1607). The Maguires were known for their courage, great leadership and for their resistance during attacks, and thus the Maguire clan was particularly targeted during the English conquest for Ireland. During the conquest most of the Maguire lands were confiscated resulting in their move into other neighboring counties and also to other parts of the world. The modern spelling of the surname comes from the Gaelic Mag-Uidhir or MacUidhir, which was later anglicized to Maguire and McGuire.


I am patiently waiting for Hoyden's rib report.


Yes Captain, he was a prick :-)

I just figured he was put upon by so many people through his lifetime/career that it didn't bring the best out of him.


Not being an "internet influencer" I have no idea just what that "blue check mark on Twitter" is worth.

I'm told that a "blue check mark on Twitter" and $5 can get you some covfefe at St Arbucks

Miss Marple the Deplorable

That press conference just keeps on giving:

‏ @mike_Zollo
26m26 minutes ago

Liberal reporter: Do you think Crimea should be recognized as a part of Russia?

President Trump: You will have to ask Obama about that. He’s the one who let Crimea get away.


Donald Trump is an absolute BOSS.

I forgot about that line, as I was laughing so hard at his stomping the CNN flunky into the pavement!

Captain Hate


I saw him deliberately ignore Mike Tirico's offering a handshake on the air to humiliate him for no apparent reason other than he could. Maybe there was an underlying reason for it but, lacking that, Tirico handled it with professionalism and class. I had been a Russell fan prior to that.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Just when I think I couldn't despise Bill Kristol more, this pops up on a retweet in my Twitter feed:


I am please to say the comments are scathing, and some are hilarious. A LOT of people share my opinion!


Did you know the Nazis attacked Pearl Harbor?


Who's going to the store?
I don't know who's in that category.

"Whose" is a possessive, meaning "belonging to who."


He whose name shall not be uttered.
Whose car is that?

I am increasingly seeing this error on the internet and it is driving my nuts, as the daughter of an English teacher.

Next week: the difference between "it's" and "its."

Thank goodness my Mom was not an English Teacher:)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Hey, it occurs to me that if we dig deep enough, we might find Bill Kristol involved with the attempted frame-up of President Trump!

I am certain he sabotaged Quayle and pretty sure he engineered the Jeffords Jump. It sounds just like the type of plot he would be involved in.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


It's a family curse my sisters and I share.

It's a wonder I don't go around with a red marker! LOL!


Daddy, the "Molly Maguires" my grandfather told of a pack of them on a rampage heading past the house he grew up in. "ill tempered" was the description. My grandmother's family (also from that part of PA) were Scots that owned the coal mines. The views passed down may be biased.


The irony of rumps discussing,admiringly of terrorists against Coal Mining abuse is so SHRUMP!😎


I don't know if TM is just joshing or not but . . . LeBron *is* the greatest basketball player ever. Not the most dominant ever, not the most accomplished ever, but clearly (to me) the greatest ever. To be tabbed the chosen one in this modern era as a youngster, and to navigate shouldering that title without a descent into scandal like so many these days is an impressive accomplishment.

* * *

I'm hoping against hope LeBron stays with the Cavs, maryrose. But I suspect he is off to LaLaLand.

Posted by: Thomas Collins | June 09, 2018 at 12:47 PM

This may surprise TM & MaryRose but I think there is a strong possibility that not only is LeBron headed to the Los Angeles Lakers . . . so is Kevin Durant. The money boyz in Southern California are tired of this Northern California run.

* * *

A series of comments from the prior thread are soon to follow.


Tom R is providing a welcome splash of cold water with respect to expectations as to how long these investigations take. I think it is irrational exuberance to think the investigation into FBI/DOJ/CIA/NSA corruption will be wrapped up any sooner than July 1, 2020, and even by then, although there may be some indictments and plea deals, things will be dragging on. Slow walking could be part of an attempted coverup. However, even those not covering up will be taking their time. The investigation really hasn't been going on for that long. In addition, the investigators no doubt have other cases (not to mention famililies and the necessity of eating, sleeping and attending to other bodily functions). They are not operating on JOM accelerated schedule time.

Posted by: Thomas Collins | June 08, 2018 at 04:07 PM



I won’t even retweet Kristol to say that now he is just fishing for attention. He’d count the retweet as a plus. SAD!


RG, people in CA still have money? Moonbeam forgot to tax something?


Didn't he work for Quayle?


Why President Trump Ought Not Pardon Muhammad Ali


This focuses on Muslim hate filled ideology. Cashill doesn't mention the SCOTUS ruling on Ali, because he doesn't need to.

Old Lurker

MM "Hey, it occurs to me that if we dig deep enough, we might find Bill Kristol involved with the attempted frame-up of President Trump!"

Welcome to the damn club, MM! (You are probably joking with your shocked face on as you said that) I have thought that for many moons now. And like you, we will find other establishment republicans, congressional R leaders and their hit men deep in it too.

I think that partially explains the arrogance and baldness of the entire coup.


I heard MJ and HRC were kindred spirits in the tipping department. Maybe the hot sauce in her purse was for real.

Old Lurker

Chief of Staff, Jane.

It was his hand holding the knife which did Quayle in.


Henry, come on! Los Angeles is the Capital City for income inequality and so is the Democrat Party.


Where Frederick did his first 3 week residential camp summer of 2015. Near Darthmouth where we would stay at The Hanover Inn coming and going. Daddy knows it.


Momma says the Inn was sold out ay in advance of Graduation ceremonies so she's in some B&B off campus.

And I am off with the dogs. Later, gators.


My two cents on the Trump/Sessions dynamic:

Trump knows that he can’t say anything or he jeopardizes the case against all the miscreants. What better way to keep people paying attention to old news than to keep calling Sessions on the carpet? It’s not 4D chess, it’s simple marketing.

Happy Friday, JOM!

Posted by: Robin on an iDevice | June 08, 2018 at 06:23 PM

Yeah, Robin, that's some 4D chess right there! (leave me alone, TK!)

Marketing, did you say? Applied, Robin, in the political realm and *not* merely within the campaign component of politics?

All I'm going to further say is . . . remember the OODA Loop! His tactics are revolutionizing the political game.


RG, of course. Plus SF leads in Unicorn billionaire density. Moonbeam taxes everybody else.

JM Hanes

"Why President Trump Ought Not Pardon Muhammad Ali"

Well, you don't get pardoned for being an angel, but since the Supreme Court overturned Ali's conviction, I'm not sure what there is left to pardon, anyway. If there were something, however, I would support it, despite Cashill's complaints. I admit I have a soft spot for the guy.


If i had to pick though we are heading/in to a two tired system where there are different sets of rules for the "elite" and regular folks. A break down of the rule of law to the rule of men.

The Judges, even the Supreme Court do not own the Law, you and I own the law.

I guess at the heat of the matter, the US was founded on the principle that the individual was sovereign, And we lent our inmate powers to the government for specific purposes and no more. This is in the process of being turned on its head.

In spite of Trump I do not see happy times ahead.

I do not know what is beyond the ledge, but I doubt it has a bar. :-)

Posted by: abadman | June 09, 2018 at 01:05 AM

That's where we *were* headed, my friend. That is no longer the case and the generation now coming of age are going to be *far* less receptive to the globalist narrative.

Old Lurker

RG "LeBron *is* the greatest basketball player ever."

When he was a newbie here, I quickly came to respect RG's opinions on a wide range of subjects. Back in those days, I would have reflexively deferred to his judgement on this pronouncement.

However. RG has been so specific and detailed, and so confident and emphatic about his theory of the 4D Chess moves "coming soon" with Trump, Sessions et al...not a single one of which has born out after all these many months...that alas I will have to put his statement about LeBron in the penalty box until RG delivers the goods on the criminals and traitors.

Ducking for incoming friendly fire...


Henry, in a weird way the NBA and the Democrats and California all resemble one another.

Plenty of money, but a questionable model driving the train.

For me, the commissioner of the NBA missed a golden opportunity that should not have been missed: block the move of Kevin Durant to Golden State for the good of the Association (and fans of *all* of the teams).

This generation of athletes clearly has no clue how good they have it, and how easily they can squander it. The number of them listening to idiotic social justice warriors proves my point.

What do they do now if Kevin Durant and LeBron James (and Chris Paul, by the way) set up their own super team via the Lakers? How long do you maintain a high level of fandom when the players CLEARLY drive the train?

California is in trouble, the Democrats are in trouble and contrary to the conventional wisdom, I suspect that (much more than the NFL) the NBA is in trouble -- especially if they don't get a handle on this new trend.

Old Lurker

RG "That is no longer the case and the generation now coming of age are going to be *far* less receptive to the globalist narrative."

Seriously on that, RG, I think the rising young adults are going to be even more polarized than is our generation. If were are now a slightly right of center overall population, I'll bet in 25 years it will be 75/25 or worse, with the socialists holding the 75. Boomers at least had the benefit of the WWII/Depression generation and the school system we had in the 50's early 60's to at least offer young people a strong alternative voice against the rising communists and socialists. One is hard pressed to find young people willing to fight the true beliefs of so many of their peers, teachers and leaders that the ones who stick it out and take care of bidness for themselves and their families, will do it in stealth mode.


since the Supreme Court overturned Ali's conviction, I'm not sure what there is left to pardon, anyway.

I wonder why I took the time to point out that this was besides the point.


RG, interesting point. I haven't paid much attention to NBA since the 90s, it seemed to go playground about then and become more circus than sport. I got to see Wilt as a kid, then the Dr J Sixers when I lived in Philly, then MJ and the Bulls when I moved to Chicago. I got to Cleveland well before LeBron, that might have something to do with it.

Old Lurker

I had an opportunity to read through the catalogs of most of the top ten MBA programs recently.

They made me want to throw up, including my own.


"It was his hand holding the knife which did Quayle in."

Why would he be the chief of staff and do that? Clearly I missed it.


OL, you rascal. You know I'm hip to your tricks by now. And I know good and well you're pleased by the arrest of that Senate bwah. Especially because you know what it portends.

You know that it means Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has selected his lickin' stick from out in the yard, and is about to commence to whippin' some ass.



All the right people are skurred because they know there's no whipper-snapper like an underestimated, and wrongly dismissed whipper-snapper.

This shiznit 'bout to be good, and I know you knows it. I've got my popcorn, I hope you've got yours.

Kevlar Kid

Given the amount of shit that Bill Russell, Willie Mays and other "race pioneers" had to eat while making their "owners" rich, and I mean Rich Rich, i defy anybody here to endure that for a few decades and not be somewhat crispy around the edges.

Old Lurker

RG, and you know I am trash talking you so that your victory OR your loss will be escalated to the max...

JM Hanes


"I wonder why I took the time to point out that this was besides the point."

Sorry, must have missed that somewhere in the catching up. In any case, I also disagree that his personal history should be enough to preclude consideration pardon in the first place. If we were talking Jane Fonda, that would be a different matter, IMO.

Captain Hate

Are you sure it won't be the other Lost Angeles team, the Clip Joint, that the stars gravitate to? The architect of the Warriors, #44, is running the show there now.

Kevlar Kid

"For me, the commissioner of the NBA missed a golden opportunity that should not have been missed: block the move of Kevin Durant to Golden State for the good of the Association (and fans of *all* of the teams)."


Allow me please to approach this from a different angle--- a business angle rather than an arbitrary regulatory angle which may create more problems than it would solve (how "good" of a player do you have to not be in order to be a legitimate "free" agent.)

Not saying your view is inferior to mine, RG. Far from it. It has merit.

Here's mine:

Enact a rule for NBA owners (and other professional leagues must do the same) which holds they are bound to finance a mega-contract with a restricted time table. Paying $150 million to a player must be met within the "shelf life of the *PLAYING* contract".

Financing mega contracts are bad for business because it's unsustainable long-term debt for a franchise. If the team is going to "buy" Lebron's services for the highest amount ever in the known universe, they have to pony it up while he is a member of the team.


The problem includes the players but they have short shelf lives and they know it.

But their agents know owners will finance what they can get away with over the longest term available. And that fuels the permissiveness by which players in college set their market expectations.

So the owners and agents are using creative financing while the re-financing market of those loans used to pay these mega salaries is another lucrative feeding trough where noteholders get rich on "minimum payments."

It's not real money. It's like every other "wonder" in the American economy--- it's highly leveraged debt.

How much rope will the league give to owners to chase the attendance dollars?

At some point the law of diminishing returns kicks in and the product takes a nose dive.

Last night's "championship" game illustrates perfectly how inferior the product has become. Game One illustrated what a spoiled cry baby the GOAT actually is (a self-inflicted broken hand?).

At what point do the owners, agents, and financiers have to figure out how to live within their means?

What goes up exponentially in the financial stratosphere eventually becomes a wax winged disaster.

What is the long-term solvency picture for the teams which have employed James?

How is LA doing after Kobe and Shaq and the others?

Will Cleveland ever see the financial light of day once James leaves? So on and so forth around the league.



You know that it means Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has selected his lickin' stick from out in the yard, and is about to commence to whippin' some ass.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Old Lurker, I am NOT joking about Kristol.

I have despised that guy since he showed up on Brit Hume's show with his "scoop" that Jeffords was going to switch parties.

He sat there all but rubbing his hands with glee with that possum-like grin. Later, I discovered that Jeffords switched because he had been told "by an insider" that Bush was going to kill the dairy subsidy, which was very important to Vermont dairy farmers. The Bush people were dumbfounded, because they had never entertained the thought or even discussed it at all. I thought back to that grin on Brit's show and surmised exactly where Jeffords got that idea. (Remember, Kristol had worked on the McCain campaign that year when Bush ended up winning the primaries.)

I started digging around and discovered he had been Quayle's chief of staff. So I went and got Quayle's book "Standing Firm " out of the library. I had a particular interest in this because Quayle had been the senator from Indiana. Imagine my shock (not) when I discovered James Baker would not allow Kristol into strategy meetings because he leaked. Quayle actually wrote in his book that Baker was intimidated by Kristol's intellect (which made me think Kristol helped Quayle write the book).

In addition, Kristol encouraged Quayle to break with Bush 41 over some policy issue and make a public statement, which caused a big flapdoodle and infuriated the Bush people, understandably.

My personal opinion is that Kristol slinks around DC like Iago from The Merchant of Venice, poisoning people's minds, carrying false tales, and generally disrupting things. I think he wanted both Bush presidencies to fail and did his darndest.

Oh, one other thing: remember the China spy plane incident? The Chinese forced down an Air Force plane which was listening to transmissions (something we have done for years). The Chinese held the crew and Colin Powell had to negotiate to get the crew released. I thought Powell had done a good job. But Kristol?

He wrote an article for his new magazine called "Our Profound National Humiliation."

In my opinion, Kristol was taking out ANYONE who could be a threat to McCain. He caused Quayle to retire to Arizona to play golf, he took out Powell as an acceptable candidate by constantly criticizing him as weak, and he attempted to destroy Bush with the Jeffords Jump.

I have written this all from my memory. THAT is how much I despise Kristol. You guys can look this stuff up. I am 100% right on my facts; they are burned into my memory.

Kevlar Kid

" ...lickin' stick..."

Good one, RG.

Comin' up, one of my buds in grade school (one of the rare non-catholix to go to St. Johns catlick scoo) had a Baptist preacher for a Daddy. He spoke with mad respect about "the lickin'stick."

That boy was the fastest runner in our grade 8 years in a row.

Old Lurker

That all fits with my recollections, MM. I had pals high up in the VP's office in those days, so I paid attention. They all had "shields up 24x7" so it was hard to get the real scoop out of them.


For Kristol “breakfast in bed” means waking up with Egg McMuffin.



Tsk tsk.

Old Lurker

"...lickin' stick..."

Such low hanging fruit. but I walked right by it, behaving myself.

Gillibrand called for Franken’s resignation “in order to improve her chances,” Soros told the Washington Post in an interview published Saturday morning.


Soros has been a strong supporter of Franken — “a man whom I admire,” he told WaPo — and was a key fundraiser for the senator’s recount election in 2008. In Soros’ view, Gillibrand went too far by calling for Franken to step down before an ethics investigation was complete.

“So she is campaigning, and I hope she doesn’t — there is one less candidate,” the Hungarian-born billionaire said.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Greatest? Bill Russell is still playing? Who knew?--

Heh...and concur.
Also concur on Oscar R.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Furthermore, the attack on Melania is transparent. He is hoping to get in a public feud with Trump and probably post the nude Melania photos or something.

F that and pardon my French.

Trump isn't at all stupid, as was demonstrated in his press conference today except to those who suffer from advanced Trump Derangement Syndrome (of which Kristol is one, as his influence is waning).

IF you read his books, you would know that he takes enemies out when they are least suspecting it. Kristol is doomed; he just doesn't know it yet.

Kevlar Kid

It seems to me the Deep State cabal underestimated the duly elected President of the United States.

They are getting their heads handed to them. It's as if they believe and act upon their own phony intelligence funny papers.

The arrest of the senate security man has relieved me of my short-term frustrations.

But then again, one of my biggest short-comings as a crop farmer many years ago was being patient after the corn went in the ground.

Once it sprouted, i was okay. But year in and year out, same frustration. Oh well. I can live with me.

Others had a similar problem but they'd be frustrated by different stages of the corn's development: "It aint tasslin ahead of the dry spell that's comin" "Damn weeds are chokin it cuz the grounds too wet to 'cullivate'." Blah blah blah...

I'm encouraged too by the revelation of the security chief getting caught because of his Explosive Johnson Disorder.

How embarassing. (But absolutely hilarious.)

How soon before he joins the #MeToo movement or knits a Pink PooTwah hat and marches around his cellblock.

too much fun.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Given the amount of shit that Bill Russell, Willie Mays and other "race pioneers" had to eat while making their "owners" rich, and I mean Rich Rich, i defy anybody here to endure that for a few decades and not be somewhat crispy around the edges.--

Yeah. OTOH, sometimes a chump is just a chump.

Ralph L

UNC-G was founded as Women's College when Chapel Hill didn't take females (later they admitted them for Junior year). My grandmother switched churches to be a paid organist/choir director to earn the money for my mother and aunt to go there in the 40's.

They started admitting men in the 70's, I think, but it's still mostly for day students and undergrads who couldn't get into CH, which shapes their attitude toward it.

Captain Hate

Will Cleveland ever see the financial light of day once James leaves?

Dan Gilbert knows a few things about making money.

Tom R

I don’t follow the NBA and didn’t watch one game this year. I’m a Red Sox fan and read the Globe for Red Sox updates. Before the NBA season started the sportswriter was commenting on the brilliance of Danny Ainge as a GM and how he constructed last year’s team finance wise to compete for the championship around 2020. The point the writer made was that the contracts of the Warriors were all setup to create a situation in 1-2 years where they can no longer afford to keep their superstars due to salary cap. The Celtics on the other hand have their finances setup to where they can add the players they want for the next two years and then when the Warriors are forced to breakup the Celtics will replace them as having the most talented roster.



George Soros recently lamented the rise of President Trump and anti-establishment parties across the globe, saying “everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.”

Soros made the comment in an interview with The Washington Post published Saturday. He also said that he did not expect Trump’s election, saying, “Apparently, I was living in my own bubble.”

The activist billionaire also made the bizarre claim that President Trump would be “willing to destroy the world.”


Ext, destroying Soros world is fine with me.

Kevlar Kid

Good point, CH, re the Clippers. Owned by Steve-a-reeno Ballmer of Microsoft shame. Deep pockets.

Whichever coach/gm gets James they'd better have a supporting cast. "Putting the team on his back" isn't a strategic plan for victory.

Bottom line: Warriors beat James 3 times for the ring out of the last 4 years. IMNSHO, James was the worst thing to ever happen to the NBA WRT the impact its had on youth sports. The word "team" has been replaced by "MINE."


Geert Wilders Demands the Release of Tommy Robinson at Massive London Rally

(Click to enlarge.)


No, CH, I'm not. But the Clippers aren't the Lakers. And if players are now driving the super-team train, and if it's as out of control as I surmise, you make it happen with the Lakers. We shall see.

* * *

And KK, I see you still haven't forgiven The King for that phenomenal block and coming back from 3-1 down to engineer a series win for the Cavaliers.

Come on, man. Y'all have 3 out of 4. Ease up on LeBron! And tell the truth -- didn't Durant going to the Warriors remove some of their shine? I loved the Warriors before that happened.

Kevlar Kid

Breaking News!

Golden State Warriors stomp the shitake out of the Cleveland Cavaliers in 4 game sweep of the NBA Championship series.

-3rd NBA Championship in 4 years.

-3rd time fail for GOAT James

-Who Gets a Ring Mystery Solved... again.

Captain Hate

Too bad Pakistan didn't slice Soros from piehole to asshole with a scimitar when they kicked his trash organization out. All his filthy money won't save him from the barbed cock of Satan. Tick Tock.

The Celtics are well situated for the future.

Kevlar Kid

"George Soros recently lamented the rise of President Trump and anti-establishment parties across the globe, saying “everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.”"

Reminds me of an article i posted the day after Curby von Hidenburg crashed and burned--- "The Takedown of George Soros Has Begun."

Pretty much on track.

Soros is like his Deep State cronies----> believes the phony intel and the phony stories about the most powerful executive in the world right now.

Hey, Georgie... those cattle car stories are going to come back to haunt you in a big way. Wait til POTUS starts tweeting about YOU.

Lock him up.


I don't understand why George Soros isn't in jail.


LeBron James has funded scholarships at the Akron private high school ,
St Vincent/ St. Mary’s .
He has brought Cleveland a National Championship and helped downtown businessmen profit from all the activity downtown during the NBA season.

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