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June 09, 2018



Hold on, KK, hold on.

*Jordan* might have been the worst thing to happen to youth sports (and I don't think he was) but LeBron absolutely was not.

LeBron spreads the ball around as a team player. He has changed the game as a Point Guard-Power Forward impossible blend. True, he goes into isolation mode at times but the NBA has essentially demanded that from its stars since the advent of Michael Jordan.

Movement and team play, this is what I loved about the Warriors pre-Kevin-Durant. We need much more of that in the NBA and less of the super team thing.


"It aint tasslin ahead of the dry spell that's comin"


Brings back bad memories, I used to detassle corn as a teenager in S.W. Indiana.

Tough way to make a buck.

Just like a Pharisee

If I we're y'all I wouldn't tempt the God of Abraham and Moses with talk of Eternal Damnation😎

Captain Hate

didn't Durant going to the Warriors remove some of their shine?

Durant used to be my favorite player before that. He's still phenomenally talented but you don't go to your rivals that you couldn't get over on without being a world class whore. That's something for the Kobe fanboyz to spank it over.

Kevlar Kid

"And KK, I see you still haven't forgiven The King for that phenomenal block and coming back from 3-1 down to engineer a series win for the Cavaliers."

RG- (how are ya?) That makes you 0-2 of late with regard to this Brother from Another Mother.

James gets his due from every corner of the sports world. I admire his story how he came up and how others helped him survive life in hell in order to amount to something other than a statistic. I will hold him in high esteem.

You honestly believe you know my mind re James? Ha!

Listen--- .750 is a helluva batting average especially when it's over the so-called GOAT. Who sweats the airballs when you're hittin at 75%? Certainly not me, Amigo Mio.

Nice to see you back in swing here.

Later Big Gator!

Kevlar "Basketball's Not My Game" Kid


Tom R, Ainge is the best in the business. And I agree, he has the Celtics perfectly positioned -- the right head coach, the right mix of players *and* prepared to play a beautiful brand of basketball.

It's why I love Al Horford so much, and defend him in his plain-ness. People still have no clue how to value that man because we undervalue *so* much of what it takes to have a superior basketball team.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The establishment in the UK is playing with fire, and are as divorced from the thinking of their people as much as American democrats are.
My sister and I were in the U for the Queen's Jubilee back in 2012, long before Nigel Farage or Brexit had become an issue. Even then, everywhere we went, we heard grumblings about the EU. Tour guides would mock EU safety guidelines. Waiters would carry on about food requirements. No one liked Brussels or the French. This was spoken out loud, in public, as if most people agreed with them.

So when Brexit and Nigel appeared, I was certain they would win. I wish I had put money on it in Vegas.



Kevlar Kid

Ext: Is that the Welsh gryphon flag at the Tommy rally?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Find somebody who looks at you like the way President Macron looks at President Trump.

— Alana Mastrangelo (@ARmastrangelo) June 9, 2018

Photo at link. LOL!


I'm losing track; hopefully I haven't posted this already. If so . . . hey, I need some food and a nap. This super big 50k I.U. Vitamin D stuff is no joke!

* * *

RG is going to need to expand the size of the Verandah based on this new info. The DOJ/FBI investigation into Wolfe’s leaks started in August 2017. Sessions has successfully kept this investigation under wraps without any leaks for 10+ months. IMO the talking point that Sessions has been asleep behind the wheel can be officially retired.

Posted by: Tom R | June 09, 2018 at 10:50 AM

What a beautiful day. We're finally in a position to see some of what Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been wisely doing -- namely, handling his business. Much like President Trump. Expect to see more of the same in the coming months.



Porn star Stormy Daniels has filed a lawsuit against her former attorney, Keith Davidson, and, among other allegations, accused him of colluding with Donald Trump and lawyer, Michael Cohen, to book her on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show so she could deny having had an affair with Trump. Yet Hannity has remained silent on the matter and has neither confirmed nor denied the. allegation.

Kevlar Kid

"Brings back bad memories, I used to detassle corn as a teenager in S.W. Indiana."

Bubz--> near what towns? Mrs Kid 1.0 hailed from Vincennes. All them kids did that for at least 5 minutes before deciding burgers and retail wunt so bad. Hot and swampy on both sides of the Mighty Embarass!



Sessions is furious Trump has contradicted the message hotzi nazi wants to send on mareejeewanna.

Kevlar Kid

"Durant used to be my favorite player before that. He's still phenomenally talented but you don't go to your rivals that you couldn't get over on without being a world class whore. "

And, had he gone to Cleveland, CH?

Asking for friend in Shaker Heights. ;)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Lori Hendry
‏ @Lrihendry
7h7 hours ago

Paul Ryan, who proposed raising the retirement age to 70, announced his retirement at 48 – with FULL GOVERNMENT PENSION! #RemoveRyan
This is why my daughter and I are in agreement about Ryan.


Trump gives a shot for anything except payback on enemies or payola to hisself

Man Tran

Wow, just had a V-22 cruise past our window down the channel. First one I’ve ever seen in flight. And that is coincidentally after reading that Boeing got a fat contract to upgrade the V-22s.

Captain Hate

And, had he gone to Cleveland, CH?

The Cavs weren't the team that ended the Thunder's seasons in previous playoffs.


Body language says it all.

Captain Hate

And for the record, even though he needs to STFU about non basketball matters, Steve Kerr is a very good basketball coach considering the pre Durant Warriors couldn't get out of the second round under fatassed Mark Jackson.


Stopping leaks is what you do if you are taking over an operation. You want your own message to dominate.

When I look at Session / RR / Wray and their obsession with Patriot Act / Encryption back doors / asset forfeiture, I cannot dismiss the idea that the rulers of the Panopticon changed hands... when the elimination of the Panopticon is required for MAGA.

Thus any perp walk is a good perp walk. But that does not tell me those choosing the perps are on the good side.


What's with Macron squeezing Trump's hand? What does he think this will buy him?

(Click to enlarge.)

Other pics here:

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

Trump...pathetic weekling😎


"Bubz--> near what towns?"

14 miles due east of Vincennes on Hwy 50 in Washington, IN.


Henry, it also happens to be what one does if one wants the rule of law to prevail. You can certainly choose to believe the worst, okay. But your interpretation is just that; an interpretation.

The leaking culture counter-intuitively does not help American citizens transparency-wise so much as it helps foreign governments and domestic lobbying interests willing to pay for tidbits to shape and entrench a certain narrative.


RG, I am not choosing to believe the worst. I, like you, do not know the truth. What part of Sun Tzu suggests that falling for confirmation bias is a good idea? I would love to believe this is all swamp draining. Yet I cannot reject the null hypothesis that it is swamp as usual when the DOJ / FBI power trio double down on the tools of oppression. It is possible that the requests for extra-Constitutional surveillance of the population is truly a temporary measure. Human nature suggests the opposite. I'm prepared to trust these people when I can verify what they are doing. That time may be years away, as you and TC keep reminding us.

Kevlar Kid

" the NBA has essentially demanded that from its stars "

That is a gelatinous mass of ambiguity and then some RG.

But I'll take your point re your comparison of Mike vs. GOAT.

I'll take it, but who can say definitively when the entire "it's my way out" scam affecting more than a few young lives is completely out of control.

Mike may have blazed a trail on the mass marketing ticket. James is currently the biggest duck in the puddle--- although even Kevin Durant is making $30 million guaranteed with contigencies securing that payday over 10 years.

That intensifies the crab-in-a-barrel environment in high school hoops and "traveling team basketball" (sponsored by Nike)....and what it's done to parenting? Don't get me started.

Players like GOAT have some culpability in that mess.

I have a D3 ballin son who came out of that mess, thankfully with his head on straight.

Kevlar Kid

Copy that, Bubarooni. A sea of tassles. :)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Being as I am from central Indiana, I know about corn tasseling.

This is why my summer job was at Woolworth's!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

.@G7 Press Briefing in Charlevoix, Canada, prior to departing for Singapore!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 9, 2018

Viseo at link.

Stay tuned, lots of incoming tweets!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
40m40 minutes ago

Henry McMaster loves the people of South Carolina and was with me from the beginning. He is strong on Crime and Borders, great for our Military and our Vets. He is doing a fantastic job as your Governor, and has my full endorsement, a special guy. Vote on Tuesday!


Farrah Fawcett’s Son Redmond O’Neal Charged with Attempted Murder

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The son of actor Ryan O’Neal and the late Farrah Fawcett has been charged with attempted murder in an alleged crime spree last month that included randomly attacking five men and robbing a 7-Eleven convenience store.

(Click to enlarge.)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
32m32 minutes ago

Just met the new Prime Minister of Italy, @GiuseppeConteIT, a really great guy. He will be honored in Washington, at the @WhiteHouse, shortly. He will do a great job - the people of Italy got it right!

Bwahahaha! Still no big visit for Theresa May!!

I love Trump! He makes me laugh!

Kevlar Kid

From 40 feet out--- re: Bourdain and Spade celebrity suicides....

They both left surviving kids under the ages of 15.

If my boat ended up taking me close to Suicide Falls, it would be most likely the thought of ending my children's psychic integrity, or at least arresting it in so profound manner, that would be enough for me to grab the tiller and turn the boat away from there.

Take your niacin, people.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
19m19 minutes ago

Just left the @G7 Summit in beautiful Canada. Great meetings and relationships with the six Country Leaders especially since they know I cannot allow them to apply large Tariffs and strong barriers to...

...U.S.A. Trade. They fully understand where I am coming from. After many decades, fair and reciprocal Trade will happen!


Two tweets combined.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
21m21 minutes ago

The United States will not allow other countries to impose massive Tariffs and Trade Barriers on its farmers, workers and companies. While sending their product into our country tax free. We have put up with Trade Abuse for many decades — and that is long enough.


"This is why my summer job was at Woolworth's!"

Definitely no Woolworth option in Daviess County back then!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
21m21 minutes ago

I am on my way to Singapore where we have a chance to achieve a truly wonderful result for North Korea and the World. It will certainly be an exciting day and I know that Kim Jong-un will work very hard to do something that has rarely been done before...

…Create peace and great prosperity for his land. I look forward to meeting him and have a feeling that this one-time opportunity will not be wasted!


Two tweets combined into one.

The Infamous Ignatz

--and, among other allegations, accused him of colluding with Donald Trump and lawyer, Michael Cohen, to book her on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show so she could deny having had an affair with Trump--

Considering her profession, I have no doubt the Stormy one has an elastic sphincter, but is it so elastic as to allow Trump's mouthpiece to insert his arm to her mandible and throw his voice, Edgar Bergen style?

Old Lurker

MM "(Brit leaders) divorced from the thinking of their people as much as American democrats are."

100% of Dems plus 50% of Rs, MM.

Probably 90% of Congress, and 95% of Federal Employees too.

How's that?

Kevlar Kid



Don't disagree, KK. Conversation generator; nothing more, nothing less.

Congrats, as always, with the kid. You've navigated those waters to a certain degree. That has to give you some appreciation for just how much of a triumph it is for LeBron to survive them while sitting at the absolute pinnacle . . . and delivering as The Chosen One . . . as much as anyone could have reasonably hoped.

The GOAT argument, of course, is not one that can be conclusively proven. Entirely subjective and captive to individual eras. I'm cool with that.

But LeBron is the greatest.


Kevlar Kid

Too bad POTUS missed out on framboise season there on Ilse d'Orleans. Best of any i've had ever.

Kevlar Kid

Any projections on the first economic windfall for early investors in the new North Korea?


Mind you (and anyone else who, in amusement, are following this discussion), in my position of LeBron as the greatest, I do roll my eyes at some of his excesses. For instance: his presser with the broken hand, etc.

He is of this generation, after all, and they can drive me absolutely freaking crazy. LeBron included.


Larry Bird!

Maybe not technically the 'greatest' but, the best competitor I've ever seen.

Brought a lot to his team besides scoring.

I watched him play in the high school regional at the Washington High School gym in late '70's so I'm definitely biased and pulling a homer on that opinion.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Old Lurker,

Probably so. Realizing that the business plan was telling the voters one thing while collecting cash and prizes from the donors and lobbyists, I have no doubt.

Why does Fox continue to have people like Shep Smith, Chris Stirewalt, etc. on their channel?

They are not on our side, although their morning programing is ok. All I need to know about Fox was Bret Baier bragging about how he and Megyn Kelly had rehearsed their questions - only to be treated to that ambush on Trump in the first primary debate.

I am not gullible about the GOP. I assume at least 50% are only in it for the cash and prizes, and have no real convictions, despite what they spew during their campaigns. Jeb was a prime example. This is why I backed Trump, despite mocking from some quarters here.

I know they have conspired behind the scenes to take Trump out. They underestimated him, big time. I guess they believed their own press.


I watched Scott Skiles a couple of time playing at I.U. and he was another 'competitor' whose grit you just had to admire.

Did I use the right 'whose vs who's' thing there?!?


Okay, my people. Gotta go. I'll see y'all down the road.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


A+! Exactly correct!


Take your niacin, people.
And get outside and MOVE in the sun.
Right now!!!

KK, I think the fact that these parents leave these poor kiddos behind shows just how totally and completely F'd up their thinking is when they kill themselves.
I think those of us who have never been there can NOT begin to comprehend the depths of the darkness, and the pain.

Kevlar Kid

James isn't out of anything yet, RG.

He's doing the only thing he's ever known.

Once that door closes? We will see if he really did "make it out."

The challenge with my own children was to show them how to get out from the yoke of "famous by the time your 30 nonsense that has been like a shadowy cancerous stalker haunting so many youth of today.

It's the peer-driven curse of "You aint sheeit."
because the Beamer isn't in the driveway at 18.

And the team sports environment of urban Bay Area high school ball.... egadz, it's real to the degree that the also rans fresh outta school are carrying pieces and stealing to generate cash-for-bling and status.

It's real.

Good talkin' with you as always.

Be well!


Take care and get well RG.


These googles do nothing, also teh horror,

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Wictor opining on what the Saudis have been up to over the last 10 years or so:

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Larry Schweikhart compares Trump's strategy to D-Day:

Kevlar Kid

bubarooni--- i was in Vincennes ALOT from 78 to 90, smack dab during the Bird era. mrs. kid 1.0 had a big fam with 4 brothers, and their next door neighbors had a fam with 4 bros. they were all ball all the time.

so i asked one of the more thoughtful bros why Larry Bird was such a big deal, getting the whole Indiana native son thing and all.

Danny told me:" He as an every man style of play. He never gives up and he brings the best out in the other players."

"every man style of play"... i think that's why i admired Ken Stabler so much (diff sport).

Stabler referred to his skill set as "plain vanilla."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is a thread by @drawandstrike about leaks and who is working on them


Greatest ... possibly.
Smartest ... methinks not.

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James told reporters early Saturday morning that he played the last three games of the Finals with a broken hand from punching a whiteboard after Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors.

Kevlar Kid

a-Mom: FUBAR thinking yes.

want to air a few points on here. suicides are pretty significant on both sides of my family tree and in one of my quasi-social circles.

obviously this isn't some finished APA sanctioned thesis on suicide and the allied areas of human pathos.

but let me just say:

May i never know the depths that a set of firked up neuroprocessors can send an individual.

My own did a pretty good job when i ignorantly subjected my particular genetic code to 18 years of alcohol abuse and various and sundry crystalline and organic derivatives which shall remain nameless.

And my hands found the rudder. A major influencer of my life's path was my trim tab.

However, i hope i never fall for the ridiculousness of a multimillionaire failing their children to the degree that they elevate their pain over the lives of innocents they brought into the world either--- a ridiculousness based on their power to spare no expense to get well.

While at the same time they spared no expense to insulate themselves from the very fame machine that helped them buy into a Faustian bargain, making them WHAT they were...losing their sense of WHO.

That's a deal made long before they turn their hands onto their own throats, long before their to-get lists were concluded.

Those require keen sensibilities and good legal representation to sustain and build upon.

Do the faculties used to cultivate their world and world view just stop functioning, influencing, and guiding? I'm skeptical.

People get afraid. And then they die from it.

Having survived otherwise would-be suicides by two close family members, i certainly got a guided tour over 5 and 7 years respectively of a congealed, frozen fear (the root of all evil imo) which nearly took them out.

then, in my recovery circle, i go to about 8 funerals a year for self-inflicted death. i've tossed the rope i have and tie it to a post. i cannot do a danged thing other than that.

none of those folks would i brand as deranged or unfit to stand trial, if you know what i mean.

for some it is a choice, a practical decision. and for it to work, the candidate must be very practical.

the decades i've spent being there for survivors of the successful candidates has taught me one thing: no one heals from the dual finality of that abandonment. what i've managed to help them with is understanding how that deed will ripple through their lives in ways the candidate never imagined.

the biggest ripple? "it was my fault." someone is culpable and that's a separate issue from the unspeakable, even unthinkable condition in which the candidate bid the world farewell.

that's what makes me shake my head when i drive through the Robin Williams tunnel here on the way into SFO. he took his own life and he's worthy of a timeless memorial in one of the most picturesque settings in the world.

whatevs, Robin. whatevs.

thanks for reading. i have to do some small chores. will check back in later, just in case.


Kevlar Kid

clay feet in the NBA? shocking!



"they were all ball all the time."

I gotta tell you KK, growing up in S. Indiana it was 'ball all the time'. Not football either.

It didn't matter if you were Varsity, JV or club ball that's what you did.

At 6' 1" I was to skinny to play at short forward and to uncoordinated to play a tall guard. I still played, like every other kid, all the time.

At 19, I moved to Dallas, TX and I'll never forget my first pickup game on a court in Mesquite. It was me and 6 other guys from S. Indiana.

I was a little apprehensive as we started 'cause there were some big guys' on the local Texas boy team who had just won a game to hold the court for our game.

It took about 3 trips up and down the court to figure out that these guys weren't 'ball' players. Well, not basketball players anyways.

Game was first to 20. We won 20 to 8. I probably went coast-to-coast 4 times and it was pretty obvious they were not familiar with the term 'pick and roll'.

I remember one of the guys saying 'Who are you?' I remember answwering 'We're from Indiana. We're Hoosiers.'

We held court all f'ing day.



“I don’t believe in dynastic politics,” Bernie stated. “He’s on his own.”




He looks like a red horse!




Ronkowski was second after being way way way last for the 1st half.


Gronkowski - sorry Pats!

Thomas Collins

OK. You beat the 3 year olds. Let's see if you can justify your fans' faith in you against the older horses. I hope to see him in the Jockey Club Gold Cup.


He's almost as cute as Kiwi!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Mike Pence
‏Verified account @mike_pence
16m16 minutes ago

Anyone who says $1,000 in the pockets of working families is crumbs is out of touch with the American people – and Nancy Pelosi should never lead the Congress again!


TC wtf he just won the Triple Crown, whats with the DEBBIE DOWNER stuff??


Miss M, Pelosi said that jobs for everyone is no big deal, they need higher wages.

No job= no wages.
Job= wages

Wages = higher wages than no wages.

These FULL COMMIE mf'ers are sick. It's evil not politics.


Saratoga is the graveyard of Triple Crown winners. Let's see if he can win the Travers this summer, like American Pharaoh, Secretariat, & Man O' War couldn't.


Let's just celebrate!

Thomas Collins

You're absolutely right, GUS. I was snarky.
But I was doing it with a smile on my face. I love the Belmont Stakes, and Justify, at least for the moment, he da man!


Let's just celebrate!

Did you have a lot of $ on the 24:1 #2 who came from far last and almost took it all? (Worth watching the video if you didn't see the actual race or focus on the guy who was dead last almost the whole time.)

If so, I'd celebrate, too!


Congrats to 'Justify'- Triple Crown Winner.


SO happy for Justify and Mike Smith. He is a wonderful guy who deserves it - the oldest jockey ever to win!

Kims Junk is ill

I would love to be in the room as Shrump! is socially execrable and values admiration from others to a pathological degree, and Singoporeans have delicate stomachs so vomit could be on the menu.

Thomas Collins

And congrats to the spectator who picked Justify in a contest that won her 150,000,00 dollars. She has a few bucks to celebrate tonight.

Thomas Collins

Make that 150,000 dollars. I was one zero from making her a millionaire!


One thing I like about these champion horses is the thought of the rest of their lives. :-)

(My dog's grandfather was a 2-time world champion Shutzhund. Check out his "proginy list.")

Joe Lunchbox

1000 bucks goes quick at the gas pump


Gronkowski was spectacular Ex. In the beginning I thought about that poor last place horse who looked like he shouldn't be in the race. Anf then - 2nd!!! Very fun.


Beautiful Shepherd, Ex!

Kevlar Kid

I'm proginy too. ;)

Frau Pfui!

No cure for anal leakage. None.

Kevlar Kid

The difference between Gangsta La Pelosi and POTUS is POTUS understands the value of a single cent.

Gangsta la Pelosi only brainfarts (v. meaning "no coherent thinking involved in bilabial fricative emissions) in terms of how many zeros are BEFORE the decimal point.

$1000 earned is real. And if that's after a Gangsta Pelosi sanctioned federal tax, it's also a miracle.

GFY, "Nancy."

dana ward phelan california

Zero bucks goes quick at the gas pump.

Joe Lunchbox




(Don't want to offend the hall monitors.)

Still, think about having 1,269 children. The physical effort, I mean.


Our girl looks almost exactly like him, Mom2. She was the biggest of the litter and dominated all the others, passed the towel test, and allowed me to squeeze her paws without trying to knaw on my hands. (This is a big deal when selecting a dog like this.)

Gus and his satin singing voice


I hate when people correct stupid stuff like who's vs. whose, etc., but gnaw vs. knaw?

Kevlar Kid

Haven't kept up with the pony industry since leaving So. Ilnoy back in 1990. Derby region and all.

I guess this is a breeding question. ;)

Is it a come-to-papa scenario or does papa get fedexxed in?

Dairy bull owners been fedexxing the secret sauce since at least the 80s.

Remember in 1991, visiting friends living in downstate Vermont, there was a delegation of Japanese investors visiting that small town. So small was that burg there was a 150 milker farm not a mile from the town circle. Six full bulls too.

Japanese were there to check out them Big Boyz. They'd just signed an exclusive contract with the owners: $18.5 million over two years.

All Bull Sauce that could be extracted safely and frozen over 24 months. That was in 1991.

Caint imagine what a Triple C winner would get over two years time.

This shit matters yo. ;)

Kevlar Kid

"No cure for anal leakage. None."

Hi Frau: how the hell are ya?

Two questions: may i submit "anal leakage" as a band name contest entry?


Have you considered printing bumperstickers with the state capitol rotunda on them featuring your poignant statement?


PS: I just used "submit" and "anal leakage" in the same sentence.


Gohmert SLAMS Mueller: ‘He’s Covering Up His Involvement in Uranium One While Trying to Have a Coup Against the President’ (VIDEO)



How is it possible that Trump - the guy who just dominated the G7 with almost no effort - would tolerate Sessions not doing his job?

It's not.

"Donald, we have to do this right."

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