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July 26, 2018



Suleimani has had a streak of bad luck recently in Syria in Yemen in south America,


Has the WH backed down on the CNN reporter?

Miss Marple

While all of the reporters (including Fox) are virtue-signaling each other about the right to be rude in White House pool sprays, this gal has assembled quite a list of past events where no one said a damn thing when Obama harassed the press:



Now I would put anything past him, but his capacity has been affected:


Squash blossom

Kudos to Uniparty for choking the Dumpster on his own tariff cupcake.

They can move his bowels when they really want to.

James D.

My horrible drivers license picture is a direct result of this software. No smile, hair behind the ears, glasses off - it looks like a meth dealer's mug shot.

Would it be too cynical to wonder if this is deliberate, to give law enforcement/government another tool to abuse any citizen a LEO/bureaucrat takes a diskile to, under color of authority and with the built in excuse that it was computer error and thus they are blameless should the targeted citizen fight back with a lawyer?


DMV DEEP state?

Derp, derp..

Kevlar Kid

So let me get this straight, Trump voicing his hope that Iran will come to the negotiating table is "softening his stance" toward Iran?

According to reports we've been reading here, the Iranian government is in trouble...but Quds leader says "we're closer to you in ways that you don't know" or some such.

To what degree does POTUS and DHS and the DOJ have their collective hand on the pulse of Hezbollah infiltration through our southern border.

Our jihadist enemies have had ample time to assess and plan for the finite law enforcement response to terrorist attacks.

Our jihadist enemies have had ample time to stack employment rolls at public facilities such as airports (flown into Minneapolis, LAX, or SFO lately? hijab city).

Our jihadist enemies have had ample time to assess how DOJ/FBI have routinely failed to responsibly address threats of what turned out to be successful attacks in San Bernadino, Miami, and Boston.

At any rate, i didn't take Trump's ALL CAPS tweet as a threat of war. my interpretation is POTUS has cards in his deck that other presidents haven't used to the degree that he is prepared to do.

For example, how would an all-out blockade of gasoline/diesel imports affect Iran's economy and their war machine?

Miss Marple

James D.,

No, it would not.

In past years I would have considered that crazy talk, but after seeing the dishonest and vindictive behavior of the FBI (not to mention their mediocre intellect), it would not surprise me one bit.

Jack is Back!


Go to the link. MIT/Sloan has an online course in AI. You can take it online.




The Seaquest, a 163-foot boat valued at $40 million, was moored at the Huron Boat Basin when it was untied and began to float adrift in Lake Erie, reported The Toledo Blade.


“The concern from the city’s standpoint is that’s a very expensive yacht and we want to show the patrons who come to the city that we’ll provide good service,” Andy White, Huron city manager, told The Sandusky Register. “This is a blemish on the city and we’d rather do without and we’ll seek to have justice done for this act.”

Police are reviewing surveillance footage and the incident is still under investigation.

Captain Hate

Heaven forbid Trump & his administration actually take an action & DO something to make things better for America.

Anyone got any updates to my Senate list of Cruz, Cotton and Luap the Lesser who don't get thrown in the chipper? Listening to the screams of Flake and Corker will be very soothing.

Miss Marple


I agree. For YEARS I have been concerned about jihadists coming in through the southern border. If I remember correctly, there have been stories in the past about finding Korans, papers with Arabic writing, etc. scattered along the routes.


I find this a very sad thing..



Twitter CEO Defends Shadow Banning as ‘Conversational Health Work’

Twitter was forced to explain itself after Vice published a study on July 25 accusing Twitter of “shadowbanning” conservatives, including RNC chair Ronna McDaniel, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA). According to Vice, notable conservative figures didn’t show up in the Twitter search bar as suggested results, while progressive figures showed up immediately.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey responded in an almost accusatory tone, complaining that there was still “a lot more work to do to earn people’s trust.” Using vague language in his tweet, he referred to the actions that resulted in said “shadowbanning” as “conversational health work.” Conservative commentator David Burge called that statement “some next-level Orwellian.” Co-founder of Red 5 Studios Mark Kern referred to Twitter’s overall response as “obfuscation” and that it “undermines our entire democracy”

On July 26, President Trump addressed the controversy via tweet, saying, “Twitter ‘SHADOW BANNING’ prominent Republicans. Not good. We will look into this discriminatory and illegal practice at once! Many complaints.”

Miss Marple

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
1m1 minute ago

The United States will impose large sanctions on Turkey for their long time detainment of Pastor Andrew Brunson, a great Christian, family man and wonderful human being. He is suffering greatly. This innocent man of faith should be released immediately!

World of Warcraft video game designer and co-founder of Red 5 Studios Mark Kern tweeted several critical responses to this thread: “Even now, you can’t plainly state what you are doing. This is obfuscation. You act as though machine learning and AI are inherently fair. AI is not neutral or impartial, it embodies the choices of its designers as to the inputs, variables, and especially, what is right or wrong as an outcome. We’d like to know what those choices are. Say them. Can you?”

He also blasted Dorsey for his “healthy conversation” standards, saying “Why do you get to decide for us what is “healthy?” . . . Installing machine censors that work in secret to display and shape opinions by the choices it makes on what is acceptable discourse in politics, religion, and life. It undermines our entire democracy.”

Robby Starbuck, a music video director, made an excellent point in response to Beykpour’s thread: “Something is wrong when Louis Farrakhan, Linda Sarsour, Louise Mensch, Peter Fonda and Kathy Griffin have zero issues with their accounts but the RNC chairwoman does.”

Burge, in a tweet thread about Twitter algorithms and in response to the Vice article, wrote, “After enough training examples of this, the machine might tell you words like ‘I don’t like nazis’ and ‘Ferentz’ were harbingers of evil.”

As of the morning of July 26, conservative political figures were finally appearing in the Twitter search bar. It seems Twitter modified that algorithm.

Kevlar Kid

Strozk's contempt for We, the People mirrors that of The Rat's and his attorneys general. how many are still walking free and whispering into the ears of cadres of True Believers working in government 9-5 jobs at every level.


Thanks JIB,

I'm not sure I'm smart enough. I'd like to get Megaan to take it and explain it to me. But I requested the brochure.


When we went in Lebanon on a peace keeping mission, the reports of the way the quds force had organized the hezbollah network didn't go down the chain of command, similarly with the presence of foreign jihadists in Iraq. Through the Madrid Milan and Paris channels

Whoopsy Daisy

One of his previous jobs was as staff secretary to President George W. Bush. This obviously entangled him in the various crimes against the Constitution that took place back then, when the people enabling those crimes never would have dreamed that they would build lucrative media careers denouncing another Republican president, whose rise to power on a surge of xenophobia and angry yahooism is completely inexplicable to them. This is something that Senator Patrick Leahy, Democrat of Vermont, is eager to explore.

From his op-ed in The New York Times:

The need to vet Judge Kavanaugh’s full record is all the more urgent because the last time he testified before the Senate, he appeared to provide a misleading account of his work in the White House. At his 2006 confirmation hearing, Senator Dick Durbin and I asked about his knowledge of several Bush-era scandals, including warrantless wiretapping, torture and detainee treatment. Judge Kavanaugh testified that he had no knowledge of such issues until he read about them in the newspaper. But a year after his confirmation, press reports indicated that he had participated in a heated discussion in the White House over the legality of detainee policies..

Great White Hope

Iraq just won't die

Cal Fire Hire

I think we should lynch just one firebug

That might help.

Caved Again?

Trump is a firebug of sorts

The trade “deal” follows the script of the ballyhooed North Korean nuclear “deal” from last month. The cycle begins with bellicose Trumpian threats designed to increase American leverage. This leads to negotiations, which produce an impossibly ambitious and thoroughly vague “solution” that allows Trump to boast that he has averted a crisis of his own making.

Miss Marple


This is by a retired CIA agent and author.


Grassley is a Senator I admire and respect.

Captain Hate

Thanks to Janet, this idiocy was avoided:


Captain Hate

Grassley, hmmmmm; what say you, narc?

Man Tran

I programmed a PDP-8 in college through the front panel rocker switches.

Hah, we were upscale at Ginormous Research and had a PDP-11 with all those toggles on the front. That’s how all our data analysis started by stripping the data off FM-FM tape recorders.


Good open letter.
Describes Brennan exactly.


Well has the one who has been investigating the dossier, while the possums lie snoozing, so on balance. Yes.

Captain Hate

Mike Lee is safe; dunno how I overlooked him...

Captain Hate

Ok, Chuck is safe. Next?


The mass spec in college was a PDP-10, coax feeds off sensors, data sampling written in fortran, coax to a pen plotter for data out.

Miss Marple



DNC, we have a problem:

Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna

BIG LABOR'S PIGGY BANK is low-paid home caregivers' paychecks: States deducted nearly $150 million in union fees from Medicaid caregivers' paychecks in 2017, new report shows


Old Lurker

For James and MM.

Don't worry, be happy:


Owning their own Irrelevance

David Frum, an editor at the Atlantic and former George W. Bush speechwriter, tells Rolling Stone, “When people are losing politically, they retreat from politics and take refuge in cultural criticism.” Even though Republicans control two-thirds of state houses, the executive and the legislative branches, they still feel this underdoggian impulse to score culture war points.

“People on the left want to talk about Medicare-for-all and universal basic income and federal job guarantees,” Frum says. “They have a series of things they want to do with the state [and] big ideas that they want the public to think about. Conservatism really doesn’t have those right now.”


Pottstown Pennsylvania (yes, pot merchandisers are salivating at that name) is big into Road Dieting, probably the leader in Pennsylvania.
In addition to reducing the lanes all (but two) streets in town are now 25 mph.
It's a town for "Gerry's Kids" (as in geriatric).



LifeLock just fixed a bug on its site that would allow hackers to fool LifeLock customers in phishing attempts.

good grief.


Eye Doctor

Grassley knew Plamegate was a hoax and let it continue!


The problem is the nominal conservatives, can't get their act together, form a united front, for example. If they had gotten. Behind. Ruiz from the outset.

Devin milks his own goat

DERP STATE strikes again

YouTube issued a strike to the channel of radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones this week after some of his videos were found to have violated YouTube community guidelines. According to a report by The Verge, YouTube removed four videos from Jones' channel that allegedly contained instances of hate speech and child endangerment and issued one strike to his account. That new strike prevents Jones from live streaming for 90 days.

Two of the removed videos allegedly contained hate speech against Muslims, and one video was said to have contained hate speech against transgender people. The fourth video showed a child being pushed to the ground by an adult male and was titled "How to prevent liberalism." That video remains up on InfoWars' Facebook page.

Miss Marple

Old Lurker,

In Indiana we can renew our plates on line right now. We don't need some complicated and fancy electronic plate. (By the way, did you notice it has a BATTERY?) So how long does the battery last and what if you do't notice it has lost power while you're driving around? Do you get a ticket?

And I am NOT interested in providing my car as a traveling billboard for advertisers while the state gets the money.

Another product we don't need, like those velvet suit lapels I posted the other day.


Good grief what is the point of that

Miss Marple

Brad Parscale
‏Verified account @parscale

“conversational health” is the new liberal phrase to spin conservative censorship


Good going, Brad! Keep the pressure on!

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Grassley also headed up that protect Mueller bit of unconstitutional nonsense. Time to reopen the case.

Old Lurker

MM, you miss all the Big Brother opportunities the Deep State will achieve if you let place a connected computer where your license plate used to live.


What was wrong with the lapels?

Miss Marple

Old Lurker,

I am sure you remember back in the 60's talk of the "Big Brother" computer and how the FBI and CIA were watching us and so forth. This was the cry of the left throughout all of the campus unrest. It also got us the Church Commission.

Now the left has EMBRACED this type of stuff, since they think they have figured out how to use it against us. They are opportunists, nothing more, and will do anything in their quest for power,.

I have a long memory and I refuse to be talked to like I am a moron.

White Collar Crime is the American Dream

His pledge to bring back "law and order" turns out not to extend to wealthy Americans and the corporations they run. The champion of The Little Guy seems A-OK with letting The Big Guys run rampant, at least according to a new study from D.C. watchdog Public Citizen that was picked up by the AP:

The report found that in 11 of the 12 federal agencies led by a Trump-appointed official during the president’s first year, penalties imposed on corporate violators dropped, in the majority of cases by more than 50 percent.
Penalties dropped at the Justice Department by 90 percent, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission by 80 percent and the Securities and Exchange Commission by 68 percent.
The largest drop was at the Environmental Protection Agency, formerly led by Scott Pruitt, where overall penalties dropped by 94 percent, from nearly $24 billion in President Barack Obama’s last year in office to $1.5 billion. Penalties at the Federal Communications Commission dropped overall by 85 percent.
Tough on Crime, it seems, does not extend to white-collar criminals. (Meanwhile, arrests of noncriminal undocumented immigrants have spiked 171 percent, according to ICE records.)

matt - deplore me if you must

I am not sure why states didn't go to RFID tags years ago. It would make things much simpler. All one has to do is program a code for each state and then the plate number and have the Cops and tolls and such simply transmit and get a RFID code back. Easy peasy.

Not sure if that is patentable and so now we get so many different plates you can't figure out which state someone is from unless you are within 5'

And I had a vevet jacket back in the day. Went with my paisley hippie shirt. I think I wore them once.

Miss Marple


They were velvet lapels you could slip over the lapels of your own suit jacket, transforming it instantly into a pseudo-tuxedo. LOL!


all the Big Brother opportunities the Deep State will achieve if you let place a connected computer where your license plate used to live

automated speeding tickets, parking tickets, tolls, red light violations...

i wonder what the vig to the AG or Gov is for that contract?

Short and Sweet

“My deputy, Rod Rosenstein, is highly capable. I have the highest confidence in him,” Sessions said during an appearance in Boston..

Old Lurker

Henry "LifeLock just fixed a bug on its site that would allow hackers to fool LifeLock customers in phishing attempts.

good grief."

Rush Limbaugh hardest hit.

Eye Doctor

The EPA only enforces regulations and imposes fines on the little guy.

It's a protection racket.

A drop is a good thing!

Old Lurker

Henry, and that is just in year 1. Year two will bring you a mileage based road tax either in place of or in addition to the gasoline tax.

Where was Mrs Pompeo?

"I have listened to your political soliliquy as a Secretary of State sitting at that table demeaning some members here because you said that Senator Shaheen believes more the Russian defense. She was quoting because we don't know what our own government is saying."

"If President Obama did what President Trump did in Helsinki I would be peeling you off the Capitol ceiling," he reminded Pompeo.

"When the president speaks it is the policy of the United States. When he says in one respect I applaud this declaration about Crimea and says Russia should join the G-7. The reason Russia is not in the G-7 is because they invaded Ukraine. Which is the policy? Because when the President speaks it is the policy. when you speak around the world people believe that what you say is a reflection of the policy of the United States."

Old Lurker

Sessions "“My deputy, Rod Rosenstein, is highly capable. I have the highest confidence in him,”

Note that he did not say for which side he is applying those talents.

Kevlar Kid

MM: the cult of personality Deep State Left is prone to abandoning principles for independence, liberty and justice for the sake of "my enemy's enemy is my friend" which way the wind blows emotionalism.

just wait til the FBI and DOJ and CIA start doing their jobs respectively and correctly. the howling will be louder than ever but against a warm Mar-a-lago wind. :D

Eye Doctor

Sessions translation: Rosenstein is "highly culpable"!


just make stuff up.


Stormy Daniels' lawyer says President Trump and Michael Cohen "conspired to pay off multiple other women" besides Daniels and a Playboy model before the election, and "also were concerned about a pregnancy."

Kevlar Kid

when i hear the "highest confidence" lingo coming from someone's executive superior, i associate that with the countless times the axe fell soon after.

Miss Marple

Notorious Augusto P
‏ @GenAugustoP
2m2 minutes ago

Oh, another #ShareBlue sock account posing as a "real conservative" speaking out to defend David French. 27 followers. All nonsense tweets like this.

The fact that David Brock wastes resources defending French is all you need to know about him.


Isn't THAT interesting.

Kevlar Kid

Stormy: WGARA?


Sessions has the highest confidenece in Rosenstein.
DJT didn't say that about Sessions.

Maybe Sessions could go talk to Jim Jordan about a few issues.

After his nap.

Miss Marple

Notorious Augusto P
‏ @GenAugustoP
3m3 minutes ago

Attack David French, Ben Shapiro, or many of the other #TruCon™ con-men, and see a swarm of David Brock's #ShareBlue socks come out to defend them. When you're being defended by Soros-funded botnets, you're not a conservative.

Eye Doctor

Where did RG and Tommy boy go?

Jack is Back!

From the MIT/Sloan School brochure on their online AI short course, comes this job title for one of their faculty:

CTO and Chief Robot Whisperer
at Saviok

No wonder people get AI and VR confused.

Miss Marple


Live stream for the roundtable on workforce development with President Trump, Secretary Ross, and others.

Kevlar Kid

There was a brief exchange re propaganda.

the following article explains the destruction of the Republican party in California is the model for the nation since the election of Trump.

this is from 2017.

here's how California DemocRat media is selling the mess in Sacratomato to the latte drinking commuter class:

"The main insight about Californians is that they are not enamored of old ways or old ideas.

The people are truly innovative and more apt than anywhere else in the country to try new things out.

This general impulse for innovation is complemented by an unusual initiative system that ensures that its politics is guided by periodic populist impulses.

Watching the results of California’s initiatives is like studying the id of California’s electorate.

Every couple of years the political terrain is reshaped by the evolving will of the people — for better and, it must be admitted, sometimes for worse.

In recent years it’s been for the better as increasingly clear guidelines have been set for state and local policy makers.

The result is an emerging progressive agenda for the 21st century.

It’s the building blocks for a resurgent Democratic party not just in California, but in the rest of America as well."




BREAKING: Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg called to testify before federal grand jury - Dow Jones

Kevlar Kid

From that 12:39 article about California:

""The main insight about Californians is that they are not enamored of old ways or old ideas."

Most of the DemocRat platform consists of old ideas of tax and spend til ya drop.

The author was correct but not in the way he generalizes in his article.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

I stopped by my local Ford Dealership this morning to look for a new truck. I saw a nice F-350 crew cab loaded with all the options that I liked and asked to take it for a test drive.

The salesperson (a lady wearing a Hillary for President lapel pin) sat in the passenger seat next to me, describing the truck and all its options. She explained that the Electric Seats were connected to the ventilation system and could be set to direct cool air to your butt in the summer & warm air to your butt in the winter.

So I mentioned that this must be a "Trump truck". She looked at me a bit angry, and asked why I thought it was a Trump truck. I told her that if it were a Hillary truck, the seats would just blow smoke up my ass year round.

The two mile walk back to the dealership to pick up my truck was worth it.

Eye Doctor

Patrick Fitzgerald blew his own wiretap on Blagojevich to protect Obama in 2008.

That's a 100% verifiable fact!

James D.

Year two will bring you a mileage based road tax either in place of or in addition to the gasoline tax.

Is there any doubt that it will be in addition to?


no bias in this headline:


Ohio Republican Jim Jordan, a staunch Trump ally accused of ignoring wrestlers' sex-abuse reports, announces bid to become next House speaker. cnb.cx/2LI0ASQ

Eye Doctor

Jim Jordan would be a GREAT speaker.

Jim Eagle

Beside Machine Learning, you also get to take this module"

This module is devoted to natural language processing (NLP),
an AI technology developed to intelligently process human
language. Through rich case studies and faculty-led videos, which
explore functions such as machine translation, summarization,
and sentiment analysis, you’ll learn how NLP can be skillfully
deployed in a series of business contexts. For the next part of your
project, the focus will shift to NLP and its strategic implementation
in a business context of your choice.

I expect rse to add that to her lexicon of useful phrases, or should that be useless?

I don't want to spend $2,500 but I would be very interested in taking the course, and applying it to my Vintage Sports Memorabilia business I want to set up.


Mueller keeps digging

The New York Times
Trump has long wielded Twitter as a weapon. Now the special counsel is investigating his tweets as part of a broad obstruction inquiry.

How Trump’s Public and Private Acts Line Up in a Possible Obstruction Case


Obstruction of what??? What crime is being investigated?

Is this some 4-D riddle?


next Mueller will be investigating his choice of necktie as part of a broad obstruction inquiry... whatever it takes to keep impeachment hopes (and fund raising) alive.

Kevlar Kid

our main business focus at this time is training "Online Travel Entrepreneurs."

it is 100% private sector, private investment-driven.

we intend to share the model and 1st year performance numbers with Secretary Ross. we aren't interested in public/private partnership.

what we want from the Trump WH is POLICY that is consistent IN SPIRIT with industrial era vocational education policies and appropriations to the schools.

inherent in those policies was the serious federal requirement for statewide program evaluation.

in all of my 20 years connected to that facet of the national education scene, and having served on numerous in-state eval teams in Illinois, i never witnessed anything like the discipline and application of findings from such efforts in any other facet of education in-state or out.

where federal spending goes, there needs to be sharp-toothed, high consequence accountability like there used to be. the dilution and all but eradicated vocational programs in secondary schools is a national tragedy and a disgrace.

that's what we want. as a privately held corporation we want to "take it from there" so to speak--- we don't need taxpayer money to do so. we do NEED adequately prepared youth who want to work and have the fundamental skills sets in arithmetic, spelling, reading comprehension, applied problem solving, and public speaking and communications.

let's do this!

Tom R

Anyone want to bet me a 6 pack of beer that the House’s Rosenstein impeachment is nothing but kabuki theater to promote this?


Kevlar Kid

Make Our Farmers Great Again"

--- fuckin' a.


"public - private partnership" skimming tax dollars while delivering waste at government speed. There is no reason to do this, ever.

Kevlar Kid

POTUS thanks Big Pharma for retracting their price increases.


From CNN:

JUST IN: House Speaker Paul Ryan says he does not support House conservatives' efforts to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein https://cnn.it/2AelXH0

Miss Marple

I like watching these roundtables. You get a sense of how up on all of the topics President Trump really is.

I am so glad that Parscale and Scovino set up these live streams, as none of the networks give much coverage.

Kevlar Kid

Tom R:

i don't see the point of betting on anything related to the executive players involved in the coup attempt.

besides, if Jordan wants to garner support for Speakership vote he could choose issues with more traction inside the Congressional chicken ranch.

my 2 cents. i respect your view on this.


Man Tran

My buds circulated the original Seattle story and right on cue I will be down there in a couple weeks to see if I can convince them to buy a few of my widgets. If they can waste a few $100 Mil on mis-speced cars, my stuff wouldn’t be a rounding error.

Eye Doctor

Tommy boy

Do you have a problem with Jim Jordan?


They want more graft (I mean earmarks) and more kabuki like the grishenko hunt.

Kevlar Kid

Perkins Bill passage.... that's big. Ivanka's announcement!

This is great stuff. Sure there will be problems but "Career and Technical Education" is going to be a big gainer in sec schools if there is enough focus on today's opportunities.

very cool.

tasteful intro of Ivanka Trump by POTUS.

Jim Eagle


In re PDP's and DEC, rememer DECmate? Think of the evolution from there, and earlier languages like BASIC. That and no more GOTO:)

Kevlar Kid

VA bureaucracy is now in the crosshairs with "CHOICE" legislation? 44 years of delays and denial of service.

i love how this man just TALKS and makes his point.

can you imagine having to listen to The Rat stumble and uh duh buh his way through something this substantive.

Eye Doctor

Let me get this straight Tom R

Jim Jordan = bad

Muller and Rosentein = good

Have I got you correct?

Eye Doctor

I'll take that bet, Tommy boy


JiB, I started on Data General (74) and Apple (76). The PDP-10 was just for P-Chem Lab. Professionally I did IBM mainframe, and Mid-range platforms, PCs, and some UNIX. Now LINUX. I can't count the number of languages en route (including product management of Natural Language Query products, CASE tools, AI tools, and general source / object management- all in the 80s). GOTO is an excellent thing, sad to lose it.

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