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July 26, 2018



I am so liking updating the JOM thread by touching the timestamp in the last post. Thank you much, TK.

Railroads use RFID to track all rolling stock. Seems to be working pretty well. Hard to say I would trust government not to screw it up or find another way to abuse us.

Man Tran, I didn't see my first PDP-11 until I got out of school and by then the ASR 33 was replaced by the VT 100.

Captain Hate

Man Tran,

I'm glad that at least one honest man can benefits from their idiocy by trying to bail out their poor decision making.

Last night Ol' Yeller started boring me by going into great detail of what a lowlife Cohen is so I watched his Sunday interview with Mike Huckabee, whose image has gotten an incredible upgrade in the last two years, making me highly suspicious of what the trueCon online media had been leading me to believe. Anyway the interview was outstanding but one tidbit which caught my eye was that although Slick's hangers on despised Huck for being a Republican in a solid donk state, Slick himself was very open to working with all the governors. Who wasn't easy for the governors to work with was GWB and his cabinet and staff made access to him impossible. I have a feeling that history won't be kind for the people GWB surrounded himself with and except for Cheney, Powell wasn't an outlier.

Captain Hate

...can benefit...


I will take that bet. Jordan will make an excellent Speaker.
I want those documents that Rosenstein is hiding.

Eye Doctor

The GWB clan actively work to pass the torch to Obama!

Kevlar Kid

these templates discussed by the Iowa official on "partnerships--- school and academia" are not new... not a diss....speaks to how quickly these can be implemented.

there is a caveat that's traditionally hampered these partnerships---- it's on the academic side.... "career" preparation tends to stray into ambiguities such as "valuing the role of work in the student's life" etc etc.

the academics that will be writing the program development "guided pathways" such as "career readiness" and "learning readiness" will be growing the kudzoo that will turn more businesses away than will be partnered with--- UNLESS there is tough program evaluation, both summative and cumulative.

this is a federal initiative so the fiends that rse has covered amply over time will be laying in wait for their cut of R and D dollars for their respective rat holes.

Kevlar Kid

Rep Blum just coal shoveled The Rat.

Man Tran

Porch, if you are around, re the Columbia Basin history, Graham Hancock’s last book, Magicians of the Gods, spends the first part exploring that whole issue. The new fringe theory is that the Clovis Comet hit in multiple places across the continent and induced massive melting of the icecap. There are huge glacial erratics up on the east side of the Cascades that couldn’t have been left by any other likely means. The establishmentarians argue the the Missoula floods carved it all out, but apparently the event was orders of magnitude greater than that.


Condaleeza Rice was a good cabinet member as was Karen Hughes and countless others.
President Bush has some excellent people like Rumsfeld and other smart people.
Don’t believe the revisionist history wrt him.


The lawfare never ends:

U.S. District Court Judge Jesse Furman found that the U.S. Census Bureau has the right in general to ask about citizenship. But he will continue the lawsuit because plaintiffs "plausibly allege" that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross' decision to add the question stemmed from "discriminatory animus and that its application will result in a discriminatory effect."

But Furman cautioned that plaintiffs might not ultimately be victorious, saying that Ross has "broad authority" over the census.

then this bit:

Not all states are opposed to the inclusion of a question about a person's citizenship status. The state of Alabama has filed its own lawsuit against the bureau to block counting people without legal documentation. The state argues it could potentially lose a congressional representative if undocumented residents in other states are counted.


Miss Marple

Cleveland Area folks!

Everyone meet Barker Mayfield, a nine-week old spaniel mix!

Always been considered the underdog - she’s looking to find her furrrever home in Cleveland 🧡

Find her and more puppies up for adoption at our #BrownsCamp Puppy Pound! pic.twitter.com/tSzeKECCpM

— Cleveland Browns (@Browns) July 26, 2018

Absolutely heart-warming pic at the link.

Captain Hate

Condoleeza Rice was a RINO fraud who actively undermined Cheney and it's about time people recognize that. Karen Hughes wasn't a cabinet member but she was one of the few people who hectored GWB to level with the public which that dunce hated to do and Rove was always there with his binkie and soothing words assuring him the mean woman would eventually go away, which she did.

Rumsfeld was good too; I won't argue with him and Hughes.


So was it moores that allowed the kind of databases that enable mining or programs like jquery?


Muller must be trying to get fired before the midterms.

Miss Marple

I appreciate these businesses being in the spotlight so that they can be seen as positive forces in our communities, rather than the villains they have been cast as for the last 8 years.


Law, I agree about rumsfeld and Hughes, maybe condi imbibed too much of the university ethos even at hoover,


Don't you mean especially at hoover, narc?


Yes, so is hillsdale and grove city still safe?

Captain Hate

Muller must be trying to get fired before the midterms.

Image wise it's probably his best exit strategy. There's already a lot of grumbling on the other side that he's wasting time and finding nothing.


Pop Stuart was a bit dim but seriously:


James D.

Everyone meet Barker Mayfield, a nine-week old spaniel mix!

Always been considered the underdog - she’s looking to find her furrrever home in Cleveland

Maybe the Cavaliers can adopt her and start her at power forward next season...

(sorry, couldn't resist)



Feinstein: Rosenstein Impeachment is ‘Partisan Nonsense,’ ‘Dangerous for the Rule of Law’



If we can bankrupt Roger Waters we could get a new album out of your Mars rover. Call it promotion.

Jim Eagle


2001: A Space Odyssey was premiered in 1968. HAL 9000 demonstrated AI in all it's potential evil forms. Same year Terry Winograd introduced SHRDLU, which I believe was the first AI language. Correct?

/Norbert Weiner to the white courtesy phone:)

James D.

henry @ 1:50

If anybody would know about partisan nonsense, and being dangerous to the rule of law, it would be DiFi.


It is a good thing I am the only one in my family who reads this blog or my whole family would be on the bandwagon to adopt one of those pups.

James D.

HAL 9000 demonstrated AI in all it's potential evil forms.

Hal was not evil! That is simply a vicious slander!

He was given contradictory directives by his fallable and dishonest human programmers, and he resolved them in the only way available to him. He's the hero of that movie!


I don't trust arnn at all and he is a bad historian. Their barney charter school initiative is bad news and heavily tied to the false ed narrative. He is also on the board at the heritage foundation.

I say all that having visited there with one of my kids when she was a high school junior. Hillsdale has also been aggressively pushing the Communism is synonymous wth Marxism which is demonstrable not true.

Miss Marple

The Iowa Governor is impressive. I have never seen her before.


So true.
Now on to the business of getting those documents that were promised many times over.
Mr. Sessions time to inform your under secretary about the facts of life wrt his obligation to inform Congress who has the right to oversee his activities and to make sure he is accountable to them and the American people.


JiB, i think you have that correct.

My first computing was helping my mother with the Payroll processing at the college she was a prof at. Lots of card decks, fortran calcs. They had me "test" the Club of Rome sims... I could destroy the planet in no time at all. "Hey, your supposed to save the planet!"; "why?" The students that worked in the computer room built a cromemco (8080 based), and the lunar lander simulation was entertaining on it (especially by putting GOTO in key spots). They did get a kick out of the rotate lander 180 vertical then kick "retro" rocket to full blast trick. I think i set a record for impact energy by timing the burn.

Miss Marple

Zuckerberg really does look like an android, doesn't he? Lots of pictures of him on Twitter today which is why I brought it up.


And hes a t 600 model, data was more responsive.


new thread

Man Tran


I was tangentially involved in the RR car tagging from the beginning. Even played with a couple of the prototypes before they picked Amtek as the sole source. Another example of giving all the tech to Chinese and then watching them mangle it.

The best story was back around 95, there was a railyard in Amarillo and it had a tag reader on each end of the facility. Tags were read correctly inbound, but failed on departure. Turns out there was an old radar facility across the parallel highway and next to a grade school. It was there from way back when they were looking for Russian bombers coming over the horizon. Anyway, there was an RF leak on the backside of the antenna that fried every tag that rolled past. It also killed an old lady’s Chrysler that had to be hauled off every time she drove by there. They never did bother to check on the kids going to school there for the previous five decades.


In this story about our Fish and Game Department having to put down another Black Bear I was surprised to read this statistic:

So far this year in the Anchorage area, Marsh said, Fish and Game along with law enforcement officers have made 23 “agency kills” of bears – including 10 brown bears and 13 black bears. An additional four black bears have been killed by residents in defense of life or property.

That total of 27 bears is comparable to the 31 bears killed last year in and near Anchorage between April and October, including 17 agency kills and 14 in defense of life or property. Months still remain this year, however, until the area’s bears hibernate for the winter.

That was more than I expected.

Ralph L

new thread

Rump torture is SOP

Intent is part of the criminality formula

"I have listened to your political soliliquy as a Secretary of State sitting at that table demeaning some members here because you said that Senator Shaheen believes more the Russian defense. She was quoting because we don't know what our own government is saying."

"If President Obama did what President Trump did in Helsinki I would be peeling you off the Capitol ceiling," he reminded Pompeo.

"When the president speaks it is the policy of the United States. When he says in one respect I applaud this declaration about Crimea and says Russia should join the G-7. The reason Russia is not in the G-7 is because they invaded Ukraine. Which is the policy? Because when the President speaks it is the policy. when you speak around the world people believe that what you say is a reflection of the policy of the United States."


In an interview with CBSN on Thursday, Merkley criticized the administration's response to reuniting families saying they didn't track connections when processing children, making it harder for border officials to reunite children with their parents. "I'm glad they're making progress, but we should have never been in this place to begin with," Merkley said.

The administration instead sent a "political message" by "inflicting trauma on children" by forcing children into packed warehouses and processing centers to await their reunification with family members seeking asylum at the U.S. border, Merkley told CBSN.

Merkley was one of the first U.S. lawmakers to publicize the issue of family separation at the border, after live-streaming his unsuccessful attempt to enter a detention facility in Texas last month. The senator was eventually allowed entry into a separate facility, and still, he told CBS News, the images he says are "seared" into his mind.

Merkley told CBSN that in his conversations with detention facility staff, they cited a lack of mental health counselors to provide assistance to young children being an issue at the border.

"There obviously was no planning, and to not have mental health counselors when you have children who've gone through trauma broadly, they've been traumatized en route, they've been traumatized when they were taken away from their parents," Merkley said. "And there was no planning for counseling services, and kids just stuffed in there overloading the facility. It really was extraordinarily disturbing to see the U.S. involved in this type of child snatching strategy.".


"JiB, I started on Data General (74)"

I worked at Data General from '78 until I think '82.


Instead, because Speaker Paul Ryan, the zombie-eyed granny starver from the state of Wisconsin, largely has taken leave of a job he wasn’t doing anyway, we actually have to deal with a piece of legislation that is merely a thinly camouflaged direct-mail appeal. From CNN:

The resolution to impeach Rosenstein, which Meadows and his conservative allies have been threatening for weeks, is the strongest step that conservative allies of President Donald Trump have taken in their feud with Rosenstein and the Justice Department. In a statement, Meadows said Rosenstein should be impeached because of the Justice Department's stonewalling of congressional subpoenas and hiding information from Congress, and for signing one of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant renewals for Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page. Rosenstein has fiercely pushed back against his House Republican critics, warning in May that the Justice Department is "not going to be extorted" amid threats that he could be impeached.
Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan have no formal positions in the barely discernible leadership of the House majority, but they command the loyalty of the Goobers and Gomers

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