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July 06, 2018


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I believe you're thinking of Kirk Douglas in Ace in the Hole.


Just received this by text from a concerned friend which is exactly where Momma is now with the pups and where she does her noon walk almost every day of the year: Bear killed after it smashes SUV window and climbs inside at Anchorage trailhead

Some amazing pictures.


Kev, I'm sure the Nobel Committee will find a #NeverTrump penumbra to Nobel's will. It is likely in the clause after the JugEars gets a gimme bit.

Kevlar Kid

According to this poll, 62 percent of Americans want Trump’s nominee confirmed this year.

NBC Poll

Eye Doctor


Do you believe that Mueller is going after Podesta?


"Save the etiquette lecture."

As soon as you stop acting like a liberal ass.

Eye Doctor

It's the liberal asses that tell us we should not hurt anyones feelings.


I think Kavanaugh would/should be the hardest to confirm with all his ties to the Bush's lobbyists and other bad things. I think Barrett would be the one that Trump would enjoy the most because of the abortion issue, She's not an activist, which is what they say they are worried about.

right now I'm leaning toward Hardiman as the pick.


I like the Barrett idea. If they trash and defeat her, the backlash will be tremendous and just in time for November. And if she gets confirmed, the left will be apoplectic and dispirited.

Win win.


I agree Ex!

Kevlar Kid

More on DOJ's Schools:(from Slate. i know.)


Eye Doctor


What is the etiquette on Tommy boy insulting those who know for a fact that Mueller is crooked with his endless bullshit?

Kevlar Kid

Parody Ad for National Security Reporter


KK, absolutely. Nothing is bothering the President. Nothing. That's a very good sign to me.

Kevlar Kid

Hope you're doing well, RG!


Eye Doctor,

Go for it. All it means to me is you have no interest in having a real conversation, and sadder still, no interest in learning anything. And you don't take yourself seriously enough to care about having any credibility at all. Your choice. Perhaps you would like the crowd at Think Progress.

Eye Doctor

Yeah Jane I'm a progressive lefty. Now you're making sense. I sure I can learn a lot from you.

Kevlar Kid

more reindeer games i see, Eye Doctor.

Eye Doctor


Do you think as Tom R does that Mueller is going after Podesta and not Trump?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Whew! Just got caught up! Went and sat in the recliner to make my back feel better and dozed off, which is always disorienting to me.


sat in a recliner ... and dozed off.

My one true skill. :)

Eye Doctor

Still waiting for a real question, KK



The only thing you can learn from me is that you had an opportunity to make a lot of friends and have some great conversations and you chose not to. Your choice.

Eye Doctor

Is it about making friends, Jane?


I believe you're thinking of Kirk Douglas in Ace in the Hole.

That's it Iggy! I know it by another name (The Big Carnival)

Here's Wiki on The Ace in the Hole (1951 film), and see if this bit of description doesn't sound familiar:

Ace in the Hole, also known as The Big Carnival, is a 1951 American film noir[2] starring Kirk Douglas as a cynical, disgraced reporter who stops at nothing to try to regain a job on a major newspaper. The film co-stars Jan Sterling and features Robert Arthur and Porter Hall.[3]

The story is a biting examination of the seedy relationship between the press, the news it reports and the manner in which it reports it. The film also shows how a gullible public can be manipulated by the press. Without consulting Wilder, Paramount Pictures executive Y. Frank Freeman changed the title to The Big Carnival just prior to its release.[5] Early television broadcasts retained that title, but when aired by Turner Classic Movies – and when released on DVD by The Criterion Collection in July 2007 – it reverted to Ace in the Hole.


Making friends wasn’t my goal, but it sure is a nice benefit.


daddy, it was Ace in the hole, and it's amazing how minds work. I always get Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas mixed up, and then you compounded that and got Burt Lancaster and Burt Reynolds mixed up. Great flick, if a little bit cynical.

Eye Doctor

Happy for you Gentlejim.


Time to get ready for work. Guh...


Jim Jordon was just on with Brett. Amazing interview. I'm a big fan.

Tom R

Daddy @ 5:30

No question Manafort’s lawyers want to end his pre-trial incarceration. Until the judge approves that he is in solitary confinement for his own protection and as that article I linked points out, Manafort hasn’t requested that restriction be lifted so he can mingle with the general population. I guess he prefers not risking getting a shiv between his ribs.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Eye Doctor's attitude is why he is on my killfile list.

I gave up trying to engage.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Should be "Jane". Sorry, my fingers haven't entirely woken yet.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I feel bad about that bear. (Probably because I am a lower 48 person who doesn't have to deal with them.)

Seems like she was killed for being entrepreneurial and smart.


And besides, why should the left have all the women on the Court?

As for Roe v. Wade, I never did see the big deal. I grew up in NY, and abortion was legal there before Roe v. Wade, as it was in plenty of other states. Roe v. Wade made no difference in NY.

Btw, how many states would actually ban abortions if the SC decided to vacate Roe v. Wade?

The fanaticism for Roe v. Wade makes no sense to me except as a finger in the eye of places like Oklahoma or Alabama. If those states banned abortion, people living there could easily take a drive to another state for an abortion, or move if they want to live close to a Planned Parenthood. It really wouldn't change a woman's ability to get an abortion, just the convenience of it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Beasts of England

I've been feeling a little puffy* lately and have dropped a few humblebrags, so, in the interest of fairness, I feel obliged to report the opposite...

I dropped by the gas station to grab a few sundries and a guy and girl were ahead of me buying beer. They looked like they weren't old enough to drive. When I was paying, I made that observation to the cute young thing, and she laughed and said he didn't even use a fake ID!

She then asked how old I thought she was. I said twenty-four. She's thirty. So I asked her to guess my age. She said 'Well, you're younger than my grandpa - early sixties?' Boom goes the dynamite!! I about fell over laughing...

Oh, well - ya can't win 'em all. 🤓

*the term my ex chose when she thought I was getting just a little too proud of myself. :)


Alt-Left Insanity: The Founding Fathers Would Fight Climate Change

Here’s his real evidence that the Framers were all about recycling and carbon credits and banning plastic straws:

The key question for Jefferson was very simple: Must later generations “consider the preceding generation as having had a right to eat up the whole soil of their country, in the course of a life?” Soil was an obvious focal point for examining the issue of intergenerational equity for a Virginia planter like Jefferson.

The answer to Jefferson was another self-evident truth: “Every one will say no; that the soil is the gift of God to the living, as much as it had been to the deceased generation.”

That’s it. Jefferson believed in stewardship, and opposed heedless destruction of resources. So do I. So does everybody. It's a heckuva long stretch to get from there to making climate change the meaning of Independence Day., let alone to charge Trump with destrying it.

Kevlar Kid

Roe v Wade= "legal Definition 410 U.S. 113 (1973), established a woman's right to have an abortion without undue restrictive interference from the government. The Court held that a woman's right to decide for herself to bring or not bring a pregnancy to term is guaranteed under the Fourteenth Amendment.


decide for "herself"--- does that mean billions in government subsidies (paid for with taxpayer dinero) is also guaranteed under the 14th Amendment?

the Left isn't afraid of Roe v. Wade getting sacked. they know that vital appropriations can be ruled unconstitutional re federal funding of abortions.

my nickel is on that being POTUS' likely target to bring to SCOTUS. gets the Left all dug in and "focused" for a full frontal.

crushes them with a devastating flanking move.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


You've gotten a taste of the humility which I get when I see all these old fogies at the grocery and get impatient, until I realize they are MY age! Ha!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Paul Sperry
‏ @paulsperry_

Trump was supposed to kill GOP but he may have killed the Dem Party. In past, Dems lied to avg Americans about what they believed, putting on "middle class" mask & camouflaging their socialism & radical anti-Americanism. But Trump has smoked them out into the open for all to see!


"The fanaticism for Roe v. Wade makes no sense to me"

That's because it is non-sensical. It was wrongly decided because it is a state's issue as you pointed out. The SC decide to steal that state's power.

And I doubt it would be over-turned, but the left has nothing else. It's like he immigration issue. Obama put kids in cages and gave them to child traffickers and none of them complained. They don't give a shit about the issues - it's about getting votes.

I do think they have over-played their hands.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Congressman Jordan joins me in studio following 5 former wrestlers who claim that as OSU assistant wrestling coach, Jordan knew about a team doctor who the former athletes say sexually abused them and others. Jordan insists the allegations are false. https://t.co/6D1cAuKTdC

— Bret Baier (@BretBaier) July 6, 2018

This has 14:50 tape with the Jordan interview, which Jane referenced earlier.

Kevlar Kid

yo, Beasts!

i love that interaction.

my response to the young dolls (anyone under 45!!!)
is "Ya, early 60s; but it's all choice cuts, Darlin!"

their quick look at their beau then the look back to me, and their ensuing blush. Priceless.

all in good fun. i'm just keepin the saw sharp!


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Were these 2 men part of Bush's 1000 points of light? pic.twitter.com/lzAMDtyR8P

— unseen1 (@unseen1_unseen) July 6, 2018

Photo at link.


Mexico's president-elect will propose amnesty law

To his own government.

MEXICO CITY – The security advisers for President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Friday that amnesty legislation aimed at lessening violence will be developed with the input of crime victims and presented to Mexico's congress.

Alfonso Durazo, proposed as the new administration's public security minister, said the amnesty law would be part of a "Mexican recipe for peace." Amnesty would not be given at the discretion of the president, he said. Congress will have the final word.

"The objective of this law is to bring youth who for various reasons of economic survival, extortion, pressure from organized crime are (working) in the illegal into the legal," Durazo said. There could be hundreds of thousands of youth working as lookouts for organized crime, he said. "We have to give them a way out."

Kevlar Kid

""We have to give them a way out."

SCAMLO is giving them a way out: the US-Swiss Cheese Border.

border jumping conquest in Europe= Islamic-inspired jihadi lite and militant jihad.

border jumping conquest over America= Mexxykinz
"needing a better life"

there connected. how many Fakestinians did The Rat import Day One by Executive Order?


Miss M, Diet Pepsi and Mountain Dew, but no Dr Pepper or RC. Can't trust those people, points of light or not.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



So back to robot cooking.

Have you ever wondered how the temperature of various foods change with time, depending on cooking temperature and method?

Say you're simmering a potato, or roasting a pork loin at 325, or smoking brats or salmon at 225, or doing a sous vide lamb chop at 135.

Do the temperatures rise linearly, meaning the same number of degrees in the same amount of time until done, or do they start to increase gradually and then accelerate? Or maybe they increase at a high rate initially and then gradually slow down.

Understanding this requires graphs.

Enter the ThermoWorks ThermaQ Blue, which connects to a phone app by Bluetooth and stores and graphically displays the cooking data, which can also be uploaded for further analysis.

(They have a cheaper product called a Blue Dot but no Android app yet, iPhone only.)

NOTE: I am not afflilated with this company in any way, but I have a number of their products and they're great.

TMI? :-)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thomas Wictor gives reasons on why he is leaving California.

Jim Eagle

Every vulnerable Dem Senator in a red state has no other option this close to the m60-id-terms to vote for whoever the pick is, Barrett or others. I predict whoever it is goes by 60-40 at the low end. No brainer for vote counters. Of Course, the Schumer-Pelosi factor could make it closer but then the GOP end up gaining at least 4 senate seats and they know that.


Tom R, God bless you, but you stated.....
{{Manafort's lawyers confirm he is in solitary confinement for his own personal safety}}
They did no such thing. The article you and I both read states that DOWNING, Manaforts attorney stated that the FED/PRISON COULD NOT GUARANTEE MANAFORTS SAFETY. THE GOVERNMENT SAID IT WAS FOR HIS SAFETY....not MANAFORTS attorney.

Other than that. Carry on Tom.

No mal-intent nor snark intended, just clearing up what I believe is a mistatement.


I had an inmate who was transferred from walpole and kept in the hole for his safety. Now I guess I've become rather skeptical about any stories they'd tell me but I did believe this guy. He said he walked around the corner and saw two guys trying to decapitate a guy with a mop wringer. He turned and ran and they chased him until he ran into an officer and snitched. He also told me he heard they killed the dude for a couple of pills. So yeah, I agree TomR, someone would shank Manafort for a cigarette IMO!

Eye Doctor

Maybe they should confine Awan for his own good?


Boy, that line about Mr Scott Schools being "the conscience of the DOJ" sure is making the rounds lately.

We all know who The "Lion" of the Senate was of course, but it makes makes me wonder who some other "somethings" are of our vaunted Institutions. For instance, who is:

---The "Integrity" of the Media?

---The "Morality" of Hollywood?

---The "Candor" of the FBI?

---The "Scruples" of the CIA?

---The "Virtue" of the 9th Circuit Court?

---The "Decency" of the Mueller Investigative Team?

---The "Probity" of the Clinton Foundation?

---The "Rectitude" of the Southern Poverty Law Center?

---The "Dignity" of The White House Press Corps?

Whew! Excepting for us all agreeing that Mr Schools is The "Conscience" of the DOJ, the rest of those are tough!

Jim Eagle

As a practicing Catholic, I can tell you know, if Barrett is nominated and Feinstein and Durbin pull that crap on her, she gets confirmed in huge majority. You want to piss off the Dem catholics? Go ahead. They will be ashamed at that kind of attack.

This is the kind of political theater Trump enjoys pulling on those asshats.



The shadow director of the controversial consumer finance bureau has resigned and plans to drop her legal challenge against the agency, clearing the way for President Donald Trump’s nominee to take the helm.

Leandra English, who was appointed acting head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) by former director Richard Cordray before he left in November, filed a lawsuit for the job when Trump appointed Mick Mulvaney, also the director of the Office of Management and Budget, as interim chief.

“I will be stepping down from my position at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau early next week, having made this decision in light of the recent nomination of a new Director,” English said in a statement posted on Twitter by her attorney, Deepak Gupta.

Trump nominated Kathy Kraninger to lead the CFPB June 16. Mulvaney would have had to resign as interim head June 22 if Trump didn’t nominate anyone to go through Senate confirmation.

“I want to thank all of the CFPB’s dedicated career civil servants for your important work on behalf of consumers,” English said.


Trey Gowdy: Republicans don’t give ‘much of a damn what Adam Schiff thinks’

"Let me tell you this about Adam," Gowdy said. ”Adam's had a terrible last couple of years. He wanted to be the attorney general under Hillary Clinton and no one in the country worked harder to protect her than Adam Schiff."

"He wanted to be the head of the CIA. He wanted to run for California and the run for Senate and the People's Republic of California, but he couldn't win either of those seats. So, now, now, he wants to be the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Speaking of the apocalypse, Adam Schiff wants to be the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee," he continued.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


wictor also has a few things to say about that Congolese woman on the Statue of Liberty.

jimmyk on iPhone

“He also told me he heard they killed the dude for a couple of pills.“

I kind of doubt Manafort is in that kind of prison, though nothing would surprise me.


Leandra English, there is an Acela leaving DC this evening. Be under it.*

* old joke re Carm Cozza and his loss first time up as head coach vs Harvard.


I feel bad about that bear.

Miss M,

I remember a few years back posting here just after getting home from a walk wherein the 2 pups and I unexpectedly came upon an enormous Brown Bear in a stream just off the path, hidden by tall weeds. I remember being instantly terrified, yet at the same instant also able to observe and admire the amazing beauty of the great beast so close up.


I think the good citizens of CHICAGO should all be incarcerated in solitary. For their own good.

All these death threats on MAD MAX WATERS, LOCK her up and take away her wig. FOR HER OWN GOOD.



Do you have a David Letterman/Gen Longstreet beard going?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Alicia Jennings, NBC
‏ @aliciakjennings
36m36 minutes ago

Pool traveling w/ @SecPompeo reports he’s heading to make a secure call to @realDonaldTrump updating on ongoing discussions in #NorthKorea


Thomas Jefferson was a proto-environmentalist.

So watering trees with blood was a method to save water?

I dig it.


I'm still low tech, Ext. Another Dutch oven success story, but no graphs.

7-8 Kirkland brats

2 white sweet onions chopped

10-12 Yukon Gold potatoes cut to 3/4ish cube-ish size

About a tablespoon of dijon mustard

About a tablespoon of olive oil.

Some more olive oil for the hell of it.

Salt and pepper.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Oil the dutch oven. Add some onions, add some potatoes, add the brats. Mix the oil and the mustard into a slime. Spread some slime over what is in the pot. Add the rest of the onions and the potatoes and cover them with the remaining slime.

Now gently toss the whole mess, with some salt and pepper, and make sure everything is coated. At this point I mixed a little more mustard and oil and added it because I wasn't happy with the initial coating.

Put the lid on the Dutch oven and throw it in the oven for about an hour. Stir the pot at the 30min mark. Pull it out of the oven close to the hour mark and check the temp of a brat. Mine was close to 165 so I removed the Dutch oven and I pulled all the brats out and browned them in a separate oiled pan, and then returned them to the Dutch oven to serve.

Oh my.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

“Last year ICE agents rescued 518 human trafficking victims and 904 children subjected to exploitation, yet Cynthia Nixon calls ICE agents ‘TERRORISTS.’ What a disgrace.”~@VP pic.twitter.com/VXVaNYF72A

— Dan Siddons (@SiddonsDan) July 6, 2018

Link goes to Pence's statement on video.


Awesome TK! Cooking is art. Not science.


I feel like Elizabeth Warren's mom was beating around the bush about great grandpa's raging alchoholism.


I found that one on The Google, henry. My Birther research skills finally have a use.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Dennis Miller
‏Verified account @DennisDMZ
2h2 hours ago

What are the odds Trump tells the pilot on Air Force One to do a "Top Gun" Fly-by and sever the tethers on the Baby Trump Blimp as they come into London?


Condolences to those who have lost loved ones.
You are in my prayers.
The trip to France was wonderful and it was great to hear the cheers from the different bars as France advanced in the World Cup.
We returned home through Belgium and that country was also thrilled as they continued to win.
I took the advice of the posters here wrt places to see in Paris.
Loved all of it.
Also visited Toulouse and Lyon which were charming.
Agree with JamesD, Thomas Colli s and Old Lurker wrt to current events.
After being gone for 9 days,nothing ew under the sun here wrt politics.
Jane is right:
The Dems have over reached.
Will lose in the midterms.
Two Dems I really hope lose are Brown of Ohio and McCaskill of Missouri.



Yesterday, I discussed the allegation that, decades ago, Jim Jordan did not take action to curb sexual harassment of wrestlers he was coaching at Ohio State. Jordan says he didn’t know about the harassment, but two former wrestlers say he did.

Unfortunately for the anti-Jordan forces, the two wrestlers — Dunyasha Yetts and Mike DiSabato — turn out to be, respectively, a convicted criminal and an guy who recently was charged with a crime. Their credibility is negligible.

It’s also worth noting that the two ex-wrestlers are represented by the law firm of Perkins, Coie. That’s the Seattle-based operation that served as the go-between between Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Fusion/GPS, as they colluded with Russians to put together the phony dossier for use against Donald Trump.


Lourdes was a life changing moment for me as the show of faith, love and hope was ever present.


Maryrose, can you add Baldwin of WI to your "really hope lose" list? :)


Jordan is a real threat to the Left and could possibly be the next Speaker so the call has gone out to try and destroy him.
He is squeaky clean so they won’t succeed.
When will Dems grow tired of losing?
They only had a minor victory on Ocare because of McCain.


Sure can and I hope on election night you can provide the local coverage of how that race is progressing.


Maryrose, deal.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Just this morning I was wondering why you hadn't posted. I had forgotten you were going to France.

Glad you had a good time and saw a lot of wonderful sites!

Welcome home!


The shadow director of the controversial consumer finance bureau has resigned and plans to drop her legal challenge against the agency, clearing the way for President Donald Trump’s nominee to take the helm. Leandra English...

“I will be stepping down from my position at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau early next week, having made this decision in light of the recent nomination of a new Director...

The "Authenticity" of the CFPB?

The "Validity" of the CFPB?

The "Legitimacy" of the CFPB?

The "Avignon Pope" of the CFPB?

The "Half baked, nutcase, counterfeit as a $3 Bill, carnival barkin' 2 bit Jezebel" of the CFPB?


Latinphiles, do you agree that there cannot be a more fitting radio station's call letters than WMAL?

Jim Eagle


So happy you loved France. It is a special country, like ours.Also like us totally misrepresented on blogs and the media. Lourdes is very special. Near my SIL and BIL in Dax.

Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Jim Eagle


I'll bite since I am a Latin scholar.

clarice feldman

Maryrose! Glad your trip was a success. And that you've returned in time to put your triple dose wahmy on those who deserve it. XO


I've never seen Foxcatcher but Joe Rogan has some real problems with the storyline. Weren't the Schulz brothers out of Ohio State?

I have no doubt that you can troll up a couple of washed up atheletes who will read from a script faster than Courtney Love will snort suspicions white powder off a bathroom counter.


I had one of these in the 80s, except mine was a 72. And I had the motor rebuilt at K&G Speed Shop. Block bored & stroked, heads shaved, bit of cam, Holley double pumper mechanical 1150, manifold, exhaust improvements (dual w/ glass packs). The urban assault sales vehicle. They don't make those any more, dammit.



MAL malodorous. Malingering malignant mal pais etc.


Surprise the ap got something wring again:



IOW who are the marketing wizards who came up with THAT one?

Eye Doctor

College wrestlers do not need anyone's help slapping down a fagot doctor.


No, they were Californians, Palo alto high grads. The story had its creative revision.


One was a coach at u w, they had Pennsylvania residence and even had one meeting in bloomington.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


In my youth I was a huge comic fan, and when Marvel made its appearance I was a confirmed follower.

I loved Spiderman!

RIP Mr. Ditko.


Seems like a good evening for Team America World Police. Valmorification complete. Dirka dirka jihad!


Hans Brix! Oh no!


Maybe he was replaced by a replicant:


Oh and you'll never guess Louise menschs hot take on the other broke girl.


I think my first memory of Spiderman was the animated series, that they used the song in the second series and the live action series with Nicholas Hammond around 1978, who was a much older peter Parker.

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