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July 01, 2018



This is good.


Old, but good. :)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Miss Marple the Deplorable

President Trump's interview is linked on these two tweets.

.@realDonaldTrump President Trump speaks out on replacing Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court, the U.S. economy and trade deals in part 1 of his interview with Maria Bartiromo on 'Sunday Morning Futures.' @POTUS @SundayFutures @FoxNews

— Maria Bartiromo (@MariaBartiromo) July 1, 2018

.@POTUS Trump: European Union is possibly as bad as China @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @SundayFutures @FoxNews

— Maria Bartiromo (@MariaBartiromo) July 1, 2018

And, as if to prove his point, read some of the comments to MM's article @10:50.

People seem clueless as to the irony.


Occasionally-Cornholio didn't work for RODHAM or SCHUMER, but she's a BRONX GIRL?? Pfffffffft.

I guess she is about the right age to go for a ride in Ted the Swimmmers' Delta 88.


Momto2, they are gone. Their IDEOLOGY has been BROKEN down to it's disgusting CORE.
What they've claimed to stand for has been EXPOSED
Who they claim to love and help is a LIE,
What they desire has been shown in the light of day.
All they have left is a RELIGION that isn't.

Jack is Back!

Russia giving Spain all it can handle. Score is 1-1 and a Spanish player has yet to score a goal.

Blast from the Past

He promoted ideologies that Snyder inventively describes as schizo-fascism: “actual fascists calling their opponents ‘fascists,’ blaming the Holocaust on the Jews, treating the Second World War as an argument for more violence.” Putin’s favored ideologist, Alexander Dugin, “could celebrate the victory of fascist in fascist language while condemning as ‘fascist’ his opponents.”

In this new schizo-fascism, homosexuals played the part assigned to Jews by the fascists of earlier eras. Democratic societies were branded by Russian TV as “homodictatorships.” When Ukrainians protested against faked elections and the murder of protesters, Russian TV told viewers, “The fact that the first and most zealous integrators [with the European Union] in Ukraine are sexual perverts has long been known.” Putin himself struck more macho poses and wore outfits more butch than all the stars of the Village People combined. In Snyder’s pithy phrase, "Putin was offering masculinity as an argument against democracy.”.

Jack is Back!


Neat story about a bunch of cadets from Marion Military Academy in Alabama learing Gaelic in Donegal, Ireland.

You may have to hang a sign on your joint that reads: "Gaeilge a labhairt linn"

[Irish Spoken Here:]

Blast from the Past

Celtic, Doofus

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Mark Lutchman
‏ @marklutchman
9m9 minutes ago

13,506 marines applied for White House detail last week. None applied over the last 8 years. They had to be assigned!

What does that tell you?

Another Bob

NSA is deleting the metadata for 685M phone calls that were turned over by phone companies since 2015. This, apparently, because of a "technical error" and that some calls were collected that weren't legally permitted to be collected.

I question the timing.

Yes, I've become that paranoid about the federal government.

Jack is Back!


13,506 marines applied for White House detail last week. None applied over the last 8 years.

Was Hillary one of them?

Beasts of England

Thanks, JiB!! That's a neat program. My Dad was friends with one of their past superintendents - MG Clyde Spencer - and we visited with him down there many years ago. Beautiful campus...

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Officially creepy story.


No, Rodham went to the DOGS.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here is a Twitter link to that story, with a bunch of interesting and some hilarious comments.


That is MOAR than creepy Miss M. The whole story, start to finish, is SICK.


"Yes, I've become that paranoid about the federal government."

How long before we find out the data was hacked before the NSA decided to delete it?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Just keep in mind, these are the people who are all over Twitter accusing us of being ignorant and immoral.

By the way, I think being wrapped in plastic is going to be fatal because it keeps your skin from getting rid of toxins.


Well, in my mind that Hollywood story had a happy ending.

The UCLA students are better off.

Christian Nation

How dare you?" Waters, a Democrat from California, said at the Los Angeles rally. "How dare you take the babies from mothers' arms? How dare you take the children and send them all across the country into so-called detention centers? Donald Trump, you think you can get away with everything, but you have gone too far when you are trying to break up families in the way that you do."


Yes Miss M... A lot like fully painting the skin. (Goldfinger for a movie reference).


Keep talkin' Mad Max!!!


I wonder how much MAD MAX paid for that wig.

Christian Nation

In essence it is breathtakingly simple: In order to justify repressive force and powers you have to create a situation for which repressive force and powers appear to be the only remedy.

Mussolini was surrounded by a hard core of sociopaths and one enduring theory about Matteotti’s murder is that they ordered it because they feared that Mussolini, now that he had legitimacy as a democratically elected leader, was flirting with the idea of accepting parliamentary constraints on absolute power.

It was always difficult to know with Mussolini how much his own deep-rooted megalomania was instrumental in his actions at any moment and how much the thugs around him influenced him by playing on his psyche. In this case, he rode out months of protests before making his move, late in 1924.

His main target was Florence. The city had become a hotbed of resistance to the fascists. Posters with pictures of Matteotti and the cry “We do not wish to be thought of as a race of slaves worthy only of being dominated and humiliated by violence and intimidation” appeared all over the city.

At the end of December, a force of 2,000 black-shirted fascist militia rampaged through Florence, smashing up the offices of an opposition newspaper and destroying its presses, hunting down and beating up lawyers and activists..


Yes the LEFT is full of love. Nothings says LOVE THE KIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDIES, like selling parts and pieces, and Scalps and livers to the highest bidder, after stabbing the baby in the head.

Then when this SICK BARBARIC practice is discovered and OUTED, the LOVING LEFT including Ward, attack the person who EXPOSED them.

THE FULL COMMIE is a sick IDEOLOGY, and the FULL COMMIE is shyting it's collective PANT, because it is unraveling.

clarice feldman

For 8 years the process of separating the kids--and often handing them over to traffickers didn't bother them. WOnder what changed? In 1996 when CLinton signed this into law it didn't bother them. What changed?


Now Clarice, the answer is simple: Sarah Sanders attempted to eat dinner at the Red Hen. Everyone knows that.


What changed is they need ammo to attack the President. THE FULL COMMIE is just that...THE FULL COMMIE. They are evil people, no values, no morals no principles, just lies ALL THE TIME.

Eye Doctor

Good morning, I might be inclined to consider Rosenstein a white hat except for his role helping Holder bury the Mikeran story with a sweetheart plea.

Think about this: The investigation of Russian racketeering in the American energy sector was the kind of spectacular success over which the FBI and Justice Department typically do a bells-n-whistles victory lap — the big self-congratulatory press conference followed by the media-intensive prosecutions . . . and, of course, more press conferences.
Here . . . crickets.

As the Hill reports, the Justice Department and FBI had little to say when Mikerin and his co-conspirators were arrested. They quietly negotiated guilty pleas that were announced with no fanfare just before Labor Day. It was arranged that Mikerin would be sentenced just before Christmas. All under the radar.

How desperate was the Obama Justice Department to plead the case out? Here, Rosenstein and Holder will have some explaining to do.

Mikerin was arrested on a complaint describing a racketeering scheme that stretched back to 2004 and included extortion, fraud, and money laundering. Yet he was permitted to plead guilty to a single count of money-laundering conspiracy.

I still think he's praying for a Hail Mary Midterm.

Posted by: Rocco | July 01, 2018 at 10:10 AM

A post worth reading.

But what do we hear here?


Miss Marple the Deplorable

I kept seeing on Twitter that Justice Willett's tweets might be prbleematic for him if he gets the SC nomination.

So, this ABC story finally popped up, and it seems to me the problem is that he has a personality and a sense of humor!

Jack is Back!

Russia v. Spain goes to penalties after 120 minutes. I give the Russians credit for staying strong defensively while suffering leg cramps in a hot muggy Moscow. Kind of weather Spain is familiar with playing in.

Matthew 23

Obviously Trump is the symptom not the causative factor in 1/3 of our Blechtorate being fascistic


11 guys. All within 30 yards of the goal.
They are happy with a draw apparently.
They'll take their chances on PK'S.

Captain Hate

The Horde gab show summary:

Occasionally-Cornholed isn't smart. Needed to hear her with Chuck Todd to confirm this. If she doesn't fuck up she'll hold her seat forever, but she's just another vote.

If she was smart, she'd be mayor of NYC down the road. She has everything else going.
Posted by: Ignoramus at July 01, 2018 11:55 AM (pV/54)

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Think: Head to the pool!
Radar: T-storms bloom


... and it's raining!


And that is why they settled for pks

Beasts of England

I'm almost positive that someone has linked a Willet tweet on JOM in the last year or so, Miss Marple. (probably you!). He's hilarious!!

Matthew 23

She's holding out for a better deal for Maine...slut

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Russia! Russia! Russia! #WC2018

One russian collusion I can get behind!


only where you live steph.

Quite the pop up shower you have there.

Matthew 23



Jack, Spain outsmarted themselves.
On a penalty kick there's not a damn thing the goalie can do, if you drill it. Not a thing.
Harry Kane is the perfect example. He steps to the ball and throws a fast ball to the goalies right.

The Infamous Ignatz

Mad Max and the progs are just POed the ICE amateurs only temporarily break up families.
They want more llegals admitted so they can abort and welfare state their familiez into oblivion permanently the way it's supposed to be done.

Matthew 23

Abort or Abuse, Ignazi

Trumpkin Sophies Choice


Capn. Which Democrat IS smart. If your entire platform is lies and communism, being smart doesn't enter into the equation.
They are CELEBRETARDS to the FULL COMMIE masses.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

True, RSE... and it's probably sunny at the club.

Another Bob

Suppose the World Cup video review people feared a Polonium sandwich if they called that penalty against Russia in the final minutes of regulation?

Helluva save by the Russian 'keeper on the last penalty kick though.


Yes the DEMOCRAT PARTY prefers the KIDDDDDDDDDIES dead and their PARTS for sale.

With at scissors in your skull.


Matthew 23

President Trump has tweeted that King Salman of Saudi Arabia has promised to increase Saudi oil production by 2 million barrels a day. Trump says he feels this is important because US gasoline prices are “too high.” Trump is aware that high gasoline prices have tracked since the 1970s with public disapproval of the party in power, and is probably afraid that going into the midterms with a high price at the pump will result in heavy Republican losses in congressional races.

King Salman, however, cannot save Trump from the oil markets, even if he really wanted to, which is doubtful.

As Reuters noted, although Saudi Arabia has a theoretical ability to produce 12 million barrels a day, it can’t just do so on a dime. It would take up to a year to ramp up production that much. Nor is there evidence of Saudi ability to produce at that level in the medium to long-term.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia is a member of OPEC (the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries), which has just set member quotas and asked members to increase production slightly. World production should go up about 700,000 barrels a day. That is all Trump can hope for..

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Wictor explains why he has no use for Ben Shapiro.

And the comments all agree with him!

Captain Hate

Having that wavery voiced submediocrity, Susan Collins, receiving substantial interview time increases my disgust with the GOP well above my normal base level loathing.

For God's sake, Maine; show some level of self respect.

Eye Doctor

Private Citizen Eric Holder Rants the Probe ‘Must Stop’

Captain Hate

Stedman texting like a retard amuses me. More please.

Ends justify means

Ben Shapiro like most conservatives are ruthless so supporting Trump via his cherry-picking does nothing to substantiate their 'principles/ethics'

clarice feldman

No candidate will discuss how he would rule on cases in specifics so COllins' is an idle threat to appeal to her idiot voters. Relax.

Eye Doctor

Rosenstein, Mueller, Holder and Obama are up to their eyeballs in Uranium One!


Eye Doctor, crickets is the correct response to any of your posts! I usually don't reply to trolls but I just couldn't allow others to think my silence in any way condones anything you say. Now I'll go back to ignoring you.

Eye Doctor


In your opinion,

Did Mueller and Rosenstein do anything wrong in the Uranium One case?

Eye Doctor


I was pointing out the silence to the important article you posted.

President* Doofus

We open the doors of the cages we built and we let ourselves out, however we can, as many times as we have to until everybody’s free. It was blindingly hot on Saturday as we walked through the streets. A pair of Native American artists in full regalia danced next to a sign that read, “No one is illegal on stolen land.” Of course it feels like nothing’s getting through.


In so far as what we have discovered about trash Anderson from covington and burling (holder represented Purdue pharmaceuticals in 2006, which might be considering perjurious) she supervised klinzmith and moyer the 'lovely couple', one of whom interviewed papadopoulos.

Eye Doctor


Where are the Mueller and Rosentein defenders on Uranium One

Eye Doctor

When did putting the bad guys in charge become a brilliant "4d" move?

Captain Hate

What I learned in the book thread:


I remember when he did commentary for the sci-fi channel in the 90s, I wondered this is the fellow who wrote 'city on the edge of forever' and the script Cameron 'borrowed' for the terminator?

Captain Hate

When the Muse inspired him he was very good. He forever had an irritating side that was part and parcel of everything he did; after the Muse had enough and he started talking mostly about other people, he became defined by the irritation.


The problem with dismantling institutions is you're left with only conspiracy theories such as in the Middle East and Trumpkins make great Baghdad Bobs


Ward is upset. That's good.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

Thank you for that article on Harlan Ellison. I may have accidentally been one of the people who was familiar with him first from his novels and short stories, as opposed to his screen-writing.

When I lived in West Berlin, I used to go to the base library and check out tons of science fiction. I think I read every science fiction book that they had (all nicely separated from regular fiction, for my convenience). I always thought he had a rather haunting style.

What a nice tribute from a friend!


Looks like ANTIFA is being VIOLENT again.
Far more violent than the KKK has been in 50 years.

WARD is upset.



Nothing new.

Liberal Tears

My team's losing every day (as evidenced by my fellow skinny armed antifa "warrior" getting a beat down by a buff patriot in Portland yesterday) is making my tear production increase. I feel like I am dehydrating my brain. I hope it doesn't impact the wisdom included in my cut and paste commentary. Please help.


Yes, in the 80s when there were little secondhand bookstores notably in coral
gables, they had those paperbacks of asimov, heinlein, Harrison, clarke et al along with stacks of Mac bolans and other adventure tales


Wow! Quick goal for Croatia.


Ooops. Make that goal for Denmark.

No Rapture for you

Jesus says only Pharisee hypocrites pray in public


And an equalizer. Now 1-1. At 4 minutes in.

No Rapture for you

Short-bus Gus has some frontal lobe activity



Jack is Back!


Back in the day, I was a prolific SciFi reader. Found it was the best way to waste 5-7 hour flights and wait times between DC and SFO. Read a lot of Ellison. He did have an edge as you noted but it never seemed to interfere with reading him. No need to close the book and take a nap.

Now for a change of pace, I finally found the Twain quote, I remembered:

""Do not fear the enemy, for your enemy can only take your life. It is far better that you fear the media, for they will steal your HONOR. That awful power, the public opinion of a nation, is created in America by a horde of ignorant, self-complacent simpletons who failed at ditching and shoemaking who fetched up in journalism on their way to the poorhouse.”
~~Mark Twain"


So it’s 95 degrees. Came in from motoring on the lake, putting around at 9 mph to keep a breeze going.

Came back to the house. settled down for lunch and to cool down in the A.C.

Click, boom. Silence. No power.

... Fifteen seconds later the generator kicked in and the A.C. restarted.

Another thank you to my dear departed aunt who hated being called an aunt. Mardi bought stock she liked and kept it forever. Until she died. And her nieces and nephews should be repeating thank you until the residual goes to our children.

Thank you, Mardi!

Ruthless Demogogues

If this was a fair world, the GOP would be declared illegal and disbanded. It would have to start over without all of its corrupt members. It would be very small.

Funny how there seems to be no line Republicans will not cross in their quest for unlimited power. And how Democrats will not cross any line no matter how awful their opponents are. It might be more virtuous to be a Democrat but it comes at such a high cost.


MAD MAX WATERS. Leader of wards party.

Must be so proud.

Eye Doctor

2003 Robert Mueller orchestrates the appointment of Patrick Fitgerald as Special Counsel.

2017 Robert Mueller orchestrates the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel.

James Comey involved in both.

Just coincedence?

Matthew 23

Ever go to a restaurant with a Bible Banger? They insist everyone join hands and display their Sooper Righteous faith with an audible prayer

They have their reward

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here is the interview without interruption. I had trouble getting it to run through Twitter, so I am glad Sundance grabbed it.

I am interested in the talk about trade and the economy. It's a very good interview.

Eye Doctor

2008 Robert Mueller ignore/covers up mountains of evidence slapped on his desk that would bring down Obama.

Just coincidence?

Joy Jelly

The heated controversy over Trump's awful family separation policy has been like one of those bug-zapping lights people stick next to pools – it's attracted virtually every species of hypocrite in American public life.

The most conspicuous and ridiculous of these are the hand-over-heart never-Trump Republicans who – after decades of pushing vicious anti-immigrant rhetoric themselves – are now coming out of the woodwork to talk about how mistreatment of the undocumented is contrary to "our principles and values."

It's not easy to pick which wall-humping Republican's hug-an-immigrant statement is the worst, but one from Ted Cruz stands out. The proud champion of the basketball "ring" said:

"All of us who are seeing images of these children being pulled away from moms and dads in tears are horrified. This has to stop … We should keep children with their parents. Kids need their moms. They need their dads."

Ted Cruz was the guy who just two years ago ran for president with the plan of wiping the uninspiring Republican primary field of Jebs and Lindseys and Marcos by being the meanest of the lot on immigration.



How's Cynthia??

Former Rump



Jack is Back!

Killfile on overtime right now.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Right there with you.

I am getting pretty good at spotting them in the first sentence. I don't even have to scroll down to look at the signature! LOL!


good grief ...

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Glad that some JOMers remember Harlan Ellison fondly.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Miss Marple the Deplorable

“Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.”
--Winston Churchill, May 28, 1948#AlexandriaOcasioCortez

— Larry Elder (@larryelder) July 1, 2018

News outlets on twitter breathlessly announcing that the lipstick brand used by Alexandria Ocassinally Cornholed © has sold out after she revealed what it was. Because rockstar!

If the lipstick brand donates to her Campaign can we impeach her for violation of the Emoluments clause?

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