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July 28, 2018


Miss Marple


I think I understand the electorate pretty well. LOL!

daddy on iPad

Ginsburg is clinging to her seat.

Can someone send octogenarian Ginsburg this from another Lefty: Zeke Emanuel wants you to die at 75, suggesting Ruth has overstayed her welcome on planet Earth as a committed Leftist by already a decade.

daddy on iPad

Bringing to mind the pronouncements of lefty Ram Emanuel's brother, Lefty Zeke Emanuel, telling us that at age 75 people should be committing suicide, I think his suggestion, now that so many in politics on the Left are 75 are older, ought to be pushed as the first question at every news conference, asking wherther or not they agree with Zeke Emanuel's statement, and if not, "Why not?"


((My instant gut reaction to Warren / Holder is not to be dismissive of that pairing.))

and we'll have the MFM making them celebrities.
It'll be awful.

Beasts of England

New thread

Ralph L

neew theread

Miss Marple


Lawsuit filed against Zuckerberg and the CEO for misleading statements and concealing loss of members.


For Dems it isn't who they are, it's what they are marketed as.

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