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July 28, 2018



I've had Little kings!


I once drove across the river to La Crosse once to get some Old Style

It was 10 times better than the 3.2 crap they sold in Iowa

In Iowa we envied Wis. for its beer

Jim Eagle

When I make my Gumbo, this is what I will be playing:)



This might make for better gumbo, Jack.


Captain Hate

One of my favorite old school managers was John McNamara. One of my neighbors headed up the legal department of a local S&L and a title company used to sporadically give him tickets right behind the first base corner of the Indians dugout. We went one night when the Tribe was playing the Red Sox. Mike Torres was pitching for the Sox and had a 2-2 count on some stiff for the Indians, not Rick Manning because he was right handed, and totally fooled him on what everyone in the old stadium knew was strike three except for the home plate umpire. Torres just turned away in disgust but Johnny Mac went ballistic in the dugout and we had the best view of anyone not on the field.


Suppose Verizon got a law passed that said if you had a one night stand with one of their employees you had to pay for a Verizon phone line for the next 18 years but you only got to use it on every other weekend?

A woman who’s obsessed with the 1950s has quit her job to become a housewife for her husband. With her collection of 50s dresses, antique brooches, elegant hats and dainty gloves, Jemima Collins, 28, has recreated the forgotten era. Jemima, who quit her job as a government worker, is married to 29-year-old engineer Jack. The couple live in Brisbane, Australia. Jemima is so obsessed with the 50s lifestyle that she’s taking time out from her criminology career to take pride in leading the true lifestyle of a 1950s housewife. Although she admits she attracts lots of inquisitive stares from people curious about her fashion sense, she doesn’t care what others think. She said: ‘I love being a housewife. People might say that I’m going against feminism but it’s entirely my choice.

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2018/07/27/woman-quits-job-and-ditches-modern-life-to-become-a-1950s-housewife-7762715/?ito=cbshare


Pin, Libtards do not accept a WOMAN having CHOICE, unless the choice is to be vulgar and kill her baby.

Libtards do like it when people CHOOSE to shoot heroin and shit on the sidewalk in San FranSHITsco.
You see, then the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS yep HUNDREDS of MILLIONS shoveled out to LIBTARD SOCIAL ACTIVIST GROUPS can be spent on counseling the SHITTTTERS not to SHIT on the sidewalk. Oh!! And to provide the DRUG ADDICTED SHITTERS, NEEDLES and STRAWS errrrrr SYRINGES to feed their SHITTY addictions.
HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, shoveled to LIBTARD DO-GOODER ORGS, with no review or expectation of RESULTS.


I'll be going to the sketchy AF homeless Jack in the Box before I ever darken your door again:

At Burger King on Thursday, a man and a woman approached the counter for two orders of BK Chicken Fries. The cashier handed the man a box, in the normal brown packaging, and charged him the standard $1.69. She handed the woman a pink box, labeled “Chick Fries” and asked her to pay $3.09 -- $1.40 more than her companion.

This scene played out again and again in select Burger King locations across the country, with customers’ reactions ranging from shock, to confusion, and predictably, to anger.

But it was all a stunt orchestrated by the chain, filmed and placed onto their YouTube channel, in an effort to bring awareness to what’s known as the Pink Tax. While it’s not prevalent in the fast food industry, products aimed at women are, in general, more expensive than those aimed at men.


Kevlar Kid

"Do you remember Cincy Little Kings?

Think it came in 8, 7oz bottles"

back during so. ilnoy era we lived 90 minutes from my in-laws just across the Innyanna line in Vincennes.

two car seats in the back with two coolers on either floorboard filled with Little Kings. we could carry 2 cases in each cooler. it was a four doobie round trip over our usual 2 day stay.

between plantin and cuttin/shellin seasons we'd hit the in-laws every other week or so.

a simpler time and gentler open container laws.



A product that's often aimed at men is a gun and they vary widely in cost.

Women can do anything and Woman are utterly helpless simultaneously.


In 1989 Boris Yeltsin, at times just a Soviet parliament and High Council member, has visited United States of America with an unofficial visit. The program of the visit consisted of visiting different landmarks like a Lindon Johnes Space center in Texas etc, but Yeltsin also wanted to see how regular Americans live so he headed directly to the grocery store he saw on the street. The journalists that were with him on a trip were telling Yeltsin was pretty much shocked by the diversity in the store and was waving his hands all the time – like here on a photo. Inside you can see more photos of him in a store and also a short video which can help you understand why Yeltsin was surprised that much:



I bombarded GUS with stuff last nite on the way home but I really liked this one:

Irish Descendants - Come Out Ye' Black And Tans


Captain Hate

Anybody remember when ABC used to televise playoff baseball with Cosell (who probably understood baseball even less than football), Billy Martin, Earl and Jim Palmer. Weaver and Palmer would argue constantly about past games but I think they both really hated Martin and Cosell because they obviously shilled for the Yankees. It was the seventh game of the AL championship at Yankee Stadium against the Royals. The Yankees had beaten them the last couple of years, once featuring a boneheaded move by the White Rat to use starter Dennis Leonard as a closer which blew up in his face. Anyway it was a tied game in the top of the ninth with a runner on and Gossage came on against George Brett. Gossage threw a smoker that Brett timed perfectly and hit right off the screws. There was total silence in the broadcast booth until Palmer said in a way that you knew he was smirking "I think it landed in the third deck".


Traditional Celtic song, FILL-IÚ ORO HÚ Ó



They heed the call of Aunt Maxine.





Capn, I am looking directly at an ORANGE GAME USED AUTOGRAPHED JIM PALMER JERSEY, here in my CAVE.

Ralph L

I thought the slime off the okra was the thickener in gumbo.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter


"For some time now the Gefira Team has been keeping track of the demographic processes that are taking place in Europe, especially in its Western part. "

Amazing that a country would do this to it's self.


Chuck Schumer: 3D-Printed Guns Open Door to ‘Fully Semiautomatic Weapon’


Mongolia’s ever-growing “reverse gender gap” has resulted in many educated women complaining that there is a shortage of eligible men.

Caused by the efforts of local parents to prioritize investing in their daughters’ education over their sons, the phenomenon is almost uniquely Mongolian as it is the complete opposite of what is happening in many patriarchal countries.

The trend has been going on over the last few decades due to parents’ belief that women will take better care of them in their old age. Meanwhile, boys are kept at home so they can herd livestock.



So we may have a Gallic mcgreevet thing with macron?


If Mali is Germany's second Afghanistan what was the first?

Thousands of German soldiers are fighting a desperate losing battle together with French soldiers against Saudi funded Islamist radicals in Mali. There is a general media blackout on this war in the US due to the US government’s tight relationship with Saudi Arabia. But here in Europe we still get the news about the constant fighting, dying and heroic acts of our brave soldiers fighting Islamists in Africa.


The five main Islamists groups in Mali are Ansar Dine, Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (Mujao), al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), the Signed-in-Blood Battalion and the Islamic Movement for Azawad (IMA).

Ansar Dine is seen as a home-grown movement, led by renowned former Tuareg rebel leader Iyad Ag Ghaly.

Its objective is to impose Islamic law across Mali and its full name in Arabic is Harakat Ansar al-Dine, which translates as "movement of defenders of the faith".

In contrast, AQIM - the north African wing of al-Qaeda - has its roots in the bitter Algerian civil war of the early 1990s, but has since evolved to take on a more international Islamist agenda.

It emerged in early 2007, after the feared Algerian Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC) aligned itself with Osama Bin Laden's international network.

The group has since attracted members from Mauritania and Morocco, as well as from within Mali and its neighbours, such as Niger and Senegal.


matt - deplore me if you must

There just are not enough badass Mongolian men who hunt with eagles if you ask me. Suburban Mongols hunt with falcons, which the modern Mongol woman simply won't have.

Thank goodness that Irish song Quid Fit ue' Ra' or whatever didn't include that blasted River Dancing. That has to be one of the strangest forms of self expression on the planet. Really should be called duck dancing because the upper body is preternaturally still while the lower body is paddling like hell.

At least the Africans dance after killing a lion or something.

My poor nieces has been subject to that river dancing for years. I fault their parents. No wonder the Irish drink.


Maybe after GERMANY and FRANCE "PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE to NATO", NATO can help the brave soldier of GERMANY and FRANCE to eradicate the MUSLIM TERRORISTS.


I mean the COUNTRIES of GERMANY and FRANCE, both stand firm against their TEEN GIRLS BEING RAPED by the "Migrants". Right????


{{{At least the Africans dance after killing a lion or something.}}}}}


Ever been to CHICAGO????


I rarely click on anything referring to polls, but this probably doesn't bode well for November.


A majority of Republicans say that their views on major issues facing America most closely align with President Trump, according to a new poll released by Rassmusen on Friday.

64 percent of likely Republican voters said that the president’s views are closest to their own, the poll said. In comparison, only 20 percent of those surveyed stated that the average GOP congressman’s views aligned most with their ideas.

Miss Marple

Time for Hatch to retire. He absolutely doesn't understand the Left. Also, his "good judgement" had him palling around with Ted Kennedy.

From chasing officials out of restaurants and screaming in Secretary Chao’s face to the President’s divisive tweets and attacks on the media, our culture war has reached a tipping point. It’s time to take a step back.

Hatch is this weekend’s WSJ https://t.co/VymOEdwwCQ #utpol pic.twitter.com/I9aPkju5MV

— Senator Hatch Office (@senorrinhatch) July 28, 2018
Gnome Tome

Trump has said recently that the Russians were going to hack the midterms in favor of the Democrats because he was so tough on the Russians.

I would not be surprised if they’re thinking about some mischief in some strong blue races on behalf of Democrats to support this narrative, and I would not be surprised if Trump knows it. They could discredit some Dems who would have won anyway, push back on the 2016 narrative, and maximize GOP paranoia and aggrievement.

And quite frankly I could see a good part of the pundit class using such incidents to push a stupid narrative that victorious Dems need to ease up on the GOP and act like centrists in the crazy idea that the GOP will be centrists too and join to fight the Russian hackers. And when the extremists further their hold on the GOP, it will be the fault of Democrats for not being conciliatory enough.


Good lord!

Even the trolls are talking 4D chess now


Russkie 4D...Trump is Chutes and Ladders only


“Crumbs” Pelosi Desperately Tries to Distract From Epic 4.1% GDP Growth – Posts Completely Debunked Chart on US Wages

(I don't recommend clicking to enlarge.)

clarice feldman

Sounds wonderful, Gus.


It's caving in on DANA and LINDA. It's the inevitable result.
Same with ORREN HATCH. He has been played and willingly bent over for YEARS AND YEARS. So has "that's no who we are" RYAN.

We get FUCKED, they get paid.

Miss Marple

Federal judge orders Wisconsin to pay for gender reassignment surgeries pic.twitter.com/wVrKFvoN19

— FOX & friends (@foxandfriends) July 27, 2018
Frau Steingehirn

Thanks, CH and Beasts. Son "Secundus" installed my new PC and transferred all the carp from my old one. I cannot yet post from my Air Mac [sigh} so I could not respond yesterday to the book recommendation. Looks like a good read.

matt, decades ago, I made an Atlantic crossing to Germany. On board were Irish females who spent 9+ days on a side deck dancing to fiddle music. I had never seen such expressionless dancing . Very odd experience. They all disembarked in Cobh.

clarice feldman

Was wolfe charged with lying, not leaking, because his bosses authroized the leaks? I think so.


Miss M, I have garden shears... Where do I get Fed bucks for using them?


Can we add this to the list of memorable lines by Frau?

They all disembarked in Cobh.


The first time I ever ate White Castle was at three in the morning, outside Indy, with my two friends from Casper, WY. We were the only white people in the place.

I have to say I like Krystal's better. If I'm in the mood for an early grave.

Jack is Back! (At De Kathedraal)


Been out of pocket and just seeing your post. Little Kings was Schoenling Beer. They had 5 breweries in Cincy when I was there: Hudephl, Burger, Schoenling, Wiedaman, and Carling. You got your kegs and bottled beer at “Pony’s “ and your growlers or5 gallon jugs at local taverns. Back then if you were 18 you could drink 3.2 beer. 21 for 6.0 beer.

Miss Marple


Pretty good article about Folsom Prison Blues.


Interesting post on Wolfe, Clarice.

It's a good question why they didn't charge him with leaking when they had him dead to rights on that.


They told Ali that they only got her metadata, not her actual texts, because of course she represents a great American newspaper.

Did they ever say they had Wolfe's texts? I don't think so. The only quotes in the indictment all came from when he was using the "Signal" app, if I remember right. That was what he used to tell her how proud he was of her ability to make a career by, well, you know what he was actually proud of.

They may not have the actual texts.


Incycle: noun. A man forced to ride a bike around town because he caught too many DUI's.

Jim Eagle

Cobh or Cork, has some of the finest restaurants in all of Ireland, outside of Kinsale, which is the gourmet capital of Eire.

However, in my opinion, the finest oysters are in Galway City, and the finest Irish salmon in Ballina, County Mayo.

If you are a 3rd or 4th or 5th Irish-American, most likely your ancestors left for America from Cobh!


From the indictment:

Count #1 was his saying he didn't have contact with Reporters #1, #3 and #4. [Pretty dumb to lie if they're asking you about those specific people.]

Count #2 was his saying he didn't disclose privileged information to Reporter #2 (the babe).

Count #3 was his saying he didn't disclose privileged information to Reporter #3.


Jim Eagle

Interesting to me that this is the year of the leaker.

It is in Rumsfeld's diction, a "known-known", that everyone leaks in DC. Information is capital in DC, as money is capital in NY. Those who have the highest level of information are treated like successful hedge fund guys on Wall St.

Now, this may be sort of unique that they are actually indicting leakers but they could go back years, and indict every Congressman, Senator, and staffers for the same thing. Maybe not TSC/Compartmentalized stuff but close enough for government work.

You can't run a policy shop, a newspaper, a TV network, a niche newsletter, or even a lobbying shop without leakers.


I know it's umpossible



|Dry rubbed or wet

Dry and once again they were fabuloous!


Now this is all too predictable:


Miss Marple


Couldn't be made today.

Jim Eagle


I love dry rubbed, like at Charlie Vargas' Rendevous in Memphis. daddy knows the place. FedEx flies them around the world. Even Fred Smith can be seen there at times (at least when I lived in Germantown, Memphis' Scarsdale:).


Good Morning! Missed the eclipse but last night Sydney had a festival called Christmas in July so everyone in town was dressed up in Santa Clause caps and the bar scene was booming.

930 AM here so turning on the TV I see that yesterday there was a big Election, sort of a mini Midterm, and the Labor Party cleaned up. If I understand correctly they are the opposition to the more Conservative Party currently in power, headed by Malcolm Turnbull .

The Sunday Talk shows on ABC (Australia Broadcasting Corp) have the talking heads doing Mea Culpa's, specifically because they say their polling and predictions were wrong. Labor was not supposed to do so well. They are playing clips of Labor politicians making big speeches about how they will oust Turnbull and the Conservatives in the next National Election.

Here's a story with some of the particulars: Super Saturday delivers wins for Labor in Queensland, Tasmania and WA, Centre Alliance holds Mayo against Downer challenge

Miss Marple


Every time I see a story about elections for countries that have prime ministers, I am grateful we have a republic with a president.


That's a fmr?? Feinstein staffer Kelly takes a clue bat to.


Jib. Always do dry, but ever the same thing twice, Then 3 hours in the oven before I go to the grill.


The Australian left, has their own stolen election mythos, it centers around pine gap a five eyes station, and a series of strikes that forced out gough Whitlam their version of McGovern, it was the excuse that Boyce used to start leaking secrets to the soviets.

Miss Marple


Rex did some digging on April Doss, the author of that hit piece in the Weekly Standard on Devin Nunes.

After reading this, you can have no doubt about which side the Weekly Standard is on.

I also wonder about Hayes disappearing into Spain for a year.


Ribs come out great in a pellet smoker. (Best thing I've bought in years.)


Jim Eagle


If I remember right, everything in Oz is local. The beer, the football, the weather, the discussions, the family and friends, etc. So, there must be a local issue driving the liberals who BTW can be a real pain in the ass to our cooperation at times. But what do expect from a bunch of descendents of British criminals:) My great-uncle was one of them. Murdered his wife in a drunken state. When he got out, old Samuel went back to running the same bar he killed her in seven years earlier. Aussies!

Miss Marple

Buzz Aldrin just launched a web site with a count down to the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo moon landing.

It's just got a few things on it now, but it just launched today.



I had to call 911 on some crazy guy so I wouldn't have to throw them hands. I'd wear knuckle dusters at work but I don't know if that goes to intent.


The Beer last night was excellent, JiB. We started with a couple pints of Fat Yak at the Orient Hotel (1844). Then hit the Rooftop Bar of the Glenmore for a gorgeous view of the nighttime Opera house and another Fat Yak. Next we did the Lord Nelson (1844) for 3 rounds of Three Sheet's To the Wind, an excellent IPA. Then off to The Hero Of Waterloo (1843) for some local brew I never could get the name of, but it was killer and the bar is exactly the way a Bar ought'a be. Stopped for another 2 pints of the Fat Yak at the Orient on our way back to the Hotel, and suddenly it's 10 AM and time for me to get out of bed and find some strong Coffee. Big fun!


He had enough contact with a reporter to draw a personal foul.


And speaking for zur and the Kodan armada


Miss Marple

Jerry Falwell
‏Verified account @JerryFalwellJr
7h7 hours ago

I remember telling @realDonaldTrump in a private phone talk in 2017 to keep trying to improve the relationship between US & Russia despite the criticism and not to forget we might’ve lost WWII w/o Russia as an ally. Glad to see him reaching out to them from a position of strength.

I thought this was interesting.


I never saw the bad side of a city

Until I put my hands on

A Charlotte Pike Queen

clarice feldman

One date was changed in the FISA copy Wolfe had, and per Sundance, three reporters used that dat, Oct 19, instead of the real date OCt 21. Seems open and shut he leaked to 3 reporters.


That's from the last star fighter,

Russia does pose a threat notably in south and central America and in their toes with north Korea, otherwise it's more like the old diarist regime which did confront the French and brits on non ideological grounds.

Miss Marple

This is a short thread on some other shenanigans Twitter has been up to:



They moved Deja Vu to Church Street but still nobody knows where Stormy daniels is.

Jim Eagle


Don't think the law will support it but it would be interesting to see if the FCC could regulate online chat forums like Facebook and Twitter as "public utilities" since they like electric cables who transmit power, they transmit opinion. I know, its unrealistic, and free speech etc. but to watch the outrage, and rush to the courts would be fun.

I do think, Google is damn close to a monopoly, as is Amazon. When you see the lack of relative competition, what can you say or do? How come they are not the same as Standard Oil or AT&T?

Jim Eagle


You live in Nashville? Never been there but the Frist family have homes here in Southampton. And the damn women don't know what a stop sign means, I can attest to that.

Miss Marple


The quotes pulled from various articles are truly gag-worthy.



Work in, live west of. My wife works for Frist if you follow the chain of command far enough.


Btw aren't they the owners of hca so why did the prosecutors only go after scott.


When I first moved here a cab company advertised if you brought your 2005 or newer vehicle in they would decal it and install a meter. Ain't that some shit?


This is the rocket surgeon that is leading the polls allegedly in this district:


Jim Eagle

They live on Lake Agawam next to our friends. Belong to all the clubs, and drive like they are in some podunk town in Tennessee without traffic lights, speed limits or stop signs. I have actually confronted the wife once when she almost hit Frederick in her little VW Beatle. She could care less. Bitch of the first class.


The. Best thing Bill Frist ever did in DC is restart guy's heart.


That was general Petraeus, no wonder they stick up for mueller.

Jim Eagle


You are in DeSantis old district? Hard to believe Jax and St. John's county would go for her. She must have a real dope running against her. I need to come back and vote, I guess.


I would take Harold Ford jr over Frist. He's so clean and articulate.


Frist is NY by mindset, TN for tax ID purposes.

Miss Marple


I thin treating them as utilities is a great idea. Maybe some enterprising lawyer will take that idea up.

Jim Eagle

I forgot today's Latin Phrase of the Day:

Libenter homines id quod volunt credunt.

Applies it everyone damning Trump.

daddy on iPad

three reporters used that dat, Oct 19, instead of the real date OCt 21. Seems open and shut he leaked to 3 reporters.


I have not caught up but it would not surprise me at all if that is the explanation for why the day is redacted on the FISA docs released last week, but the month and the year are not redacted, only the day.

Miss Marple

This could be me. https://t.co/1jm0Iun0qO

— KETK_NealBarton (@KETK_NealBarton) July 29, 2018

Links to story about a guy in Houston with a Sherman tank in his front yard.

Miss Marple



This is what I was referring to earlier:



There's no way a headline like that cannot go pearshaped.

Miss Marple


Wictor on Germany caught financing the Iranian's war in Yemen, and why so many European countries trade with dictators and generally act like asses.


In the 60s certain German expatriates hint, armed Nasser in the 80s it was Libya and their rabta chemical facility, and more broadly Saddam's arsenal including his bunker. And of course I've mentioned Siemens early start in kick starting the Shah nuclear program.

Miss Marple

The neighbors have somehow acquired more fireworks. Maggie is in the shower stall again.

Miss Marple


This gal did some tests on who has been shadowbanned. Interesting results.

Miss Marple


Miss Marple

President @realDonaldTrump looks forward to hosting Prime Minister @GiuseppeConteIT to the @WhiteHouse on Monday! #USAandItaly🇺🇸🇮🇹 https://t.co/TzajNCJYwm

— Dan Scavino Jr. (@Scavino45) July 29, 2018
clarice feldman

Great catch, daddy.

Jim Eagle

Italian Americans are great patriots and the Trump meeting is a big deal.

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