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July 22, 2018


The Infamous Ignatz

I appreciate the comments folks and I don't want to clog the board up with my stuff anymore but please don't say anything negative about her.
At worst she is wounded, as I am, through no fault of her own and did the best she could.
Problem is two wounded people often accidentally wound each other more rather than healing.


If, what you see here is warmth embracing you, if sometimes poorly.

But if I could give advice, don’t embrace philosophy professors too closely either.

Weaker under Trump

Does Trump get Mulligans from Maguire?

Jack is Back!

Reposting toward the end of the last thread:


If the matchmakers were smart they'd show up at Iggy's door with a Thermomix. Nothing works on snaring a girl like a guy who owns a Thermomix, and knows how to use it.:)

Old Lurker


I list Rubio on the same list of Rs with Kasich, McCain, JEB! and Romney who really do think, when they look in the mirror, that they see a President.

The D's have their Hillarys, Kerrey, Bidens and so many more who see the same thing.

What none of them see is the disgust and in my case hatred many even within the bases they would need to get to first base have for them. In thee case of the Rs I list, there is literally nothing they can ever do to change my perception of them.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I wish I could offer you words of advice, but am woefully unqualified to do so. I hope things get better for both of you, alone or together, however it ends up.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Old Lurker,

I think part of my hatred for that crew is how I defended them and campaigned for many of them. I can remember thinking Kasich was a good guy, that Romney would be a great president, heck, I even MET McCain when he came through here doing a fake campaign appearance for W. I used to follow Jeb on Twitter when he was governor and a big proponent of education.

I think I am disgusted with myself as much as them, simply for being so gullible. Sadder but wiser describes me, to say the least.

Old Lurker

For Steph:

"So my Husband and I were talking about getting a puppy. I said I really want one. My husband said that he really does not want one.

So we compromised.

We got a puppy."

Grinning Clown

Dan Abrams just laughed Douchewitz off THIS WEEK.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

While that is true about Levin, I do not get his radio show here in this area and many others don't, either. Andy McCarthy saying that on Fox and Friends got more people aware.

As far as click-bait, Sundance provides a service in amassing a lot of information on one site. I appreciate it. He also puts up videos of important interviews and live feeds for the rallies.

I don't think he is a genius, but he does do some good work. Just avoid links to his site when I post them, and you will avoid getting aggravated.

Old Lurker

I know MM, and I feel the same way. They lied to us about who they were to get our affection, and to one degree or another, it worked for a time. But as soon as you see that it was as phony as could be, one is disgusted with them and with ourselves. That's why they are irredeemable.

And that's why the Trump support stays solid among us at least. As someone posted last night "He is us and we are him".

Old Lurker

It is a different sort of emotion, but Andrew McCarthy earned my disgust for arguing so so strongly for so so long that, based on his personal inside experience and friendships, the bad things leaking out had to be exceptions because those people and those systems were just too pure and bulletproof to allow the things we thought we knew were happening more than a year ago.

So having been so wrong, and having played the "trust me I know this stuff" cards he played during all these months, frankly there is nothing he can say now that will make me forget the depravity of his oh-so-intellectual inside analysis.

Grinning Clown

Your destiny is definitely indistinguishable from the Insurrectionists

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Old Lurker,

Quite true. The thing about Trump is that we KNOW him. He's been in the non-political public eye for over 30 years.

We know about his ribald comments on Howard Stern, his friendships with models, his 3 marriages, his hanging out with Jesse Jackson and Mohammed Ali, bankruptcies, his cheesy products, his gaudy taste in decor - the whole nine yards.

He has never pretended to be a priest or some sort of intellectual. And that's fine with me.

He keeps his promises, works his tail off, tells it like it is, and is about improving the lives of everyday Americans. There is NOTHING that anyone on the left or the right can offer that compares to that. Period.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Regarding mcCarthy,

I am also disgusted with him BUT I was glad to see him admit he was wrong and be publicly embarrassed on live TV on a show that gets high ratings.

And, like Old Lurker, I won't pay a bit of attention to him anymore.

Allen Derschowitz has actually been more astute about this stuff. How sad is that?

clarice feldman

OL, Me .too.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) July 22, 2018

Link goes to a particularly obnoxious and pretentious tweet by Bill Kristol. I would pay cash money to a worthy cause if someone could dig up evidence tying him to Fusion GPS and the dossier.


Regarding mcCarthy

The prodigal son is welcome home ... but that doesn’t mean I won’t kick him in the but when shows up.

Old Lurker

The difference between the two is that McCarthy is attempting to skate by with "Ooops. My bad. So sorry".

Dershowitz is naming names and kicking butt, and paying a price for doing so. Everybody knows he spent his life playing for that team, so his position has tons more character than McCarthy's who I see as trying to keep his friends on the other side why saying nice things so our side will care what he says next time.

Dershowitz is living that Brit saying (was it Churchill, I forget) which says in effect "Fight hard for what you believe until new facts lead you to believe something else..."

Daddy can help me with the actual quote and source.

No confisence

I think that increasingly to believe that the president isn’t compromised requires such a leap of faith that requires so many coincidences and kind of inexplicable behavioral choices. I think that the truth is probably what is right in front of us, which is that Donald Trump was a – kind of a conman, a third tier failed businessman who’s fortunes were rescued by Russian oligarchs.

He presented himself as a kind of titan of industry, which everybody knows anything about him knew was ridiculous, he became president with the direct intervention of Putin, he sees his fortunes as inseparable from Putin’s.

He either – we don’t know, I think, if Putin is his handler, his hero or his co-conspirator, but that’s obviously where his loyalty lies as opposed to lying with the American people. And I think increasingly when you look at the role that the NRA has played all of this, you know –


Yes deeshowitz has shown an independent streak in the Sanford case if one goes back even further he didn't follow the narrative in the elian case if memory serves, now in this case it doesn't require him to reject his view on the excesses of state power because he has always been there. It's just the new crew that has become wards of the deep state.

Frau Steingehirn

Psychopathic trolls

Miss Marple the Deplorable

While I knew the family that lost so many members in the duck boat accident was from Indiana, I did not know until today that they were from Indianapolis.

Just so very sad.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

HATE CRIME! @senwarren supporter punches Dr. Shiva in the face with megaphone @BostonGlobe @realDonaldTrump police take him away. Video coming soon!

— Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai,PhD (M.I.T.) Inventor of Email (@va_shiva) July 22, 2018

Picture at link. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is the guy running against Senator Warren with the slogan "Vote for the real Indiana, not the fake Indian." LOL!

Frau Steingehirn
Researchers shy away from calling children psychopaths; the term carries too much stigma, and too much determinism. They prefer to describe children like Samantha as having “callous and unemotional traits,” shorthand for a cluster of characteristics and behaviors, including a lack of empathy, remorse, or guilt; shallow emotions; aggression and even cruelty; and a seeming indifference to punishment. Callous and unemotional children have no trouble hurting others to get what they want. If they do seem caring or empathetic, they’re probably trying to manipulate you.(Atlantic article June 2017
Miss Marple the Deplorable

Indiain, not Indiana. When you are from this state, your fingers often auto-complete the state name by accident.

clarice feldman

Andy Mccarthy, Defended Fitz so strongly--not a Javert, fair minded, for so long that even when it was obvious to me he was wrong, he persuaded a lot of good people to sit on the sidelines while Libby was screwed. And by the same people trying to do to Trump what they did to Cheney thru Libby.He was an enabler of this misuse of power and the FISA scheme.

Glad he's admitted his mistake, but I would never trust his judgment.


're the gr u, we know of it namely through the likes of Whitaker chambers and Vladimir suvorov (aka revkun) he introduced us to the spetznaz, the fmr came in out of the cold because the deaths of Reiss and krivitsky made it too dangerous not to do so. There's also penkovsky who gave the info about the missiles in cuba.


It's always been just "The Open" TM.


So sorry to hear that miss marple.

Beasts of England

Y'all are hiding from me...

Beasts of England

The eyetalian stallion is in a good position.


Krivitsky defected in 1937, after Reiss's assassination, which prompted chambersto notify berle about who turned out alger hiss. Past is prologue like lesin he was killed in dc four years later.

Texas Liberty Gal

Steph - my husband and I have differed on getting another puppy after we put our dear DJ to sleep. He wanted one I didn't. Well we visited one of our 5 sons who lives in Denver with his gf and fell in love with their maltese poodle. Right then & their I changed my mind and when we got home we were able to get an 8 week old rescue puppy. She's part dachshund and part something else. Black as midnight, sweet and very smart. Our 4 year old puggle loves having a playmate. They expect her to be around 10 lbs.


Tigger is looking old. (Sez someone who just turned 60...)


Never really cared for Tiger, who I thought had an offensive air of arrogance, but was rooting for him today.

It's been --over a decade? since he's played this well?

(I haven't been listening to the commentary particularly closely.)

Jack is Back!

Yesterday, someone on the previous thread mentioned how seeing French and Golf in the same headline or sentance was oxymoronic.

Just wanted to note then, but for some reason didn't, that the first non-Britian winner of The Open Championship was a Frenchman, Amaud Massy, at Royal Liverpool in 1907. I have an "Amaud Massy" cleek putter from 1910 by Wm. Gibson of Kinghorn, Scotland, in my golf colletion.

Plus The Ryder Cup is in Paris this year.

Looks like Molinari may pull out the victory, since Schauffle is running out of holes. Viva Italia!



The future of online privacy: To legislate or not

When: Wednesday, July 26, 2018 2:00 — 3:00 p.m.

Where: The Brookings Institution, Saul/Zilkha Room, 1775 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington, DC


Following a series of data breaches and privacy scandals, most notably the controversy surrounding Facebook’s engagement with political firm Cambridge Analytica, there has been increasing discussion over whether Congress should establish comprehensive legislation to protect American consumers’ online privacy. Achieving broad privacy legislation will be a challenge for legislators, given the rapid pace of innovation, but in the coming months, Congress may feel compelled to act. With the recent implications of the EU’s adoption of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), public pressure may also encourage congressional action.

On July 26, the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings will host a panel discussion to explore a comprehensive framework for U.S. privacy legislation. The discussion will address both the opportunities and challenges associated with such legislation during a period where big data analytics are fueling the new economy and online consumer data is being manipulated and mined for undemocratic purposes. What should be included in federal privacy legislation? Is either the GDPR or the California Consumer Privacy Act a good model? What types of companies and business models should be covered by legislation? Should different types of companies in the internet ecosystem be regulated the same under a federal system? Which government entity should be responsible for enforcing online privacy guardrails?

After the session, panelists will take audience questions. Follow along on Twitter with #OnlinePrivacy."

I was expecting this given how much the False Narrative in ed has been pushing GDPR and how needed it is to the achievement of the SDG plans for social and economic transformation. Just a heads up it's coming.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

When is RG getting back here to discuss economic matters in response to that Twitter chunk he upchucked on the last thread?


Interesting clarice, Silva featured your neighborhood in his latest book.

Texas Liberty Gal

Wow daddy - just read that the Univ. of Alaska spans 4 time zones!!! That's amazing!


rse, thanks for the heads up. Brookings eh? They will end all innovation as well as any notion of privacy (except for AIDS carriers). All in the name of "Privacy Law." Meanwhile, big SJW will just get bigger. Anyone know where I can find a used van and a parking spot down by the river?

Jack is Back!

Molinari! Hottest streak in golf so far this year. 3 wins, 2 second places in his last 5 tournaments.


I have always loved Tiger. First time I saw him was in the US Amateur and he came back in the 4th round from 9 down. He's probably paid more for his stupidity than anyone on the planet. He lost his wife, his kids, his game, millions and millions and probably lots more.

And I still like Andy. I think it took a lot of guts to announce he's been a jerk on nation-wide TV. At least he gives a shit about the truth. Plus he's a nice guy and not the least bit arrogant. I suspect realizing he's been wrong about the FBI forever sucks. It would be like realizing everyone at JOM is a troll.

I gotta work on that hating thing.


First Italian to ever win The Open


Here is Brooking's Obamabot laying out the Privacy !!eleventy!!! underneath that conference..


This is what is about to be crammed through Congress:

Miss Marple the Deplorable

RG has been on Twitter this morning and brought up a new twist. What if Carter Page was actually working for Flynn? Wouldn't THAT be something?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

From Don Jr:

Donald Trump Jr.
‏Verified account @DonaldJTrumpJr
4m4 minutes ago


Nothing is shocking anymore with these people, but it is disgusting. Glad it’s all coming out. The systematic corruption at the highest levels of these agencies must stop. Just imagine what else they’re influencing for their sole benefit!!!

Old Lurker

Jane " I suspect realizing he's been wrong about the FBI forever sucks."

No. He was wrong about the FBI of course. He was wrong that the DoJ could not be corrupted by the FBI or by their own biases, or that a USA could be a bad guy. And he was wrong that the DoJ and the FBI together could not corrupt the FISA Courts itself. Then, having accomplished that Hat Trick, he was wrong to imagine the the NSA and CIA and all the other agencies owning the snooping toys themselves, run by grownups after all who know and respect the constitution, could never complete the loop for them so as to come damn close to pulling off a real coup.

His "ooops" is nice but, as I said above, does not come close to atoning for his key part in the plot. To repeat, he does not indicate he even realizes how he was used to influence us and thus has not faced up to it.

Now THAT sucks.

He could well be a very nice guy, Jane, with fine personal traits, but he was used big time here and tried distract us from the plot itself.

Beasts of England

🇮🇹 Fine work, Francesco!! Wop, wop! 🇮🇹


henry-notice he says he is a fellow at mit media lab. That ties this as I had surmised to the last two isc posts and the next one that is researched but not written.

He cites jack balkin, the law prof at yale, who I recognize as involved with ACS's soros-funded Constitution in 2020 initiative.

brookings was quite literally created with rock F money to be a model think tank to use public policy to drive cultural and political change. The Rockefellers, by their own admission, always have their business interests and philanthropies pulling towards a common vision.

That's why it matters so much that they and their bellagio retreat on lake como keeps popping up in all these documentable plans for transformation. Nikolas Rose, a prof in London. made a side comment in one of his books as an admirer, about how they have been financing an laternative to upper C Communism throughout their history that would nevertheless be collective, mandatory, and transformational.

GDPR and comparable legislation is a big part of that when it is accurately understood.


I like pictures over a multiplicity of words sometimes.

clarice feldman

Which book is that, narciso?

Captain Hate

Levin frequently has McCarthy on his radio show and once on his Sunday night Fox show; he obviously likes Andy a lot but is audibly frustrated when he avoids thinking bad things about the people and institutions he worked with and for. When you know that Comey was a bad cop, the permeation of the rot downward shouldn't be surprising. When FISA judges are misled and lied to, failure to exact some sort of penalty on the guilty means there's no functioning method of dealing with subversive activities. Placing too much loyalty in people you didn't really know is a bad flaw.

Ralph L

It's always been just "The Open" TM.
Please, let's not do this again.

first non-Britian winner of The Open Championship was a Frenchman, Amaud Massy, at Royal Liverpool in 1907.
I believe I read yesterday he was also the last Frenchman.


The other woman, which is about a Russian mole in mi 6, just like coes found which burg old lurker lives last year.

Ralph L

Plus he's a nice guy and not the least bit arrogant.
I thought he's a lawyer.

Captain Hate

RG has been on Twitter this morning and brought up a new twist. What if Carter Page was actually working for Flynn? Wouldn't THAT be something?

Now that I know he's just interested in floating his loon theories on Twitter, I won't waste any more time answering his hit and run comments here.

Old Lurker

Capn "When FISA judges are misled and lied to,"

While they were, a person worthy of being entrusted with such powerful anti-constitutional tools, has a damn duty to be skeptical as hell at the slightest whiff of attempted abuse. No way in hell these judges did that even though they knew they were playing with dynamite at a momentous time in or political history. That they did it anyway makes it fair to clump them into the Coup along with all the other traitors.

That is what I believe until somebody can prove that I am wrong.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I think Powerline feels a bit disappointed, too:


That seems improbable particularly since general Flynn didn't work the russia field more the middle east

Captain Hate

I agree, OL.

Old Lurker

Proving what everybody who has read a book has always known. You cannot run a republic when there are publicly stated rules for commoners and secret rules and courts for whomever can win the label "elite".

Heck in the last cycle of European monarchies, at least everybody knew ahead of time who the elites were because you had to be born into it. Fast forward to today and 'splain to me how a system can work when, say, a Cheryl Mills is awarded the class status and all the perks and protections? Or Huma Abedin?

matt - deplore me if you must

In the sidebar Amazon is shilling their grocery services by offering a free box of cereal.

Just consider the death of privacy as we idiots sign away our identities and privacy for a box of cereal or a Facebook/Twitter/Google account.

That is at the center of the problem. We release our identities and private thoughts and mega corporations mine our data and own our interface with the world.

I am still getting sneaker ads long after I bought the dam sneakers.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I shouldn't have said Flynn. I should have said Defense Intelligence.

However, nothing in this entire thing seems to me to be a loon theory, as Captain Hate describes it. None of us knows what really is going on, and if one wants to test all options, you put the theory out as a question or possibility. Could he be wrong? Probably. I have been wrong on a lot of stuff myself.

You have to pay attention to everyone and trust no one, because people are often hiding who they really are, as Old Lurker mentioned earlier.

For example, it is possible some of the researchers are disinformation people. I try to keep this in mind when I bring you guys threads I have run across. I am not interested in long threads of theories, as we are quite capable of producing theories here ourselves.

I AM interested in threads which document things with transcripts, images of documents and court filings, photos, etc.

Kevlar Kid

Fukushima reactor decommissioning continues to disappoint.

a very technical nuke blog which provides comprehensive and *non-emotive* presentation of the ongoing disaster:

there are industry pros who say that FUKU is the worst disaster since Chernobyl.

the Pacific Ocean ecosystem is in peril. it's been seven years.... that's millions of gallons of rainwater falling on California's food chain.

word to the wise.

Ralph L

I forget, is the FISC involved only when there's a US citizen involved or it's on our soil?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The problem is that 90% of people don't really understand how social media has invadedtheir privacy. I know I didn't realize it until I had been on the internet for a long time.

I knew nothing about how Amazon tracked people, or algorithms, or the selling of data.

By the time I did understand, my information was in the hands of thousands of advertisers and probably some shady people, too.

I can tell you for a fact that none of my sisters know this.

Ralph L

Althouse commenter reads and analyzes the FISC dump

He's also in the comments on above thread, but there's a lot of carp to SOB.

clarice feldman

The FISC law means that to extend the Page warrant, the DOJ had to show that there had been some results respecting the initial warrant, and they didn't. So even if one assumed the CT had been taken in by the DOJ/FBI lies when it granted the first warrant, the judges who signed the two following extensions violated the law and their duties under it.

Captain Hate

Just consider the death of privacy as we idiots sign away our identities and privacy for a box of cereal or a Facebook/Twitter/Google account.

I've said this to a few people offline: people post way too much personal info here which is there to be used by trolls or much worse. There are a lot of bad people out there.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Point taken, Captain. I am guilty of this, myself.


From the previous thread, rse - have you read "The Swan House" by Elizabeth Musser? It is a novel but it is set in the time period of the Orly plane crash. The protagonist believes both of her parents are on that flight.

Good idea to recommend Catsmeat read about that tragedy before visiting the High.

Ralph L

Assuming they knew it was an extension. One hopes it's on the form. I noticed different judges for each one.

clarice feldman

Ralph R, It's my understnding that they rotate. IIRC J Contreras signed none of them so his recusal remains a mystery.

Captain Hate

That wasn't primarily aimed at you, Miss Marple, although anything I can do to get people to think about what they're proclaiming to the world before hitting post was my objective.


Speaking of scorpions, look who has crawled in to the seat to replace desantis, Nancy Soderberg who I believe was involved inn the
Korea mess in the 90s.

Kevlar Kid

Opteemists...aint they them people who break a mirror just to make sher they get another 7 years?
-AJ Short, Farmer, Ullin IL 1981

A cynic is an [individual] who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin.

Never think you've ever seen the last of anything. -E. Welty

Kevlar Kid

I had a dark premonition re Tiger Woods when i heard the news his greatest coach passed away--- Paw Woods.

Captain Hate


Posted by: Miss Marple the Deplorable | July 22, 2018 at 02:45 PM

that is difficult to credit, and is unnecessary-we know that Carter Page was at one time an FBI source and deemed credible at the time.

Kevlar Kid

Discussions re they why's and wherefore's of an imminent financial collapse, with the resulting civil armageddon that's sure to follow, are a good place NOT to reveal a single scrap re what one has done to make reasonable preparations, especially buying a home with 100 mile visibility all the way around. :D


>>>When is RG getting back here to discuss economic matters in response to that Twitter chunk he upchucked on the last thread?

Posted by: Captain Hate on the iPhone | July 22, 2018 at 01:43 PM<<<

ha. i was having fun with that.


There are so many pieces and so many things out of the control of DJT, even if Sessions had not stepped on his own dick.

This is why I laugh at people who chit chat about 4-d bullshit. Tom R, being the biggest beleiver.
He cannot even define what 4-D chess is.
It's wishful thinking and a whole lot of DUNGEONS and DRAGONS.
a WAR is COMING. What went on is obvious, and if a simple business man like me gets it, there are millions and millions more who see what's going on. Andy McCarthy is not a white hat, he's a yellow stripe. Big Mister federsal prosecutor is being suckered???? That in and of itself shows he's not a competent man. COMEY and COMEY'S ACTIONS, should have opened a SHITLOAD of eyes. It didn't. Mueller hiring RODAHM DONORS by the bakers dozen didn't. Strzok and Page didn't. Rapist Billy and Lynch on the tarmac didn't. Calling it a "MATTER" didn't. RODHAM PAYING FOR THE RUSSIAN DOSSIER didn't, the DNC not allowing the FBI to examine the SERVER, they claim was hacked didn't. CROWDSTRIKE telling the FBI what was found didn't, MILLS and ABEDIN and others GETTING IMMUNITY didn't, CLASSIFIED RODHAM STATE DEPT DOCUMENTS on a CONVICTED FEDERAL SEX OFFENDERS LAP TOP didn't. Shall I go on???????


No, mom, but this is the real swan house. and as you probably know having your bridal tea luncheon at the adjacent coach
house has been a rite of passage for decades.

One of the current descendants of the family that built that house passed away at a 2nd home in the Ga mtns on a lake I will leave unspecified. He was elderly and his wife did not want to deal with the sheriff up there so she had one of her middle aged children or several put the dad in the passenger seat and drove him back to ATL where she was to call the police. Unfortunately no one counted on the rigor mortis that had set in during the drive, making it hard to move him to the bedroom as the wife had in mind.

I sat at a table with her at a charity luncheon a number of years ago that a friend was chairing. Another friend told me the story after the luncheon.


Rep. Goodlatte says it is important that the American people are able to read the FISA documents without all of the redactions.

I expect what they redacted (unnecessarily) will be quite interesting!


It is the swarms of lawyers chasing privacy breaches that will destroy us all. Legislation will focus on security theater. Dumb things like 24x7 video surveillance of all work spaces. (Gee, all those cameras keep London rape and stab free). When lazy SJW enforcers tape their passwords to their terminals, and overnight custodial services empty databases, some remote cloud provider goes to jail for it.

I am not exaggerating. That is the GDPR language I told to pound sand last week. Bad laws cost me money. I blame lawyers.

Kevlar Kid

Does anybody here at JOM have a list of FISA judges who left the bench since 2015?

Read from a credible private source (fellow member of a private group) that there is a FISA judge who left the bench in late 2015, who KNOWS much more than what has been revealed re the use of FISA by the cabal.

Supposedly he is deliberating whether to spill.

i'd guess something of that mag would put his and his greater family's lives in jeopardy.

this is a cootie taw we are talking about run by a treasonous faction in our NatSec State apparatus.

they're killers. just look at Strozk's face.

Captain Hate


I assume that DJT's endgame is to get over 60% of people understanding just how rotten the bad actors are that the MFM can lie about everything and only the 35% of the population can howl at the moon impacting nothing.


Love that story, rse! I can just picture the wife deciding to do such a thing.

I've attended several showers and bridal luncheons at the coach house.


Posted by: Kevlar Kid | July 22, 2018 at 03:25 PM

good for you ... i'm going to watch the postman and terminator and terminator 2 for my research notes.


I agree Capn, DJT's goal is to win. He's good at that, but the damage to America is STARTLING.
The DOJ, the FBI, the CIA and all 5583 other INTEL agencies is MASSIVE.
Their goal has been to convince the corrupt and willingly stupid, that DJT did something wrong.
He did not. THEY DID.

Jack is Back!

Fukushima radiation exposure was 10% of Chernobyl. 60 rem max exposure. Passive cooling failure since the tsunami wall was breached. But they at least had Light Water Reactors unlike Chernobyl.

If you live in California, and are concerned, I suggest you buy copious amounts of Potassium Iodide tablets to protect your thyroid. FuKu was a 60 Rem max exposure. We are into nano-science and math here.

clarice feldman

Sorry if this was already posted.

Old Lurker

Ralph "Assuming they knew it was an extension. One hopes it's on the form. I noticed different judges for each one."

The slightest of judicial inquiry would have revealed that in ten seconds. No protection from them there.

This all being said, how poisonous must the tree be before everything derived from the snooping gets thrown out?


2 of the judges terms expired in 2015 both in May. There are 11 judges, appointed by the Chief Justice, for a 7 year term.

Comanche Voter

Thanks to our host for getting us back to the world of fun and games with Tiger!!!! atop the leader board for a while at The Open. Didn't turn out that way--Molinari hung tough and won, Golf reminds you that life's a booger and it can beat you to death.

As long as I am thinking about golf, I'd like to see a threesome of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Donald Trump go off. You'd have to have a special refereed to keep Bill from cheating, but he'd still put up a somewhat decent score. Trump would beat Obama like a rented mule.

Kevlar Kid

Sunday musings: (a tad over 180 words)

Was schooled by a venture capital pro about "false omegas." seems relevant to the coup attempt underway and still in its early stages (imo).

"We're prone to myopia based on our intentions for certain missions we udertake or missions we observe unfolding before us as observers. Once completed, those missions present myriad 'knowns' that might partially validate our 'reasonable' omega points, the sites set for certain missions.

But more often than not, such validation is of little value in the face of inevitable carnage wrought by failures not to 'see' further than our dichotomous thought patterns afford us."

Mid-term elections, impeachment, long drawn out prosecutions of Deep Staters.... all "false omega points?"

what is the menacing Deep State willing to do for their puppet masters to overthrow the US government?

what is the POTUS willing to do to drain the swamp and vanquish our enemies within?

i feel as if we're watching a sporting contest where the refs can't be trusted and our guys keep offering their balls to opposing players.

meanwhile out in the parking lot the stadium has been surrounded by tanks and weaponry that have amassed on both sides while we "watched" the main attraction devised for our consumption.


Posted by: Kevlar Kid | July 22, 2018 at 03:58 PM

what does that mean?

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