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July 30, 2018


Beasts of England





Beat out by my neighbor to the West!

Beasts of England

Ya snooze, ya looze, rse!!

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!

Ralph L

since Teddy Roosevelt

Taft? And Eleanor had a little mustache.


if it is in the Times, isn't it fake news by definition?

Beasts of England

Thanks, Ralph! How could I have forgotten my favorite golfing president... :)

Miss Marple


matt - deplore me if you must

They had to destroy the galaxy in order to save it.

Miss Marple

It used to be, back in the 60's, American Field Service foreign exchange students would take a cross-country bis trip at the end of the school year to see parts of the United States different from where they had gone to school. They were then taken to New York to fly home.

My mother, as dean of the junior high, volunteered to organize our high school as a weekend stop. She got homes for all of the students except 2, a couple of guys who stayed at our house. One was a boy from Iran, and the other from Afghanistan. They gave me their senior pictures, which I still have. I often have thought of them over the years because of the violence in both of those countries.

My mom sent the Afghani boy's sister a lipstick, because he said they didn't have that in Afghanistan. SHE sent my mother a loose lapis lazuli big enough that my mom had it set into a cocktail ring! My sister still has it.

I doubt either one is still living. The Iranian kid was going to go to university and wanted to be a doctor. The Afghan kid was going into his father's business.

clarice feldman



Good Morning! Our son-in-law is going in for a hearth cath this afternoon and likely a stent. This is his second time for a stent. So,good thoughts and prayers if you are so inclined. Thanks!


Geez! *heart*

clarice feldman

Best wishes for success,Marlene


Clarice 11:01......What is 4-D unmasking probe for $1000

Jim Eagle

Your Latin Phrase of the Day:

Legum servi sumus ut liberi esse possimus.

Our law contingent can attest to the sentiment.

clarice feldman

I hope Huber's got this, Gus.

Eye Doctor

Investigation of Stolen U.S. Stealth Defense Technology Implicating Lockheed Martin, While Comey Was Lockheed’s Top Lawyer

Eye Doctor

Huber is working to whitewash it!

Old Lurker

Clarice, safer to assume nobody's got nuthin' going so you can be pleasantly surprised if they actually are doing something.

Miss Marple


Accidentally sold 10,000 children to child traffickers.

Eye Doctor

Remember, Comey got more than $6 million in one year from Lockheed.

Beasts of England

I immediately remembered that one, JiB. I'll give someone else a shot... :)


Carrying over from the last thread Steadman was the watercarrier for 'hillbilly heronine' in 2006.

Miss Marple

Fod midday fun:

I could watch this dog steal a GoPro all day, tell you what. pic.twitter.com/v0nxYNlglh

— pastordan (@pastordan) July 29, 2018

Video at link.

clarice feldman

Pretty sure YourNewsWire is a fake news site, mm.


When he represented Purdue pharmaceuticals.


Public service announcement from Ga. The July Alberta peaches are at their peak right now. Not sure if they are shipped all over but if you aren't from the south and see them in your local market- you should try them. They are freestone and have the right acid/sweetness ratio.

My dad used to grow this variety in his little home orchard. We picked these over the weekend at a local "pick your own" peach orchard in Concord, Ga.


My sister had a stent put in a few months ago.
Works very well.
Prayers for a speedy recovery.
He will fell a little tired for awhile.
Excellent posts!
Loved your Sunday article!
I so enjoy reading about a meeting like that which imparts souch knowledge in a humorous way.
You have a gift and I am so happy you share it with everyone.
The American Spectator link was great as were the comments, Always a pleasure to see Boatbuilder and Bela1.
Very good link.


Thank you for the peaches info.
They are my favorite summer fruit.

daddy on iPad

saw two dolphins copulating,


Are you sure they were both dolphins? Not that there's anything wrong with that😉

Scientists discover unusual whale-dolphin hybrid swimming off the coast of Kauai

I have always been interested in info about how species that supposedly cannot interbreed apparently do at times interbreed, but apparently don't create a viable offspring that itself can reproduce copies of itself via further breeding in the wild. That 2nd is the part I have not ever bought. Years ago at the Sealife Center in Eastern Oahu there was some Whale/Dolphin Species the docents showed us that had been an inbreed and instead of having the 44 teeth of the suspected mother or had the traditional 88 of the presumed Whale father, it had 66 teeth, and other obvious characteristics which the docents told us meant she/he was sterile. That instantly had my sketical brain working:How would they know the offspring were sterile?

Show me the evidence.

I think it probable to be as skeptical of what biological Scientists say can happen as what biological Scientists tell us can't happen.

Kevlar Kid

Fresh off a morning call with an ol buddy from so. ilnoy. he mentioned heading out to Virginny for a week.

he'll be staying with 4 buddies from grade school, one of whom hit it big after being a deputy dir for the FBI.

interesting relay of a convo he had with said individual: "Trump has attacked the FBI with unsubstantiated allegations" and to the question of "What do you think of Bob Mueller?" the reply was "when he comes to VA he stays at my home."

my bud refers to it as a mountain resort.

we'll talk again in about a month.

interesting friend.

ultra conservative but is not down with the FBI and DOJ being "attacked." Sending him some info/articles i've compiled (links) over the past 2 years. not a digital media guy so his news feed is limited. we'll see.

he and i both managed campus interviewing/recruitment campaigns for DOJ and ILDOJ, state police, and FBI/DEA/ATF.

so we'll see how he votes in 2020, especially with a former AG on the ticket.

Sessions isn't doing us any favors thus far re 2020.

that's my reservations about dismissing Steadman out of hand.

Warren is a dud. i can't see her (or the ticket) carrying the South.

Miss Marple


Thanks. Daggone it, I hate those sites! I am pretty good about filtering them but every once in a while they slip by me.

Eye Doctor


When are you going to write about the fact that it was Mueller who was responsible for setting up the appointment of a Special Counsel in the Plamegate scam.

Kevlar Kid

after 6 months healing from spinal surgery last August, it took a month to drop out of all three oxycontin/oxycodon regimens for the different varieties/waves of nerve pain.

oxycontin is quite dangerous by my experience of it.

here's what i found out about one impact that i was unaware of.

in november last year, College Man made a surprise visit home for the turkey holiday. as i sat and listened to Mrs Kid and CM recount how much fun it was i asked them what they were talking about.

i had ZERO recall of the entire week he was home.

then we started going through a list of conversations we had re certain matters arising during his fall semester (it was a brutal one for him)..... ZERO recall.

never again. for any reason. i'll take the pain with some kind of non-narcotic pain reliever. CBDs.

oxy is a death sentence. that is all.

clarice feldman

Thanks, maryrose.

Beasts of England

Isn't that late in the year for peaches, Momto2? Our second harvest has already come and gone.

Dave (in MA)
SHE sent my mother a loose lapis lazuli
Sounds like some kind of slutty aquarium fish.

You crack me up!

Man Tran

Sheesh. Didn’t get a rise out of anyone?

Once upon a time there was an enchanted goat. This goat had magic poop. Every time he pooped, a genie would emerge from the pile and perform a political miracle. The peasants were very pleased with it all and loved the goat, but the aristocracy were not amused. They complained about the smell and the bell around its neck disturbed their quiet time. They tried everything they could to get rid of the goat in spite of the wonderful things that resulted from having it around. If they had their way they would get someone to kill the goat so they could live in the miserable state they had been accustomed to.

The end.

I think the NeverTrumpers consider him just like that.


BOE - the July Albertas were perfect this weekend. I think it depends on the weather. It sounds like your weather has been great up in God's country (N. Ala.) It will be 89 here today and in the high 80's all week.


While Drudge goes over the edge...

Sessions Announces New Religious Liberty Task Force

Dave (in MA)

I got stuck in a brief traffic jam this morning on my way to work while taking a back road to avoid a repaving project, and it turned out to be caused by some escaped goats.


Jack, how can we be free if we aren't saves to the law.
How can you have any pudding, if you won't eat your meat??

I bought the ABSOLUTE BEST .....white peaches this week. When I was a kid in Maryland, we had peach trees. Gosh do I miss that.


re slaves to the law, we are doomed. a reminder of who makes the law:



>>>I think the NeverTrumpers consider him just like that.

Posted by: Man Tran | July 30, 2018 at 11:56 AM<<<

tough crowd here at JOM, ManTran.


I got the connection and liked the use of goats to illustrate it.
A favorite memory is my son at a petting zoo totally entertained by the goats.
Also when the herder was moving the sheep,my son ran along with them.


Do not ,repeat do not let government regulate anything else in our lives.

Beasts of England

Good deal, Momto2. And if that picture is from your kitchen, I have the same mixing bowls... :)


faster than me maryrose ... i need more covfefe!

Kevlar Kid

Stents are no joke. Recovery from the procedure itself isn't a big deal. But recovering from the impending heart event or the actual heart failure (sometimes the stents can be implanted before the heart event goes down) is grueling.

Supervised rehabilitation--- physical/cardio and occupational rehab is essential. Exercising buildup routines are on the cardio side. Learning to develop efficient mind/body subroutines while engaging in the most mundane tasks is on the "occupational" side. (Learning to practice breathing while performing simple tasks because we tend to hold our breath without realizing.)

Most medical plans covering heart events will provide for 6-8 weeks of cardio rehab and "home health" specialists to followup on the occ/daily living routines.

it was a journey but i did as i was told. it led to diabetes reversal, a brand new way of eating, and a whole new way of living.

i always pray for all of us here re our hearts. the stats re death by coronary disease are much improved since 1980. here are some stats:

(mag article): https://www.health.harvard.edu/heart-health/the-heart-attack-gender-gap

(study results summary):


Peace and Peaches!

Captain Hate



BOE - Yes, that is my kitchen and those were my mother's bowls. I have her complete set. (You probably know this but don't put them in the dishwasher!)



Foo Fighters played long and loud last night. Great crowd, great people. Opening act THE STRUTS were AMAZING. My son had a smile on his face all day and all night. We took the TRAIN in from Skokie, so my boy could see how Chicago really looks. We passed 25 yards from the ARAGAON @ Laurence, and I told my boy that I saw the CLASH there while I was in High School. Chicago dogs and Pepsi. New T-shirt from my gig Friday SMITHEREENS. New T-shirt from the FOO FIGHTERS.

WOW, what a weekend.


Those Pyrex mixing bowls! I just gave my daughter the set I got from my mother. Four nesting bowls intact. Small to large...blue, red, green, yellow. The two small ones are dull with wear.

Beasts of England

I hate dishwashers, Momto2. Everything gets hand washed and dried... :)


Hi Caro !
Great to see you posting.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

I have the big one in yellow! It was my grandmother's. I don't know what happened to the rest of the set, but I still have some of her casserole baking stuff, too. It still has tape on the back with her name where she ID'd them to get them back from Eastern Star functions.


Caro - that is a treasure! I have so many memories of my mother using hers and my daughter has already said she wants me to pass them to her when the time comes.

Miss Marple

Those were the bowls my mother had, too!

I wish I had them, but they are long gone. I can remember her mixing cookie batter in the big yellow one, which she also used for potato salad.

Dave (in MA)

Yeah, the yellow one was the potato salad and popcorn bowl.

Miss Marple

I didn't know this web site existed.



Excellent link at 12:38 Captain.

We've got a young girl in the neighborhood claiming to be a boy now. Her parents are just going along with it & have hung a rainbow flag on their house.
So sad.

The adults in the kid's life won't even tell her the truth. You are a girl. You can pretend you are a boy, but you are a girl.


I have my mom’s old Mixer and mixing bowls. It still works.
She made our cakes by hand, until Hough bakery came along within walking distance from our house.


For those wondering about the "Ryan" seat:



UGA Dean attacked on Twitter for having GOP friend

“I went to high school with GOP guv candidate @BrianKempGA. We played YMCA ball from childhood. Politics be damned. He is a nice guy, always was. Kind to a fault,” Davis tweeted. “He’s a friend, always has been, and will be when we’re old(er) and grey(er). That’s how all this should work, people.”

After a brief Twitter re-education...

"I'd like to apologize to anyone offended by my tweet shout out to Brian Kemp...I've read and learned so much from you all and will endeavor to be more thoughtful."

What a fucking coward. That pair of tweets need to be reposted again and again Ext.

Ralph L

I'd like to hear what Kemp thinks of his "friend."

Miss Marple


Somebody took his picture in the airport.

Citizen journalism! Yay!


He doesn’t refute what he said.
Everyone comes away with Brian Kemp is a nice guy.
Winning again.

“You’re a straight white man. Of course he was nice and kind to you. Racists are generally nice to their own kind,” one user replied. “Why don’t you say what you really mean. Politics be damned. You’d never vote for a black woman and would much rather vote for the white racist.”

“It’s the definition of privilege,” another user remarked caustically. “~the dean~ has the luxury of damning politics because no politician is threatening his rights, safety, or survival; he is willing to empower those who would threaten the same of others on account of the candidate being ‘nice’ to him personally.”

War is coming.


Whose "rights, safety and survival" are being threatened now, soon-to-be-ex Dean?

Jim Eagle


Sounds like a fun buddy night.

Actual translation: "We are slaves of the laws so that we may be free."

From Cicero.


Posted by: Extraneus | July 30, 2018 at 01:13 PM

the twitter outrage of the day.


Speaking on topic for once, https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/270887/obamas-payout-terror-financiers-joseph-klein is a reminder that bankrolling the mullahs didn't just take our treasure, but it may have also been used against our soldiers in iraq and afghanistan.


The bowls 😊
It's amazing what connects us to each other !!
I have, and use frequently, the Blue, green & yellow ones. My Grams taught me how to make devils food and red velvet cakes from scratch with them.
Every Christmas Eve, my Mom's recipe for Texas Potato Salad, is served in the big yellow bowl !!

Smiling and waving (and praying) from the Texas gulf coast, to all 🖖🏼


Just to put a point on it - this is the DEAN of the School of Journalism who doesn't have the backbone to stand up to criticism and issues and issues an apology 3 days later.

What must he be teaching his students about having a legitimate different point of view? (Never mind...I think we already know the answer to that question!)



Hague Awaits

Conservative Trumpenfuhrers seem to prefer listening to the String Quartet play Mozart on Titanic's deck than seek evacuation..

Dave (in MA)

click if it doesn't fit


Momto2. He as a JOURNALISM PROF, felt the need to defend his choice of POLITICIANS .....AND....FRIENDS. That is sad. I will like whom I choose, and I will vote for whom I choose.
The pathetic PROFESSOR apologized a and handed his balls to the MOB.

Miss Marple

RNC ad:


This ain't Mitt Romney's RNC!


My mother had those bowls as well. I haven't thought about those in a long time, but remember the little blue one.

Since I only took up cooking in my 30s while dating hubby to be, while practicing law, there are not too many hand-me-downs in this kitchen. My grandmother was a lousy cook and most of my mom's favorite recipes at this point are ones she got from me. To ease her burden looking after my dad I sent her home Saturday with chicken salad made with grapes and toasted almonds, collard greens with homemade chicken broth and spicy sausage, and pork tenderloin.

About two weeks ago I sent her with a mixture of fresh butter peas and lady peas and she got 3 meals out of it for them.


Waving back.
We serve Thanksgiving Turkey on my mom’s old platter.
According to Obama- Afghanistan-was the good war.
Totally supported Iraq war.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

The adults in the kid's life won't even tell her the truth. You are a girl. You can pretend you are a boy, but you are a girl.

Ugh. Parenting 101 failures.

Momto2, I don't know if I'll get a chance to meet Hazel since I called once and haven't heard anything back.


Your chicken salad sounds delicious.
How are your children doing?


Cop Assaulted, Head-Butting, And A Bloody Nose After Another Brawl At Trump's Hollywood Star

I think someone will be shivved at one of these events soon.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Alexandria because she really — she represents the future of our party,” Perez said

Ignorant and with crazy eyes. Excellent party leadership imo.




Wow, those bowls bring back memories!


They are fine MR. Having to car share with the college kid home for the summer gets old, especially now that I have added a gentle yoga class to my knee rehab routine.

Everybody doing what they enjoy, which is good, even if it looks like I may be on track to not have all three in one place this year.

Kevlar Kid

Occasional Cortex: Islamophilia kills. You will not be eaten last. A dirty bomb in Queens will not check your political party affiliation. It's comin.

Kevlar Kid

"I think i am a girl."

"I think i am a boy."

Why not let em read some Descartes and clear about some basic life shit?


Dave (in MA)

René Descartes was a drunken fart
"I drink, therefore I am"

Miss Marple

Here is the latest in Twitter's efforts to "measure the health of conversations."

Reading this, I have to say that if they accidentally hired me, I would be in throat-slitting rage within 30 minutes.


Jim Eagle

Only at JOM can we go from Afghanistan to vintage Pyrex bowls to Ocasio-Cortez with Linda Sasour all on the same page.

BTW, it was only inevitable that that photo of O-C with Sasour would show up. Probably separated at birth knowing those two low IQ royalty.


KK-clearly you have not read Antonio Damasio's Descartes' Error that is quite in favor in ed psych. They really do hate Axemaker Minds.

Damasio showed up when I was first looking at the BRAIN Initiative.

Miss Marple

Joint press conference with POTUS and the Italian PM:


Jim Eagle

You all have to read this Twitchy, and Beasts will especially be interested in the NYT's article it is linked to:)


Miss Marple

President Trump looks sharp in that black suit and black and white striped tie.

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