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August 26, 2018





4 legs good, 2 legs bad.

Frau Gespannt wie ein Flitzebogen

The Cicada's Love Affair with Prime Numbers -

An added treat: Adam Smith's "invisible hand" makes a short appearance.


Clarice Feldman


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Henry, are you saying Hillary is a cloven hoofed beast that cheweth the cud or she's just a garden variety pig?


I love Ramirez. The goofy eyes on the donks always cracks me up.

Frau Gespannt wie ein Flitzebogen

I bet John McCain will not be buried in an airplane.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Make America Great Again
Keep America Orwellian!


Embrace the power of ‘and’, Ig.


Anita Dunn. This is an UGLY UGLY WOMAN. Watch the lizard mouth and hear what she has to say.




Ig, I intend to stay far enough away that I will never know.

Also per WSJ: Neil Simon RIP


The law firm appears to be an agent acting within is authority given to it by Clinton and the DNC so too Fusion and Steele. Clinton is responsible based on basic agency law principles.


What is CUDD CHEWER FOR $1000.Ignatz?

Thomas Collins

If Mueller were a good guy, long ago, he would have requested that his jurisdiction be expanded to include investigating the Clinton campaign involvement with the Russians. Although this wasn't the main point of her article, Strassel's piece should lay to rest the notion that Team Trump has a grand plan to have a big bang drain the swamp. Team Trump is operating in slow ooze territory.

Color me an optimist on the ground that slow ooze is the best that could have been hoped for as of November of 2016.


RODHAM paid for it.

Miss Marple

JUST IN: Neil Simon dead at 91 https://t.co/2uekU5FJs4 pic.twitter.com/FWjYoaSy8C

— New York Post (@nypost) August 26, 2018

Link goes to article.


I wonder if someone for DOJ/FBI/"Deep State" got to Sessions with "dirt" on him and are forcing him not to investigate those on the "other side of the aisle".

He sure looks impotent/"trapped" every time I see him on TV.

Man Tran

Bird sounds. I scanned that long list from last night looking for the bird sound that has mystified me for years to no avail. Always clear, always the same:

What weeeee do, what weeeee do.


Absolutely Thomas Collins. He did not need permission.
The moment he found out about the DISHONEST FISA WARRANT APPS, and the instant he found out that RODHAM paid for the DOSSIER, and the second he found out who signed the WARRANTS, and that OHR and his Wife were involved with STEELE/GPSFUSION and HAM RADIOS, he should have SHUT DOWN ANY INVESTIGATION into anything TRUMP related and reversed course. Imagine the treasure trove of CONVICTIONS he could have gotten within the RANCID ROHDAM CAMP.


"Imagine the treasure trove of CONVICTIONS... "

Not in DC.

Eye Doctor .

Mueller knew before he was appointed.

That's why he was appointed!


Right you are Boris.

Maybe HUBER could have tried them in SALT LAKE.


Hey Boris, I like your ROSEWOOD. Mine is MAPLE.


It's a PRS CE 24.

Maple neck bolt on.


94, 40TH Anniversary robins egg blue. The belt buckle plate is plexi and has a WWII style girlie pic inside of it. Best strat I've ever owned. That's pretty dark for maple, great guitar Boris.
You have good taste.


Well he is, partially out of his own failure to revisit that decision, resembles Ashcroft in that regard, but even members of his staff like Corkey Boyd turned out not to be willing to maga.


Thomas Collins:
Excellent post and correct on all counts.
Loved Cafe California and the comments were very interesting.
We have an ex anuncio member, probably vote against Pope Francis and one bishop from Texas supporting the idea that Pope Francis knew when most of the transgressions took place during Pope Benedict.Pope Benedict is not coming back.
All the nuns I know never warmed up to him.
Ex-nuncio prelate even impugned Pope John the 2nd who had been or will be soon canonized so that was my first clue that not all the facts appear to be accurate here.
Pope Francis has denied these allegations and I can’t bring myself to believe he would lie.


The fingerboard is probably rosewood but the neck is blond maple. Got it about 1990.


Should be Pope John Paul the 2nd

Miss Marple


I don't know what to think. I don't like Pope Francis, never have. So I admit I am prejudiced.

I don't expect Benedict to come back. I DO expect that these types will be rooted out and I don't see enough evidence of it.

Kevlar Kid

Way off topic :D Call the media!

Last night's 45th high school class reunion was a very very cool affair. held at a private residence of two fine alums, outdoor/indoor.

for all you Guitar Players out there--- my quest to get my hands and chops back, took a major turn in the right direction.

i was sitting off to the side with several buddies and we were talking about stuff we gave up to play football for our school. were there any regrets.

when i was my turn i said i regretted having walked away from playing guitar, and i made a simple "air guitar" gesture as i told them i regret not continuing jazz/classic guitar lessons with a very competent impromptu and chart reading maestro.

unbeknownst to me, three different people from three different positions in that backyard soiree (a quarter of an acre backyard!) saw me make that gesture.

about an hour later all 3 (who play in different bands etc) came over and asked "Do you play guitar?"

i shared with them my start and stop history. they asked about the guitars i have. showed me pictures of their impressive collections. one even makes electric guitars.

i also shared that after having been through major illnesses the past 21 years how i'd made the decision to make my own personal comeback. one of the gents asked "So, are you playing every day?" Nope. "Why not?" (i spend too much time on JOM! Ha ha) I play as much as i can.

"Put your guitar on a stand right next to where you work. Pick it up whenever you look at it. Play for 5 minutes. Scale-scale-chord-scale-scale-chord. 5 minutes a day."

then each of them took a turn dialing my phone (which i'd left in the car purposely) to give me their numbers. i listed to their messages--- all were the same: "5 minutes a day"

that conversation was worth the price of the ticket. practical encouragement. priceless!!!!

Mrs Kid was the hit of the reunion: "so this was what all the fuss was about from the 25th!" said one of my former paramours of yore.

that woman makes me so damn proud.... and i deserve every second of it! (ducks)

no really. we both had a great time.

the ride home was a treat:

"Mr Kid-- everyone said the same thing about you." What's that? "You have brown eyes and are fulla..."

hey wait a minute. i paid good money in advance for good reviews!


Sounds awesome Kev. My band will be playing at our renunion next year. We played a reunion 10 years ago, we also played the Jr Prom, when I was a senior. Same friends for MANY MANY YEARS.
Some old rivals still play.

matt - deplore me if you must

JP II is a saint already, maryrose. That doesn't mean he was perfect.

This bombshell from the Papal Nuncio, along with Francis' walk of shame in Ireland really disheartens me.

This is a massive drip, drip, drip that should have been flushed 15 years ago. Our own bishop at the time (2000 or so) posted a pastoral letter on every church doorway that ours was a zero tolerance diocese.

One has to take solace that it is the message, not the messenger, that is important. There are far more good clergy of all faiths than bad and we have to work towards being the best versions of ourselves.

Unfortunately the challenge of this age is rampant secularism with disregard for morality and dignity. In China they are persecuting people of faith. It is very real. I got to meet a Franciscan monk who wrote poetry and somehow remembered it all through his 20 years in Chinese hellholes, all for his faith.I would rather that image than a predatory libertine.


Maryrose, I have a portrait of Saint Pope John Paul II, on my bedroom wall.
My wife's school has a portrait of about 20 members and kids from the school each touching JP.II somewhere, arm, shoulder vestment, as he sits on a gilded chair at the VATICAN.

It is priceless.


So, does this mean we can retire the word “maverick”?


What weeeee do

It’s a Ryan Snipe:

What weeeee do ... Isnot whoo Weee argh!


Good Morning!

Thanks for whoever linked it, but loved this line from Mark Steyn describing Malcolm Trunbull, the newly ousted Aussie Prime Minister:

"It's easy to blame all that on Turnbull, because it's true."



Last. Sunday our pastor read a letter from our Bishop Nelson Perez about the Diocese of Cleveland ‘s zero tolerance policy wrt sexual predatory abuse.
Protocols are in place as well as parish mandates for all priests employed.
We also have Virtus training for any diocesan employee.


If it didn't happen while he was alive, doesn't it seem unlikely that Cindy will get the nod for the Senate seat?


CNN’s Tapper: ‘There’s So Much Reverence’ for McCain ‘Because of Who’s in the White House’

Miss Marple

This is a handy chart on solar cycles, vulcanism, historical events, and global warming/cooling:



Very nice posts, both Matt and Maryrose.
We had a guest priest from the St Francis de Sales seminary here in Milwaukee.
His Homily was one of the best I've ever heard.
He spoke of the shame, the guilt, the criminality, and to quote Pope Che, the FILTH. He also made the point about the MESSAGE, THE CHURCH, THE GOSPEL and the FAITH not being changed by bad bad bad apples.
In our SECULAR SOCIETY it's easy to shit on CATHOLICISM for the scandals we have endured, yet overlook ABORTION, black on black murder, without blaming "ALL OF THEM" and in most cases not blaming anyone at all.

Dave (in MA)
Wolf Blitzer@wolfblitzer

Having interviewed @SenJohnMcCain over 30 years, I can testify he didn’t always like our tough questions, but he always appreciated the critical role a free press plays in a democracy. For that, and so much more, I will always…

Jim Treacher@jtLOL

The Only Good Republican Is the Previous Republican


Ext, depends on who controls the illicit cash flow (from Deripaska's et al?). McCain was chasing something for someone when running around Syria with Egg McMuffin.

Dave (in MA)

Last night I heard a CBS radio news report refer to Trump's comment on McCain's death as "uncharacteristically gracious".


Or a dead one.


Strange, they recommended set thermostats higher in winter to avoid hypertension. It's all Jimmah Carter's fault.


Captain Hate

Can you imagine if Grand Inquisitor Mueller had Juan Keating McRINO in his crosshairs?

Captain Hate

Last night I heard a CBS radio news report refer to Trump's comment on McCain's death as "uncharacteristically gracious".

How characteristically inaccurate and classless.


"The army of the Gauls ran through the fields to the sea." It is taken from once of Cicero's letters to Atticus as a commentary on Caesar's Gallic Wars...the essence of the phrase is defeat driving the Gauls from "fields to the sea."


Thanks for the history lesson and the context. I recall years ago that my college buddy, who now teaches Classics at Purdue, was deep in his grad school studies and a course required him to read all Cicero's letters in the original and to know the topics and the subjects of those ancient days inside out. At the time, because of Nick's passion and my general interest, I sort of got roped in to paying attention and bought the old Penguin Classics English translation of Cicero's letters to Atticus. I was surprised to find that we actually have a few letters back and forth between Cicero and Caesar so Nick had me read those and was always happy to explain what current scholarship thought they revealed about Caesar. A Google search unearthed this short but interesting bit of explanation on the relevance of their back and forth letters: Classical World: Letters of Caesar and Cicero to Each Other

I also recall just a few years back reading an excellent book on the rediscovery of Cicero's letters in the mid 1300's by Petrarch, which I thought fascinating, but I also recall how bummed Petrarch was when a destitute former professor of his that he really admired begged Petrarch to lend him a recently rediscovered volume of Cicero on some topic I forget, and against his better judgement Petrarch lent the volume before having it copied, and sadly the destitute professor sold it to make ends meet and the book has never been seen since:(

Kevlar Kid

Wolf Blitzer is an old whore whose reckoning will be a long look in the mirror, wherein that crucial moment of his miserable whore existence he *FEELS* the cost and says "OMG. What have i done?"

that isn't conscience for he has none. it's shame.

*ALL* old whores come to terms with how they've squandered their "inheritance" of youth, beauty, intellect or whatever else they put up for sale.

since we're saying goodbye to your types,vaya con dios in advance, cabroncito.

Kevlar Kid

clarice--- you're invincible against the blank canvas. you said you didn't know what you would write about: BOOM! if today's Pieces is any indication of what happens for you in that pre-condition, the oppo is in real serious trouble.

the Abzug reference was a hoot.


Captain Hate

Pope John Paul 2 fought tyranny as well as anyone. Whoever impugns him has an obvious agenda and shouldn't be trusted.

Captain Hate

Jeopardy expert Wolf Blitzer. What a flatliner.


I read his book on the pollard case, then he joined the pod hatchery at Rupert pupkin.

Kevlar Kid

Papal criticism/endorsements are above my pay grade.

Ex cathedra is what goes.

the "controversies" and gossip is "the church of men" (literally).

When Pope Francis speaks to media he forgets where his "authority" is derived. outside of that, i don't need to care about his opinion one way or the other.

"thou art Peter and upon this rock i shall build my church" (or something like that). rocks dont bend in the breeze of political exigencies crafted by the blind.

that's all. setting my opinion beside all the rest. it's a free country and we're all allowed to speak freely on such matters. i respect that.

that's all.

Kevlar Kid

Pin --- from last thread re LV and my nephew.

he had a pretty good business in Nash. was busy. but the BIG money eluded his bidding prowess.

in LV he knows who he needs to know and they know him.

this McMurtry tune, cuts both ways. seems relevant as the lure of Nash opportunities have brought in foks like my nephew, the same as LV.

I'm Not From Here I Just Live Here


MT, maybe a common quail?


Kevlar Kid

lol@ "pod hatchery" :D

Jim Eagle


Here is a website of a classical & ancient history publisher that I have used a number of times in my love of ancient Rome and Greece. The latest book is a fascinating read. I can see you on your DC-10 forgetting to land at Stanstead because you got to engrossed:)


Clarice Feldman

Thnx,KK-- I keep tab each week of the articles (and posts) I find most reliable and when I sit down on Saturday mornings I try to find some common theme in all that. I will admit last week I had to poke around in the soup a lot before I found the nuggets of meat.


"Mass shooting" in Jacksonville. A Madden e-sports event of some sort. 4 dead.


Jim Eagle

The Landing is very popular. Lots of restaurants, bars, and clubs on the River. Not the kind of place you would expect gun violence. Very popular when there is a Jags game.


Mass shooting in Jacksonville FL. Still going on.


At a video game tournament off the St John River, 11 shot 4 dead.


Madden tournament at a game bar.

Too early to rely on any information.


Are there metal detectors as the people enter the tournament in Jacksonville?
If not there should be.

Jim Eagle

Frederick is a gamer. My impression is that they are bunch of high IQ nerds. Wonder if this being an EA Sports function if it is not a NBA or NFL game festival. That attracts a different level of gamers.

Kevlar Kid

The Last Maverick
Why we won’t see the likes of John McCain again.

By BRYAN BENDER August 26, 2018

Please let this be true.


1 suspect down. They don't know if there are others.

Frau Gespannt wie ein Flitzebogen

maryrose - your "Pope Francis knew when most of the transgressions took place during Pope Benedict" leaves the impression to those not closely following that Pope Benedict knew and did nothing. You and I know that is not accurate.

25 Aug 2018 - Archbishop Viganò said in his written statement that Pope Francis “continued to cover” for McCarrick and not only did he “not take into account the sanctions that Pope Benedict had imposed on him” but also made McCarrick “his trusted counselor,” claiming that the former archbishop of Washington advised the pope to appoint a number of bishops in the United States, including Cardinals Blase Cupich of Chicago and Joseph Tobin of Newark.

Pope Benedict had a lot of behind the scenes attacks from the "progressives" who desired a more *modern* church. They got it with Pope Francis.


Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

There was an NFL game last night. Falcons v Jags at Jax. Could be a hangover from that.


I bet John McCain will not be buried in an airplane.

I think this country would have been one heck of a lot better off if McCain had become a Fedex Pilot and his cellmate, Joe Crecca, had become a Senator.

Can we have a do-over?

Frau Gespannt wie ein Flitzebogen

daddy - Fred Smith/David J. Bronczek would not be pleased to lose that many planes, would he?


Kids have to be 16 to play in the gamers tournament.

Jim Eagle

At Chicago Pizza. Did I ever tell you my story of the Witness Protection guy un covered at Gumba's Pizza in Palm Coast?

Believe me this had nothing to do with gamers.


Just before the shots were heard on the live stream, a red laser dot appeared on the chest of one of the players, who was wearing white headphones and a red sweatshirt. The video of the players then disappeared.

Eye Doctor .

SHOOTINGREPORT: FBI Listed As Place Of Employment For Las Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend

Miss Marple


I saw that video on Twitter. I will see if I can find it and link it.

Miss Marple

Here's the video I saw:


— Michael Moates (@freedom_moates) August 26, 2018

Video at link.


Remember all of the authors and businesses who lost readers/customers because they publically displayed their TDS? Now it has spread to real estate sales - are people *really* this stupid?


Miss Marple



Pope Francis has denied these allegations and I can’t bring myself to believe he would lie.


Rod Dreher has been talking about the lavender mafia in the Church for years. He has taken a lot of abuse for it.

Vigano says Benedict knew about the abuse and applied sanctions to McCarrick which McCarrick defied. Benedict decided he was powerless and retired. Vigano then told Bergoglio in 2013. Bergoglio did nothing.

Do you really think Vigano would tell an absolute lie? His life would be as good as over.

The lavender mafia is real and is entrenched at all levels in the Church. And they have installed their perfect, complicit pope. It's time to wake up.


Maryrose, I think they should have MENTAL detectors too.


Momto2, I saw that story yesterday. The SELLER, claims to have MORALS.
That's the PROG position. They are MORAL. Secular Progs/Full Commies are delusional.

Miss Marple


I follow 2 conservative priests on Twitter, and both side with Vigano.

Vigano seems to have given details, dates, etc.

What would be his motive for lying? I can't fathom one.

I think he is speaking the truth.


Claim is the shooter was a competitor that lost.



There was a grand opening of a FLEET FARM just a mile west of my Lake yesterday. I was looking at guns among other things. I want myself a new handgun and possibly a new Henry repeater. I think a Springfield Arms pistol is in the offing as well.
The crowd at the Grand Opening was full of FARMERS and FARM families. All Americans. Hard working peeps who feed the PROG/FULL COMMIES. Lots of pickemup trucks, lots of diesel. I leaned over to MRS G. and said......these peeps did not vote for RODHAM.


Wired Sources
JUST IN: Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein ordered Trump-appointed US attorney Geoffrey Berman to recuse himself from Michael Cohen case, letting Democrat holdovers of anti-Trump Preet Bharara pursue the case - NYP


Henry, that's what you call WHITE HAT 4-D.

A war is coming.


Didn't we just read that it wasn't holdovers but someone that Berman hired?

On January 5, 2018 interim United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman named Khuzami as Deputy US Attorney for Manhattan.[14]

Khuzami signed off on the April 2018 raid of Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's home and office because Berman was recused from the case.[15]


daddy on iPad


Your 02:26 looks like a fascinating read, as what might have happened if Quintillius Varus hadn't lost the 3 Legions was a fav subject of myself and my Classics friend. Even this last week while flying with the guy just back from 5 years in Cologne, we were off ranting about the Romans in Germany, and when we were in Cambridge he had rented a car and drove to York, spending 2 nights wandering their ruins, since that's where Constantine was declared their Emperor by his dead fathers troops in 306 AD. Saw this yesterday and forgot to post it: Hoard of 2,000-year-old silver Roman coins unearthed by group of friends and a metal detector

A hoard of 2,000-year-old silver Roman coins has been unearthed by three metal-detecting friends in Yorkshire.

Such a find would be thrilling enough, but it has also led to a further significant discovery - evidence of a high-status Roman settlement, to the excitement of archaeologists, The Telegraph can reveal...

All the finds so far date from the 1st century, he said: “There’s a lot of silver coins coming out, and they all date to the time of the emperor Vespasian [AD 69–79], when the Romans finally marched north and established a centre at York.”

Captain Hate

Incredible that Rodentstein orders people to recuse themselves but won't do so himself or exercise any constraints on Mueller.


this McMurtry tune, cuts both ways. seems relevant as the lure of Nash opportunities have brought in foks like my nephew, the same as LV.

I'm Not From Here I Just Live Here

Posted by: Kevlar Kid | August 26, 2018 at 02:24 PM

There's a white boy southern expression about being busy at work. "I'm covered up!"

I was just hoping it was figurative given the people who used to run the trades and unions and such.

These BLM types paid people to sleep holding protest signs in front of the new convention center construction but I never felt like I would have to use deadly force pulling into the site.


Khuzami was a long term SDNY guy (Clinton years), then an SEC appointee under Obama. Also a big McCain contributor. He didn't parachute in from nowhere. (Not sure what any of that means, except we have learned SDNY on a resume means snake).


According to Wiki, Khuzami is 62...

And according to this, he's kind of a Republican (inasmuch as he donated to McCain in 2008):



Daddy, that stuff fascinates me. As you probably now by now, my Mother was raised in Edinburgh, my sister was born there, and after my Father's death, I lived there as a little boy. ALL of my Mother's family her still living siblings, and many many cousins reside in various parts of Scotland. I LOVE SCOTLAND more than I could express.
I've seen stories of such finds, coins, and other STASH, that was buried for whatever reason, across the countryside in G.B., specifically and mostly England, as HADRIANS WALL kept out all of the DEPLORABLES.
My youngest bro flew out of LAKENHEATH for 3 plus years, and I love the area. Even as the son of a SCOTTISH MOM (just like our POTUS), I don't have any negative thoughts or feelings about England.
In fact I've loved visiting England many times.
I should end by saying, I see your posts about flying in, and layovers....STANSTED??? and I get a twinge of jealousy.


Yeah, he might still be a sleazeball but it doesn't seem that he's a Preet Bharara holdover.


Ext, Kristol was a big McCain supporter. Not sure what it means here.


Heh. No, it doesn't mean much at all. McCain was a McCain supporter, and look how he turned out.


Ext, checking Preet's wiki page. Lots of Insider Trading prosecution and deals cut. This matches the time frame Khuzami was SEC appointee for insider trading. Khuzami's wiki page does mention him being accused of acting as a conduit between Treasury and DoJ (Preet?) on insider trading cases and especially settlements.

At the very least, the worked together one hell of alot.

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