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August 17, 2018


Strawman Cometh

I hate people who say furst!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As taranto has pointed out countless times, no one really reads their own paper or edit it.


Not last.

clarice feldman

I saw that, too. Read only about four or five graphs until I could go no further. You're a saint Maguire.

Miss Marple

My solution is to never read the New York Times. Keeps my blood pressure down and I can spend my time doing other things.

Strawman Cometh

I can't believe that's it's real
the way that you make me feel


No, TM, you don't get that one editor--they are lost in a fog of what-must-be-because-Trump and we'd be lucky if they caught an egregious dangling modifier. Ex: "Reaching for the book, the ladder slipped out from under him."

Strawman Cometh

take me as I am

Strawman Cometh

This goes back to the earlier thread

Strawman Cometh

I love the lyrics of this song!!
It's a Lyric!! Moron!!

Strawman Cometh

Even Steyn got it wrong

Strawman Cometh

But he has come around

jack burton

Poe's Law in action

Miss Marple


Dave (in MA)

WJOM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMySsuBVVRI

When the live version blows away the studio version #1

Dave (in MA)


Dave (in MA)


Clarice Feldman

This has to be the greatest scam ever pulled on the NYT. After reading her tweets, I think she should have her own show.

Dave (in MA)

In case Catsmeat checks back in tonight,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Every time I see Jackie Gleason doing that stuff I fall off my chair.
He and Curly were the funniest physical comics IMO.
Thanks Dave.


(Oops - posted on old thread)

OK - it's late but I'm going to be gone all day tomorrow. Here is the photo from our Atlanta meeting in July.
Left to right: Momto2, Catsmeat, rse

Dave (in MA)


A bonus for Iggy.


evening all, actually morning, but whatever ...


the nyt had to have known that that letter was a parody.

Clarice Feldman

Best wishes to the night crew.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Thanks again Dave. Love it.

A little KJOM with two from the one of a kind Roy Buchanan
Sweet Dreams
The Messiah Will Come Again.


>>>Hang on. I’ll be caught up in about two threads.

Posted by: Sbwaters | August 17, 2018 at 04:11 PM<<<

for me it will be the small hours of monday ...

Dave (in MA)

Beautiful, Momto2.

Kevlar Kid

hell fire.... was checkin out the live Stones from Dave....started scrollin and caught the Ralphie Boy and 3Stooges....perfect timing....what a scream....what is with that chica in the white lingereez....

high larry USS!

Kevlar Kid

great pic, Momto2. musta been a fun time. :D


I was just wondering the other day what else one could be riddled with.

I'm not in the slightest bit riddled with White Guilt. GFY.

jim nj


Everything on the left looks like parody these days.


WJOM: Iron Maiden - Wasted Years (Official Video)



Do you like Shakespeare?

Do you like triplets played smartly?

Iron Maiden - The Evil That Men Do (Official Video)


jim nj

Black in the day

Black guy goes for a job interview. Doesn't get it. Black guy wonders was it because he's black.

White guy goes for a job interview. Doesn't get it. White guy wonders what's wrong with himself.


Black guy goes for a job interview. Doesn't get it. Wonders what's wrong with himself.

White guy goes for a job interview. Doesn't get it. Wonders if it's because he's white.


Sex Offender Shuffle


jim nj

Monsanto's Roundup loses in court case with no science behind the verdict, and tada,


Go after the cereal makers next.



We've gone from failing NYT to flailing NYT.
Then after hiring Jeong, the racist NYT.
But their aspirations are higher. They aim to be the demented NYT. And I say they can make it!

jim nj


Surprise? Maybe to Erdogan, not me.


>>>are any of you good at dancing? I mean really good?

Posted by: Catsmeat | August 17, 2018 at 05:38 PM<<<

mosh pit?


Dad Reacts to Jesus Christ is my N*GGA!



>>>Everything on the left looks like parody these days.

Posted by: jim nj | August 18, 2018 at 01:04 AM<<<

it was just so over-the-top, just the bit TM flagged up set off my bs meter (or the wag who flagged up poe's law...)

jim nj


Video. Leftover from the weekend meteor shower?


This article has been 'lanched by Insty.

Visitors: our genial host, Mr Maguire is intelligent and insightful. But don't leave without sampling the comment stream! :) :)

jim nj


If I could write in liberal I would convince the left that Trump was Lucifer Morningstar like on the TV. Yes, he's evil, but he's been humanized and trying to good now. So cheer for every good thing he does to encourage him to more good things.

I mean he's clearly a victim of G-d and as a victim he pretty much outranks all other victims.

I still can't believe they cancelled that show.




Dad Reacts To The Black People Song! (GETS ANGRY)


jim nj


FacePlace admits PragerU was mis-handled.

jim nj

Faceplace courtesy of Jeff Abbot in his novel "Blame."

I've recently read four of his books and recommend him to you.


Posted by: jim nj | August 18, 2018 at 01:53 AM

think you'd have and easier time convincing them Trump is in a clever disguise and underneath his toupee he is hiding his horns ...


>>>GOOGLE Execs 'Misled Staff' On China Censorship Plan...<<<

you don't say ... weren't they the one who mislead when they turned over dissident accounts too?


and a question for the lawyers, would a credible threat against the judge or jurors be grounds for a mistrial?

Kevlar Kid

The court case was barely based on law let alone "science."

There is enough science out there to show that weeds in cereal grain and feed grain crops have adapted to glyphosate (the weed killer ingredient in Roundup) because of widespread planting of glyphosate resistant GMO crop strains.

And, because farmers are trying to fight the resistant weeds, they're putting more glyphosate on all plants in the crop beds, thereby increasing residues in grain crops.

it's not rocket science.


and as for there being no science behind the bogus settlement (which will never be paid), that might apply in a very narrow sense on the larger issues re genetically modified foods; but there is an a$$load of science out there defining the adaptation of GMO technologies to keep people from starving etc etc etc, and the implications for making such a bargain with biotech companies who are anything but transparent.

the profit incentive to go GMO is enormous. i wont take a stand either way because the only thing i can control is what i consume. and there is still plenty of GMO free food out there in abundant supply.

i ask myself: do i want to eat plants or animal products fed plants that have been genetically engineered to resist pests, and have those technologies in my food chain?

at my age, there isn't any rational need for grain in my diet. so most GMOs are irrelevant. but what about my 20 year old son or my two grandkids under ten years?

shutting down entire industries make little sense which some political forces will try to do with the Roundup decision-- even if it is appealed and lost at SCOTUS.

but pressuring industries to make changes that were once unthinkable (like soda makers removing high fructose corn syrup etc etc), with little economic blow back?

that makes simple economic sense: health care delivery and medical need is directly correlated with food and nutrition. so it makes sense to cut the crap.

the species is still intelligent to find reasonable grounds to produce food that is less debilitating to human, plant, and animal life over the next 7 generations.

these issues were forecast by foreward thinking agronomists, ag economists, ag educators and engineers as far back as the mid-70s as the "Green Revolution" was beginning to show weaknesses in terms of soil productivity, toxicity levels in soil and water....and on and on.

the future has arrived and we're all involved based on what we put on our plates with regularity and financial committment.

whether we choose to think about those "givens" and the "we all have to" whatevz---- we must think about the genetic material we will be passing down or have ALREADY passed down to future generations (mitochondrial DNA etc).

here's some red meat on technology adaption and diffusion in the ag/biotech area.


jim nj

Yes, convince them of his preternatural powers. Remind them of the "Trump Curse" and suggest that if they sign letters to the editors that they have signed their souls over to the devil.

Kevlar Kid

that NYT hoax might be parody. but i can tell you this: the writer has been on a college campus and witnessed some poor slobs who've "heard" a different version of history written in the 50s versus say an "in-depth exploration" of history from the perspective of defeated people since the 14th century through the end of the 19th---->

they sound just like that letter. and this current crop of guilt/shame ridden lambs is the byproduct of the undergraduate classes of 91-97 who went on to get graduate degrees in the "soft disciplines" and "administrative specialties" who are now running institutions at the mid-level and above.

that cohort of white liberal Americans are largely responsible for taking authentic works and seizing upon them as the unquestioned "voices of the oppressed."

the hysteria on one campus where i was employed in the 90s led to more than one suicide watch over some lemming who'd taken a sociology class taught by a Nigerian who laid out the history of Nigeria from an anti-colonial perspective. Franz Fanon was required reading (in a freshman socio course!) kids in that class were mau maued.

at any rate... those kids are the stereotype that's mocked in the NYT article. and they are still being churned out in droves.

add that to the global warming nonsense that has students feeling they don't deserve to live because of all the animals dying.... we are so ripe for a commie takeover it isn't funny.

Kevlar Kid

tell the loonies that Trump is merely a host for a tiny alien living under his skull cap a la Men in Black.

"i knew it was true! i just knew it!" Ya ya ya STFU.


Frau, re: your question as to brand of slivovitz, my family favors the one that is second from the right, front row in the picture in the article you sent. I think it's Jelinek. but my bottles are all Up North at the current time and I am not, so I can't check.


Their pear brandy is exquisite.

jim nj


I have no expertise in bio-enginerd crops, but we have been breeding and cross-breeding animals and crops for thousands of years with old-fashioned ideas.

I looked at the report, but it's 329 pages long.

My general take on GMO is they are just using a new method to create better crop. Yellow rice, perhaps being the largest one of benefit to people in third world environments.

In general, I don't think that GMO crops are Frankenfoods.

I do note that many farmers are moving to organic farming which requires some kind of animal waste product as fertilizer. I don't know if there is any danger in that. Maybe e-coli.

The other trend I notice that farmers are using is to produce "antique" varieties of food. Looking for that old-time taste, here you go.

In NJ, Rutgers Cook College has been the go to people for NJ farmers.

NJ tomatoes used to be the best in the country. That's why Campbell soup had a plant in Camden. Nowadays they don't seem to have the taste I remember, but home grown ones do.

jim nj


What about the movie where Eddie Murphy was the commander of an Eddie Murphy spaceship?

jim nj

Thinking too about the "dirt" theory. In the old days we were exposed to all kinds of hazards and mostly survived.

Nowadays every thing has to be clean and you're not supposed to play in the dirt.

Do auto-immune systems go haywire because they haven't been challenged enough?

jim nj



For daddy and our other archaeology buffs. The stern of the USS Abner Read, a WW II Navy destroyer, has been discovered off of Kiska Island.

Here's a good write-up in Stars and Stripes on the story Matt mentioned, and a very interesting human interest story of one of the ships Sailors who twice escaped with his life by the luck of the draw/skin of his teeth: Stern of US destroyer found near Alaska as researchers map little-known campaign of WWII

IIRC, the Japanese had secretly evacuated their occupying forces on Kiska Island just before this incident by sneaking out on submarines undetected, and we then did the largest bombardment in History up to that time shelling a deserted island inhabited only by dogs, foxes, and sea birds: How The US Suffered 300 Casualties Storming An Empty Island In WWII

jim nj


Premise of the article is that it's economic warfare. The planes are worthless, but we'd still have to shoot them down. Our air and ground based missiles cost more than the planes are worth.

Can't let them through though.

Ralph L

My dad got a begging letter today from the Sierra Club wanting to condemn glyphosate to save the monarch butterflies. A beekeeper I know tells me that it's the cause of the mass honey bee deaths.

But the alternatives for non-GMOs and the pre-emergents and burndown chemicals used are much more toxic to humans than Roundup. Then there's the phosphine gas used to kill weevils in stored wheat.


Not to mention what they put in quadro-triticale.


Last time I worked in a feed store all they had was Roundup Ready corn and soybeans. I believe that since then they have gotten rid of atrazine.


Well TM, if it is a letter from Steve and Cheryl instead of a bogus effort from sock-puppet Titania, here they are:
This review of their joint work from 2015 tells us Steve is the brains of the outfit and Cheryl is the heart:

Lisa, what’s it like working with Steve and Cheryl?

LT: The first time we went into the studio, it was just like, YES. The two of them have this chemistry and balance each other so well. I sometimes say that Steve is the head and Cheryl is the heart. That’s overly reductionistic, of course, because Cheryl is ridiculously smart and Steve is a big sweetheart. But something in their balance just works. I think they genuinely make each other consider aspects of a question that they might not have gotten to on their own. But ultimately, they both know that their job is not to tell people how to live their lives — it’s to help us see the truths of our lives.

That's great news. I was thinking they were telling me how to live outside my heritage. Whew.

From another review, here's Cheryl's advice for how to live one's life:

Be brave enough to break your own heart.
You can’t ride to the fair unless you get on the pony.
Keep walking.
Acceptance is a small, quiet room.
Romantic love is not a competitive sport.
Forward is the direction of real life.
Ask yourself: What is the best I can do? And then do that.

I haven't heard such uplifting advice since Rod McKuen's "Listen To The Warm" Love Poems, Volume 2. Thank goodness Steve and Cheryl aren't into telling us how to live our lives.

Miss Marple

Prizes for the people who can identify both of these groups:

Kurt Schlichter
‏Verified account @KurtSchlichter
5h5 hours ago

Sleestaks > Moorlocks fight me now.

jim nj


That sounds like the standard tactic of the trial lawyers association. Sierra Club is just part of the propaganda machine

There is no single cause known for the honeybee collapse.


So without any scientific proof lawyers and their acolytes throw out these conjectures to widen the pool of potential defendants.

We need a system to prevent trial lawyers from judge shopping and misleading jurors.

Something like patent law. Where the level of understanding is much higher.

We should have technologically astute judges, not juries, deciding these issues, because lawyers and allied groups are just plain out lying to juries.

And as Pin points have I have no Tribble believing that "quadro-triticale" is the real problem.

Miss Marple


Imperator Rex on the situation Mueller is in.

Miss Marple

Mexican economic minister: Mexico-US bilateral NAFTA issues may be resolved next week



Just for interest, I am currently in England and I have been getting a number of these messages when I click on some of your links from stateside. This message I get clicking on nj jim's 01:29:

451: Unavailable due to legal reasons

We recognize you are attempting to access this website from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) including the EU which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore access cannot be granted at this time. For any issues, call 877-509-6397.


Here's the message when I click on jim's 01:46 about the Georgia meteor:

Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "http://www.11alive.com/article/news/local/fireball-streaks-across-georgia-sky-captured-in-amazing-videos/85-585151696" on this server.
Reference #18.2d367a5c.1534584121.b777226

Miss Marple


This is a thread by a guy I follow on Twitter, StuinSD. I can't remember his background exactly but it's military or intelligence.

Read this. It tells you about Brennan, McRaven, and as a bonus, Benghazi gets wrapped in at the end. VERY important, IMHO.


Who's Imperator Rex?

Miss Marple


He's one of the researchers I follow on Twitter. I find him to be reasonable and not far out there like some.

I put the post up because it pffers a perspective on Mueller. I still wonder if Mueller intended to be a white hat and got corrupted or a black hat trapped by Trump. I think perhaps the latter.

Miss Marple

Kofi Annan has passed away, age 80.

Miss Marple


Nope. Too late Mark. Your goose is cooked.

Miss Marple

The latest attempt to attack Trump is saying he hates dogs, that he is the first president not ot have a dog, yada yada.

Brian Williams carried this on the nightly news, honest to Pete, with the reporter saying they could only find one picture of him with a dog.

There are many photos of him with dogs. You can google it yourself.

I do not find it unusual that a man who lived in a Manhattan high rise, who jetted all over the world checking properties, who had numerous meetings and appearances from one end of the country to another, would forego a dog.

A dog requires exercise and attention. If you can't provide that because of your schedule, it would be cruel to have one.

jim nj


That's odd. It seems more like censorship then complying with the EU's privacy act.

Is Europe the new China? Or is this an effort to expand their mandate worldwide?

Neither sounds good. I wold think Europeans would get tired of this.

jim nj


Of course if Trump had a dog we would be hearing about how he mis-treated it. Like sticking it in a kennel on top of his car on a long vacation. a la Romney.


ralph l, beasts, narc--question:

I never signed up to comment at Althouse, because by the time I got to read most posts, my only new contribution would be to post something like "Ann, how utterly clueless can a woman your age be? Do you ever get out?" about some of them. Someone usually posts anything else I would say. (Except medical stuff. They do still get that screwed up from time to time. Oh well...)

Since it was her blog, that seemed exceedingly rude, so I kept the check of not being able to post.

Lately I've noticed that doesn't happen as often.

Is it because I read fewer of her posts, and have learned to skip her clueless ones, or has she gotten in touch with reality in the time Meade has dragged her fanny out the door, as well as obviously influenced her (for lack of a better word) political thinking?

This one is a companion piece for TM, and the commenters are clearly "our people":


***OL---this is why I can't get too despondent about the mid terms---
if people like TM and AA are this sick of the #FakeNews from NYT, WaPo, NPR, they've got to realize how to shut it up---VOTE #NeverDem!


Brian Williams carried this on the nightly news, honest to Pete, with the reporter saying they could only find one picture of him with a dog.





Could the Press be any damn lazier?


If I recall correctly from the time Jared K's security clearance was in the news and being discussed, POTUS is able to grant temporary security clearances.

So, revoking these guys' and gals' (Oh, Poor Samantha P!!!) should NOT be a problem. If their opinions or input is necessary, POTUS can decide to let them have it for specific info, or for a defined period of time.

Where I see the revocation whacking them is in their income earning ability, and that may be all the justice we see delivered for a number of them.

But nowhere near hard enough.

Susan Rice should be publicly executed for that Sunday in September she spent lying about the video.


Dem propaganda arm of MSM intimidating the jurors.
Pray for them this weekend.


If he is found guilty, the judge decides sentence, correct? So "time served " could be an option?

Let me clarify that: Time served in solitary.

James D.

A dog requires exercise and attention. If you can't provide that because of your schedule, it would be cruel to have one.

Also enough room run run around in the house and ideally outdoors. Pretty much why we don’t have one.

James D.

Susan Rice should be publicly executed for that Sunday in September she spent lying about the video.

Yes, she should. And so should the people who sent her out there to lie.


Via Sundance: The Maltese Fulcrum – Sketchy Mueller Sentence Recommendation For Papadopoulos Plea Likely 30 Days Incarceration…

In a late Friday submission to the court (full pdf below) Special Counsel Robert Mueller has presented a sentencing memo recommending 30 days jail for George Papadopoulos. The basic charge against Papadopoulos was lying about the timing and substance of his meeting with Maltese professor Joseph Misfud...

So Mueller wants Manafort in Jail for 360 years, Popadopoulos in jail for 30 days.

Best Justice system ever.

Miss Marple

Since Susan Rice came up, let me highlight what is on my 5:24 post towards the end. This is his explanation for Admiral McRaven attacking POTUS:

A3.1: ADM William H. McRaven, was the Commander of the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) from 2011 to 2014. And John Brennan was Oama’s Counterterrorism Advisor and later CIA Director. They both worked together under Obama.

A3.2 11-12 Sep 2012: the attack against two United States government facilities in Benghazi, Libya, by members of the Islamic militant group Ansar al-Sharia resulted in the killing of the US Ambassador and three US Nationals.

A3.3 Question: what was JSOC’s role before, during and after the attack?

A3.4. A recently released book on the Benghazi attack in Libya concludes the killing of U.S. Amb. Stevens and three others was in part blowback for a secret assassination operation run in North Africa by the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and John Brennan.

A3.5 According to that book “Benghazi: The Definitive Report,” President Obama’s counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, and JSOC commander, Admiral Bill McRaven, were running “off the books” unilateral operations in North Africa.

A3.6. These ops were not coordinated through the Pentagon or other governmental agencies, including the CIA. Ambassador Stevens was reportedly never informed about these operations. Ok, you fill in the missing pieces. McRaven and Brennan surely have “BLOOD” on their hands.


Here's the UK Mail's take on Judge Ellis refusing CNN's request for the names and addresses of the Jurors: Manafort judge reveals he has received DEATH THREATS and is under round-the-clock protection from U.S. Marshals as he refuses to reveal jurors names to protect them from 'harm' as they weigh the future of Trump's former campaign chairman

It also includes this tidbit on Jury questions to the Judge, which I had not read before:

Ellis told them that the government was not required to prove their case beyond 'all possible doubt' but beyond doubt 'based on reason'.

The jurors also asked for the list of exhibits - documents submitted in evidence - to be amended so it was possible to see which piece of evidence related to which count in the 18-strong list of charges. The judge turned them down.

And the other two questions related to evidence about Manafort's alleged network of offshore banks accounts.

They asked whether it was legally required to tell the Treasury about a foreign bank account 'if they own less than 50 per cent of the company' and are not a signatory to it. Ellis told them to rely on their memory of the evidence.

They also asked what a 'shelf company' was, which elicited the same answer.


Sounds like the jury is trying to see through the smoke and mirrors Mueller threw up making his case for Manafort's prosecution, and The Judge is essentially telling them to give it your best guess.

It would be awesome if the unanimous jury verdict was innocent.


London is becoming the new Chicago.

Four children stabbed in south London with one boy being ‘disembowelled’

Was thinking of hopping the train down to London today to catch the British Museum but think I'll gaff it off.


QUIZ TIME! Special "Behind Bars" edition!

If Manafort should get 360 years in Jail and Popadopolos should get 30 days in Jail how much time should Imran Awan get in the slammer?

A) 30 Years

B) 30 Months

C) 30 Days

D) 30 Seconds

And the answer is...


The Week in Pictures!


Miss Marple


My sister and niece are going to London at the end of September. They already have tickets and reservations, and I am worried to death.

I told her that London is NOT as safe as it was when we were there for the Jubilee 6 years ago and that she needs to be alert.

Neither she nor my niece are particularly up on the news, and I was discussing my concerns with my daughter last night, who did NOT know about the terrorist driving into pedestrians at Parliament, nor the knifings, nor that the current mayor is a nut case Muslim.

I am going to be a nervous wreck until they get back.

Miss Marple


This is another thread and an excellent rant by StuinSD.

James D.

Daddy @ 6:37

I don’t understand on what basis the judge would refuse to answer those questions or provide they info to the jury.

And as for making the names and address of the jurors public, I’d really
lole someone to rxpla N to me how there is ANY. public interest or justifications not doing that, in any trial, ever.

If there’s an accusation of misconduct by a juror and they’re prosecuted, sure, then they are fair game. But short of that I don’t see how there is any reason to ever name them. If they want to mane themselves (but only themselves - not any of their fellow jurors), that’s their decision, once the trial is over.

But nobody else has any need or any right to know.


A great episode on MIGRAINES.

All of 'em--episodic, seasonal, chronic, menstrual.

Available after noon Monday, or you may find a livestream if you want


Miss Marple


This is a federal case, which indicates to me that the fed interest in these cases must be pretty extensive, since this is Terre Haute, Indiana and not a big city.


Could the Press be any damn lazier?

Could the Press be any more dishonest???

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