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August 17, 2018


Beasts of England

I agree with Eye Doctor and have said it before, Brennan - and the other IC peeps at that level - won't be going to jail for the very reason stated: he knows too much and could place this country in extreme danger if subjected to a criminal trial.

I know that's not an acceptable answer to many here - including myself - but it's the reality. He can have his access revoked (which has technically happened) but the unofficial channels who feed him can be identified and punished. This has to happen. They can't stop him from twittering and making cable appearances, but - as they're trying to do with Trump - they can make any association with Brennan very painful.


>>>I would like to share my experience in the north country with you. Give me an email shot. Go to the website and contact me.

Posted by: Jack is Back! | August 19, 2018 at 04:51 PM<<<

just sent one over to the address i have.

Beasts of England

The bilge pumps and blowers were running when I made that comment, Extraneus!! 😎


From MM's 4:57:

Mullen, who served as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 2007-2011, still took issue with Trump pulling Brennan's clearance.

"I do worry about the fact that that, one, John is now in the political arena and, two, at the same time, I don't agree with the president pulling it," he said. "I think I am concerned about the whole issue of free speech. And as long as John is not revealing classified information that he shouldn't, then I certainly think he has a right to speak."

What does it have to do with his right to speak?

Jack is Back!

Trump needs to pull them all and now. Let it be the ignition of the rebellion. Actually what we need. Lets stop pretending there is no civil war, of course there is.

Clarice Feldman

He doesn't need a list. We all know as he does who his enemies are and we are watching them being destroyed legally.


Old Lurker

How is this proposition controversial:

One gets what One pays for.


What could he possibly reveal that would be more serious than his attempted overthrow of an elected POTUS--just wandering

Miss Marple

On a White House tour you ask, "Can I meet the president?" Next thing you know someone leads you into the Oval Office for a selfie with President Trump! Lucky kid. pic.twitter.com/iVEJbBByJ7

— TRUMP News 24/7 (@MichaelDelauzon) August 19, 2018

Picture at link.

Beasts of England

It is in no way an issue of free speech. Mullen is embarrassing himself with a false premise of that magnitude.

Jack is Back!


Answered your emaii. Go do it.


there is a difference between being an enemy engaged in free speech a conspirator to treason

daddy on iPad

Over here I leave the TV on SKY News.

Every 30 minutes they have been running a segment on the repercussions across the Brazilian border of the ecomomic collapse of Venezuela. The first part of the reporting is brutal footage of some Brazilian border town going vigilante. Report says brazilians are totally fed up with masses of refugees from Venezuela draining services, hurting Brazilian jobs and engaging in thievery, etc. The Brazilians had had enough, and with their govt not doing anything to stop the influx they took things into their own hands and violently chased the refugees back across the border, in the process beating them up and taking their luggage and burning it.

The report then slides over to the topic of animosity at fleeing Venezuelans crossing the Peru Border. Peruvians are fed up with them as well.

Then the reports focuses on the new chaos the
Venezuelan Govt has caused in issuing new currency. That is causing huge turmoil, as no one knows how much the new currency is worth in relation to the old currency, and fears of life savings getting wiped out are rampant. Nice job Venezuela. The report closes with their dumbass leader giving speeches blaming it all on Foreign entities waging economic war against Venezuela. Its time for the people of Venezuela to rise up and teach their great leader how to dance like a Ceaușescu.

Is that getting any significant coverage stateside? My guess is no.


You know what's quite interesting?? As the obvious becomes obvious to even Ralph Maddow, DANA WARD hides and posts under fukwad names. No one reads his shit, but a 70 year old man continues to display mental illness. HE CANNOT STOP.

It's funny.

Jack is Back!


Back to your warm beer. The answer is no.

Eye Doctor


That this was not the first time along with other geo political games that are not ready for public consumption as far as the Deep State is concerned.


The "logic" is that by punishing Brennan in such a way, Trump will stifle other opponents from speaking out.

As far as I'm concerned, people entrusted with the power and secrets that FBI and intelligence people are shouldn't be political actors. Case closed.

I'm all for reasoned opposition, but I'd rather see Brennan mounted on that pic that daddy posted earlier.


Buckeyette procures logistics services for a Big Pharma company. She said truck driving jobs in Texas are paying $140K/year.

Jobs are going unfilled. Punks can't pass the drug screen.

The Infamous Ignatz

The Great Chinese Art Heist
I wonder what others' feelings are on this.
Many were stolen from China, but commies stealing them back is not exactly kosher.
It does reveal the schizo superiority/inferiority complex that has plagued China for so long and looks to increasingly plague the world until or unless the commies are deposed.

Jack is Back!


Yet the industry has ordered up to 450K big rigs in the lase 3 months. Go figure. Can you train a monkey to drive a big rig?

daddy on iPad

7 out and 3-7 in their last 10 ... 1 game below .500 and only 37 games left this season.

How odd.

My Oakland A's don't appear to be having that problem.

The Infamous Ignatz

There's nothing wrong with Venezuela a few thousand contras couldn't fix.
We should boost our exports to Venezuela with contracts to Smith and Wesson, Colt etc.

Beasts of England

paladin2 - we're involved in a lot of areas and activities whose public verification could be destabilizing around the world and even here at home. Brennan knows them all...

The Infamous Ignatz

I suspect a lot of big rig orders are to comply with the ever tightening diesel regs.

Beasts of England

One point about our booming economy: it's entirely organic. There are no housing, Internet, and/or energy bubbles stoking this fire. It's deregulation, tax cuts, and a pro-America capitalist at the helm. Funny that...


How is stock in SOLYNDRA doing??

The Infamous Ignatz

Venezuela In Chaos After Maduro Announces Massive 95% Devaluation, New FX Rate Tied To Cryptocurrency
They have accomplished the seeming impossible by exceeding Weimar's hyperinflation rates;

The result has been galloping hyperinflation, and according to the Bloomberg Cafe Con Leche index - which tracks the price of a cup of coffee - inflation in Venezuela has hit an annual inflation rate of 108,596%, and is on its way to 1,000,000% according to the IMF.

Do they have Starbucks in Caracas?

The Infamous Ignatz

New thread, BTW.


But what is causing the bubble in:

New Thread

Beasts of England

Oh, yeah - and a president who isn't beholden to special interest groups and whale donors, whose desires and goals are in their best interests only. Sure, sometimes their goals overlapped with the plebe's - who might then accidentally benefit - but that's of little or no importance to the power players.


"Funny that..."

More like Fabulous that!

Beasts of England

For sure, Jane!!

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