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August 02, 2018



The logical aim of the "hire the felons, they've paid their price to society" scheme.

Trial lawyers are thrilled.


Isn't the entirety of New Jersey an unremediated superfund site? What chemicals were in the Appellate Court's drinking water to cause this?

Captain Hate

Is this about Urban Meyer?


Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of the Rush Limbaugh program.

Tomorrow, is the 30th anniversary of buying my house.


Yes that's a ridiculous request:


Jack is Back!

Your Latin Phrase of the Day:

Saepe ne utile quidem est scire quid futurum sit

Remember the discussion between OL and Iggy regarding the "flipping point"?

Off this PM to CT. Picking Mrs. JiB up at Hartford Airport (Bradley), and then overnighting in Norwich. Friday we go get Frederick at his camp. So, more ferry stories this afternoon:)

Beasts of England

lol, Captain!! :)

Old Lurker

Who would have ever asked for a cage fight between Iggy & OL to see who is the Thorn and who the Rose!


I got that one of Lee smiths feed, real clear investigations piece was a power.

I linked McIntyre evisceration of current gchq poodle Duncan Campbell late last night.


Can someone send him back to his village:



Rasmussen--Trump approval now 50%.


That's for Richard burr, jebs poodle,


On the design for the printed gun, where is the trigger?


narciso, no one said it was a good design.

James D.

If I were a franchisee at McDonalds I would be deeply troubled.

If I were the owner of any business in NJ, I'd be troubled.

Of course, the state has gone a long way (although not as far as NY) to make it much harder for business to, you know, stay in business.

But I really don't understand how the employer could possibly be considered liable in any way for non-job related behavior that the employer doesn't know about, has no reason to know about, and would probably run afoul of a whole lot of other laws if it tried to find out about.

I guess it's one of those penumbra things, right?


That just struck me, maybe I was looking at it wrong,


James D. It's the "gimme da munny" penumbra.


Rarely has there been a week that more clearly illustrated the difference between supply-side conservative governance and the neo-socialism of the modern left.



Often it is important for progs that you not know what has been.


No, the good and plenty clause,

So the prosecutor may not call gates after all, he might have to point out that all the lobbying occurred downstream, but he still gets a pass.

Old Lurker

Henry: 4.1% and rising GDP growth in Trump's America. 0.3% in Socialist Europe.


Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe I haven't seen A strong arm robbery like that since the last 30 minutes of goldfinger.

Man Tran


I worked for my oldest BIL all through my teens up on the Judith River in north central MT. One summer the Judith was running low, so we had to do some dynamite ditching and drop a tree across the stream to get water down to our alfalfa fields. That summer there was a hired hand, an old timer not much taller than about five foot who I helped moving the canvas dams around along the edge of the fields. Almost every day as we walked through the alfalfa (well above our knees) we would run across catfish laying on the damp ground on their last breaths. The old timer would pick up a couple as we headed back to the ranch house and the tails would drag along the ground. He loved cooking them up, but as a long time trout and perch eater, I was not impressed. However, I’ve never heard of catching fish quite that easily.

Eye Doctor

Mueller turning a blind eye on Russia-tied democratic operatives


Miss Marple

We have all the documents we need to conduct the most thorough vetting of a Supreme Court nominee in history.#ConfirmKavanaugh pic.twitter.com/vqaCkOyJTA

— Senator Hatch Office (@senorrinhatch) August 2, 2018

Photo at the link which you all really need to see!

Eye Doctor

The Awan Scandal


MM- your 10:50 - I wonder which box has his wife's emails?


I was happy to see President Trump meeting with faith leaders today and that Dr. Ben Carson is there, too! I've been hoping to hear some news from his efforts to work on the inner city problems. Probably doing things that will be swept under the rug and not reported.


So at a college I'm familiar with, there are two gender-neutral restrooms with signs on each, one showing a diagram of a toilet and the other with diagrams of a toilet and a urinal. (As you can imagine, these used to be ladies and mens rooms.)

I've never entered either of these since the new signs were put up, but one floor above are two normal rest rooms, denoted as such. Yesterday, in the mens room, I noticed a nice little basket laid out with an assortment of maxi-pads and tampons.


Miss Marple


Words fail me.

Miss Marple

narciso linked to this story this morning, but the link didn't work for me.

Here it is again:




"...Everything I wrote about all this was true. And yet Robinson is even now still being misleadingly supported by people who should know better, who are still claiming “kangaroo court”, “secret trial” and all the rest of the rubbish, as well as (after yesterday’s judgment) “vindication” and “victory”. Their arrogance is even greater than their ignorance of the English legal system and their consequent utter inability even to understand the words of a judge’s ruling.

The current climate of ignorance, gullibility and unreason is even worse than anyone could ever have imagined."



So today is the primary day in Tennessee and Michigan. Anywhere else? I know President Trump strongly endorsed John James in Michigan. Who else should we be watching?



Dem vying for Assembly seat knocked off ballot for failing to state she’s ‘female’

The Board of Elections has refused to put an Assembly candidate on the ballot for the upcoming Democratic primaries — because she neglected to note in official paperwork she was “female.”

When Penny Mintz filed her petitions with the Board on July 11 for the 66th Assembly District seat, she identified herself as a “Member of the State Democratic Committee,” according to her suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court Wednesday.

But the BOE — despite publishing other documents related to Mintz in which the board identified her as a “female” candidate — suddenly decided on July 24 that she had erred in not referring to herself as a “Female Member of the State Democratic Committee,” and invalidated her petitions.

Er, maybe not so weird in NY.

The board voted Wednesday to keep the Cynthia Nixon supporter off the ballot, where she would have challenged Rachel Lavine.
Miss Marple

One thing I have learned is how many states have primaries late in the summer.

Indiana's primary has always been in May, so candidates are able to get their campaigns easily organized and it makes them able to campaign at county fairs and the State Fair, as well as appear in festival parades and such.

August primaries seem awfully late to me. I wonder how different states decided on primary dates.


You have a point, you can't automatically assume.


The WI primary is August 14.


While we are back to sexuality I might as well include this cutting edge exercise bt the Australian Navy. Not content with removing warlike symbols from the military we now have:

Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph
July 29, 2018 10:47am

"First, former army chief David Morrison began strolling around in high heels and inspecting office kitchens for evidence of gender crimes:

Then our new head of defence forces, General Angus Campbell, banned soldiers from wearing any symbols of death – including family newspaper cartoon favourite the Phantom.

And now:

Recently, the @Australian_Navy began taking part in the #100DaysForChange campaign.

To encourage gender equality and diversity in the workplace, personnel in Sydney painted their pinky fingernails pink as a visual indication of support.

2:53 AM - Jul 28, 2018
889 people are talking about this
Twitter Ads info and privacy
Hmmm. Commentator Rob on Mark Latham’s Facebook page offered this view:

“When I was in the army 30 years ago we thought the navy wore pink nail polish anyway...”



Vagina beer made with 'essence of hot underwear models' goes on sale for first time


in case anyone needs an emetic (after the one Ext just put up):

Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna

WI's most do-NOTHING senator, Tammy Baldwin described as "Wisconsin Wonder" in leftwing rag.



If the aliens are listening they'll conclude there's no intelligence life down here.


Narciso: I knew there must have been a strategic reason for the Australians to be playing such games. They are trying to put the Kiwis off balance before the invasion.

Miss Marple

White House press briefing added and scheduled for 1PM.


CNN’s David Gergen: Blood on Trump’s Hands if There’s Violence Against MSM

Speaking to host Anderson Cooper about Trump supporters who heckled and chanted “CNN sucks” at CNN reporter Jim Acosta before Trump’s Tuesday evening rally in Tampa, Florida, Gergen accused Trump of using “Stalinist” language for calling left-wing journalists in the establishment media “enemies of the people.”

“If you put that together, which has a mob quality to it, and the culture of gun violence, that is a very combustible mix,” Gergen said. “What we saw last night and what we saw frequently at Sarah Palin rallies way back when… If there is violence against any reporter that’s tied to this, the blood is going to be on his hands.”

Old Lurker

Jerry Brown "The governor added that "since civilization emerged 10,000 years ago, we haven’t had this kind of heat condition, and it’s going to continue getting worse and that’s the way it is."

“Some people don’t want to accept that, some just outright deny it," Brown continued. "

I guess in CA they never heard about the Medieval Warming Period or all the other times in 10,000 years temps have been hotter than now.

And I guess he is behind in his reading about the oldest known civilizations now being traced back 75,000 years.

Stuck on stupid is bad. It is really bad in the Governor of a failing once great state.

Old Lurker

David Gergen...but there is no blood on the hands of the MSM for inciting violence against any part of the right.


Did Gergen speak to Congressman Scalice??


Meanwhile, Morning Joe on the big screen at the gym this morning was nothing but non-stop Trump hate. Non-stop, no sound needed.

Miss Marple

I figure that Gergen statement means they have decided some of these press dweebs are expendable in a false flag attack.

Once you accept that many of them would gladly see a few people killed to make Trump look bad, it's pretty easy to see how they could justify this in their evil minds.


That's the same David Gergen that went swimming in his panties with George Clooney.


A 76 yr. old whiner.

Miss Marple

UNDETERRED: Severe weather couldn't keep this woman from returning her shopping cart to its rightful place in a Walmart parking lot after unloading her groceries. https://t.co/wFTNmIeCz4 pic.twitter.com/AgnjnB0n1D

— ABC News (@ABC) August 2, 2018

Video at link. While the tone of the ABC report is slightly mocking, the woman did a service because grocery carts blowing in windstorms can damage cars.


Some journalists WERE shot, not too long ago. They were shot on camera by another journalist!...a deranged, gay, black man.

What happened to THAT story?



I'd love the President to do a news conference with a fake severed head of David Gergen dripping fake blood, and say.......

You were saying??

Beasts of England

The high yesterday - the first day of August - in north Alabama was 79°. I wore a long sleeve t-shirt on my run this morning. Lighten up, Gov. Moonbeam - the sky ain't falling...


David Gergen complains about potential blood when we have *actual, real blood* from the hands of the media/left/dems.


NY Daily News - "Tormented journalist Vester Lee Flanagan II emptied his gun into a 24-year-old ex-colleague and her cameraman from point-blank range"

Then this -
'TV gunman complained about his lack of sex and lamented how age had ended his 'glory days' as a $2,000-a-night prostitute in suicide letter'


Miss Marple

U.S. Secret Service
‏Verified account @SecretService

Secret Service Officers and K9 units were alerted to a vehicle at a checkpoint near the @WhiteHouse. The North Fence along Pennsylvania Avenue and Lafayette Park are closed at this time. @DCPoliceDept EOD personnel are responding to the scene.

Miss Marple

David Martosko
‏Verified account @dmartosko
10m10 minutes ago

White House is on lockdown. Reporters have all been ushered into the briefing room


The clueless must demonstrate lack of clue:

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Opinion: Democrats are making an election issue of rising health-care costs, so it’s strange that they are now criticizing a new Trump Administration rule that would make cheaper insurance available to more Americans


Good Lord Limbaugh is off his game today


we are doomed.

Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna

Rasmussen: Majority of Democrats support letting illegal immigrants vote



Henry the masks are off. THE FULL COMMIE.

Eye Doctor

More of Robert Mueller's handy work

Investigation of Stolen U.S. Stealth Defense Technology Implicating Lockheed Martin, While Comey Was Lockheed’s Top Lawyer

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Link @12;18. I do not understand how a legal American voter could vote for a Democrat; knowing the Democrats support letting illegal immigrants vote. Never have, Never will! It is insane, IMO.


pagar, read the link. a majority of all voters under age 40 support illegals voting.


They're nuts pagar. They've been bred and miseducated to be Anti-American nuts.

I've recognized this for years.

Miss Marple


This is a short perceptive thread on the difference between how President Trump does endorsements and how Obama does them.


Why would anybody talk to Mike Allen?


Posted by: Miss Marple | August 02, 2018 at 12:00 PM

sort of like Charlottesville.

(La Résistance needed an easily caricatured villian ... and low-and-behold they found one).


Interesting about Obama's list of 81 endorsements. The local media has been stating that Stacey Abrams was endorsed by O. I pictured some sort of personal announcement.

Sample headlines:

Obama vs. Trump in Ga.?
Stacey Abrams lands Barack Obama's endorsement
President Obama endorses Abrams for Governor of Georgia

These are all accompanied by photos of her (Abrams) smiling behind her desk or out on the campaign trail. The one photo of O. was an old stock photo.

Obama's low energy vs. President Trump's high energy is very noticeable here!

Dave (in MA)
Jim Acosta@Acosta
Just a sample of the sad scene we faced at the Trump rally in Tampa. I’m very worried that the hostility whipped up by Trump and some in conservative media will result in somebody getting hurt. We should not treat our fellow…
Gerry Callahan@GerryCallahan Now do the Red Hen, asshole. Or a baseball field in Alexandria. Or Rand Paul’s backyard

I laugh at Twitter. Every day I, like M.M., click on the direct link to President Trump's tweets. I usually like many of his posts and retweet some as well.

Twitter - on the left side of the same page - has *suggested* that I follow:

Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton

I suppose their super-sensitive algorithm has determined that I need to be re-educated?
That is all ~ Clueless!


In 2008 all Dem candidates were against illegals getting driver’s licenses.
Hillary tried to have it both ways at a debate and Chris Dodd and Obama nailed her for it. Now they want them to vote?
Won’t fly in Ohio.




Posted by: maryrose | August 02, 2018 at 01:05 PM

of course they went them to vote and did anyone take seriously anything any dem said about immigration in 2008.


I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for PUSSY BOY ACOSTA.

The President has sais that CNN is FAKE NEWS.


Go to hell ACOSTA. Is someone throws and egg and hits you squrae in the face, you'll know what it's like.


MM@12:00: As I said yesterday, the jackholes in the press would lurve them some martyrs to their cause.

Miss Marple


I get the same thing for suggested follows.

IMHO, they are just trolling Trump supporters.

THAT is their algorithm. It's like hiring that very anti-Trump woman to determine "health conversations."

I signed up on Twitter to see what was being said by people I was interested in, and to look for breaking news. I want it unfiltered and in chronological order.

I have noticed many tweets repeating in my timeline, a whole bunch of old tweets blocking my timeline under the "In Case You Missed It" headline, unfollowed people I KNOW I had followed (including, lately, President Trump), people followed that I know I did NOT follow, on and on.

It's very frustrating and infuriating.


NJ Supreme Court is why Woody Allen always shoots in Manhattan.

Muslims rioting on rooftops in Jersey City.

This Kate Moss beer makes me want to put my finger down my throat.

Democrats under 40 bred for pulling plows and sowing salt.

Miss Marple

Press briefing on election cyber security efforts. Big guns there, including Bolton and Dan Coats.

Heh, democrats, be careful what you wish for.


Acosta for martyr. Vote early, vote often.


Models Beer. It's what we like to call Bacterial Marketing.


Coats has bureaucratic nonsense spek down perfectly. he said nothing for 5 minutes

James D.

Why would anybody talk to Mike Allen?

Excellent question.

James D.



oh boy. DHS with govt / academic / private industry joint blah blah blah. useless theater.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

IMO, Jim Acosta is mentally ill.


Not even good theater. nthe same process that brought us the ACA roll out and all the massive security that came with it will save our elections.


Wray, FBI will be effective in rigging the election this time. We went multidisciplinary.

blah blah blah


3 pillars... that worked so well for Immelt.


Cyber Command... blah blah blah. oorah.


I am totally underwhelmed by that press conference.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Jim Acosta is the unlikeable douche that never goes away.

Miss Marple

Gee, I couldn't tell, henry.

Since Old Lurker is laying low, I will award you this today:

Miss Marple


What I see is that the dems cannot say that Trump is allowing the Russians to influence the midterms, and by "safeguarding from foreign influence" have every opportunity to stop democrat cheating.

Notice Secretary Nielsen brought up ACCURATE COUNTING.

I realize you are mistrustful because of the last few years. Bolton isn't one to BS, so I think, even though this has the usual bureaucrat language, I am trying to look for clues. The "accurate counting" thing was one.


Miss M, I am perfectly happy with continued government incompetence in this area.


As far as clues, Coate's inability to say the word "China" speaks volumes about how little they are doing to safeguard anything.

Miss Marple

Why would they say "China" if they are trying to carch people? "Other malign actors" was fine with me.

Also, I note now they talked about "safeguarding voter registration rolls."

Miss Marple

Working hard, thank you! pic.twitter.com/pNXbFNcf8z

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 2, 2018

Graphic at link.

Thomas Collins
"Look, if the New York Times wants to hand over their editorial page to someone who writes like every other brain-dead Wellesley sophomore grievance studies major, that's their business."

Iowahawk comes to the defense of the NY Times's hiring of Sarah Jeong for the editorial board.

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