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August 03, 2018



Meanwhile rolling moss has learned no lesson;


Jim Eagle

On the Cross Sound Ferry, New London to Orient Point. Finally, Frederick is with us. Life is good.

Carry on!


Has the dipshit Cuomo denied Planned Parenthood banking privileges yet??
Has he hired Lois Lerner??


Jeong will be thrilled when the next NYT downsizing fires all the white guys remaining on staff.


Pinch a loaf Jr. loves him some pandering.

stuck on stupid

My issue with Jeung is the lack of self awareness, and her elitist snobbishness of her Harvard Law School education. She is an Uncle Tom in the Clarence Thomas sense in that she was one of the few Asians admitted to Harvard and it may be intentional because f her political views.


Its like that joke about losing ones keys:


She edited the Harvard journal of gender and race, so logically she could cover videogames,
This is why a gay Catholic brit of Greek extraction became a deplorable.


Go ahead, Lefties. Throw more gas on that fire.


It's not an honor to go to Harvard Law School if you get in because of your COLOR.

Imagine what Jackie Robinson would be thinking.

Prime example is Barely Oblahblah. No way that dim bulb should be at any institute of higher education. Unless is's a junior college.


They are harsh but fair:



That Reason piece provides no support for its premise--were the tweets imitating actual harassers or not? No answer other than the author's assurance that it didn't seem that way to him. No links or actual evidence one way or the other.

He also says that it is hypocritical for white people to call for her firing. Really? I don't care whether she gets fired or just mercilessly mocked along with her employers--but she appears to be genuinely racist against white people. Particularly if, as the author claims, she's lying about her claim that she's imitating people who harassed her. Indeed, it appears to be the primary reason the NYT hired her in the first place.


From the last thread:

"What could explain the low non farm payroll number, I know its a blip but still."

Liz Clayman says it is the exact number of employees let go from Yoys are Us when they declared bankruptcy last month. 32k

Comanche Voter

Ah I'm one of those old white guys that Ms. Dipstick tweeted she enjoyed being cruel to.

Being a millenial, and probably not that much into Elvis, she might not enjoy being locked up in a cell with all the comforts of home--and Elvis singing "Don't Be Cruel" piped in on an endless tape loop 24/7/365. When she's learned her lesson, she can go free.

A guy can dream about appropriate punishment can't he?


No, they went for the most part, she reacted mist irrAtionally to the elonis decision, to a poorly thought out indictment of a rap star among other elements.


I officially invite her to Idaho. Bet she’d spontaneously combust.


Perhaps not in Boise though:


stuck on stupid

My two cents on the culture wars from my geezer perspective. Roseanne Barr gets canned for saying that Valerie Jarrett looks like a character from Planet of the Apes. The star of the original Planet of the Apes was Charlton Heston who also started in Omega Man and was the President of the NRA. The theme of those movies is that Heston was last man standing in the way of destruction a la Trump today.

The other popular movies during that time were The Sting, HUD, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Bonnie and Clyde. In a sense the left was glorifying the villains since it was in vogue to be anti establishment. Problem is that they are the establishment now and are so self unaware.

Miss Marple

Eric Trump
‏Verified account @EricTrump
11m11 minutes ago

The level of hatred and the willingness to disparage my family and our great company has never been so ugly and unrelenting as I have seen recently by the @WashingtonPost. It is clearly coming from the top with one motivation in mind. @JeffBezos


I honor this family for stepping forward, risking their business and their safety.

One of the reasons I think Trump has had a plan all along is that he would never have cavalierly risked the safety of his wife and kids. Don Jr. and Eric have been stalwart in their defense of their father, as has Lara, Eric's wife. Ivanka and Jared are, of course, within the administration and have additional security; Eric and Don Jr. have to pay for their own.

Jim Eagle

Your Latin Phrase of the Day:

Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes.

Think Blue Wave collapsing.


Howie Carr's poll today asks,"who is your favorite your New England governor?" Paul Lepage is winning going away. :) Howie is discussing LePage sending Tall Deval Baker a sternly worded letter asking EZ-Drive MA to stop shaking down Maine drivers. Maine drivers have been sent warnings about non-payment of EZ-Pass,when in fact the toll has been paid. Howie is receiving texts from drivers from all over New England with the same problem.


Congratulations frederick, who was your week at algebra camp:


stuck on stupid

On the Acosta prissy fit regarding whether Trump feels the media is his enemy is that they want create the impression that Trump has an enemies list a la Nixon and thus whitewash the whole Ali Watkins affair. Unfortunately Obama was their first but the press muffled it.


she appears to be genuinely racist against white people

Cops and men, too. I linked this in the other thread:

"F*ck The Police": NYT's Newest Hire Also Hates Cops And Men, Not Just White People

And here's more:


Miss Marple

stuck on stupid,

I agree they are trying to portray him as Nixon.

Unfortunately, this won't work for a few reasons:

1. Nixon is no longer thought of as a villain except by the far left.

2. The press has not only demonized Trump, but also his supporters, so none of the supporters are going to support the press.

3. Trump was a known celebrity before he ran and people liked him. In addition, unlike Nixon, he doesn't maintain a "dignified silence." He comes out and says that the whole thing is bogus.

Jim Eagle


That American Greatness article was spot on. A must read.

An A (93). Not bad. Now bring on the Chemistry and Pre-Calc.


AP wrote their article today about Trump slamming the press ... as if it was all the press.

So I sent the Associated Press Trump’s tweet yesterday about Ivanka distinguishing between the real press and fake news.

Told them to get their reporters up to speed.

No reply yet.

Miss Marple

Florida man took a gator into a liquor store and now says he doesn't remember ever doing it and has no idea where the gator came from.

The most Florida story ever. pic.twitter.com/UFjFXM3TbW

— Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) August 3, 2018

Video at link. Up here, it's mainly dogs.


That's great news. I had my difficulty with it, yet I was good at explaining it.

Frau Steingehirn

Keep Sarah talking; she is the new face of the Gray Slut. Will the typical NYT commenters embrace her?

Keep quoting the new face of Democratic Socialism, too. Root through the records of her failed business.


Not the smartest knife in the drawer:



Does she like goats?

Frau Schiessgewehr

Anyone mention the troubles with the NRA?

In addition to its insurance troubles, the NRA court filing also claims that “abuses” by Cuomo and the New York State Department of Financial Services “will imminently deprive the NRA of basic bank-depository services … and other financial services essential to the NRA’s corporate existence.”



Democrats baselessly accuse Virginia GOP candidate of 'campaigning with' a white supremacist, news media faithfully repeat the charge

ABC News, for example, reported this week that the Democrat in the race, Leslie Cockburn, has “knocked her opponent for his alleged ties to neo-Confederate groups.” The report added that, “Riggleman has been accused of campaigning with known white supremacist Isaac Smith, co-founder of white nationalist group Unity & Security for America.”

ABC leaves it at just that.

Vanity Fair reported elsewhere that Riggleman has not denied he appeared with Smith.

The more hyper-partisan newsrooms have taken it even further. The Verge, for example, claimed Riggleman has a “willingness to hit the campaign trail with avowed white nationalist.” BoingBoing similarly described the GOP candidate as someone, “who campaigned with a white supremacist.”

Here’s the thing, though: There’s nothing to show Riggleman has “campaigned with” Smith, certainly not in any way suggested by that term. The best that anyone can say is that Smith once appeared in a crowd at an event hosted by Riggleman’s campaign.

This all originates with the left-wing blog Blue Virginia, which claimed on June 27 that Riggleman had “taken a page out of [GOP Virginia Senate candidate Cory Stewart’s] book as he has hit the campaign trail with a well-known white supremacist. ... Despite all of the hate and vitriol Isaac Smith stands for, Denver Riggleman proudly campaigned with him recently in VA-05.”

The blog’s "proof" that Riggleman and Smith “campaigned together” is a video showing Smith standing in the back of crowd at a Riggleman rally.

Blue Virginia’s claim was parroted later by Cockburn, who tweeted on July 29, “My opponent Denver Riggleman, running mate of Corey Stewart, was caught on camera campaigning with a white supremacist.”

Riggleman himself told Rolling Stone magazine he had no idea about Smith's presence, or anything else about him.

Jim Eagle

Just passed Great Gull Island. Now approaching Plum Island (dum-dum-dum-dum)on the port side. May stop in Sag Harbor for dinner, or not. Depends on how everyone feels.

Ed Markey, and his fellow Dems are why Mitch needs to go nuclear with 51 votes. Of course, the problem is he still has to deal with McCain, Flake, Collins, and all the other Rinos in order to get that. Trump needs to keep beating that drum.

clarice feldman

Frau--apparently that story about the nRA is false.


I hope it's false.


Leslie Cockburn got my goat some thirty years when she teamed up with the Christic kooks who derived their vekakte theories from misattributing an assassination attack on a rebel resistance leader to a Libyan national supposedly tied to the via in truth it was an Argentine guerilla working for the Sandinista, John Kerry enabled this merrygoround as well which made it's way into hollywood, lethal weapon Steven segal what have You, in fact his debut painted a Kerry type as a hero, one of his staffers Jonathan Winer came a state department official, and later in the Obama administration, as part of apco carried the second dossier and lobbied for uranium one.

Thomas Collins

Re Leong and HLS: I doubt her Asian background helped her at HLS. She most likely had a higher hurdle to navigate than of pallor and favored diversity candidates. She's probably bright and hardworking.

Re her tweets: Bright and hardworking individuals can act, write and speak despicably. That she has done, and NY Times is supporting her in any event.

If I didn't know better, I'd say that a secret Trump supporter was behind both Leong's hiring by NY Times and Ocasio-Cortez's socialism tour with Bernie.



Jordan Schachtel
Was it known before today that Hillary Clinton had been operating a "successor server" in addition to her compromised original email server?


Someone coined a law after that notion of her being a plant, TC. Conquest’s law?


Anyways judge James Lawrence king, saw that circus appear in his courtroom and he shut it down quickly.


Breaks down jobs report by race:



Here is chart:


Has the Dem. candidate been "caught" campaigning with anyone from Planned Parenthood?

Dems can stand on stage & get tons of money from a multimillion dollar baby killing business that sells chopped off parts of the dead baby for money & THAT is no problem.

Miss Marple



I think one of the most effective anti-PP campaigns are the ones which show smiling babies. I thought about that a lot today.

I love babies. My grandkids are all in their teens and 20's now, and I miss when they wee small and you could hear those baby laughs.

I wonder how we could make babies a cool thing to the younger generation.


Dems are sure experts on white supremacists.
THEY are the ones always dragging out supposed white supremacists, that nobody else has ever heard of.

Does that WS guy get lots of taxpayer dollars like PP does?


Caro and Ed passing back through my burg on their way home today and suddenly there’s no smoke. Coincidence? You make the call. 😎

clarice feldman

Heh, Lyle..They are certainly a force of nature.

The beauty of this NYT hire, is that as more comes out about her, they seem to have dug in too deeply in her defense to get out of the hole.


In other news, I read somewhere today that Meghan McCanns is “afraid for this country” once her media whore father slips his mortal coil. lyle bites his tongue. For now...

James D.

Re Leong and HLS: I doubt her Asian background helped her at HLS. She most likely had a higher hurdle to navigate than of pallor and favored diversity candidates. She's probably bright and hardworking.

I'm not impressed by HLS, and I don't think graduating from there is evidence of hard work or intelligence.

I think the HLS grads we've had on the SC and in the Oval Office is ample proof of that.


You got that right, clarice.


This clip I was watching was so old Ed Shultz was still alive. Do you remember Section 8 Palooza in Atlanta when 10,000 people lined up at 4 AM for uh, reduced housing? Under Obama? Anyone? But you know, when the economy is going people can actually get a job and get up at 4 AM to go to it.

Colin Flaherty: Section 8 Application Chaos



Oh my bad. They lined up 10,000's strong for gd APPLICATIONS!!!


What do you suppose gov subsidies do for the supply and demand curve of housing? I wonder.


It's amazing how many white supremacists are in VA. You'd think there would be more in Alabama, but no. Most tiki torch bearers seem to be in VA.


Every hovel in West Nashville is being bulldozed one by one, just like The West Bank. Nice new
$200,000 townhouses going on up.

Good God! You All!


Oh GUS, if you or henry see this, what the heck is The Language School of Milwaukee?


This guy gets it:

Police Need to STOP Doing This to Concealed Carriers



Meanwhile in Sweden their police shot to death a Downs guy with a toy gun. I thought Europeans taught their police to shoot in the legs.


Liberal Hero Chomsky Admits "Israeli Intervention In US Elections Overwhelms Anything Russia Has Done"

Ask him about Mexico.


Pin, early 80s I was on the board of a housing company in Philadelphia* (on South Street). Most tenants were Section 8, several thousand units. Govt paid late, tenants rarely paid their 25% as required. You couldn't toss them in the street. When Mayor Goode teamed up with MOVE to burn down several city blocks in West Philly, other board members wanted to offer free housing to the displaced. As in charging $0 to either the tenants or the city. The housing NGO activists are insane. As the firm was for profit, I was able to veto that move. Then I made an offer, either I buy you out or you buy me out... you pick the number and I'll pick who buys. You wanna see a bunch of grifters shit bricks? Try that on them. (Ultimately, I sold then moved to DC for a while).


HLS sounds like a home renovation show or a really bad disease you don't want to die from.

Miss Marple

David Martosko
‏Verified account @dmartosko
19m19 minutes ago

There wasn't a single provocative, boisterous or explosive tweet from @realDonaldTrump today. Newsrooms across America felt so lonely.


LOL! This is the truth. Meanwhile, I wonder what is really going on.


Goode should run for mayor of Bethlehem.


I'm sure there are lots of Virginians that would come out to stop the removal of historic confederate statues but I think that Charlottesville event was a leftist setup.


Oh sorry, the * above, it helps to be from a family that helped built Merion Meeting House. Plus not of the anti war craziness that blue waved my generation of Friends.

Miss Marple

Today I added the historic Medgar and Myrlie Evers home to the African American Civil Rights Network. I also opened the public comment period to make the site a national monument. https://t.co/h1XCArxEdv pic.twitter.com/DttCRFDXEb

— Secretary Ryan Zinke (@SecretaryZinke) August 3, 2018

Picture and article at link.

Yeah, the administration is racist.. give me a break.


You're smart and industrious henry. Fortunately the enemies of America are mostly dumb and lazy.

Dave (in MA)

I hope they don't fire Jeong.

It's more useful that they have a demonstrably idiotic racist on their staff when pointing out what a POS the NYT is.


I think that Charlottesville event was a leftist setup.

Me too.


Andrew Sullivan looks in the mirror, and he likes what he sees:

Let me explain why I think this is the purest of bullshit. If you want to respond to trolls by trolling them, you respond to them directly. You don’t post slurs about an entire race of people (the overwhelming majority of whom are not trolls) on an open-forum website like Twitter. And these racist tweets were not just a function of one sudden exasperated vent at a harasser; they continued for two years. Another tweet from 2016 has her exclaiming: “fuck white women lol.”




Linked at the top! I have several windows open. I just woke up Ow Kay?





She doesn’t have the nerve to say any of that shit to a white person’s face. If she tried it on me I’d use the same corrective I use on my two puppies: squirt water in her in the face with a squirt bottle. I’m good from three or four paces...😎


Edit fail


Or maybe I’d just let my pet goat have his way with her...


Pinandpuller: They were aiming at the legs.

Miss Marple



‘Pakistani Mystery Man’: Awans’ Father Transferred Data To Pakistani Government, Ex-Partner Claims


"Myers has taught social studies at The New School of Leadership and the Arts in The Bronx"

Great leadership training.


Charlottesville was definitely a lefty setup.

The goats! Thanks! They numbered 118 and are now all accounted for, the sillies.

JimNorCal, thank you for the frontispiece info--that was news to me and very interesting. May every good book be an edifice of some sort. No one should admire my reading particularly, by the way--I don't read much in the last century as there's still lots of Trollope to go and then I re-read Wodehouse and Christie. My various family members at the beach were reading The Brothers Karamozov and something by Philip Roth and some SGW thing about how tech is racist. I had "Murder on the Links" (Christie, 1924).


VA Gadsden Flag license plates look like NY State generic plates. That's a set up too on I40.



I paid Caro money to say nice things about me. Did she deliver?



I enjoy your cynicism. They shot him in the legs 18 times?


Sen. Mark Warner Strays from Dem Talking Point, Says Foreign Interference Didn’t Favor Any Party

Warner stated: “This is one where ‎there is no Democratic or Republican ‎answer since clearly the goal of our ‎adversaries was not to favor one party ‎over the other. It was to wreak havoc and ‎split divisions.”

How long before he walks that back?


So glen Jacobs, 'kane' is a mayor in a burg near you, pin.

Good old Noam, tell us when you. Covered up year zero through two,


Ignoring the whole echo chamber that rhodes mounted with parsi and cirincione.


Praised you to the heavens, Jane...😉 What’s her going rate, BTW? Asking for Ed. 😀

jim nj



The judge said:

"He said the government needs to prove that it has considered the benefits to society of having illegal immigrants here and working, versus the government’s interest in enforcing the laws as written. He said Homeland Security failed to do that in its original revocation last September, and even after he gave it a chance to update its reasoning, it still failed to convince him."

WTF - Why does the administration have to prove anything. It was an executive order not a law>


Hi, fellow JOMers.
Heading off to the local bookstore/cafe where my son is making his debut performing in public on the piano, playing a collection of songs by Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and a few others. fingers crossed.


I know he coveted the swans with a cloth but still:


Ralph L

Did you follow it up with Mulliner stories?

Does anyone "teach" Saki?


OK, who's the volleyball coach? We start next week. You ready!

jim nj


Should read 25 miles above the airbase. Like in the atmosphere.

jim nj

Davod, that was my thought as well.


Headline in LegalInsurrection side column:

"The Tower -Photos of Lavish Wedding Spark Criticism of Iran’s Privileged Ruling Class"

What's the betting that the photos will be used by the prosecution in the Manafort trial?

suburban gal

Pin--there MAY be a new townhouse for $200,000 but I don't know of any under 400,000 and those are the ones without garages. You can tell the "new Neighborhood" by the conversion of repair shops to yoga studios.

Narcisco--Knoxville and Nashville are 3 hours and a culture apart.

jim nj


Read his tweet very carefully.

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