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August 17, 2018


James D.

Lots of work tomorrow setting up for our big meeting, so it’s off to early bed.

But first a little brag for those of you who do the NYT crossword: I just finished the Saturday puzzle (the next day’s puzzle is available on the app at 10 PM) in 9 minutes and 17 seconds.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-- taking a step to ensure that the world's networks remain free and open for all.Mar 17, 2014--

The United Nations of the Internet; and who the son of Barack Sr makes free is free indeed.

Kevlar Kid

Journalist #1 "forecast" a Hillary victory and now forecasts a Dem walk in November:


Journalist #2 has a different take: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/06/06/john-fund-odds-democrats-seizing-house-just-got-worse.html


What do you think CNN might do with the names/addresses of the jurors after the trial? I have NO doubt if the verdict does not suit them (guilty) they will go after them personally. They will attempt to expose them to public ridicule, embarrassment and probably try to get them fired!

Remember how they hounded this elderly woman?

Dave (in MA)

On this date in 1957, the Phillies' Richie Ashburn fouled one off into the stands and hit spectator Alice Roth, wife of a Philadelphia Bulletin sportswriter, breaking her nose.

Once they resumed playing, Ashburn fouled off another pitch into the stands, this time hitting Mrs. Roth while she was being carried off on a stretcher, breaking a bone in her knee.


Consider the reception that Lincoln got with the Gettysburg address, a profound piece of oratory, acknowledged now.

Miss Marple


That is not a typo. 450,000 big rigs on order!

Boy, if you know a kid who isn't interested in college, truck driving might be a good path!

Miss Marple


Comments on Trump's tweet of a few minutes ago.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm embarrassed to say I found Dave's 10:17 hilarious.

Kevlar Kid

I guess the mere suggestion to the judge that Manafort was going to talk with POSSIBLE witnesses for the prosecution was enough to get his bail revoked and jailed.

Prosecutor requests jury's names be divulged
'unless there is a credible reason not to' (f*ck you!) .... what's the potential for jury intimidation there?

Judge Ellis--- you are under guard by US Marshals...on a tax evasion case. Hmmmmm. are your hands tied so much that you cannot bitch slap the attorney making the request for disclosure of jury names?

that loia sounds like f*cking Eddie Haskell.



They didn't testify did they kev, because their slime trail could be read without a spectrometer.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

CNN wants to dox 12 private citizens but constantly humiliates itself over DC's corrupt mandarins.
Truth to power much?


If Manafort is found guilty, there will be inch-high top of the page headlines saying "TRUMP CAMPAIGN MANAGER GUILTY" and thumbsucking pieces about how this is a major victory for Mueller and a huge setback for Trump as it tightens the noose on Russian collusion charges against the embattled administration; advisers "huddling" in the White House; "desperate" tweets, etc.

If Manafort is found not guilty, page 4, bottom, ho hum, charges from 2010, nothing to do with the ongoing Russian Collusion investigation against the embattled administration, advisers still "huddling" in the White House, "desperate" tweets, etc.

So don't get your hopes up. Heads we win, tails you lose...

Miss Marple


Video included. He got a special letter from the President.

Kevlar Kid

not me, Iggy.

way back in sixth grade we had a hot baseball game going at the park (the infield was a park putting green-- very choice when the super let us play 'early games' before park crowd picked up).

there was one lady who always brought her cheezy poodles to the park with two big shopping bags with thermoses in them (4 total). they were filled with premixed martinis. she was a really fine person. wink wink.

anyways she was slamming on us that morning as she walked by to set up her spot where her crew of harpies would come out and join her for their noon canasta romp.

"and you boys better be careful with that baseball and not hit my dogs!" she yelled out the side of her mouth.

we had to wait for her to meander out of our infield. i was pitching. Izzy was batting, chokin' up on my Nellie Fox 31 Louisville Slugger....

the interloper was in shallow "right" when i pitched....Izzy tagged a line shot to the second base side.

as if in slow motion we all watched the ball nail her square between the shoulder blades. the poor lady went down like she'd been harpooned and just sort of twitched.

the super came a runnin and called an ambulance.
later found out she was okay. the super said it was a good thing she'd finished a thermos before coming over to the park that morning.

thins the blood i guess. the super was grinnin the whole time during his report. we thought we were goners. but it was a public service i guess. she started entering the park a different way.

all during a simpler time.


The lawyer was for CNN, not the prosecution, KK. Although confusing the two is entirely understandable...

Kevlar Kid

i guess the "potential witnesses" never did, narciso.


does the prosecution list witnesses for the prosecution and "potential" witnesses for the prosecution (what? the greater DC phone book?)


Kevlar Kid

is it a natural sentiment to want to see these miscreants in the media slaughtered wholesale on Christmas Eve 2018 just for effect?


It would be fascinating, and not a First Amendment issue, if the Judge slapped CNN for harassment if they went after jurors.

Kevlar Kid

Thanks, boatbuilder. i am obviously losing vertical hold.

time to watch "Thunderheart" with Mrs. Kid.

celebrate the integrity of the FBI during a simpler time. :D

"C'mon up and watch tv."

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Excellent GA v Hawaii LLWS game on.

Free baseball coming up.


Ig, my wife dresses me.

Miss Marple

Well, looky here. Bruce Ohr was also involved in Fast and Furious. Document screen cap at the link.

Why yes, it is the same #BruceOhr from #FastAndFurious
cc: @realDonaldTrump pic.twitter.com/WXUUznLLN1

— Rosie Perpetually Potentially Sensitive (@almostjingo) August 18, 2018
Dave (in MA)

Wow, mine won't even make my lunch.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

BTW the pics this meet up are on FB in the JOM private group. The other meet up pics were already there.

I'm NOT gonna get the shingles shot, and I don't get the flu shot. I have bad reactions to shots.

Anyone have any suggestions why I am having numbness in my pinkie on my left hand? I thought I slept on it funny, but it hasn't gone away after a week. Wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't left handed. :(


Steph, take your B12.

And you may have slept in such a way you pinched a nerve in your neck.

Miss Marple

My daughter had a flat tire tonight and had to leave her car at a repair shop and take an Uber home. (I am very grateful she didn't call me to come get her during rush hour, since it's about 20 miles from here.)

However, I am goig to have to take her up there tomorrow to get her car, assuming they have the two new tires on and her oil change done. That shoots a good chunk of my day, but it can't be helped.

I will probably post some stuff in the morning but when I disappear you will know why.

Miss Marple

William Dailey, CSC
‏ @wrdcsc
37m37 minutes ago

It would be very surprising if, as a visiting priest in DC while working for a secular law firm in 2007-2009, I heard multiple attestations from credible priests about Cardinal McCarrick but no bishops in town ever did. This is what we are asked to believe.


This is not going to go away.


Mom2Mom, I'm good re exposure! don't know what the deal is with the email--lwhite4 at unl dot edu should do it.

The dancing responses are helpful--yeah you, Steph, and Jack, I am glad you can do these things, and Kev I would expect something!

Pin, your arm and leg joke pleased me more than I can say. I love asking students about how many of these they know (Bob, Matt, Art, Eileen, etc.) all to demonstrate the young's natural love of black humor or the worst things. "Mommy, mommy, I don't want to go to Europe" "Shut up and keep swimming"

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

B12? I'll try it. I do get a bit of sciatica from time to time, so neck nerve could be it.

To whomever recommended the Hyaluronic Acid pills... those are awesome. Haven't had a knee or hip twinge since day three of starting them.

Miss Marple


So glad you brought that up. I didn't see that post and could sure use something. I sleep on my side and often wake up with hip twinges. I will look for some.

clarice feldman

Dave's 10:17 made me laugh out loud.



Carpal tunnel


New thread

jim nj

Those truck build numbers are good. I wonder if something in the new tax code is encouraging this.


OK - it's late but I'm going to be gone all day tomorrow. Here is the photo from our Atlanta meeting in July.
Left to right: Momto2, Catsmeat, rse

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