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August 17, 2018



You know Porch he is guilty as hell. The problem is the the motive of the prosecutors. I'd be right there with you.

Eye Doctor

Iran/Contra was facilitated by George H W Bush and the Deep State.


Ext, almost none.

Jane, maybe he is guilty, but he is being abused. Glad you agree.

Bunky is now Savotage!!!

Dear God Fox is unwatchable.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Paying many, many more billions to the mad mullahs, and not even getting any weapons to kill commies with in return, was facilitated by a brilliant lightworker.


Btw, if all 12 were libs they'd have had their ticker tape parade by now. Someone must be resisting.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Mrs MT is my favorite. :)

Jim Eagle

If not a hung jury, Manafort will be the first person ever convicted for owning an Ostrich leather jacket.


Mrs MT is my favorite.

Heh. Mine, too.

Captain Hate

KK, leaving Sunday a.m.


The implications of the domestic spying done by Obama's henchmen are staggering. There are so many avenues for mischief. If these guys were spying on a Presidential campaign, do you think they would stop there? Imagine spying on a jury while a trial is going on. The possibilities are practically limitless.

jim nj


Bases loaded triple play, worth watching.

Jim Eagle

Doing Americana tonight by watching the Little League World Series. Mid-Atlantic (New York) v. Iowa. Yanks up 1-0 but some good pitching.

Lot of kids who are supposed to be 12-13 that look like 16-18.


What might a hacker want? SSN, e-verify name/dob, bank acct/routing(s), address, earnings, HIPPA stuff like insurance flex spending reimbursements, job history, spouse and dependent ID info .... and more!

I notice this story is getting a lot of play around the world but next to nothing stateside: Melbourne teen hacked into Apple's secure computer network, court told

...The teen, who cannot be named for legal reasons, broke into Apple’s mainframe from his suburban home on multiple occasions over a year because he was such a fan of the company, according to his lawyer...

...he had downloaded 90gb of secure files and accessed customer accounts.


Who is the guy with the baseball cap In the picture?
Is Caro in front or in the back?
Daddy looks exactly like I pictured him.


caro is front middle, mr.

jim nj


The agenda that unites all Democrats that they will not tell us.

Miss Marple

I missed this. Posted at 6PM. Short video at link:


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 17, 2018

Caro is up front. Jane says she never likes to be in front. I think we were lucky to have her in the picture at all.

L-R, Dave, Stephen, Jane, Caro, daddy in back, TC, Boatbuilder, and Rocco.

Frau  Krimi

maryrose, can you find Kiwi in the photo?

Kevlar Kid

Mrs MT is a favorite of mine too. Here's a snapshot of our intro yesterday:

KK: Hi, I'm so and so....

Mrs MT: Hi, I'm so and so...

(Polite handshake)

KK: I'm so glad to meet you.

Mrs MT: No yer not.

my kinda gal! :D "straight. no chaser. no ice. no glass."

Kevlar Kid

thanks for the deet, CH. you brought super fine weather with ya. file for an extension with Big Ernie, will ya? :D


I have a photo from our Atlanta meet-up. With Catsmeat's and rse's approval, I'll post it. (Chime in ladies if you wish to remain anonymous and mysterious)


Thanks Daddy. I think my price dropped from a pack of smokes to a cigarette butt that wasn't on the bathroom floor too long.

Willy Sutton Theory meets lack of technical diversity. At this point 5 sites host damn near everything: Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft Azure, and IBM. That's where the data is. (It is also where the payroll db's are).

It doesn't matter what I or Kev do, if the hosts are all sieves.

Kevlar Kid

i missed the pic of the other meetup from some time back....repost por favor?



Yep, that sounds like Mrs. MT:)

Kevlar Kid

what do those 5 hosts have responsibilities for in terms of national DEFENSE?

i consider every business to have a soft underbelly of vulnerability that enables espionage-- corporate, military and political for lack of better descriptors--- with seemingly ZERO accountability.

and then we have companies like Amazon with deep ties to CIA systems.

what could go wrong.

Ike warned us.


Had my annual checkup today.

Finally managed to get my doc off my back.

BP 112/64
TotChol 141
A1C improved .2%

Course I couldn't remember that I already got the shingles vaccination, so good thing there weren't any cognitive tests:)


Kev, all I know is they do not allow their SARBOX SOC audits to be passed through to an end customer. They know the certs are theater is my read on it. It is down to liability musical chairs instead of information security. We will see lots of laws, and more musical chairs. Those who can't afford the most expensive lawyers will be toast when the music stops.

Of course, the vast population of serfs will be screwed regardless.

Ralph L

Photo's at 4:32 on the previous page.

Jim Eagle

Here is tonight's edition of Chutzpah On Parade featuring our special snowflake and Democrat Socialist Ocasio-Cortez.


She makes people like Warren and Pelosi look sane.


Congrats Buckeye!

Captain Hate

Here's to good health, Buckeye.


No yer not.

She said that?

Miss Marple

I am going to go watch a movie with my daughter. Back is killing me so I think I need the recliner.

Captain Hate

I knew that if the ewok ever figured out what our GOPe overlords thought of us riffraff, the response would be worth the wait:


Kevlar Kid

These tidbits from the meetup remind me ...

my life changes when i meet new people who make me laugh, who pique my curiosity about how they came to be in the exact moments of our first meetings.

then there are the longer term relationships, like mine now with Paw (86 April last). i have known a lot of the major events that shaped his journey into the here and now.... but this here and now is such a source of wonder whenever i speak with him. from one of the worst barrios in Califas to a leisurely retirement in southern Virginia, he remembers practically what he had for lunch on December 19, 1951.

we speak nearly every day and he has allowed me to tape our calls. he reveals so much of his prior days (from 3 years old to 24 hours ago). how he sees thing is being committed to record.

don't worry. i won't tape any of y'all. my point is that HOW we traveled and HOW all of that is playing out in the here and now--- let's hope we have descendants who want to know those pieces of what is still a living history among many of us.

starting the process with my G-son Helio and G-dot Estella.

they know their Great Grandma was Navajo. but there they are living in Belgium. Daughter told them on a trip to see "buffalo" at reserve in Belgium about their Great Gran (whom they never met) and about their "Oso" (what they call me-- means Bear in spanish).

that lit a fire. they were on Skype upon their return to ask me if I could "talk like her."

i'm still learning the dialects but i can sing some songs her Paw sang and hundreds in other languages. Estella: "Do it now, Oso."

so sang a half-dozen.

Estella: "More, Oso."

Helio:"who taught you how to sing? Gran?"

Some. Some i picked up around here and there.

Estella: "Teach me, Oso."

it's on.


Hes reading the logs to take out the at at walker.

Kevlar Kid

Ext: she DID say that. the group lit up with laughter. she has a great smile. Kev


Watch One Man Perform Rush’s "Tom Sawyer" on Guitar, Drums and Vocals at Same Time





"Who is the guy with the baseball cap In the picture?"

I dunno but, looks kinda shifty to me.


EXTRANEUS!!! You didn't mention the MAN BUN.

jim nj


Kevlar Kid

Great link, jim-nj. More ammo. :D




Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'll rest easy tonight knowing Eddy Munster and Mitch McTurtle will soon repeal the exemptions from liability the Silicon Curtain enjoys due to their being mere unbiased conduits rather than gatekeepers and editors.

Kevlar Kid

Clapper Lips in his own words:

Kevlar Kid

i was just daydreaming about the psychological impact some well placed SNide vIPERS would have on Antifa threats to those engaged in their lawful right of assembly.

Kevlar Kid

no sarc tag required, Ig. i gotchoo.


What do you call a woman with no arms and no legs at a bus stop?

I don't know but she's arguing with her boyfriend again.


Porch, those are the plums my Czech momma makes her plum dumplings with. Her dough uses Cream of Wheat.

I made them once with my cousin. Delish!

Another Bob

I’ve daydreamed of the same KK. Don’t think it’d take many viper bites at all to chase those braindeads. Might not even need to actually bite anyone. That little hint of what real war would be about would be instructive to those that playact at anarchy.

Kevlar Kid

All this enflamed media drama is case of not understanding how to fight a war.

they insist on lobbing dynamite onto the WH lawn.

POTUS scratches his head. time and again.

"Hmmm. free dynamite."

then he picks it up, lights it, and throws it back over the fence.

"Look. Here's some more. I'm going to have to hire some people to do this for me. Our numbers are going to be even greater."

Not even referring to the "body count" across the fence.
"Duh. End of story."

Kevlar Kid


Have you know shade? :D


Kevlar Kid

Yer spot on, A-Bob. Right now it's so groovy to be in black with their Fakestinian bandanas. Bunch of bananas.


KK and dark humor.


On pulling security clearances from people:

It's being framed as 'now these wonderfully intelligent individuals who have served our country so nobly, can no longer share their institutional knowledge when the country needs it.'

Sorry, watching CNN's Nightly Meltdown and that's tonight's meme...

My guess is that individuals who are still in the government can no longer share info to those noble individuals who've had that clearances yanked and share classified info.

This would cut off leaks.

Just a theory.


Well that was your first mistake, CNN is not only not on the same plane of reality, but in one of 14,568,000 alternate universes.


buckeye, we all need to get the new shingles vaccine--Shingrex.

The old one we got ain't worth caca. This new one much better.

But it's out of stock around here...

Jack is Back!!

The media has no idea how stupid they sound in re Security clearences. Not even a semblance of fact. This is what Fake News looks like.


"Porch, those are the plums my Czech momma makes her plum dumplings with."

I have a friend from Czech. Her Momko brought over some plums one time.

Called it slivovitz.


mom-get catsmeat's ok. There are already pics online of presentations I have done.


Jim nj's 07:24 is by Matthew Continetti.

I would prefer that he write a column explaining all of his and his newspapers contacts and contracts with Fusion/GPS and Simpson and all the rest, and why they kept that info hidden from the Public until just a few days ago. That was against our interests so I'd prefer he come entirely clean about that before pointing fingers at anyone else.

Kevlar Kid

We ran across some of the A-fa scum at SFO the other day, picking up College Man returning from a sortie to Sandy Eggo visiting frenz.

they dress like something out of a Madd Maxx movie when they aren't wearing their blacktard costumes. the de rigeur "anarcho" tatts etc.

and their heads are half shaved. this was a male and two anemic looking females with nit-infested "dreads".

they were taking up the entire "order" spot in front of a coffee bar with their GI back packs and water bottles strewn about.

we had to get by them as it was our turn to order. big cheese turns around while the two adoring females blew us off.

he MOTIONS WITH HIS HEAD for us to go around.

College Man whispers to me with tight lips: "Cmon Dad...just go around."

i made the head motion back but in the opposite direction.

he got into his buffalo stance. i smiled at him. i winked at him and said---- "i'm not the one you should be worried about." Mrs Kid travels with arniz canes.... ;) another day ending in Y in the land of the 85% Free.

Kevlar Kid

no gettin by you, sbw. no sir. :D


"Well that was your first mistake, CNN is not only not on the same plane of reality, but in one of 14,568,000 alternate universes."

Not the first mistake today. It is a gas though everytime I watch'em.

Another Bob


Many many moons ago I attended the wedding party of a Romanian friend and coworker. Our Hungarian boss was also in attendance.

Boss is talking to the groom and sees me walking by. “Hey man, have a drink with us!”. It’s the groom, and my boss. What choice do I have.

He hands me a glass with an unknown light brown liquid. I drink the shot. Tastes good, I think about asking for another. About that time, the heat started. And kept going. Ears turned red, and felt like they were burning. Little bit of sweat starts. I check the bottle.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

SBWaters makes me feel like a slob just looking at his picture.

clarice feldman

Got the first Shingrex..need the second in October--my doc's secy will cue me in when they have some. It knocked me out the first time. It's strong stuff.(And I had the old shingles shot.)


Meanwhile the Michele wolf show had the shortest run in Netflix history.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Anyone else find it kind of hilarious that Elon Musk, messiah to the eco freaks with his government subsidized electric fashion statements, turns to the Saudis with their vast pool of filthy lucre earned from killing the earth with CO2 spewing petroleum to get those nasty short sellers, otherwise known as market discipline, off his back?


buckeye, we all need to get the new shingles vaccine--Shingrex.

Yes he told me about it today. Said it was much better. Also said it was in short supply and said he was giving it preferentially to older people in poorer health until supply freed up.

Didn't think there was much risk to wait a year.


A-Bob, pretty much my experience.

The girl was insanely hot. To be honest, the Momko was smokin' as well.

They were knockin' it down like it was seltzer water.

I was doing my best to be affable and engaging. Trying my best to make a good first impression with Momko.

On about the third or fourth shot, I detected a marked decrease in my ability to be affable and engaging.

I decided rather than embarrass myself I'd best go and 'do that server upgrade' and try to make an impression another time.


Had six bottles of slivovitz at my son's wedding.
A great time was had by all.

Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, funerals---when two or more are gathered and have a decent excuse, out it comes!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

A sane climate scientist: John Christy.


No kidding, daddy. Was it only yesterday that we learned the Free Beacon was contracting GPS Fusion until January, 2017, overlapping with Hillary by at least six months?


All the MFMers that were peddling stories from Fusion should come clean.
Tell us about ALL the stories Fusion was pushing over the years.

Do the "reporters" ever get out of their chairs?...or do they just print up whatever Fusion GPS, Ploughshares, etc. send them?
Who pays who?

This whole phony 'Russia Show' is a huge story about our lousy corrupt media.

Kevlar Kid

i do, Ig. he has an unsustainable cash burn rate.

Dave (in MA)
Dave: Who is the guy with the baseball cap In the picture?
Some random guy who crashed the party.

"Since the day Trump announced his candidacy, these media people have been doing everything in their power, including making things up, to take him down. They cannot accept the fact that they failed in their endeavor, so they have doubled down on stupid. Their fury has overtaken any talent or ethics they may have once had. They are like mad hatters, so accustomed to manipulating how the American people think and vote that they have suffered a psychic break at Trump's push-back and at being caught lying and cheating." ~ Patricia McCarthy

Dave (in MA)
I dunno but, looks kinda shifty to me.

I’m gassed due to going back to day shift after a couple weeks off. Here’s an early WJOM submission:

One of my favorites that I haven’t listened to in years.

Love the pics posted from JOM gatherings. CH didn’t appear to be too hateful. Fantastic look on KK’s face. He appears as though he knows something no one else does. Lots of character there. The grin on daddy’s face is a semi-permanent fixture I imagine. He wore it when we met right up to the point that MM chucked her pickle in the floor. :)


Catsmeat - your email is bouncing back as undeliverable.


Naw 'He's just a harmless little fuzzball'*

* rushes description of himself.

Miss Marple

A dose of Midsommer Murders, which I believe was (at least this episode) filmed in the rural Cotswolds, was just what I needed. I love that series for the detectives, the architecture, and the scenery. It's very soothing to me.

Regarding the press: one wonders how long we have been manipulated. I go back to the Tet Offensive in Vietnam, which for years I thought we LOST. I am not the only one, either. My best friend thought the exact same thing, and the only reason I learned differently was hearing a discussion about it on the radio when "We Were Soldiers Once" came out.

What else? How long has this been an operation? How long have they coordinated? Who pays them?

It's very upsetting to not be able to trust anything you read or watch.


I think Phil B. Is just a lateral move from Bob Corker.

Miss Marple

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
5m5 minutes ago

“Bruce Ohr of DOJ is in legal jeopardy, it’s astonishing that he’s still employed. Bruce & Nelly Ohr’s bank account is getting fatter & fatter because of the Dossier that they are both peddling. He doesn’t disclose it under Fed Regs. Using your Federal office for personal.......

....financial gain is a Federal Gratuity Statute Violation, Bribery Statute Violation, Honest Services Violation....all Major Crimes....because the DOJ is run by BLANK Jeff Sessions......” Gregg Jarrett. So when does Mueller do what must be done? Probably never! @FoxNews


This is getting interesting.

Frau  Krimi
When I complained about firewater slivs to Angus MacDonald of the Coppersea Distillery in New York’s Hudson Valley, he scolded me—and then gave me a sample of his first batch of locally-made sliv.

“Slivovitz is rough by nature; it’s meant to be,” MacDonald insisted. “It’s old-country grappa, and the people who drank it were tough-ass mo-fos.” But he also assured me that if made right, it can be more drinkable. And sure enough, his version was delicate and pure, more eau-de-vie than paint thinner.

So, anonamom, what's your favorite brand? DIY?


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Well the old schnozzola Walter Duranty was pulling it 80+ years ago and no small amount of the muckraker's muck was fake and the yellow journalists were piss poor.
We all know Mark Twain's classic proverb re newspapers so I'm pretty sure there has probably never been a time the news wasn't more fake than real.
The difference I think now is they feel bold enough to say "yeah we're lyin commies, what are you gonna do about it?"

Kevlar Kid

gentlejim: Deep Purple's "Hush" was forever seared back in 68. it was top 40 red hot AND it came out the week one of my 7th grade pals got "lit" with his high school brother on some Mezzkin ditch weed.


Thanks for the link.



And John reed was very clueless more than a hundred years ago, with the Russian revolution.

Miss Marple


Wictor says either we have some new weapons, or the GCC is fighting in Afghanistan. Includes aerial photos. Also his assessment of how Trump has a public personality which serves as a disguise.


A thread of the transcript of CNN attempting to unmask the jurors in the Manafort trial.


Kevlar Kid

"I go back to the Tet Offensive in Vietnam, which for years I thought we LOST."

imo Rather and company had been completed infiltrated by the communist/Soviet apparatus.

Miss Marple

For you car guys:


clarice feldman

Iggy, they were originally just partisan braodsheets. On FB a friend links to complaints about the piss poor press going back 2 centuries. I think in the 50's we were lulled by TV and the NYT's reputation into thinking they were otherwise. The scrim has been lifted and we're back to an age where people again realize they have to read the press forensically, not passively.


KK (or should I say Dr John),
You’re welcome. Love me some Deep Purple.


Scott Adams


To be clear, if CNN gets their names and addresses, I'll never serve on another jury. CNN Sued The Government For Names, Addresses Of Manafort Jurors

Kevlar Kid

quick goggle swargle "who owns the internet?"

provided this quick bit of nonsense:

"The U.S. will give away the only part of the Internet that any country owns by passing control of the domain name system to a global multi-stakeholder group in 2015, taking a step to ensure that the world's networks remain free and open for all.Mar 17, 2014

The U.S. Gives the Internet to the World | National News | US News

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