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August 09, 2018



Blah blah blah blah

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I am hours behind, just lol'd at Miss Marple's 9:26 about the rooster.

Dave (in MA)
The last one I got was "Hello, I am from Windows" and some crap about my computer having been hacked. I pretended to be concerned, but I put the phone down and let him keep jabbering to nobody until he figured out he was wasting his time.

Bingo Kev, besides can you imagine ROSENSTEIN "wrestling".?

Kevlar Kid

"No we don't. We suspect it."


I was under the impression Admiral Rogers conveyed as much to POTUS.



clarice feldman

daddy, my guess is Sullivan was rendering his decision based on the thought that the deportation was designed to strip him of jurisdiction and was, how shall we call it?--rude . It's the kind of prissy thing judges usually do.


BREAKING: Notes from DOJ official Bruce Ohr indicate Steele and Simpson -- aka the Clinton campaign -- were also behind the false rumors that Trump created a "secret server" with Russian-based Alfa Bank through Trump Tower. The hoax sent the FBI on yet another wild goose chase

It's sounding more and more to me like that "Huge Mosaic" that Comey said was the basis for the FISA warrant is total bulls**t. It has always been and remains nothing more than the Dossier that Christopher Steele initially cooked up and with the related BS he later fed to Bruce Ohr via Nellie. The only thing that strikes me as not having come out of Chris Dteele's mouth is the Popadoploous nonsense of babbling to the Aussie minister while drunk in London, and that has been shown to be falsely reported and probably orchestrated by the FBI via Halper, etc.


Thanks, Clarice. I knew I could count on you;)


That is s good summary of what has been going on.
They went to an awful lot of trouble to get Trump both before and after the election.
Their utter failure in this endeavor must provide many sleepless nights.
Now preparing myself for some prep walks.


Dave in MA

Not a bad point for the ride back. Got another compliment in CO from a 30ish deplorable looking dude.


Casper, WY should be optimal if there's no clouds. Thanks

The whole length of KS nobody layed up in the left lane till the very last minute some idiot from CA. And no sunflowers till CO either.


Oh daddy I like the Alaska plates with the Kodiak Bear. Very nice.



I just caught the gist but Jim Florentine used to prank phone solicitors. He got police called on him at least once.

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