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August 13, 2018



I liked this comment on Power Line's post on last night's MN results:

I wouldn't read to much into voter turnout. The GOP side was rather lackluster and most R's recognize that November is the one that counts. The Democrats (stop calling them DFL) just played a pre-season game and they are thrilled they filled the stadium and won 41-17 with their starters playing the whole game against the St. Agnes School of the Blind.

We will never know when the first Trannie person was elected to be governor. We just know when the first declared Trannie was elected to be governor.


not sure what that means. portends bad things based on standard analysis.

Idk. Not a native, but seems to me that eternally butthurt WI Dems will turn out for any election with Walker's name on the ballot, even if it's just a primary with a foregone conclusion on the R side.

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