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August 20, 2018



"Where is the collusion? We have to find the collusion!"



'Approximately $30,000 in profit made, in 2014, for brokering the sale of a Birkin Bag, a highly coveted French handbag that retails for between $11,900 to $300,000, depending on the type of leather or animal skin used.'


Posted by: Beasts of England | August 21, 2018 at 07:29 PM

Is that the type of bag in question when Oprah accused the Swiss shopgirl of racism?

Miss Marple

Someone on Twitter reminded us that Timothy Geithner didn't pay a huge amount of taxes and was allowed to say it was a mistake.


In the previews there was the Neil Armstrong film with Ryan gosling, a film about monsters and Normandy invasion? And a godzilla film, with a skydragon twist, we must release mothra and ghidra to save the earth!!!



Beasts of England

Yes it is, Pin. And thanks for the furry tweet - it's been forwarded to quite a few NASA types. They're all loving it, by the way!!



Was that a pix of Dresden?

Dave (in MA)

The Forehead slams Chapstick Boy

Gerry Callahan@GerryCallahan There's heartless and then there's whatever the hell this is @RepJoeKennedy
AP Central U.S.@APCentralRegion "I can just tell you that it seemed that he followed her, seemed to be drawn to her on that particular day, for whatever reason he chose to abduct her." Authorities say man confesses to killing Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts. http://apne.ws/aCa5XVw

That second film is like cloverfield set on the past, recall that one was overhyped.


I love this 4-D thing. It's thrilling. Which side is winning???

Michael (fpa P4F) ... Stop the Witch Hunt - Stop the Coup !

The death of Mollie Tibbetts in Iowa is a tragic loss that everyone can identify with: Having your child's life taken from them, violently, by a predator, before they have yet begun to experience a full and complete life.

The fact that she died at the hands of an illegal alien will benefit Pres. Trump's campaign for a Republican victory in the House and Senate mid-terms *much* more than the Manafort or Cohen convictions will hurt the Republicans, imho.

Just think of the possibilities for ads reminding voters of all the Dems calling for 'open borders' and 'abolish ICE', versus Trump's dedication to protect Americans, and to reduce the crime inflicted on innocent American citizens by illegal immigrants.

Cohen's and Manafort's trials won't resonate compared to a family losing a loved one - despite all the feverish dreams of the rabid Trump haters of the left.


Male Norwegian politician raped by asylum seeker says he feels GUILTY that his attacker will now be deported because the man may suffer in Somalia

What's a new term for Stockholm Syndrome?

Beasts of England

I checked my FB page and there was only one post about Manafort / Cohen. There were four about Mollie Tibbets.



Lots of Twitter accounts are being 'privatized' right now, if you know what I am saying.

Michelle Catlin is suspended apparently. A libertarian trans person.


What truly bugs me about the verdicts today is all the shit the left is getting away with.

Dave (in MA)

Oslo Syndrome?

Kevlar Kid

Levin spent a good deal of time on the young woman's murder. She was 20 years old.... all the parents and the family's dedication to raising such a fine young person, only to have it stripped from them by a border jumping sexual psychopath.

She was the same age as my son. Had this happened to my own daughter (now 40), i think of what a different life our family would have without her, her Belgian family, and our beautiful grand babies.

i'm letting this sink in.

"We" learned nothing from Kate Steinle's murder in SFO in 2017.

Smoldering anger over this news.

Kevlar Kid

Michael--- i am of a similar mind on what you've shared. -Kev


We learned PLENTY by Kate Steinle's murder. We learned that the FULL COMMIE LEFT has no morals, no scruples, and they like COMMIES ALWAYS do, will allow MILLLLIONS to die for their disturbed IDEOLOGY.
It's all been done before.

clarice feldman

catsmeat, I saw an incredible production there last year. I was sceptical it would be very good but it was fabulous.Sarasota Opera..

Kevlar Kid

"Male Norwegian politician raped by asylum seeker says he feels GUILTY that his attacker will now be deported because the man may suffer in Somalia"

take his place then, fool. see how long you last there before you succumb to one of the following:

1) a bullet to your empty head;
2) airborne bacteria festering due to efficient sanitation systems;
3) starvation and malnutrition;
4) being ransomed by a warlord for shits and giggles.


Beasts of England

The one FB post I saw included the claim that since 1965, only one democrat has been convicted of a crime and served in prison. The numbers for Reps were about 200 and 35, respectively. That seems impressively false, but I don't have any numbers in front of me. When I went back for a screenshot, it had been removed.



If Late Night with David Letterman was still on with his bit Brush With Greatness I'd tell him about meeting the nephew of both Jeff and Steve Porcaro or the son of one and the nephew of the other...or whatever, in Nashville.

My slightly better story involved me and my grandma running into Dick Van Dyke in a bookstore in Cave Creek, AZ when he had his alcoholic tv movie beard.

Kevlar Kid

i hear you, GUS. it's why i put the "we" in quotes.


My Muslim Russian ex coworker really loved this guy for some reason:

Boney M. - Rasputin


Dave (in MA)

The svengali behind the POS who previously lived in the White House, Axelrod, said “This will be remembered as the day the swamp overflowed.”.

Miss Marple

Just when we thought it impossible for this dingbat to make statements any more idiotic than the drivel she’s belched out recently, here Alexandria is slobbering up praise for her murdering mentor Teddy. pic.twitter.com/ZF28vFXNfw

— GRIZZ 🍺 (@grizzlemeister) August 21, 2018

Go to the link for the quote.


I'll say one thing for all the Russians or Uzbeks I've met, they really love shitty Turkish music.


Did rostenkowki serve any time, I believe John Murphy did along with other abscam players, that Korean lobbyist nabbed a few but its rare.


All the charges wee dropped except the maol fraud in rusty, as recommended by Eric holder.


So Cohen pleaded guilty to a crime in order to implicate PDJT? Lanny Davis' tweet sounds like he's trying to complete a circuit.


New thread


>month ago when tapes released
>Trump tells Cohen to pay and make sure there is documentation
>Cohen says he paid out of retainer and Trump reimburses his retainer like everyone does with every lawyer at the end of the month
>no one gives a shit cause retainer fees arent campaign funds
>all on tape and Trump twitter rant

>fast forward today
>"Oi Trump told me to break campaign finance law"
>everyone forgets what was already on tape while the headlines go nuts

The absolute fucking state of this sensational media obsessed world.

Even if you did get Trump on campaign finance, which is Trumps worst case scenario, all it would amount to is a fine. Bernie recently got fined for violations, and in 2013, Obama campaign was fined over 375K for campaign finance violations totalling more than 1.7 Million. Bout 5 times what could possibly be accused of Trump.

I'm becoming so fucking numb to this oversensationalized bullshit...-Anon


So does PDJT get restitution for Cohen's overcharging, fraud and embezzling?

clarice feldman

ia The Right Scoop:

“When the FEC wrote the regulation that says what constitutes campaign expenditures and what constitutes personal use, it rejected specifically the idea that a campaign expenditure was anything related to a campaign, and instead says it has to be something that exists only because of the campaign and solely for that reason.”

Professor Bradley Smith wrote about this in the Wall Street Journal in April.

Shortly before the 2016 election, one of President Trump’s lawyers, Michael Cohen, arranged a $130,000 payment to the porn star in return for silence about a 2006 affair she claimed to have had with Mr. Trump. (Both the president and Mr. Cohen have denied the affair; Mr. Trump has said he did not know of the payment to Ms. Daniels until this February.)

Not satisfied with an old-fashioned sex scandal—perhaps because the president seems impervious to that—some want to turn this into a violation of campaign-finance law. Trevor Potter, a former member of the Federal Election Commission told “60 Minutes” the payment was “a $130,000 in-kind contribution by Cohen to the Trump campaign, which is about $126,500 above what he’s allowed to give.” The FBI raided Mr. Cohen’s office, home and hotel room Monday. They reportedly seized records related to the payment and are investigating possible violations of campaign-finance laws.

But let’s remember a basic principle of such laws: Not everything that might benefit a candidate is a campaign expense.

Campaign-finance law aims to prevent corruption. For this reason, the FEC has a longstanding ban on “personal use” of campaign funds. Such use would give campaign contributions a material value beyond helping to elect the candidate—the essence of a bribe.

FEC regulations explain that the campaign cannot pay expenses that would exist “irrespective” of the campaign, even if it might help win election. At the same time, obligations that would not exist “but for” the campaign must be paid from campaign funds.

If paying hush money is a campaign expense, a candidate would be required to make that payment with campaign funds. How ironic, given that using campaign funds as hush money was one of the articles of impeachment in the Watergate scandal, which gave rise to modern campaign-finance law.

Janet 🚬

((I checked my FB page and there was only one post about Manafort / Cohen. There were four about Mollie Tibbets.))

I really try not to link or even click on some of the stories the MFM put out.
I refused to share anything about the porn girl or Omarosa.


You know, the Obama administration threatened to prosecute parents for paying ransom for their kids who were kidnapped. Is the Justice Department now going after victims of blackmail?

Kevlar Kid

Cool, Pin.... i'd tell Dave about meeting one of the surviving sons of General Francisco "Pancho" Villa who visited my Abuelita in Sacramento CA.

He lived in Castro Valley CA.

He tracked down Granmaw because he'd found a letter from my Granpaw with a receipt for two stallions, the cost of persuading Villa against marrying the 14 year old girl, my Granpaw was planning to marry.

it was Villa's way of currying favor with locals by proposing to their daughters. he had a very unconventional view of domestic relationships.

Granpaw provided Villa with his personal mounts during the war and for racing before and after the 1st Revolution.

This all happened in the state of Chihuahua... Dad's side of the family. G-paw and G-maw were Tarahumara and Spanish mixed bloods. Very short people. :D


Jim Eagle

Wow. Just watched the Trump rally in West"by God" Virginia, and he is the Joel Osteen of political stump speeches. All without notes or Obama era telepromters. Speaks in simple, positive, arousing language. He does have a way with selling.

Kelly Ann

Everyone in the Republican Party is going to jail. Paul Manafort is going to jail. Michael Cohen is going to jail. Rep. Duncan Hunter might be going to jail. And of course, we already know that Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos and Rick Gates are going to jail. Rep. Chris Collins might be going to jail too. Eric Greitens might be going to jail. I suppose Reps. Pat Meehan and Blake Farenthold probably aren’t going to jail, but they both had to resign from Congress after getting caught in some minor peccadilloes.

Any way you add it up, that’s a lot of corruption. You’d almost think it was a trend or something.

Jim Eagle

Where is Art Carney when we need him?

The JOM sewer is overflowing and we need an experienced guy down there to correct the overflow. I am overworking my killfile and it stil overflows.

TM has a infestation of BS and frivilous crap from some lady's basement.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Everyone in the Republican Party is going to jail."

If there was any justice in the world every Democrat would already be in jail. IMO, there has never been a bigger bunch of criminals.


That's cool re the Sarasota Opera, clarice--what opera? It's great to watch an opera from a late Renaissance box three stories up...and the putti!

Eye Doctor

Thanks RG. My outlook is so much better now that you have explained it all.

Time to celebrate, right?

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