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August 05, 2018



Good luck, TM!




I haven't hit the link yet ... wonder if it is the racist New York Times.

Thomas Collins

No sweat for the Yankees fans, even if the Bronxers lose. Just look at tonight's game as the beginning of preparation for the one and done game against the Mariners or Athletics in early October.


Whew! Relief! NOT the racist NYT this time.

"This day, we hit" sounds like a line from the sequel to 300.


Lots of baseball before October. Doesn't look like the Cardinals plan on playing any.


The NYT is NOT RACIST. They just HIRE RACISTS, who are EXCUSED for their RACISM......because.......

Obviously the NON-RACIST NY SLIMES cannot be blamed for trying to hire a RACIST ASIAN CLOWN-LADY, because the RACIAL GRIEVANCE industry has decided that CLOWN ASIAN RACIST WYMYN cannot be RACIST, no matter how RACIST they actually ARE!!!
All of this is designed to END RACISM. You see, without accepting and paying and supporting RACISTS, we can NEVER BE FREE FROM RACISM!!!!!!


Meet the Mets
Great the Mets.
Step right up and beat the Mets.

Kevlar Kid

"Well, since you can't back up what you claimed about RG, and I said nothing derogatory towards you regarding what you said other than it is false, I guess you have to resort to something, KK."

TK: i guess you just couldn't help yourself and proved my original point that you're sometimes a little thick. You were probably elsewhere when the JiB laid down his editorial rules. Enough. -Kev


Mayor, you probably meant "greet" not great?
I like your profile.

Kevlar Kid

The New York Times racist? Let's look at it from a business standpoint: has the NYT, now or forever back in its history, accepted payment for advertising and/or editorial/publishing services from a measureably racist company, government agency, or political group?

there. the rest of the accusations, if true, are gravy. (not suggesting a color of gravy at all) :D


I saw JIB's "rules". Not only had RG not posted in some time, nothing, that I saw, was directed RG's way.


Kev, clearly you hate TRANS-GENDERS or ABC, XYZ etc etc.

POTUS DJT gets it. They are phony, they are FAKE, they are COMPLETELY FULL COMMIE.

If they want to bitch and whine. So be it.


The NYT racist? Has the NYT ever editorialized in favor of policies that benefited one racial group over another?

Kevlar Kid

In the days of Ron Swoboda and Cleon Jones, the "lowly Mets" used to come to Candlestick and take 2 of 3 from the Giants. Watched them sweep a daytime doubleheader. i got a real bad sunburn (at Candlestick Park even!) and Paw and his boyz polished off 8 cases of Hamms (you could bring yer own in them days and ride an AC Transit charter bus from our front porch to the Candlestick Parking lot.

a simpler time and much betta beisbol. Only Juan Marichal seemed capable of beating the Mets (26-8 lifetime).



The Racial Greivance Industry is built on worse lies and myths than Global Warming. And Global Warming won't rape and murder your grandma.

Kevlar Kid

"I saw JIB's "rules". Not only had RG not posted in some time, nothing, that I saw, was directed RG's way."

Right. And you are ignoring the qualifying statement. Have it your way. You're really right. My insult stands. and i will add, as you mature is your skull cap getting thicker?


Do you want the last word? Do you need the last word?



Yes Kev, he does.


JimnorCal, I certainly hope that you were being factious. The NYT is completely 100% nuts.

Kevlar Kid


i stand by my trademarked IHTFP. i am an equal opportunity hater. and it knows no bounds.

if i say so-and-so is a such and such, if it doesn't validate the mthrfckr back to his/her childhood, i am a hater with bona fides.

sucks to be me. :D

i love being me. :D

but is that really "who i am"? :D

omg. am i playing identity pollatix?

i just wanna be loved by EVERYBODY! Is that so wrooooong?!?

if i swing my 12 inch gummy worm people hate me for it. but i'm supposed to just take it.

i'm so confused.

maybe i should "tweet" about this. maybe i should take poison and hope the idiot across from me in the bank dies.

what should i do, GUS?





We go from the sublime to the ridiculous .
Time to bump.


Maybe a belated WJOM entry can lighten up the mood.

Smash Mouth's Padrino.

Miss Marple

I discovered why Trudeau is missing from the news. It's because he keeps providing photo-ops like this, and the press is trying to hide it:

For tablet and phone users:


You really do need to right click to see the other person in the photo!

Kevlar Kid


But there in lies the rub.... Global Warming you see is the imminent result of "Manifest Destiny."

now me I am more into "Manifold Destiny". oh wait that means i'm contributing to Globull Warmin.

chingao, bitch. Life ees hart. i want my chort.

Kevlar Kid

Trudeau looks like he's getting his fudge packed.

Dude, go dark in those moments. we won't miss you.


Implicit Racism is the equivalent to Climate Change when it became clear there was no evidence of either Explicit Racism or Global Warming.

Miss Marple

Well, this is interesting:

Foreign Ministry
‏Verified account @KSAmofaEN

Statement | The KSA announces the freezing of all new trade and investment transactions between the KSA and Canada. The KSA reserves its right to take further action.


🇦🇪 MBS
‏ @Sami_99MBS
41m41 minutes ago

Saudi Arabia will not allow #Canada or any other country to interfere in its internal affairs or to disrespect its judicial system.This is a strong message that from now on,the #KSA will not accept this kind of rhetoric from anyone.

(This is the Crown Prince's account)


Here is the story from RT (a Russian source, so give it a side eye):


jim nj


17 arrests

Kevlar Kid

Deep West KKJM:

Tito and Tarantula

"Cucarachas Enojadas" (Angry Cockroaches)



Wasn't it that great philosopher Eric Clapton who said, "nobody's right till somebody's wrong"?

Off to get supper

Kevlar Kid

Implicit Racism is the equivalent to Climate Change when it became clear there was no evidence of either Explicit Racism or Global Warming.


(in my best Larry Fishburne) and what if i told you that I/E Racism were made up terms by the unknowing who made up the terms CC and GLWarming?



There are examples of white mob violence in places like Charlottesville but nobody burns down the Walgreens.

Kevlar Kid

abadman knows.

KK= born ass first.

standing up to be counted!

has been all good news since. :D

Miss Marple

Here, everybody. Look at this moth:


Kevlar Kid

Be mothy not mouthy? :D


-- If RODHAM had won, would that make Ignatz a FOOL??--

Best song about a Fool?

1) Beatles: The Fool On The Hill

1A) Sergio Mended/Brasil-66 version

2) Doobie Bothers: What a Fool Believes

3) The Cardigans: LoveFool

4) Paul Desmond: A Day In the Life of a Fool

5) Elvis: Fools Rush In

6) Beach Boys: Why Do Fools Fall In Love

Who am I missing?


beginning of preparation for the one and done game against the Mariners or Athletics in early October.

For the A's please, 'F the M's, baseball gods.


GUS: "JimnorCal, I certainly hope that you were being factious."

For the record, the answer to the question I asked above is "yes, all the time"

Kevlar Kid

Same Antifa lot as the inciters in Portland is the word on the street. The FOX crew resembled hens in a rest home all huddled away from the cuddly "anti-fascist" crowd.

the bit about the commie books being pushed off a "table" was an outright lie.

the "counterprotest" strategy of the "anti-American" side is intended to foment violence because it threatens bodily injury for exercising our rights to assemble freely.

The Mayor of Berkeley greenlighted these guerilla acts of violence back during the UC Berkeley riots over the Breitbart speaker with his "Stand Down" order.

the police here are frustrated. and one of them will be killed sooner or later. the FBI is a presence here with their SF field office around in strength and plain clothes. got to keep the agitation going, some say even directing it.

typical. how the Bureau ever got a "clean reputation" is beyond me. none of this shit can fly unless the Bureau allows it to fly.

and right now it is highly useful to its overthrow campaign (none dare call it a coup d etat or fomenting civil war).

violence in Berkely resembles a teddy bear fight. the log jam will be broken once somebody squeezes off a round from a small caliber pistol and "Jen" goes down with a head wound.

then the Antifa gloves will come off EVERYWHERE.

a shot "heard round the world."


I'm still a TK fan. For the record.

jim nj



I was noting on the other thread, kev, d'souzas thesis in death of a nation, which is remarkably close to yours and as provocative as ever. About racism being about power and control not merely discrimination,

Kevlar Kid

pretty much, narciso.

"control of *LEGITIMATE" access to systems of wealth, privilege and power...."


Last word? Ok. I'll give it a shot.

In the time you have posted here I never once had any animosity towards you. I never complained about any of your posts. We interacted one time and you expressed that you were concerned about my opinion of you and I responded that I enjoyed your posts and took some of your health tips to heart(literally).

We interacted a second time when I felt a thread was in an unnecessary death spiral. I wrote something poorly and you took offense. I explained what I thought I wrote and you were still offended. Then, I did something that others may have considered rare but the group of regulars that I also email knew was the genuine me that they see on these pages. What did I do? I apologized. I twice offered a mea culpa. On the thread that I upset you, and on the next thread. Your response was a picture of a spanked baby's butt. (I did laugh at that.)

I can find no reason and no history betwen the two of us that would have clued me into how upset I could have made you. I never had that intention. I believe that there are a few of your email provocatures that are probably not helping behind the scenes and that is too bad. Especially in light of a comment you made several weeks ago to someone else about you policy towards people who stand up for themselves as well as people who offer sincere apologies.

My sincerity is in question to the point that I will leave it at this last apology and offer no more. It is your choice.

For the record, if I see a post by anyone that I find intriguing either by what is true about it or what is false about it, I will comment on that post. I have always been that way. JOM for a decade has known me to be that way. It won't change despite any ultimatum.

I hope we can move on from this and get back to how we thought of each other every day since you arrived here with the exception of the last couple of weeks.


Kevlar Kid

discrimination can be negative or positive. it happens every day.

prejudice can be negative or positive. it's taught and reinforced-- both ways--- each and every day.

it's why neither have much bearing on comprehending what racism is, it's three main forms, and how those operate around the world.

jim nj


Kevlar Kid

sorry that i missed your post on the subj, narciso.


Wow, a few comments were made before I got back and posted my 8:49. I just scrolled back to take a look.

Thank you for being so helpful Gus.


Thanks Jim! 👍


It was at the tale end of the last thread, now dsouza doesn't let some of the theorists like Madison grant and lothrop Stoddard (name checked in great Gatsby) off the hook which he sees as responsible for the immigration bill of 1924.

But he does draw compelling parallels between the black codes and the Nuremberg laws among others, fdrs dalliance with fascist principles, ketone Bennett's misrepresenting of Lincoln which Annette Gordon Reid and Coates indulge in.


No problem TK. I'm always here to support you.
Thank you, you are the best.

Dave (in MA)

How about showing the damn game. This isn't Olympic gymnastics.

Kevlar Kid

it's so instructive for me to witness two gentlemen truly appreciate one another in total sincerity.


Kevlar Kid

narc- i take it you'd recommend the d'souza film.



No just more basket weaving, dave


Kevlar Kid


d'souza was at Dartmouth during the same time as Mrs Kid was an undergrad there (Laura Ingraham too).

when i informed her of one of the reasons i loathe The Bath House Rat so much, d' Souza's jailing over campaign contributions (oh the irony), she was genuinely flabbergasted.

it was such an underreported story to the Virtue Signaling masses, she was 100% unaware. and to find out years later has her combing for underreported news stories.

and you know what that means--- reading conservative news sites such as what we read for daily news cycle etc.



Well I just read the book version, bhaaras malfeasance has allowed him to sharpen his argument that wasn't his intention of course.


As an immigrant myself people like this rub me the wrong way




Miss Marple


I ran across this and am posting it because I HATE Red delicious apples as they taste like sawdust.


When they were both at the review, ingrahan faced off an agitator and a fraud, in the person of professor William Cole, she recorded his diatribe in the guise of a lecture on music.


I know she may not dot all the ts but she is a refreshing contrast to the other broke girl


Kevlar Kid

Red Delicious from local growers in Union County Illinois are some of the best apples next to their Macintosh. F*ck Apple for stealing that name.

Miss Marple

My son had a friend who was at the rally at Lewiston. They got front row seats and sent him super pictures!!

Also, it was 100 degrees inside and they think that dems were in charge of the AC.


daddy@ 8:33 there is that line in Aretha Franklin's "Think" where she says, "Roll it out, fool"


evening all. working on catch up.

Miss Marple


Those are not the Red Delicious I run across at Kroger.


Does Kroger pick em green then ripen in a warehouse?

Kevlar Kid

MM: you know that's true. farm fresh apples...nuttin like em.... better than Drano if ya get muh drift. :D -Kev

Miss Marple


Probably they do that.

For whatever reason, they do taste like sawdust.

Dave (in MA)

I get Macoun if available, then Empire or Fuji. Gala taste good but seem to have a high likelihood of being full of brown streaks, which depending on who you ask is cause either by a pest or by improper storage.

cathyf on iPhone

For those of you who remember Sara aka PalToPal, her daughter posted this on Facebook an hour ago:

Dearest family and friends,

The fastest way to reach everyone that Leslie communicates with is through social media. It is with great sadness and very heavy hearts that we let you know of our Mom's passing on Friday evening, August 3, 2018, in Twentynine Palms, CA.

Sara Leslie Griffith will be laid to rest with her father, Edgar Marshall Griffith, at the Homewood Cemetery in Pittsburgh, PA. With many variables to handle, a future date for a memorial celebration of life will be announced.

From Leslie's Book of Life, we share with you one of her guiding verses from the Bible..

(Ecclesiastes 3:1-2, 4) “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; … a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance”

Our thanks goes to the Mormon Church Of Latter-day Saints for their guidance and support.

Please share a memory you have with Leslie as we put together a proper tribute to her life.

David Jacoby and Victoria Huggins

Kevlar Kid

The Mariners. Absolutely detest them and there NFL cousins the SeaHagz with their doofy coach Pete Carroll.


just wanted to get in my 2 cents in, re:Vegas, and echo Captain Hate's 11:47.

1. the lies are what get to me. he made his fortune gambling ... playing video poker. no visible means of support for decades but he could always hit those big jackpots. right.

2. a lack of a paper trail. the issue is that no one wants to look. he had multiple trips in and out of the country and lived in various locales. Case in point is that the FBI did a comprehensive time line of the 9/11 hijackers and found that a few of them had traveled to the US as far back as the early 90's, and it was doubly difficult since much of it is based overseas-they got utility bills of places they stayed back then. something similar could be done for the Vegas shooter but won't be-he maintained a driver's license, multiple vehicles, and residences. paper is there if we were to look.

3. prior history. we were lied to repeatedly regarding Orlando (and other attacks). that he was a known wolf isn't out-of-bounds or conspiracy thinking ... maybe a bridge too far would be that he was an asset gone bad, but that is a close approximation for Orlando and fully explains Garland.

Kevlar Kid

The Byrds rendition of Ecclesiastes:

RIP PaltoPal



Cathyf, thank you for sharing that. May “Sara” find peace.


So sorry to hear that,


so very sorry to read that cathyf.


Posted by: jim nj | August 05, 2018 at 08:49 PM

I think I was misunderstanding your comments last night (earlier this am). Hope I didn't come off as a jerk or overly dense. Wasn't my intention.


RIP, Sara. She had a great many posts here that were enjoyable. Those are the ones I will remember.

Thank you, Cathy, for letting me know.

Dave (in MA)

RIP Sara, thanks for letting us know, cathyf.
I think it's been at least 5 years since she posted around here, and about the same on Twitter.

clarice feldman

Sorry to hear of Sara's passing.

Captain Hate

RIP to Sara. I think the last time she commented here was election night 2012. Although we disagreed on a lot of things, I'm sorry she never had a chance to visit Wales, which was a dream destination.


So the littlest sparrow (butina) was actually an fbi dangle as Well, we've definitely drifted into alias territory.


I must have seen a Facebook post, from the days ago on her site.


>>>I fight Alzheimer's by trying to figure out what narciso is talking about; a much greater level of difficulty than the NYT crossword ;-)

Posted by: boatbuilder | August 05, 2018 at 12:51 PM<<<

don't we all.

Miss Marple

This is for those who (like my daughter) have believed the racist charges from the Left:

Our great President isn’t racist, not crazy, not sick, and it drives the left insane! In 1999, Rev. Jesse Jackson praised @realDonaldTrump for his lifetime of helping the African American and minority community.#TDSpic.twitter.com/ii641v5fLz

— ❌ANGIE❌SUPPORTER OF #45❌ (@RealBasedBlonde) January 18, 2018

Video at the link.

Kevlar Kid

i have a narciso cheat; i google phrases and get locked into the code. HA! :D


So say we all don't we mean.

Yes deep space nine was a better addition to the series it had some embryonic sjw touches like with the sanctuary arc, but less pronounced, the fellow playing sisko had previously been Spencer's taciturn associate hawk, bajor is,some conflation of Bosnia and Palestine, perhaps chechnya if the script writers were that aware.


This is,one of the muave state exiles:


Missing the point


So this is the fourth member of this family that has passed On, Susan, Peter, him and now Sara, is that right?

Dave (in MA)

"him" = Jim Rhoads, I guess.


Jim and Agent J.


Right, rich, five members, by comparison I lost four relatives over a span of nearly 20 years

Ralph L

Pitcher Matz of the Mets is my SIL's cousin, close enough that they watched a few games on TV when he made the MLB, probably the first they'd watched in decades.


Did you know there's a street in Ferguson, MO named Jesse Jackson?

Jim Eagle

Very sad to hear of Sara's passing. She was the top tier Mitt fan here. Alright by me and sometimes it was over the top but that was her passion and good for her.

clarice feldman

David Burge

11h11 hours ago
David Burge Retweeted
As best as I can tell, it's the idea that hierarchical society will be overthrown by a revolutionary brigade of crustpunk cosplayers who don't know how to drive a stick

Ralph L

IIRC, Sara(squiggler) commented a lot at AoSHQ & ProteinWis before she settled here. Some people gave her a lot of grief. She really was all-in for Romney. I hope it didn't damage her health, mental or physical.


I didn’t reconnect ot Sara until you mentioned Squiggler. My goodness! Thank you.

How sad.

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