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September 01, 2018



Ext, I don't know how that happened actually.


I wonder if the June FISA application, before the successful Nov. one, was rejected because there was a hearing?


Hostages takers like Ahmadinejad, he found some agency analyst named Jesse leaf, who spread the black legend about the Saba, you can find his pieces on Montclair states resident Stalin apologists, Grover furrs site.

Old Lurker

In this country we simply should not have to worry that one or two malignant individuals should have the power to direct the vast electronic weapons of the government against a political opponent so she might win an election.

How in Hell did it come to this?

Miss Marple

Strategic Sentinel
‏Verified account @StratSentinel

Big news today out of #Donetsk #Ukraine. Alexander Vladimirovich #Zakharchenko, prime minister of the DNR, has been assassinated.


Thread with additional information.


They took enemy of the state as a how to manual.

Inch by Inch is a Cinch

A Republican political consultant linked to Paul Manafort and Cambridge Analytica has admitted to funneling $50,000 from a Ukrainian oligarch to Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration committee.


BOzo et al bypassing the FISA court and using Loretta Lynch's signature to illegally spy on political rival/s is a Rubicon-crossing event imo. Quite a dilemma for the msm.

Inch by Inch is a Cinch

When Papadopoulos returned to Washington, he was “eager to show his value to the campaign” and “witnessed his career skyrocketing to unimaginable heights.” At a March 31 meeting of Trump’s national security adviser, Papadopoulos proposed that he could leverage his newfound Russian connections to arrange a meeting between Trump and Putin.

“While some in the room rebuffed George’s offer, Mr. Trump nodded with approval and deferred to Mr. Sessions who appeared to like the idea and stated that the campaign should look into it,” defense lawyers wrote. That language is a reference to Jeff Sessions, who at the time was a Republican senator from Alabama and key campaign aide and later became the Trump administration’s attorney general."

When did the Leprechaun achieve full consciousness?

Yard by Yard very hard

To circumvent the foreign donation restriction, PATTEN, with the knowledge of Foreigner A, solicited a United States citizen to act as a “straw” purchaser so that he could conceal from the [Presidential Inauguration Committee] that the tickets for the inauguration were being paid for from a foreign source. The straw purchaser paid $50,000 for four inauguration tickets. The straw purchaser paid that sum one day after receiving from [Begemot Ventures] a check signed by PATTEN in the sum of $50,000. In turn, [Lyovochkin] had paid [Begemot] for the tickets though a Cypriot account. [Kilimnik and Lyovochkin] another Ukrainian, and PATTEN were allocated the four inauguration tickets. Thereafter, PATTEN attended a PIC even in Washington, D.C. with Foreigner B.

I suspect we’ll see a lot more straw purchasers funneling money from foreigners who backed his campaign into Donald Trump’s pocket before this investigation is done.


Timofeev and his valdai club was well known to the Hudson institute, they were a usual stop for congressional delegations like one in the spring of 2016.

Captain Hate

BOzo et al bypassing the FISA court and using Loretta Lynch's signature to illegally spy on political rival/s is a Rubicon-crossing event imo. Quite a dilemma for the msm.

They'll just pretend it didn't happen. Their credibility is already in the toilet for at least 60% of the public so it won't damage that.

Did you want the Good News first?

President Trump’s disapproval rating has hit a high point of 60 percent, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll that also finds that clear majorities of Americans support the special counsel’s Russia investigation and say the president should not fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

At the dawn of the fall campaign sprint to the midterm elections, which will determine whether Democrats retake control of Congress, the poll finds a majority of the public has turned against Trump and is on guard against his efforts to influence the Justice Department and special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s wide-ranging probe.

Nearly half of Americans, 49 percent, say Congress should begin impeachment proceedings that could lead to Trump being removed from office, while 46 percent say Congress should not

And a narrow majority — 53 percent — say they think Trump has tried to interfere with Mueller’s investigation in a way that amounts to obstruction of justice; 35 percent say they do not think the president has tried to interfere.

Overall, 60 percent of Americans disapprove of Trump’s job performance, with 36 percent approving, according to the poll. Because of random sampling variation, this represents only a marginal shift from the last Post-ABC survey, in April, which measured Trump’s rating at 56 percent disapproval and 40 percent approval.


That's mcmuffins outfit, the Reagan batallion:



In fact guess who met timofeev last fall, none other than 'Dudley doiright' James Coney.

So agent wannabe halper is friends with a dep director of the svr, ohr had a back channel to deripaska three year ago, who else had a unrequited bear embrace.


Greg Jarrett said Trump will declassify everything this week. It didn't sound like speculation, but who knows.


Megan McCain, weeping thru her memories of her father took time to insult the President and the audience clapped.

Miss Marple

I see on Twitter that Meghan McCain is insulting the President and his supporters.

Ivanka and Jared are in attendance, by the way.

Pilgrims Pride

Two inmates grousing about prison food..

#1 "This is dog food from a can"

#2 "It was a lot better when I was POTUS"


re that piece about mcccarrick facilitating the other Rhodes road show, it's rather striking how this entire story is being buried.

JM Hanes


As soon as we would turn 19 years old, we would head across the border to Windsor, Ontario, Canada to have a drink or ten.

That sounds oddly familiar! When I was a teenager in South Carolina, we used to drive up to North Carolina to buy our liquor in Saluda. What I remember most was negotiating the "Saluda Grade" to get there… and back. While trains may have powered up "the steepest standard-gauge mainline railway grade in the United States," in relatively direct fashion, the route by car was a thrilling twisty turny affair. I sometimes look back on such outings and think it's something of a miracle that so many of us actually survive our youth.

Saluda Grade Wreack photo Saluda Trainwreck_zpsxmytck81.jpg
Trainwreck on the Saluda Grade

21 years for me next month, and lucky to be here still. If I make it past my 96th birthday, I'm going to break out the champagne and cigarettes again. Only have a few more decades to go. Hope you're doing well and have been able to keep the migraines at bay.

Racial Dog Whistles going berserk

It's cool that Dubya and Obama's are Buds.

Miss Marple

.@MeghanMcCain: " The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great." https://t.co/FCcEafYvIy pic.twitter.com/RvJC7N0yA0

— Fox News (@FoxNews) September 1, 2018


Greg Jarrett said Trump will declassify everything this week

Sara Carter has been reporting on Trump's planned declassification since before Trump tweeted about it and called out Sessions.

Another reason I continue to think the supposed feud is all theater designed to create an appearance of distance between Trump and Sessions.


So sy hersh was in favor until 2011, then he became a,pariah, not for slumming Israel making excuses for the hostage takers the Kremlin the viet cong, but getting in the way of Obama's spiking the ball, which was much a foo about nothing.

Miss Marple

Commenting on Fox's tweet about Meghan McCain:

Sources Say' is Greek for 'Fake News'
‏ @NolteNC
15m15 minutes ago

Imma just gunna go ahead and use my own father’s funeral to own the Trumptards.

The McCains are pure class. Not at all petty or small like that awful Donald Trump.
Boy, isn't that the truth!



Make McCain Go Away

Kevlar Kid

My question about tepid Ted: who mentored him?

not who were his rabbis along the way. who taught him the sh*t he needed to know? seems to need more to get where he truly "fits."

my two centavos.


She collaborates with Juliannes bender, and then discovered it painted her as a vindictive happy, well halperin occasionally got something right.


Meghan's a well paid professional iconoclast like her dad.

Captain Hate

McCain with one last insult to Christians by being planted on Sunday.

Ralph L

What actually happens at a FISC hearing? There's the judge and one side present. Does no hearing mean the judge doesn't ask questions, just signs it? Mighten that be typical?

Kevlar Kid

Hey PD! Aug 28th eh? my birth date is Aug 26. and i've been on this healing trail for a year minus two days less than you. very cool. 1989 was a deep ring in hell. but what i find gratifying in retrospect is that people such as yourself were already climbing out of the pit. and the same thing is happening right now for somebody else who's sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Captain Hate

Meghan McCain is a perfect example of DC privilege. She brings nothing to the table but her family name and it she has ridden it to fame and fortune.

It has nothing to do with skin color, it has to do with wealth and power.
Posted by: JackStraw at September 01, 2018 10:49 AM (/tuJf)

Miss Marple



"What actually happens at a FISC hearing? There's the judge and one side present. Does no hearing mean the judge doesn't ask questions, just signs it? Mighten that be typical?"


I've never been to one, but I'm sure the Judges job is to question the presenters and make sure the evidence is ample for a warrant, and true. If the judge is doing her job she doesn't just sign it.

Bun buster

Looks like Trump will Bork Kavanaugh by ASSociation.


She's a more zaftig party Davis, Leon wolf before he lost his ever loving mind, had a few sharp digs at her primal scream described as a memoir.

Old Lurker

Like Guests and Fish.

When a funeral goes from Goodbye to Good Riddance.

Kevlar Kid

"" The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great."- Mehgoon McCain

Nothing says "great" like a Senate-endorsed plot to overthrow a sitting president. The edifice of duly elected government has been weakened and made sick by men who trade on their military service, wrapped in our good Flag, spawning inter-generational rot and corruption--- which Mehgoon can cash in on as her "inheritance."


Penultimate Narsissist

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Donald Trump.
Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images


Donald Trump’s Funeral Problem
John McCain’s ceremony is only the latest from which he has been shunned. Might be for the best because he’s been known to make it all about him.

By GWENDA BLAIR September 01, 2018
Donald Trump gets to do things his way much of the time. He met with Kim Jong Un in Singapore and Putin in Helsinki, got the tax cuts he wanted, and has played golf nearly a third of the days since he was inaugurated.

Funerals are another story. When Barbara Bush was laid to rest in April, word went out that he was persona non grata. And now, as Senator John McCain lies in state in the Capitol rotunda before Saturday’s services at Washington’s National Cathedral, Trump has also been asked to stay home. On Friday, streams of mourners passed by the late senator’s casket. At the same moment, the president headed to North Carolina to raise money for two Republicans in tight races.

Story Continued Below

These disinvites are hardly surprising. Who can forget Trump’s taunting Jeb Bush during the primaries as Low-Energy Jeb, or his declaration that McCain, who endured more than five years of torture as a POW, was not a real hero because he was captured. There aren’t too many ways of snubbing a sitting president, but this is one of them and McCain, who planned every minute of his multi-day memorial, wasn’t going to miss the chance.

To judge from Trump’s performance at the funeral of his own father, Fred, in June 1999, McCain made the right call.

More than 650 people, including Joan Rivers, Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana, and scores of politicians and other real estate figures, attended the service, held at Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan. The long-time head pastor, Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking, had died, but Fred Trump and his son Donald had remained firm adherents of Peale’s admonition to keep laser-focused on success. Early in the proceedings, then-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani offered a brief thank you to the man who had built homes for thousands of New Yorkers. Then Donald’s three siblings offered loving tributes to their father, and his nephew Fred Trump III, spoke of his grandfather’s ongoing connection to ordinary people.

At an earlier wake for his father, Trump had recalled his father as “wonderful,” “the best,” “a fine man” who “gave us all a good start,” according to the New York Post. But when it came time to eulogize his father at the funeral, the focus shifted noticeably. He began by saying it was the toughest day of his own life. It was ironic, he said, that he’d learned of his father’s death right after reading a front-page story in the New York Times about the success of one of his own developments, Trump Place. He then enumerated all his other projects and said his father supported each one, and he finished by noting that on everything he’d ever done, Fred had known he would be able to pull it off..

Miss Marple

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
10m10 minutes ago

There is no political necessity to keep Canada in the new NAFTA deal. If we don’t make a fair deal for the U.S. after decades of abuse, Canada will be out. Congress should not interfere w/ these negotiations or I will simply terminate NAFTA entirely & we will be far better off...

..Remember, NAFTA was one of the WORST Trade Deals ever made. The U.S. lost thousands of businesses and millions of jobs. We were far better off before NAFTA - should never have been signed. Even the Vat Tax was not accounted for. We make new deal or go back to pre-NAFTA!


And mcardle does remove all doubt,

I suggest he go all Claudius,

Old Lurker

You gotta love the guy, MM.

Miss Marple

‏ @unseen1_unseen
3m3 minutes ago

After seeing the over the top funeral/funerals for McCain these past several weeks all I have to say is I hope Hillary doesn't die anytime soon. Can you imagine that display?

Il Duce!!

President Donald Trump said he’s considering a capital gains tax break by issuing a regulation that would index gains to inflation..

“There are a lot of people that love it and some people that don’t,” Trump said Thursday in an Oval Office interview with Bloomberg News. “But I’m thinking about it very strongly.”

Il Duce!!

Claudius wanted the Senate to overtake Caesar you freaking Catholic doofus!


Most here speculated that this would happen.

Megan McCain, weeping thru her memories of her father took time to insult the President and the audience clapped.

I cannot imagine many Americans are glued to their TV sets on this holiday weekend to watch this spectacle!

She's just preaching to the choir...


Tom R

Jim nj @1:50

But Tom R, if you're listening, you stewed all over that response during a football game?

Did the thought ever cross your mind that I didn’t read Gus’ personal attack until I got home after the game? Do you agree no we that it wasn’t a cheap shot on my part?


The Village Voice makes it onto Deplorable Don's list.


JM Hanes

The assassination of Zakharchenko seems like a big deal, although after reading this NYTimes story, perhaps not quite as big as I initially assumed. Yes, it's the NYTimes, but they still do some excellent reporting on international developments, and seem to have better sources than a lot of other outlets. I had to do a lot of scrolling on Google's "World News" page to find anything on Ukraine at all.

The FISA thing, however, does seem huge. It does look like they deliberately went the AG route in order to circumvent warrant-killing questions from the court. I already thought it was pretty preposterous that they officially designated Page a Russian Agent.

Miss Marple

"John's great strength was his character. He was honest, fair, and civilized. In all the times we were together, I never heard him say a bigoted word about anyone."

Joe Lieberman's full remarks at #McCainMemorial - Part 2. pic.twitter.com/9aUQTPJ0qx

— Fox News (@FoxNews) September 1, 2018

In my opinion, Cindy McCain's neckline is way too low for a widow at her husband's funeral. That's the only reason I posted this. Meow.


Didn't anyone tell Meghan, Never Go All Wellstone.


Word(s) of the day: "meteorological autumn" - meteorologists split the year into four three-month periods for ease of organizing observation & forecasting. Meteorological autumn in the Northern Hemisphere begins today, 1 September; astronomical autumn begins 23 September.


Andrew C. McCarthy
Folks, there generally are no hearings on warrants, and you don’t want there to be because the four corners of the warrant application must state the probable cause. If they don’t, the judge should reject the application, not hold a hearing.


Just another round of kirov, the excuse Stalin had for a purge.

Jim Eagle

Looks to me as if this whole McCain funeral lalapalooza is turning into a mini-Wellstone moment. Trump's base, and independents will not be impressed at the cheap shots, pagentry, and globalist/elitist/swamp dweller attendance.

Exactly, why McCain is not an ex-POTUS, and why DJT will be one in 2024.

Tom R

Thank you autocorrect
No we = now


Meanwhile, a Trump supporter:
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (News release) – A federal grand jury indicted current Arkansas State Senator Jeremy Hutchinson for allegedly devising a scheme to steal thousands of dollars in campaign contributions—spending them on personal luxuries and expenses—and then falsifying state campaign finance reports and tax filings as part of the scheme.

And then there was NY congressman Chris Collins arrested for insider trading (one of Trump’s first congressional supporters)..

And of course, Duncan Hunter and the pricey (campaign-funded) golf shorts.

There seems to be a growing number of rats caught up in the traps around the swamp. Not just the inner circle of Trumplandia.

Kevlar Kid

"Did the thought ever cross your mind ...."

Tom R: here's what DID cross my mind when i read your reply to Jim-nj--- you could have, i mean it's just as likely, that you read GUS comment on your phone.

we have to take your word for it. and at the risk of being accused of "quibbling over semantics", i think it's fairly obvious to most that jim-nj has not personally "attacked" you.

yet you use the same condescending tone with him ("Did it ever cross your mind that...) as you lead with in addressing others, directly or indirectly.

bottom line: it takes two to tango.

tango on, Dude.



JIB: Your ED is due to poor blood flow of just 35 percent..

Leprechaun of Lies

Convicted former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos has publicly contradicted Attorney General Jeff Sessions' sworn testimony to Congress, saying both Sessions and Donald Trump apparently supported his proposal that Trump meet with Vladimir Putin during the 2016 campaign, according to a court filing late Friday night.

"While some in the room rebuffed George's offer, Mr. Trump nodded with approval and deferred to Mr. Sessions who appeared to like the idea and stated that the campaign should look into it. George's giddiness over Mr. Trump's recognition was prominent during the days that followed," Papadopoulos' lawyers wrote in a court filing Friday. Papadopoulos' legal team said that he has shared with special counsel Robert Mueller his recollections of the March 31, 2016, meeting.
Sessions, when asked about that meeting under oath, said that he "pushed back" on the idea of the Putin summit. CNN previously reported that Trump "heard him out," according to another adviser in the room, when Papadopoulos proposed the idea and offered to help execute it..


Posted by: JM Hanes | September 01, 2018 at 10:50 AM

Thank you! I have a sinus infection that made it into the ear with some pain and dizziness, but only 1 true migraine since May 2018. Other than that, just starting the long climb back to being in shape/having energy again. I just don't bounce back like I used to now that I am in my 50's. I think the long battle with the migraines took a lot out of me.

I stopped smoking when Marlboro Reds Box was $1. I will never go back to that, stopped that before stopping everything else.

1989 was a deep ring in hell

KK - 1986 was like that, wanted to die every day but not able to carry that out. 1989 was bad also, but I had a spiritual awakening along the shores of Lake Superior just before getting clean/sober that carried me into the doors of recovery. My bottom was spiritual, how far away from God I had gone. I was just 23 years old when I checked myself in Maplegrove, a local treatment center that was referred to as a "country club". I know in my heart that I wouldn't have made it to my 24th birthday, got into treatment in 2 days when the waiting list was 3 weeks long.

I am "old Skool", I still have the keytags all linked together clipped to my belt loop, we all used to wear them to meetings. They now drag on the ground and I wear them but once a year.

Crazy Taxi

Even the most fanatical Q cultists know that Jeff Sessions was an early Trump supporter and a campaign surrogate. Trump personally chose him to run the Justice Department. Yet Sessions now refuses to bring charges against Hillary Clinton. Yes, Sessions recused himself in the Russia probe, but that recusal does not prevent him from prosecuting Hillary if she truly is guilty of a crime.

Why hasn't he acted against her? Why won't Trump's chosen warrior slay the demon?

The Q cultists can't yet say the words out loud, but in the secret places of their souls, they know the answer: Hillary is innocent. That's why Sessions won't act against her. There is no other possible reason. The charges against her are all bullshit. Everything they learned from Breitbart, Fox, Rush, 4chan, Reddit: Bullshit.

We've been here before. A similar situation occurred after the country saw Bill Clinton's grand jury testimony regarding the Monica Lewinsky affair. His approval ratings shot up.

Yes, we're talking about the testimony in which he made the "meaning of 'is'" argument, which actually made sense in context. The anti-Clinton propagandists seized on that bit only years later, after memories had grown fuzzy.

Let me repeat: The country watched the testimony and Clinton's approval ratings rose.

Why, you ask? In part, it was because Clinton spoke reasonably and persuasively. But in larger part, the country suddenly realized that the anti-Clinton propagandists had been bluffing all along. .


The rest of the story:


Ralph L

i think it's fairly obvious to most that jim-nj has not personally "attacked" you.
I'd say calling it a cheap shot was a cheap shot. It would bring out the snot in me.

MM, I agree on Cindy's dress. Meghan's is a bit low, also.

Ralph L

Looks like the McCain family would be worn out by now.
Very considerate of the patriarch.


JMH, you survived those rides because as every young person knows he (she) is immortal. I doubt any of us can look back at our youth and wonder how we ever survived,
As for Mueller--now he's got it--a contribution to an inauguration definitely affected the election results. Right? That SC juggernaut has dropped a few dozen more bolts.


McCarthy says the judges never ask questions, only rubber stamp or reject. We've already read that 99.9% are approved, or something close, so no one is advocating for innocent citizens being spied on by the govt.

That's pretty bad. What's the point of having a FISC? Window dressing, obviously.

JM Hanes


I gather that there's a lot of infighting among the separatists and that Ukrainian separatist leaders get bumped off pretty regularly. It certainly looks like the kind of pretext that Putin might like to capitalize on; do you think there's something that makes that more likely at this point in time than usual? I really haven't followed affairs in Ukraine for awhile, so I can't really even hazard a guess.


Ext, FISC is a lot like TSA... theater that funds a bunch of progressives while fleecing us.

Captain Hate

That's pretty bad. What's the point of having a FISC? Window dressing, obviously.

Where are the libertarians who claim to care about this? Or is pot their only line in the sand?


RalphL, no one teaches Maugham at my school but my (I teach "The Outstation" every spring in the major capstone)--but then we don't teach Joyce, Lawrence, Eliot, or other major modernists either. Sad.

When I was in college, I would sometimes read the Village Voice--it was often maddening but not boring!

Necklines too low on both McCain women, but Cindy's dips low in a particularly egregious way. You're not on the market yet, babe--wait till Monday.



I'd listen to Lurker Susie's explanation of the FISA court not mine.


Clarice, you might want to check your username. It looks like something the troll would use.

Captain Hate

Fox is Heidi-ing the college football game for Wellstone 2. Bad move, brats


I won't miss the Village Voice. All those weekly lefty rags can go up in smoke as far as I'm concerned.

Tom R

KK @ 11:41

What kind of dance involves 3 people? That is the one you should use instead of tango because you obviously like to insert yourself into the dance.


Where was the rubber-stamp when the June FISA warrant/ap was rejected? Hope we find out at some point.

Clarice Feldman

Thanks, Porch!


Of course neither the post nor bezos have remarked on this fraud:


Clarice Feldman

IIRC at the time FISA was created McCarthy assured us there was a staff that went thru the applications with a fine tooth comb, rejecting anything not well-documented. I expect FISA will sooner rather than later be revised. It's now a joke which is easily misused to unconstitutionally spy on us.


Well who came up with it, the solon of Scranton Joe biden,

Ralph L

Do we know as fact that several early Carter Page warrants were rejected until the Dossier was added, or am I mixed up?

Is Portrait of the Artist still standard HS fare? We read Lady Chatterley senior year because the teach was a dirty old queen trying to act butch at a boys school.

Captain Hate

What kind of dance involves 3 people? That is the one you should use instead of tango because you obviously like to insert yourself into the dance.

Maybe the same dance of people that jump on me for calling out Saint RG. Are you sure this is the path you want to take?


That is an early account, relayed by ed Klein along with others, it,would explain why they subsequently started up crossfire hurricane.

Miss Marple

Now they are having "Danny Boy."

I do't know if this is over yet. I am still seeing stuff pop up on my Twitter feed.

Jim Eagle

The counter to the syrupy civity lectures at the McCain funeral:

“Give me an asshole who can play …”

This is a famous quote from iconic drummer, Buddy Rich. Buddy only wanted the best on stage with him. He didn’t care about their “moral character” or if they were pleasant to be around. He didn’t even care if he, himself, liked them. He hired only guys who could burn the room down with him …not boy scouts who were mediocre. Hence, the famous quote.

President Donald Trump appears to be in trouble. A series of confessions and convictions, of and by people around him, are casting a strange, dark light on his presidency at the moment. There is a perception (at least) that shady stuff has gone on around this guy. And when shady stuff constantly goes on around someone in charge, you have to conclude that the guy in charge is okay with shady stuff

Has he hung around tax evaders and money launderers? Clearly. Did he pay off porn stars and Playboy Playmates to keep their dalliances quiet? I think we can safely conclude that he did. Is he a petulant child in the Twitter-verse? One hundred percent. Does he say things in public my mother would slap me for saying? Literally, everyday. Did he conspire with a foreign power to win an election? Maybe. Will any of this make a difference to his supporters? That’s a complicated answer. Let me explain …

I have a theory that all presidential elections are reactions to the sitting president at the time. I’m old enough to remember Jimmy Carter getting elected (in large part) because he was a wholesome, moral breath of fresh air in an atmosphere of corruption and scandal created during the Nixon years. I was only a kid, but I distinctly remember entire churches being excited to go out and vote for an openly Christian man for president. Then, after four years of that disaster, I remember those same people breaking speed limit laws to get to the polls to vote for Reagan as fast as they could.

The conditions that created a “president Trump” kinda started with Bill Clinton, who led to George W Bush …who led to Barack Obama.

By the time we got to him, Mr Obama was going to be the antidote to incompetence and corruption and war mongering and, yes …even racism. But a very strange thing happened during Mr Obama’s presidency. Racism didn’t end. Corruption didn’t end. Wars didn’t end. And incompetence might’ve actually gotten worse. My full day of talking to the customer service agent at the newly created healthcare exchange, did NOT leave me confident.

And what was discovered during Mr Obama’s 8 years, was that in a free market nation, over-taxing, over-regulating and a leader who constantly berates the business community and supports policies that place more emphasis on celebrating the “diversity” of people groups than on law and order for every individual, and foreign policies that take everything but the nation you’ve been elected to lead into account, simply doesn’t work.

What was also exposed in those 8 years was how feckless and weak Republicans had actually become in their opposition to such things. And with candidates literally talking openly about socialism and nationalizing private institutions, a guy like Trump comes along and promises to re-set the foundation of the nation the way Americans understand it …and the way they want it. Is he really that much of a surprise?

I talk occasionally about the fourth revolution. And Donald Trump is the leader of it.

If you’re appalled at the lewd behavior of your president, you’re behind. That ship sailed when one was getting blow jobs by an intern half his age, in the Oval Office …AND. NOBODY. CARED.

If you wish your president was decent and measured and refused to return fire at his critics, you’re behind. We already had that guy and he was called a war criminal, who should be tried at the Hague (Rosie O’Donell’s public announcement) and “retarded” (Chris Rock’s word – DEFINITELY not mine), someone who should force his daughters to go to war (Matt Damon’s suggestion) a monster who deliberately broke the levies in New Orleans to drown black people (Spike Lee’s claim) and on and on and on …AND. NOBODY. CARED.

If you wish your president was upstanding and righteous and said all the right things, you’re behind. Mitt Romney already ran. AND. NOBODY. CARED.

If you wish your president was a humble and honorable true public servant, without moral blemishes, you’re behind. Bob Dole (a man who gave his right hand to his country) and John McCain (a man who gave both arms to his country) already ran. AND. NOBODY. CARED.

Donald Trump was the last branch to grab before the nation hit the ground. But he has changed the game in some ways. Nobody believes a nice guy can get it done, anymore. We’ve had nice guys …and nothing changed.

Cutting taxes and repatriating a trillion dollars was the right thing to do. And it’s working. And only a guy who doesn’t give crap about what people think of him could’ve gotten it done. Moving the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem was the right thing to do. It sends a message to the rest of the middle east and, in turn, creates a stability hard to quantify. Presidents on BOTH sides of the aisle have promised to do it. It should’ve been done decades ago. But only a guy who doesn’t give a crap about what people think of him could’ve gotten it done.

Taking Kim Jong Un on …head on …is looking like it was the right thing to do. But only a guy who doesn’t give a crap about what people think of him would’ve even attempted it.

While Mr Trump’s lawyers and campaign people were perp-walking in and out of ivory towers, a teenaged girl in Iowa – as middle-America a place as you can find – was being murdered by someone in the country illegally. That creates real world fear for Americans everywhere. We have enough fear of our own citizenry, breaking our own laws. And reasonable Americans don’t think it’s UNreasonable to ask people wanting to come to our country …to sign the hell in. They don’t see how that makes them racists. It simply doesn’t compute. And the only elected leader giving them any cover is the flawed president.

So, did Donald Trump collude and conspire with Russians to win an election? What the media and his opponents (and even a lot of Republicans) STILL don’t or can’t or won’t understand is that it doesn’t matter. He didn’t have to collude with anybody. He was going to win either way. He had millions of Americans at “build a wall” and “cut your taxes” and especially at, “I don’t give a crap what people think.”

Donald Trump may get impeached or arrested or disgraced or unseated or whatever. But what people had better realize is that if he’s gone, a large percentage of the population will be looking for something or someone JUST like him …to replace him. There’s too much at stake; too many socialists on the horizon, too many empty suits looking for lifetime political gigs, too many “nice guys” with great smiles and weak spines, to take anymore chances.

We just want an asshole who can play. And with the economy roaring and North Korea neutralized and ISIS basically contained and defeated, it appears that despite all the weirdness that surrounds him, he can, indeed, play.

matt - deplore me if you must

From what I gather, the McCain funeral has been the Establishment giving Trump the finger. Same with Aretha's funeral. I wonder how many people in Detroit couldn't make it because they were working?

I expect the polls and the news and the message to be full blown psychotic on the part of the Left and kamikaze on the part of the RINO's. They desperately want Trump out.

If the Republicans do keep the House and increase their majority in the Senate, as is likely, then we will see even more fury.

It all starts on Tuesday. August is somnolent for the folks. They are all in the Hamptons or on the Bay or vacationing. The elite have become very Eurotrashy while the rest of us sweat.


This new trend of using funerals and eulogies to deliver political messages is really quite disgusting. Sympathy from death as a means to sway public opinion is next level corrupt. Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.~ Candace Owens

imho - this isn't swaying anyone's opinion but probably just affirming what most of us thought to be true.


"did it ever occur to you"? Good work Tom R. People see thru you now. You cry a whole lot.

Tom Bowler


When I'm depressed, I remember the American people left Hillary Clinton standing at the alter under the biggest glass ceiling in North America with 1,200 lbs of fireworks and 10,000 balloons. I find that helps a lot.

Posted by: Dave (in MA) | September 01, 2018 at 01:28 AM

Very good for morale, almost as good as remembering that Ted Kennedy is dead.


Amen, Jack. Well said.


So much groveling to the folks who rather pointedly disparaged him, even though he followed their hostage demands to the letter, well one detail he altered.


They have joined the street mob Narciso. They want the people who called him racist etc to like them.
Please eat me last!!


“The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again”


Ben Smith is a reformed sinner. His latest piece at Buzzfeed is a mea culpa of sorts as you can tell from the title: I Helped Create Insider Political Journalism. Now It’s Time For It To Go Away.

Smith is convinced that his former oeuvre is one reason the punditocracy got the rise of Trumpism, and its next of kin white nationalism, so spectacularly wrong.

Traditional political journalists were the last people to notice in 2016 that the world had changed. Candidate Donald Trump took advantage of a stubborn refusal to recognize the power of right-wing ideology and celebrity politics and politically motivated hacking. His campaign made a mockery of political reporters who thought they were — in the old sports metaphor — the referees, blowing their whistles ineffectually as he marched past.

As the institutions of journalism gear up for another presidential campaign, we face an audience that isn’t just bored by tactical, amoral, insidery, and mostly male-dominated political reporting: Americans of all political stripes now actually hate it, and the sports metaphors that used to be a great way to go viral are now the quickest path to a Twitter ratio. The game changer, the horse race, the Hail Mary — apt, perhaps, for the party politics of the 1990s and 2000s — are painfully inadequate for the movement politics of a new era, with higher stakes, higher passions, and far wider interest.

Smith also believes that era died along with the career of the dread Mark Halperin. I do not miss it. The stakes are too high when we have a president* with contempt for the media as well as his own supporters as Jonathan Chait so vividly pointed out in a piece wherein he called Donald Trump a “coastal snob.” That was a label stuck to Democrats such as Michael Dukakis, John Kerry, and Barack Obama among others. Repeat after me: revenge is a dish best served cold..

Miss Marple


unseen1 breaks down the media's narrative cycle, and this is a very good analysis.


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Is The Public Really Turning Against Trump?
By Steve M.
8/31/18 9:12am
Is The Public Really Turning Against Trump?
Credit: Bloomberg Photo By Luke Sharrett
These are much worse numbers than the president has seen in a while:

President Trump’s disapproval rating has hit a high point of 60 percent, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll that also finds that clear majorities of Americans support the special counsel’s Russia investigation and say the president should not fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions....

Nearly half of Americans, 49 percent, say Congress should begin impeachment proceedings that could lead to Trump being removed from office, while 46 percent say Congress should not.

... 63 percent of Americans support Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, with 52 percent saying they support it strongly; 29 percent oppose the probe.

... While 78 percent of Republicans approve of his performance, 93 percent of Democrats and 59 percent of independents disapprove.

To me, that's the most striking number -- Trump is at only 73% approval within his party. We've all gotten used to saying that he has GOP base of 90% or so. Can this really be true?

The gap between Trump's 38% approval and 60% disapproval is 22%; he hasn't had a poll result that bad since February, and the vast majority of polls this year have shown him with an approval rating of 40% or higher (which wasn't true in 2017 -- the passage of the tax bill late in 2017 seemed to cause an enduring uptick in his numbers, probably not so much because the public likes the bill as because the GOP base saw the bill as proof that Trump is a winner).

This poll seems like an outlier -- recently, Trump's approval has been averaging in the low 40s and his disapproval in the low 50s. And note that the ABC/Post poll had very bad numbers for Trump the last time out -- 40%/56%, in April.

On the other hand, Trump has had a couple of other terrible polls recently -- 40%/56% from USA Today/Suffolk and 40%/57% from Reuters/Ipsos.

↓ Story continues below ↓

If his numbers really are going down -- we'll know for certain when we see more polls -- why is it happening? One suggestion I saw on Twitter was that Trump's treatment of John McCain is alienating voters. It's true that even Fox News seems to be siding with McCain, giving him respectful coverage.

But the tariffs can't be helping Trump in Middle America. The conviction of Paul Manafort and guilty plea by Michael Cohen might be having an effect. The mistreatment of immigrant families might have left a lingering mark, even as the story disappears from most mainstream news outlets. Also, I think campaign ads are reinforcing negative feelings about Trump. President Obama's numbers dipped into negative territory for the first time in the summer of 2010, according to the Real Clear Politics polling averages, and while he had good numbers throughout the 2012 general election campaign, he hit another bad patch in the summer and fall of 2014. I think campaign attacks make a difference, if only temporarily.

Other polls in the near future may not replicate these terrible numbers. I won't think Trump is in serious trouble unless they do, but this poll is enough to tell me he's in some trouble..

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