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September 19, 2018


Buford Gooch

Right, then.


Nicely played TM!

Ride that fence with conviction!

You shirley dont intend to wax-on:wax-off until St. Swithins Day?


You got me!
I clicked on the link and it really made me laugh.
Thanks for providing this forum for us.
You convinced me.
Nunes it is.
Why would Repubs agree to no recess appointments?
Take it to the bank-
I watched the Apprentice
After the midterms Sessions is toast.
Too many times he has disappointed the President.
He is history.


Very well then. Carry on.


I take everything President Trump says literally.
You also said sometimes he deceived us.
I don’t want that in a leader of our country.
We had enough of that with Obama’s. Lies.

Captain Hate

Thank you, maryrose. Btw I'm sorry I snapped at you yesterday; when the news out of the Senate is really really stupid, I get cranky.

Nunes is needed in Congress. When a senator dies or leaves office, the governor appoints a replacement. Is that true for representatives as well? I don't have to tell you who the governor of California is.

It varies by state but ultimately there will have to be an election since the terms are only two years and it's a conservative district. If choosing Nunes would flip the House then it's a no go but otherwise why not?

Captain Hate

Why would Repubs agree to no recess appointments?

Recess appointments are a bad idea to try and sneak someone in that otherwise would have no chance of being approved. Slick was particularly devious in using them. They should be avoided unless someone suddenly dies in a key position while Congress is on recess.



Dave (in MA)


Dave (in MA)
when the news out of the Senate is really really stupid
Limited to days ending in 'y'.
Old Lurker

"Recess appointments are a bad idea to try and sneak someone in that otherwise would have no chance of being approved. "

That was certainly the case and it worked just fine when both parties went out of their way to give each POTUS the people he wanted, short of something egregious. Trump was, is, and will be denied his choices simply to prevent him from making good on the promises he made that got him elected.

In THIS climate, I would have been in favor of Trump filling every slot with a gunslinger of his choice on January 21, 2017. On Day 2, he could, after due consideration etc etc, nominate a replacement to take office when confirmed by the Senate. That way Trump can govern and the Senate cannot run the executive branch by embedded holdovers working while the top slots are vacant.

Old Lurker

And if in fact both parties agreed to technically remain out of recess to deny the POTUS his Constitutional Authority, then what does that say about the Uniparty and its Coup?

Old Lurker

Of course he would need a recess, not Jan 21...


"I like Devin Nunes, Rudy Giuliani, Christie, Trey Gowdy,Newt Gingrich.
I can think of a ton of people."

Lets see--Nunes, Giuliani, Gowdy, Gingrich--that's roughly 750 lbs.

I think you already did!

(Sorry--very cheap but irresistible).


Also--does anybody NOW think that TM wouldn't be trolling us?


I think the recess appointments could be used effectively by the President and I hope st some point he does get some real tough people in there that will piss the Dems off.
Too many deadbeats still in there working against President Trump.
If you can’t fire, demote and get your own people in there.


I am nervous about this Kavanaugh vote.
If they vote on Monday out of committee, then according to a reporter on Fox business it takes until Friday for all the parliamentary garbage to get through.
I want this nomination to stick closely to the original schedule.
Have him in place for the new session of the SC.
Cavuto on Fox spends 24 minutes on Kavanaugh.
Fox Business showed the President in NC and are now talking about declassification.
We must also move quickly on this as well.
Declassify now!
Because the President is in NC and no new news on Ford I am willing to give this day to the Repubs and the President.
How fast the documents get out and news of an upcoming vote on Kavanaugh and we will be in good shape for the weekend cycle.


Tom Fitton on Fox Business now.
Says Dems don’t want info out.

Dave (in MA)

Sorry for the length, but this Facebook thread from Canton just appeared on my time line. I took out last names for privacy. This is the kind of unquestioning MSM-swallowing idiocy that we have to deal with.

Nancy · shared a link. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mediaite.com/tv/cnns-anderson-cooper-questions-christine-fords-lawyer-on-delaying-senate-testimony/amp/ · 8 hrs CNN’s Anderson Cooper Questions Christine Ford’s Lawyer on Delaying Senate Testimony Lisa Banks, an attorney representing Christine Blasey Ford, discusses her client's demand for an FBI investigation before she testifies before the committee.

There are so many people from Canton who have moved on to achieve great things in sports, business, government, media. Here is Lisa Banks - CHS ‘86. She is representing the woman who has accused the current Supreme Court nominee. Lisa was a great kid, one of my friend’s little sister...so poised, so professional! Canton schools prepared us well!

Paula · Lorraine sent me this last night. So impressive!

Nancy ·Lisa rocks !!

Chrissy ·Very cool!

Lisa ·Wow! That's amazing!

Paul · Katie . Seeing this?

Katie · Awesome! She is pretty impressive!

Kathleen · Amazing!!! Go Banksie

Maura · Well played Lisa - impressive!

Margo ·Impressive!

Sue · Proud to call her my friend!

Hollie · Great to see as we all played softball together 😀

Doug · Kudos to Lisa but I’m not sure demanding an FBI investigation before appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee was strategically a wise move, if that is indeed the tactic. I say this because the FBI does not investigate state crimes such as sexual assault nor does it investigate crimes in which the statute of limitations has lapsed. It appears that the Judiciary Committee is going to hold hearings on the matter on Monday, with or without the accuser. All of this could change in a nanosecond, but that is how it is now. Kudos again to Ms. Page.

Tom · This is not a court of law.....this is a court of opinion. As for who would be an investigator, they can always hire independent council but the right won’t like that because there will be zero chance that a vote would happen before the mid terms. No matter.....once they get past this, Manuel Miranda and the stolen documents during the Bush administration are already awaiting their turn.....Kavanaugh is as dirty as they come.

Doug · Tom, never said it was a court of law. It’s just that the FBI does not conduct these types of investigations. They do perform background checks, mostly through interviews, but they don’t go in and verify whether events of a state criminal matter ever occurred nor do they outsource it. It is out of scope for special or independent counsel as it is solely the purview of state law enforcement officials. The FBI has conducted at least six background checks of Judge Kavanaugh.

Tom · Doug so are you suggesting the accuser be ignored or that she should be subjected to a hearing in front of a bunch of politically motivated people unqualified to make a determination on the accusation?

Doug · Tom , I never suggested she be ignored. Her attorney asked for a hearing and the Judiciary Committee is granting that wish.

Tom · Doug no....that’s not only what’s being asked for

Nancy · I trust that Lisa Banks knows the law well - many disagree with what you say; FBI is the right route.

Doug · Nancy ,the FBI has declined the request saying it is outside their jurisdiction. Per Justice Dept spokesperson Sarah Flores, “The allegation does not involve any potential federal crime.” Admittedly this is a very fluid situation, but it appears there will be a hearing on the matter on Monday of next week. Both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh and counsel have been invited and have been asked if they prefer to testify in private or in public as long as their testimony is under oath.There will be no FBI investigation on the matter.

Tom · Doug Trump could ask the FBI to reopen its background investigation which would be the right thing.

Mary · Amazing! So impressive.

Linda · Awesome!

Suzanne · Wow - thanks for sharing!

Lori · Wow. Watched her last night—very sharp!

Catherine · A former school mate of Christine Ford has come forward and states the she heard about the incident in the school hallways. Maybe the boys were bragging??? I hope her statement come out. Lisa Banks has a hard task ahead. Hope she gets FBI to help them. Truth be told.

Carey · wow....plus, the attitude that because it happened a long time ago: "so why bring it up now?".... like the crime was any less horrific or not a crime back then or she is any less damaged by it now or that it didn't wreck her life? I even hear other women WITH daughters talk like this.....forget blaming democrats and blame this culture that is evil and exposing it is LONG over due. 🇺🇸

Tom · People will sell out basic human decency in a heartbeat for a perceptual edge for their political perspective.

Buford Gooch

Yes, Dave (in MA), that shows just how unconcerned people are with facts. "We want the FBI to do this. We don't care what the law says!"


Dave, that was fascinating. One person calmly explains reality, and reality not being what they want to hear , they just ignore it and go back to dwelling inside their cocoon of fantasy.


Goor Morning!

Just saw this on FOX Business from FOX Host David talking to Tom Fitton of Judicial watch about the expected release of the "texts" along with the other docs expected to be declassified:

David: You know, our own Katherine Herridge, about whether or not there's Classified stuff in the Texts that have yet to be revealed and that may be Un-Classified by the President---Texts are not supposed to have any Classified information in them. If they do somebody should go to jail because they would be violating Laws that are supposed to keep Classified stuff out of texts, right?

Fitton: That is exactly right.

Kevlar Kid

From that insipid FB thread:

"Tom, This is not a court of law.....this is a court of opinion."


Captain Hate

I'm assuming the Canton inmates read Rigoberta Menchu for Civics class instead of the Federalist Papers.


This witch is trying to take the title from the Hawaiian and K-toe.



(I denounce and stand by my sexist comment.)

Jim Eagle

Or what the FBI themselves say.

When you are in a suicide-by-pact, think Jonestown, or the Hailey Comet crowd, the kool-aid is always available. This circle-jerk originated by the high commissioner of oncoming dementia, DiFi, and went into the bonker jet stream dominated by the media. This will only end when someone like a sane farmer from Iowa just bangs the gavel and says, "lets move on."


Much as I would love to see jail terms for all, when all is said and done I believe plea deals are going to be the order of the day.
I predict if there is any jail time , it will be minimal st a low risk facility or a halfway house.I want public humiliation and exposure to sunk any book deals or way to profit off of their illegal activities.


On his Radio Show Hannity had on Newt Gingrich who was coughing as bad as Hillary but Newt was able to get out pretty much the following on Kavanaugh. Newt said that for the first 72 hours after the announcement of this alleged attempted rape the Left was giddy as hell because it was their dream come true of how to shoot down Kavanaugh and harm Trump. But then starting about 48 hours ago, when the expected support the Left was looking for did not materialize, from other witnesses and from squish Republicans, it began to blow up in their faces, and with the President saying such sensible things and Grassley as well, and the accuser continuing to refuse to testify given such fair offers, the Left is now again in crisis mode and looking awful. Their dream scenario has turned into a nightmare scenario. Something like that.


Should be sink


Agree but JIB has the solution.
Let us move on and vote and resume our normal schedule for completing the process.
Time is the enemy.
They will just make up more lies .

Kevlar Kid

More from the insipid FB thread. Time to shoot some feesh in the ol pickle barrel"

"Carey · wow....plus, the attitude that because it happened a long time ago: "so why bring it up now?".... like the crime was any less horrific or not a crime back then or she is any less damaged by it now or that it didn't wreck her life?"

like...like...like...like... talk like a middle-schooler much?

hey! We're prospectively the most resilient species on Earth *IF WE USE OUR INTELLIGENCE* for something more than relational memory dump.

her life is wrecked, huh? must be all that malaria, dengue fever, and typhus she experienced drinking unsanitary water and living with mosquito infestations in a jungle climate.

must be all that stress from receiving at least 3 degrees and earning a professional wage, status, and prestige from publishing and teaching.

must be all that hard living in the South bay area of California with absurd housing prices that are making her a de facto millionaire on paper while being spared the degradation of selling your sex for money, find a way out of working the killing fields of some corporate produce farm in the San Joaquin Valley, or find a way out of a 3rd world caliber American Indian reservation--- in order to achieve basic survival.

i could go on and on, but i think this point has been sufficiently made throughout human existence, that life has a funny way of rewarding us in spite of our self-induced Rings of Hell.

"I even hear other women WITH daughters talk like this.....forget blaming democrats and blame this culture that is evil and exposing it is LONG over due. 🇺🇸"

Yeah, the nerve of women who voice opinions that you disagree with. Forever in need of the monolithic archetypes about EVERY DAMNED THING in creation, especially women with daughters, how else can you appoint yourself as knowing what is good for every two-legged female adult in the known universe?

i take heart knowing women who have seen to it their 6-19 year old daughters KNOW how to use basic self-defense techniques evade would-be attackers and molesters. vermin deviants have been part of human society since the beginning.

there is no way to rid a culture of anything, especially through useless rhetorical demagoguery and fake legislation that only distorts equal protection under law.

YOU are the culture, hon. So grab you shovel and clean your own stall first--- all those Marxian-Anarcho-Communist ideas re culture and how it can be cleaned.

this sideshow will be fully discredited and you will be blindsided by the coming purge of our government of the scumbags who are destroying our freedom in the name of some "resistance" that is hell bent of "f*ckin shit up."

 Grim Fairy Tales

"Something like that..."



Many wimmens corroborating and that's enough daddydoofus


Good ole Susan Collins

Robert Costa @ costareports

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) remains the vote to watch, per most GOP senators.... asking around about where she stands, sources tell me she's doing what she sees as her due diligence, including a call today w/ FBI dep. director for a better understanding of BG investigations...

Kevlar Kid

Rigoberta Menchu was a morally bankrupt, gluttonous, poser shit heel of the highest order.

Had the "honor" of escorting her around campus for a day back in 1993.

We had a student assigned to carry around a handbasket of junk food that she ate throughout the day in between her classroom appearances.

first class plane tix. honeymoon suite accomodations. we said no to the entourage accomodations etc. that's why we only had her for a day (with two overnight stays).

disgusting hack.

Tom Thumb is homeless

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Rick Scott Ducks Out The Back To Avoid Red Tide Protestors
By Frances Langum
9/19/18 8:55am

5 hours ago by Frances Langum254
This is not a good look for a Senatorial campaign. Rick Scott must have thought he was traveling to friendly territory.

Rick Scott campaign stop (in solidly Republican Sarasota County) besieged by red tide protesters. From fellow "algae politics" reporter @zacjanderson: https://t.co/PZNG7DKQeU

— Ali Schmitz (@SchmitzMedia) September 17, 2018

Instead of a warm welcome, Rick Scott's event was drowned out by protestors outside the restaurant. Turning up the music didn't work. So...like a coward, he ducked out the back door to avoid citizens. Citizens are furious about the lack of accountability the Governor has over Red Tide pollution threatening their water supply. Herald Tribune:

Gov. Rick Scott received a rough reception Monday at a campaign event in Venice.

A big crowd of protesters came out to criticize the governor’s environmental record as red tide lingers off the coast.

Scott went in the backdoor at Mojo’s Real Cubanry to try and avoid the protesters and departed from the backdoor while the crowd shouted “coward” and other criticisms.

Kevlar Kid

The Deep State water carriers gave the Allegator a gun but she's shot herself in the face.

what to do? (besides laugh my bullying ass off)


Kevlar Kid

Throw these mucktards a bone:

Vote now. Impeach em later if you have the evidence and the votes. Bitchez.



""Now, more than ever, we need a press driven by ideals determined to amplify what is most important for enabling an informed citizenry." – Data & Society Founder and President danah boyd, keynote speech at the 2018 Online News Association (ONA) Conference, Points"

Miss Marple (the real one)

ChiTown just sent me a notice that Dr. Blasey/Ford's Gofundme page for "security expenses" has reached $82,000 of the $100,000 goal.

I don't believe she has hired security. I believe she went to stay with friends and is pretending she got death threats, and that money is a pay-off laundered through Gofundme.


She told a story to save her marriage. She became
a victim.

Ruining a man's name, traumatizing his family & changing history in pursuit of justice must require precise details & corroboration | Christine Blasey Ford: "I’ve been trying to forget this all my life, & now I’m supposed to remember every little detail” |



TM appears to have posted the wrong link?


Captain Hate

I just want to say to the men in this country, just shut up! And step up. Do the right thing for a change," Hirono ranted,

Sounds like she is a fan of surprise anal.
Posted by: wooga at September 19, 2018 05:06 PM (EZuM/)

Liars Club

Why do you delete Maguire? I understand blocking but it seems you reserve your speech impediments to how I do on the Scoreboard..

Shame on you. I bet you're a potbigot too.


Restraining orders wife not amused:


Miss Marple (the real one)

Mark Knoller
‏Verified account @markknoller
10m10 minutes ago

WH says @VP met today with Prime Minister Ukhnaa Khurelsukh to reaffirms "strong bilateral relationship" between the US & Mongolia. WH says @VP also offered American thanks to Mongolia for its gift of $100,000 in camel hair blankets to victims of Hurricane Florence.

Methinks Mongolia doesn't understand the climate of North Carolina, but it was a lovely gesture, nonetheless.

Liars Club

You're like ankle-biting chihuahuas...

Nasty little sub-humans who failed the Zombie screen test because you couldn't go out of character..


re: kev's rant: Kevlar Kid | September 19, 2018 at 04:58 PM

A shorter version might be: women have huge influence on a nation's culture, and America has plenty of confused women of ALL races.
Makes one appreciate normal and conservative ladies all the more ...

Brett Kavanaugh

“I’ve been trying to forget this all my life, and now I’m supposed to remember every little detail,” .

Dave (in MA)



The Psychopath certainly doesn't believe this PUSSY HAT LADY. Nobody is that stupid.


Feinstein’s name is everywhere.

BREAKING: The new leftist group Demand Justice that's launched a multimillion-dollar campaign to derail Kavanaugh nomination is run by former top Feinstein aide Paige Herwig

Kevlar Kid

"A shorter version might be: women have huge influence on a nation's culture, and America has plenty of confused women of ALL races."

Jim--- i dunno. sometimes short leaves less to talk about.

for example: if we were to take the list of the current law breaking with this cootie taw and say

"Mistakes were made and there was plenty of blame to go around."

see what i mean? :D

Kevlar Kid

Investigate FEINSTEIN immediately.

Kevlar Kid

The Allegator caper was supposed to keep some serious stuff out of the news cycle i guess:


Captain Hate

Why hasn't there been an investigation of Driving Ms ChiFi?

Old Lurker

I was chuckling at that statement by the Holton girl two years ahead of Blasey in school. Though Blasey claims she told no one, this girl said the event was the talk of the school for several days.

All you parents of daughters, private school or public know:

1. If it happened, can you imagine for one second that she told nobody at school, not even her best friend. Zero chance. But she says she did not.

2. But if it had happened, and she had told one single person, I guarandamnteeyou it would have been the talk of Holton on the first two days, the talk at Prep for the next two days. The talk at Landon, Stone Ridge, Cathedral, St. Albans, and Sidwell by the end of the week. EVERYBODY would remember the scandal.

3. Then the Headmasters of the two schools would talk to each other, and then the two Board Chairs just so both schools had the same story. Both schools have policies that apply to students at off campus parties.

4. More than parents in a lot of places, a story like that would have flown through the parent talks in that circle of DC private schools.

5. So my point is any story about an attempted rape by a Prep boy on a younger Holton girl would have been the talk of the town. My girls recall every detail of each similar scandal from their days back then. Every single detail, real or embellished.

6. Now fast forward to Kav's first really drawn out confirmation fight. Since all those school communities are comprised mostly of Deep Staters rotating into and out of official jobs including all their spouses - and since the Dems outnumber Conservatives in that circle by a gazillion to one, tell me how likely it would be that this story would not have come up and sunk Kav from his first hard fought confirmation. Chance = 0.



You know how, sometimes you read something so absurd, so insane, that you just can't think of the words to adequately describe it? This story is one of those things.

Posted by: James D.

Headline from Lucianne.com:

Mexican Street Dogs Fight for
Discarded Human Head in Tijuana

Old Lurker

Actually Daddy, that FB dialog Dave posted above strikes me pretty much the same way.

Jim Eagle

OL, 👍


...America has plenty of confused women of ALL races.

But at least they're not men. Especially straight white men....eww!! Nothing can be more contemptible and less important than straight white men.



If your mother was an engineer she had to be a ground breaker. The stories she could tell..

Dave (in MA)

No idea,


but if Hannity starts tic-tocking it, you can probably just forget you ever saw it.

Miss Marple (the real one)


Periscope raw footage of the President walking through a neighborhood in North Carolina. Sound is crummy, but it's interesting to see ho he interacts with people and seems fearless tot being exposed.

Obama wouldn't have done this.


Howie Carr says his 2 least favorite people in the world at the moment are John Brennen and Richard Blumenthal.

Not a bad list, but then he played a tape of Andrea Mitchell. Yikes! Man, what a tough question on any given day: Who are your 2 least favorite people on Wednesday?

Comitus Deletus


That was exhilarating

Even handed even

Dorothy Jane

The classmate of Christine Blasey Ford- a woman named Cristina King Miranda - who last night tweeted that she had heard "buzz" about the "Incident" in high school - has deleted her Twitter account. She basically pulled a Rosanna Rosanna Dana today after being swarmed by the media and said in so many words "NEVER MIND." I think she really blew it.



Well played, sir.

And even if it did, it was probably more like the aftermath of Jim NJ's snowball fight than an actual rape attempt. I mean, come on. Who actually tries to rape someone, at a party with a bunch of other kids around no less? And of the vanishingly small percentage of people who would do such a thing, drunk or not, how many would fail so miserably?

It's a totally unserious country we have now. The rest of the world is watching, some laughing and rubbing their hands with glee, and others very worried about the self-destruction of a once great nation.


Did somebody say CHI-FI??


Did TM take Eye Doctor further out in the country this time?

Miss Marple (the real one)



Hey let's all take that doxxed address and send her our copies of 13 Going on 30. Or 15 Going on 51.

More like 5150...AMIRITE GUISE?

Ask me what's behind the music if you want to be disgusted...go ahead:

Finish What You Started - Van Halen with Sammy Hagar



"Did TM take Eye Doctor further out in the country this time?"

One can hope


Totally agree.
This is character assassination and the accuser’s 15 minutes are up.
Time to vote.
48 days left.
We need to make our case to the people
Laura Ingraham has Meredith Schlapp on last night and she offered a good defense of Kavanaugh and called out the Dems for their timing and treachery. Some good articles in Investor’s Business Daily and McCarthy has a good one as well.
Michael Goodwin in the Post also nails it.Good coverage of the President in the Carolinas on Fox Business with the hug picture.


Dr Ford, please tell us if Judge Kavanaugh used matched or traditional grip.


I was chuckling at that statement by the Holton girl two years ahead of Blasey in school. Though Blasey claims she told no one, this girl said the event was the talk of the school for several days.

Obviously it's magic, OL.

'What happened down in the dungeons between you and Professor Quirrell is a complete secret, so, naturally, the whole school knows.

Janet 🚬

Lib. women have extreme TDS. They cheer each other on.

I hate him.
I hate him more.
You are so smart to hate him.

-What did he do?-

He's a f***ing piece of s*** that we hate!

It's ridiculous. They're emotional nutcases that feed on approval from each other.


Or maybe it's that old punchline, "Telephone, Telegraph, or tell a girl."


No president before Andrew Jackson got a blow job and I can prove it:


Nancy Sinatra

It's Kavanaughs symbolic bona fides hearkening back to a time when the Wimmens only had their prerogatives...

Past as prologue..


Speaking of shipwrecks...

HMS Endeavour FOUND: Wreckage of Captain Cook’s ship discovered as sea mystery SOLVED

Clarice Feldman


Dorothy Jane

So Cristina King Miranda is now BACK on Twitter. I wonder if she realized how BAD that looked for the cause.


I'd like to see Kavanaugh get a chance to go toe to, er, toe with Kamela, Mazie, Blumenthal and the rest.

"You pulled this disgusting stunt knowing I have two young daughters and after being introduced to a number of wonderful girls whom I've coached in basketball, all because you'd prefer a left-wing activist over me.

Senator Feinstein, you in particular are a disgrace."


I know it could never happen, but even Clarence Thomas got to deliver his "high-tech lynching" line before it was all said and done.


Trying to Assange the guy?

Cody Wilson, the Texas man behind the controversial 3-D printed gun, is accused of sexually assaulting a juvenile female, according to a police affidavit obtained by Fox News.

Austin police said they conducted a forensic interview in late August with a juvenile who said she was sexually assaulted by Wilson after meeting him on SugarDaddyMeet.com, the affidavit stated.

Wilson had not been arrested in connection with the accusation as of Wednesday afternoon.

The juvenile told police she connected with a person using the profile name “Sanjuro,” and who identified himself as “Cody Wilson.” She told police Wilson told her he was “a big deal,” according to the police documents.


Miss Marple (the real one)

JUST IN: Trump intends to nominate retiring Rep. Darrell Issa to be Director of the United States Trade and Development Agency. pic.twitter.com/JGMFUkFAPp

— Chris Geidner (@chrisgeidner) September 19, 2018

Screen cap of statement from White House at link.


Yikes Clarice!


Brass too, I bet:



Initial New York Times story:

One possible witness is a friend of Judge Kavanaugh’s, Mark Judge, who Dr. Blasey said was in the room with Judge Kavanaugh when the assault occurred. Mr. Judge had told the Judiciary Committee that he does remember the episode and has nothing more to say, seemingly foreclosing the possibility of an additional witness interview, at least for now.

And the NYTimes belated correction:

“An earlier version of this article misstated what Mark Judge told the Senate Judiciary Committee. He said that he does not remember the episode, not that he does.”

Walker Dead

Wisconsin software shooter affiliated with our believe henry?

I'll betcha hes a stand-up employer

Shrump tries thinking on his feet again

"This hurricane is the wettest one we've seen with this much water.."



Just for refresher, how many years total did the Amirault's spend in jail?

Clarice Feldman

The JOM/Trump truth standard (to be applied to Speaker Pelosi):

It's not a lie unless that politician's partisans admit it's a lie.

Clarice Feldman

Ace;s Ed Whelan is head of NR's Ethics and Public Policy Center.


Assume Trump is lying until proven otherwise seems fair..

Clarice Feldman

The JOM/Trump truth standard (to be applied to Democratic administrations):

If any negative information gets published about the administration, it's Fake News leaked from the opposition's Deep State bunker.


Mrs. Charrington is not what she seems.

Tom wouldn't trust her with his Corgi


Watching Lou Dobbs: So what goes thru the head of Jeff Sessions when he reads the letter from the Dems telling the Executive Agencies not to obey lawful orders from the President? Anything?


It would be helpful if Grassley or someone else would remind people that in the six FBI background investigations of Kavanaugh that have already been done, the FBI talked to many men and women who knew him, including from his HS and college. If anyone knew of the alleged incident, the FBI would have heard. Also, this means that there isn't anyone else the FBI could talk to, because they have already run down anyone they could.

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