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September 24, 2018



Maybe it was an EKG administered by a former FSB agent.


Dogs are definitely believable. Cats... not so much. :)

Miss Marple (the real one)

President Trump is hitting it out of the park.

Live link:



Rocco, I need another 60 pounds to do the back yard...


I have a feeling that Ford's attorney doesn't give a crap about her client's weak and conflicting versions of the story. She probably knows nothing will happen to her or her client no matter how bad her client's testimony looks. As long as the good judge is smeared and the repubs are made to look like women haters. However, they probably would have preferred it if Trump or Brett pulled his nomination. Oh well, they gave it a shot.

Dorothy Jane

Me too, Daddy! What a slob.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Any polygraph I ever had asked the same questions multiple ways with baseline (what color is your shirt) questions sandwiched between.

Two fucking questions. Righty oh, I'll get the gallows ready.

Holy jezze is this stuff unbelievable. This isn't a STAR chamber but a FART chamber it smells so bad.



"What they've done to his precious daughters, to his wife.."

"The Ds laugh at the MSM. They go in to a room and laugh at you."

" why did they wait? Why did she wait to bring this forward??"

"This is a big con job."

"I'd love to be in the room with them when they are laughing at you."


God bless POTUS for doing this.
He walks his talk!

Only guy in DC with a measurable testosterone level???


I had to turn it off once Acosta started talking. Someone please tell me that Trump tore him a new one.


"if we brought George Washington here, Schumer and the con artists would vote against him 100%"


Acosta got slapped HARD.

Frau Luegen haben kurze Beine

Pin - who would go alone into Cosby's hotel room? Consider the time. Some hoped for free drugs but had to pay a price. Some cared and some didn't.


Maybe someone should send this to Flake

Wouldn't work. N1g***Killer Flake would commiserate with a woman so horribly disturbed by this assault that she is reduced to revealing her inner agony by writing like a 7 year old. He'd consider it proof.


I want Justice Kavanaugh to bring a white anxiety support cat to work with him.

Ring Wormer

Precious little is known about Ms. Mitchell. Josh Marshall unearthed an interview she did with a far right “fundamental Baptist” publication. Also, why a lawyer who prosecutes sex crimes against children? The hearing is not a trial, it’s a job interview. The only children involved are GOP solons.

I have a hunch that they were unable to find a woman lawyer in DC who was willing to do Senate Republicans’ dirty work. It’s time to recycle one of my favorite recent lines:

Miss Marple (the real one)

He is absolutely fantastic at this.

I hope this goes on for 2 hours.

Desperadoes in Drag

You Can Expect to Hear the Phrase 'There's No Definitive Proof' a Lot Over the Next Few days..

Pervs R Us

Judge Jeannie Pirro is pretty catty and according to fdcol, she is quite a twat.


Trump, in reply to a question, just said that Rod R said to me, "I never said that."

I am guessing the "that" is the comment about wearing a wire. Trump may be talking loosely here. Oops, he just reiterated a 2nd time that Rod said "I did not say that."

Get him under Oath.


Best half hour I've had this week!


Turn on Trump right now on TV. Man, he is unafraid and unapologetic. The Press does not know how to deal with him.

Clarice Feldman

You'd think the Democrats would finally have run out of B.S> but you'd be wrong.

Miss Marple (the real one)


This has to be the greatest press conference ever done by a president.

I am serious!

Absolutely fantastic!


(Click to open.)

jimmyk on iPhone

She didn’t write “Kavanaugh” but she did write “Brett.” Still, “the 80s” and “somewhere in Montgomery County” seems a tad vague, no?


He is in command.
When you are beholden to nobody, you can be who you are, speak your truth.

Miss Marple (the real one)


Oh dear. That looks like 8th grade writing.

Beasts of England

Thanks, Extraneus!!

This is now over. No more delays. No more fake 'victims'. No more hearings. 55+ votes to confirm. Red wave in November.


Boy, the Dems really, really hate it that their precious lying snowflake is going to be questioned by an experienced female prosecutor instead of old white men. But the optics! There goes our optics!

What a Maroon!

The president of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, spoke in support of multilateral institutions, which have long drawn Trump's ire. The Equatorial Guinea leader said nations too wedded to “sovereignty” could undermine the welfare of the international community, a likely reference to Trump’s sovereignty-focused speech Tuesday before the entire U.N. body.

And then there was Bolivia, which brought up the U.S. role in Iran’s 1953 coup at the start of fusillade of criticisms that painted an America as too quick to turn to war instead of diplomacy.

“The United States could not care less about human rights or justice,” Bolivian President Evo Morales said, just steps away from the stone-faced U.S. president.

Bolivia has long been a vocal critic of U.S. foreign policy, and Morales did not hold back on Wednesday.

He raised what he described as past U.S. failures in the Middle East and North Africa — including the chaotic aftermaths of the U.S. invasion of Iraq and its operations in Libya — to warn against what he cast as U.S. designs on Iran.

Morales even castigated the Trump administration’s earlier policy of separating migrant children from their parents along the southern border, and putting the children in “cages.”

Story Continued Below

The verbal slams were predictable: There is widespread unease at the U.N. with Trump’s foreign policy outlook, and in particular his aggressive stance on Iran. But Wednesday’s spectacle was nonetheless striking, as it involved international leaders confronting the U.S. commander in chief in person with the world watching.

Then there were the reactions.

When Trump blasted Germany over an energy pipeline to Russia during his Tuesday speech, cameras caught the German representatives smirking.

After Trump used his opening remarks at Wednesday’s security council meeting to accuse China of meddling in U.S. elections, cameras caught China's stern-looking representative reacting to the remarks with a slight shrug.

“They do not want me or us to win because I am the first president ever to challenge China on trade,” Trump said. “And we are winning on trade. We are winning at every level. We don't want them to meddle or interfere in our upcoming election,” the president said.

But the moment that will likely come to define Trump’s 2018 trip to the U.N. General Assembly occurred only minutes after the president showed up to address the entire U.N. body.

"In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country," Trump said near the start of his speech..

Slowly, audience members started to laugh


I had to turn it off once Acosta started talking.

Turn it back on hrtshpd, he's still rolling like a Sherman Tank over the Media trenches.

matt - deplore me if you must

This whole exercise is devolving into a Penthouse Letters parody. There was a gang rape and no one remembers anything about it? Soon we will hear that Stormy Daniels was involved as well.


"women are incensed at what is going on."


How many of you folks actually have to write longhand anymore? There's a certain amount of extinction baked in the cake.

What a Maroon!

Considering the Tribe involved I would not be surprised if Caligula threw up in a marble basin.

Thomas Collins
"Are we being played by 4Chan?"

Can't be 4Chan, daddy. Even a 4Chan play would be more coherent.


This presser is great for taking the camera's off Avenatti and his harem.



There was a story out there about Stormy Daniels being at least tangentially associated with NXIVM or whatever that weird sex cult is called.

Jim Eagle

The press has no idea how to handle Trump. They have never in their lives had to deal with a truth-teller, straight arrow, no BS, non-politician, plain speaker. As a result, he gets his message out regardless of how the partisan press spins it.

I love Trump's approach which is K.I.S.S. (everyone knows what that acronym stands for).

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma


No one is safe.


Wictor has a thread with skank #3 whooping it up at a DC singles shindig (aka Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Benefit Ball), pic of her drinking with multiple men. So that part of Creepy Porn Lawyer's latest seems true -- the gal drains punch bowls at parties.



My take was that women were looking for a career boost from Cosby. Or they were Star Schtupers. That doesn't negate the criminality. But do people go out of their way to excuse white boys shot trying to buy drugs on the South Side of Chicago? Not so much.

I'm not trying to assign you an argument. It's just weird how women can do anything but are helpless victims of The Patriarchy. Also they should never take precautions ever nor should they have to.

Miss Marple (the real one)

I just noticed Mike Pompeo sitting at the edge of the press off to the side.

He has a jolly smile on his face and is enjoying the heck out of this.


I too am enjoying the heck out of this.
Masterful performance.


Short video. Texas DPS body cam footage shows a woman lied about sexual assault by Trooper. Oh, and she only had "one" drink: https://youtu.be/lTv5VkX_T8o

There are dozens of examples of people lying contemporaneously. Irrefutable evidence to the contrary. #shepersisted


Folks, it's easy to post pics. The main thing is to get the picture's address. If you right-click on the pic, one of the options is to copy image address.

Once you have that, it's just a matter of pasting the image address between

<img src=" and "/>

Like so:

<img src=" [image address] "/>

For example, this:

<img src="https://tse3.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.bsTG6j9HTLY_UXQ9FIDYMwAAAA&pid=Api"/>

creates this:


Considering the absolute state of the senate I would gladly write in a Tennessee Walking horse to replace Corker.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma


Best laugh I've had today..

Jim Eagle


What? Didn't work.


You may have to change your name to Pandora.


Ext, does the end tag /> magically resize the photo?

I just use that last quotation mark and that's it. But I resize the photo (or use the postimg resizer) first.


((It's just weird how women can do anything but are helpless victims of The Patriarchy.))

You are right...it's ridiculous.
Weinstein, Rose...how many times did those women go BACK to the home or apartment where those guys had previously exposed themselves. What did those women THINK was gonna happen?

Even the Cosby prosecution is sketchy. No doubt there were drugs & parties & bartering sex/favors over the years...but most of the awful things we THINK about Cosby are from the many MFM stories. Are they true? Who knows.
The actual event he was prosecuted for is pretty weak. I only recently read up on it.


Trump is a hero.

CNN: Increasingly Worried, Trump Takes Over Kavanaugh Defense

That is really the headline.


It would be interesting for a reporter to interview Jackie Coakley & find out what life is like after you are exposed as a liar about being raped.

Jim Eagle

Finally, a question about what is happening to our young men in America.

As a father of one, I am very much concerned how the current political, and news gathering issues are effecting them. I really feel for him in his future.


I honestly think we have sorted out in to two groups with totally distinct brain wiring.

Trump DOMINATED that presser.

Miss Marple (the real one)

POTUS PRESS conference in my head right now pic.twitter.com/pgryprxzPd

— SalenaZito (@SalenaZito) September 26, 2018

Video at link. Ha!

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

If there is no sperm, you must confirm.- Johnny Cochran


1700 comments! Mr Maguire, help ..,



I nominate you Fire Marshal Jim. Let's clear this place out, it's a hazard!


Ext, does the end tag /> magically resize the photo?

No. The width here is around 400, and typepad doesn't allow resizing.

In most websites, html code like this can resize:

<img src="https://tse3.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.bsTG6j9HTLY_UXQ9FIDYMwAAAA&pid=Api" w="400"/>

but some pics are just too big for here, which is why I usually have the (Click to open.) at the end, like with Dr. Fraud's 7th grade scribbling, because I put the pic into a clickable link, but lots of times you can find pics small enough to fit here without doing that.

Btw, the code for that was:

<a href="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DoClf_GUcAA9Zhl.jpg"><img src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DoClf_GUcAA9Zhl.jpg"/></a>

Notice the image code was inside the <href=" [image address] "> [image code] </a>


It would be funny if a random number generator tripped a new thread. Like an RFID


Totally agree.
A master stroke on President Trump’s part.
Bret interviewing Kavanaugh’s lawyer.
She is excellent.


You are a riot tonight.
Glad to hear you won some money the other day.
Are you having fun chasing after Ariel ?


Another option is to go to post images dot org - use the 320X240 for websites/email option and put in the photo. You can post your own photos using this or photos you've downloaded to your desktop.

Then you put the link (called direct link) they provide inside the " " marks as posted above. The photo will fit without having to click to open this way.


Thanks for mentioning the press conference. It was amazing! What a President ~ I love how he handles them (the evil snakes!)


Above the level of, say, dog catcher I will only vote for a Repub if Trump vouches for them. I only want Repubs in office that are helping.

Dems: evil
GOP: stupid
NeverTrumpers: evil AND stupid
NeverTrumpers are, thus, worse than Dems


What is the excuse for this chicken scratch she submitted? Was this a last minutes decision and she wrote it out in the parking lot (or on a moving bus?) Was she about to "drive" home to California and the lawyer said, "Oh by the way, can you run by so-and-so's office and get a quick poly while you're in town?"

I am praying that she is filled with nervous dread. I hope she doesn't sleep a wink tonight!

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Thanks MR... when I get pissed I tend to go all dark humor. If I'm ever accused of something serious, I'm probably convicted just for 'acting inappropriately."

We had dinner with K, D and Ariel last night. She is making the funniest faces!

jimmyk on iPhone

David Horowitz @Horowitz39

Trump is hitting it out of the park, after being questioned by leftwing fake news reporters about charges made by women against him.. @nytimes featured their charges on the front page. They were paid to lie about him, and one of them exposed the payoffs. Yep, some women lie.


Porch, the / at the end is official html for closing tags, but all browsers can show images just fine without it.

I'm pretty sure the closing </a> on a link requires it.


Picture of Feinstein talking with weak republican



Guys, guys GUYS! We all overlooked something. I think.

Lying about sex is ALL RIGHT.


"Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford's prepared remarks for Thursday hearing"



Thanks for that posting.
Yes he had them flummoxed.
How do you stay so reasonable and normal living in New York?
I loved the fact that President Trump opined that he knows a lot of these people and has for years.
He knows where all the bodies are buried.
Who is good and who is bad.


That looks like the way to go for images you have on your own device, Mom2.


Btw, does daddy have that ice pop licking pic saved on his device(s)? He's posted it before as I recall...


Thread on free republic...but no supporting link to news source:

"Just announced on ABC News - an anonymous woman has shared that Kavanaugh shoved her against a wall in sexually aggressive way in 1998."


Hard to tell "news" from satire.


That is not good .
Feinstein trying to persuade Meercowski.
Daddy, help!
Call your senator right away!

JM Hanes


I'm not nearly caught up, but just in case nobody's mentioned it, I believe that handwritten statement on legal pad yellow paper was a spoof.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Catshit has called on the committee to delay... natch.


I'd like to throw you against a wall in a non sexual fashion.


I hope she doesn't sleep a wink tonight!


You go, Mom!


What is the longest thread?

Beasts of England

Her written statement isn't any better than her scribbled polygraph lies. She still can't name all who attended the party or the house at which this fairy tale allegedly occurred. Vague about her age (14 or 15), although she clearly remembers that she only had one beer. 👻


Just reiterating a point I have not heard mentioned by any Media Talking Heads yet.

Twice in the Presser Trump said that Rod Rosenstein had said to Trump, "I never said it" and the "it" sure sounds like it had to refer to his comment about wearing a wire.

Since the NYTimes says McCabe says Rosenstein did say it, and we know that there were others present, Rod R better hope that there are no tapes, or that the other attendees remember Rod's comments differently. Since Rod has not denied that he said it in his recent published comments I think Rod will be proven by the other attendees to be a liar. What happens then?

Beats me.

Beasts of England

I hope it was, JM Hanes, but it's just too hard to tell these days.


I hope the latest Kav accusations are prepared for Y2K. I'd hate for all their data to be lost.


Think about what happens if Kavanaugh drops out. They get Barrett!

They actually think this disgusting spectacle will win them the Senate, but there's no way they haven't repelled more people than they've attracted. I'd bet they'll get both Kavanaugh and Barrett before it's over, both having been turned into implacable enemies by the disgusting Dems' reprehensible conduct.

Loved how Trump called them out today. That George Washington crack had to singe Schumer's butt hairs. Sorry for the imagery.


Line up the perv walk for Kavanaugh replacements but vett them for deviancy..oh..I mean deviancy from the popular norms not Republican values.


Ext, I don't save any pics. I simply went to any website like Google or Bing.com or DuckDuckgo.com and entered in the search Bar, Kate Upton eating something, and when the popsickle one popped up I searched for one no wider than 400 pixels, and i posted it.


The virtuous ones always have just one beer, Beasts. Take my wife, for example.


You really should have treated Obama better.

Next time you'll get Cassius Clay not Jackie Robinson

Beasts of England

I'm too busy watching that Hardee's commercial to provide a meaningful reply, Extraneus...


Did he get abducted by aliens??
If so---thank you aliens!


Verified account

Following Following @Breaking911
Lindsey Graham on Latest Kavanaugh Accuser: "If you went to a party once where people are being drugged and gang-raped, you wouldn't go to the next nine."

fdcol63 🇺🇸

Kate Upton ..... yumm!

But I’m sure someone will report how she’s really a bitch, and blow THAT fantasy for me, too, like they did with Giada. LOL


These accusations are so transparent and stupid.
Hear this idiot out and then vote.


I'm sorry about that, fd, but I've never heard any such thing about Kate.


Lou Dobbs and Chris Ferrell of Judicial Watch are discusing the Rod Rosenstein meeting tomorrow with Trump.

Lou opened with video of Paul Ryan earlier today saying that he trusts Rod Rosenstein more than he trusts Andy McCabe, so he is going to wait and let Trump deal with Rod R tomorrow and see what happens. In reply to Ryan's comments the House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows issued this statement:

WE will not allow Speaker Ryan to punt to the White House (on Rosenstein.) We will have an answer one way or another today.

I will believe it when I see it.

JM Hanes


"But then she was revived by ras al ghul in the Lazarus pit."


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