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September 08, 2018



Moi? First? How rare!

Miss Marple (the real one)

And me second, even though I slept late!


I love you all, except the troll, and Tom R who's in the timeout seat for the moment.

I've never met a better set of people in my life.

Posted by: jim nj | September 08, 2018 at 03:56 AM

Wut !?! Not Tom R. ??? Oh, boy. Sounds like there has been some fighting going on here. I won't ask.

* * *

Good morning, all.

Clarice Feldman

Good morning, RG-My spidey sense tells me we are about to the final act of the Russian Collusion squat and kick dance

Miss Marple (the real one)


I think so too.

It's slate enough that President Trump has probably already tweeted. I am going to go check.

Miss Marple (the real one)

So far, the President has re-tweeted 4 people. 3 of the re-tweets I posted here yesterday. If you want to take a look, here is his timeline:



The #3 UGA v. #24 SC game at 3 p.m. will likely be a doozy if history holds.

Miss Marple (the real one)

The fourth tweet is bt Eric Bolling:

Eric Bolling
‏Verified account @ericbolling
20h20 hours ago

Watching @BarackObama take credit for @realDonaldTrump successes is disgraceful.

Score So Far-

-Unemployment Rate
-Wage Growth
-# Blacks Employed
-# Hispanics Employed
-# Women Employed
-ISIS Wins
-Homegrown Terror Events

-Slick Speaking
-School Shootings

Miss Marple (the real one)



Sorry to stay on topic but my son will be at the Holy Cross-BC game this afternoon. I know all true college football fans will be watching this one closely.

Miss Marple (the real one)

Dan Bongino
‏Verified account @dbongino
20h20 hours ago

Why is Barack Obama always urging people to argue with their family members?

Miss Marple (the real one)

Brickyard 4-- opening festivities have been delayed due to rain. I imagine the race will be as well unless by some miracle the rain quits.

They used to hold this on Labor Day weekend. Why they switched I don't know.

The Infamous Ignatz

--Iggy, I still can't believe I blew up on you, I don't mean to condescend, but I was heart-broken when you lost your one and only, and then your other friends. I've got your back also.--

Hoky smoke Jim. Don't give it another thought. Everybody goes off once in awhile.
As for my one and only; I'm hopeful she's not lost but only misplaced for a time. :)
God is good.

Old Lurker

Clarice, MM, and if the final act is about to land, what better timing than waiting until the Traitor in Chief shows his face on the campaign trail.

Popcorn, please.

Captain Hate

finally admitted to her that she had the ability to out argue me, because she was illogical and wouldn't listen to facts.

Went downhill from there. I didn't mind her thoughts, but her inability to convert me to her thinking drove her crazy.

There are a lot of people who tie their sense of self worth in supporting the JEF. They believe that liking him, no matter what a lowlife lying piece of shit he is, makes them good people and opposing him makes others bad people. This sick way of emotional non thinking has been promulgated by the MFM which is why DJT's attacks on those propagandists have to continue because I don't think any other Republican would directly address this. Maybe Ted Cruz would but it would surely be different and less effective, plus there's the whole problematic getting elected thing. Ted's fine right where he is, at least for now, and I'm glad he's put his understandable hurt feelings from the campaign aside and is actively supporting the most conservative President since Reagan.


BOzo in "Don't believe your lying eyes" mode is delicious.

Beasts of England

Roll Tide!!

Clarice Feldman

If you found the hearings disgusting and depressing, Iowahawk has a good reminder:David Burge

Sep 6
David Burge Retweeted POLITICO
Opinion: the Constitution was designed to keep these clowns at each other's throats so they would leave the rest of us alone, and it's working just fineDavid Burge added,

Beasts of England

And allow me to offer an olive branch to the failing New York Times, since they care so much about my happy flyover ass!! I really appreciate that they punctuate acronyms, e.g., N.F.L., F.B.I., it's just so sexy and luxurious...


Beasts, did you check NYT use of period vs Morse Code? They could be activating sleeper cells.

Another Bob

MM, Brickyard 400 used to be last weekend in July, then bumped to first weekend in August.

Brickyard attendance has been suffering (a generic problem across all motor sports), and this year Brickyard was moved to September to try and improve it. (Though they’re opposite the Colts game this year, so it didn’t work out so well).

Miss Marple (the real one)

Another Bob,

It's supposed to rain through Monday, so I think this will prove to have been an unfortunate decision.

Another Bob

“There are a lot of people who tie their sense of self worth in supporting the JEF.”

Goes beyond that CH, it’s being a prog generally. Makes ‘em better people, lets ‘em rationalize being a dictator to the rest of us.

Miss Marple (the real one)


Beasts of England

Don't give away all our secrets, henry!

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

American Thinker has so many good article up today. Check them out.

Miss Marple (the real one)

This is so cool. Dogs herding sheep. pic.twitter.com/468bJnEktP

— Daniel Hannan (@DanielJHannan) September 7, 2018

Amazing aerial video at link.

Jack is Back!

On the ferry to Port Jefferson. Frederick doing well. His room was a "little" messy but Mrs. JiB straightened up and read the riot act to him:) All he wants now is his FSU Football poster, and a bean bag for seating. Today its get to know each other day where its all games and more orientation.

----peter, no worries. The last great Holy Cross team was when Bob Cousy played BBall there.

BTW, through the political grapevine, I am hearing nervous speculation on keeping the house. DJT better have a plan.

Another Bob

MM, yep. It’s one of the reasons we stopped going.

We were coming from hundreds of miles away. To spend $1000+ on race tickets, hotels, meals, gas etc. and have it rained out sucked hard. Way easier and cheaper to watch at home in glorious HD. The experience of being there is more fun than TV, but ceased being worth the cost and occasional aggravation.

Miss Marple (the real one)


H/T to ChiTown Lurker. As he says, probably not a professor for long.

Worth clicking on just to see the picture of the guy. HA!


BOzo still relies on a teleprompter, bigger and more conspicuous but not obvious to people watching at home. That he choose a relatively small venue for this hit speech is very telling. Bet attendees were carefully vetted, not first come-first served.

Kevlar Kid

From the dead thread:

"Take their ombligos." ---Pin

"an' i'm lookin out my belly button window
an' all i see is a whole lotta frowns..."
J. Hendrix

Miss Marple (the real one)

Another Bob,

Qualifications have now been cancelled.

Kevlar Kid

The Bath House Rat drools over Antifa...his civilian army "fund it perhaps equal to our military".

his wax wings will fail him. give it time.


The UNC prof's t-shirt features a swastika front and center.


People here sometimes refer to the oldest socialist on SCOTUS as Ruth Buzzi. I actually follow the real Ruth Buzzi on twitter. She is still extremely funny. She's retired now, but posts regularly. She grew up in Wiquidiquok, (sp.?) CT (near New London) and in fact, her father, Angelo Buzzi, was a well known stone carver. Her uncle owned a grave marker company called Buzzi memorial which is still in business in Pawcatuck. Ruth Buzzi even enjoys when people call RBG Ruth Buzzi.

Old Lurker

JiB "BTW, through the political grapevine, I am hearing nervous speculation on keeping the house. DJT better have a plan."

That speculation will continue and accelerate up to and past the actual election. Trump has a plan which will work or he doesn't, and the rest of his presidency hangs on the outcome.

No double backflip parsing at this stage is going to give us here any peace until we know.

Beasts of England

As seen on Zuckerbook: 'I just returned a pair of Nikes to the store and told 'em they hurt my feet when I stood for the national anthem.' 😂

The Infamous Ignatz

--Goes beyond that CH, it’s being a prog generally.--

The personal is political has done more to ruin civic and personal life than anything else.
It's the logical extension of an ideology vs a philosophy. A philosophy says I believe this because. An ideology says I am this because.
That's why disagreeing with a prog is always a personal insult. And of course they project their own identity problems and pathologies onto everyone else.

Old Lurker

Perfectly said, Iggy.

Miss Marple (the real one)

This asshat showed up retweeted by someone on my timeline, and I am posting it for a reason:

Steve Schmidt
‏Verified account @SteveSchmidtSES

Trump is vile, dishonest and corrupt. He is stoking a cold civil war in our land. He is assailing our institutions, traditions, alliances and is a party to the global regression of democracy. He is incompetent and mentally unfit. This is a national emergency.


There are several tweets hooked together in a thread, but when I look at them all I got to thinking if this guy knows more about what McCain was up to and his contacts than we suspected. I also wonder if he got some money from foreign sources.

The level of hysteria and bile in his tweets, along with some of the other Never Trump people, is off the charts. It doesn't make sense in the rational world, unless there is a motive we haven't spotted.


Very insightful post.

Miss Marple (the real one)


I doubt my democrat sister calls me for a while. She believes that because I support Trump I have lost my mind. It's her only explanation.

I didn't even tell her that one of her best customers when she still managed at Macy's counts on me to give her text updates on what's going on while she's at work, because she's every bit as big a supporter as I am.

You are quite right in that she sees her dem party membership and support as being part of her identity.


I heard Steve Schmidt on MSLSD the other day. (I listen in my car on my commute home to stay awake.) He was trashing Sarah Palin. To call him an asshat is an insult to asshats all around the world.

Beasts of England

Who is Steve Schmidt? I mean, other than clueless...

The Infamous Ignatz

--Trump has a plan which will work or he doesn't, and the rest of his presidency hangs on the outcome.--

How bout the rest of us have a plan? I understand top-down politics from prog-bots but why us?

And I reiterate my belief that even if the Dems take the house they will not hold it and Trump will have plenty of opportunity to continue his agenda.
Clinton had plenty of political life after being impeached and the present Dems are far more repulsive than Clintons adversaries and are utterly unhinged.

Barring some unforseen catastrophe he has an opportunity to make America great again just by dominating the SCOTUS for decades to come.


schmidt was on mccain's campaign team.


Their world and ideology is about to come crashing.
Their 3 prong discredit the President effort this week has failed miserably.
They are out of ideas.
There is no blue wave so they have to invent one.
Once everything is declassified they will have no place to hide.
Some of them will go to jail, hence the panic and shrillness of their rhetoric.
They are squealing like stuck pigs.Obama landed a big fat bomb yesterday and was quickly undercut by President Trump asserting that he “ fell asleep” listening to the ex- libtard former office holder.



Kevlar Kid

Why we had a Bath House Rat in the presidency, the bigger picture.


Beasts of England

Well said, maryrose!! :)


s/b crashing down.


I agree but I want the investigations and Huber and Horowitz to expose all the evil and treason practiced by these Dem crooks first.
I would like the big revelation before the midterms please.


My first year at BC Law was Doug Flutie's 4th year at BC Undergrad. It was so much fun to watch! And football finally made sense!


that new america link wouldn't let me arrow back to jom! good job we are at the start of a new blog entry.


MM and AB...NASCAR is having a difficult time. My brother works for ECR Engines and he just shakes his head when discussing the situation. A good indiction is that Lowe's won't be sponsoring Jimmy Johnson (seven time champion) after this season. Also,Brian France,the CEO of NASCAR was arrested for a DUI and drug possession in JiB's neck of the woods earlier this year. Not good.

Miss Marple (the real one)


I do, too, but it MUST be something that is undeniably bad and has irrefutable evidence.

A lot of this stuff is bad and incriminating only if you understand the ins and outs of politica and government.

Examples of what I am talking about would be the following:

Clintons profiting from child trafficking, with emails to those participating.

Clinton Foundation strong-arming governments for money under threat of military attack.

Obama ordering the hit on Seth Rich.

Feinstein deliberately transferring military secrets to China.

Brennan actively coordinating the Russia hoax and filing reports with Obama and Clinton.

You see what I mean?


The firm dr. Evil created mercury partner is the ine that weber then and vitter now lobby for deripaska, I don't know if he still has an ownership stake, smaller firms like Orion lobby for Georgia u kraine montenegro, Schmidt didn't have a degree had a hilarious first catastrophic loss in a Kentucky judicial race that is taught as a case study.

Matthew 23 is just for Thee

Even following SlaughterHouse Iraq war mongering you aren't shamed in the least..


The thing is Peter, they don't even give Schmidt a show, he's like the creature under jabbas palace they feed raw meat on primary day.


Trump does have a plan. He’s doing a ton of rallies. And there have been reports that his voter reach program is now four times what it was in 2016. His plan is to get as many of the 63 million—many of whom were new voters and traditional Dems—who voted for him to turn out and vote Republican. He’s doing what he did in 2016–targeting the races.

As for the Deep State coup reveal—that seems to be on a timetable that he may not have complete control over. Especially if It’s true that he can’t unilaterally declassify.

Eye Doctor .

Attorney Gregg Jarrett TORCHES ‘Corrupt’ Robert Mueller After Papadopoulos Sentenced to Only 14 Days in Prison

More Crave Hypocrites

Yesterday the Daily Mail showed footage of Corbyn addressing the conference, on the topic of British Zionists. He mentions an impassioned speech made at a meeting in parliament about the history of Palestine that was “dutifully recorded by the thankfully silent Zionists who were in the audience” (audience members he presumably knew nothing about). So far so bad. But it gets worse. He goes on to say that these unnamed Zionists in the audience “clearly have two problems. One is they don’t want to study history, and secondly, having lived in this country for a very long time, probably all their lives, they don’t understand English irony either … So I think they needed two lessons, which we can perhaps help them with.”

Miss Marple (the real one)

🚨BREAKING: A criminal complaint and judicial ethics complaint are being filed against Kavanaugh for perjury in Congressional testimony — and LOOK WHO’S REVIEWING IT!

Happy Saturday, everyone!#MerrickGarland #CancelKavanaugh #StopKavanaugh #BlockBrett pic.twitter.com/fpZhqrz6QX

— Kristin Mink (@KristinMinkDC) September 8, 2018

Link goes to complaint. Look who's reviewing it.

More Crave Hypocrites

Trump Rally: Beer Putsch

Miss Marple (the real one)

CHiTow Lurker alerted me to that Tweet.


Rodney Dangerfield Gets One of These 👌 (1982)


The Infamous Ignatz

--He’s doing what he did in 2016–targeting the races.--

I KNEW he was racist.

Miss Marple (the real one)

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

Dave Hughes is running for Congress in the Great State of Minnesota. He will help us accomplish our America First policies, is strong on Crime, the Border, our 2nd Amendmen, Trade, Military and Vets. Running against Pelosi Liberal Puppet Petterson. Dave has my Total Endorsement!

Ivanka has not been heard

None but the sodden souls give any creds to his gasoline tweets..


Dave if he is what he says is a guy named d an who published a paper on the cern discovery.

Miss Marple (the real one)

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
6m6 minutes ago

“To this point, President Trump’s achievements are unprecedented.” @LouDobbs

Miss Marple (the real one)

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

We are breaking all Jobs and Economic Records but, importantly, our Country has TREMENDOUS FUTURE POTENTIAL. We have just begun!

Beasts of England

I have a physics question: I had my martini glass from last night (like a stemless wine glass) on my bedside table and when I got up to refill my iced tea, I set it on top of my plastic tea glass (like a pint glass). It's now stuck. Really stuck.

I don't want the thing to crack when I remove it, because it's my favorite glass. Any ideas? Heat/cold? Soap? If I had a Sawzall...


Got pulled in another direction this morning, now headed to go see Crazy Rich Asians. More talk this afternoon as I overdose on college football.

Give 'em Hell, You Mighty Gators !!!


Run the lower glass under hot water.


So I see little evidence of the resistance leader, hill might have a part so would h7ntsman but it's like legion a collective with one voice.

matt - deplore me if you must

The Labour Party is purging any and all pro-Israel members now. They are looking more and more like the NSDAP every day.

Derwill, what is amazing is that these fools still have not caught on to how brilliant Trump has been in his strategy. He out hustled Hillary and outstrategized her, and he may be doing the same again.

He took the election fair and square and he may be the difference in this one. To be sure, the Senate majority will be stable or will grow. As to the House we will see.

Mr. Hanky is speaking at the Anaheim Convention Center today to fire up his believers, but I think if the Repubs air that new commercial in heavy rotation the stakes will be clarified and Mr. Hankey gets flushed.

All of the vitriol this week as a nothingburger, again. And now it would seem the dark clouds are gathering over the Establishment. It has crossed over into sedition and people are waking up.

The anger and pique at McCain's funeral really clarified who they are and most people on't like them very much to begin with.

Lots of pictures of radical cultural anthropology professors wearing threatening T shirts and tearing down 100 y/o monuments are just going to rile people up. Let 'em. I hope it bows up in their pukey punk faces.


From your mouth to Trump's sphincter, matt.


I first read that as you sat on your tea glass and it is now stuck.

My first thought was "he is posting this?"

My second thought was "this is a physics question?"

My third thought was the Seinfeld Fusilli Jerry episode.



The Banality of Barack

Listening to Obama speak is the auditory equivalent of eating cotton candy. It looks sweet and pretty at first, and momentarily it tickles your tongue with the first taste. But it quickly dissolves in your mouth, leaving behind an odd aftertaste. Your hunger isn’t satisfied; you kick yourself for wasting the calories, and you move on to the carnival hot dog. (Yes, these metaphors
are intentional.)


Beasts of England

It worked - you da man, TK!!


Which one of you TrumpAnumpAdumpkins got into Leviticus's ear!??!!??!?! If you turned my prodigy against me, I will be furious!

He is wrong! You are wrong!! WRONG,WRONG,WRONG!!




So does this mean that Atl is now a "sanctuary city?"

Just what we need - more criminals (regardless of where they are from) roaming the streets of Atl.



I want you to know how badly I wish to be a JOM boot kicker so listen to my passively-aggressive rant...please.

The Democrats have made this hearing ridiculous. Booker as Spartacus. Harris as Hamilton Burger. The temptation to mock the whole amped up idiocy has really got to be powerful, and it may have got the better of this woman. She is already got a starring role in lefty fever swamp-dom. She may have decided that, for her sake, she needed to up the volume to make it an obvious mockery, rather than some secret she was trying to hide.

Best choice? No. Hugely unprofessional, etc…No. It’s like being rude in a moment of anger. It happens, even though your mama taught you better than that.

Eye Doctor .

No worries RG, keep going in that other direction. Nothing you can offer here


What is a "boot kicker?"


TK, a Brit that doesn't like car trunks?


Finally asking a question I wanted an answer to 16 months ago.

What’s the legal basis for his special-counsel investigation? We have a right to know.
For precisely what federal crimes is the president of the United States under investigation by a special counsel appointed by the Justice Department?

It is intolerable that, after more than two years of digging — the 16-month Mueller probe having been preceded by the blatantly suspect labors of the Obama Justice Department and FBI — we still do not have an answer to that simple question.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein owes us an answer.


Eye Doctor .

Why did Andy wait 16 months to ask it?

Beasts of England

Obama referred to himself 102 times in his 64-minute speech!! How inspirational! 😂


McCarthy just uses that as an excuse to polish his #NeverTrump credentials. What an unserious clown.

Beasts of England

He didn't ask it sixteen months ago because he was too busy telling us that Mueller and Comey are sooper guys and totes fair...

Kevlar Kid

"Best choice? No."

Neither is enabling a sychophantic piker spawn of Willie Brown, who became her pimp.

that's all.


LOL, henry!


One of the things Trump knows how to do is how to reach an audience. He’s been doing it his entire life and he’s a master at it. When he said he fell asleep during Obama’s speech the MSM naturally assumed he was just being snarky, but what it really was was a dig at Obama by stating what he he perceived to be the truth: Obama had failed to reach his audience.

I don’t think the Dems would have trotted out Obama if they weren’t worried. It crossed a line (one Obama himself acknowledged in his speech) that wouldn’t have been necessary if their internals showed as big a blue wave as they’ve been bloviating about.

Like I said yesterday—watch what they do, not what they say.

Kevlar Kid

going nuclear on the cabal would spare us any further stress. got it.

however, the strength of this President shows in his capacity to win BATTLES.

the mid-terms show every sign of a superior ground game (something the Dhims said DJT dint have in the 2016 victory). and there is a strong likelihood of a solid victory in November.

THAT will be huge for obvious reasons. there is one reason i can think of that will have profound value: DJT is winning where it counts--- in the voting booth. He will have taken the "fix" and turned it on its head, in effect, and given elections back to the people.

imo, the nation will experience sunrise the morning after in a very different way. watch the "thumbs down" rate increase to a national uproar re Mueller et alia.


58 and raining here in Cayoga Falls.

Kevlar Kid

one of POTUS' compentencies i admire is to be able to be "out there campaigning" while sh*t gets D-U-N done back at the office.

if anybody thinks the rallies are going to slow in the months following the mid-terms, they are mistaken (imo).

the rallies will be the basis for winning the re-election battle even before it's fought. the shrewd Dhimmi hopefuls will sit this one out and the DNC will be left with a stillborn candidacy.

D.O.A. (can i get a job with the NYT now? :D )

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